The Chi (2018) s06e06 Episode Script

Boyz II Men

[JEMMA] Previously on The Chi
[LYNAE] Where you get this car?
[BAKARI] Friend loaned it to me.
[LYNAE] What kind of friend?
[OFFICER] License and registration.
- [JAMAL] Keep my sister safe, you hear me?
- [BAKARI] I hear you.
You want to grab some
coffee and catch up?
I don't think that's a good idea.
Keep your eye on the ball.
- Yes!
[JACKSON] There's a
lot of sin out there.
I need space to be myself.
Who this, your little brother?
He's my son.
You didn't like my Uncle Q, did you?
Your uncle had a lot of enemies.
- Fuck was that?
- I ain't got shit to say.
When the feds come
knocking, it won't be long.
[DARNELL] Why you hiding
guns in your nightstand?
If you ever really need
it, you come find me.
What do you do when a
lion prowls your village,
looking to eat your young?
If we don't cast that
devil out of our city,
he will devour us all.
- [ALL] Amen.
Take care of him.
This team in LA is getting me
a car, sponsor all my events.
- It's just
- That's fire.
Oh, hell no.
You won't have to hold it
long. We'll be back for it.
What the hell is this?

I'm holding it for Douda.
[KIESHA] You bringing
dirty money into our house?
- It's not even like that.
- Then what's it like?
I mean, it's only for a little while.
What are you getting us into, Emmett?
I got you into a new house.
Who you think paying for therapy?
- Wow.
- [EMMETT] What?
With you losing your
job, it's all on me.
You think these kids
take care of themselves?
What I'm trying to say
is, we living a lifestyle.
And it comes at a cost.
- Don't-don't do that.
- Do what?
Act like Douda is the only solution
to us living a better life.
What are you worried about, Kiesha?
Niggas around Douda die, Emmett.
You know that more than anybody.
I told you about this nigga,
and you didn't listen to me.
A'ight, you right.
But I'd never put our family in danger.
You already have.
[SIGHS] I'm sorry.
[KIESHA] You can't keep apologizing
and just expect me to forgive you.
I'm leaving.
I thought you said we
couldn't leave each other.
Look, I'ma make this right.

Okay, I'ma put a end to all this.
I promise.


Congrats on the inauguration.
Must be nice to make things official.
[SIGHS] Thank you.
Uh, like I said last night,
I don't know anything about Q's murder.
[GORN] This photo says otherwise.
This was taken a few feet away
from where Quentin's body was dumped.
Agent Gorn, we have a meeting to get to.
[GORN] One more question.
Why were you and Otis together?
It looks like you two
were headed somewhere.
Unless you're charging
him with something,
he has the right to remain silent.
I'll be honest with you.
I don't think you're a killer,
but I do think you might
have helped dump the body.
So you can either confess now,
or we can find out later
and put you in prison.

I guess you're more like
Douda than I thought.

- Pop.
- [DARNELL] Oh. Yo.
I need the gun.
- Yeah? what you need it for?
- Just give it back.
Boy, you better watch
how you talking to me.
You told me if I needed
it, you'd give it to me.
I need it right now.
you ain't built that way.

Be careful, son.



Fuck, man.

I ain't no bitch.
Yeah, fuck.
[GROANS] Shit.

I ain't no bitch.
I ain't no bitch.
I ain't no fucking bitch.
Ain't nobody gonna
hurt my fucking family.
I ain't no bitch.
I ain't no bitch.

