The Cleaning Lady (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

The Icebox

1 Previously on The Cleaning Lady We're gonna need a little more time to get our funds together to purchase this hotel.
How much more time do you need? - Do you recognize that guy? - No.
I'm being raided by Feds.
You have to get my laptop out of Lexi's room.
Trust me, you do not want the FBI to know what's in my laptop.
FBI! You pull this off for Hayak, he won't be able to say no to making you an equal partner in the hotel.
He's been thinking about his legacy, how I'm a big reason his business is so successful.
Lying to a federal agent is a felony.
I could deport you for that.
I clean for Mr.
I want you to be my eyes and ears inside Arman's organization.
Last bus of the night, ladies! Come on, you know what time it is.
It's time to have a little fun! Shha! I come home in the mornin' light My mother says "When you gonna live your life right?" Oh, Mama dear, we're not the fortunate ones And girls, they wanna have fun Oh, girls just wanna have fun The phone rings in the middle of the night My father yells "What you gonna do with your life?" Oh, Daddy dear, you know you're still number one But girls, they wanna have fun Oh, girls just wanna have That's all they really want Some fun When the workin' day is done Oh, girls, they wanna have fun Oh, girls just wanna have Ah, to Luca's recovery and to his Super Mama who made it happen.
To Thony! To all of us Super Mamas! Ooh! What is this? Oh, no, Fi, don't do that! Don't touch th That's all they really want Some fun When the working day is done, oh, girls All right.
Go, go, go! It's us.
It's it's a raid.
It's a raid! Run! - Don't move! - Stay right there.
Wanna have fun, girls Stay where you are.
Put your hands up! Hands up! Wait! All right, now calm down.
- Don't move.
- What? Girls just wanna have fun They just wanna, they just wanna All right.
Let's go.
Hands behind your back.
Let's go! This way! I want a line straight back.
All right.
Step right up here.
Arms up! Once you've been searched, your zip-ties will be removed.
All belongings must go into the paper bags.
All shoelaces must be removed.
Come on, we don't have all day.
Let's go.
Walk in an orderly fashion.
Empty your pockets.
Everything in there.
Go ahead and take it out.
Everything must come out of your pockets.
All belongings must go into the paper bags.
No belts, shoelaces.
Everybody stay in a single wire line.
I've got five headed over to the icebox.
We broke a record.
Over a hundred illegals overnight.
I can't believe this is happening.
We're gonna get through this, Fi.
Ma'am, excuse me.
We need to check on our kids.
- Get in.
- Do we have a call? All right, we got five more coming down your way! Jaz will be worried.
I-I promised I'd take her to her basketball game.
I should be picking my kids up from the sitter.
I'm never late.
Let's just sit for now.
Okay? Let's go there.
It's freezing in here.
She called it an icebox for a reason.
Let me see your hand.
Is it broken? And dislocated.
Sir? Excuse me.
We need help.
My friend has a broken finger.
Olea! Step away.
We said her finger's broken! They they don't give a crap.
- I think I'm gonna puke.
- Okay.
Just breathe through it, okay? Stay with her.
I'll get some supplies.
You know, one time, I fell off a ladder and dislocated my shoulder, and Thony did her thing and fixed it like nothing happened.
We're gonna be okay.
Okay? I'm gonna pop your finger back in place.
Just bite down on this.
Um, Gabby, remember that time we worked at the Chippendales? Better? Thank you.
Chris! Hey! Mom and Auntie T aren't home.
Come on.
Get out! Auntie T said she'd be back to take care of Luca.
And Mom promised she'd take me to my playoffs.
And you believed her? She's probably out partying again.
Something's not right.
Their phones are off.
Both of them.
- Seriously? - The eggs are frozen.
It's disgusting.
Hey! Gabby, we'll get through this together, okay? Hi.
- Esther.
- Okay.
Hi, Esther.
How far along are you? Thirty-nine weeks.
