The Cleaning Lady (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Mother's Mission

1 Previously on The Cleaning Lady It's a raid! Run! - Hands up! - Fi? - Right here, right here.
- Put your hands up! - You did this? - I need to know what you were doing in that hotel room and how Councilman Knight ended up dead.
If you think you're so much smarter than me, then get the hell out of my house.
The FBI is onto you.
They took Fiona, and now they'll deport her if I don't give them something.
We're being deported.
I've scrubbed most of it.
But what's left on there should be enough to get Fiona back.
I simply came to warn you, Isabel's gonna come to you with a lot of questions.
It's not gonna be long before she actually finds out how you make money.
Maybe you should do a better job with hiding it.
The Devil walked in this morning With a contract in her hand She wore a dress that flowed like water And held an hourglass filled with sand Now, she said to me, "One of these days You're gonna be an old" Mmm, I love the smell of an FBI raid in the morning.
Smells like victory.
Great movie.
Maybe Coppola's best.
I'm more of a Godfather guy, myself.
Cut it.
Get up.
Do not pass Go.
Do not collect $200.
You're being arrested for solicitation and bribery.
I haven't taken a bribe in my life.
Save the lies for your wife.
Take him.
You all done here? For now.
Get the hell out of my club.
Just say something.
Fi, please, just talk to me.
I don't like it to be like this between us.
Oh, so now you want to talk, huh? But you didn't think of talking to me when you started working for the Mob or talking to the FBI? Because I wanted to protect you and the kids.
I wanted to keep you out of it.
How do you think not telling me protected us? Huh? I mean, we were nearly deported.
And Gabby did get deported, because of you.
I mean, she's separated from her kids, who have no idea when or if they're ever gonna see their mother again.
I'm sorry.
Don't you get it? Sorry doesn't cut it.
May maybe I can get the FBI to do something.
I mean, do Do you even hear yourself right now? I-I-I don't even know you anymore.
I'm the same person I always was.
Yeah, someone who always thinks she knows better than everyone else.
I wanted to tell you what was happening Yeah, but you didn't! You didn't talk it through with me to see if there was another way out of this.
It's like you didn't care what I felt or what I say.
It's it's like I don't matter.
I'm used to feeling that way when I leave the house, but here? Fi Fi, that's not true.
Oh, just stop it.
You think I-I can't do this right now.
I can't.
It's business as usual here.
It's under control.
The Feds won't come back.
All this hand-holding tonight I need a drink.
- You want one? - Yeah.
You know, they're not wrong, though.
I mean, the Feds are close.
We're gonna need a plan.
Now you sound like our nervous clients.
Look, I'm not saying we run.
I say we need to get ahead of them.
We need to move the guns out of the truck depot.
Dogs bark when they are scared.
Lions hold their ground.
I thought I taught you that.
And you also taught me damage control.
If the Feds get a warrant to raid the place, we can Being reactive is bad business.
If they're watching us, we lay low.
We we wait.
But I will tell you what you can do.
Your job.
These arrests wouldn't have happened if you were doing it.
Yeah, I guess you're right, Hayak.
It's better to be a lion.
His bilirubin levels are high.
What's his PELD score? So it's getting worse.
How does he feel? Uh, he's pretty good right now.
Just a little more tired.
But, Marco, he needs a new liver.
And I-I'm gonna call every hospital and medical center and get him on a donor list.
But the odds of that? Not good.
I need to be there, mahal.
I know.
I got my visa appeal moved up.
And I talked to a guy who knows an embassy official who takes bribes.
Marco you could go to jail for that.
I need you to send me money.
I don't have that kind of money.
Don't you want me there? I don't think Vegas is a good place for you.
I haven't gambled in ages.
And I'm proud of you.
But I don't think you want to test that now with Luca being so fragile.
So you'd rather me stay away? From you? From my son? I told you, I don't have that kind of money to send you.
I'm sorry, Marco, I-I have to go.
I'll figure something out for Luca, I promise.
- Bye.
- Goodbye.
Is there anything you can do, Dr.
Saroyan? It's one thing for me to push him into a stem-cell trial he's qualified for.
I-it's another to bypass the entire system to secure an organ.
I'd be willing to pay for a liver if I knew how.
I-I don't I don't have any connections in the organ trade, if that's what you're asking.
You must know someone.
Please, I-I just need one name.
I'm afraid this isn't something I can help you with, Thony.
What if I found a liver on my own? Could the surgery be done here? I can't risk losing my medical license.