- Ay, yeah ♪
- Ay, ay, ay ♪
Like an infomercial, I got offers ♪
Since I was 18, I
been working deals ♪
You still on punishment?
- Yeah.
- Damn. How long?
I don't even know.
[SIGHS] It's a'ight.
They'll give you freedom soon enough.
I wish I had my own place like you.
Careful what you wish for.
These bills is killing me.
I'm paying for everything.
Bank account low as hell.
Damn, what's taking so long?
We been standing here forever.
Why are you so pressed?
This year, my class
photo gotta be fire.
[LYNAE] It's just a class photo.
What's the big deal?
People gonna remember this image of me
for the rest of they lives.
I gotta look good.
[JAKE] I ain't stressed.
[SIGHS] Not everyone is born photogenic.
It's a skill.
Watch and learn.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
I'm applying the pressure ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
I'm applying the pressure ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
I'm applying the pressure ♪
Ay, need my flowers,
I empty the vase ♪
Like some crooked teeth,
y'all need to brace ♪
Airbnb but I be in the place ♪
Boy, I'm on a run and
it's more than a pace ♪
No, Corona still ain't got no taste ♪
Can you give me a smile?
Manifest, if I speak it, it stays ♪
Ain't know where the hell I'ma raise ♪
So ungrateful but
still with the praise ♪
But he's saying I gotta do better ♪
Any option, I'll fuck with whatever ♪
I'm pushing the scooter
like never say never ♪
Spraying pepper, I'm
picking your pocket ♪
- [MAISHA] Oh, my God.
- [KEVIN] Wait.
[LYNAE] Y'all need to clean that up.
[DOUDA] This is for losing
my motherfucking car.
Homeys do what they say ♪
Run it up, run it up, bang ♪
Run it up, run it up, bang ♪
How we doing?
Run it up, run it up, bang ♪
We still haven't found
anywhere to wash the money.
I tried hitting up a couple businesses,
but Pastor Jackson's
sermon got folks scared.
I'll figure something out.
[DOUDA] That's what I like to hear.
There's no way you can tame us ♪
[ZAY] What do you want
us to do with Bakari?
He can clean hisself up.
Homeys do what they say ♪
Run it up, run it up, bang ♪
Run it up, run it up, bang ♪
Lockdown, boom, make way ♪
Run it up, run it up, bang ♪
Lockdown, boom, make way ♪
[QUINCY] Look, I'm not a fan of lying.
But in this case, if you tell the truth,
everything you worked for can go away.
Lying to the FBI is dangerous.
What am I supposed to do?
Why don't you just cooperate,
see if they could cut you a deal?
You didn't kill anybody.
But I helped dispose the body.
You did?
I didn't know there
was a body in the trunk.
I di I didn't.
I heard a noise.
I forced him to pull over.
And then he opened the trunk, and
there he was
Why didn't you tell me?
What good would that have done?
I'm an accomplice. I-I-I
didn't have a choice.
I may wear a suit right now,
but I'm a street nigga.
Every time I try to
fucking run from this shit,
I-I-I can't get away
from it fast enough.
[FATIMA] Come here. Come here.

This isn't your fault.
Doesn't stop it from being true.
If you just tell the truth,
maybe they could cut you a deal.
A deal can still mean jail time.
Or they can force me to
start working for them,
and I can't be an opp.
I-I think it's best I just say nothing.

'Cause if they really had something,
I mean really had something,
th-they would have arrested me by now.

Think about us.
Think about our future.

What's your favorite
thing about being a father?
Watching you become the man
that I always knew you could be.
Everything I do in this
life is for you, son.
What's your
least favorite thing
about being a father?
I have a fear that I won't be
there for you when you need me.
I never want to let you down, son.
You never have.
What about when I got arrested?

You taught me that
falling down is a part of life
and as long as I always get back up,
everything will be okay.

This watch has been in our
family for four generations.
You're the fifth Jackson
man to receive it,
few weeks from your 18th birthday.

I promise to always keep it safe.

Thanks, Dad.
Time is the one thing
that we can never get back.

Always value it.


Thank you all for tuning
in to what has been
a very special episode of Papa's Pulpit.
Till next time, y'all stay blessed.

What you doing up so late?
Can't sleep.
Yeah, what's wrong?
I'm worried about Emmett.
- What'd you hear?
- Nothing.
[SIGHS] I just
I feel like something's wrong.
[JADA] You know something?
Where you coming in from so late?
Oh, I was just hanging with Shaad.
Hey, don't worry.
Come on. Let's go to bed.

Is Lynae home?
Lynae's on punishment.
She can't have any visitors.
I just want to apologize.
It wasn't her fault.
It was mine.
I shouldn't have had her in that car.
What happened to your eye?
I'll be a'ight. [SNIFFLES]
Are you sure?
Could you, um,
let Lynae know I stopped by?
I will.

Damn, shorty, who fucked you up?
I fucked up.
So somebody fucked me up.
You know how it go.

Yeah, I do.

Get in the car, man.

Don't be slamming my
door and shit, though.


