The Chi (2018) s06e07 Episode Script

Long Live

[KEVIN] Previously on The Chi
I'm here to happily announce
that I'll be moving to Los Angeles
to do what I love: gaming.
And while I'm up here,
I encourage you all
to do what you love.
Even if everyone thinks you're crazy,
you blaze your own trail,
and never let anyone tell
you you can't do something.
[EMMETT] I wanna cut ties with you.
- I'm done.
- [DOUDA] You pay me my money.
Then we'll talk.
[DOUDA] If you play with me again
Both you all need to be
worried about your futures
and keeping your nose in the good book.
You ain't always done
what the good book says.
What, you challenging me, boy?
I mean, somebody's got to.
Well, I think I'm gonna excuse myself.
[JACKSON] No, no.
You're a part of this family too.
You stay right there.
I don't know anything about Q's murder.
[GORN] This photo says otherwise.
I don't think you're a killer,
but I do think you might
have helped dump the body.
So you can either confess now,
or we can find out later
and put you in prison.
What do you do when a
lion prowls your village,
jaws dripping with the
blood of your neighbors?
Do you let him sleep in your bed?
If we don't cast that
devil out of our city,
he will devour us all.
- [ALL] Amen.
Take care of him.
Say less.
[JACKSON] Lord, I really
need you to protect my son.
Hey, Nuck!
What's the word, little bro?
Thought you said family
was off-limits, nigga.
- Well, do it, nigga.
I killed a nigga before,
and it ain't no thing to do it again.
[NUCK] Man, you shot Ronnie in the back.
You don't got enough balls
to shoot a nigga like me in the face.
Did you look Pastor Jackson in the face
before you strangled him, nigga, huh?
Answer me.
Answer me, nigga!
Look, Bakari, if you kill me
he gonna take you.
- It's up to you.
You looking to die today?
- Why you do it?
- Because he was talking too fucking much.
[ZAY] We had to send a message.
He was like a father to me, man!
You can't trust nobody that ain't us!
How many times I gotta
tell your ass that, huh?
You too soft for the streets.
[BAKARI] Fuck you!
We your family.
If you ever pull a gun on me again,
you won't live to
tell the fucking story.
Do you hear me, huh?
Now, get the fuck out of here, man!
Move, nigga!
I could kill that nigga.
You sure?
Hey, if I need you to take
care of him, I'll say so.
You hear me?
Now, put the fucking gun down, man.
Let's go, nigga.
[KEVIN] Uh need anything?
[JAKE] Do you want
us to leave you alone?
[KEVIN] Look, man, um,
you really want us to leave you alone,
or you just saying that?
I-I wanna be alone.
We're here for you if you need us.
I-I know.
Love you, bro.
I love you too.
The fuck you want?
I'm hurting too, nigga.
I know one of your boys killed him.
[SIGHS] I never thought that
none of this would happen.
[PAPA] But it did!
And now my dad gone 'cause he ain't do
what Douda wanted him to.
Look, if the pastor would
have just washed the money,
maybe he'd still be here.
- So you saying it's his fault?
- [BAKARI] No.
Listen, my dad was a noble man.
And he got killed for it!
I loved your father
- like he was my own.
- But he's not your father!
He's mine.
Now he's gone.
[EMMETT] Kiesha, stop.
Will you at least let me talk to you?
I'm tired of talking.
I thought you said relationships
were about communication.
- Babe.
- Stop. I told you I don't trust Douda.
He's all about getting what he wants,
even if that means taking a life.
I don't have nothing to do with that.
Pastor Jackson warned us.
He told us if we weren't careful,
Douda would take over.
[EJ] What's going on?
Nothing. Nothing, man.
Uh, everything's fine.
Kiesha, where you going?
Go-go back in the room
and check on your brother, a'ight?
If I can't count on you to protect us,
we not staying here.
What happened to sticking around
even when shit gets uncomfortable?
This is more than uncomfortable.
This could be life or death.
I promise, I'm not
gonna let anything happen
to you or my kids.
Yeah, what if something happens to you?
What am I supposed to do then?
Just give me some time to fix this.
- How much time?
- I don't know.