I was on my way to the clinic when I got pulled over.
- Where does it hurt? - My back.
I'm a doctor.
Do you mind if I examine you? Uh-huh.
Are your legs tingling, like pins and needles? Mm-hmm.
She needs an external cephalic version.
A what? Excuse me! Can somebody help us? - Can't you help her? - Not without a sonogram.
The umbilical cord could be wrapped around the baby's neck.
- Help! Help! - LV3-165! What? I said LV3-165.
Look at your damn wristbands! 3-162.
Yeah, it's me.
I'm right here.
Come with me.
N-no, wait.
You can't just take her.
Ma'am, that pregnant woman here needs help.
You need to call an ambulance.
The medic already checked her.
Can do this the easy way or the hard way.
- No, no.
- Fi.
Where are you taking me? Stand back.
What what's going on, huh? It's okay.
I'm gonna be okay.
Mahal kita, beshie! Mahal kita, sis.
What are you gonna do with me? Huh? Why am I here? Ahh! How can you treat us like this? I don't make the rules.
Just my job to follow orders.
Until you decide it isn't.
How you doing, Thony? You okay? How You did this? No, Thony.
You did.
I need to know what you were doing in that hotel room and how Councilman Knight ended up dead.
He's dead? How? Well, my best guess, the prison hit was ordered by your buddy Arman.
No one's saying it's your fault.
- You made me record him.
- Maybe.
But I didn't send you into that hotel room.
So who did? Why? Come on, Thony.
Don't strain yourself with more lies.
Just tell me the truth, and I can get you out of here.
I was asked to get a laptop from his hotel room, that's all.
Well, that is obstruction of justice.
So forget deportation.
I mean, that could be jail time.
But maybe I can help you out if you can tell me what you know about Knight's murder.
Nothing! And you can't hold us hostage like this.
Actually, I can.
Okay, fine.
But you let Fiona and Gabby go.
They have nothing to do with this.
That's right, they don't, which is why you'll go back to work and get Arman talking while you're wearing this.
It's not as nice as your Buddha, but it picks up the faintest whisper.
I can't.
If you want your friends out, I think you can.
But not until that pregnant woman in there goes to a hospital, or she and her baby could die.
Fine, I'll make sure she's taken out of here.
But your sister-in-law won't be so lucky if you don't go back to Arman and do what you promised to do.
Understood? Those were the best, am I right, huh? You sure her friends are gonna be okay in here? Come on, brother.
This is my watch.
I'm the police, judge, and enforcer here.
I decide who goes where, when, and how.
I know, I'm just making sure they're not getting deported.
It's just a tactic, okay? Yeah, sure.
You got it.
I got you.
Hey, beers on me next time, Davis.
I need to go check on the kids.
My friends.
If success was measured by the distance traveled, we are far from home today.
Cheers! Cheers.
Thank you for closing this deal and for helping me build the Barsamian legacy.
- Cheers.
- Cheers, Hayak.
After so many years, you two finally did it.
- Felicidades.
- Thanks.
We're so proud of you, Dad.
And thank you, Arman.
And thank you, Hayak, for your generosity, really.
Isabel and I are so excited to partner with you in this hotel.
- Daddy, didn't you - No.
You know, you and Nadia have done wonders with this club.
This is where I need you.
Hayak, we talked about running this hotel together.
No, you talked about it.
I've made my decision.
The hotel and casino are going to Isabel and Ben as a wedding present.
Now, let's not spoil the celebration.
I deadbolted the doors.
If anyone knocks, we use a red card in case it's ICE.
We should call Miss Kopetka.
She's the first one in our emergency contacts.
Our neighbor who looks like a witch? She died like, years ago.
Oh, yeah.
Look, you're wiggin' out over nothing.
Chris, what if they're really missing? How are we gonna go to school and take care of Luca and pay the bills? Just chill, all right? You know this isn't normal.
I'll call the immigration lawyer, okay? - Chris? - Auntie T! - Told you.
