The Cleaning Lady (2022) s03e09 Episode Script

From the Ashes

Previously on "The Cleaning Lady"
Camila's not answering
any of my messages.
- She's in trouble.
- Yeah. I know.
Camila saved Chris's life.
I mean, we have to do
something. I owe it to them.
RUSSO: Nadia Morales,
you're under arrest for insurance fraud.
JORGE: I can get you out of here
and get your money back safely
if you agree to split things.
We almost died in there!
Who did this to us?!
Sin Cara cartel.
You can't fight your way out of this.
So don't. Make yourself invaluable.
Find their weakness and
use it to your advantage.
You could use me.
What makes you think I
have any more use for you?
You're dying. But you don't have to.
You spare my life, and I can save yours.
Are we any closer to finding
out who she's working for?
We are.
FIONA: Go, Luca! Go!
If it's good, then I want it ♪
Pass it!
I got shoes just to prove it ♪
I keep struttin' for the masses ♪
But you would look again,
'cause you never saw this ♪
ANNOUNCER: Foul, number 11. Pushing.
Come here. You're all right?
It's not fair. He was right on me.
Look. You just have to
keep focus, really right?
It It doesn't matter.
Just play with your
friends. You play together.
You have fun, right? Don't
worry about this score.
Just one step at a time, right? Go!
Go kick some butt! Go, Luca!
Go, Luca. Have fun.
You got this.
Ah! I'm gonna get some popcorn.
All this cheering is making me famished.
- Do you want anything?
- No. I'm good.
- Are you sure? Okay.
- Yes.
Hello, Thony.
I hope you don't mind
me watching Luca play.
Who knew this game would
be so exciting, huh?
It's truly something.
Before, Luca couldn't even
be in a space like this
all these kids and germs.
The littlest thing
could have killed him.
And now look at him. Hmm?
- It's all because of you.
- Yeah.
I'm never gonna let anything
hurt my son or anyone.
That's what I admire in you, Thony.
Your tenacity.
Your ability to turn
tragedy into triumph.
You're a miracle worker.
That's what you're looking for?
A miracle?
Are you taking me up on my offer?
I'm considering.
Perhaps there are ways you
can be of use to me.
As long as you keep my family out of it.
That's what we're both
banking on, isn't it?
- You help me. I help you.
MAN: You can do it!
I'm so proud of you, baby! Mm!
High five! Oh, my God! I saw that!
My eyes are stuck on you!
Like crazy glue!
FIONA: Oh, good job, Luca!
- RUSSO: Yo.
Who ever said working here
doesn't have its perks?
Free coffee, free gym, free breakfast.
Bacon. You remembered.
I figured after your brush with death,
I owed it to you to remember.
Does this mean if I get hit by a truck,
you'll remember that I hate cilantro?
I will never accept that about you.
Wow. Someone's been busy.
Well, I got to earn my keep.
I think you've done that tenfold, buddy.
- Any word from Thony yet?
- No. Not yet.
But she's fired up on getting
some kind of vengeance.
She'll find a way in.
Who knew she'd bring
us right to Sin Cara?
This is huge.
I've been thinking about that.
Now that this case is amped up,
we got to limit our
face time for a while.
No one can see you enter this building.
Got it.
Find my own coffee. Find my own gym.
But the deeper Thony gets,
the closer you can, too.
Is there anyone you think
she can get you next to?
Well, Jorge Sanchez is a
name that comes up a lot
in Thony's conversations with Fiona.
He's a one-man law firm.
Word on the street is
he represents Sin Cara
from time to time.
So, who are his clients?
All sorts of shady dudes.
Got a casino tycoon.
Real estate developer.
The owner of a private security company.
Any of these guys fits the
bill of Sin Cara, but
I always love a "but."
he just picked up a new client.
Nadia Morales.
And he just paid her a visit in jail.
So suddenly, these dudes are
a lot less interesting to me.
What if Jorge Sanchez doesn't
just represent Sin Cara?