What can I do for you, Victor?
I need your guidance.
Talk me through it.
Well, I'm, uh
I'm in a situation
where I could tell the truth
and face the consequences,
I can withhold it
and stay focused on the work I'm doing.
Well, you are doing a lot for this city.
Look, honestly, I can't
tell you what to do.
That's up to you.
I understand.
But I can pray for you.
And we can let God do the guiding.
That's what he does best.
I pray
that you listen to the
quiet voice inside of you.
That's the voice of God.
That's his way of guiding
you on your journey.
Don't be afraid to
take the righteous path.
And when you do,
your path will always be purposeful.
Even if the road seems long,
continue to trust in God
and know that your steps are ordered.
Thank you.
Means a lot.
I'll, uh
I'll get out your hair.
Uh, actually, I'm-I'm glad you came by.
Uh, there's something I've been
meaning to talk to you about.
At a point, I judged you
for something that I shouldn't have.
And I wanted you to know that
it wasn't my place.
God is the only judge.
Thank you.
I know we both want
what's best for this city.
I plan on doing it through prayer.
You plan on doing it through politics.
But what I do know
is that as long as Douda is alive,
this city will be forever
in the devil's hands.
I know.
Somebody has to do something.
Have you lost your mind?
I think I found it.
Come on, now, Emmett. Playtime's over.
Let's put the gun away.
I wanna cut ties with you.
I'm done.
I am not gonna negotiate with you
with a gun in my face.

Your choice.


You want to part ways with me, hmm?
Then you part ways with the Benz,
with the house, with the clothes,
and all the fucking businesses.
You understand me?
You understand? Hmm?

What if I paid you back?

So you want to buy me out?

Get up.
Come on. Get up.

So listen, you, uh
you pay me my money.
Then we'll talk.

Then we'll be done.

Emmett, you do not call the shots.

If you play with me again,
I will put this motherfucking bullet
through that thick-ass skull.

If you kill me, the whole
city'd be on your ass.
Oh, you think you're that beloved?
I know I am.

Niggas fuck with me.
They just work for you.

I'm rooting for you,
but you're on thin ice.
Why is my dad so obsessed with me
becoming a college graduate?
He's of a different generation.
Ain't y'all the same age?
Excuse me?
I'm a few years younger.
I can't make Maisha a star overnight.
It takes years to break in an artist.
Maybe you need to add
somebody else to your roster.
I can barely handle Maisha.
Okay, the music game,
it's a numbers game.
The more artists you have,
the more chances you have
for them to break through.
If someone sparks my interest,
then maybe I'll consider it.
Sweetheart, graduation is
here, and you're out of money.
- I know.
- Good.
'Cause you need to
fill out at least three
college applications before end of day.
Okay. Fine.
And don't phone it in either.
Dad, I can't pretend to care if I don't.
Well, if you don't get
into any of these schools,
then you'll go to community college.
Oh, I actually wouldn't mind
going to community college.
Don't do it to spite me.
It's just as good as the Ivy Leagues.
You do what you want,
but you're gonna have
to go to class somewhere
if you want to keep
living in this house.
Don't look at me.
- Yeah ♪
I need a prayer ♪
Prison life ain't for the weak.
- I know.
- Treat you like a dog.
Somebody tells you when
to eat, sleep, shit.
It's dehumanizing.
I ain't going to prison, a'ight?
Not only was you driving a stolen car.
You was speeding in that bitch.
You lucky your ass a minor, bro.
I already feel bad.
- I'ma make you feel worse.
- What's that gonna do?
Nigga, at some point, you need
to start giving a fuck about your life.
- That's what it's gonna do.
- What the fuck you want me to do,
read the Bible?
Get on my knees and pray?
Talk to God like you?
That's what you want?
I had to spend years in
a cell to find God, man.
You done with your lecture or what?
I need a prayer ♪
I already fucked my life up.
Every day, I'm just
begging for forgiveness.
I don't want that for you, man,
or my sister.
I need a prayer ♪
I'll be more careful next time.
[JAMAL] How the fuck you know
you gonna get a next time?
Pray for me, I need a ♪
She done with me?
You gotta ask Nae.
Where the loyalty ♪
Her moms won't let me talk to her.
They is dead to me, they
like to mess with me ♪
Honestly, I think y'all need
some time apart right now.
Till I'm in the hearse ♪
Somebody pray for me ♪
Please, God ♪
I know I be flipping the kings ♪
Give me some angel wings ♪
She's all I have to live for.
Wish I could fly away ♪
I know the feeling.
All I'm trying to
say, I need a prayer ♪
I need to talk to you.
Douda came to my house
a few months back,
asked me to take a ride.
I ain't know where we was
going or what was going on.
But while we was riding,
I heard a sound coming from the trunk.
Next thing I know,
he's pulling over.
We both got out to
see what was going on,
and when he opened the trunk
I see, uh
You see my uncle.
[VICTOR] Yeah.
Was he dead already?
[VICTOR] He was kicking
and gasping for air.
And what happened?
Douda shot him three more times.
And then he got back
in the driver's seat.
And what'd you do?
I got back in the car.
You ain't do shit.
There wasn't anything I could do.
Why he choose you?
'Cause he knew I wouldn't say shit.
So why you talking now?
[VICTOR] 'Cause he's your family.
- You deserve to know.
- Fuck.
You told anybody else this shit?
Why you telling me now?
Does it matter?

