The Client List s01e07 Episode Script

Life of Riley

Previously on The Client List Oh, we shouldn't do this.
I thought there was something going on here between us.
I'm sorry.
I'm just not looking to get involved.
You want me to pimp out Riley.
She's available.
Lay off.
You're fired, Parks! Look, seeing clients outside the Rub -- it's dangerous.
I can't allow you to do those outside gigs anymore.
You think you're sorry now? Just wait.
You just bit the hand that fed you.
You lied to me.
So are you gonna tell me where the money's from? Is that what this place is? A whorehouse? It's not what you think.
You are not actually trying to justify this.
You are my family, Riley.
And that is the funny thing about family.
You got to love them, even when they do stupid, crazy things.
What if I was interested in something that weren't on the menu? What are you looking for? [ Alarm beeping ] What the hell is that? Riley: What's with the alarm? Because, honey, the guy on your table was a cop.
[ Siren wails ] I know you from the spa.
Next time we meet, I might not be so nice.
And I sure would hate to see a girl like you get into trouble.
So, Georgia says that you've been coming here for a while.
Yeah, guilty.
Found this place back when I was running track at B.
and tore my achilles tendon.
Yeah, I felt some scar tissue there.
Yeah, I ended up giving up track but, uh, not my massages here.
Smart man.
Okay, you can roll over now.
So, you got a few minutes left.
Is there anything else I can do for you? Well, I got to say, it would be even hotter in here if you didn't look like my dental hygienist.
[ Both laugh ] And if that wasn't wedged into your [ Sighs ] Is this better? Much.
Now, where were we? You're getting warmer.
You know what? I think I have just the idea on how to turn the heat up in herereal high.
Original Air Date on May 20, 2012 Any clue why Georgia's called this pow-wow? [ Sighs ] Something happened to me the other night.
That's why I was asked to shag my ass in here an hour before my first client? [ Sighs ] This better be good.
Hey, sweetie.
I need a really romantic place somewhere on the Gulf.
[ Yawning ] For you and Bobby? Of course.
Well, I don't know.
Maybe you want to change it up before your big day.
You're gonna want to avoid South Padre and Corpus Christi.
Warm water, waves, and white-sand beaches.
[ Chuckles ] What's your idea of romantic? There's a Galveston B&B that used to be the governor's summer mansion.
It's elegant and private.
And boring.
What's the occasion? Oh, um Bobby and I are eloping next week.
Oh, my God.
Congratulations, girl.
I'm gonna have to step it up on making arrangements for your bachelorette.
What about your wedding? You know, Bobby and I got to talking, and we realized we'd be spending money that we just don't have right now.
Good morning, ladies.
Thank you so much for making an effort to be here.
Riley brought an incident to my attention that I think is important for all of us to consider.
Okay, so, I was driving home the other night on that empty stretch of the 59, and this cop pulled me over.
I recognized him as the one that was sniffing around here for a little something extra.
Anyway, he told me to get out of my car, and he said that he knew me -- from the spa.
He was trying to intimidate you.
Yeah, he definitely wanted me to feel scared.
And I just kept thinking how horrible it would be if my babies woke up the next morning and I wasn't there.
I take this seriously.
I want everyone in here to know that when it comes to my girls, above anything, I am concerned for your safety.
Will you have somebody look into this? Oh, I am, sweetie.
You know, a lot of us were under the impression that you'd already done that, and they didn't turn up a thing.
Well, apparently, my contacts must have missed a few things, Selena.
Oh, wait.
So we're safe in this place, but once we walk out the door, then It's a big, bad world.
Do I need to tell you that? While I may feel like your mother, I cannot protect you all the time.
But I am here for you, and I would like for you to be there for one another.
That is disgusting.
[ Sighs ] People can't keep their hair on their head these days, apparently.
Lacey, darlin', you talking to me? No.
[ Scoffs ] This is how it starts -- one hair a time.
Little shampoo, little conditioner, and before you know it, your relationship's clogged with a big, giant, hair ball of secrets, and I can't take it anymore! Darlin', why don't we step outside? We'll just be a moment.
All right.
Thank you.
What's got you twirling like a tornado? I-I can't tell you.
I'm not asking a question, and we don't have all day, so come on out with it.
[ Exhales deeply ] Not too long before Kyle ran out on Riley, Dale and I were at their house for a barbecue.
