The Client List s01e08 Episode Script

Games People Play

Previously on The Client List Kyle: I don't think you understand how big a mess we're in.
My disability checks are barely covering our bills, much less all of this.
I got the most awesome job at this spa in Sugar Land.
Isn't that like an hour away? Oh, trust me, honey.
It's so worth it.
Tips are great.
You can tell them I sent you if you, uh, really need a job.
I got the job.
You hear that, kids? Mommy is the official new breadwinner.
Having some issues with your shoulder? Uh, my hips and legs are a little tight, too.
Oh, okay.
I can take care of that.
- Nice.
- Hey! You didn't think it was important to tell me that the guys here expect extras? is legit.
I have a client list for a few guys who like a little something extra.
Kyle left me, and I have no idea if he's ever coming back.
Kyle's been gone a while.
It might be time to let the house go.
Their daddy's gone.
I can't take their house away, too.
Riley: I need to make more money here.
Get me one of the guys on the list.
Original Air Date on June 3, 2012 Taylor Berkhalter.
You can't be here for an appointment.
Well, I'm here on business, actually.
I'm buying the salon.
This morning, I went to the bank to try to get a loan.
What in the world for? I want to buy the salon.
I've always wanted to do this.
Will you just do me one favor? Stay as far away from me as possible.
We give each other some space, and hopefully we won't wind up killing each other, okay? Evan? Selena Ramos.
I work with your sister-in-law at the spa.
I wanted to apologize.
What for? For putting you in the position to feel like you needed to look after me and the kids.
I hope you know that you can still count on me.
I know that.
And I hear you have a young lady joining us tonight.
Why, yes.
Where is she? I know -- I'm late.
I got a secret I gotta tell you ♪ we're gonna make it just let me show you how calm down little reminder, everything's fine, yeah ♪ why the sad look, love? You look better smiling, oh so listen good I got a feelin' Riley: Hey.
What's up, besides you? Baby, are you crying? Mom, I'd know if I was crying, and I'm not a baby.
You're right.
Hey, how about I rub your back? Tell me again why daddy left.
Uh You know how you were -- you were trying to solve your word problems the other night? What do word problems have to do with anything? I'm trying to explain to you why your daddy left, why he was so confused.
Except [ Sighs ] For him, it wasn't word problems.
He had other problems that he couldn't solve.
That's like quitting.
It's kind of like quitting.
I'm not tired.
Why don't I just sit here and rub your back until you drift off? He shouldn't have left.
Derek? Hi.
I'm Riley.
I understand you're friends with Nelson Granger.
Friends when we're not competing.
Oh, the rodeo? Yes, ma'am.
Okay, cowboy.
What'd you come in for? Arms, shoulders, back? Um Truth is, I'm having some girl trouble.
Somebody break your heart? [ Laughs ] Well, I've been seeing my girl, Skyler, for about six months, and, uh, things are going good.
In fact, we just moved in together.
Sounds like they're going better than good.
[ Laughs ] I thought so, until she started laying down some rules.
Let me guess -- "Don't put that over there" and "Don't drink from that carton" kind of rules? Really, just one in particular.
She wants me to give up rodeo'ing.
She's too afraid I'll get hurt.
Well, I can understand her being concerned.
Oh, I can, too.
Trust me.
Riding's got its risks, but it's just like anything.
Yeah, except you can't get a hoof to the head unless you're in the ring.
Get hit by a bus just crossing the street.
So what'd she say about it? She won't listen.
Which brings me to what I'm doing here in the first place.
Skyler says she's not, um Well, we're not having, uhrelations until I agree to give up rodeo riding altogether.
She's playing hardball -- so to speak.
I'm not giving in without a fight.
How's that? Skyler thinks I can't last two days without her, but, thanks to my buddy who recommended you, she doesn't know I got a secret weapon.
Evan: Yeah, I'll take a quart of that, extra barbecue sauce, and coleslaw.
Man: You got it.
Can I get an iced tea? You really think that'll sit well? [ Laughs ] Hey.
You make that two iced teas, hon.
What are you doing here? I saw your truck, so I just turned around.
You on your way to work? Indeed I am.
I got to tell you, I don't know how you and Riley manage that commute every day.
