The Chi (2018) s06e08 Episode Script

Who Shot Ya?

Promise me my family is gonna be safe.
I don't like making
promises I can't keep.
[PAPA] The fuck you want?
I loved your father.
Like he was my own.
But he's not your father! He's mine.
[KENYA] Okay, I get
that you're grieving,
but please don't make me feel
like shit just because you do.
You know the last conversation
I had with my dad was about you?
He didn't think we should be together.
And now I see he was right.
I'm here to happily announce
that I'll be moving to Los Angeles
to do what I love, gaming.
Nice to meet you, Jemma.
- Are you signed?
- Nah.
If you're gonna be independent,
you're gonna need some support.
Is that what you wanna offer me?
If you talk to Nuck behind
my back again, we done.
Somebody has to protect this family.
- That's what I'm doing.
- I can't tell.
I hope you interrupted my
lunch for a good reason.
I know who killed Uncle Q.
You know what to do.
This city's way too
cold to be fearful ♪
To be fearful ♪
My parents had a little somethin' ♪
But I want more ♪
A little somethin', but I want more ♪
I had to fight my battles ♪
Just to fight more ♪
- Just to fight more ♪
- Yeah ♪
'Cause it's so much
more for us to live for ♪
And we try so hard ♪
Not to forget ♪
Where we started ♪
And never lose sight ♪
Of where we going ♪
Coming from Chicago ♪
Sometimes it ain't so easy ♪
Coming from Chicago ♪
Oh, yeah ♪
Yeah, shots everywhere I go ♪
Yeah ♪
Let's get something to leave ♪
Come and go where I go ♪
Welcome to Chicago ♪
Chicago, yeah, yeah ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Yeah ♪
This city's way too
cold to be fearful ♪
To be fearful ♪
My parents had a little somethin' ♪
But I want more ♪
A little somethin', but I want more ♪
I had to fight my battles ♪
Just to fight more ♪
- Just to fight more ♪
- Yeah ♪
'Cause it's so much
more for us to live for ♪
[SOFTLY] Shoot.
[SOFTLY] Damn.
What are you looking for?
The Miracle Whip.
It was on the list when
you went to the store,
so obviously, you forgot it.
So you knew and couldn't
help a brother out
by grabbing some?
- Will you be home tomorrow?
- [EMMETT] Why?
Because I need to look for a job.
No. I won't be home tomorrow.
But I could take off next week.
The whole week?
That really means a lot to me.
I'm here to support you.
Booty, booty, booty, booty ♪
- Booty, booty ♪
- Big, big booty ♪
- Booty ♪
- Big, big booty ♪
Do it to the left, now drop ♪
Do it to the left, do it to the left ♪
Do it to the left, now drop ♪
Do it to the right,
do it to the right ♪
Do it to the right, now drop ♪
Do it to the right,
do it to the right ♪
Do it to the right, now drop ♪
Now bounce, bounce, bounce ♪
Bounce, bounce ♪
Bounce, bounce everybody ♪
Let's bounce, bounce ♪
Bounce, bounce ♪
Bounce, bounce, bounce ♪
It's a new dance ♪
Booty, booty, booty, booty ♪
Now what you gonna do with that ♪
- Big, big booty ♪
- See you get low with that ♪
Big, big booty, big, big booty ♪
Oh, Nuck. You just in time, man.
- We got some good news.
- What's up?
Zay found us a spot to wash our money.
[DOUDA] What, nigga?
Do you know how big this is?
Not as big as killing a nigga
that was hurting our business.
No. Actually, that
adds to my stress level.
[NUCK] How so?
Because now, people gonna
start sniffing around.
- You gave the order, D.
- [DOUDA] Yeah.
But if you had better
negotiation skills,
we wouldn't have another
motherfucking body
on our hands.
And don't you get too cocky, Zay.
You still got a lot of
fucking growing up to do.
Go fast.
Look, babe, look.
They are beautiful.
They are, but how much longer
before we can start actually selling?
Cairo said it was gonna take a while.
But just remember
we further along now
than we were before.
Tiff, we can't keep
moving at this speed.
Baby, all we gotta do is
keep selling Douda's weed
until we have enough of our own.
Then we can drop his ass.
Douda might not be around much longer.
What you mean?
[ROB] My mother loan.
It came with strings.