Well, the later it got, the more beers Kyle threw back, untilhe and I were on the porchalone.
He made a pass.
Go on, then.
Kyle said it felt like he was suffocating.
He said he didn't know how he was gonna go on.
And that Riley and the kids were probably better off without him.
He said if things didn't turn around, he was thinking of leaving.
Say something.
What do you want me to say, darlin'? The pig's out of the barn.
Well, what am I gonna do? I'll tell you what we're not gonna do, is make any more excuses for Kyle Parks.
You don't understand.
Last week, Riley told me one of her deepest, darkest, secrets.
Which was? I can't tell you.
It's a secret.
When Riley told me her secret, she looked at me with total trust.
And with those big eyes of hers.
They're all I can see now, so how can I keep it from her? I have to tell her.
Well, if you told Riley about Kyle back when it happened, you and I both know that poor excuse of a man would have still walked out on my daughter.
I'm just saying what we're all thinking.
You did right by Riley -- keeping this to yourself, and that's the way it's got to stay.
I don't like secrets.
Neither do I, but Riley's marriage is hers to work on with Kyle.
And telling her what Kyle said won't fix that.
So for once in your life, Lacey Jean, will you please keep your mouth zippedshut? [ Scoffs ] [ Sighs ] Whoa.
Time out.
I'm sorry.
I can't do this.
This isn't right.
I know I sound crazy.
And please -- this has nothing to do with you.
You are a beautiful and sexy woman, so no offense.
None taken.
I can't go through with this.
Did I do something wrong? Oh, no.
No, you didn't.
Um, Hank did.
He was the one that got me on the list here.
And he said this would be great -- and I'm sure it is great -- lots of fun, I'm sure.
But I'm interested in more than just shaking hands.
That's just a figure of speech.
Are you sure there's not something I can do to help you? No, because you're just an illusion.
[ Chuckles nervously ] What I'm trying to say is No one like you would ever go for someone like me.
And I know that.
And that's okay.
I justthought it might help me when it came to me being with Jan.
Jan is this girl who lives in my building, and, oh, she's terrific.
She's got these beautiful green eyes and this laugh that's so interesting.
[ Laughing ] And it's making me laugh just thinking about it.
She's so cute.
My problem is whenever we bump into each other, I'm just I'm so awkward.
I-I don't know what to say or -- or how to behave.
[ Sighs ] And I thought being with a woman like you would just help me get over all of that, but Oh, I don't know what I was thinking.
[ Sighs ] Okay.
You're right.
A massage is not gonna help your social life.
But, if you're up for something a little crazy, you still have time left in your session.
So, you still sticking to the Gulf Coast? 'Cause the flights to Cancún are barely two drinks long.
[ Chuckles ] Well, actually, Bobby just texted me, and he's thinking we should just look around here and get married.
When? If we can get a license, this weekend.
[ Chuckles ] Oh, Lord.
Nicole, can I sneak in here for a sec? Client is supposed to be here.
See? This weekend, huh? [ Laughing ] No shotgun involved in any of this anywhere? Fortunately, not.
Although, there were a few days last month when I was a little worried.
[ Chuckles ] Great.
See, I knew he wasn't gonna show.
He's a great tipper, but he's a flake.
[ Laughs ] Yeah, I was thinking -- maybe getting married in Houston or having an overnight in Dallas could be wonderful.
Yeah, sure.
I mean, w-what does it matter, anyway? It doesn't matter where we get married.
I mean, it really doesn't.
It doesn't.
Yeah, I mean, whether y'all want to run off or get hitched in the Alamo.
The only thing that matters is that Bobby's a great guy, right? He's a hard worker, and you said a great lover, so Oh, he is.
Okay, then.
Yeah, I'm being way too emotional instead of focusing on the facts.
Bobby's stressed.
He's got the bar coming up.
We got student loans on top of student loans.
Right, right.
So, w-what are you waiting for? Why don't you just pull the trigger? There's never gonna be a perfect time.
So, I don't understand exactly what it is we're doing.
Let's just call it a date to help you get comfortable with Jan.
Oh, gee, I don't know.
That doesn't sound like it'll -- You are gonna have to embrace this so it can work, all right? Now let's just get a cup of coffee.
Oh, I don't drink coffee.
Tea? Caffeine constipates me.
Too much information, Geoffrey.
Now, look, how 'bout hot water with lemon or just a glass of water? See? That's what I'm talking about -- that's what happens.