What if Sanchez
Sin Cara?
Sergio's making grilled
cheese and tomato soup.
Violeta's request. You want some?
- Hey.
- Not hungry.
- Let's hear it.
You didn't come in here to
talk about grilled cheese.
You went to see Nadia.
Are you really trying to
make moves behind my back?
It shouldn't come as such
a shock, hermana.
I've been asking you to see
things my way for a long time.
And I'm done waiting
for your permission,
especially after the
mistakes you've just made.
Hermano, por favor.
You know you're the key
for our entire operation.
We're a team, and we'll always be.
What kind of a team is that?
One where you always call the shots?
- Jorge.
- Look.
I appreciate everything you've done.
I do.
Hey. ¿Estás bien?
Sí. Estoy bien.
Tú eres mi hermana. Te amo.
Okay? You know that.
But I feel like you're
holding me back now.
And I'm not gonna let
you do that anymore.
You don't want to dump those routes?
Fine. I respect that.
But I'm gonna build something of my own.
You mean with Nadia's money.
Not just her money.
Nadia knows a lot of
key players in Vegas.
And I could use those.
I think she's got what it takes.
I look forward to seeing what you do.
You're seriously gonna go back there
after she just tried to kill you?
You know that's nuts, right?
No, it's not. Look.
If I can make myself
useful, I can protect us all.
Then what? How long are
you gonna work for her
and do whatever she wants you to do?
Till I find her weakness.
Everyone has one.
Yeah? S-So what's hers?
I don't know, but she's sick.
So I'm gonna find out.
Look. S-She made my life hell.
Yours. Arman's.
I'm just trying to put an end to it.
Okay. Well, if you're gonna see her,
at least ask where Camila
and Gizelle might be.
No, no. I have to be smart about this.
- Mm-hmm.
- Hey, my love.
That's a sea turtle,
and there's Mommy Turtle.
- Oh, that's very cool.
Okay. My driver's here.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'll see you tonight.
Mm! Love you.
- Ingat ha.
- Thanks, ate.
Wait here.
What do you want me to do with it?
Take that off. Put that on.
- Here?
- Mm-hmm.
Hope you don't mind the extra security.
I'm not taking any chances
inviting someone I tried
to kill into my home.
Go ahead.
Tell me how you think
you're gonna cure me.
One more.
So, Doctor, do you have a diagnosis?
Well, your heart and
lungs appear strong.
Nothing on your scans
tells me otherwise,
despite your blood pressure being high.
I see your internist
suspected kidney disease.
As did my nephrologist
and a naturopath I flew up from Brazil.
Yeah, but blood tests don't
show even traces of creatine,
so it's not it.
Your lymph nodes are enlarged,
and with your symptoms,
an autoimmune disorder could make sense.
But you're clearly not convinced.
I need more information.
I've had the best doctors in the world.
Done every possible test.
What else can you require?
A new blood panel, for one.
And I have some questions.
If you think I trust
you with a needle in me,
you're mistaken.
But go ahead. Ask what you need.
Some privacy?
Any history of alcohol
or substance abuse?
Only thing I ever touch is tequila,
and no more than two or three.
I don't like to lose control.
It looks like you've
been pregnant twice.
Is that right?
Where does it say that?
It doesn't, but there are
spikes in your estrogen levels
indicating it, both over a decade ago.
There was a time I thought
I might want children.
But turns out it wasn't possible for me.
I'm sorry.
Well I don't need your pity.
I need you to tell me what
the hell is wrong with me.
And if you can't do that
I have no use for you.
Figure it out.
Violeta, please. Just
listen to me, all right?
Just calm down.
I'm gonna leave you here.
I'll be outside if
you need me, all right?
I don't care.
You don't care. Okay. Just
Can you just give me a break, please?
I want Mommy.
I know. I know. I do too, sweetheart.
I just want Mommy.
I'll come back when
you're calmer, all right?
So, you think I'll be getting
a Father of the Year award?
