The Client List s01e06 Episode Script

The Cold Hard Truth

Previously on The Client List Honey, I don't want to give you a list of all the ways that you're ready.
But husband gone, ring off.
The only way to tell if you're ready is to go out on a date and see if you're ready.
Honey, why are you holding back? Well, for starters, I haven't been on a date since the 20th century.
I ended up going out on a date.
I didn't know -- even know you were dating.
I wasn't.
You two, get a room.
I'm trying to get pregnant.
Oh, my God.
That's great.
Now, what is going on with you? And where the hell is Dale? We had a fight.
Dale's not sure if he wants kids.
I am Mark Flemming, and -- and this is my son, Zack.
Zack! I think I know what went wrong with our kids.
Her daddy's been gone for a while, and it's been real hard on her.
And I think -- my wife passed away two years ago.
So sorry.
Oh, my God.
I just can't take this any longer.
No, this is a heat Tsunami.
Oh, tell me about it.
It's so hot, I'm sticking to the friggin' chair.
All done, ladies.
It should start to cool off in a few.
You are a lifesaver.
Oh, don't thank me yet.
Oh, God.
How much? Wow! Parts and labor get expensive.
Yeah, apparently.
Do you take credit cards? I'm afraid not.
Oh, let me see if I got a check.
I'm sure they take cash.
Okay, but I don't have $800 worth of cash in my wallet.
Well, maybe not in your wallet, per se, but lying around somewhere.
Uh, how about I just bill you? That would be great.
Thank you.
What has gotten into you? Nothing.
I just figured you'd pay in cash, that's all.
You know -- the cold, hard kind.
What are you talking about? Oh, for God's sakes, Riley.
Why do you have $3,984 in your freezer? Why are you looking through my stuff? And don't turn this around on me.
What are you doing with that kind of cash? I came into it.
Like inherited it? Exactly.
From an Uncle.
Which Uncle? Kyle's.
The one that lives in Nacogdoches.
Never heard of an uncle living out there.
Yeah, you know, he was the real loner type.
Always kept his money in his mattress.
That's kooky, huh? No kookier than keeping it in the freezer.
Well, I thought I would keep it close, you know, for a rainy day and thought if somebody broke in, that would be the last place they would look.
Unless they were looking for a snack.
So, how are things going with you and Dale? Fine.
We, uh, decided to table the baby issue for the time being.
You okay with that? Yeah.
Got to make sacrifices for the people we love, right? Tell me about it.
Since mama and Garrett broke up, she thinks the two of us being single together is cause for a celebration.
Is it? Ah, it would be if mama would stop playing that damn "I Am Woman" song.
If I have to hear it one more time, I'm gonna go mental.
Thank you.
Original Air Date on May 13, 2012 I love all these colors.
And look at that tiger -- so ferocious.
Raar! That's not a tiger.
That's mee maw.
You know what? I can totally see that now.
Okay, you guys go off to class.
Bye! Bye! Hey, Riley.
I haven't seen you around lately.
Well, between work and the kids, I'm like a chicken with my head cut off.
Welcome to the wonderful world of single parenthood.
Uh, the ring -- I-I noticed you haven't been wearing it lately.
Uh, well, I mean, it could be at the jeweler's getting cleaned.
Oh, that's what I figured, till I overheard some of the moms talking on the playground.
I bet they had a lot to say.
I hope everyone's holding up okay.
We're hanging in there.
Yeah? Maybe we could hang in there together sometime.
Oh, that's really sweet, but I'm not doing the dating thing right now.
I actually meant a playdate.
A playdate.
Of course -- with the kids.
Are you free this afternoon? I am.
I'm gonna be home around 5:00.
You could come over for an early dinnerwith the kids.
So, it's a -- it's a playdate.
A playdate.
That's all it is.
Nothing else.
Just aplaydate.
Oh, wow.
I'm just saying -- the woman can't save a penny, and now she wants to have a baby? Thank you.
What's the problem? You guys love each other.
Why don't you just bite the bullet? Because you can't rush into something like this, that's why.
You got to get your finances in order.
I got to start a nest egg.
Am I right? Well, you're talking to a guy who just punched himself out of a job, so Yeah.
You don't seem to stressed about it, tho.
Something will come up.
Hey, you're about to enter your peak earning years.
So if you're thinking about ever settling down and starting a family, you got to bank some cash.
Well, I figure what you bring home is a lot less important than who you bring it home to.
Yeah, well, you and Riley are certainly at home with each other right now.
I'm just lending a hand.