I say something stupid.
You are gonna have to do this.
Now, let's just sit down and enjoy the sunshine.
Can we find some shade? Yes.
There's shade right over there.
Thank you.
Oh, what'd I do now? Well, it would have been nice if you'd offered me a chair before getting yourself one.
I would have done that.
You're so pretty.
Thank you.
You can sit down now.
Look A woman wants a man to respect her -- open a door, lift a heavy object -- not 'cause we need you to do those things, but because it helps us know that you care.
I bet you haven't opened a door in like a dozen years.
[ Laughs ] Look, a woman wants a man's undivided attention.
She wants to feel like she's the only woman in the world and, eventually one day, have his true love and devotion.
That makes sense.
Riley? Oh, wow.
This is a surprise.
Long way from Beaumont.
Is it? I meanit is.
Uh, Mark, this is, uh Riley's date.
My date.
Geoffrey -- he is my date.
Uh, first date, actually.
But it's going really well.
Riley has a way of making me feel like I'm the only man in the world.
Aww, Geoffreyplease.
Um, what are you doing in Sugar Land? Zack had a-a Karate tournament down the block.
It's a brutal drive.
Yeah, try doing it five days a week.
I mean, if you had to do it five days a week, that would be brutal.
You know, likefive times asbrutal.
[ Chuckling ] I would imagine so.
Well, you enjoy your day.
We will.
It was nice running into you, Riley.
Yeah, you too.
I'll see you in Beaumont.
'Cause that's where I am most of the time.
[ Sighs ] Oh, God.
I'm gonna go get you a cup of coffee.
[ Sighs ] Hey.
You wanted to see me? Let's go to my office.
"Let's go to my office.
" [ Laughs ] Did I do something to upset you? It's not all that bad, I suppose.
I'm just surprised after what I said this morning.
You saw a client offsite? No, I didn't.
You didn't meet with a client named Preston away from here? Geoffrey? [ Laughs ] I mean, that's funny.
I don't think it is.
W-well, of course you don't think it's funny.
I mean, not that you don't have a great sense of humor, 'cause you do -- a really great sense of humor.
It's just you'd have to know Geoffrey in order to find it funny.
Oh, God.
I am in your chair.
Please, can we just -- okay, so the thing is -- this client, this new client, he's sweet -- innocent, even.
And -- and we were there in the treatment rooms, and I had barely even started Okay.
He was having trouble dating, so I took himfor coffee to talk about women.
That's all.
Nothing else happened.
And it just slipped my mind that I was supposed to say something to you about it.
And I am just so sorry -- really, truly, sorry.
I knew there was more to the story than what Selena told me.
Yeah, she must have overheard me talking to one of the girls in the lounge.
Listen, I know Selena is not your best friend, but my rules are my rules.
We do not ever see clients offsite.
Am I clear? Crystal.
I'm so sorry.
[ Sighs ] [ Cellphone ringing ] Oh.
[ Cellphone beeps ] Hey, Evan.
Hey, how you doing? I'm fine.
What's up? Well, I wanted to run something by you.
I'm about to get a job offer.
That's fantastic! With Berkhalter Construction.
Got a call from Beau this morning and I know how you feel about Taylor.
WellI like Beau.
You know, he's actually coming this way right now.
You know what? You don't need my permission.
But you are gonna take mama and I to celebrate.
[ Cellphone beeps ] Hey, Evan.
Thanks for meeting me.
Figured the ride would give us a chance to talk.
No problem.
How was the trip? Oh, it was good.
The train always gives me plenty of time to work.
Hey, so tell me -- that last job you had you really lay out Freddie Garza? Yeah.
Yeah, I did.
That's impressive.
Decking the job foreman doesn't normally have that effect.
Ah, Garza's nothing but a half-wit.
What I'm really saying is, someone that completes the work that you did on schedule, with a guy like that -- shoot, buddy, that's someone I want to be in business with.
[ Engine turns over ] [ Woman moans ] [ Man groans ] Oh, baby.
A lot better.
[ Sighs ] [ Sighs ] Hey.
Who's in room 4? Selena's in there.
Why? No reason.
She didn't know her husband was gay when half the town was wagering otherwise.
Not that I approve of that sort of thing -- gambling, I mean.
[ Door closes, bells jingle ] What in the world is she doing here? I don't have a clue.