That is a long and boring drive.
Eh, drive's not so bad.
I just get my mind to wandering and start daydreaming.
Yeah? Yeah.
[ Laughs ] Well, I'll be sure to remember that and steer clear.
[ Laughing ] Okay.
Iced tea is over here.
Okay! So, listen, um, speaking of daydreaming, I was thinking about dinner the other night.
I was just wondering if -- I don't know, maybe you'd like to go away for the weekend sometime.
Uhthat sounds sounds good.
Just Yeah, I just started this new job.
Well, maybe when you're not busy or, you know? I got to -- I should get to work.
I got that long drive -- thought that was you.
[ Laughs ] Hey.
What's up, Danny? Not very warm and fuzzy.
Hey, hands off.
Come on.
Hands off? Funny -- that's not what you said last night.
Hey, hey, cool, okay? Leave her alone, man.
Who made you bodyguard? Just get out of my way.
Get out of my way! Evan: I'll talk to you later, Selena.
[ Engine turns over, car departs ] Georgia: Somebody help! - Coming.
[ Muffled ] Hang on.
Come on! I can't see where I'm going! I don't want to break it.
Oh, my goodness! Oh, my God.
Put it right here.
Ah! Okay! Well, whose are these, anyway? Dee Ann.
Me? Well, that's what the man said who delivered them.
Are you sure there isn't some kind of mistake? They're so beautiful.
Could be a floating Rose Bowl parade.
No card? [ Gasps ] Oh, no.
Who died? Nobody died! Oh.
Then who's getting married? Well, that's it.
They're for Kendra.
Will you stop trying to give your flowers away? These are yours! Yeah, I'm with Georgia.
Besides, I don't think Kendra eloped.
Oh, hell to the no! Georgia! It's a relaxing game.
The only ones that's supposed to be relaxing around here are the clients! Understood? Give me those.
Give! [ Sighs ] Tearing up my walls.
This place costs too much to be bothering with hanging up stuff on the wall that ain't supposed to be there.
Get to work! Wow.
They really are pretty.
Lacey: What do you think they're saying? I haven't got a clue.
Bet they're talking about Taylor wanting to buy the salon.
'Course they're talking about Taylor wanting to buy the salon.
Hi, mama.
[ Gasps ] Riley, stop sneaking up on me like that.
Um, you were too busy watching Taylor.
I mean, a bomb could go off and neither one of you would know it.
Hush! Now, where's Travis? How should I know? Uh, I left him here with you.
Just thinking about working for that bottle blonde makes me dizzy.
Okay, you're gonna have to snap out of it.
Oh, I'll be fine.
I'd be better if a comet fell out of the sky and hit Taylor.
She's not the nicest.
I'll give you that.
She's probably plotting how to get rid of me right now.
Do you really think she's gonna take over the salon? Not if I can help it.
What are you thinking of doing? I don't want to count my chickens before they're hatched, but I've been talking to Mr.
Richardson down at the bank, and I'm gonna try and buy the salon.
I think he's gonna have good news for me.
After all, I bought Walmart before it split back in 1999.
[ Gasps ] Oh, my -- what are you doing?! Hey, is everything okay? No! It is most certainly not okay.
I just caught your son taking advantage of my daughter! Well, come on, kids.
Let's go play astronaut under the hair dryers.
[ Sighs ] Okay.
Taylor, I'm sure they weren't doing anything wrong.
I know what I saw.
What is it that you think you saw? Twinkle had her skirt up, and Travis was looking at it.
Taylor, kids get curious.
Not my kid.
Are you trying to say that this is all Travis' doing? I am saying this is exactly what happens when a boy does not have a proper male role model in the house.
Get up! We are leaving! Come on! Riley: And then Taylor told me that my son needs a stronger male influence in his life.
Talk about hitting below the belt.
Husband, wife, father, mother -- that is how it seems to work best -- I mean, in my opinion, anyway.
My daddy died when I was 8.
Is that how it's supposed to be? Oh! [ Groans ] Hey.
You know what? And I don't need her to remind me that Kyle's gone.
I mean, Travis cried the other night.
That's reminder enough.
There's no reason to believe anything unsavory happened between Travis and that little girl.
