The Club (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

[clock ticking]
Mr. Jak Pinto paid me a visit last week.
You know his son Moiz.
You went to school together.
They would like to come and visit.
If that is your wish, then of course.
I bought some apple sharlotka
on the way home. It's your favourite.
Let me go and get it.
Is there someone on your sister's mind?
I don't think so. That's our Matilda.
For years,
she's been the woman of this house.
It'll take some time before she gets used
to the idea of having her own family.
[father] It's important for families
to unite and grow.
And you know what they're saying
about taxes, don't you?
[retches, pants]
[in Ladino] Oh, my God.
God, help me.
[exhales, in English]
Well, I know it's a bit strange
to turn up out of the blue
and tell you this,
but I think it's important
for you to know.
I don't expect you to say anything.
It's me who should be explaining herself.
I know that.
You were just a little baby
when I had to give you away.
But I'm back now. Here I am.
And I thought that the best thing
was to stand before you
and tell you who I am.
Just as we were absent from
each other's lives for all those years,
now we won't be.
Raşel, all those years [sighs]
- Raşel, just wait. Please
- [screams] Get away from me!
- Raşelika.
- Out of the way, freckles!
Give her a little more time.
- [ratcheting]
- You've become a very strong young woman.
- And it's not even my doing.
- [stomps floor]
- [melody playing]
- You've done everything by yourself.
[Raşel continues stomping]
I suppose your mother was just a memory.
[exhales] I can't compete with a memory.
But a memory won't be able
to pick you up when you fall.
- [ratcheting]
- A memory can't warn you of mistakes.
- [continues stomping]
- [Matilda] You can't fight a memory.
But you can fight me. I'm your mother.
[ratcheting stops]
[Raşel screams] Go away!
Right, then.
I told you to give her some time
and to show her some tolerance, Matilda.
It was tolerance
that got her into prison, Monsieur Davit.
[Davit] She's ill-tempered. You saw it.
Come back tonight for the Sabbath.
Perhaps you can bond.
If you want, I can be there as well.
[sighs] I've been there
for her since she was a baby.
Well, now she has me for that.
Excuse me! Madame Matilda.
Don't be angry with Raşel. She's just
annoyed because no one understands.
She wasn't trying to steal anything.
That evil man took Tasula's ID papers,
so Raşel broke into the club to help her.
Who's Tasula?
Uh, she's a dancer. They're friends.
There's nothing bad going on.
And you are? Who are you to Raşel?
I'm a friend.
Are you sure?
Is she dating someone?
The manager was asking for you.
We said you were downstairs.
- I thought you should know.
- I appreciate that.
Come on, put your backs into it,
not just your cakeholes.
[Çelebi] Finally.
You decided to turn up. Follow me.
Bring me two coffees.
One sugar in one of them.
Right away, sir.
Come through.
I want this place [exhales]
to be a dressing room fit for a king.
The new headliner should be
very grateful for this. Understand?
You won't be getting any help.
Everyone else is busy.
So, show me what you're made of.
[Matilda] I need an advance payment.
All right, how much do you want?
For me and my daughter to live together.
I need to find a place.
That's why I need it.
And, well
- I need a paycheck to show for it
- Less talk, more work, Matilda.
- [knock on door]
- Yes.
You'll have to do
without the Turkish delight.
[inhales] Finish your coffee first.
Finish this room by tonight
and we'll see about the rest.
It's Friday.
And so, it's the Sabbath.
Ah, that day when you people
don't even touch a light switch, right?
How could I forget? [exhales]
You have that thing, of course.
[Matilda] I have to
leave work before sundown.
What can be done? Tell you what.
If you finish by tonight,
I'll solve all of your troubles.
All right, then. Maybe you'll be
done by sundown. Shalom shalom.
Off somewhere?
Have you got something better to do?
It's Friday prayer later.
Ah, forget it. You're not going anywhere.
Matilda is also going to miss the Sabbath.
You don't see her complaining, do you?
Everyone, get back to work!
Going to the Friday prayer.
Slackers will have their wages cut.
You're not here for a picnic.
Well, well, well
We've been eagerly waiting
for your return, milady.
You honour us with your presence.
Welcome, Tasula the mermaid.
Get in there, come on.
Send us two sherbets. Make them cold.
[chef] Samet, come here, boy.
