The Club (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

[pigeons cooing]
[continues panting]
[man on radio]
The Act of General Pardon,
prepared by the Council of Ministers,
will today be put to a vote
in the Turkish Parliament.
Those who were convicted
of communism as well as espionage,
habitual offenders and also
those that were granted amnesty
under the 1950 Act of Pardon
will be excluded
from the benefits offered by this act.
The Act of General Pardon
has come into effect
[woman 2] Matilda.
May Allah answer your prayers.
- [woman 3] They've granted us a pardon!
- [women clamouring, shouting]
[in Hebrew] Blessed are You, Lord our God,
King of the universe,
who has sanctified us
with His commandments
and commanded us
to light the Shabbat candles.
[in English] Ester! Ester!
Come out and play!
[in Ladino] Do you like this colour?
Should I go with this colour?
Mum, should I?
[woman] Come on, girls.
The door!
I'll get it. Mum, the seamstress is here.
Come in.
[Ester] Come on, girls.
The seamstress is here.
[in English] Matilda?
I'm pleased you got out.
- [in Ladino] Were you pardoned too?
- Yes.
Is Monsieur Davit
Monsieur Davit's on the phone.
It's a very important call.
It'll take a while.
Why are you here?
- Can I help you?
- I'll come back later.
[in English] Matilda.
I can appreciate
why you want to go to Israel.
But it's been more than 400 years.
You belong here now.
Matilda, you know in Kula,
we're still a big family.
I don't have family anymore.
I'm here to give you this.
Will you give it to her when she turns 18?
[knock on door]
Mordiko, come, my boy. My son.
- Welcome.
- Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
[exhales] You used to love these.
Won't you even ask what her name is?
You must come and see her.
I'm not here to disrupt her life, Davit.
What life
are you talking about here, Matilda?
She lives in an orphanage.
An orphanage?
Where else, Matilda?
Who would adopt her?
I didn't know what to do. I just
wanted to keep her from going astray.
So she's grown up in the orphanage,
where we can keep an eye on her.
Remember, I gave you my word.
[in Hebrew] To hush.
[in English] I kept my promise.
Yes, but I have nothing to give her.
The only thing I have is this envelope.
You're her mother. You're not serious.
[in Ladino] There's no better friend
to a girl than her mother.
I can't.
[in English] I'll go to the rabbinate and
pick up the documents for you to travel.
Come and get them tomorrow.
Since you're so determined
not to see her or even talk to her
maybe you'd at least like
to know what she looks like.
- [chattering]
- [infant wailing]
[woman in Ladino] Come on, Davitiko.
Hurry up. Go get the goods.
Shut the door.
There's a vacant room upstairs.
The curfew is at sundown.
They let all the shady bunch out
with the pardon.
God help us. Come on.
[inhales, exhales]
- [door opens]
- [giggles]
- [woman in English] Come on, tell me.
- All right.
[woman] So did you give him the letter?
[woman 2 sighs]
He's just a chauffeur. I don't know why
you're making a big deal of it, Tasula.
- [woman] Raşel!
- [laughs]
- Tell me everything.
- All right, calm down, will you?
- [chuckles]
- [sighs] I waited for hours.
And then finally,
the honourable man turned up.
You'd have thought I was a beggar
from the clothes I was wearing.
- [laughs]
- And?
[Raşel] I went to Pera looking as scruffy
as they come, just for my friend.
Anyway, Peachy İsmet eventually
decided to honour us with his presence.
He was surrounded by girls.
You'd think it was the queue
for water in Tatavla. [chuckles]
Just as I was about to go and talk to him,
a Marilyn Monroe-looking stunner
pushed me aside and got in.
- Excuse me.
- The lady was here first.
Let me to introduce you to this man.
His name is İsmet,
and he isn't to be trusted in any way.
He'll most probably abandon you.
It's what İsmet does.
- What is this?
- Are you free?
I should tell you that
I'm not to be trusted
and could abandon you along the way.
It's good that you know yourself so well.
- You're gonna be trouble.
- Well, I'll take that as you're free.
Hang on a minute.
Aren't you that little curly-haired girl
who's friends with Tasula?
I almost couldn't tell
with the makeup and everything.
You were already nice,
but now you've really blossomed.
Well, thank you.
Peachy! There he is.
- As-salamu alaikum, gentlemen.
- [man] Alaikum salamu.
Mr. İsmet doesn't even bother
honouring God's greetings.