Yeah, you're lending a hand.
Come on.
I see you over there hanging out with Riley and her kids.
It's -- it's like insta-family.
Well, maybe because they are my family.
Okay, well, stranger things have happened.
I've seen some shit on "Springer.
" I mean -- hey, boys, what are we having today? Obviously, I'm not on the menu, although I could be.
Well, tempting as that is, why don't we just start out with some of that brain juice you got brewing? Yeah.
Okay, two coffees coming right up.
You see anything else you want, all you got to do is ask.
That chick is practically throwing herself at you.
We just flirt a lot.
It's no big deal.
Yeah, but you could close that deal If you weren't already into somebody else.
All right, look.
Even if I did have feelings for Riley, it doesn't matter.
She -- she's dating someone.
Come on.
No, it's true.
She mentioned it last week.
So, she's rebounding.
Who -- who -- who is this clown, anyway? I didn't ask.
You didn't ask? What do you mean, you didn't ask, man? Information is power.
You got to do some reconnaissance -- find out exactly who this guy is then squash him.
Want to hear more about that? I'll tell you.
Good morning, ladies.
How y'all doing? Oh, just peachy, honey.
Love the boots.
Well, thank you, ma'am.
I always say you can tell a lot about a man by the boots he wears.
Tasteful -- uh-huh -- reliable Worn out? Well, you've come to the right place.
How can we help you? Well, I just need a little "R" and "R.
" Heard y'all were the best in town.
Well, you can't argue with that.
You know what? I can take you now.
Thank you.
I'm Riley.
I'm Nathan.
Pleased to meet you.
Lymph nodes are a part of the circulatory system.
Deep strokes help release toxins that build up in the tissue.
I bet you're sorry you asked, huh? No, not at all.
Knowing I'm in such capable hands helps me relax.
Next time you're here, you should get the Swedish.
Best thing on the menu.
Well, uh what if I was interested in something that's not on the menu? I don't know what you mean.
Well, I hear that some of the girls here offer more than a massage.
What are you looking for? What can I get? Why don't you spell it out for me? What the hell is that? Oh, my gosh.
I am so sorry.
One of the girls left the hot plate on, set the alarm off.
Got to clear this place out.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, me too.
Um, we don't have a hot plate.
We sure as hell don't.
Okay, so, what's with the alarm? Because, honey, the guy on your table was a cop.
You had any trouble with your fire alarm before? I don't know.
We got a new system and everything, and this is the first time this has ever happened, so Thank you so much.
Okay, sugar, I need to know -- did he ask, or did you offer? I know the rules.
If a client asks for something, they have to spell it out.
So, nothing happened? Thanks to Georgia's impeccable timing.
Told you -- it's a dangerous game y'all are playing.
He just was so unassuming.
I can't believe that guy was a cop.
My radar went up the minute I saw that guy.
Never had his back to the door -- telltale sign.
But you just have a hunch about this guy, right? I mean, you don't know anything for sure? I'll know after I put my feelers out, get a read on whether or not there's a bust on the horizon.
Till then, we have got to proceed with caution.
As of today, we are all on high alert.
High alert? Does this mean we have to make our tips the old-fashioned way? Welcome to my world girls.
Hey, Hank.
Hey, beautiful.
What's with the jacket? Oh.
Justchilly, that's all.
You ready to get started? Always ready for you.
Let's say I want it ♪ let's say I want what's over there ♪ let's say I know it ♪ let's say I'd know it anywhere ♪ you're so pony ♪ Hey! so very, very pony, pony ♪ so very, so very pony ♪ hey! No.
Let's say I want it ♪ let's say I want what's over there ♪ let's say I know it ♪ 'cause there's just some things ♪ you know what's not and what is ♪ it's just like honey ♪ and when you get a taste of it ♪ so, baby, what I know ♪ there's no stop 'cause you are go ♪ no way I can tame it ♪ but, baby, I can name it ♪ you ain't no one kiss ♪ before you said it ♪ yeah, I could hear you say my name ♪ yeah, that's pony ♪ it lights me up like when you hold me ♪ you know how to take it slowly ♪ da-da-da da da-da ♪ da da-da-da da-da-da ♪ Yee-haw! Well, someone's feeling the beat today.
Well, you know what they say.
Music fills the soul.
No kidding.
You practically broke out into a full-on theatrical number during Ginny Voss' Brazilian blowout.
I'm just feeling inspired lately, that's all.
So I heard.
Riley making fun of me again? Between the kids and working all those hours, Riley barely has a minute to breathe.