I mean, I even played nurse when I was a child.
Oh, there's nothing innocent about boys and girls when they get together.
Well, I'm just saying, these days, with the Internet and all the social media, kids are starting younger and younger.
I don't know.
I think boys are just born with a sexual appetite, and we grow up and learn how to manipulate it.
Well, I'm sure Eddie Snedeker still thinks about that little piece of heaven I gave to him back in the eighth grade.
Okay, we are trying to have an intelligent conversation here.
Do you mind? Well, pardon me.
Riley: I mean, it's like what we do here.
You know, these guys feel like they're craving some sort of physical touch, and they come see us.
And they pay us.
I wouldn't know.
Selena: Oh, the men you massage are just the same as the men we massage.
They are not! There is a big difference.
Yeah -- this big.
[ Laughter ] Jolene: I thought we were having an intelligent conversation about sex.
I remember my mother tried convincing me that babies came from storks.
I mean, actually flown in, tied to some bird's beak.
My mama couldn't even look me in the eye and tell me about it.
She wrote me a letter.
I think that's kind of sweet.
Not if you read what she wrote -- or saw the pictures she drew.
It even scared me out of sex.
Couldn't have been for too long.
How y'all doing this morning? Riley, someone's here to see you.
It's either the wife or the girlfriend of one of your clients.
How do you know? Honey, when you've been working here as long as I have, you can see them coming a mile down the road.
[ Sighs ] Hi.
I'm Riley.
My boyfriend said you gave him a massage yesterday -- Derek West.
Oh, yeah -- rodeo cowboy.
Right, so let's skip the nicey-nice, 'cause I'm pretty sure I know what he came looking for, and I want it to stop.
Men and women come into this spa to clear their minds and heal their bodies.
We've got nothing to do with their hearts.
My name's Skyler.
And I love my boyfriend, but we are having a big disagreement.
When it comes to what he cares about most, you or the rodeo, do you really want to make him choose? You think it's wrong for me to want him to stay in one piece? No, I think you're wrong for withholding affection from him and using sex to get what you want.
I miss Derek just as much as he misses me.
But if he's gonna keep seeing you, then it's gonna be the end for the two of us.
You really want that on your conscience? You're gonna do whatever you have to, but don't threaten me.
[ Sighs ] I guess I'm not gonna be the poster girl for your spa anytime soon.
Well, you're bound to run into problems when you're dealing with folk not wearing their clothes.
Think about it -- they're lying there on your table, as exposed and open as the day they were born.
Maybe I should be more sensitive.
Oh, please.
I think you make a great poster girl.
[ Chuckles ] What the heck are you doing this far from Beaumont? You, um you forgot your iced tea.
You, Mr.
Parks, are much too kind.
Now, seriously, what are you doing so far away from home? I got a job not too far from here, and I just wanted to talk to you about the other day.
You know what? We don't have to do that.
It's okay.
Three calls to your cell, not one of them returned? It was me inviting you away for the weekend.
It was just too soon.
But But what? [ Chuckles ] [ Chuckles ] I was embarrassed.
That's why I didn't call you back.
Well, I was embarrassed I didn't know what to say when you asked me.
Well, I guess we're in the same spot, then.
Well, I guess we are.
[ Laughs ] So, this is where you and Riley work, huh? Yes.
Now, I know it doesn't look like much on the outside, but the inside's -- it's okay.
You don't want to take a peek? Why not? I got nothing but miles of blacktop waiting for me.
All right.
Come on.
[ Chuckles ] Thank you.
All right, this way.
Hey, you.
[ Chuckles ] Well, Riley, it looks like you bumped into the ghost of Sam Houston.
Just surprised.
That's all.
So, do you need directions getting home? [ Laughs ] Selena was right -- this place is a whole different world once you step inside.
Oh, you have no idea.
- How about I show you around? - Yeah, maybe another time.
Riley, when am I gonna get back up here? Yeah, Riley.
Stop spoiling all the fun.
Well, it's pizza night, and the kids are expecting me to come over, so who wants to eat cold pizza? [ Laughs ] Yeah, no one I know.
You know what? I'll, uh I'll talk to you later.
You can screw with me all you want.
You can even screw Evan, because he is a grown man who can take care of himself.