I understand.
Thank you for everything you've already done for us, Dr.
The black market can be extremely dangerous, Thony.
You'd be risking Luca's life by involving him in it.
His life's already at risk.
Thanks for meeting up with me.
How's Fiona? I wish I hadn't done it.
It was a bad move on my part, okay? I'm sorry.
There's a saying back home, "Every jungle has a snake.
" You know what I realized after that ICE raid? - You're the snake.
- Now, come on, Thony.
Of all the people in your jungle, I'm the snake, huh? Not the mobster in your life? Arman actually helped me without putting my family at risk.
I got you that laptop, and it led to arrests.
Now it's your turn to actually do something for me.
I told you.
I told you I will not deport you.
Well, that's not enough.
I need more.
I need legal status.
Okay, well, there's something called an S visa.
And it gives temporary status for informants helping an investigation.
For how long? For as long as the investigation takes.
But you're gonna have to be actively assisting law enforcement.
So I'll have to keep informing? And I will keep you protected.
I know you don't believe me.
I will.
The FBI still want me to inform.
That's good.
You know, I met him today your FBI agent.
How did you know which one he was? It was the way he looked at me.
Um, there's something else I need to talk to you about.
Luca still needs a liver transplant, but no one will put him on a donor list.
Did you try Dr.
Saroyan? Yes.
He can't help me.
But there's one other thing I can try.
To get an organ on the black market.
I know a coyote who might know how.
Are you sure you want to deal with these kind of people? Yeah.
Meet me here tomorrow morning.
I'll take you there.
Thank you.
Fi? It's me.
I don't want to wake up Jaz.
Can you hear me? Jaz is spending the night at Saisha's.
Can I come in? I'm going to bed, Thony, okay? Luca had dinner, took his medication.
This is it.
I'll do the talking.
Bosco! Morales.
¿Quihúbole? How you been? Good.
Always working, man.
But I'm blessed.
You still moving people? Yeah.
Sin Cara's got me on the Tecate route.
This is the woman I talked to you about, the one with the sick son.
I owe you, Morales.
I'll take her to the broker.
But I can't take you, too.
They like to be careful about these things.
Bosco will make sure you're safe.
- Cuídate, hombre.
- Vale.
Get in the van.
In the back.
Are you okay? There you go.
Uh, not that way, dear.
You're coming with me.
Uh, excuse me.
This is Lizzie.
Would you make sure she's not alone? Sí.
You're okay.
You are the one that asked Bosco to bring you here, right? - Yes, I am.
- Ah.
I'm Thony.
Oh, welcome.
I'm Mother Donna.
Come with me.
Do you have a moment? Yeah, sure.
Take a seat.
Would you like a drink? Actually, I was hoping we could talk somewhere in private.
Yeah, come back to the office.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, of course.
Arman, I need to know something.
Why was the FBI here? Should I be worried? Have you spoken to your father? No.
No, I came to you first.
Why? Because I want the truth.
Isabel there's nothing to worry about, all right? Your father's smart about the way he conducts his business.
That makes it sound like he's hiding something.
Ah, nothing that'll come back on us.
You're laundering money through this club for my father, aren't you? Is that what my dad is planning on doing with the hotel? Since I'm not running the hotel, Isabel, I don't know.
- Why were those men arrested? - Just the local politicians.
Sometimes you have to grease the palms.
So money laundering, bribery, tax fraud I mean, what else? Is he using his trucking business in all this, too? Isabel, you should talk to your father.
He's had my whole life to be honest with me, and he hasn't.
Why would he tell me the truth now? He's got everything under control.
And when he doesn't, that's why I'm here.
All right, I'll continue to protect your family like I've always done.
That's what I do.
Thank you for being honest with me.
At least I know I can count on you.
They're brought here as soon as they cross over.
I consider these people to be my family.
Oh, and you have a medical clinic, too? Yes, yes, of course.
- Seems like a nice place.
- Oh, it's the least I can do.
These people have seen more than their fair share of suffering.
I, uh, volunteered at an orphanage in Sinaloa for many years.
And the parents would leave their children there when they could no longer support them.
We did our best to take care of them, but the one thing that we couldn't do is to protect them from the cartels.
They would come and pick off the kids that could earn them money for prostitution, for the gangs, all of that.
And then when the children are no longer of use to them, they kill them and take their organs.
And there's no amount of praying that could stop it.
So I founded this mission to be a sanctuary.
If I can help you, Thony, I will.