[TIFF] What kind of strings, Rob?
She said we wouldn't
have to pay the money back
as long as I get rid of the
nigga that killed my uncle.
- Douda killed your uncle?
- [ROB] Yes.
How you know?
I just do.
Why you just now telling me this?
[ROB] 'Cause that shit ain't
had nothing to do with you.
That decision affects our family.
- You said you wanted the money.
- Not at this cost.
Look, I told you ain't shit free.
We could've found another way, Rob.
Well, it's a little too late now.
We done already spent
all the money, Tiff.
Can you just tell your
mom you not killing nobody?
You don't know my mama.
She make Douda look like a saint.
I'm in my zone ♪
My mind blown ♪
Don't have my phone ♪
Leave me alone ♪
Ain't coming home,
I'm getting stoned ♪
I'm on my own, just leave me alone ♪
Leave me alone, leave me alone ♪
Leave me alone, just leave me alone ♪
Leave me alone ♪
Leave me alone, just leave me alone ♪
Leave me alone, bitch,
I ain't tryna be bothered ♪
Don't worry 'bout where I'm at ♪
I'm by myself ♪
Hey. What's up, young blood?
I'm Dwayne from the movers.
I'm here to collect your furniture.
Uh, yeah, my pickup's
not until Monday, though.
Uh, that's not what it says right here.
- But I leave Tuesday.
- Hey, look here, man.
You gon' have to come up
off the furniture, okay?
'Cause the whole, "I
had a later pickup date"?
- That shit is played.
- [KEVIN] Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I am not trying to play you.
Hey, look here, man. I done beat a man
- in the head before to get my furniture.
- [KEVIN] Huh?
So I have no problem doing
another day in jail for assault.
[KEVIN] Whoa.
Think we have a big
misunderstanding here.
- Yeah, we do.
- Go to my emails.
Oh, shit. You right.
But we still taking the furniture.
- Huh?
- Excuse me, little man.
- Whoa.
- Got stuff to do today.
Whoa. What? Whoa, whoa. Why? What?
Because we're going out of business,
so we actually can't come back
Monday and get your furniture.
You should've started
off with that, then.
Dude, uh, we gotta keep it professional.
Can't have people all up in
our business in these streets.
Look, at least yo, my shit!
- Uh
[DWAYNE] It's still folded, man.
- Don't sweat that.
All right, you
you can be light with that now.
[DWAYNE] Might let you keep that pillow.
You know what? Do you.
Do you.
Just leave me alone ♪
I forgive you.
That wasn't an apology.
Then what was it?
A thank you.
For what?
For sacrificing a week of work.
That didn't solve our issues.
Baby, we both fucked up, so we-we even.
- It don't work like that.
We can't even talk through this shit?
If you don't understand
why I'm upset with you
holding Douda's money
in our family home,
no amount of talking is
gonna help you get it.
You don't understand why
talking to another nigga
to ask him to protect my
family would piss me off?
I don't care about your
ego right now, Emmett.
I'm trying to protect our family.
Look, I got it under control.
It doesn't feel like it.
We got to get these kids up.
Hold on. Wait. Hold on.
Look, um, I just want us back.
And I swear to God,
I'll do whatever I gotta do to fix this.
Baby, come on.
I hope you do.
Is it you or is it me ♪
Why can't we just let it be ♪
Just agree to disagree ♪
For us ♪
Is it you or is it me ♪
Papa, what are you doing here?
Thought you had another week off.
I'd rather be here.
So you still mad at me?
I wasn't mad. I was hurting, and
I took it out on you,
and that's not cool.
So I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Did you want to go bowling next week?
I think they're having a tournament
and I thought maybe that could help you
take your mind off things.
When my dad was alive, we argued a lot,
and one of our last arguments was
About me. I know.
We didn't find a middle
ground when he was here,
so now that he's gone,
I wanna respect his side of things.
So what does this mean?
It means we can be cool,
but nothing more than that.
I was so scared to
give you my heart, Papa.
And now I feel like you're breaking it.
I'm-I'm sorry. I never
meant to hurt you.
But you did.
You sure you want to do long-distance?
Look, I know it's gonna be hard,
but that don't mean it won't work.
What if you get too busy?
Never get too busy for you.
Kevin, you gonna be
in a whole other city
meeting a million new people.
You can't promise that.
What, you having second
thoughts or something?
