The Chi (2018) s06e09 Episode Script

The Aftermath

[KEVIN] Previously on The Chi
I'm here to happily announce
that I'll be moving to Los Angeles
to do what I love, gaming.
Even if everyone thinks you're crazy,
you blaze your own trail.
So how long have you been back?
Not that long.
[ALICIA] And why didn't you call me?
[BIANCA] I've been busy.
You owe me a favor.
- [PERSON] Who that?
- [BAKARI] That's my sister.
Hey, why you ain't tell me
you was coming to the city?
I ain't got your number.
I asked around,
and somebody told me
you were staying here.
- Are you signed?
- Nah.
[JEMMA] If you're gonna be independent,
you're gonna need some support.
Oh, wait a minute. I'm in a situation.
[TIERRA] So am I.
[SHAAD] I sent you a heartfelt text.
[TIERRA] I don't have a
text message from you.
[SHAAD] I accidentally
sent this to Deja!
Tracy decided to hire my ex at Rock,
and it's causing a little
bit of havoc in my marriage.
[PAPA] Who this, your little brother?
He's my son.
You are not allowed to date that girl.
You're not old enough for
that kind of responsibility.
[PAPA] He didn't think
we should be together.
Now I see he was right.
Somebody has to protect this family.
- That's what I'm doing!
- I can't tell.
I need you to meet me somewhere.
- [ROB] Ahh!
- [EMMETT] The gun jammed.
[VICTOR] He hasn't woken up yet.
I told you niggas not
to do this shit, bro.
[EMMETT] Somebody had to do something!

- [BAKARI] Oh, shit.
What the fuck are you
doing here, Bakari?
What the fuck you doing here?

[VICTOR] Fuck.
You came here to kill him, didn't you?

If you kill Douda, you become him.
If I take his ass out, then
all our problems go away.
It ain't that easy.

Go home, man.
[JAKE] Let me get a, uh,
six-piece, dark, fried hard
with some fries.
You gonna pay for it?
Man, come on, you
know Emmett don't care.
This is my job.
I can't have my register
coming up short 'cause of you.
Man, I got bills now.
Well, now that you no longer a child,
you must put away childish things.
- [JAKE] Eating for free ain't childish.
Eating for free is
the literal definition
of being childish.
How you got fresh J's on in
here begging for free shit?
Man, whatever, nigga.
Where Jemma at?
I don't know. I ain't her keeper.
She with Bakari's sister, ain't she?
[JAKE] They work together.
Yeah, you sure that's all they doing?
- [JAKE] What you trying to say?
- I'm just asking questions.
Yeah, whatever, nigga.
At least I got a girl.
Man, I don't even want one right now.
I've focused my mission and
turned my life over to God.
Jake, no more free food.
Come on, man! I thought we was family.
[EMMETT] My own mama don't eat for free.
[PAPA] Yeah, and believe
me, she ain't happy about it.
- Papa, Jake, get down!
Everybody, get down!

[JAKE] Shit. You good? All good?
Oh, jeez.


[KIESHA] Boy, get your
ass away from that window.
And sit down!
Who do you think you are, Malcolm X?
I'm trying to protect us.
Emmett, the only way to do that
is to settle your debt with Douda.
How am I supposed to do that, huh?
And don't act like we got this
house the old-fashioned way.
I'd give all this shit back
if it means we can be safe again.
It's too late for that.
I don't want to always
live in fear, Emmett.
And I don't want to deal
with your funky-ass
attitude all the time!
I guess we can't
always get what we want.
You got a problem with my attitude?
Yes, you always mad about something!
I'm out here breaking my
back to get you and these kids
everything we need, even
dealing with street niggas
I don't want to deal with
so I can provide for us!
And I can't even get a smile from you!
Maybe I'd smile more if I wasn't afraid
and stressed all the time!
Ain't that what therapy is for?
Therapy is a process.
It's not a quick fix.

Look, I'm sorry I've
been so hard on you.
I'm sorry I got us into all this.
You're not alone. I
wanted the big house, too.
Look, I love you,
and I don't want to be
with anybody but you.
But, please, stop trying to be Superman.
I don't need that.
I just need a partner I can count on.
You can count on me.
I'm scared.

Me too.

[DOUDA] Emmett has to die.