I've been wondering how she does it all.
My girl's a survivor.
She'll do whatever it takes to support that family.
Whatever it takes.
Just wish she had more time for her mama.
Dale and Evan are going out tomorrow night, Why don't you come over? And we'll hang out.
Oh, that's so sweet, but you don't have to throw a pity party for me.
Come on.
It'll be fun.
We'll watch rom-coms, eat popcorn.
Riley and I used to have mother-daughter movie marathons Back in the day.
Maybe I'll drop by her house on my way home, convince her to take the night off.
Sugar, that'd be the icing on the cake.
Anything for you.
- Hey, you already had it.
- Oh, yeah? Hey.
Rough day? Yeah, you have no idea.
Well, the kids are occupied.
Who knew a tire swing could be so much fun? As long as Travis doesn't hurl again.
So, you got any, uh, big plans this weekend? No, not really.
Working a shift, playdate.
Really? That's it? Okay.
Why don't you just come out and say it? I don't have a life.
Oh, you got one.
Just happens to be real pathetic.
What's that? Just another damn bill.
Our A.
crapped out on me in the middle of this heat wave.
$800? Why didn't you call me? I can fix a compressor in my sleep.
Uh, 'cause you do enough around here and I didn't want to bother you.
You come to me first, okay? Okay.
I had a client today.
Could have swore he was police.
It's probably nothing.
I'd appreciate it if you'd check it out.
Just to be safe.
You know I always look out for you.
So don't you worry your pretty head.
Your little establishment's in good hands.
You ever watch the Animal Channel, Clif? Well, I had it on the other night, saw the most amazing thing.
This buffalo in Africa was just walking along, enjoying himself, when out of nowhere, this mama lion jumped out and tore him to shreds.
I'm talking head, legs, guts, the whole shebang.
And you know why? The circle of life, I guess.
She was scared.
Buffalo came too close to her cubs.
And when a mama gets scared trust me-- ain't nothing gonna stand in her way.
So, if there is a raid in the works on my "little establishment," I sure as hell better be the first to know about it.
He eats kiwi.
And she likes Brussels sprouts.
Do not! Do too! I like oysters.
What can I say? Kid's got a refined palate.
Can I show Zack my Republic cruiser? Sure, you can.
Come on, Zack.
Hey, wait up! Uh, another beer? Why not? Great.
So, was medicine always a part of the plan? Ever since Krissy Howard and I played doctor in the third grade.
Found your true calling, huh? Girl was one hell of a practitioner.
Taught me everything I know about bedside manner.
I'll bet.
You know, this is the most civilized playdate I have ever been on.
Oddly relaxing.
To playdates.
To playdates.
That didn't sound good.
No, it didn't.
Hey, Ri.
Oh, hey.
Hey, you guys, go back out with those things right now.
No water in this house.
Go! You shot me in the face.
Get out! Nice one, Katie.
Zack's on my team.
What on earth? A.
's out again.
Looks like you upgraded in the repairman department.
Uh, Lacey, this is Mark Flemming.
Our kids go to school together.
Mark, this is my friend, Lacey.
Best friend, actually.
An important distinction, no doubt.
Well, I like to think so.
Any luck? I can insert a catheter an eighth of an inch from a major artery, but as a handyman, I'm hopeless.
So you're a doctor.
That's what they tell me.
Funny, too.
Okay, you know what? Maybe we should cool off with some dessert.
I'll go wash up.
You do that.
It's just a playdate, Lace.
Playdate my ass.
That guy is gorgeous and single? I told you I'm not going there.
Now, what are you doing here, anyway? Oh, I came to talk to you about Linette.
Mama? Is she okay? Oh, she's fine.
We can discuss it later, 'cause right now, you need to get back to yourplaydate.
Stop it.
Don't make it sound so dirty.
- Oh, with him, it should be.
- What did I miss? Oh, just my brilliant idea.
Hey, munchkins! Who wants to go on a Dairy Queen run?! I want Dairy Queen! Yay! Me too! Oh.
Um, do you mind? You sure you want to do this? Lacey, maybe you shouldn't.
Oh, my pleasure.
Stay cool, you two.
Come on.
Okay, well, Lacey, can you just bring back vanilla? I would have taken you more for a butter-pecan girl.
Sweet and simple for me.
So, uh what do we do now? Your house, your rules.
Just relax.
Look, I think you pretty much covered my shoulders.
All right.
We'll move on down, okay? To your calves.
Well, look, as long as you're headed down that way -- Easy, cowboy.