- Jaz! Auntie T! Mommy.
Where's Mom? Is she okay? - She's okay, right? - Yeah.
I am sorry.
There was a raid, and they took us both.
ICE still has her.
I'm so sorry.
- Where is she? - I'm so sorry.
I need to see her! Come here, come here, come here, come here.
- I'm so sorry - So is she gone? No.
No, no, no, no.
And I'm gonna do everything I can to get her back.
Just have to stay strong and work together.
Hey, baby.
Mommy, what's wrong? Oh, I am just sad because I have a second shift, and I can't come in and snuggle with you.
How are you feeling anyway? - Like a T.
rex! Rawr! - Like a T.
rex? Wow.
That's strong! You know what that means? It means your new stem cells are working! - Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
Mommy has to go, but you listen to Chris and to Jaz, okay? - Okay, Mom.
- Come here.
Mak srolanh kon.
Mahal kita, Mommy.
Yeah, I love you.
No, you didn't ask Hayak when I told you to! Honey, it wouldn't have made a difference.
All right, he's already made up his mind.
This place is still important.
This where we close deals.
- We forge relationships - As the help.
At least now we know where we stand.
- Isabel.
- Hey.
What are you doing? We thought you had left.
Well, since I was already here, I thought I'd just take a look at the books.
Who's your accountant? We take care of our own accounting.
Yeah, I'm afraid it shows.
I mean, the sales somehow exceed the inventory.
It's hard to spot unless you know where to look, but I mean, from an IRS standpoint, it might look like you're cooking the books.
Isabel, we We sell Cuban cigars here.
Yeah, that'll change.
I mean, you could get arrested or shut down for selling contraband cigars.
And even taking that into account, I mean, - it still doesn't add up.
- Huh.
I'm sorry, I-I should've asked you first.
I was just excited to get going here.
No, we'll schedule something.
We'll look over everything.
We'll figure this out, all right? Right now, I'm gonna walk you out.
We can do this another time.
Don't worry, I'll get it.
Are you okay? I work so hard to make sure everything is in place, and then people come in and they and they just mess it all up.
I can relate.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I did this.
It's my fault.
You can leave it.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I was just kidding.
That's my job.
I can see how hard your work is.
Managing this place doesn't look easy.
Who knows if I'll have a job once Hayak's little princess takes over.
Oh, you mean the lounge? Everything.
- Drinking alone? - Not anymore.
Come on.
Come on, it's just one drink.
Come on, sit down.
I couldn't help but overhear there There might be some changes around here? - We'll see.
- I take it Isabel doesn't know all the ways Hayak makes money.
You got that right; she's got no idea what actually goes on here, and it's becoming very clear that I don't have a future here.
So I'm sorry.
What am I doing? I'm-I'm complaining about my problems when you're you're fighting for your kid's life every single day.
Everyone has problems.
How is Luca? How is he doing? Good.
The bone marrow worked.
We're just hoping that his improved immunity will strengthen his liver so he won't need the transplant.
I-I guess what I'm asking is how is he feeling? Is he is he sad? Or, like, is Is he aware of it all? No.
He's never known anything else.
This morning, he was playing with his dinosaurs.
Just like any other day.
That's kids.
It's not kids.
That's Luca.
Just after everything he's been through, he's an amazing boy, isn't he? I think so.
And thanks to you, he's still alive.
I'm just glad I got to do something good for once.
Okay, all right.
Come on.
Come on.
You don't you don't usually just sit and talk.
Tell me why you're really here.
What are you doing? Uh I have to tell you something.
I should've told you sooner, but I was just very scared.
The FBI is onto you.
I made a big mistake.
I went to Theo's funeral, and they followed me home.
They've been pressuring me for information about you, but I haven't told them anything.
But because of that, they took Fiona, and now they'll deport her if I don't give them something.
I have to get her back, but I don't wanna hurt you.