[NUCK] You sure it was him?
The nigga called me and told
me to make sure I was alone.
Nigga dumber than I thought.
Did you send out those warning
shots that I told you to?
Yeah. I hit Smokey's.
[PERSON] Oh, no.
Nigga, you did what?
You went out there and shot up
my own motherfucking establishment?
- You told me to send a message.
- That could hurt business.
Now we're the chicken
shop that got shot up.
Papa was working last night.
[PERSON] Man, no good, no good.
[ZAY] Relax.
I made sure not to hit nobody.

Nigga, sit your five-dollar
ass down before I make change.

That's not funny. That's my family!
Didn't I tell you
we was your only family?
Sit the fuck down.

Now, anybody
who tries to kill me and fails
needs to die immediately.
[PERSON] That's right.

What about Tiff's nigga?
He ain't got the balls.
[ZAY] He is Q's nephew.
[NUCK] Whoever it was got hit.
[ZAY] Yeah, you got his ass.
Check the hospitals.
Finish the job.

[PERSON] Oh, look at that.

How he know you were coming?
- I called him to set it up.
You a dummy. You know that, right?
I know.
I messed up, all right?
[SIGHS] So what you gonna do now?
You can't hide forever.
I'ma hire security.
Boy, if he want you
dead, security won't help.
What else can I what else can I do?
Nah, you you just gotta convince him
that you're worth more to
him alive than you are dead.
Where you going?
[EMMETT] Smokey's.
Boy, them bullets was meant for you.
I know.
Like you said, I can't hide forever.
I'm going with you.


So we really about to leave
the paramedics at the door?
Do you want that Douda in our business?
Why are we moving him
and without the hospital's permission?
whoever he tried to kill
is probably looking for him right now.
And if we leave him in
the same room too long,
he'll be too easy to find.
As much as I can't stand your ass,
we are in this together.
Well, I hope you're
a woman of your word,
because we don't need
more shit on our plate.

I'm not burying you, Emmett.
You won't have to.
Uh, I promise.
Just how involved in this mess are you?
How involved in this mess are you?
Me and Rob
tried to kill Douda.
Jesus Christ.
Don't worry.
He's got a plan.
What plan?
Just remember what we talked about.
- Why am I out of the loop here?
- Woman, this don't concern
Don't "woman" me. This is not 1953.
What the fuck is going on with my son?
I'm gonna try to reason with him.
Are you insane?
Look, it's it's clear
it's clear I'm I'm not a shooter.
Yeah, and neither is Rob.
- But I got the gift of gab.
- With women, not criminals.
Just trust me. Just trust me.
I got this.
The last time you said that,
you did something stupid.
I know.
Not this time.
Okay? Not this time.
I'm sorry.
- [JADA] Oh, Emmett.
- [EMMETT, CRYING] I'm sorry.
- [EMMETT] I'm sorry.
- [JADA] Baby.
[EMMETT] I'm sorry.
I could have died!
Nobody was trying to kill you, Papa.
But a stray bullet
could have took me out.
Papa's Pulpit would have been a wrap.
Would you have felt guilty at all?
I ain't have nothing
to do with that shit.
Don't you think it's time you
stopped running the streets?
I know it's fucked up.
And I'm trying to change

but it ain't that easy.


[DOUDA] What do you mean
you couldn't find him?
His his name was on the
chart, but he wasn't in there.
You sure it was Rob?
Yeah, I'm I'm sure of it.
And you let him live?
I couldn't be walking
around the hospital
too much longer without
somebody getting suspicious.
I can go look.
No, I need you to keep an eye on Emmett.
I might need to do that one myself.
I thought you said you had to lay low.
Yeah, but it looks like
I'm gonna have to step in
just to make sure that
this shit gets done.
No, we got it.
Apparently the fuck not!
Now take your square-headed
ass back to the hospital
and see if Tiff is walking around there,
because if he's hurt,
I'm sure she'll be by his bedside.

How are things going
with Bakari's sister?
[ZAY] Pretty good.
I know you wanted her to
keep an eye on her brother,
but she said he wouldn't
let her stay with him.
- He don't trust her?
- [ZAY] I think he trusts her.
He probably just didn't want
to overstep with the Jacksons.
[DOUDA] Hmm.
How much you give her?
Thirty racks.
That's gonna have to
last her for a while.
- She knows.
- And you know what?
Remind her that I'm not paying her
to play that silly-ass music of hers.
I'm paying her to spy on her brother.
- She knows that, too.
- Nigga, tell her, again!
Less time with Jemma,
more time with Bakari.
I'm on it.