That's not good enough.
Kiesha, please.
Come on.
I can't lose you.
But I'm sleeping in the guest room
until you figure this out.
I'll take it.
And if anything else happens, I'm gone.
I'll be up in a little bit.
I'll get the room set up for you.
How you doing with everything?
[JAKE] I'm fine.
[VICTOR] Talk to me.
Because I wanna know how you feeling.
I don't think it's smart for
you to hold everything inside.
It's what you do.
[VICTOR] What? I-I
talk about my problems.
Yeah, not with me.
Well, you-you're not old
enough to know everything.
I'm trying to protect you.
I don't need to be protected.
- I need to know what the fuck going on.
- Watch your mouth.
When you came back,
you told me I could trust you.
I don't feel like you
trust me with shit.
A'ight, look, if I tell you something,
you can't say shit to nobody.
I'm serious.
I ain't gonna say shit.
A few months back, Douda came by
and told me he needed me
to take a ride with him.
And while we was riding
I heard a sound coming from the trunk.
[SIGHS] It was a body, wasn't it?
How you know?
Douda ain't joyriding
with niggas for fun.
Shit, he only come around
here when he need something.
If it wasn't for him, bro
I don't think I'd be
in office right now.
Man, you in office 'cause
bitches think you cute.
And you finally told the truth.
He ain't got nothing to do with that.
I didn't think about it like that.
So what happened?
He made you bury a body or something?
Uh, yeah.
We-we dumped the body together.
And now you an accomplice
and you trying to figure out
if you should come clean or not.
Got it.
You know more than I thought.
Told you I'm not some dumb kid.
I know what's going on.
Well, since you so wise
what do you think I should do?
if I was you, I wouldn't snitch.
I don't know why that
doesn't surprise me.
You can't do shit for the
community if your ass locked up.
We need you.
I need y'all too.
Give me a minute.
You good?
No, I'm not.
What's wrong?
I'm scared.
Somebody threatening you?
I know y'all working with Emmett.
We not working with him.
He work for us.
Okay, well, I think him working for
has put us in danger.
He just holding shit for us.
Ain't no bullets gonna come his way.
- Trust me.
- I don't like the feeling
that we holding something
that can get us in trouble.
It's just money, Kiesha.
No, it's not!
I know you.
Then you know I would never
let nothing happen to you.
Nuck, you already have.
I apologized for that.
I don't want you to have
to apologize to me again.
Then I think you need
to have that conversation
with your nigga.
I spoke to him.
And now I'm talking to you.
I'll do what I can.
That's not enough!
What do you want?
Promise me my family is gonna be safe.
I don't like making
promises I can't keep.
I know you got Douda's ear.
Look, that nigga don't listen to me.
All I'm asking is that you have my back.
I do.
Then you gotta have Emmett's back too.
It's a lot of people out there.
[QUINCY] I'm not surprised.
A community leader was
murdered in his home.
People are scared.
Well, I wanna put something together.
Okay, like what?
A candlelight vigil.
Oh, that's smart.
The people need a place that
they can grieve together.
Yeah, and no cameras.
This is just for us.
Well, when are you trying to do this?
[QUINCY] That's ambitious.
Man, people are hurting right now.
They need us.
We can't just be sitting on our asses.
I'll make some calls.
Thank you.
Do you need anything?
[PAPA] No.
[KENYA] Okay, do you need to be alone?
[PAPA] Yeah.
Okay, then I'll head out.
[KENYA] Call me if you need anything.
Okay, I get that you're grieving,
but please don't make me feel
like shit just because you do.
You know the last
conversation I had with my dad
was about you?
He didn't think we should be together.
He said I wasn't ready
to handle that level of
And now I see he was right.
I just feel like he never listens to me.
And he makes these decisions
without talking to me first.
Have you spoken to him about this?
Yes, multiple times,
and nothing changes.
He just did something crazy
that violated my trust.
[KWAME] What was that?
brought something in our home
that could put us in real danger.
That's serious.
I know.
Have you resolved it?
I'm sleeping in the guest
room until he handles it.
[KWAME] How does that feel?
Like a temporary fix.
