The Cleaning Lady (2022) s03e08 Episode Script

Know Thy Enemy

Previously on "The Cleaning Lady"
- I'm Chris.
- Camila. Y mi mama Gizelle.
You're family.
I want you and Armando
to make this your home.
RAMONA: You can have all the
money and power in the world,
but without family, it's nothing.
Now you can collect on the insurance.
THONY: We might be able
to bring Arman back today.
Ramona thinks you're the
one who called the fed.
What? Why?
Because she needs someone to blame,
and right now, that's you.
What about Dante?
Why on Earth would you suggest Dante?
Because he was arrested.
He could have cut a deal with the FBI.
I don't take betrayal lightly.
- It's over, Thony.
Clean it.
I'm not gonna let you do this.
You can't be part of this.
Ripped this familia
apart. Tell him, Marina.
That's the word Arman wrote
on the table, the word you saw.
He was telling us that he saw
Marina, that she was there.
Arman's gone. I couldn't
do anything about it then.
I'm gonna do something about it now.
I know it's you.
[ECHOING] It's you.
Oh, Fi, hi. You're up, as well.
Yeah. Same as you.
I figured, uh, if I couldn't sleep,
then I may as well get everything ready.
You okay?
Fi, I'm so sorry about everything.
Having you clean after Dante.
I know.
This job will be good for us.
Uh, keep our mind off
of things, and, you know.
Yeah. Thank you.
Plus, we always have fun
with our cleaning ladies,
and now our cleaning man.
Still can't believe you hired Jeremy.
Has he asked more questions
about what happened?
I just, um, I can't figure out
why Ramona would take Arman.
You don't know that she did.
I mean, just because
Arman scribbled her name,
it it doesn't prove anything.
Why would he have done
that unless she was there?
If it was on Devil's Breath,
he he could have been hallucinating.
Like when you saw Arman.
It was so real, Fi.
I mean, you gotta let
all of this go now.
I can't, Fi.
If Ramona had anything to do with this,
she has to pay.
No. This is not your responsibility.
- Not anymore.
- What else, then?
What about the FBI?
I mean, don't you still
have a contact there?
- Russo?
- Yeah.
I can't talk to Russo.
The Feds can protect us.
They can't protect
us from someone like her.
I mean, you saw what she did.
I-I can't keep living like this.
I know, Fi.
I promise it's not gonna happen again.
- Oh, yeah, how?
- I don't know, but it won't.
Thanks for meeting with me.
I'm glad you called.
Would you like a drink?
I'm buying.
Um, I'd like a vodka, please.
- On the rocks?
- Sure.
Can you make that a double, please?
Two of those.
Look, I really wanted to talk to you
because I'm I'm I'm
really worried about Thony.
- Worried how?
- I mean, are you guys
looking into what happened to Arman?
D-Do you even know who took him?
Why? Is there something
you want to tell me?
No, I-I just I just
wanted to make sure
someone was doing something about it
so she's not, you know,
in any kind of danger.
- Okay, here we go.
- Thank you.
- I understand your concerns, Fiona.
I mean, I'm sure you know the people
that Thony's dealing with
aren't exactly above board.
Has she told you anything about them?
No. No.
How'd you get back in
the country, anyway?
Did Thony cut a deal with
someone to bring you back?
Are they tied to what happened to Arman?
Look, I'm I'm sorry.
Hey, Fiona.
Fiona, please. I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to upset you.
And the truth is, I know you're a victim
in all of this.
I'm not a victim.
It is why Garrett wanted to
save you from being deported.
But he died before he could.
And I still regret not
being able to stop it myself.
So, how about I do you a solid
in honor of Garrett?
If you can bring me useful information
that can help us try and find the people
that are responsible for Arman,
maybe there is something I can do
to help you with your situation.
could be you and your son.
Chris just magically reappeared
in the country, too, didn't he?
As I said, I'm not a victim.
And neither is my son.
You okay, sweetheart?
I want to go to Marcia's birthday party.
Remember what I told you?
There's a bug going around.
Just trying to keep you safe, okay?
Juanita, please.
I'm gonna make it up to you, okay?
We're gonna have Marcia for a play date.
It'll be much more
fun than the birthday.
I'll see you in a bit. [EXHALES]
- Why do you lie to her?