I don't know why I'm here right now,
but I'ma let you know
when I make it home.
Love you, too.
[EMMETT] Thanks for setting this up.
Of course.
I need to talk to you.
What you need is a bulletproof vest.
Look, I know you hate him, too.
He's still my boss.
Well, ain't you tired
of being under his thumb?
You took your shot.
And you missed!
Now he looking for you.
And when he finds you, he
ain't gonna want to talk.
- I need your help.
- No!
I fed you when you ain't
have nothing to eat.

Me, Shaad, Victor, Papa
actually give a shit about you.

If he take me out, who's to say
he won't do the same shit to you?

Who in his crew wants him
gone just as much as I do?

[BRITNEY] I need some more money.
[ZAY] What happened to
the money I gave you?
- I spent it already.
- On what?
I had to get a place, new
furniture, new clothes.
I'm paying for my own studio time,
and I gave ten racks to
my manager as an advance.
I ain't never heard of no
manager getting an advance.
Well, she was low on cash
and needed a soft place to land.
Mm, I'm sure.
Can you help me or not?
I'll talk to Douda.
But he'll need you to
get him some info first.
I got you.

Keep your brother close.
I'm on it.

I can't do this shit no more.
Man, what else you gonna do, huh?
I don't know.
Man, just keep your head
down and do the work.
You'll be a'ight.

You don't want more for yourself?

I used to.
And what happened?
Everybody dreams can't come true.


[PERSON 2] That's fly.
You got to get that.
That's some new shit I'm working on.
I like it.
This all you?
I make everything by hand.
- Impressive.
You see anything you like, let me know.

Man, I really like what
you got going on up in here.
Yeah, getting this place was a blessing.
It's starting to feel
like a real business now.
You can't be a one-man band forever.
I ain't making enough to pay niggas.
[ZAY] Hmm.
Hire some help.

- The fuck is this for?
- Think of it as an investment.
We good?
let me get that hoodie
and a few T-shirts.
Chi Seeds.
Yeah, like, they tried to bury us
but didn't know we were seeds.
I like that.
Good looking on the investment.
Pleasure doing business with you.

When you start smoking again?
- [VICTOR] I'm stressed.
the fuck is going on?
Relax, I didn't kill nobody.
But you wanted to.
Look, I just needed to take a walk.
Is that okay with you?
With your gun?
Look, I came to my senses in the end.
- You know what
- Please.
"Please"? Let me tell you something.
I can't be in a
relationship with somebody
that's gonna turn into a
killer at any given moment.
Once a killer, always a killer.


[TRACY] I still can't
believe Shaad cheated on you.
[DEJA] Mm, me either.
Girl, I didn't mean to
dump all this on you.
I just I've been going
through a lot right now.
No, it's okay.
And with Tierra
of all people?
Wow. Hmm.
I mean, for the first
time, I lower my standards,
and then this is the thanks I get.
Girl, the list of women
who have cleaned up a man
only for the next woman
to reap the benefits
- is long and sad.
- Oh.
- These men ain't shit.
Why you think I'm on a single journey?
- Oh, is that what I need to do?
- Girl, yes.
Join me.
Being in a relationship is so overrated.
Is it?
- When's the last time you
- Mm.
watched Waiting to Exhale
[DEJA] Mm.
drank a whole bottle
of wine by yourself
[DEJA] Mm.
lit some candles,
masturbated a little bit
and went to sleep with
that smile on your face?
Oh, damn.
I mean, I can't remember.
- Exactly!
- Come on over to the single pool, girl.
- [DEJA] Mm.
- The water is warm
- [DEJA] Mm.
and you ain't gotta
worry about your house
smelling like weed all the time.
- Mm. Or cigars.
- [GASPS] Ooh!
You right.
- You are absolutely right.
- Girl, look.
Tragedy has been
taking the last of me ♪
Tragedy, now it's nobody passing me ♪