Did you grow up in a
house with both parents?
My parents divorced when I was younger.
And my dad
died suddenly when I was a teenager.
[KWAME] I'm sorry.
I only ask because we often
mimic our parents' behavior
in our own relationships.
I was surprised when
my parents broke up.
I never saw them fight.
A lot of parents try not to
fight in front of their kids
because they're afraid
it's gonna traumatize them,
but it's actually important for kids
to see their parents
work through conflict.
Otherwise, they'll get anxious
when it arises in their own lives.
I do remember my dad making
most of the decisions.
He controlled the money, where we lived,
what we watched on TV.
Sounds like they were
pretty, uh, old-school.
Yeah, I never liked that.
That's why it's so important for you
to feel like an equal
in your relationship.
You wanna take the control
that your mother never did.
I never thought about it like that
I guess.
Am I doing too much?
You and Emmett just need
to get on the same page
about decision-making,
especially decisions that
affect the whole family.
You can both be head of the household,
but there will be some compromises.
My mom and stepmom argued
in front of us a lot.
And now I feel like she just wants
to take control of everything.
[KWAME] Maybe she's trying
to make up for lost time.
If you're up to it,
I think it might be helpful to have her
join us for a session or two.
My mama?
[KWAME] Yes.
I'm good.
Look whether we like it or not,
the way we walk through the world
has a lot to do with
who brought us into it.
I don't know, I feel like
I like this space being about me
and my healing.
I think the first person
to break your heart
was your mother.
And until we resolve that break,
you'll spend the rest of
your life trying to mend it
with romantic relationships.
[KWAME] You don't have
to decide right now.
Just something to think about.
[DARNELL] Well, shit.
It's five o'clock somewhere, huh?
- Yeah, thanks, Pop.
- Mm-hmm.
[INHALES SHARPLY] To Pastor Jackson.
Yeah, Pastor Jack he was a good man.
God rest his soul.
What's wrong with you, son?
Kiesha almost left me this morning.
What you do?
Nothing. [CHUCKLES]
Boy, don't be lying to me.
I'm just doing what I gotta
do to make sure we good.
Even if it's illegal?
I'm not doing no illegal shit.
I deal with niggas that do illegal shit.
That don't make it no better.
She wants me to cut ties with Douda
for good.
See, that's why I'm Team Kiesha.
I know.
So how you get her to stay?
I promised her I'd handle it.
How you gonna do that?
I wanna buy myself out.
How much is that gonna cost?
I don't know.
Well, why don't you find out?
And maybe we figure
this shit out together.
Mm. Okay.
Thanks, Pop.
Sorry I'm late.
I got caught up in another meeting.
How you gonna get mad at me
for not taking this serious
but you coming in here 20 minutes late?
I said I was sorry.
Who was your meeting with?
[MAISHA] I wanna know.
Bakari's sister.
Why were you meeting with her?
[JEMMA] Because I wanna work with her.
You ain't done shit with me yet.
How you think you could add
somebody else to the roster?
Managers can have
multiple clients, okay?
She and I are on the same level.
She's further along.
Oh, please.
[JEMMA] Her EP is almost done.
- [MAISHA] How was it?
- [JEMMA] She's sending it to me.
Can we please just focus and try
to get something out of this session
that's costing us a fucking fortune?
All right, play the song, please.
[MAISHA] I'm sick of this shit, man.
Been doing this shit
for two years straight.
I'm all ready to fucking go.
Bitch, I'm working my ass off ♪
You talking about it too much ♪
I'm letting the cash talk ♪
Virgil on the feet ♪
I'm keeping the tags on ♪
The difference is I'm
actually something to brag on ♪
They say, Maisha ♪
You should be under the jail ♪
For killing these beats like that ♪
And you should be going to hell ♪
For burning the streets like that ♪
You should be a diabetic
for coming to eat like that ♪
You think it's sweet like that ♪
Dummy, I can't make it home in peace ♪
I can't even pose for free ♪
You thinking she cute
and you wanna crack ♪
I let a bitch close to me ♪
No, over with ♪
We ain't even where
we supposed to be ♪
Daddy money got you scared ♪
But you only fucked if you blow it ♪
Ay, nigga! Ay!