Why did you come here? Well my son was born with a rare immune disorder.
I got him a bone-marrow transplant, but before that, an infection caused severe liver damage.
- He needs a transplant.
- How soon? As soon as possible.
Can you help me, Mother Donna? I don't want to waste your valuable time, Thony, so I need to be honest with you.
Liver transplants are much harder than kidneys.
I-I-I couldn't give this to you even if I wanted to.
Can I ask you how much it costs? The best I can do is $70,000.
I didn't know you were running a business.
Thony, it's a service.
All the things that you see here cost money The doctors, the nurses, even the donors themselves.
On the free market, this would run you north of $300,000.
Maybe there's a There's a way I could lower your price? You won't have to include post-op antibiotics.
I can get them myself.
If we get, um, a living donor, the surgeries could be done back-to-back to cut down personnel.
We only need one anesthesiologist, fewer scrub nurses, and I could conserve your resources by doing all the back-table cleaning of the graft.
Are you a doctor, Thony? - I was a surgeon in Manila.
- Hmm.
But when Luca was diagnosed, I had to take a step back.
And do you still have an active license? I do, but it doesn't hold up here in America.
It does for me.
Come along.
This is our operating theater State of the art.
Here's what I can offer A liver transplant for your son in exchange for three kidney removals.
Oh oh, no, I-I can't do that.
You said you were a surgeon.
Yeah, but I haven't operated in five years.
But you're qualified, and that means you're capable, and that's the best-case scenario for people who are donating their organs to save other people's lives Think of them.
Venga, por favor.
Te presento, Thony.
It's possible that she'll be your doctor for the surgery tomorrow, and I wanted to introduce you.
Muchísimas gracias.
Mother Donna He says that he feels so blessed to have a way to pay for his crossing.
And finally now he'll be reunited with his family after so many years.
Okay, but what What are you gonna do with his kidney once it's removed? All of the organs that are donated by people like José are given to people in need, like you or your son.
José goes on to live his new life in America.
I don't run a business, Thony.
I run a community.
All you have to do is assist our lead surgeon.
And then you'll be saving the life of your son.
Can I count on you, doctor? Okay.
I-I'll do it.
I'll do it for my son.
I know you don't want to speak to me right now, but I need to talk to you.
I found a liver for Luca.
The only thing is, it's through an organ broker.
What does that mean? It's not exactly legal.
But is it safe? I saw her operating room.
It's as equipped as any hospital.
Then what's wrong? The broker wants me to perform surgery as a trade for Luca's liver tomorrow.
Three kidney removals on immigrants who have no other way to pay for their crossing.
I just don't know if I can do this.
But she said that these people are choosing to sell their organs.
Yeah, that's one way to justify it.
Honestly if I could get Chris status by giving up a kidney I'd do it, too.
But you got to know once you make that first cut I mean, there's no turning back.
Can I, uh, fix you a bowl? I-I need to take this.
I want you to contact your friend at the FBI.
Tell him there's a shipment going out on three Liberty Republic trucks tomorrow.
What is it, guns? I'll get you an inventory list.
Just tell him you saw armed men packing crates at the truck depot.
So you want him to raid Hayak's trucks? I want you to do what I say without asking questions.
Thank you for meeting with me.
That's usually my line.
What's going on? I might have some information for you, but I want to know where we stand with the visa you mentioned.
No, I started the paperwork.
But it's the government, so, you know, it takes time.
But I'm working on it as fast as I can.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
Good, because what am I supposed to do just wait to give you information? No.
Actually, if you have real intel against the Barsamian syndicate, it could speed up the process for you.
Yesterday when I was putting trash out, I saw men with guns guarding trucks.
Where? Hayak's truck depot.
I don't know what they were loading, but I found this on one of the crates.
It's melons.
Yeah, that's what it says.
But they don't keep produce in the basement or guard them with guns.
I'm gonna look into it and your visa.
Thony just be careful.
Good morning.
Oh, good morning, Dr.
De La Rosa.
Are you ready for surgery? Uh, yeah, but I'm not the lead, right? I mean, the surgeon I'll be working with Is he comfortable with me assisting him? You don't strike me as that type.
Women constantly do that Sell themselves short.
I did my research on you, and your career was on the rise before you decided to step back.
Women also always do that.
I-I know you had a good reason.
But maybe after today, you could put all that behind you.
Remember why you're here, Thony.
- Are you ready? - Yes.