Çelebi will burn for that.
My boy, don't worry. Allah sees all.
See? He made that woman miss the Sabbath.
He's cruel.
[man] What is Shabbat, sir?
[chef] Every Friday after the sun sets,
we prepare the Shabbat.
[women chattering]
[dance music playing]
[men chattering in French]
[man] Mari, please pay attention.
[Selim in Turkish] I could not
And cannot fit in anywhere in this world ♪
I'm here ♪
But my heart is in the land of giants ♪
Since it's a fairy tale ♪
My eyes are shut ♪
The ugly truth is behind the curtain ♪
Waiting for me to open them ♪
Échappé. Passé! Échappé.
[in French] Excuse me!
[in English] Uh, can we stop?
Uh, look, this isn't the ballet.
This is a cabaret. Th this is a show.
Uh, monsieur, uh,
look, I think we need to start again.
I want something from the heart.
What I'm saying is it's infatuation.
I want something with fervour.
Something with more passion in it.
[choreographer in French] Look, sir.
[in English] If you would kindly
put your requests into notation,
we could arrange
the choreography accordingly.
But now, if everyone is ready,
let's continue with the rehearsal. Hey!
[in French] Attention! Hey!
[in English] From "this world" sequence.
One, two, three, four. And!
[music playing]
Passé. Échappé. Passé. Échappé.
[in French] All right.
[in Turkish] Since it's a fairy tale ♪
My eyes are shut ♪
The ugly truth is behind the curtain ♪
Waiting for me to open them ♪
Some of us are made of rainbow dust ♪
And some of us ♪
[in English] Come here. Yes!
- Come here!
- [grunts]
- Let yourself go. All right, please.
- [gasping]
- Tie us together.
- [splutters, gasps]
- [performers chattering]
- [man grunts]
[Selim] Everyone watching
should want to be in my shoes.
Imagine we're making love.
[in Turkish] ♪ Hey!
All they actually want ♪
[gasps, in English]
Have you ever made love before?
- [grunts]
- [woman shouts]
- Sir, did you see that?
- [man] Outrageous! Outrageous!
[dancer] What are you doing?
This is outrageous!
- [dancer 2] Don't touch me!
- [dancer] Sir, excuse me.
- I don't wanna work like this.
- [man 2] Get up.
- [dancer] Come on. Let's go, girls.
- [panting]
Sir, I'm sorry, but
- Orhan, I
- Gentlemen.
This is no simple show.
We are on the verge
of an entertainment revolution.
Absolutely every second
has to be extraordinary.
The most distinguished journalists
in the country will be at the premiere.
I highly advise that you prepare yourself
for what you're up against and fast.
Selim and myself,
we set out on this path with a dream.
And if you want
to tell your grandchildren one day,
you were a part of the opening night
and you bore witness to this revolution,
you can stay.
Those who want to leave,
you'll receive your wages and our thanks.
This is ridiculous!
Replace the ones who've left
with the best in Istanbul
and give them whatever wage they desire.
- Orhan, I understand, but
- I want a giant neon sign. "Selim Songur."
Good. I can see
that you've put everything in place.
But [sighs]
you seem to have forgotten the walls.
This as well.
When you finish, come to 11 Nane Street.
- God forgives.
- [chuckles]
[indistinct chattering]
It may sound cliché to you,
but I think Istanbul is really beautiful.
- Some clichés don't age.
- [chuckles]
I would love to be in your position now.
Seeing Istanbul for the first time
is a joy among joys.
[woman] And I would love to be in yours.
I'm sure living in Istanbul
and knowing all its streets is a joy.
If you would like,
I could help you with that.
[woman] Hmm. I wouldn't object.
I work part-time at the consulate.
But if Miss Diana asks me to,
it would be my pleasure.
It would be your pleasure.
And what if the lady wants
to explore the city tonight?
Tell her I have plans tonight.
With the owner of this necklace?
[man grunting]
[grunts, sighs]
[zipper zips]
[Çelebi] You know, you're a lucky woman.
Orhan told me
to find the best dancers in town.
And really, you aren't bad. [chuckles]
All right, you can start tomorrow.
- [man laughing]
- [man 2] You see his face when I told him?
[man] Oh, yeah.
[chattering continues]
Tasula, isn't it?
Tasula the mermaid.
I'm Bahtiyar.