Get the fuck up out of here!
What-what-what happened?
Oh, no, somebody just broke in the crib.
What-what is this?
Are you dealing drugs at my house?
Hell nah.
Look, you know I left
that life a long time ago.
Well, apparently not.
[SHAAD] No, no. Look,
look, look, look, look.
I-I'm just holding these for somebody.
- That's all.
- Wait, for who?
[SIGHS] I really can't say.
Get these guns out
of my house right now,
or I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
Babe, no.
It was these guns that protected us
from whoever tried to break in here!
These guns didn't stop
them from busting in.
Okay, a'ight.
get rid of them, a'ight?
- Uh, first thing tomorrow morning.
- Tonight!
You keeping anything else from me?
That's it.
Where the fuck Douda at?
Need a appointment, my nigga.
Get off me!
I talked to Kiesha already.
- What?
- [NUCK] Yeah, we had a conversation.
She handled it.
Ain't this a bitch?
Oh, she ain't tell you?
No, she didn't.
[ISIS] So nice to finally meet Fatima's
Black knight in shining armor.
Don't be nervous. [LAUGHS]
It's kind of hard not to be.
We don't bite. [CHOMPS PLAYFULLY]
[VICTOR] No, no, no, I
but I-I know how much
y'all mean to her,
and I want you to know
that I'm serious about this.
I'm not playing with her heart.
Mm. I can tell.
- Yeah, we
- Mm-hmm.
- We're happy for y'all.
- [VICTOR] Thank you.
[ISIS] Mm.
Can I ask y'all something?
[SCOFFS] What, you about to ask
for my baby's hand in marriage?
Well, I mean, wedding bells,
I think, are in our future.
- Oh.
- Oh!
Oh, okay, well, then ask away.
do you think that Fatima
would wanna start a family?
- You need to ask her.
- Absolutely!
[VICTOR] Well, that's kind
of why I'm asking y'all first.
What are you afraid of?
That maybe she wouldn't
wanna start a family with me.
What, you got some secret baby mama
stashed away somewhere?
- That's how it starts.
- No.
but I-I do have a-a past,
- a criminal one.
- [BOTH] Mm.
I mean
we all have a past,
but Fatima, she's always
followed her heart.
Every time I followed
my heart, it got broken.
[SIGHS] Child.
Just don't let that
happen to my daughter.
I won't.
[ISIS] Good.
[KWAME] Nina, what's your frustration?
I did everything
to be a good mother to my children.
When their dad left,
I didn't have any help.
I just wanna know why I'm sitting here,
being told all the things
I could have done better.
I want my kids to know that
I'm not just their mother.
I'm also human.
And just because I'm a parent
doesn't mean I have to be perfect.
[KIESHA] I know that.
Ma, I think providing financially
wasn't enough.
We also needed your attention.
[NINA] And you feel
like you didn't get it?
We got what was left of you
when you came home from work.
I'm sorry there wasn't much left to give
after dealing with my crazy job all day.
Nina, try talking to Kiesha
as if she wasn't your daughter.
[KWAME] Share a truth with her
that you've never
shared with her before.
I thought being a woman
meant I had to find a good Black man,
get married, and have kids.
That's what my mother wanted me to do.
Did you not want that?
Nobody cared about what I wanted.
What did you want?
You know, I wanted to explore the world,
my sexuality,
what it would feel like to live alone.
Why didn't you?
I wanted to be a good daughter.
And back then, being
married and having kids
was what being a good daughter meant.
To be honest, I never
wanted to be married.
And I never wanted to have kids.
You didn't want us?
I didn't say that.
Dr. Kwame, can you help
me out here, please?
I meet a lot of women who
feel forced into motherhood,
whether it be from societal pressures
or pressure from their families.
I love my kids.
[KWAME] No one is doubting that.
Are we done?
I want you to just sit
with what you and your daughter
have just confessed to each other.
You said you felt
obligated to be a mother,
and your daughter just said
that when she was growing up,
she felt like an obligation.
Oh, Lord.
What does this mean?
There are no easy answers in therapy.
It's all about getting to the truth,
making peace with it.