Haven't I told you not
to come around this station? [huffs]
You're lucky I don't crush you, Ali Şeker.
How dare you say God's greetings.
[man] Move along, gentlemen!
[Raşel] Was that your father?
[scoffs] He's a bastard.
I assumed so.
[engine turns over]
[Tasula] Then what?
Did you give him the letter?
- [Raşel] I did.
- [Tasula] What did he say?
He took it and drove away with Pakize.
Well that blonde woman.
[laughing] Pakize's her name. Blondie!
So he has his fun with Tasula,
but he ties the knot with Pakize.
Typical. They'll consort
with non-Muslim girls,
and then go and marry a Muslim one.
["Come on Little Bird" playing]
[brake ratchets]
[İsmet] Well, I'm all ears.
- All ears?
- [İsmet] Oh, come on.
The way you got in my taxi,
it wasn't because
you wanted to cruise around all day.
So tell me, what have I done and to who?
If you don't know
what you've done and to who
I know what this is about.
Then you also must be aware
how much you hurt her.
You seem to know a lot.
But you're blind.
You're blind, and you're stupid.
You're stupid
because you got into a stranger's car
and came all the way up here this late
just because your friend asked you to.
You're blind because you don't see that
I have my eyes on you, rather than Tasula.
- [Raşel sighs]
- Hmm.
[exhales] The young lady
is speechless, Pakize.
- Pakize?
- [taps dashboard]
[chuckles] So your car has a name?
And your name?
- [gasps, sighs]
- [both chuckling]
Since when have you been looking?
Come on, little bird, 'twas you ♪
Oh, you can fly, fly, fly
Away from me ♪
But you can't escape ♪
I will try, try, try
To reach the sun for you ♪
Just you ♪
Aysel, I'm not a nice man,
and you're only gonna get yourself hurt.
Maybe you'll be the one who gets hurt.
[Tasula sobbing]
What's the matter?
I loved him so much. [sighs]
My heart is aching. I can't breathe.
Just 'cause I'm a dancer, it's like
I have this "cheap girl" sign on me.
- Tasula.
- You see?
That man took my ID off me,
then threw me out.
- Wait a minute. Who took it?
- Çelebi.
The manager at Club Istanbul.
Forget it. It doesn't matter.
- It's not like anyone cares.
- How can you say that to me?
- [panting]
- Should we just give up?
If we get caught,
they won't let me work in Pera ever again.
Who would stop you from working?
What's going on with this man?
He sacks you, takes your ID.
- Is he in the mob?
- [grunts]
He's not going to give me back my ID.
He wants me to come crawling back
like a dog and beg for my job back.
- Oh, so he is in the mob.
- [exhales]
[whispering] Where is Çelebi's office?
[gasps] So this is Club Istanbul.
This place is bigger than the orphanage.
[shushes] Keep it down!
There's a guard outside.
[Raşel chuckles]
[Tasula whispers] Raşel!
[chuckles] Why did he sack you, anyway?
Because of İsmet.
[sighs] We were fooling around,
and I was late for work.
[exhales] I got so carried away
with İsmet.
I'm telling you,
he won't even read that letter.
- I bet he's already thrown it away.
- [clicking]
[Raşel sighs]
So, Mr. Manager,
where did you hide those IDs?
Are they smugglers?
It's locked. Find something to open this.
- What the hell are you doing?
- [gasps]
- Out, get out!
- [gasps, grunts]
- [man grunts]
- [screams]
- What's this?
- A television.
Hats! Hats!
Don't come to Pera without a hat!
We have all the best hats right here!
Hats! Hats
[bell rings]
Come. Newspaper, please.
[salesman] Come on, best hats in Istanbul!
Hats, hats! Come and get your hats.
Well, it looks like we're in Istanbul.
Yeah, we've made it.
Hey, you. Eyes ahead!
Actually, you should be looking there.
If you don't own a building like that
and a beautiful car,
you think these girls
are gonna look at you?
- I suppose they won't.
- Ha.
That man is our future. Mark my words.
[woman] I told you not to do that.
Now come here.
You two come with me.
And you two stay here.
I'll take you to Club Istanbul.
Are we supposed
to work somewhere that serves drink?
Yeah, of course.
Don't worry. It's not a sin unless
you're the one drinking it. [laughs]
[woman 2] Go on, get out of here!
[man grunts] Let go of my arm, please!
Go on, get out of here!
Don't you come back.
Vermin! What do you know about vision?