But if you ever bring him here again, I swear to God, you will live to regret it.
Hey! Mee maw's bringing pizza.
Pepperoni? Half and half.
And I just ran into Uncle Evan.
He's gonna come by, too.
Hey, you know what? UmMrs.
Berkhalter and I -- we didn't mean to embarrass you the other day at the salon.
You didn't.
You think Twinkle was upset? I don't know.
What were you guys doing in that room, anyway? Nothing, mom.
Geez! Okay.
[ Door opens, closes ] Evan: Where is everybody? Can you go ask Uncle Evan if he'll come up and help me? Sure, baby.
Mom! Okay, I'm sorry.
I know you're not a baby.
So, you made your way back.
What was that all about, you and Selena? Nothing.
Forget it.
You know what? Why did you bring her the other night? Maybe if you just let me know that she was gonna be there, it would have made it easier.
Although I pretty much doubt it.
I thought you two were friends.
It's complicated.
She's a nice girl.
Nice enough.
Evan, you have never dated nice.
I know you don't have to be around Selena long to realize that she's a little rough around the edges.
Now you're just being kind.
Maybe that's part of what I like about her.
I ran into her earlier.
I needed to talk to her about something, so I came by the spa.
Next time, take a cold shower.
What were you doing in Sugar Land, anyway? I had a job.
What kind of job? Berkhalter has a construction site not too far from Mission Bend.
Well, there you go.
Maybe you should spend more time on something you're actually getting paid to do.
What has got you so fired up? Nothing.
It's none of my concern.
By the way, Travis was found in a room with Twinkle.
Maybe Taylor's right.
Maybe he does need a man around here to talk to.
Well, how about tomorrow I take him fishing? We haven't been up to the lake in a while, and, you know, give him a chance to open up if he needs to.
You would do that? Riley, of course.
Well, what are you gonna say? I mean, that is not a good game plan.
Well, guys don't like to talk.
I meanwe talk.
We just -- we don't do it face-to-face like this.
We do it shoulder-to-shoulder -- you know, like when you're fishing or working or driving a car.
Thank you.
[ Door opens ] Linette: Come and get it! Hey, mama.
Hey, baby.
Evan, your date the other night was delightful, if not a little brassy.
Yeah, we're not talking about Selena anymore.
Katie! Travis! Mee maw's here! With pizza! Come on! Let's eat! I didn't drive like a bat out of hell to eat cold, soggy pizza! Where are y'all?! Hey.
Be careful with Selena.
Riley: I was pretty surprised to see that you were on my schedule and a little disappointed to see that things weren't working out so well with you and Skyler.
[ Sighs ] I'm embarrassed to even say it, but she got herself a massager -- vibrator.
I know.
I know.
It's my fault, I guess.
Look, Skyler came to see me.
She was pretty determined that you're not gonna be riding.
[ Sighs ] I just I don't know any way to fix this.
The weird thing is, it's not even the sex that I miss.
I miss the smell of her hair, the way she scrunches up her nose when she laughs at my jokes -- even the bad ones.
[ Chuckles ] That's 'cause you two have a connection.
You better fix this -- and quick.
Otherwise trust me -- you'll regret it.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Kyle: Well, girl, what are you doing? What's taking you so long? Come on.
Will you just hold your horses? I'll be out in a minute.
You said that I'm gonna start this without you.
Okay, you ready? For what? Ta-da! [ Chuckles ] What? Baby, w-where did all that come from? And how much did that cost? [ Sighs ] Shoot.
This is not sexy at all.
Oh, no.
I love it.
Well, I was just, you know, trying to spice things up.
Soget to spicing.
Really? Yeah.
Come on, girl.
Let's see what you got.
[ Sighs ] Okay.
Well, if I was to do this, would you buy me something really pretty to wear for our anniversary dinner? [ Laughs ] Well, I guess everything is negotiable.
Good to know.
Come on.
Let me see this.
Good lord.
What do you think? I think you can have whatever you want.
I'm gonna remember you said that.
Do fish sleep with their eyes open? That's a good question.
I never really thought about it.
They sure are quiet today, though, aren't they? That's fine.
It's just fun being here with you.
Well, it's fun being here with you, too.