How do I make peace with the fact
my mother didn't want me?
That's not what I said.
[KWAME] Relationships
between children and parents
are rarely pristine.
We all have unhealed trauma,
and it shows up in different ways.
But this is where the healing begins.
It's okay if you're feeling
It isn't supposed to be easy.
That's the feeling in my mind ♪
When I ♪
When I think of you ♪
You a'ight, man?
Yeah. [SCOFFS]
I'll be a'ight. [LAUGHS]
How you feeling?
You nervous?
I'm gonna miss you, Kev.
And I can't shake the feeling ♪
'Cause there's something
'bout the energy ♪
Miss y'all too.
I got no good reason ♪
And you don't either ♪
But I can't shake the feeling ♪
'Cause there's something
'bout the energy ♪
Look, man, um
I'm grateful to you.
Been through a lot.
Would you braid my hair ♪
No matter what, you've
always been there for me.
For that, you always
gonna be my big brother.
'Cause I can't breathe now
Damn, nigga, you trying to
make me cry or something?
Nah, nah, it's just
it's just really hitting
me that I'm leaving, so
I just wanted to tell
you that before I left.
You're always gonna be my little bro.
Hey, and if you ever need anything,
you know I'm only one call away.
I know.
You can bring me back in time ♪
Hey ♪
I can't tell you why, but it's ♪
Natural, easy ♪
Like a summer evening ♪
I'm so sorry.
He really loved you like a son.
Now he's gone.
In body, but he's
still here in spirit.
What you think he'd say
right now if he was still here?
He'd be mad I didn't iron
my shirt this morning.
Be mad I ain't got on a tie right now.
He always wanted us
to be our best selves.
He did. He did.
[BRITNEY] If you in love with
her Probably should hide it ♪
Once she see young G,
dude, your ass is fire ♪
Grass nigga, trash nigga ♪
High speed, I'm on your ass, nigga ♪
No pass nigga, dead nigga
try to fuck with me ♪
I'm fucking with this.
This sound like everything
else on the radio right now.
Okay. I can give her that note.
I think you need to focus on Maisha.
You saying that 'cause you mean it or
'cause you jealous?
I ain't jealous of no girl.
Okay, well, I think she has potential.
[SIGHS] You need to find somebody
that's gonna make you some money.
And I think she can
in due time.
How much time?
- I don't know.
[BRITNEY] No jokes,
I ain't no Kevin Hart ♪
I'll pick your mess ♪
[BRITNEY] On the C-H-I ♪
I'ma D-I-E with the
world and the fame ♪
Just be careful.
Yeah, make sure she just trying to work
and nothing else.
[BRITNEY] One look,
I give her one look ♪
And now she wanna fuck with me ♪
I'm sorry, but they
can't get up with me ♪
Niggas can't get down with me ♪
- Damn right ♪
I know they wanna be ♪
Take this shit!
What the fuck you doing?
I can't hold those for you.
Are you fucking crazy?
You can't have this shit on
the street with me, Shaad.
I know one thing: I can't
have it in my crib no more.
I get it.
I ain't trying to fuck
up what you got going on.
Well, it's too late, nigga!
Nigga, I will handle it!
Oh, let me tell you something else too.
Don't bring that shit
to that pastor's house.
He'll turn over in his casket
if he knew the shit that you was up to.
I'm not.
[ZAY] When you gonna
teach me how to play?
[DOUDA] When I have time.
It's a big boy's game.
Maybe I'll just teach myself.
I like it.
[NUCK] Good luck.
Don't keep leaning on your pawns
to do all the work for you.
I can tell by your tone ♪
Baby, you ain't alone ♪
Better that than sacrifice my queen.
You're supposed to use your queen,
not protect her.
I can see your weakness
from ten miles away.
You have to play this
game with no fears.
you have to sacrifice the ones you love
in order to win the game.
I don't know what I will do ♪
If I think your love is gone ♪
I don't know what I'm gonna say ♪
If I find you're not alone ♪
You know me so well ♪
I pretend all I want ♪
For everybody else ♪
Welcome home.
Th-this is amazing.
You-you've outdone yourself.