One of these days,
you'll be queuing to see my show, eh?
But I'll show you the respect
you've never shown me.
[man 2] Go on, move it!
We'll see if you're ashamed then.
Come on, let's go then.
Selim, I think it's time to give up.
I'm not giving up on this.
[woman in Ladino]
I'm coming! I'm coming!
[in English] I'm here
to see Monsieur Davit.
He left travel papers
for me to go to Israel.
I'm afraid I don't know. He went
to the police station early this morning.
[in Ladino] One of the girls
at the orphanage, Raşel,
she assaulted a Muslim guy,
the manager of Club Istanbul.
[in English] Don't you think that I know
how to call the police?
How dare you try to tell me
how to do my job.
If Orhan so much as gets a whiff of this,
you know
that I'll smash your face in, right? Huh?
Come here. Hey!
- Is Orhan here?
- He's with Simon the agent.
[man] Over there, take it over there!
Is Çelebi in? Mmm! Smells great.
[exhales] You two stay here
and don't go spattering mud everywhere.
What's wrong, Çelebi?
What's the fuss about?
Some bitch broke in last night
and was rummaging around.
When she couldn't find any money,
she's demolished the whiskey vault.
[Ali] All of it?
No, she left one bottle
and attached a note to it.
"P.S. This bottle
should go up Ali Şeker's" damn it!
[Ali] So, no money for me then?
[scoffs] Every man for himself, huh?
I'm going down to the station.
I'm gonna have to sort this out
before Orhan hears anything about it.
[Ali sighs]
You'd better stay away from here as well.
What about these two?
Ten lira until the place opens.
And that's final.
It's done. Five lira until it opens.
You won't find better than that.
The place has its very own boarding house,
so you'll stay there.
The rent will be deducted from your wages.
So I'll be playing bağlama, will I, sir?
- Ha! My boy, you'll be cleaning floors.
- [chuckles]
- [Ali] Ismail!
- Yes, sir?
[Ali] I've talked to the manager.
You're responsible for them.
- Put them to good use, yes?
- [Ismail] Will do.
[Ismail] Now then, boys, come with me.
[man] The season gala is in a week.
We shook hands on the terms.
There's going to be an ad in the papers.
But Sevim wants a pay raise?
Is that right, Simon?
[inhales] I don't drink alcohol
this early. Thanks, Orhan.
You don't drink this early,
but you have no problem having sex.
[scoffs] You're really
screwing me over, Simon.
Not at all, Orhan my dear.
Don't be upset. We can sort this out.
Why don't you take Sevim tomorrow
and go to the Bosphorus?
It's turbot season.
[exhales] Then on your way back
when you're in Yeniköy,
you'll see the Mavi Yelken club
on your right. You know it.
Go and see that Tarik
who you trust so much.
And then when he's read
the newspapers tomorrow
and seen that I personally fired
the headline act from my show,
ask him how much he'll pay her.
Why don't we keep the focus
on our business?
Sevim keep singing her songs
or pay your long overdue loans
to the banks.
I must say I'm impressed.
She's managed to find the only agent
in this business
who doesn't know that blackmail
is the only thing I won't stand for.
[woman continues vocalizing]
- Yes, who are you here to see?
- Oh, I'm here for Orhan Şahin.
- You're with the police, are you?
- Yes, the police, thank you.
Orhan's office is that way upstairs.
Uh, well, it was I who reported
the incident. Hasan Kapusuz.
Well, I'll make a note of that,
Hasan Kapusuz.
- [woman singing in Turkish]
- [slow-tempo tune playing]
- [man] Be quiet at this time, please.
- [music stops]
[music begins]
Orhan, sir?
- [huffs]
- You must forgive me for my insolence.
I'm only asking that you
spare me some of your time. Five minutes.
I'm not interested
in whatever it is you're selling.
I happen to be selling dreams, sir.
I believe that's what you also do.
Although, I can see your dreams
are pretty boring.
[chuckles, clears throat]
- [sighs]
- You have a point there.
[clears throat] Selim Songür.
And what is your dream, Selim?
Have you ever noticed, Mr. Orhan
the taxis drive down this street
carrying alafranga and alaturca lovers?
They do, but they stop at opposite ends,
don't they?
Why shouldn't they all open their doors
in front of Club Istanbul?
I'm offering you the chance here to
pull the carpet out from under this city,
with a breathtaking and awesome show
of Turkish songs.