You know what this mean, right?


- Hey.
- Hey.
You been busy.
What you mean by that?
You just been slow to
respond to my texts.
And when you do, you're a little short.
I'm just, you know,
trying to be respectful.
I thought we were making
an effort to be friends.
[DRE] I know.
And I'm enjoying that.
It's just
Your wife is uncomfortable.
Look, she came into her queerness
a little late in life, and, you know,
she just doesn't realize
that a lot of times,
lesbians can still be
cool after they break up.
I understand.
Just give her some time, all right?
She'll get there.
So I'm gonna fall back
until she's more comfortable.
Look, I'm not trying to push you away.
It's just that we've dealt with
some infidelity in the past,
and, you know, we're just
in a healing space right now.
That's all.
I get it.

Who that?
Got to make my life legendary ♪
Now I get more love than February ♪
Oh, shit.
But also it's very scary ♪
'Cause all my life,
I felt secondary ♪
That's my sister.
Work like a secretary,
I ain't tripping about it ♪
I found my spot, it's crazy ♪
It was right around the block ♪
I'm ahead of time, I
got a timeless clock ♪
Still writing hits when
I got writer's block ♪
You know, even on my worst days ♪
[BAKARI] Britney.
[BAKARI] How long you been sitting here?
[BRITNEY] Not too long.
Hey, why you ain't tell me
you was coming to the city?
Nigga, I ain't got your number.
I asked around, and somebody
told me you were staying here.
My bad.
[BRITNEY] So this your spot?
[BAKARI] Just staying with a friend.
You went from foster
care to couch surfing.
One of these days, we gonna
have our own shit, though.
Shit, I've been saving up.
You looking expensive.
Yeah. I'm a hustler. You know that.
I can tell by that black eye.

Don't be embarrassed.
I know how it is.

- How long you in town?
- For a while.
What kind of scheme you running?
- None.
- [SCOFFS] Uh-huh.
Nah, I'm trying to do the music thing.
- Again?
- Yes, again.
But recently, I ran into some money,
so I been bankrolling my own shit.
[SCOFFS] Where you
getting your money from?
I'ma always find a way to the bag.

It runs in the family.

I missed you.
[BAKARI] Missed you too.
[BRITNEY] So is it
cool if I could come in
so we could really catch up?
If was up to me, you could crash,
but it ain't my crib.
Don't sweat it.
I'll see you around.

Hey, G.
Give me your phone.

I ain't changing it this time, a'ight?
Hit me tomorrow.
This is that get back
when that car rolls ♪
With that window down
and that pole cracked ♪
But don't make no
sound, just pillow tuck ♪
And get your willow walk ♪
And get the steelos popping,
that's the girls running ♪
'Cause they get to screaming
when they see the gun ♪
And got the black on black on ♪
When the bullets humming
but they seen nothing ♪
No, we ain't bluffing ♪
We know rats hush when they getting Gs ♪
[VICTOR] I've been
weighing out an option.
What options have you been weighing out?
Maybe I should tell the FBI the truth.
But what does that mean for us?
I don't know.
Look, I want you to be an honest man,
but if that means losing
everything that we've built,
I don't know if it's worth it.
What's going on?
[JAKE] I don't believe you.
Jake, give us a second, man.
We-we handling something.
How come y'all don't ever tell me shit?
- I'm basically grown.
- You're not grown.
- I'm about to graduate.
- [VICTOR] So what?
You don't know shit about being an adult
- with responsibilities.
- I run my own business.
- Out of my house.
- I need to move out like Kev.
[VICTOR] No, you need to
bring your ass to your room.
- I ain't no baby.
- Jake
just give us a second, please.