- Well, technically, it's not a lie.
I am trying to keep her safe.
From a bunch of
five-year-olds and a pony ride?
I mean, what can go wrong?
I don't know. You tell me.
Any idea who Dante might have
talked to about us, our family?
No more than you.
Well, then I'm not taking
any chances with my kid.
And if you were smart, you'd, uh,
cancel that thing at
the gallery tonight.
Don't be ridiculous.
Dante would never betray my identity.
Yeah, that's what I thought
until he kidnapped our nephew.
You think he wouldn't sell us out, too?
You took care of the rest of
the crew he worked with, right?
But there might be others
who think we're vulnerable.
Well, then we show them we're not.
And then I'll find a
replacement for Dante.
You mean in your bed or ?
Did you get any sense
of it at all with him?
Mira, he betrayed us both.
But right now, let's just
focus on cleaning up his mess
and making sure nothing
traces back to us, okay?
Look, don't be mad.
Okay, I-I know I
know you're gonna be mad.
Look, I had to do something.
I mean, how else are we gonna
get out of this bloody mess?
I can do this.
Hey, I'm taking the van, but
Jeremy's gonna give you a ride.
What? Wait. Where are you going?
You can't screw this big job up.
We need the full crew.
Oh, I'll be there. I won't be long.
No, it's my van, and
you're not using this
until you tell me what
the hell you're doing.
I don't want you mixed
up in this anymore.
- Come on.
- Okay.
I'm going back to where they held Arman.
There might be something there
that helps me understand what happened.
- Then what?
- I don't know yet.
I went to Russo.
What? Are you kidding me?
What the hell did you tell her?
Look, nothing that
would get you in trouble,
but she can help us.
Oh, yeah? No, she can't.
No the whole family's in danger.
- We're cleaning up bodies.
- It's gonna be over soon.
- Oh, my God.
- I promise.
How many times have I heard this?
Just please let the FBI handle this
before someone else ends up dead.
Hey, Mom, what do you call it when
you can't stop talking about something?
I'm not I'm not obsessed.
Yes, you are. You've mentioned Camila
like a million times today.
What's going on?
Camila's not answering
any of my messages.
That's okay.
Oh, do you think you
can get one of your, uh,
coyote friends to
check up on her, maybe?
Chris, no.
No! No.
No, those people are not friends, okay?
And no one said they're
Thony's friends, okay?
Get your head out of the clouds
and go and do your homework.
- Go!
- Just go.
- Okay.
- Now!
Go, go, go.
Even Chris knows you
work for those people.
Huh? I mean, what else do
you want him to find out?
Nothing. Okay?
If I find anything in
the apartment, I promise,
we will take it to Russo.
Please, I just need to
understand what happened.
[SIGHS] Just
be careful.
I guess I'm not
surprised to see you here.
The address was on
Dante's police report.
I-I just needed answers.
Are you saying this is the
first time you've been here,
or you've been here before?
- What?
- Oh, don't torture the girl.
We want answers, too, but
that's one we already have.
We came here to make
sure Dante didn't leave
any incriminating evidence behind,
and we found a glaucoma
medicine for De La Rosa.
- Yeah, well, I can explain
- I guess he covered his tracks better than you did.
What we really want to know, Thony, is
you dropped that before or
after you called the FBI?
No, I-I didn't call the Feds.
I promise I came here for Arman,
and by the time I got
here, he was already gone.
So you've never talked to the Feds?
A long time ago. I
So, which one is it, Thony?
Yes? No? A long time ago?
- It's hard to keep up with the lies!
- Please
Por favor! Just shoot her already!
She's been lying! She is!
- What?
- Yeah, she's been working with Dante.
She's the one responsible
for Arman's death.
What are you saying exactly?
- No le hagas caso.
- What are you saying?
She's trying to talk
her way out of this!
Look at what I found that day.
He wrote her name.
Marina that's what he called her by.
In case anything happened to him,
then we'd know she did it.
You had him this entire time?
- Why?
- I don't explain myself to anyone.
I didn't take him. Dante did.
He He loved you.
Dante told me he found the man
who hit our routes.
I didn't find out it was
Armando until it was too late.
I didn't take Armando,
but I protected Dante.
So, forgive me, hermano.
I never meant to hurt
the familia like this.