So, how's everything going with your sister? Fine, I guess.
She's weird.
I feel the same way about a lot of girls, too.
You do? Mm-hmm.
How about that girl that does all those beauty pageants? Twinkle? Especially her.
But her mom's even weirder.
Yeah? How so? The other day, I asked if I could play dress-up with her.
She said yes, so I took her dress and pulled it up.
[ Chuckles ] Then her mom opened the door.
And saw you guys? I never heard somebody scream so loud.
It scared me.
Well, I'm sorry about that.
Eh, like I said, girls are weird.
I miss my dad.
Yeah, I miss him, too, bud.
I miss him, too.
Richardson: Linette, I'm impressed.
The salon seems a sound investment.
It could benefit you well into retirement.
Slow down, Jim.
Don't put me in an old folks' home yet.
Richardson, I went by my own bank this morning, and I would like to help mama buy the salon.
Honey, I never asked you -- I'm offering.
From my preliminary assessment, you could use the help, Linette.
Baby, you can't afford to.
I have been putting money away on the side.
You two will be partners.
[ Laughs ] Partners.
Isn't that something? Yeah.
All righty, then.
Uh, Riley, I'm gonna need access to your personal financial statements.
Uh, which ones would those be? Well, general financials, assets, liabilities, proof of income, uh, tax records -- that sort of thing.
That's a lot of personal information.
It's not like she's running for office or anything.
I thought that I was just gonna, you know, give mama the money.
Well, technically, that would be the way, but, uh, your generosity has made you a silent partner, and as such, you're subject to the same scrutiny as any small-business-loan applicant.
Well, maybe I should just go over these at home.
Just get them back to me as soon as you can.
I wouldn't want your mom to lose out because we were slow to the go.
Of course not.
Isn't it great -- partners? Yeah.
[ Chuckles ] There you go.
Evan: Mmm! This is the best barbecue you will ever taste, Trav -- guaranteed.
[ Tires screech ] Well, look who it is.
Look, I'm not looking for any trouble, man, so why don't you just take off? Really, tough guy? You like telling me what to do, hmm? No.
Actually, I don't.
There's nothing I really like about you.
[ Chuckles ] Where's your girlfriend? I wouldn't know.
I would.
She's probably off doing what she does best.
Being a slut.
I'd really love to finish this conversation right now, but I got to get my nephew home, so why don't you get the hell out of here? You ready, buddy? Buckle up.
Who was that? Oh, that? That was just an old friend.
Yeah, right.
[ Engine turns over ] [ Door opens, closes ] Brought barbecue for dinner.
Oh, hey, thanks.
Hey, baby.
How was fishing? Uncle Evan decked a guy! Excuse me? Hey, you know what? Why don't you get washed up, find your sister, all right, before that chicken gets cold? Okay.
Thanks for today, Uncle Evan.
You're the best.
So are you, buddy.
You decked a guy? [ Laughs ] Got to teach that kid about guys keeping secrets.
That's not funny.
Evan, what happened? It was no big deal.
Just a little scuffle with some jerk.
Okay, so wait a minute -- a guy just came up out of the blue and decided that he wanted to fight you? All right, it was an ex-boyfriend of Selena's.
Seriously? Did I not tell you? Don't worry.
I took care of it.
Look, Evan, you're a great guy, but you don't always have to be the hero.
I don't think I always have to be the hero.
And even if I was, would that be such a bad thing? When it's for a lost cause, it is.
Well, you should know.
You've been doing it for years.
Look what happened to me.
You know, I don't think I'm hungry anymore.
I'll see you later.
Look, I'm telling you, the financials don't add up.
Or somebody at the bank has got it wrong.
No, you're the one that has it wrong.
Our savings is disappearing faster than it's coming in.
Now, will you sit down and look at this, please? Stop putting this thing in my face! Whoa.
Dude, take it easy.
Hey, you stay out of this.
I don't even know what's going on.
I'm just saying I think you should calm down.
What is it with you, anyway -- always trying to be a hero? Nobody's trying to be a hero here.
Look, this is my family, my life.
I don't need you coming up here, sticking your nose in my business.
You know what? I'm just gonna go watch the game someplace else.