Well, find out, will you, please? That busybody's here without an appointment -- I want to know why.
What are you waiting for? I don't want to know why she's here.
Excuse me.
She's not bothering anyone.
She's bothering me.
I don't like Taylor any more than you, but if she's got a reason for being here that we don't know about, then that's the way it'll have to stay.
Be mad at me all you want.
I'm sorry, but that's the way I feel.
Don't you have a sink to unclog? [ Scoffs ] [ Chuckles ] Stop changing the subject.
What were you doing listening outside the door, anyway? I was passing by.
Well, next time, keep walking.
You know, there's no mistaking what was happening in this room.
[ Laughs ] Oh, you can tell just by the sound? I'm not a fool.
Like I'm the first ever to knock boots in a treatment room.
First I've ever heard of.
Oh, please.
Then you are a fool.
What's the deal? Whether I'm seeing clients offsite or on, you just can't stay out of my business! What is going on in here?! Just a disagreement.
Nothing more.
Well, try "disagreeing" a little more quietly.
[ Sighs ] I am not telling you what to do.
Yes, you are.
No, I'm not.
And I'm not ratting you out, either, like you did on me.
Look, maybe you don't care what happens to the rest of us if you get caught, but you would be so stupid not to care about getting fired.
You know, my life was a whole lot easier before you got here.
[ Sighs ] Linette.
Taylor Berkhalter.
You can't be here for an appointment.
You're already as lovely as a day in June.
Well, I'm here on business, actually.
I'm buying the salon.
Did I overhear you say you're buying the Curl Up & Dry? Mr.
Bowers never said anything.
I know, but when Beau and I ran into him, he mentioned he finally decided it was time for him to sell.
Well, perhaps y'all made a mistake.
Oh, no.
He was very clear.
Oh, honey, I understand how upsetting this must be for the both of you.
Just like that, suddenly imagining yourselves out of work? But if I should buy this little place, I want y'all to feel confident that you can stay and work for me.
Oh, my stars, Lacey.
Wouldn't that be something? [ Chuckles nervously ] Taylor I don't know what to say.
I could almost cry.
Well, I really got to run.
Fingers crossed! Pray for me.
Taylor: Maybe we're better off going through your office and Maybe next time, you'll listen to me? What difference would it have made? None.
You're right.
It wouldn't have made a lick of difference.
[ Sighs ] But if Taylor buys the salon I can't work here.
Finish up for me, will you? [ Sighs ] Nutso day, huh? Yeah, I'm looking forward to the drive home just for some peace and quiet.
Hey, I've been wanting to speak with you about something, but we haven't had the chance.
[ Cellphone rings ] Bobby's out front.
Can we talk tomorrow? 'Course.
Good night.
Oh, hey, Selena.
I just booked you another appointment for tomorrow.
Will you just do me one favor? Stay as far away from me as possible.
We give each other some space, and hopefully we won't wind up killing each other, okay? [ Door opens, closes ] Hey, Riley.
Hey, what's up? Can you hear me? Where are you? Tin Horn Flats -- with Beau.
And Taylor? Yep.
She just arrived.
And I was just about to say you must be having some fun.
So, listen -- I, uh, I got the job.
Congratulations! Beau's got himself one kick-ass foreman.
How 'bout you? How's your day? It's been a rough one.
[ Men cheering ] What'd you say? I said that you owe me and mom a dinner.
You got it.
Talk to you later! Bye.
[ Cellphone beeps ] Spoke with my contacts.
Turns out the patrolman who pulled you over is a drinker.
Probably half in the bag when he pulled you over.
He won't be bothering you again.
So, what happened to him? They offered him a chance to stay on the force if he went away to rehab -- give him time to reconsider what he did.
What are you doing in here in the dark? I was on my way out.
Then, honestly, I ran into Selena.
Hey, you don't think your contacts could take care of that one for me, do ya? [ Laughs ] What is going on with you two? I don't know.
But I guess if we're gonna iron out our problems, we're gonna have to do it ourselves.
Yeah, well, you never know.
Life has a way of ironing out problems.
You gonna stay here much longer? No, not much.
I'm just gonna sit here and think about things.
All right, then.
Be safe, baby.
And don't forget to put the alarm on when you leave.
Good night.
Good night.
[ Door closes ] Beau's so excited you're coming to work for us.
I am, too! I'm looking forward to getting started.