I guess I'm just having trouble
wrapping my mind around it all
that my sister did this.
She did.
Now she's gonna make me pay
for it because I exposed her.
Did you see how she looked at me?
Please. I-I can't have
her go after my family.
I'll see what I can do,
but she's become hard to
predict, Thony, even for her.
It's like she's grasping for control
'cause she thinks she's out of time.
What do you mean?
Just lay low and watch your back
until I can make sense of all this.
And if you take any of this to the Feds,
you're done.
FIONA: Hey! Leave a message
or just text like a normal human.
Fi, can you call me back, please?
I-I just need to know that you're okay.
You know what? I'm coming your way.
Just stay put and watch your back.
It's been a hard few
days for both of us.
But I want you to know
that you're welcome to stay
as long as you like.
I think neither of us
wants to be alone right now.
Come. I prepared something
for you, and it's already noon.
Where's the scrapper I know?
Did Chef Andres make all of this?
I had to strong-arm him
for your favorite recipes.
But he caved, for you.
Yeah, he can be quite stubborn.
[SIGHS] You know, I was thinking,
maybe it'll help if we
get away from all this.
Take a trip together to, I don't know,
Paris? Barcelona?
I really appreciate it, Ramona,
everything you're doing for me,
but you know you don't
have to keep doing it.
That's not true, Nadia.
You're my familia now.
After all this, we
still have each other,
and we can both take comfort in that.
- JORGE: Ramona!
- Vamos Argentina.
You should have told me
the instant you found out.
We could have figured it out together.
- Can we take this inside?
- Si, we take it inside,
wherever you want, but we're here now.
So why don't we just get
it all out in the open?
Get out what? What is he talking about?
If this has something to do
with Arman, I do need to know.
Um, it was Dante's idea
to ransom Arman.
But I found out.
You You mean you
you knew about it?
When it was too late, yes.
How? You just had to return him.
No, he was supposed to return him to us.
- After you got my money?
- No!
- Was that the plan?
- It wasn't about the money, Nadia.
He was your nephew. You
could have saved him.
Why didn't you?
- You killed him.
- No.
- Yes, you did.
- No, I didn't.
You killed Arman.
Nadia, escúchame.
You didn't have to do that.
Bringing this up in front of her?
She didn't have to know.
She was bound to find out.
It wasn't my fault.
The Feds ran them off the road.
- The Feds!
- You know it wouldn't have come to this
if you would have just let
me in on what was happening.
I kept it from you to protect you.
To protect us. And now look at us.
Don't twist things around, Ramona.
This is happening because
you kept it from me.
- Because you've lost control.
- No!
If that cleaning lady
hadn't interfered
Oh, no, hermana, hermana,
this is on you, all right?
And the truth would have
come out one way or another.
Just leave her out of this.
Fi? Did you guys see Fiona?
Why didn't you call me back?
There's I mean, there's no reception.
Uh, why? Did you go? What's wrong?
I w-was worried.
Did you tip off the Feds
about Arman's exchange?
- What?
- Fi, if you did, they're gonna come for you.
- No! I mean, why would I do that?
- Because you said you talked to Russo.
Once. That's it.
- Okay, no more.
- Okay, fine.
Hey, hey. What's wrong?
Ramona knew about Dante
taking him Arman.
- [SIGHS] I'm sorry.
- She didn't do anything.
He's dead because of her.
But there's nothing you could do,
and no matter what happens to her,
it's never gonna bring Arman back.
So I'm gonna just ignore this?
- Pretend it never happened?
- I know. Okay, look
Hey, look who showed up.
Did you come to work or slack
off like the rest of them?
I'm not slacking.
I need to pick up my kid,
and Nina needs to relieve her sitter.
Crap. Uh, go, go, go. I'm sorry.
- I have to go, too.
- Wait! You just got here.
- Yeah, just to check on you.
- Hey, guys, it's cool.
- I can wrap things up here.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
Thony's st No. Thony's staying, okay?
There's too much work left,
and I want to have dinner with my kids.
So I'm leaving, and I'm
gonna catch a ride with Roxy.
Whatever you two decide, I'm good.
Fi, I just need to make sure
that we're all safe here.
Oh, and then you know how to do that?
Just Just stop.
I mean, you're the one that
keeps putting us in danger.
And you know what? I'm done.