Not on my end. I'm
just not finna get hurt.
- I'm not gonna hurt you, Maisha.
- Not on purpose.
But what if it gets to be too much
and you end up feeling
torn between two places?
Maisha, Maisha.
I wanna be with you.
I love you.
I love you too.
But if it gets to be too hard,
just tell me.
I don't want to hold you back.
Don't worry.
Everything's gonna be okay.
I'm gonna miss you.
I'm one call away.
Come here.
I know it's a lot of money.
it's the only way I can
get from under Douda.
Of course, baby.
Do anything to help you
get out of this mess.
I-I-I know it's-it's-
it's a lot of money.
[DARNELL] It's not
about the money, Emmett.
I mean, you know what you put me
and your mama through
the past few months?
Every time the phone rang, we terrified
that somebody call
and say that you dead.
I'm sorry I put y'all through that.
But last week, you was
you was down to help.
And I'm still gonna help.
It doesn't mean that I'm not
disappointed in your choices.
Darnell, please. He understands.
I know you not sitting here
acting like you ain't never
made no mistakes before.
Boy, I been through everything
you been through times 20.
[JADA] Oh, just
At some point, you gonna
have to start listening to me.
I got involved with Douda
to give my family a better life.
Sometimes, you gotta take
the risk if you gon' win.
Don't risk your family's safety
just so you can appear to live
better than everybody else.
I can take care of my own family.
Apparently not.
You know what? Fuck it. I
don't need shit from you.
All right. You gon' sit here
and you gon' let me take care of it.
What does that mean?
You gonna see.
I like this.
What, volunteering?
I like volunteering with you.
Oh, okay.
[TIERRA] I never thought
I'd fall in love, so.
[MARCUS] I never thought
I'd fall in love again.
And I am not a fan of children,
so the fact that your daughter
and I have found our groove,
that's also a miracle.
A miracle I thank God for every day.
Why would Rob want to kill Douda?
I can't say.
Tiff, you drove all the way over here
in the car that I bought you just
Stop bringing up that damn car.
What the fuck is going on?
I need you to talk some sense into him.
That's your job.
He not listening to me.
What makes you think
he gonna listen to me?
I think this is some man-to-man shit.
You wanna be the big boss,
but can't land the plane?
I know you ain't talking,
because I heard about you
getting punked left and right.
Don't come in here talking shit
while you asking me to do you a favor.
Emmett, this is not just about me, okay?
This is about me and your son.
So what y'all getting into this summer?
Slanging these clothes,
building my brand.
- Seminary school.
- Oh, shit. For real?
My dad always wanted me to
follow him into the pulpit.
I guess me giving his
eulogy was the last nudge.
Just 'cause he died
don't mean you gotta live
the rest of your life for him.
I know what I'm doing, Jake.
Hey, man. Pass the fucking blunt.
So, um, what's up with you and Kenya?
Oh, that's over with.
[JAKE] Damn, nigga.
She just wasn't my match.
'Cause your daddy ain't like her?
He was right.
Look, it's your life, Papa.
Then let me live it.
Damn, man.
I was just getting used to this place.
You want it?
What you mean?
Landlord did say I have
to find a new tenant.
I don't know if I'm ready for all that.
Jeez, come on, bro.
I thought you was saving up your money.
What if my shit stops selling?
Look, if you ever get in a little bind,
just hit me up.
Yeah? You got it like that?
[CHUCKLING] Nah, man. I'm just saying
I'd rather my brother be
in here than some stranger.
A'ight. Bet.
- Let's do it.
- [KEVIN] A'ight. Let's do it.
Hey, we gotta do one
more thing before I leave.
High tide, baby, you know I ♪
Like it when we ride ♪
When we ride ♪
No, don't get scared,
baby, it's all right ♪
You versus mine when we collide ♪
Back and forth we flow like water ♪
Life is so simple ♪
Come and go whenever we want now ♪
We move the tempo ♪
We're in control ♪
Now that we got this rhythm ♪
- This rhythm ♪
- This rhythm ♪
- This rhythm ♪
- This rhythm ♪
We go like a wave in the ocean ♪
Ocean ♪
- In the ocean ♪
- The ocean ♪
The ocean ♪
That, uh, oughta settle my son's score.
Come here.
Now, that looks like it settles about
about half of it.