Y'all friends with any of your exes?
Yeah, I married mine.
- Well, one of mine is dead.
- [DRE] Mm-hmm.
The other one is a murderer, so, no.
- Damn.
- I know.
Well, Tracy decided
to hire my ex at Rock,
and it's causing a little
bit of havoc in my marriage.
Mm. Hmm.
- Monica is your ex?
God damn, Dre, why didn't
you say something sooner?
I'm not trying to break up your
happy home. You know that.
Honestly, it's been kind of
nice being around her again.
- Oh.
- Careful.
- We are.
- Uh
- Uh-huh.
Don't have Nina mad at me.
Oh, see?
Now I understand why she ain't here.
Nah, nah. She had to take
Ronnie to a doctor's appointment.
- Okay.
- [JADA] Uh-huh.
And would we be having this
conversation if she were?
- Ooh, would we?
- Mm.
Look, I just wanted some honest advice.
- Mm.
- You got feelings for this ex?
- Nah.
I don't think so.
- Mm.
- Mm.
- You don't sound too sure.
- [DRE] We're just friends.
- Is that so wrong?
- [TRACY] No.
As long as she not doing nothing
that you wouldn't do in
front of Nina, you good.
Oh, she did something with someone when
- she wasn't in front of me.
- Okay, Dre.
- Really?
- Ooh. So this is revenge?
No, no, not at all.
This is just typical lesbian behavior.
Oh, cheating?
N-no, being friends with your ex.
I think that's okay,
'cause if I'm being honest,
I wish me and Douda
could still be friends.
- [JADA] Mm.
- Hmm.
I miss talking to him.
Y'all don't seem to be
doing too much talking
- when y'all are together.
- Damn, don't drag me.
What you gonna do, Dre?
[SIGHING] I don't know.
I guess I'll just
talk to Nina and make sure she knows
she don't have nothing to worry about.
Good, yes.
And then make sure you are
absolutely crystal clear
about everything before you
have that conversation, okay?

I will.
- Well, cheers to that.
- Yeah.

I hope you interrupted my
lunch for a good reason.

I know who killed Uncle Q.

You're sure of it?

- You know what to do.
- It ain't that simple.
- We have a deal.
- I know.
But gangstas like him ain't
that easy to just take out.
You think I don't know that?
I don't do this kind of shit every day.
But I do.

[SIGHS] Get some help.
I don't think you can handle this alone.
It ain't too many people I trust.
Well, that's your problem, not mine.
If you'll excuse me
I don't want my lunch to get cold.

I think if you met her,
you would really like her.
I don't want to hang
out with you and your ex.
Babe, why does this have
to be such a big deal?
Why y'all want to hang out anyway?
What can you do with her
that you can't do with me?
You can't be everything to me.
I know. That's why you
have Tracy and Jada.
What do you really
think is gonna happen?
I have no desire to
be with anybody else.
- Is that shade towards me?
- No.
I'm just letting you know that
I'm not gonna cross any lines.
Why is this so important to you?
Because I don't have
any lesbian friends.
What am I?
You're my wife.
- And that's not good enough for you?
- I didn't say that. What I said
[NINA] Kevin, you cannot
just barge into this house
anytime you want to.
Dre and I are having a conversation.
Uh, uh, I told Dre I was coming?
Oh. Oh, shit. I forgot
to tell you my bad.
I'm the last one to know
everything in this house.
- I could
- Kev,
what is it that you
need to talk to us about?
- Ah
- [KEVIN] All right.
Should I be sitting down?
- You might want to.
Come on. Come, come, come, come.
- Okay.
- [NINA] Lord help me.
Yeah, uh, right.
I'm moving to Los Angeles.
- What?
- Wow.
Ma, this big gaming
team wants to sponsor me.
But they need me to
move out to Los Angeles
so I can take this
gaming thing full-time.
Congratulations, Kev.
When did this happen?
You know, a few days ago. [CHUCKLES]
You've been sitting on this
information for a few days?
Well, I had to decide if
I wanted to go first, Ma.
You never thought it was important
- to talk to us about it?
- [DRE] Babe, it's his decision.
Respectfully, Dre, but I'm gonna
need you to stay out of this.
Whoa. Dre is my mom, too.
- What is this, gang up on Nina day?
- No, Ma.
I thought you'd be happy for me.
Why would I be happy that
you're moving so far away?
'Cause this is my dream.
And I want to see where it takes me, Ma.
This is crazy.
You can't play video games
for the rest of your life, Kevin.
Dre, back me up on this, please.
we're just gonna need
all the information, okay?
And we're gonna need to at
least know where you living.
And h-how you gonna get around?
I'll get that to y'all,
and they're providing me with a ride.
[DRE] Okay, Kev.
Let's go!
[KEVIN] Thank you.
You-you okay, Ma?
I just need some time
to digest all this.
Just give her some time.
Look, you're her baby, all right?
This ain't the easiest news to get.
- Can you talk to her, please?
- I will. I definitely will.
[KENYA] Are you good with kids?
I don't know.
I never really thought about it.