Yeah? I told you I was gonna
turn this house into a home.
You did.
But I don't mind when
you give me your love ♪
I love you.
I love you too.
You know what to do ♪
All right.
I was thinking, um,
we can consider starting a family.
Are you serious?
I-I mean, it's always
something I dreamed about,
but I never thought
I never thought it would happen for me.
Uh, well, we can make
it happen if you want to.
My favorite is you ♪
You're my peace of mind ♪
No matter how I try to fight it ♪
It's just, starting a
family is a huge commitment.
[VICTOR] I know.
And what about the FBI?
They don't have nothing.
And I'm not gonna give them nothing.
You're always so busy. I
[VICTOR] Oh, come on.
I don't wanna be stuck
raising a child on my own.
Come on, I'm not gonna let that happen.
Come on.
Oh, I never stay mad too long ♪
Do you promise?
I promise.
Never stay mad too long ♪
I can never stay mad ♪
Oh, I never stay mad too long ♪
Okay, then.
[VICTOR] Okay, then?
We can keep talking about it.
Never stay mad
- Okay.
- Okay.
You can't stay here.
This ain't no overnight bag.
What is it?
I need a favor.
You don't even know what it is.
I don't need to.
Come on, Nae.
- What's in there?
- Does it matter?
I can't show you.
Then it's not staying here.
Look, if I show you what's in this bag,
you could get in trouble.
Why would you bring something to my door
that could get me in trouble?
Nae, look at me.
Do you think I'd be sitting here
if I had anywhere else to go?
I don't.
Please, Nae.
Put it in my closet.
I appreciate this more than you know.
Kiesha, come here.
If you talk to Nuck behind
my back again, we done.
Are you giving me an ultimatum?
Shh. I'm just being real with you.
You can't control who I
can and cannot talk to.
When it comes to him, I do.
When it comes to him, I do.
Somebody has to protect this family.
- That's what I'm doing!
- I can't tell.
What's going on?
Oh, Sister Jackson, I just wanted to
Get out.
Okay, I don't know what you heard,
but I didn't kill your husband.
Of course not.
You sent one of your pawns to do it.
[DAVID] For all we know ♪
This may only be a dream ♪
We come and we go ♪
Like the ripples ♪
To a stream ♪
So love me ♪
Love me tonight ♪
Tomorrow was made ♪
For some ♪
Tomorrow ♪
May never come ♪
For all we know ♪
For all we know ♪
For all we know ♪
I-I don't
[CRYING] I don't know
It's a'ight.
It's okay, we're here for you, a'ight?
Take your time.
You got this, bro.
I don't know why, but
I always thought my
dad would live forever.
I know that's crazy, but
that's how I felt.
He felt invincible.
Now I know none of us are.
We're all on this Earth for
a certain amount of time,
but what we do with it is up to us.
I always wanted my
father to be proud of me.
That was always in the back of my mind
before I made any decision.
I always wondered what he'd say,
what he'd think.
When I woke up this morning
and I was getting ready to come here
and say goodbye to my
father, I realized
I no longer have a person to live for.
I no longer have that
person I wanna impress.
He was the one I wanted
to be proud of me.
My dad challenged me to be better,
be stronger, be noble.
And now that he's gone
I-I have to be all
those things for myself.
I think we all have to do that.
We have to make ourselves proud.
We have to write our own moral code
and stop living by somebody else's,
even if that someone
else is our own father.
I'll never get over this.
I-I think my heart
will always be broken.
But when I wanna break down,
I'll remember to stand up
not just for him but for
the man he raised me to be.
I wanted more time.
I think we all want that, but
God's timing is the only clock I need.
And the last thing my father gave me
was a pocket watch that's
been in our family for years.
He told me to never waste
my time or anybody else's.
So I promise to cherish
every moment of my life.
And in doing so, I honor his.
And his life deserves to be honored.
I love you, Dad.
I'm gonna miss you.
But I know I'll see
you on the other side.
Be ♪
Be patient with me ♪
I'm on God's plan ♪
I'm on my way ♪
Be ♪
Be patient with me ♪
I'm on God's plan ♪
I'm on my way ♪
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