All right, well, just take that.
And I'll find a way to get you the rest.
what are we doing here?
I don't like bartering with money.
- Is that right?
- [DOUDA] Yeah, that's right.
I prefer favors.
What kind of favors?
[DOUDA] Look, keep your money.
And I'll go easy on Emmett
if I can count on you
to say nice things about me
when you're out and about.
I ain't got nothing
nice to say about you.
[DOUDA] Yeah, you will.
If it means the protection of your son.
And his family.
Your money.
- What's this about?
I know we not together no more.
I just
just miss talking to you.
Emmett and I are on thin ice
and this kind of shit would
send him over the edge.
I ain't trying to do nothing
but just hang out with you.
I don't think we can.
I know your situation.
And I respect it. Like, I really do.
I'm just trying to
have somebody in my life
that ain't tryna kill me.
Who tryna kill you?
Anybody. At any point.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry if me reaching
out to you made you feel like
- we could be
- I get it.
We good.
Take care of yourself.
Hey, let's go ♪
20, we all dressed
in nothing but black ♪
It ain't hard to tell
I'm running with criminals ♪
Talk on the net, they
just throwing subliminals ♪
Pull up just me and pull
hoes in his living room ♪
All for the ones I
just took me a nap ♪
I'm taking over Kevin's lease.
[LAUGHING] Congratulations, baby!
This is amazing!
I cannot believe that
you got us our own spot.
I mean, the timing
couldn't be more perfect,
because I am so ready to
get out of my dad's house.
I mean, if I have to hear him
fucking Tierra one more time,
I'm gonna scream.
This isn't a place for us.
It's a place for me.
- What?
- Yeah.
I been saving up and I
want to get a bachelor pad.
But you're not a bachelor.
But I'm also not married.
How it look for me to
be living with my dad
and my man has his own place?
[JAKE SIGHS] We way too
young to be living together.
But we fucking.
That's both our decision.
maybe I don't want to fuck you anymore.
So you gonna withhold sex from me
'cause I don't want to live with you?
Well, it makes me not want
to be intimate with you
because you don't want to live with me.
That's crazy.
Are you calling me crazy?
What you saying is crazy.
[VICTOR] Both y'all crazy as hell, bro.
Y'all can't kill Douda.
[EMMETT] That's why we're here.
Look, I don't need y'all help.
Nigga, just 'cause you tall
don't mean you a gangster.
Bro, y'all don't know about this life.
Rob, I know you grew up
in some big-ass house
with your mama and daddy,
and Emmett, your mama made
sure you ain't want for nothing.
Y'all not street niggas.
Stop trying to act like it.
I need this nigga dead.
And I'ma do whatever I
gotta do to make that happen.
This ain't just some street shit for me.
This nigga really killed my family.
We need your help.
Bro, I got too much to lose.
Just think about how much
easier this shit would be
if we actually took him out.
There are other ways to go about this.
No, it ain't.
Well, you niggas gonna
have to do it without me.
Straight up.
Hey, look, my nigga. I ain't no simp.
Me neither.
I'm taking this nigga out.
With or without y'all help, man.
Hey, Douda.
I need you to meet me somewhere.
It's important.
It's a private conversation,
so it'll best you don't,
uh, bring Frick and Frack.
Bet. See you there.
Think we gonna need some pooh shiesties?
Nigga, what? No.
What if he sees us?
Nigga, you just called him.
- He know you coming.
- Shit.
Fuck all that.
- He gonna be dead, a'ight?
- All right.
What if somebody else see us?
Shit, nigga. You better not miss.
Nigga, I'm not gon' miss.
Now let's do this shit. Come on.
Indecisive as shit.
Pressure ♪
Shorty, you know I'm it,
don't need no effort, no ♪
The way I put it down
gon' make you scared ♪
All your other niggas,
won't you figure out ♪
I'm her, the one
you can't get rid of ♪
I'm her ♪
The one you gon' remember ♪
Oh, I'm her ♪
The one you making time for ♪
The one you got an eye for ♪
The one you gon' get down for ♪
I'm her ♪
Oh, yes, I am ♪
I'm her ♪
All that I am ♪
Yeah, bae, I'm her ♪
You know I am ♪
The one you got an eye for ♪
The one you gon' get down for ♪
I can make you feel good,
I can make you shiver ♪
I can make you feel like
shopping, freezing Benjamins ♪
Knock it out the
park like I'm Jackie ♪
Jackie Robinson ♪
How you goin' hard ♪
Now you beggin' me for oxygen ♪
Look, I have a man.