Hope I'll be able to help lighten Beau's workload.
I don't much think that'll happen.
If he's not chatting up old customers, he's busy making new ones.
corner pocket.
You and I have known each other a long time -- I mean, all the way back to when I was dating your brother, for goodness' sakes.
Evan? Hi.
I'm Selena Ramos.
I work with your sister-in-law at the spa.
Oh, Selena.
[ Laughing ] Hi.
Oh, yeah.
We met at theCow Palace, right? Right.
Yeah, that was Quite a night, huh? Yeah.
Yeah, she put us to shame drinking that night.
It was crazy.
[ Laughing ] Yeah.
Uh, Selena, this is Taylor Berkhalter.
It's nice to meet you.
It's a pleasure, Taylor.
You are beautiful.
I love your dress.
How long have you known Riley? Oh, golly.
Since just right after high school.
And you say you now work together? That must be fun! Yeah.
Me and Riley, uh we're inseparable.
So, you think Beau would be up for a game of pool -- with all of us? How long you been around these parts, anyway? Long enough.
Beau, why don't you come on over here? All right.
Let's rack 'em up! You hear that, mama? I don't hear anything.
That's the point.
Don't you miss those kids of mine? Oh, honey, enjoy the few days of peace and quiet.
They'll be back from the church trip before you know it.
Yeah, running around, fighting, making a mess of things.
I'm so sorry about the salon.
You should've seen Taylor -- smug, congratulating herself.
Come on.
You don't even know what's gonna happen.
[ Door opens ] Lacey: Hello? Hey! Uh, you know what? Maybe Lacey could cheer you up.
I doubt that.
What are you doing here? What are you doing here? Where should we be? The movies -- that's what your mama said when I asked what you were up to.
Mama, we were never going to the movies.
I just wanted some alone time.
Don't take it personal.
How should I take it? Well, if you thought we were at the movies, why'd you come by? To see Riley.
Riley? Uhwell, it was before we had plans, and I kind of wanted some alone time.
Don't take it personal.
Um, wine? Yes, please.
She doing any better? Well, you know, losing a man and a job -- it's been a little rough.
And how are you doing? Same.
I'll talk more about it when she goes home.
Of course.
I'm just really glad that I have you to talk to.
I don't have to hide things anymore.
What are you two whispering about in there? Oh, your birthday.
My birthday? I like that.
Hey, mama, that peach cobbler was real good.
Was that your own recipe? That peach cobbler you bought today? Hey.
Why would you lie about peach cobbler? Why would anyone lie or keep secrets? Lord, you can't help yourself.
Help yourself about what? [ Scoffs ] About a week or so before Kyle left, you and I and Kyle and Dale were here having the barbecue, and Kyle told me -- [ doorbell rings ] There's the door.
Never mind.
What did Kyle say? Why don't you get it, Lacey? I said, "never mind the door.
" [ Doorbell rings ] Lacey, what did Kyle say? Kyle told me that he was thinking of leaving you.
I thought -- I just thought it was the beer talking.
Is that all he said? More or less.
Only that he felt like he couldn't go on.
You need to go home.
[ Doorbell rings ] Riley! I knew this was gonna happen.
No, mama -- both of you.
Kyle thought that Travis and Katie would be better off.
She gets the picture! Baby, are you gonna be okay? I'm sorry, Riley.
I really am.
Call me if you need me.
If this is a bad time, I -- I'm sorry.
[ Winterpills' "Weary Heart" plays ] My weary heart sleeping here beside you Kyle, what are you doing? Hey, baby.
The sleeping walls that hide you ♪ Come on.
No, Kyle.
Come on, now.
We can't keep solving our problems like this.
Stop it.
Kyle, get off me! Kyle, don't leave.
[ Tap on door ] Hi.
I hope you can forgive me.
I need to talk first.
I was up just running through all this in my head, and I was so mad at you for not telling me.
I guess I'm just worn out from keeping secrets and spinning lies.
I can't even imagine how you feel.
It was selfish of me to make you responsible for keeping my secrets, but there's nothing I can do to change that now.
The truth is, lying all the time it's just lonely.
And I guess I need you to be the one [ voice breaking ] That I share my life with now.
I'm so sorry.
I mean, Kyle had been out of work for so long, and he was feeling so low, and that night, he was drunk.
I hoped he was talking out of his hat.
But none of that matters now.