What you think?
This beat hard.
I was talking to Jemma.
My bad.
It's good.
It's just missing something.
- Can I get in there?
- This ain't a duet.
Maisha, let's just see.
Yo, I've been focused
on the mission, uh-huh ♪
Can't be moving reckless
when you different, uh-huh ♪
Making right on my
decisions, uh-huh ♪
Throw me any cards in life,
and I'ma get it, uh-huh ♪
Queen, shaking the city
like Set It Off ♪
I'm trying to forget
how much it costs ♪
I'm trying to tell
them I'm taking off ♪
Like, unh, please ♪
Can't tell me that
hate wasn't fake at all ♪
Tell me you ain't get it later on ♪
[MAISHA] Okay, I'm not mad at it.
I'm not mad at it.
Y'all should work together more often.
- [MAISHA] Cool. Uh
y'all trying to get something to eat?
Uh, I'm probably gonna call it a night.
Yeah, uh, me too.
But next time, I'm treating.
- Okay, I'ma remember that.
- [JEMMA] Okay.
Can you play it again?
This goes.
I'm glad y'all came together.
Yeah, I like Maisha.
But I get her feeling some type of way.
Look, I am invested in the both of you.
Yeah, but when I gave you that money,
you had more incentive to focus on me.
I wouldn't be doing any of
this if it wasn't for Maisha.
That's real.
I'm just glad our paths finally crossed.
Me too.
I just got a big bag,
I'm about to run it up ♪
We standing on the top,
the rest is under us ♪
You got it, you mess with one of us ♪
And there's a ton
of us, all of us ♪
Okay, wow.
[SIGHS] Okay.

[EMMETT] Came here to finish the job?
[ZAY] This was the job.
You could have killed somebody.
I was careful.

What's the endgame for you, man?
What's it to you?
I'm just curious.
[ZAY] I got big plans.
Don't we all?
I'm not afraid to do whatever
it takes to get there.
Even if it means killing
the man in charge?
I still got some growing to do.
Yeah, I can see that.
I don't need to be tall to be the boss.
As long as Douda is alive
you'll never be the boss.
Who gonna kill him, you?
Whoever kills him is
gonna take his spot.
And I have no desire
to be the next Douda.
But I know you do.
'cause you couldn't get the job done,
you're trying to get me to do it.
I just want you to tell Douda,
without me,
a big part of his operation
would crumble and fall.
Anybody can run this place.
[SCOFFS] That's where you wrong.
This place needs me out in the front
shaking hands with the community,
keeping the customers happy.
Who in his crew gonna do that?
Y'all ain't front-of-the-house niggas.
Y'all street niggas.
I could kill you right now.
You could.
But you can't do shit
without Douda's approval.
I'm sure he'd be cool with me
making an executive decision.
Were you there the night
somebody tried to kill him?
I ain't have nothing to do with that.
That was all you.
Yeah, but where were you?
Who was you talking to?
What was you doing?
It don't matter what I say.
He wants you dead.
Tell him I won't be hard to find.
You got a death wish?
Just tired of running.

What the fuck, Emmett?
I told you to talk some sense into him,
not join his ass.
Did he wake up?
Not yet.
Then why is he here
and not in the hospital?
Because his mom freaked out.
She told the doctor she
needed to bring him home
for religious reasons.
He could die, Tiff.
You think I don't know that?
Do y'all have everything he needs here?
Yeah, she got money.
So she got all the
machines he needs to breathe
in our room.
Can I see him?
Yeah, he in the back.
Girl, I can't believe these
niggas tried to kill somebody.
I can't believe they missed.
I can!
These niggas ain't built for this.
Why don't they think before they act?
Emmett thinks he's
protecting our family.
He's just putting us in more danger.
[TIFF] I don't know. I just
All I want is for Rob to be okay.
Rob's mom on some bullshit.
Didn't I tell you no more visitors?
They're our friends.
No, we can go.
And who are you?
I'm Kiesha.
And how do you all know each other?
It's a long story.
Well, I got time.
Kiesha and Emmett used to
date, but then they broke up,
and then me and Emmett
got back together,
and then we broke up,
and now they're back together.
And because Emmett and I have a child,
we decided to work things out
so that all of our kids
can grow up together.
How many kids are there?
Between all of us, or
I have a son, they have a son,
and he has two other children.
[TIFFANY] With two different women.
[WHISPERING] She ain't
need to know all that shit.
What is this, some Black
ghetto Brady Bunch shit?
We're just trying to be
mature about the situation.
Back in my day, this is
not how we did things.
What happened to good
old-fashioned family values
and the sanctity of marriage?
[ROB] It wasn't that
sanctified to begin with.

It's good to see you on your feet.
- [ROB] Yeah.
- [TIFF] How do you feel?
Like I got shot.
Yeah, you did.
- Hey, did we get him?
- No.
I am so glad that you're awake,
but get your ass back in that bed.
Come on, baby, I'll help you.
I got it.
He's my son.
I'm good.