A man that doesn't want
you to live with him, right?
- Don't do that.
- [BRITNEY] No disrespect.
Yeah, well, it felt very disrespectful.
I'm just tryna understand.
Why you sacrificing so much for him,
but he's not doing the same?
What am I sacrificing?
The freedom to explore
connections with other people.
I want to have a professional
relationship with you.
I respect that.
And also, I think he's right.
About what?
About [SIGHS]
About us being too
young to live together.
But I would love to live on my own.
Then why don't you?
[JEMMA SCOFFS] I don't have any money.
[SCOFFS] Please.
- There.
Now go get your place.
[JEMMA LAUGHS] Um, I can't accept this.
Why not?
'Cause I haven't made you any money.
Look, I believe in you
and I believe in what
we could do together,
so just consider this an advance.
Is this "I believe in you" money
or is this "I wanna fuck you" money?
I ain't gotta pay to fuck.
Okay, so
10,000 is
10% of 100,000.
How we gon' make that back?
That's up to you to figure out.
All you other niggas,
won't you figure out ♪
I'm her ♪
- Don't buy drugs from strangers.
- Oh, I know.
And always use protection.
Real protection. Not
like the pullout method.
Ew. Look, you don't gotta
worry about none of that.
- Me and Maisha is locked in.
- Mm-hmm.
I've always loved Maisha for you.
Okay, whatever.
And don't be acting all starstruck
when you see famous people.
- They just like us, okay?
- [SIGHS] I won't, Kiesha.
Don't try to flex. Keep
your chain tucked in.
That's not even me.
And if you get into anything crazy,
call me before you call Ma.
We can figure it out together.
Appreciate that.
I love you.
[KEVIN SIGHS] Love you more.
What was that for?
Hey, slow down!
Sun don't rise ♪
Wide awake, this
nightmare's restless ♪
And I'm scared ♪
Bloodshot eyes ♪
Tonight, I'm crying rivers endless ♪
Deepened ♪
Kill the old hand of your pain ♪
I told you.
I knew it had to be bad 'cause
I haven't heard from him.
He won't listen to me.
Thought he'd listen to you.
I can try.
Man, what y'all on?
Papa called me 'cause
he cares about you.
Nah, he called you
'cause he fucking nosy.
[PAPA] I'm actually worried about you.
Worry about yourself.
Why don't you give us a minute, Papa?
I know you hurting,
but this isn't the way to handle it.
Then how do I handle it,
since you know so much?
Go for a walk.
- [LYNAE] Journal.
Get some fresh air.
Yo, you sound like a
after-school special, Nae.
Just don't give up on yourself.
Too late.
I'm getting my own place. [LAUGHS]
I'm not giving you money to move out.
I don't need your money.
Excuse me?
Where'd you get the money from?
My new client.
You better not be
doing anything illegal.
No, no, I'm not.
My new client gave me an advance.
In exchange for what?
Nothing. She believes in my potential.
Yeah, I don't know if I believe that.
Oh, so you don't trust me?
Where you get your money
from is none of our business.
Yes, it is.
- Did you do anything illegal to get it?
- No.
- Then it's not our business.
- Says you.
Shouldn't my opinion
count for something?
- Of course it does.
- [TIERRA] Okay.
- But I want more information.
- And I don't owe you that.
Who do you think you talking to?
My father.
[TIERRA] Okay.
You raised a very smart
and capable daughter.
She should be allowed
to go out on her own.
I can do this, Dad.
[MARCUS SIGHS] Jemma, please be careful.
I'm always careful.
No, you're not.
I'm moving out of your
house, not your life.
And when she's gone,
we can have the house to ourselves,
move around a bit more freely.
Okay, don't make me throw up, guys.
- Ew.
All right.
As long as I'm allowed
to inspect the place
before you move in, I
guess you have my blessing.
[JEMMA GASPS] Oh, thank you.
- And thank you too.
- [TIERRA] Mm-hmm.
[DRE] Damn, they're beautiful.
You did good.
[NINA LAUGHS] We both did.
All right, everybody! Grab a glass.