They think you killed Theo and Councilman Knight, and they're not gonna stop until they get answers.
How could you have done that? I trusted you.
We can work together, just give them something, anything to get them off our backs Get out of here! Get out! All right, all right.
All right.
Just just give me the recording and we'll call it a day.
There isn't one! He knew I was asking too many questions.
But you came close? What'd he say? Nothing.
So please, just let Fiona and Gabby go now! Look, Thony, you and I, we're the only ones that can stop Arman and the rest of them from hurting someone else.
And who's stopping you from hurting me and my family? Huh? You think that guard will tell us where they took Thony? They're not gonna tell us jack.
They won't even give us a call.
God, I hope my kids are okay.
Yeah I mean, this this isn't helping.
Close your eyes.
If I close my eyes, I'll fall asleep and wake up in Tijuana.
Come on.
Just do it.
- It's a breezy summer day.
- What? It's called "take me somewhere else.
" It's a game I used to play with the kids to get them to sleep.
Okay? Just focus.
Where do you wanna go, huh? Pick a place.
Uh Italy.
I've always wanted to go there.
It's a breezy summer day in Italy and we're wearing cute summer dresses as we walk down a cobblestone street.
We step out on a busy On a little seaport, busy with locals.
We fill our baskets with fresh fruit when Two sexy fishermen stroll up to us and say, "Bellissimas!" They're tall and dark and buff - Mm-hmm.
- From working out at sea.
They grab our hands and take us away and we don't have a clue what they're saying - Does it matter? - No.
But I know they're gonna take real good care of us Oh, yeah, they will.
Everyone, sit down! Wait to be called! Hey, what's going on? Line up by the gate as I call your number.
The deportation buses are here.
You know we pay people to do that now, right? If you want things done right, you've got to do it yourself.
Is that what you told Isabel? She's going through our books.
She's counting every single decimal point.
She's seeing things she shouldn't be seeing.
- Uh-huh.
- Or is that what you want? The more she knows, the harder it's gonna be to keep her clean.
I mean, I I thought you didn't want her to have anything to do with crime.
I've made my decision, Arman.
Did you tell her we launder money at the club? That we're planning on doing the same thing at the hotel and casino? Let it go, Arman.
Hayak, just give her another business and partner with me on this.
I have plenty of money saved for part of the down payment.
What money are you talking about? The money I gave you? The money I earned! Oh, this is how you see it? If it wasn't for me, you would be sweating under the hot sun like your father.
I gave you your life, your house, your cars, your money, your women.
I gave you everything, Arman, but it's seems it's never enough for you.
What else do you want from me? Huh? Hayak, I didn't mean to offend you.
I-I simply came to warn you.
Isabel is gonna come to you with a lot of questions.
It's not gonna be long before she actually finds out how you make money.
Maybe you should do a better job at hiding it.
Okay, I will.
Get in.
Close the door.
Sit down.
What'd you tell the Feds? - Nothing! - Tell them about Theo? Tarik would be in jail if I did! What did you tell them about me? I never said anything because you're the only one who helped me with my son.
Hayak runs guns from his shipping company.
Now, I've done some terrible things to help him build his empire.
Things I never thought I'd do.
That's all about to change now.
This is Councilman Knight's laptop.
The one you took from the hotel room.
I've scrubbed most of it, but what's left there should be enough to get Fiona back.
All right, look at me.
Look at me.
I'm going to work with you, but I get to decide what you give the FBI.
Do you understood me? I'm not going down.
Knight's laptop, where is it now? I dug it out of the dumpster behind the club.
But you're not getting it until you release them today.
But that's not gonna happen.
Okay? You get me Knight's laptop, then they go free.
Don't you think you've caused enough harm already? I'm not the bad guy here.
You sure about that? Fine, you can see them.
They're not walking out until I can verify that laptop hasn't been wiped clean.
If I'm sent away, I'm not sure where Chris and Jaz would go.
Maybe Jaz's dad, if he'd even take them.