I think she just misses her mom.
I know. Do you want one?
Sure. Thanks.
I know I shouldn't react like that.
It just kills me that there's
nothing I can do about it.
Well, sometimes you just have to listen.
What about you?
How do you deal with
it, losing Luca's dad?
It's been tough.
It's the toughest thing
I've ever had to do.
Kids just need to feel their feelings,
even the bad ones.
Can't argue with that, Doctor.
Right. Thanks.
THONY: Okay. You guys got everything?
Did you lock the door? Okay. Let's go.
What the hell?
You said you'd get my charges dropped.
It's probably gonna take some time,
but we just need to find another judge.
I don't have time.
I need to get out of here.
Post my bail.
I will convince this guy.
Are you sure?
There's more than one
way to skin a snake.
I'll post your bail.
Let's skin this thing.
You can tell me what you want ♪
Now, don't be shy ♪
I can show you things
that'll make you scream ♪
So I'm gonna let
you unleash the beast ♪
Want me to tease you? ♪
Do you want it right now? ♪
I need you to tell ♪
You don't miss a beat, do you?
Should I take that as a compliment?
Take it as you will, but
Oliver's a seasoned player.
Not sure how hard he's
gonna make you work.
I didn't think you'd be
one to underestimate me.
I never said I was.
Ollie, Ollie, Ollie!
GORDON: Jorge!
Finally taking me up on that dinner.
It's good to see you, my friend.
Well, it's gonna be more
of, like, a liquid dinner.
GORDON: Now we're talking.
And who might this gorgeous woman be?
Well, I run this club, and Jorge thought
you might be interested in
our exclusive membership.
Although I have to warn
you We are very selective.
Well I can be too.
But I hear you're a whiskey man,
so that puts us at a very good start.
- Ah.
- One for you?
Please, yes.
I know you wanna ride ♪
But you can stand in line ♪
I know you wanna ride ♪
Call me all the time ♪
Blew me off with a line ♪
Now you're gettin'
high off my grind ♪
I look a little
brighter than I used to ♪
Brighter than I used to ♪
Think of who I see you with ♪
You were leaving me unread ♪
Now you see me making bread ♪
Cookin' up in my DMs ♪
You thought I was a bad kind of ♪
I'm not a bad karma ♪
I look a little
brighter than I used to ♪
I know you wanna ride ♪
Mm, mm-mm-mm-mm-mm.
So? Nothing yet?
No. Nothing adds up.
And if you don't figure
it out, she'll kill you.
Well, look. At least
I have a chance now.
What about Camila and Gizelle?
I mean, did you ask about them?
- Fi. [SIGHS]
- No.
Chris had me driving around
everywhere looking for her.
Guzzled up my entire
gas money for the month.
Look. I-I'm sorry. But if she thinks
I'm doing anything but
trying to fix her
Dead again. Got it.
Okay. Mom, Mom, Mom. There's this, uh
There's an industrial
laundry in Boulder City,
a manufacturing plant on the way.
Did Camila mention where she worked?
She did, but last week,
it was a chicken farm,
and this week, she just said factory.
So I-I don't know. They move around.
No. When we were crossing,
they were talking about
different placements.
Yeah. Cosmetic plants, bottle
company, tortilla factory.
Bottle company?
Have you heard of Bandera Water?
Bandera Bottling Company.
Yeah. It's close. Can we go?
- Can we?
- I-I'll go.
No. Mom, I'm coming too.
No, Chris. J
- They're my friends, too, okay?
What a night, you guys. [LAUGHS]
I'd offer you something
for hair of the dog,
but I don't keep
anything in my chambers.
It's always better not to mix
business with pleasure, isn't it?
[CHUCKLES] That's for sure.
What can I do you guys for?
You might want to check your e-mail.
I just sent you a little something.
What W-What is this?
I'm Nadia Morales.
Nice to meet you.
That's low, bro.
You're Y-You're
making a big mistake.
Oh, no, no, no. Don't worry.