Let's make a toast
to the guest of honor,
my boy, Kev!
[ZAY] Heard you were looking for me.
I've heard a lot about you.
Good things, I hope.
I heard that you were quiet,
handsome, a little mysterious.
You trying to seduce me?
When I seduce you,
you won't even know it's happening.
Do you want to come and work for me?
I already have a boss.
I know.
But who's to say how
long he'll be alive?
You know something I don't?
You should keep your options open.
I'm listening.
[DOUDA] Where are they?
Haven't heard from 'em.
Go, go!
[EMMETT] Fuck!
[ROB] Oh, shit!
Oh, fuck, go, go, go!
Thank you.
For what?
For welcoming me into your family.
I don't know where I'd be if
you weren't so patient with me.
Thank you for always
pushing me to be better.
[LYNAE CHUCKLES] You're welcome.
I'll miss you.
[LYNAE] We got phones.
Yeah, but I'll miss hugging you.
And muffing you.
- Just come back and visit.
- I will.
Everything I've done,
everything I've done ♪
Oh, so that's how you feel, huh?
You just gon' leave me on read?
What are you talking about?
I send you a heartfelt
text and you never replied.
I don't have a text message from you.
It says it was delivered. Look.
- Fuck!
- What?
I accidentally sent this to Deja.
Oh, God.
Oh, hell no. Gotta go.
Everything I've done,
everything I've done ♪
It's all my fault, and I'm sorry ♪
You still mad at me?
No. I'm good, actually.
Yeah, you seem to be in a better mood
since the last time I saw you.
I am getting my own place too.
- What?
Since when?
I came across some money
and I got enough to
start apartment-hunting.
Where you get the money from?
Where'd you get the money from?
- How'd you know?
- She tryna fuck you.
I asked her if that's what
this is about, and she said no.
Of course she said no. She ain't dumb.
So you don't think she gave me the money
because she believes in my talents?
That's her money and
she's now your pimp.
Fuck you.
[JAKE] I'm just being honest.
Well, you're being an asshole.
- Fine. I won't say shit.
- [JEMMA] Great.
I just want to thank
everybody for coming out.
I'm gonna remember this night forever.
For real.
I don't know where I'd be without y'all.
I also want to take a second
to acknowledge the ones
we lost along the way.
I know Pastor Jackson
would be here right now
if he was still with us.
I know he's here in spirit.
And I may not have listened
to everybody's advice
But eventually, I learned my lesson.
Thank you for letting me find my way.
Even if I made you nervous.
Thank you for always
letting me be myself.
And to my friends
thank you for always standing with me.
Through everything.
To my family.
Thank you for always lifting me up.
You know I'm forever
grateful for Chicago.
Made me who I am.
And I promise
I promise to go out there
and make y'all proud.
[PERSON] We already proud of you, boy.
[DRE] DJ, please.
I'm the life of the party ♪
Do what you can, I do what I want ♪
I'm the life of the party ♪
I'm the life of the party ♪
I'm the life of the party ♪
Do what you can, I do what I want ♪
I hear the whispers ♪
Sit and they watch
spinning the block ♪
- They taking my pictures ♪
- All in my face ♪
Any more questions, I can direct you ♪
Hop in the Tesla ♪
Baby, I'm pressure, knowing my worth ♪
They paying me extra ♪
Hoes, they copy, who gonna stop me ♪
You and what army ♪
Tell 'em to call
me, life of the party ♪
You don't stop, you don't stop ♪
Y'all seen Emmett?
Uh, no.
- Have you, babe?
It's Tiff.
I'm the life of the party ♪
I'm the life of the party ♪
So you're why he needed the money.
We were trying to start a business.
We wanted to get away from Douda.
My son has never had any desire
to start his own business.
He believed in me.
He believed in what we could build.
How dare you speak of
my son in the past tense
like he's already gone.
You have life insurance on him?
Are you crazy? No!
I have to ask.
This is your fault.
- [ALICIA] Excuse me?
- He told me about your deal.
I think this happened because
of what you asked him to do.
I don't know what you're talking about.
He told me.
I don't know what he told you,
but I would never put
my own child in danger.
I think you should leave.
I'm not leaving him.
I'm his family and you some
hussy that he lives with.
Nurse, I want her to be
removed from my son's room.
- What?
- Are you his spouse?
- Yes, I am.