The traditional co-existing at last
with the modern. Just imagine it.
And it's our stories
that will step into the bright spotlight,
the struggle between East and West.
How we make love
or how we change each other.
Like a home. Like Turkey, I suppose.
Come, let's talk in my office.
[Davit sighs] Where is this man?
[man] Any minute now.
He's agreed not to press charges.
You haven't left the papers.
We'll arrange it, Matilda.
Once we get the girl released.
She was in a holding cell all night.
[guard] All right, girl! That's enough!
Shush! I hope your dad gets you out soon.
That's not going to happen.
[Davit] We are grateful for your kindness.
- It's nothing.
- [Davit] It brings us great shame.
Matilda is the girl's mother.
She too is very sorry for all this.
If you wouldn't mind,
could we bring this to a close?
The judge is expecting us in there.
I'm Çelebi.
[knock on door]
I've changed my mind about the charges.
I'll see you in court.
[Davit] What's wrong, sir?
Why the sudden change of heart?
Just because.
[Davit] This is bad, innit?
What are we supposed to do?
If the girl's convicted,
there's no saving her.
- [prisoner] Stop banging, will you?
- [banging door] Just stop it!
- Stop!
- [prisoner continues shouting]
Open the door!
- [prisoner] Just shut up!
- [banging]
[Davit] What is it, Raşel?
Why are you screaming?
[Raşel] Are you getting me out?
[Davit sighs] You need
to hold on a little longer, my dear.
[Raşel] But you said
he's not pressing charges.
[Davit] I'm afraid
he changed his mind, Raşelika.
What can I do?
You'll be here a little longer.
Besides, this would be a good time
to reflect on what you've done.
Raşel, enough now.
Behave yourself!
You've caused me enough trouble!
I was going to send you to Israel,
and it's my fault that I didn't!
But listen to me, young lady.
I learn from my mistakes.
There'll be no more special treatment.
I'm the only one
who's put up with your mischief!
There's been no one else.
What are you going to do now?
[prisoner] Enough is enough!
You're giving me a headache!
Raşel Aseo. Could give me the address
of the man who's pressed charges?
[clerk] And you are?
Lady, if you've got nothing to say,
go outside.
I can't give the plaintiff's address
if I don't know who you are.
It's a simple question. Who are you?
I'm her mother.
Çelebi, sir. A policeman came,
but I told him you weren't here.
He said he wanted to see Orhan.
They've been upstairs for an hour.
Burn in hell, bastard. Bloodsucker.
This is the club manager Çelebi.
Let me introduce you to the new candidate
for our headline act. Selim Songür.
For our show? And Sevim, what about her?
Gone, unfortunately.
I'll tell you about it later.
Maybe you can ask Maestro Ercüment
for some instruments.
Oh, that's won't be necessary. I work
with an orchestra, a small jazz band.
- If you agree, I'll call them right away.
- Please.
- [Selim] Oh.
- What did you want to talk about?
It's nothing. Something about the staff.
- What happened to your forehead?
- I'll tell you later. A little accident.
Um [chuckles]
A male headliner in this business,
sir, well, I think that's a bit, uh
[chuckles] I mean, that's unprecedented.
Obviously, it's up to you, but
If he can do half the things he says
he can, we'll be the number one club.
- [Çelebi] Hmm.
- Yes, it's a risk, but we have to take it.
We have to try.
Uh, 12384, 1-4-triple two, please.
Just what I need, a headliner.
[Matilda] Bonjour.
- Please.
- Merci.
So why exactly are you here?
I'm here to ask you
to kindly drop the charges.
Whatever the costs are,
I will reimburse it, all of it.
Well, you've come all the way here
for nothing.
[clears throat] That's up to the courts.
Yes, but don't you think
that's quite extreme as a punishment?
- She's underage.
- [scoffs]
Your daughter grew up
in an orphanage, lady.
Where were you all that time?
I'm not here
to discuss my personal problems.
Just would you, just please,
tell me the damages, and I'll pay them.
You can't afford to pay
for the damage you've caused me, Matilda.
No compensation
would be enough for that.
Sign that and I'll have her released.
But this check is blank.
And I'll personally decide the costs
of the damages and the form of payment.
And don't worry because if
you're thinking, "Well, I'm an ex-convict.
How on earth am I supposed to find a job
to pay off all of this debt?"
I don't have the heart to do that to you.
I'll give you a job too. You'll work here.