I'm done begging you to get
out and picking up the slack.
So this time, you stay.
And if you really want to keep us safe,
stop making things worse.
When you come home ♪
Hotter than smoke ♪
Got me running in circles ♪
Maybe she found out you wet
the bed until you were 6.
Yeah, right. Ha, ha. You're so funny.
It's her.
- Gross.
- Let me see.
- Hey, stop. Give it to me.
Hey, Jaz! Hey, give it
back. Give it back. Come on!
No way you sent her this!
I Jaz. Jaz. Jaz, give it back.
- Aw, she wants to see you.
- Come on!
Wait. She wants to come over.
Come on! Don't be
dumb. Come on. Give it.
C-Come hey!
You want to talk?
Bueno pues, ya. I screwed up.
Just tell me, what's the real
reason you didn't stop Dante?
It's not because I chose
him over our familia.
It's because I I wanted it all.
Remember when we were little,
all of us at mama grande's house?
La carne asada en la
parillia. I can still smell it.
That's what I wanted for us
when I first brought out familia over.
So you thought you could use
Dante's scheme to be his hero?
Don't be mad at me, hermano.
I'm also concerned.
[SIGHS] Please, not that again.
Seriously, Ramona, when was
the last time you saw a doctor?
'Cause that kind of
thinking isn't right.
My health has nothing
to do with any of this.
- Papi? Papi?
- BOTH: Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
Go back to sleep, chiquita.
You're clearly in denial, Ramona.
I'm just worried about
protecting Violeta.
Are you threatening to
take her away from me?
Of course not, hermana.
The last thing we need
is to lose anyone else.
Which is why I'm suggesting
that you try to figure out
what's behind your
your reckless behavior.
So, how's it going with you and Fi?
Things good?
- Yeah.
What was that? Did you hear?
- Hear what?
- I don't know.
Oh, no, it's this thing.
They'll do a number on your ears.
You'll hear it in your sleep.
Oh, my God. What's that now?
It came from here.
- Oh, my gosh.
- What?
- That's chlorine gas. Get out!
- Okay, come on, this way, this way.
There's no way out.
There's gotta be a safety valve.
It's jammed!
[COUGHS] Pull! Pull it!
It's not working.
- Aah!
Get down! Watch out!
Come on.
Hear me? Jeremy?
Jeremy, do you hear me?
- Jeremy, you hear me?
You're gonna have to
You're gonna have to stand up now.
[CLAPPING] Come on. Can you hear me?
Push, push on you. All right.
- Ah!
- That's good.
Aah, aah.
- Aah!
- Let me have a look at this.
All right. Okay.
You're gonna press with
your hand right here.
- Aah! Come on.
- Yeah, press hard.
- Press hard.
- Aah.
Okay, you stay here. Stay there.
How bad is it?
Ah, it's just a nick.
[LAUGHS WEAKLY] You're a bad liar.
You know what? Lucky for
you I'm a good surgeon.
So, you're gonna tell me a story.
- What?
- Just tell me a story. Yeah, you.
What? Aah! Ah, ah.
All right. So you're
you're from New York, yeah?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Great.
When I was a kid, I, uh
- Just breathe.
- What the hell?!
- Keep breathing.
- We're done here.
Just breathe. I promise
it's gonna stop the bleeding.
- Man, this is just like
- Carry on.
when my dad was
teaching me martial arts.
- Okay. All right?
Yeah, martial martial
arts. Uh-huh. Which one?
Oh, no, I couldn't take the
pain, but he kept pushing.
No, no, no, no, no!
That's good. That's good. Okay.
The hard part's over. Uh
We still gotta get the hell out of here.
I just need ah.
Let me seal you up before, okay?
- Ah, no, no, no.
- Tip up. Look down.
Down, down, down.
What happened here, Thony?
You know something I don't?
What do you mean?
This wasn't an accident, was it?
Can you stop moving your
head, please? Thank you.
- Okay.
What's going on?
Mmm. Lumpia?
Camila finally hit Chris back
and she's coming over for dinner.
Ah! See? You were worried for nothing.
Okay. Anything I can help you with?
What? No, no, no, no, I got it.
You You just go hang out
in your room or something.
Uh Jaz, I know.
We can make the table
really nice and pretty.
Ooh! I have those candles that
we never used for Halloween.