I told you.
We're back to the basics for a while.
Oh, come on.
Can't you just make an exception? No, not when the cops can bust in here any minute.
That's a risk that I'm willing to take.
I'm not.
Just -- just try not to get too excited.
You're only gonna make it harder on yourself.
Yeah, no kidding.
That's an awful shame.
I was feeling extra generous today.
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
Stopped off at the bank on the way here, picked up a big wad of cash.
Looks like I'm just gonna have to find some other way to spend it.
How big we talking? Huge.
Huge? I never heard you speak ♪ Oh, my God.
I just can't take it anymore.
I told you I knew what I was doing.
Aah! Playing dirty, are we? Sorry.
Couldn't help myself.
we spoke on the phone ♪ Uh, we shouldn't do this.
I thought there was something going on here between us.
There was.
I'm sorry.
I'm just not looking to get involved right now.
Not that you're wanting to get involved.
I mean, are you looking to get involved? Well, if involved means seeing you again, then, yeah, I am.
My life is complicated right now.
This doesn't have to be.
I'm sorry.
I just can't.
Yeah, we had a water fight.
A water fight? What are you? 5? I don't know.
It's just after the kids left, it was so awkward, and I wanted to sort of ease the tension.
Sexual tension? Girl, what's wrong with you? A cute, single doctor wants to get busy with you, and you're saying no.
I don't know.
I'm just not ready for a relationship right now.
You do know, hooking up with a guy doesn't mean you have to marry him.
So naughty.
So, how y'all holding up? Not good.
Last time I made money like this, I was selling girl-scout cookies.
Not to mention what it's doing to my nerves.
Thinking a cop is gonna bust in at any given moment.
You could start to play it safe.
The tips may be small, but the peace of mind is worth it.
Yeah, that peace of mind is not gonna pay my bills.
Get! He looks like the happiest client I've seen today.
I saw another one of hers walk out like that yesterday, too.
Wait a minute.
You don't think that she's -- It's Selena.
I wouldn't put anything past her, would you? What the hell y'all whispering about? I'm no expert, but that looked like a man who got exactly what he came for.
Wouldn't you like to know? Riley? Oh, hey.
I hope you have a warranty for that.
Old one had us sweating bullets last night.
That so? I'm just glad Riley found a handyman so fast.
Brother-in-law, actually.
I'm sorry.
I just, uh, figured because of -- Yeah, well, my tux is at the cleaner's, so Gotcha.
I'm Mark, by the way.
Doctor, right? Yeah, we met a few weeks ago when you stopped by with your son.
Oh, yeah.
Without calling.
So, I take it Riley's not home.
But I'll make sure she gets that.
Goes in the freezer.
All right then.
Thanks, uh Evan.
Remember, in this economy, there is absolutely no shame in putting your hard-earned cash in a savings account or t-bills.
Now, people keep asking me, "Suze, how should I plan my financial future" What about just keeping your cash at home? stable income? Are you kidding me? Why? You're not squirreling away your tips again, are you? No.
But it's just if someone did have a lot of cash, why would they keep it at home and not in the bank? UhI don't know.
Maybe they don't want to pay taxes on it.
Or, uh -- or maybe it's illegal.
Illegal? Like what? You know, gambling or, uh, drugs or prostitution.
Why? You're not thinking about committing a crime, are you? Oh, no.
I mean, you're always saying that I should be more mindful about money, right? Yes, I am! Yeah.
Get over here.
You'll get it.
You better watch it.
Oh, I'm watching it.
Oh, yeah? Hey, Lace.
Big guy around? Oh, you know, glued to the sofa.
What else is new? Oh, by the way, I was sorry to hear about your uncle, the one in Nacogdoches.
My -- my what? So, you don't have an uncle up there who died recently? I don't have an uncle up there, period.
Why? Evan! Hey, you want a beer? What's up, buddy? How you doing, man? Hey, Lacey, can you do me a favor? Can you get us a -- who's gonna get our beer? Unbelievable.
Giving extras while we're on high alert.
Are you sure we should tell Georgia? We have to.
Selena's put us all at risk.
Girl's playing with fire.
She deserves to get burned.
Y'all better brace yourselves.
We know.
We were coming to tell you.
About the cop staked out in the parking lot? What? Blue Chevy been sitting out there bird-dogging us for two hours.
Oh, my God.
I ought to go out there and 'give that bastard a piece of my mind.
I got this.
What is she doing? She's getting in.
What are you doing here? You lied to me.