I made a mistake.
I hurt you.
And I'm sorry.
[ Door opens ] Linette: I knew it.
Knew what, mama? Ever since you made friends in fifth grade, you two can't stay mad at each other for more than a couple of days.
You got time to stay for a cup of coffee? Love one.
Yeah, you would.
Yeah, I would.
[ Both laugh ] Oh, hey, Riley.
Are you on the schedule? Uh, no.
I just came by to say "thank you.
" For? I havea date.
A date with Jan.
Congratulations! Yeah, you helped me realize that when it comes to feeling comfortable with someone, it starts by making the other person comfortable.
Sothank you.
You're welcome.
And you know what? Before I go I was curious.
Are your breasts real? Yes.
Yes, they are.
[ Laughs ] I knew it.
[ Chuckles ] [ Laughs ] Oh, hey.
Don't ask Jan that question.
Yes, ma'am.
[ Laughs ] [ Door opens, closes ] [ Sighs ] [ Scoffs ] Selena! Hey.
I'd like to talk.
You know, you can keep walking away, but you're gonna run into me sooner or later.
Didn't we have an agreement to stay as far away from one another as possible? Nothing I ever agreed to.
You know, you are a real pain in my ass.
You know that, Riley? Yeah, I'm definitely starting to get that.
So why don't you back off? Because we work together.
We work in the same building.
Look, here's the deal.
I have enough anger and secrets in my life, and I'm not looking to add on to it, so you need to get something straight.
I have no intention of quitting my job.
I need to make a living, and I will do whatever it takes to take care of my kids.
So you are not about to run me off.
Now I'll leave you alone.
Mind if I ask you something? What's up with Evan Parks and Taylor Berkhalter? 'Cause I bumped into them last night, and, um [ Smacks lips ] they seemed pretty cozy.
Even right there front of Taylor's husband.
Evan just got a job working for Beau's company.
That's what they were celebrating.
Well, them two, because I don't even know where Beau was most of the time.
Evan would never do anything like that.
Yeah, well, I'm not so sure.
I mean, from the earful I got from Taylor about the Parks boys, Evan and your husband if that's how you still refer to Kyle, 'cause that must be confusing.
So, what did you think of the Dolphin and The Mermaid? Oh, the bed-and-breakfast you recommended.
Yeah, I went online.
Sounds pretty romantic, right? I mean, I don't know if it's what you want.
It was perfect.
Bobby just doesn't have time to go all the way to Galveston.
Well, did you find somewhere else? I haven't really looked.
You know, we'll probably just go someplace close, quick.
Between here and Houston? Maybe.
You know what? There's a sweet little vineyard right outside Houston.
Really? Yeah.
big ol' fireplaces, rocking chairs on the porch.
Sounds nice.
[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I'll check it out.
Hey, don't misunderstand me.
I don't mean to get ideas in your head.
It's your wedding, and after my husband running off on me, Lord knows I am the last person to be giving marriage advice.
You're smart.
You'll figure it out.
You know, I really appreciate your advice.
I do.
Because you've been through this.
Hey, did I ever tell you Kyle's proposal story? No.
I thought that Kyle and I should probably break up.
We had a stormy relationship -- very stormy.
That's back when I confused fighting with passion and before I realized that a man never treats a woman better than when he is trying to win her heart.
Guess if I had known all that back then, it would've saved me a lot, huh? Yeah.
Anyway, I realized that things were done for Kyle and me.
I'd thought about it a lot, and I went over to talk to him.
Of course -- wouldn't you know it -- he was like, "No, I need to talk to you about something first.
" He proposed.
It was beautiful.
Kyle swept me right off my feet, and I never got them back underneath me till he walked out that door.
Every time we talk, Bobby changes plans.
Or he can't seem to see things my way.
Right now, it's him insisting we elope.
You're right -- if we're having this much difficulty in our relationship now, what am I gonna expect once we get married? Why don't you just take some time? Really think about what your gut's telling you about it all.
[ Voice breaking ] I'm afraid I don't know anymore.
Well, I don't believe that.
But I'm here if you need me to help remind you.
[ Sighs ] Damn it.
Okay, let me try.
You want my help.
You need my help.
Would you stop? For crying out loud, Kyle, you're in construction.
You build things for a living.
It's not me.
I'm telling you, they didn't ship all the parts.
Look, I just want to make sure the baby's got someplace to sleep, all right? I mean, and look at this.