Nothing's happened yet.
If my charges get dropped,
last night will stay a discreet memory.
What'll it be, bro?
Hey. How you doing?
THONY: I'm good. H-How you doing?
- How's your head?
- It's okay.
Um, I stocked up on
super glue, just in case.
Um, is everything okay?
I've been worried about you.
Yeah, everything's okay.
It's just that, um, I have a
a leaky pipe in the kitchen,
and it's driving me crazy.
So I really hate to bother you
No, no. No problem at
all. Actually, I'm nearby.
I could be there in like 10.
Yeah? Thank you so much, Jeremy.
I'll see you soon.
Oh, my God. I mean, this is
nuts. Where do we even start?
I know. We We just
do section by section.
- I am over there.
- Okay. Yes.
Um, hola.
¿Tú conoces a Gizelle y Camila, no?
Mm. No.
- ¿Tú conoces a Gizelle y Camil
- No.
Do you know
¿Conoces, uh, a Gizelle?
- ¿Sí?
- Sí.
S You know this woman?
Sí. Gizelle. Sí.
- W Do you know where they are?
- Mom. Mom!
- Let's go.
- One second.
- CHRIS: We should go. We got to go. Mom!
- One second.
- ¿Dónde está
- MAN: Hey.
¿Dónde está tu redecilla del cabello?
- Tu redecilla del cabello.
- Necesito Uh, gracias.
I'm sorry. I-I just dropped it.
And, um, I'll go back to work.
¿Para dónde vas? No
puede ir de tu puesto.
Get the van, okay? Follow
me and don't get caught.
" associated with fatigue."
JEREMY: I don't envy you.
Plumbing is a lot
simpler than doctoring.
Ah. It's pretty much the same, you know?
Identifying a problem, trying to fix it.
That's kind of you to say, but I assure
you a clogged pipe and a clogged artery
are two very different things.
What are you doing that for?
I mean, you're not a
doctor anymore, right?
I'm not licensed here. No.
Wait. Is this, uh, is
this for that cartel guy?
Uh, I can't really say.
What's he like, anyway?
Uh, you know, it's, um
I need to figure this out,
and it's kind of a puzzle.
Yeah. Yeah.
I'm sure it's not as, uh, cut
and dry, like a broken seal.
I mean, you need any help?
I'm pretty good with puzzles.
I just need to concentrate, Jeremy.
Okay. I'll leave you to it.
Speaking of pipes, you guys
should really consider updating.
You know, copper or
polyethylene could be good.
These old lead ones could be leaching
all sorts of crap into your taps.
I could do it for you if you want.
I Y Let me give you your money.
Maybe next time.
Um, cash is better, yeah?
Yeah. That sounds good.
- Great.
All right. Thank you for your time.
Yeah. Thanks. Okay.
You have a good one.
You get them?
Hang on. I'm just finishing a meeting.
What's all this?
Turns out Dr. De La Rosa found
a way to make herself useful.
She's been doing
medical research all day.
So I think Sin Cara is sick.
All right. What am I looking at?
You know 78% of people with
autoimmune diseases are women?
So now you're gonna
mansplain ovaries to me?
Oh. I see.
Yeah. I think Sin Cara's a woman.
Well, that narrows the playing field.
Have you compiled a list
of all the women Jorge
Sanchez represented?
Yeah. Of course I did.
I got a few runners-up, but,
uh, this was my favorite.
Hold on.
Ramona Sanchez.
Jorge's sister.
That's Sin Cara.
So I guess you cracked it.
Yeah, I did.
- Yeah, I did.
Just let me know when it's done, Derek.
Thank you.
You look like the cat
that ate the canary.
I think I know what's making you sick.
Tell me.
Lead poisoning.
I know it sounds crazy.
But with all your
symptoms, it makes sense.
and Jorge said you've been shot.
Well, bullets contain lead.
If it was a while ago,
the lead could have
settled in your bones,
and that's why it didn't
show up in your bloodwork.