Yes, but how do you know
If you've decided to talk about
your personal life, then I'm all ears.
And I can get us both a coffee.
What do you think?
What kind of compensation is this?
This is just
Oh, go on. This is
Mr. Çelebi, what's actually going on here?
Seriously, what are you doing?
What is this?
You're asking what this is.
You're getting help
in your time of need, Matilda.
But if you're saying that you don't need
my help, then I guess it's not an issue.
She'll go to borstal first
and then I suppose onto prison.
They say a girl's dowry
is her mother's fate, right?
[inhales] As long as that
doesn't bother you, I really don't care.
[judge] I have reached a verdict.
The defendant has pleaded guilty
to the murder allegations.
Therefore, in accordance with Section 450
of Turkish Criminal Law,
it is decreed
that the defendant Matilda Aseo
is sentenced to life imprisonment.
[gavel bangs]
[Selim] If your shoes
had golden pins on them,
I'd say they were from
the 1941 Chanel collection. [chuckles]
- They did once.
- [exhales] I knew it.
Have you seen their newest collection?
It's exquisite.
Right now, I'd give anything
to get on that ship and get out of here.
[both sigh]
They're actually
deciding my fate right now.
[gasps] I've been waiting
for this moment for years.
They told me to get on stage
and show them what I've got.
[chuckling] But look at me.
I'm shaking like a leaf.
Would you do me the honour
of telling me your name?
Because if I get this job,
I'd like you to be my guest at my debut.
- [whistling "Matilda"]
- [chuckles]
[continues whistling]
[both chuckle]
Matilda ♪
Matilda ♪
Matilda! ♪
Matilda ♪
She take me money
And run Venezuela ♪
Once again! Matilda ♪
Matilda! ♪
She take me money
And run Venezuela ♪
Once again! Matilda ♪
She take me money
And run Venezuela ♪
ID papers as well.
How do I know you won't run off
once you save the girl, hmm?
[dialling phone]
Yes, operator. Beyoğlu police station
as soon as you can, please.
You've caused
quite a lot of trouble again, Raşel.
From now on, I'll stay
by the door even when you're peeing.
- Stop it! We're outside.
- [laughs]
Your dad said
he wished he'd sent me to Israel.
I wish we could go.
If you want to go, take the boat and go,
but I'm not bothered.
[Mordiko] Raşel!
- [water sloshing]
- [women chattering]
- [Çelebi] Good day, ladies.
- [woman] And to you, Mr. Çelebi.
[Çelebi] This is your new workplace.
And these are your colleagues.
Matilda is a new laundress.
Follow me.
You'll get the tablecloths from here.
Hats, shirts, aprons, washcloths,
and whatnot have to be washed every day.
Everything is to be pristine.
[Selim in Turkish]
I should be the one to tell you ♪
About everything that happened ♪
I'm also a heartache ♪
Just like you are ♪
I've lived ♪
I've yearned ♪
And I am ♪
My own fairy tale ♪
I could not and cannot ♪
Fit in anywhere in this world ♪
I'm here ♪
But my heart is in the land of giants ♪
Since it's a fairy tale ♪
My eyes are shut ♪
The ugly truth is behind the curtain ♪
Waiting for me to open them ♪
Some of us are made of rainbow dust ♪
Some of us are born forbidden ♪
And some of us were ♪
Convicted of challenging the world ♪
Hey! All they actually want ♪
Is to kill death itself ♪
They cannot believe ♪
Alas, nor realise others can see them ♪
Hey! All they actually want ♪
Is to kill death itself ♪
They cannot believe ♪
Alas, nor realise others can see them ♪
Hey! All they actually want ♪
Is to kill death itself ♪
They cannot believe ♪
Alas, nor realise ♪
[inhales, exhales]
Others can see them ♪
[woman] I was the daughter ♪
[Raşel crying]
Of a wealthy family ♪
I never knew ♪
[Raşel crying]
What suffering was ♪
But then ♪
I fell for you, you scoundrel ♪
[in English]
This is what's best for her, Matilda.
[Matilda sobbing]
[woman in Turkish] You made me ♪
[in English] Davit.
[woman in Turkish] A servant ♪
I was the daughter ♪
- Of a wealthy family ♪
- [continues sobbing]
I never knew ♪
What suffering was ♪
But then ♪
I fell for you, you scoundrel ♪
You made me ♪
A servant ♪
[in English] I'm Matilda.
[in Ladino] I'm your mother.
[theme music playing]
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