- She's lying.
[NURSE] If you're not his
spouse or a blood relative,
you will have to leave.
How dare you tell that
bitch about our agreement?
Have you forgotten?
We never reveal information
about a hit outside the family,
and she will be the first
person on the witness stand
if the FBI comes around.
I need you to wake up!
So I can put my foot in your ass.
'Cause this can't never
happen again, you hear me?
- Got you.
- Where were you?
My phone died.
- And that's why you left your post?
- I was off.
Nigga, you ain't never off.
Wh-what happened?
You got a lot of learning to do, boy.
Hope it was good, nigga.
- What the fuck happened?
- [EMMETT] Rob had him, man.
- Nigga, what?
- The gun jammed.
How's he doing?
They said the surgery went well,
but he-he hasn't woken up yet.
I think he gon' be a'ight.
And what if he's not, nigga? Hmm?
I told you niggas not
to do this shit, bro.
Somebody had to do something.
So baby, what I'm trying to
tell you is if you can just
understand where I'm coming from.
A'ight, bet.
Deja, baby?
- Fuck.
Oh, fuck!
What the fuck? Coogie?
I never needed you to avenge my death.
I had to.
And it didn't make you
feel better, did it?
I know you're haunted by it.
I'm-I'm tryna do better.
I just I don't know.
I don't want you to die for me, Bakari.
I want you to live the
life that I couldn't.
- [FATIMA] How's Rob?
- He ain't talking.
Where are you going?
Gonna handle some business.
You're not leaving this house.
- Not now.
- Victor, what are you gonna do?
Finish the job?
If I don't do something to stop this,
I don't know how many more
bodies will drop, okay?
- This isn't your fight.
- Don't worry.
Look, you can't keep
trying to save everybody,
especially when you have family
right here at home who needs you!
You're right.
You're right.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Look, I'ma
I just need to take a shower
and just clear my head.
Okay? I'm sorry.
Okay. I love you.
I love you too.
On the Amen corner I stood
staring at my former hood ♪
A land of gods where
the mosque towers ♪
Above the ghost of Leon's Barbecue ♪
A city of contraband
and contradictions ♪
The horns of Louis Armstrong
wrestled with the devils ♪
While fireworks
compete with gunshots ♪
On a hot summer night ♪
Back in the day, we
made the pilgrimage ♪
From the Deep South to
our mecca, the South Side ♪
Yeah, from behind the burglar bars ♪
In my mama's back yard ♪
I watched as passing
cars stopped to trap hard ♪
Black stones and Muslim garb ♪
Leaving the miles
from Jum'ah not far ♪
From Minister Farrakhan
and students of Master Fard ♪
Drive-by shootings, rapid-fire Uzis ♪
Cars bumping the Fugees ♪
We smoke loose squares, not loosies ♪
Home of the "Barbershop" movies ♪
Gunshots, love is
cap, bread like a Sufi ♪
Storefront churches
next to the chicken shop ♪
Across the street
from the liquor spot ♪
That's juxtaposition I've ♪
32 shots in my Glock,
come on, listen to Fox ♪
My middle finger to cops, uh ♪
Dead opps, but we
live on these blocks ♪
Grand rocks for
delivery, no electricity ♪
The middle of December
but the city be hot ♪
The magic and the misery,
I've seen it all vividly ♪
The South Side ♪
It's just another South Side story ♪
The hope, the soul,
the folks, the most ♪
The South Side ♪
Yeah, uh ♪
It's just another South Side story ♪
Where you at ♪
Starin' out the window
with a Green Line train ♪
I dreamed I see my name on the wall ♪
I was enthralled by street fame ♪
Dope fiends going through
withdrawal, deep pains ♪
White boys shooting
fentanyl in green veins ♪
Hood films by these gangs ♪
Show the world Chief Keef, bang ♪
In these streets, the same ♪
But it's far when the seasons change ♪
They just show this Easter spread ♪
But they wait for me in Jesus' name ♪
I don't end up in the hands
of the police, that's lame ♪
Sorry, Granny, I got pigs to slay ♪
'Cause I need the three-point leader ♪
On the V6 range ♪
Black Jesus with
the VVs in the chain ♪
Just for relief from the pain ♪
I'm seeing my dog when that
dog food tweaking the game ♪
Reach and I only feel
peace when I'm praying ♪
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