My compadre removed
the bullet years ago.
Yeah, but there could be fragments left,
especially if it wasn't
done by a surgeon.
And if they dislodged,
it could be poisoning you.
And it could lead to
seizures. It could kill you.
Or you are just making this
up to save your own skin.
I can prove it.
Just hold still.
And there it is.
That's what's making me sick?
I think so.
Can you get it out?
I can talk to your doctor with
you and we could find a surg
I want you to do it. Get it all out!
Ramona, you need to go to an OR
with the necessary
equipment, anesthesia, and
I won't have this poison
in me one second longer.
- Ramona.
- Do it.
Please. Just think about this.
- Juanita, close the drapes.
- Uh, no. I'm I'm gonna need the light.
And can you set up this
lamp over here, please?
Uh, grab the tequila and
give me a good dosing.
Thank you.
What is that?
Ketamine from the stables.
That's the best thing
we found to sedate you.
No. I said I'm not going
under. I'll do it awake.
Look. It's gonna be extremely
painful, and it's risky.
And what you're telling
me is not helping, Thony.
So get on with it.
And if I die, so will
you and your family.
Okay. Give her one shot of tequila.
And, um, I need, uh, the pillowcase.
Okay. Thank you.
¿Por favor Gizelle?
No. No. No se nada.
Uh ex excuse me.
Pérdon. ¿Dónde está Gizelle o Camila?
No quiero problemas.
This Camila?
Pérdon. Uh
¿Conoces a Camila?
Este camis This is hers.
- Camila?
- Sí. Camila.
- Sí.
- ¿Sí?
Mis amiga, uh, Camila
Her mama es mi amiga.
- Dónde esta personas
- MAN: Hey, listos.
Los del segundo turno,
esten listas in una hora.
- ¿Quién eres tú?
- I-I'm sorry.
I-I just got on the wrong van, okay?
- Get out.
- L-Look.
Maybe you can just help me, please?
- I said get out.
- Okay. Look.
Please tell Camila I'll be back, okay?
Mi nombre Fiona, okay?
Lo siento, okay? Lo siento.
So? What happened? Were they in there?
No, they weren't in there,
but they were there before.
W-What does that mean?
Look. Someone inside knows them,
and, um, I told the
woman to give Camila
- No. Let me talk to her.
- No, no, no.
Chris, you can't go inside.
It's time to go home. Now.
Look up Judge Gordon.
- What?
- Oliver. Look him up.
Oh, my God.
- I didn't leak them.
- Well, I know you didn't.
After all the hard work you put in?
So Ramona did?
How the hell did she even
get her hands on them?
She has her ways. You
can trust me on that.
But the judge was her contact.
She She just burned him like that?
It's all a game to her, Nadia.
That's what this is all about. Control.
No. This is not a damn game.
It's my life!
If the judge can't drop my charges,
t-they're gonna lock me back up!
No, they won't, 'cause I'm
not gonna let that happen.
Why are you doing this for me?
'cause I want your money.
THONY: Here we go. Almost there.
Got it. I got it.
- Is that it?
- I think so. Let's see the wand.
Okay. One One last piece.
Uh, it it's embedded
too close to the vein.
I can't risk taking it out.
What the hell does that mean?
It's too dangerous. We
need to take you to an OR.
No. No hospitals.
No. I Look. It could sever
the vein if I release it.
- I-I can't do
- Just do it.
You heard her.
- Oh, my God.
- What's happening?
It It It severed the vein!
She's bleeding out!
BODYGUARD: Do something!
I need hot water, towels! Now!
Oh, God.
Ramona? ¿Cómo estás? La lech
What is this? What the
hell's going on, Thony?
She's bleeding. I-I
need help. Put gloves on.
Right here.
Okay. Use the tequila
to, uh, sanitize them.
What have you done to
her? Is she breathing?
Come on. Faster. I need help now!
Put tequila on his gloves, please.
All right.
Here. Right here.
Here you go. Okay. Don't move.