My sister lives in Texas, but I don't know how I'd get them there.
If I get out, I'll help your kids get to your sister.
And I'll do the same for your kids.
Hey, come here.
Are we being released? Okay, this way.
Come on, hurry up.
You'll be next.
Kuya! That's right.
It's you and me today, buddy.
You know what time it is? It's time to rawr! - Oh, I hate that.
- Come on.
You want to be big and strong like me, right? Yeah? That's what I thought.
All right, bud.
You spilled again! Hey.
Boop, boop! Hello? This is a collect call from the Clark County Immigration Detention Facility.
Will you accept the charges? Yes! Jaz! It's Mom! - Mom? - Put her on speaker.
Mom, are you okay? I'm better now.
I left some money under my mattress, okay? The rent is due on the 5th, and all the bills are all online.
Jaz, call your dad and tell him what's going on.
Chris, call that immigration attorney, please.
We did, but he said he couldn't do anything.
What? But he took my money! It's okay, Ma, we'll figure it out.
I love you.
I'm so sorry.
I-I didn't want this, okay? I love you both.
No matter what happens, always remember that.
We love you, too, Mom.
We'll we'll get you out, okay? Auntie T is doing everything she can to help.
Wait wait.
Thony's out? - Put her on.
Put her - LV-162! Okay.
They're coming.
Just tell Thony She's not here right now, but she's Mom.
I have a name! And I don't care what it is.
It's time to go.
- Now move it! - Am I being released? My sister-in-law who came with me, she's out.
Hmm? - Just just tell me! - Let's go.
All right, go ahead.
You hang tight while I get them.
- Are you leaving me here? - You can't come in here.
Well, hurry, then.
Hey, where's Davis? Yeah, can you hold on one sec? He went home sick, so I'm covering.
I'm here for Fiona De La Rosa and Gabby Martinez.
Do you know where they are? I'm sorry, who? Davis, I'm at your office, call me back.
- They can't find them.
- What? They don't know them by their names.
Excuse me.
We're looking for LV-3160 and LV-3162.
They were moved for deportation.
You did this.
You fix it now.
You did what? It's not my fault.
Davis said he had everything under control.
Your buddy Davis was too dumb to be FBI and too much of an ass to be a cop.
What were you thinking? Yeah, I screwed up, but it worked.
Thony has Knight's laptop.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
She's in the conference room now, but she's not handing it over, not until I find her sister-in-law.
Look, I'll call my contact at Homeland Security, but I'm not lifting a finger until that laptop is in my hands.
And if you pull something like this again, I'm gonna have to report you, understood? Yeah.
All detainees, stand by! Give your number to the correctional officers before boarding your designated bus.
In formation.
Move it! This is it, Fi.
We're being deported.
Hold up.
- You're in the wrong line.
- No.
- This line is for Mexico.
- No, no.
- Yeah.
- No! We're together! - No.
Come on.
- No! Gabby! I'll see you in Italy, huh? Look, I'm sorry.
- I know there's nothing I can say - No, there isn't.
It's salvageable.
Did you find Fiona and Gabby? I made a few calls.
The good news is they found one of your girls.
- Which one? - I don't know.
But the other one was deported.
- Hey! - What did Hayak say to you? Look, honey, this is gonna take some time.
You're gonna have to trust me on this.
So you did nothing? Hmm? Why don't you go kiss Hayak's ring a few more times? Maybe you'll finally become a real boy.
What's your problem? I've got a plan here.
Oh, you have a plan? You, always with some brilliant plan that puts Hayak before us.
I'm leaving.
You see anything? No, I can't see a thing.
There! Is that it? Bingo.
Go faster, faster! I don't see her.
Stop it.
Stop the bus! Come on, do something! What do you want me to do? Just stop it! Just just stop it! Okay.
Hold on.
Open it.
Open the door! Fiona De La Rosa.
Come with me.
You're okay.
You're okay.

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