You know, you don't have to
pretend to be okay with all this.
I'm not pretending.
I think I'm still just
processing everything.

[KENYA] Are you not ready for this?
Are you?
It's different. He's my responsibility.
I get it if you want to leave.
my feelings for you haven't changed.
Just because you have a son
doesn't mean I don't like you anymore.
But I come with a little extra baggage.
I don't care.
I still like you, Kenya.

We got this.

Why are you hogging the iPad, man?
We want to watch cartoons, too.


How I give you a pocket watch
and you still can't make it
to your appointments on time?
I'm only gonna be a few minutes late.
Victor's doing a very
nice thing for you all,
letting you all join his men's group.
The least you can do is be punctual.
I was hanging with my girl
and lost track of time.
Didn't I just talk to you about time?
It's not good for you to
waste yours or anybody else's.
I'm sorry.
And since when do you have a girl?
She's the same one I asked to prom.
Oh, the one I never got to meet.
You can meet her and
her son at some point.
What do you mean "her son"?
Don't be mad.
You're not allowed to date somebody
that's old enough to have a child.
She's only 19.
Who is this girl?
[PAPA] Minister Bailey's daughter.
Oh, the same minister that passes
the collection plate around
three times every Sunday?
The same minister that stepped
out on his wife more than once?
She shouldn't have to pay
for the sins of her father.
But it's the same bloodline, son.
That's why she was in a
family way as a child
because he had his eyes on prosperity
and they should have been on his family.
At least he's never been
in trouble with the law.
[PASTOR JACKSON] You're gonna
stop throwing that in my face.
I'm still your father.
Now, you are not allowed
to date that girl.
And if I catch you with her,
you gonna be working
at the church full-time.
But I'm assistant manager at Smokey's.
Do I look like I care?
You're not old enough for
that kind of responsibility.
Well, it's my decision, not yours.
[PASTOR JACKSON] If you disobey me,
you'll regret it for
the rest of your life.
I'm not a child anymore.
[SCOFFS] Yes, you are.
Now go.
You're already late.

[VICTOR] So today we
have some new guests.
So I want to remind everyone
about the house rules.
What is said here
[ALL] Stays here.
There's no judgment.
When someone is speaking,
give them space to do so.
We're not here to fix
anyone or offer advice.
We're just here to listen
and to offer support.
That's it.
But I'm not gonna lie.
It's been a heavy few days for me.
But since I went first last time,
I'd like to open it up for
someone else to start us off.

Fuck it.
I'll start it off.
Man, I feel like I'm
starting to backslide.
You want to elaborate?

Well, just in terms of
lusting after other women,
shit like that.
No, but I-I'm staying on the
straight and narrow, though.
Glad I could help you
out with that, too, dog.
Hey, and I appreciate
that, too, D, for real.
- [DARNELL] For sure.
- Hey, how can we support you?
I don't know. Just keep
holding me accountable, you dig?
just make sure I ain't out
here doing no dumb shit.

I'm glad the youth could join us today.
I know when I was younger,
I could've used an outlet like this.
Bakari, I'm glad you showed up.

I've been feeling terrible
about forcing my daughter
to do something she doesn't want to do.
Yeah, 'cause she really
ain't trying to go to college.
But it's my responsibility
to look out for her.
She can look after herself.
- Oh, hold up, Jake. I don't think you
- Hey, whoa, no judgment.
But it's my job to protect her.

Sometimes I feel like my dad's
trying to protect me too much.
I just want space to
grow and make mistakes.
Right, mistakes.
Sometimes something can
feel like a mistake when
it's really not.
Hmm. It's hard to know what's
a mistake and what's not.
Even when you trying
to do right by people,
it could have you in trouble.

I think I got myself
in some deep shit
just 'cause I wanted to be the big man.
Wait. What kind of trouble?
When we ask questions, it
shouldn't be about the details.
It should be about how we can help.
Yeah, okay, fine. How can I
how can we help you?
I just need everybody
in here to have my back.
You got that.

Bakari, you good?

I seen
my sister today.
Wait, hold up, G. I thought
you ain't have no family.
We spent our childhood together,
but as we got older,
our parents couldn't
look after us no more,
so she went to one foster
home, I went to another.
After a while
we lost touch.
I thought I'd never see her again.
How come you ain't tell me?
I was still in shock.