And you're lucky he's not dead.
Well, he would be if
Emmett didn't get him
to the hospital in time.

So you mean to tell me
that you had this nigga,
but you didn't bring him to me?
If we kill him,
who gonna be our
front-of-the-house nigga?
Nigga, what?
I'm just saying,
he might be good for business.
He got in your head, didn't he?
So why are you sitting across from me,
trying to convince me
to spare him his life?
Because you told me to be smart.
And you telling me to let Emmett live
is the smart thing to do?
For now.
Did you and Emmett set me up?
Are you crazy?
Yes, but you still didn't answer
my motherfucking question.
No, I ain't try to set you up.
- So where were you?
- I was taking a meeting.
With who?

So we're keeping secrets now, huh?

is he?
He said he wouldn't be hard to find.

all right.

Who are you?
I'm Bianca, friend of Alicia's.

Come on.

[TIFF] I'll go get her.

- She said she'll be right out.
- [SIGHS] Oh.
Did you want some water or something?
No, no, I'm okay.


You smoke?

Whose weed is this?
I grew it myself.
- Yeah, you fucking with it?
- I am.

How do you know Rob's mom?
Oh, she invested in my cigar lounge
when nobody else would.
You run the place behind the barbershop?
You know about it?
[SCOFFS] I know some
guys that hang out there.
Yeah, I want my place to be a spot
where folks can enjoy
an expensive cigar.
But I also want it to be a
place where they can relax,
get high responsibly.
I like that.
Maybe I can get you
some product placement
at the lounge, help you
expand your clientele.
Hmm. I like that.
Let's, uh, exchange info
and keep talking.
[ALICIA] Bianca.
It's good to see you.
Good to see you, too. How's your son?
He's doing okay.
Tiff, I need the room.
But I was here first.
Give me the fucking room.

Oh, those are beautiful!
I am sorry about that.
That's my son's little girlfriend.
[LAUGHS] I like her.
It's time.
For what?
For me to cash in that favor.
close are you and Douda?
We've gotten closer
since I've been back.
So he trusts you.
That is good to know.

[NINA] Are you and
Emmett safe in that house?
Please don't worry.
How could I not worry?
We're taking every precaution.
I can barely sleep after
Smokey's got shot up.
No one got hurt.
This time no one got hurt this time.
Emmett is figuring it out.
Why do you always do that?
- Do what?
- Hope for the worst.
I'm older and wiser than you are.
Just because you're older
doesn't mean you're wiser.
I know more than you.
Then why are you and
Dre having problems?
Every couple has their problems.

She still hanging with her ex?

I asked Dre if she was
still in love with her.
And she said yes.
So I let her go.

I know.

Don't worry. It's gonna be okay.
I should be saying
that to you. [CHUCKLES]
Sometimes you need to
hear it from me, too.

You said you wanted to
talk. Everything okay?
kissed a girl
and I liked it.
Is that all?
Does this make me a lesbian now?
Of course not.
You're exploring.
Yeah, I explored a lot
when I was your age.
It's the best way to know what
you like and what you don't.
- Does everybody explore?
- Most people don't.
They assume they're straight
and suppress any feelings they have
that aren't I don't know
that don't fit with who society
tells them they should be.
So it's good that I'm exploring?
Yes, but if you're in a relationship,
you might not want to
do too much exploring
behind your partner's back.
You think I should tell Jake.
Oh, that's up to you, love.
Can you just tell me what to do, please?
[CHUCKLES] Do what feels right.
Well, I think I should
tell him the truth.
Come here.
Don't attach shame to any of this.
Who you are and what you want
is the journey.
Show yourself some grace.
You took money from Douda?
No, one of his guys.
Then it's still him!
Look, I can finally expand my business.
I thought you'd be happy for me.
Happy for you?
Bro, I'm scared for you.
I know how to play the game.
That's what everybody
thinks until they lose.
I ain't gonna lose.
I got this.
Look, man, we having a men's
circle at the house tonight.
You should come.

- What?
- I'll see.
You know, I got a lot of orders to fill.
What you mean?
Your mental health is
more important than money.
[SIGHS] Whatever, man.