What is this? Who builds furniture with this? [ Laughs ] Apparently, not you.
This crib is a piece of crap.
I don't understand why we can't just use the one that we already have and put Travis in a bed.
Because, Kyle, he's 2.
Okay? He's not big enough.
I know he's not big enough.
I'm just saying.
We got to stop spending money.
All right? We got to figure out a way to tighten our belts around here.
I can't even believe that we're about to have another baby.
Tell me about it.
If I'd asked you a couple years back where you thought we'd be -- You're not happy.
That's not what I'm saying.
It's what you meant.
No, it's no-- damn it! Sorry.
Why do you do that? Why do you got to make me feel like I'm the bad guy? Just 'cause I'm not jumping up and down 'cause we're having another kid, 'cause I got to pay for this big ol' house.
You always make me feel like there's something wrong with me.
I'm sick of it.
Evan, it's Riley.
Listen, um, me and Kyle had another fight, and he just walked out.
I need you to come and get me.
My water just broke.
[ Sighs ] Mama, you work in a hair salon.
Why don't you get your nails done there? You know I hate other people doing my nails.
[ Laughs ] Anyway, what I wanted to talk to you about was this morning, I went to the bank to try to get a loan.
A loan? What in the world for? I want to buy the salon.
Mama, buying the Curl Up & Dry could be risky.
If Mr.
Bowers can do it, I certainly can.
I've always wanted to do this.
Well, there must be some reason he's selling.
Riley Look I'll support you -- all the way.
Oh, you always support me, baby.
I'm just dreading dinner.
Oh, Lord.
Why? Well, aren't the Berkhalters joining us? No.
It is you and me and Evan.
He's bringing a date.
Well, good for him.
He's got a new job and a new love.
Well, let's not get crazy.
It's just a date.
He's not getting married.
As long as I don't have to break bread with Taylor Berkhalter, I'll be fine.
[ Chuckles ] [ Doorbell rings ] You'll probably slam the door in my face, so I'll be quick.
You're confusing, Riley Parks.
I have a list too long to enumerate.
However, number one on that list is that you say you don't want to date, and yet I saw you on a date.
So I am not giving up.
I would like to take you on a date, too.
Nothing complicated.
We could go for ice cream.
There's nothing complicated about a scoop or two of ice cream.
What do you think? Sounds good.
Really? Yes, except not tonight.
I have dinner with my mama.
Well, then, before you change your mind, go ahead and slam the door.
Yes, sir.
Is it just you and me in here? Yes, ma'am, it is.
It seems we've hit a rough patch.
And actually, you and Riley have hit a rough patch, too.
Yeah, well, I'm sure it's nothing we all can't survive.
As long as we do it together.
With all respect, Georgia, I know this might've felt like family at one time, you know, before there were so many of us, but now we're not a family looking out for one another.
Times are tough.
Now we're just a bunch of business girls looking out for ourselves, okay? They may not admit it, and you may not, either, but doesn't mean that's not the way it is.
Well, this place will be whatever we make it, right? Sure.
And the last time I checked, it's still my place.
Understand? Yes, ma'am.
You know, the one thing I've always appreciated about you is your honesty.
And I hope I can continue to feel that way, because if you start giving me the runaround, you and I -- oh, we're gonna have trouble.
I thought I'd be the first.
Oh, well, when someone else is buying, I try to be first.
You look fantastic.
You trying to say I don't always look fantastic? Oh, no.
It's just like you're a light.
Thank you.
[ Chuckles ] Um, congrats on the job again.
Appreciate it.
Hey, you deserve it.
You know, I've been thinking the last couple days, and I wanted to apologize.
What for? For putting you in the position to feel like you needed to look after me and the kids.
It's not your responsibility.
Oh, Riley, come on.
No, you're their uncle and Kyle's brother, but you're not my husband.
So I need to take care of myself.
Um Well, I hope you know that you can still count on me.
I know that.
Look, we both have been living in Kyle's shadow.
There is an actual fainting couch in the ladies' room.
[ Laughs ] Oh.
Evan, I'm so happy for your good fortune.
Thank you, Linette.
And I hear you have a young lady joining us tonight.
Why, yes.
Where is she? I can't wait to meet her.
I don't know.
I thought she'd be here by now.
I know -- I'm late.
I am so sorry.
Thank you.
Thank you.