What happened, Thony?
Look. She put a gun on my
head and made me cut her open.
And you thought that was a good idea?
She took a bullet a decade ago,
and the lead's making her sick.
That's what it was?
Is she gonna be okay?
Don't move.
All right. Got it.
Got it. Good.
Okay. That's it. That's it.
Is that it?
Yeah. That's all of it.
What now?
Well, now I close her
wound, and you pray.
How are you feeling?
Did you get it all out?
Yeah, I did.
Okay. That's good.
Dios mío.
All this was inside me?
So? I'm gonna be okay now?
Once your lead levels drop, yeah.
But you have to take it easy.
Jorge brought in a nurse.
She's gonna give you antibiotics
and start chelation therapy
to flush out all the lead.
I misjudged you.
I do understand Armando
now and why he trusted you.
Thank you.
Uh, can I check on you tomorrow?
¿Cómo te sientes?
I'm mad at you.
- I'm mad at you, too.
- Hm.
This is no way to live, hermana.
- We almost lost you today.
- Oye. Por favor.
I'm fine.
It's over.
I'm just tired of fighting with you.
I'm tired too.
This whole escapade with my judge
- Don't start
- No. Sí.
He was an important asset
to our organization, Jorge,
- to our familia.
- Yeah.
And you destroyed him.
Maybe I overreacted.
But this whole business with Nadia,
I thought you did it because
you wanted to cut me loose,
to leave me behind.
You have to know.
Every move I make, every
investment I try to get into,
they're all to keep us safe.
All of us.
Then whatever you do,
just don't cut me out.
I'll clear Nadia so you
can get that money unlocked,
but I need to be kept in.
You can trust me on that.
Is it terrible that I
wish you just let her die?
She would've let me rot in prison.
No, she wouldn't.
We've had your charges dropped.
I thought Oliver was your contact.
Ollie, Ollie, Ollie.
Well, yeah.
He was, but Ramona
has a lot of contacts.
So what now?
You go crawling back to her
and leave me to fend for myself?
Of course not.
You still owe me half
the insurance money.
I love my sister.
But now we both know
what she's capable of.
So why let her win?
Why do you think?
You're not. You're just letting
her think she's in control.
Very good, Nadia.
My sister loves to be
boss, so we let her.
Takes the attention off of us.
Well, you got admit,
we make a good team.
Oh, Luca.
What the hell?
- Hello, Mr. Pearce.
- What do you want?
Uh, I-I'm Thony, your
next-door neighbor and
Your son throw the
ball in my yard again?
No, no. No, no, no.
Actually, someone's been
stealing my packages,
and I was wondering if I
could check your cameras.
No. No one gets in my business.
No. I understand, but, uh,
it's a gift from my mom.
She sent it to me from
Cambodia, and I was gone.
I-I really I really appreciate that.
Thank you.
Hey, sweetheart.
¿Que pasó?
Nothing. [SOBS]
Oh, chiquita. Come here. Come here.
Did something upset you?
Is tía gonna be okay?
Sí, mi chiquita.
Everything's gonna be fine.
The doctor came, and
tía's all better now.
I promise.
Te amo, Papi.
I love you, too, sweetheart.
Something like this, got
to be the postman himself.
You don't even want to know
what the Postal Service
does behind closed doors.
Some of them ain't even
who they say they are.
Got to watch your back.
Never know who's watching.
Uh, I think they delivered
it somewhere else.
Uh, thank you so much.
Uh, that's what they want you to think.
Yeah. Bye.
One way or another ♪
I'm gonna find you ♪
I'm gonna get you ♪
One way or another ♪
I'm gonna win you ♪
I'm gonna get you, get you ♪
One way ♪
- Who are you?!
- Easy.
I'm a handyman.
One way or another ♪
I forgot about my babysitter.
Hey. Was there anything
else while I'm here?
One way or another ♪
I'm gonna win you ♪
I'm gonna get you, get you ♪
One way or another ♪
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