Evan told me he doesn't have an uncle in Nacogdoches.
I can explain.
Explain what? Are you in trouble? No.
No, I'm fine.
No, but you don't look like someone who hides thousands of dollars in their freezer, either.
So, are you gonna tell me where the money's from? You want me to keep guessing.
Did you steal it? No.
Are you gambling? I can't even beat you at "Go fish.
" What's left? Prostitution? Is that what this place is? A whorehouse? Look at me, damn it.
Look, I'm not having sex with anyone.
So what? You just give guys Oh, my God.
I'm gonna be sick.
It's not what you think.
Okay? I make my own rules.
Are you really trying to justify this? No, I'm trying to help you understand.
I don't want to understand.
I need you to get out of the car.
Lacey, please.
I said get out.
Get out! Y'all don't understand.
She has been my best friend since fifth grade.
I've never seen her so mad.
The best thing you can do right now is breathe, just try to -- Kendra! Enough with the yoga crap.
Don't worry, honey.
Everything's gonna be all right.
I just feel so stupid.
What was I thinking, leaving my tips in the freezer? Look, t-this friend -- she's not gonna go blabbing, is she? Good lord, Selena, why don't you just kick a girl when she's down? You know, why don't you just shut it? You're not the one with the problem, if this chick goes to the cops.
Says the girl who's still giving extras.
Excuse me? Oh, come on.
We all saw your client today.
He was one happy customer.
Really, Kendra? Is it true, Selena? Hell, no.
And I resent the accusation.
Yeah, well, I resent what you're saying about my best friend.
She'd never rat us out.
Oh, please.
It's true, right, honey? Yeah.
I'm just not sure that she's ever gonna talk to me again.
Then Betty Jo says she wants a refund.
Why should I have to pay for a permanent that didn't take.
Why is it my fault that she washed her hair too soon? Are you listening to me? Betty's perm -- she washed it.
Popcorn's ready.
Hey, Lace? Riley, you made it.
What's going on? "Pretty Woman," that's what.
Appropriate, isn't it? Absolutely.
It's the ultimate chick flick.
What are you standing there, honey? Go get your butt on the couch and get comfy.
Starin' like a blind bat ♪ walkin' like a stray cat ♪ you're not who you used to be ♪ He's a doctor.
What kind of doctor is he? The slick kind, drives a Benz.
Guess you were right -- what you bring home does matter.
That's it? Evan, come on, sack up, man.
Hey, I have known you since you were 7, since Coach Hatch made you ride the pine during every single one of our T-Ball games.
Remember how mad you were? I stuck a wad of big league chew in his glove when he wasn't looking.
Yeah, I've never seen a grown man yell so loud and then cry.
And even though he never played you, you never quit.
Not then and not now, man.
Come on.
Tell her how you really feel before it's too late.
'cause the present's all we've got ♪ Oh, isn't this fun? No men around with their stinky socks, constantly flipping the channels.
Just us girls and Ms.
Julia Roberts.
Yeah, great.
What? I thought "Pretty Woman" was one of your all-time favorites.
I grew up.
This movie totally glorifies prostitution.
The girl with the heart of gold, please.
Pass the popcorn.
Did you wash your hands? Nice.
Y'all hush.
What's going on between you two, anyway? Long day.
A long, hard day.
Okay, I'm gonna need some more wine.
I'm on it.
We need to talk.
I have nothing to say.
You have had plenty to say all night.
For God's sakes, Riley, what you're doing is illegal.
You could get arrested.
I know what the dangers are, and Georgia's got us covered.
Oh, so, what? Is she like your pimp or something? No.
Look, I am just trying to support my family.
There are better ways.
Show me.
Please, show me, Lacey, how I can pay my mortgage and the electric bills and pediatrician's appointments and summer camp.
You know, make all the excuses you want.
It doesn't change anything.
They're not excuses.
They're realities.
And if you had kids, you would understand that.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean for it to come out that way.
If I was lucky enough to have kids, I want them to be proud of me.
Not ashamed.
This may be really hard for you to grasp but I'm not ashamed.
Really? Then why are you keeping it a secret from everybody? What secret? Go on, Riley, tell her.
I'm sorry, mama.
I got to go.
Lacey, I've known you since you were in Oshkosh overalls.
I knew when you stole those candy bars from Walgreens.
And I know you're hiding something.
So you better spill the beans right now, young lady.
It's late.
What are you doing here? Lacey told me everything.
What you're doing, Sugar, just breaks my heart.
It's not what you think.
You're my daughter.