- Yes!
- Guys, no.
- I'm on it.
- Please don't. You guys.
- Deadly candles.
- No.
- Yes!
- Please!
Hey, don't worry, anak.
We got this. I promise.
Gonna embarrass the heck out of you!
Okay, good.
JEREMY: No. No, no, no.
So you're just gonna
ignore the question?
Huh? What? I-I-I don't
know what happened.
Look, if I'm gonna die
here, I deserve to know why.
Look, we just need to get
out, and you're not gonna die.
Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh.
What's going on? There's more come in.
[COUGHS] We need to get out.
- We need to get out.
We need to find another way.
I said I'll be putting
in an offer, and I am.
Yeah, tonight. The funds are secure,
and I'll be signing everything you need.
Thank you.
Jay, would you please
open up the 2008 Grand Cru?
- JAY: You got it.
- Well, hi.
- Hi!
- We weren't expecting you back so soon.
- What are we celebrating?
Well, I'm here because I realized
this is what Arman would have wanted.
He'd want me to be happy.
And we are celebrating my new house.
- [GASPS] What?
- And getting my life back.
Oh. Congratulations.
We're so excited for you.
Bring Charmaine a glass, too.
You might want to keep that on ice.
I wanted to help you,
Nadia. I really did.
But instead, you decided
to play with fire,
and Arman ended up dead because of it.
- W-What is this?
- I know you meant well
when you blew up that
sports book for his ransom,
even though I know
you didn't do it alone.
But when you moved that money today,
taking out funds in your own name,
well, it was a big mistake.
Nadia Morales,
under subsection B of Section 1033,
you're under arrest for insurance fraud.
That's got to be something
we can use in here.
Alcohol. It reacts with chlorine gas.
That's gonna create an explosion.
I'm glad one of us paid
attention in chem class.
I clean those offices all the time.
There has to be a stash
here of booze somewhere.
Um, anything with alcohol would work,
like hand sanitizer, um,
uh, cleaning solution.
- I'm looking.
- Anything.
You think you can throw
this through this door?
- I've thrown a ball or two in my day.
- Okay.
RAMONA: Nadia.
- Guard!
- Nadia.
Please, just let me out!
Por favor. I know you're upset.
I would be, too, but
I'm here to help you.
I'd rather die than accept your help.
Ay, por favor, Nadia.
Just give me the chance
to make this right.
Just don't do me any favors.
I know you're just after my money.
[SCOFFS] It was never
about the money, Nadia.
What I said about familia it's true.
Ah, la familia. [CHUCKLES]
It's all I ever wanted
to bring you and Armando in our lives.
We can help each other heal.
You have no one else. Do you?
Look at what you've done to yourself.
You're alone with no one else to cry to.
Same as you.
You are nothing like me.
You let Armando die because
you failed to do anything to stop it,
so if you really want to help me,
just stay the hell away from me
and leave me alone.
We have one shot at this.
How big you think it's gonna blow?
I don't know. It's a lot of gas.
- Okay. Ready?
- Ready?
On three.
One, two, three.
Yeah. Yeah. Somebody did this
to try to make it look like an accident.
- Of course, now they come.
Thony, what are we gonna tell them?
Nothing, because nothing
is gonna make it worse.
Worse? How could things get any worse?
- We almost died in there!
- I'm so sorry.
I never wanted to drag you into this.
Well, at least give me an explanation.
Who did this to us?!
A cartel.
A cart A cartel cartel?
It's the Sin Cara Cartel.
I was just trying to
get Fiona back, and
I didn't want to work for them.
I just don't know how to
get out of this anymore.
So, that's who took your friend?
Who tried to kill us in there?
Thony, if these people want you dead,
they're gonna kill your family.
- They're gonna kill your friends. They're gonna
- You think I don't know that?!
I just don't know what to do anymore!
Okay. Okay. Okay, breathe.
Breathe. It's okay.
I'll handle the cops.
You know, Pops always said
you just gotta get through it,
all right?
Wait, wait, wait. Maybe
that's it. Maybe
Maybe the only way out
of this is through it.
Listen, you can't fight
your way out of this.
So don't, all right?
You've already started
to work with these people.
Make yourself invaluable.
You want me to go back to them
after they tried to kill me?
- You gotta know your enemy.