Hey, Jake
how you feeling?

Look, man, I want to apologize to you
for not including you on
the bigger conversations
that's been happening around the house.
I'm dealing with a lot, man, and
I want to be careful.
I need to be careful about
what I share with you.
What's going on?
Yeah, man. How can we support you?

I just need your prayers.

What if we don't pray?

I just need you to trust me then.

I do.

So I got to hear it in the streets
that you moving to LA.
Look, I-I was just trying
to find the right time.
[MAISHA] And we just got back together.
Look, come with me.
Are you crazy?
I-I can't just leave my life behind
- to keep chasing after you.
- No, you wouldn't be chasing me.
I mean, listen, you'd probably
have more opportunities
if you was out there, anyway.
I want to make it in Chicago.
- Yeah, but what if you don't?
- So you don't believe in me?
No, I-I do.
I just I just didn't know you
were trying to be some local rapper.
And what's wrong with
being a local rapper?
Nothing, nothing, nothing at all.
I just
I just thought we were dreaming bigger.
Don't minimize my dreams
'cause you got to leave
our city to chase yours.
I'm sorry.

So what about us?

I mean, there's always FaceTime.

Look, I'll fly you out.
Huh? What you think?

First class only?
- Oh, you fancy.
I'm worthy.
You are.


I don't have to know the answer ♪
Every time ♪
I don't have to
feed the bad thoughts ♪
In my mind ♪
Yeah, I just wanna feel good ♪
We just wanna feel good ♪
I don't give no fucks today ♪
Push my ego out the way ♪
Yeah, you got me inspired ♪
Yeah, I just wanna feel good ♪
Start livin' my life ♪
We just wanna feel good ♪
Bakari, I need to have a word with you.
If you need to talk to
him, we need to be present.
No, he doesn't need a chaperone.
Oh, but he got two of them
right here, though, so

Yeah, we used to have fun ♪
Bakari, have a seat.
Yeah, we used to go out,
yeah, we used to have sex ♪
I'm gettin' used to the stress ♪
If it's as good as it gets ♪
Tell me what's comin' next ♪
Yeah, I just wanna feel good ♪
We just wanna feel good ♪
I don't get much sleep these days ♪
My dreams keep me wide awake ♪
Yeah, you got me inspired ♪
Yeah, I just wanna feel good ♪
Start livin' my life ♪
We just wanna feel good ♪
You got me inspired ♪

I'd like to start off
by thanking my counselors and teachers
for guiding me through these years.
I know I haven't been
the easiest student.
Shout-out to Mr. Branford,
who encouraged me to lean
into the things I love.
To my classmates
can't believe our journey
has finally come to an end.
It's been a wild ride, to say the least.

But I'm grateful we had
each other along the way.

Now, um
as class speaker, I'm
here to encourage you all
to follow your dreams,
and make the best out of your
next four years of college.
And if you choose not to go
to college, that's cool, too.
- Some folks think it's a scam, anyway.

I'm here to happily announce
that I'll be moving to Los Angeles
to do what I love gaming.
And while I'm up here,
I encourage you all to do what you love.
Even if everyone thinks you're crazy,
you blaze your own trail.
And never let anyone tell
you you can't do something.

I know the Chi is gonna
be with me wherever I go.
And I plan on going all over the world.
So congrats
to the class of 2023!
- Me and my brothers, we forever kings ♪
You will never find a better team ♪
My people call me,
I won't let it ring ♪
'Cause it's family over everything ♪
Me and my brothers, we forever kings ♪
You will never find a better team ♪
My people call me,
I won't let it ring ♪
'Cause it's family over everything ♪
Me and my brothers, we forever kings ♪
You will never find a better team ♪
My people call me,
I won't let it ring ♪
'Cause it's family over everything ♪
Me and my brothers, we forever kings ♪
You will never find a better team ♪
My people call me,
I won't let it ring ♪
'Cause it's family over everything ♪
I saw that girl and her
son in the crowd today.
Oh, shit.
What girl?
- Papa's new baby mama.
You are not supposed to see
that girl I forbid it.
Her name is Kenya.
- And you can't control me anymore.
- Excuse me?
You are my son, and
you will do as I say.
Dad, I know you're trying to protect me,
but I know what I'm doing.
You are in no position to be
raising somebody else's child,
and I'm still raising you.
I'm out.
- Sit down!
- No.

Hey, Papa, come on come
on. Just just chill.

I'm my own man.