Riley, you okay? Yeah, she's good! Calm down! Don't tell me to calm down! Evan! Why you always looking after him? I just wanted to make sure he was okay.
Are you okay? Yeah.
I'm fine.
You know, I used to think you were smart.
I used to think a lot about you.
Now I just don't know you anymore.
Is there a question hiding in there? What do you want with Evan? Why is that a concern of yours? Look, if this is about Evan, why don't we just leave things to him, okay? I think he's perfectly capable of making his own choices.
Got him fighting your battles for you.
Oh, yeah? How's that? He ran into one of your old friends yesterday, and it got physical.
Oh, yeah? That's kinda sweet.
Glad to see you're concerned.
He's fine, by the way.
You know, Riley, you may have some of the others fooled around here.
You may even have some of them thinking that there's this big life after leaving this place.
There's a very big life after leaving this place.
You think this is what I want to do? No, this is just what I have to do.
And right there is the difference between you and me.
You see, I know that there's something better out there, and I know that I deserve it, and I'm gonna go and get it.
You -- you think this is all you're worth.
You know, like you said, Evan is capable of making his own decisions, even though he's had a very long history of making the wrong ones when it comes to women.
You know, that's all well and good, but you even said it yourself -- you don't know me anymore, okay? You have no idea what I'm capable of.
[ Sighs ] Is it time to go home yet? Even if it was time to go home, it still wouldn't be time to go home.
It's ladies' night out, remember? Oh, I completely forgot.
Sit down over there.
[ Sighs ] Okay, but I'm warning you, I may not be able to get back up.
What's making you so tired? Worry.
About what? Well, most recently, I told my mama that I would help her buy her salon.
Oh, that's so nice! It's just, she's short on the financing, and so I told her that I would be her partner and, you know, help her out with the balance of the loan.
So what's the problem? The bank wants to get all up in my finances.
Yeah, I just don't want to take the risk on getting myself or this place in trouble.
But what do I do about my mama? I mean, owning the salon -- it's her dream.
Why don't you just come out with us, at least for a little while? You know, it might help you sort things out.
Where are you going? Saddle Ranch.
They put in a mechanical bull.
Are you riding? [ Chuckling ] I never had the courage to ride a real bull.
I sure as hell ain't riding no mechanical bull.
[ Both laugh ] But we can have fun, you know, watching everybody else.
Oh, my gosh.
That's it.
Count me in.
[ Rock music plays ] Whoo! Whoo! [ Screams ] [ Laughs ] Okay, ladies, let's show these boys how drinking is done.
[ Laughs ] Wait.
Whiskey? I asked for a spritzer.
Where's the ice? Neat or nothing! To the hottest women here! [ Glasses clink ] Be right back, y'all.
We got your message.
What's going on? I thought maybe we could see your form.
You've already seen his form.
If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go take a little ride.
Go on.
[ Chuckles ] I just thought this might be something Derek would like.
Are you kidding? It's his life.
That's the reason I wanted to talk.
Look, straight out -- last time he was in the spa, we didn't finish.
Didn't mean anything.
He missed you.
I miss him, too.
Can't believe I bought a vibrator.
I haven't even taken it out of the box.
My husband -- ex-husband missing husband? I don't even know what he is.
Um, anyway, he was a big deal at U.
Football was his life, and when he started getting noticed from the pros, well, you would have thought he just died and gone to heaven.
Anyway, then Kyle got injured, and that was that.
His spirit broke the day that he crushed his knee, and he was never the same.
He lost himself, and I lost the man that I loved.
Men are complicated.
Get more so every day.
[ Crowd cheering ] [ Laughs ] Go on.
Thank you.
Jolene: It's about time.
Where you been? I'm sorry, but this hair doesn't straighten itself.
What is with the hat? Someone just plopped it on head on the way back from the ladies' room.
You like it? That reminds me -- I got to pee.
And no.
So, are we your final destination or just a pit stop on your way to something better? Come on -- you know there's always someplace better down the road for me.
I'm gonna get another drink, y'all.
Okay, y'all, I think I am gonna go home early, let the babysitter go.
How would you like tomorrow off, take care of your kids, take care of your mama, take care of yourself? Uh, I would say yes.