Find their weakness.
And use it to your advantage.
CHRIS: Hey, Camila. You're, uh
You're still coming to dinner, right?
If you get lost or
something, just text me
and let me know where
you're at. Okay, bye.
Ah. All right!
We have different sodas.
We have nicer candles.
And Hey, where's Camila?
I don't know.
Aw, what happened, anak?
- Did you get stood up?
- Shh!
Jaz, go away.
Stop fighting, you two. What happened?
- I don't know!
- All right?
Why would she do this?
I mean, she doesn't seem like someone
who would do something like this.
I'm sure she has her reasons,
and, I mean, don't
don't take it personally.
It's gonna be fine.
- It's her.
- Ah! See?
- She sent a video.
- I'm sure she'll explain.
Hola, Payaso.
Um, sorry. I cannot see you.
WOMAN: We need two
more. Come on, move it.
- Come on.
- No, no.
- We have to go now!
- No. Por favor, no.
- Grab her!
So now Ramona sent you?
My sister has no idea I'm here
because I have a proposition for you.
Oh, no, no, no, I don't need
any help from you or Ramona.
I have no doubt about that.
You're clearly very resourceful.
- You're smart.
- I know I'm being conned.
What Ramona did, she did to both of us.
She betrayed us both.
You and I, we want the same things.
To get the hell away from her?
- Why do you think she came here today?
- For my money.
She wants the money
you couldn't get before.
No, this isn't about the money.
She needs us. She wants us close.
Why do you think she
wanted you and Armando
to live with us in the Casita?
Okay, so what are you proposing?
A way for both of us
to take back control.
Isn't that why you
wanted the insurance money
after I explicitly told you not to?
Well, you can't blame me for trying.
No, and I don't. But
if you want my help,
you're gonna have to
take my advice this time.
I can get you out of here
and get your money back safely
if you agree to split things.
That's a big split.
Not when it comes to your freedom.
I've got nothing to lose.
RAMONA: Everything is carefully planned.
Every detail is accounted for.
Because when they come all together,
they paint a larger picture.
But art can only be interpreted
by the heart of the beholder.
So, please, enjoy these beauties.
What a surprise. I almost
didn't recognize you.
I guess you're gonna have
to try harder, Ramona.
This painting was done
by a prisoner of war.
I'm sure you can appreciate it.
It's amazing what people do
when they have nothing to lose,
when they know they
could die any moment.
I know you're trying to kill me.
You kept me alive because
of what I meant to Arman.
He trusted me, and so can you.
You don't have to get rid of me.
You could use me, Ramona.
What makes you think I
have any more use for you?
Oh, because right now you have no one.
and Dante are gone.
Jorge's upset with you.
Nadia probably turned
on you as well, and
you're sick, Ramona.
What are you talking about?
I'm a doctor, Ramona.
Don't forget about that.
I know when people aren't well.
The tremors. The pallor of your skin.
Your eyes.
The flower tea.
And most of all your desperation.
Ramona, you're dying.
But you don't have to.
I can help you like I helped my son.
You spare my life,
and I can save yours.
You don't have to do this alone.
So you thought a gas
leak would do the trick?
Simon, Simon.
You said to make it
look like an accident.
And yet, you got outwitted
by a cleaning lady.
I won't fail you next time.
No, babe. No, you won't.
Because now now I
see the path forward.
Thank you.
Thank you for trusting me.
I'll make sure to keep you protected.
Don't worry, Simon. Don't worry.
I've always managed to protect myself.
Are you okay?
- What's wrong?
- I don't know, Thony.
Camila promised Chris
she'd come by today,
and and he got this.
CAMILA: Hola, Payaso. Uh, perdon.
Ya no te voy a ver. Adios.
WOMAN: We need two
more. Come on, move it.
- Come on. Come on!
- Let's go.
THONY: Who's that?
That's the woman who picked
her up after the desert?
Yes. The one the cartel sent.
- Fi, she's in trouble.
- Yeah, I know.
Camila saved Chris's life.
And we have to do
something. I owe it to them.
Fi, we will.
We will.
FIONA: No, you don't understand.
What we went through out there
we can't just
RUSSO: I feel for that girl.
I'm tired.
Thony dragged her into all of this.
Are we any closer to finding
out who she's working for?
We are.
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