And I can do what I want.

walk out that door
you will not be allowed back.

Ugh ♪
What up, y'all? ♪
Yeah, Soundtrakk,
what's poppin, ' baby? ♪
You know what I'm talking about? ♪
So check it out, unh ♪
First got it when he was
six, didn't know any tricks ♪
Matter of fact, first time ♪
[BAKARI] Hey, Papa, what up? You good?
Technically, I'm homeless,
but other than that, I'm good.
I'll sneak you through
the back you know that.
But shorty didn't quit,
it was somethin' in the air ♪
Yeah, he said it was
somethin' so appealin' ♪
He couldn't fight the feelin' ♪
Somethin' about it, he
knew he couldn't doubt it ♪
Yo. What's up?
What up?
Hi. I'm Lynae, Bakari's girlfriend.
Oh. He didn't tell me about you.
Listen, we just caught
up for a few moments,
but, uh, you're meeting her now.
Yeah, when they said
it's gettin' late in here ♪
So I'm sorry, young man,
there's no skating here ♪
And so he kick, push, kick, push ♪
Kick, push, kick, push, coast ♪

Niggas on my dick,
and I don't give a fuck ♪
Mad 'cause I'm so fly,
and they woman struck ♪
I ain't tryin' to play games ♪
I'm tryin' to run it up ♪
Finally linked back with my brother ♪
So you know what's up ♪
Back down in the
city on a mission, hey ♪
'Bout to treat the studio
like it's the kitchen, hey ♪
Oh, what you cooking, dope nigga? ♪
Oh, for real? Nope, nigga ♪
I will never tell a soul
About the role I chose, nigga ♪
Mama gave me up, Daddy did, too ♪
Super-smart kid, I just
trapped after school ♪
Learned to survive with
the guys, I had plenty ♪
Lot of them gone, miss
them all, but they with me ♪
I should be a grimy motherfucker ♪
All the shit that I've been through ♪
Dead in the grave
or losing my mental ♪
But I cry on Benjis, I
don't cry on no tissues ♪
Niggas be a problem,
but, bitch, I'm a issue ♪
It's the illest motherfucker, G ♪
And I'm going to just keep it real ♪
A lot of y'all niggas
can't fuck with me, hey ♪
But I'm back in the city, what's up? ♪
What's up? What's up? ♪
- Damn, that girl good.
- She all right.
Wanna get it done,
I can show you how ♪
Baddest in the room,
highest in the crowd ♪
Show you how 'cause I took the crown ♪
Yo, girl, I wanna be just like ♪
- You're amazing.
- I know.
Okay, confident. I like that.
You're beautiful. What's your name?
This my girl, Jemma.
Nice to meet you, Jemma.
- Are you signed?
- No.
- Do you want to be?
- Labels are rough these days.
Yeah, true, but if you're
gonna be independent,
you're gonna need some support.
Is that what you want
to offer me, support?
Honestly, I'm just looking
for a place to crash right now.
Okay, well, I can't help with that,
but once you figure it out, hit me up.
- For sure.
- A'ight.
Tired of the struggle ♪
Tired of the pain ♪
Tired of the heartache ♪
Tired of the strain ♪
Lord, I really need Your guidance,
now more than ever.
With all my fears ♪
Jesus, dry my ♪
Lord, I really need
You to protect my son.
Burden's heavy ♪
Dry my tears ♪
Oh, Lord, this burden's so heavy ♪
Dry my tears ♪
Oh, please, Lord, help me ♪
With all my fears ♪
- Jesus, dry my ♪
- Dry my tears ♪
Dry my tears ♪
Oh, I'm so weary ♪
Dry my tears ♪
Oh, Lord, I get so weary ♪
Dry my tears ♪
Oh, please, Lord, help me ♪
With all my fears ♪
Jesus, dry ♪
- Jesus, dry ♪
- Dry my tears ♪
- Tired of the struggle ♪
- I'm tired ♪
- Tired of the pain ♪
- Oh, I'm tired ♪
Tired of the heartache ♪
- Oh, Lord ♪
- Tired of the strain ♪
- Please, Lord ♪
- Please, Lord, help me ♪
- With all my fears ♪
- With all my fears ♪
- Jesus ♪
- Jesus, dry my ♪
- Dry ♪
- Dry my tears ♪
- Jesus, dry my ♪
- Jesus ♪
- Dry ♪
- Dry my tears ♪
I've been crying all night long ♪
Jesus, dry my ♪
Dry my tears ♪

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