Too bad you can't afford it, huh? She can if it's my treat.
Really? Thank you, Georgia.
Good night, you two.
I was afraid you'd left.
Um I wanted to give this to you.
Oh, thank you.
Open it when you get home.
Thank you for sticking your neck out for us -- you know, for calling me and Derek on our bullshit.
Hey, I was there with my husband once.
Manipulation -- it's a powerful thing.
[ Laughs ] Good night.
Good night.
[ Crowd cheering ] [ Knock on door ] Since when do you knock? Trying to be respectful.
Well, come on in.
So, I was driving by, and I realized we never did get a chance to talk about Travis andWinkie.
You might want to get that right if you're gonna keep working for the Berkhalters.
Good point.
Well, turns out it was nothing more than a silly game they were playing -- totally innocent.
Yeah, that's what I figured.
That's what my gut was telling me.
Well, you've always had a good gut.
Well, thanks for talking to him, nonetheless.
He's a good boy.
He is.
I am gonna be late.
Got so much free time, I can't keep track of it.
Bye, now.
Is that whisker burn? But Duke has a baby-smooth face.
Aren't you always telling us that? S-so, where'd you get the whisker burn? Jolene, leave it alone! Oh, you're seeing someone.
He's the one who sent you the flowers.
He's the reason you can't bring them home.
What is your problem? Yes, I'm seeing another man, but Duke doesn't care! It's an open relationship! Or have you forgotten that? Georgia: How's everything going in here? All right? You know, I can hear you all the way down in reception.
It's my fault.
I don't care whose fault it is.
I'm just trying to figure out what's going on with you two.
I'm waiting.
Are you serious? Well, if you're gonna act like children, I intend to treat you like children.
I was nosing around in Dee Ann's personal life.
Is that it? Georgia, really, it's fine.
I wasn't being judgmental.
I justthought that maybe I could help.
I know I come off as the moral police.
I don't mean to.
I just feel so different from everyone else here.
And I know that doesn't even matter.
What matters is that you know that I care.
And I do.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Just keep your voices down.
Like a morgue around here.
How about we listen to some music? Keep it low.
Never mind.
[ Sighs ] What? Well, how come no one's saying anything? Oh.
Riley told you about me seeing her brother-in-law, huh? I know she's not happy about this, but at this point, I don't give a damn, okay? It started off as something different, butI don't know.
I think I -- I think I kinda like this guy.
Oh, whatever! Look, this guy I'm seeing, it's -- it's nothing.
I-it's just fun.
Just fun.
Dee Ann, are you sure this is a good idea? No.
Probably not.
I don't know.
He's just -- he's so different from Duke.
What if it turns serious? It won't.
What if it does? [ Voice breaking ] I don't know.
Riley, I hope that you've managed to get Travis under control.
I wouldn't like hearing he's harassing other children.
Travis doesn't need to get under control.
Neither does Twinkle.
You do.
Excuse me? Oh, yeah, I heard that you got all hysterical and made a mountain out of a molehill again.
I doubt that.
Look, you can believe whatever you want, but our kids are perfectly normal, and nothing was going on between them.
You know what? I have a surprise for you.
It's a vibrator.
Loosen up, Taylor.
Riley, before you go out there, your mama got some bad news from the bank today.
Even with the money you wanted to give her, she won't be able to outbid the Berkhalters.
[ Sighing ] Oh, boy.
Let's go cheer her up.
Hey, mama.
Lacey just told me.
I'm so sorry.
Hey, there's my partner.
But you're not getting the loan.
You're still my partner.
Yes, mama, I am.
Sit down, Lacey.
Oh, this could be so much fun.
I'm thinking about ways to spruce up the place -- maybe even add a new coat of paint.
What do you think of seafoam? Studies say that green has a calming influence.
I thought that was blue.
Well, anyway, just for one day, y'all, let's pretend the salon is mine, okay? What will we do? Hold on to hope, love I searched high and low for you ♪ for you each day gets closer so hold on stronger to me and you someday soon Ow.
Someday soon Mama? I'm sorry, baby.
Did I wake you? It's okay.
Can you come lay down with me? Sure I can.
Yeah, oh I love you.
I love you.
[ Smooches ] Someday, oooooh, oh