Dump truck, keep them stuck ♪
That's the way you like it ♪
Pretty face, thin waist
add it to my tasting ♪
Hottie with a body ♪
We want a hottie with a body ♪
36, 26, ass 38 ♪
Ike Turner on your nigga,
tell him eat the cake ♪
And if your old lady
call, then tell her ♪
We all agreed to go home,
and then later that
night, I'm on Instagram,
and I see these two shady bitches
eating sandwiches without me.
Maybe it was spur of the moment.
No, it wasn't no spur of the moment!
I specifically said,
"Do y'all want to go
get something to eat?"
Are you over the whole music thing?
- I'm exhausted by it.
- That don't mean you done.
It just means it's taking a while
for your dreams to come true.
Well, I'm tired of being patient,
especially while Jemma sit
all up under Britney ass.
What's your definition of success?
If you could see
yourself being successful,
what would that look like?
I don't know.
Where there is no
vision, the people perish.
I want to make enough money
to take care of my mom and my siblings.
I want a high-rise apartment
overlooking the city.
And I want a family, too.
I don't want to just work.
I want to enjoy my life.
That sounds beautiful.
what does success look like to you?
I want my own church and
make sure my mom good.
I also want Papa's Pulpit
to have a bigger platform
so I can reach more souls.
I want to start a
foundation in my dad's name.
And I want a family, too.
I just
gotta find the right first lady.
- Ooh, um
I gotta call Kev. I, um,
missed his call earlier.
Yeah, um, tell him I said what's up.

The other night
my best friend came to me in a dream.

He didn't feel like a guardian angel.
He felt like my friend
speaking to me
from other side.
I wanted him to stay longer, but

he couldn't.

Before I woke up

he said
he said this wasn't the
life he wanted for me.


- What do you want to do?
- I want to change my life.
We can help you.
But you can't always protect me.

I want to tell my story.

- Then do it.
- How?
Ain't no road map to this shit.
You just gotta put one
foot in front of the other.
It's not gonna be easy,
but it's not impossible.


I need to talk to Douda.
I don't know if that's smart, bro.
I don't know what he'd do
if he see you right now.
I'm not scared no more.
Emmett, are you thinking clearly, bro?
I'm not scared no more. Fuck that.
- Emmett!

[EMMETT] Heard you were looking for me.
I hope you picked out
a suit for your funeral.
Not yet.
Any last words?
- What you gonna do without me?
Same thing I always do.
Make money
fuck bitches
and run this fucking city.
I'm an important part of your ecosystem.
You can be replaced.
I can't.
you think very highly of yourself.
If you let me live, I'll
find out where Zay was
the night somebody
tried to take your life.
Nigga, you tried to take my life.
You think I did it alone?
I know Rob got shot.
Do you have proof of that?
No, not yet.
Look, a lot of people want you dead
even some of the people you run with.
Give me one reason
why I shouldn't shoot you dead
right now.
If you don't kill me
I'll owe you one.
No favor is big enough
for me to let you live.
My life is worth a whole
lot, and I promise you
I'll do whatever it takes to stay alive.
Okay. Okay.
A life
for a life.
What you mean?
Make her disappear
and I'll let you live.

You would trade your whole life ♪
For them stones around your neck? ♪
Stupid, I'ma try you, you
know Savage gonna check ♪
I ain't goin' back and
forth with that nigga ♪
I don't do threats ♪
That's that, I'ma pull
up and just drrrat! ♪
Told Mama she ain't
gotta pray for me ♪
I'm prayed up ♪
I ain't runnin' no nigga fade ♪
This Glock fuck a nigga fade up ♪
I don't need eat
beef, how we beefin' ♪
Shit made up ♪
So many choppers in the crib ♪
I'm surprised they
ain't try to raid us ♪
AK bigger than the bitch ♪
I be callin' her Big Back ♪
Boukie, you ain't got shit to do ♪
Bro, put the switch
on the knickknack ♪
I don't really do the chitchat ♪
Let 'em talk till they lips chapped ♪
Blue tips with the red grip ♪
Got the F in there,
lookin' mismatched ♪
Fuck niggas that say
anything just to get a buzz ♪
Before this rap shit ♪
I ain't even know who niggas was ♪
Niggas know I been G
since the jitterbug ♪
Leave a bitch nigga on the
ground, I'm a litterbug ♪
Ha, .45 got a drum in it ♪
One shell go through his
back, come out his chest ♪
Take a lung with it ♪
These niggas ain't catchin' Bs ♪
The vlogs said they run with it ♪
Snitchin' ass, fuck the streets ♪
Nah, there ain't no fun
in it, I'm done with it ♪
Ha, for real, Brodie, I ain't lyin' ♪
I'm just trying to push peace ♪
And I got money ringin'
on the main line ♪
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