Move, move, move! Turn it off! Let's see your hands! Go on the other side.
Turn the engine off and hands out the window! Do not move! We have a warrant to search this trailer.
- Is it unlocked? - Yeah, got it open.
All right, here we go.
Here we go! Looks like Christmas came early, huh? - You boys ready? - Yes, sir.
Anything? You got anything? - No.
- No? Keep looking.
Watermelons in mine! Cantaloupe over here.
What did Santa bring you, Garrett? Hey, follow me.
We're gonna unload these guns up at that farm.
Don't tell anybody where they're being kept.
- You understand? - What about Hayak? I'll tell him once things cool down.
It's just best if he doesn't know.
All right, let's move out.
Hello! I'm Dr.
And you must be Dr.
De La Rosa.
Uh, well, you can call me Thony.
Mother Donna told me you're a cardiothoracic surgeon.
Yeah, in the Philippines.
How about you? Trauma and ortho in Nigeria.
But when I came to the U.
, they wanted me to repeat medical school and residency, start all over.
All that training for nothing.
Until I came here.
Mother Donna give me chance to put my skills to good use.
And I commend you for doing the same.
It's difficult at first, but it gets easier.
Well, I won't be doing this for long.
I'm only here for a few surgeries in exchange for help with my son, that's all.
The patient will be here shortly.
You tell everyone that you started with nothing, that you worked so hard to get ahead.
- I did.
- That you're the American Dream.
That's all true.
So then tell me, why is the FBI circling you? Arresting your clients? I'm not responsible for my clients' actions.
But, Dad, you invited them to my wedding.
You know, I thought their gifts were way too generous, and now I realize they were payouts, weren't they? - Dirty money? - It's nothing like that.
Then why did the FBI raid your trucks? They found nothing but produce.
But what were they looking for, Dad? What are you shipping? - Em Seeroonas, please.
- Don't! Just tell me the truth.
Sorry, should I come back, or No, it's fine.
We're done.
At least I am.
I want nothing to do with your businesses anymore.
Would you like me to talk to her? No, she She needs time to calm down.
We took a big chance moving my guns.
You saved my ass.
I won't forget that.
Thank you, but you taught me how to make those moves.
I will talk to Isabel, to stay out of your way in the club.
And we will talk about the hotel and casino later.
Wait, this child is too young to have a kidney removed.
We don't get to choose who lands on the table.
No, but we can choose who we operate on.
Trust me, you don't want to upset Mother Donna.
We can't remove a child's kidney as a way to pay for her crossing! It's Lizzie's family's way of affording her American Dream.
Who are we to rob them of that? Well, it's not their decision to make.
And if there are any complications, she could die! It was either this or leave her in one of the orphanages that service the cartels.
At least this way, they get to take care of their daughter.
You need to see it from their point of view.
- Mm-hmm.
- And I am sure that you have already taken some pretty dark measures to save your son.
Do you want Dr.
Nnamdi to open for you? No.
I'm not operating on a child for you.
Even if it saves your own child? I won't do this.
It's not right.
We have an agreement.
And if you walk out that door now, our deal is off.
Think of your son because if you don't, this moment is gonna be replaying in your head for the rest of your life.
It just doesn't add up.
I mean, how is it that 12 FBI agents searched the Barsamian trucks and their depot and we still come up empty? Your informant had a bad tip.
They all can't be home runs.
It's either coincidence or conspiracy.
And we were taught in the Academy never to believe in coincidence.
Wait, or, no, was that my undergrad philosophy class? I don't know.
Either way You know what I think? They're playing me both Thony and Arman.
So if she's burned, maybe it's time we cut her loose.
Or we do the exact opposite.
Hear me out, all right? If Arman is feeding us false information through Thony, that means we can use her to feed false information right back.
God, I'm good.
- Game on, huh? - Yeah.
I thought you'd requested the next few days off.
I won't need them.
What happened? It it didn't work out with the broker.
Give give it to me.
Come on.
Come here.
I just want to be able to To hold Luca without thinking it's gonna be the last time.
You know? I just want him to run in the park and be happy and free.
Why can't he just have what every other kid has? Why why does it always have to be so hard? It's okay.
We'll find another way.
We'll find another way.
All right? Okay.
Fi, you okay? What happened? Look who's here.
- Come on.
- What? Look who's here! Marco! How did you get here? They approved my appeal for the visa.
Daddy's home! Daddy's home! Daddy's home! Yes, Daddy's here.
Daddy's home! Daddy's home!
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