Did you really think I'd be so upset that you couldn't tell me? I didn't know what to think.
Riley, please.
Don't ruin your life At least not for me.
Just 'cause I'm on my own now doesn't mean you need to be, too.
Mama, what did Lacey tell you? She told me about that cute doctor, said you weren't giving him a fair shake.
Is that true? I don't know.
Well, what's the problem? I don't know.
I guess I just spent so long following Kyle's lead that I don't want to do that again, not with anyone.
Maybe you can't see it, Sugar, but you've changed.
You're not the same woman you were six months ago.
You're stronger, wiser.
You're living life on your own terms, and no one can ever take that away from you.
You either, mama.
I am not his lawyer.
That is, I am.
The state appointed me.
But Dilg doesn't want me.
He's innocent, he says, and why does an innocent man need a lawyer? Original thinker.
He certainly is.
Hey, can we talk? I'm not really in the mood.
Uh He's been shouting for years -- I was watching that.
Okay, so, now you're not watching it.
Look, I know why you're upset.
You've been harping about it for the last few months.
The baby thing.
Oh, we do not have to get into that right now.
Actually, we do.
We do.
Look, you never knew my dad.
He was -- he was a bitter, angry man who was always worried that there wasn't enough to go around.
I-I don't want to live like that.
And money Money comes and goes, and The one thing you can never get enough of is-- is time.
So let's do it.
Let's have a baby.
Really? Yeah.
Oh, Dale Locklin, I love you.
So, cool enough for you? It's perfect.
I, uh I just wanted to talk to you about, uh Hey, Evan this doesn't have to get weird.
It doesn't? No, not at all.
I totally get it.
You -- you do? Of course.
I'm not that clueless.
How much? For the air conditioner.
How much? Oh, uh You know what? It's alright, don't worry about it.
It's, uh It's on me.
No, I-I can't let you do that.
No, I-I want to.
Evan, it's way too generous, especially without you having a job.
You know what? I-I don't want your money.
I better get going.
Oh, uh, check your freezer when you get a chance.
Riley, um I meant what I said, okay? In this business, we got to be careful who we trust.
You're one to talk.
I mean, here we are all on high alert, and you never stopped.
All right, fine.
Look I just figured out a way around the system.
You know -- help my guys help themselves, if you know what I mean.
Now, I call that getting creative.
Wish I would have thought of it.
Jolene! Grab a drink before these lushes drink it all.
Actually, Riley, there's someone here to see you.
Did you come for another fight? 'Cause I don't think I have it in me.
I came here because Dale wants to have a baby.
Lacey, that is great news.
It is.
But you want to know the first thing I thought of when Dale told me? How much I couldn't wait to tell you.
And how much my heart broke because I couldn't.
You can always talk to me about things.
Just 'cause I drove all the way out here doesn't mean I'm okay with any of this.
What is all this? It's tip money from the salon.
It's not much, but it's yours.
I can't accept this.
Yes, you can.
You can take it, and you can quit.
Lacey, I know that you're gonna find this hard to believe but I like my job.
I do.
Something happens in those rooms.
I-I listen to these guys, and I help them with their problems.
Sometimes -- sometimes, it gets physical.
But for the most part, it is something much more important than that.
And I really wish that I could make you understand.
Well, I can't.
came undone, and now I'm not the only one ♪ But you are my family, Riley.
facing the ghosts ♪ And that is the funny thing about family.
You got to love them, even when they do stupid, crazy things.
Because the chances are, that is when they're gonna need you the most.
Thank God.
only one ♪ 'Cause I'm too damn old to find a new best friend.
ghosts that decide ♪ Me too.
the fire inside still burns ♪ all I have ♪ all I need ♪ I got to go.
He's the air I would kill to breathe ♪ Let's just take this one step at a time.
in his hands ♪ and still, I'm searching ♪ all I have ♪ all I need ♪ he's the air I would kill to breathe ♪ out of breath, I am left hoping someday ♪ Ooh.
Can I help you, officer? You have any idea how fast you were going, ma'am? I guess I got distracted.
I'm sorry.
Need to see your license.
Please step out of the car.
Uh, here you go.
I mean, I wasn't drinking, officer.
Out of the car.
I know you from the spa down in Sugar Land.
Good memory.
What are the chances of me pulling you over like this? Pretty staggering.
Wellseeing as how you and me are old friends, I'll -- I'll just let you off with a warning.
I really appreciate that.
But, uh, next time we meet I might not be so nice.
And I sure would hate to see a nice girl like you get into trouble.