I work at the club. I saw you there.
Are you Tasula, Raşel's friend?
Take care of your own business
from now on.
Don't cause any trouble for my daughter.
I already am.
Damn, it's one woman after the other.
Come in.
That's not necessary.
I'm going back to my lodgings.
Could you be quick please?
Come on, just come in.
- [sighs]
- Go ahead, take a seat.
Are you angry at me
because of your Sabbath?
Come now, Matilda, you saw it yourself.
That place is our temple.
And entertaining people is how we worship.
I mean, that's why I said it.
So you'd realise quickly.
If it wasn't this Friday,
then it would have been the next.
When I pay the debt,
I'll find a more suitable job.
[chuckles] Will you now?
We're just getting started.
But I liked what you did
with the dressing room. It's good.
You're obviously a woman of taste.
- [clock chiming]
- Your family taught you good manners.
[chiming continues]
Follow me.
You can stay here.
I'll deduct the rent from your salary.
I want to have the only key.
Contract, tenancy and employment.
Is this where I'll stay, Mümtaz, sir?
[Mümtaz] You'll be working
for the great Salomon Aseo.
You've got a place to live. Be grateful.
[pigeons cooing]
[children chattering]
[Raşel] What do you want?
You've gone to the effort of making
them bring me in here. What do you want?
[inhales] I've done the papers.
I've got a room.
You can come with me now.
It needs some work.
Paint, whitewash, there's a lot to do.
It's not very big.
And then?
It's the best I can do at the moment.
I promise it'll get better one day.
And then?
I'm not sure.
Listen, why have you come all the way
here if you're not sure?
Are you a prostitute?
Am I legitimate?
Say something. Say something.
[shouts] Say something!
We'll get to all of that.
But I don't want to hurt you,
so I'm not gonna say anymore
You can't hurt me.
[chuckles] What do you know
about me, anyway?
How did this happen? Do you even know?
And how about this?
Do you have any idea? No, you don't!
Rita knows, Luna knows, Mordo knows!
Why don't you?
You weren't there!
You can't just force this!
[Selim] One, two, three, four!
[fast-paced music playing]
And hands!
Uh, excuse me.
Do you know where Selim might be?
And who are you?
Nesrin Songur, his mother.
[yells] Fantastic!
- [laughing]
- [Selim] Whoo!
Matilda! [laughs]
- You're here to see me perform, huh?
- No, I work here now.
- What job do you do?
- I'm in the laundry.
But who here's making you do laundry?
Tell me! I'll have his head.
Seriously, tell me. [chuckles]
You have a visitor.
She's waiting in your room.
Who is it?
What's this? Look at you!
Are you trying to kill your father?
I've given everything
to try and get you an education.
But you, you've done nothing
but become an embarrassment for us.
You've disgraced us.
I suppose your father's right.
You're just a jester.
[spluttering] How dare you
let that woman through here.
[shudders] How dare you.
- I thought maybe
- [Selim] D-don't think!
Do your job!
I'm a mother too.
I thought you'd be happy.
Forgive me.
Not all of them
[splutters] c-c-can make
their children happy.
Now you know.
[clattering, scraping]
[singing in Hebrew]
[huffs, in English] Why are you here?
I can't force this, that's true.
And I might not make you happy.
Believe me, if I had a choice,
I'd want you to have a normal mother
like those women over there.
But you don't need them either, do you?
Because you're able to stand tall
on your own two feet.
No matter what you go through,
you'll always have a place to call home.
Just know that.
And I don't know how those scars happened,
you're right. Yes.
But your friends don't know
how you got this birthmark.
[Raşel] Drive.
- Drive where?
- To the end of the world.
I warned you. It'll be expensive.
- [engine turns over]
- By the way, you dropped your necklace.
[playing jazz tune]
[fingers snapping]
[slow-tempo tune playing]
- [car skids]
- [chuckling]
Stop that, will you?
Thanks to you,
Pakize is now like a hearse.
[huffs] Maybe I don't want
to be entertained.
Well, maybe I don't wanna cry either.
[engine revving]
Now, I can't read your mind.
[engine turns off]
What's wrong with you?
My whole life's been turned upside down.
- [scoffs]
- Something funny?
What is it? Who's upset you?
My mother.
I wish children could be asked
if they wanted to be born.
Some bastard came up
with something called family
and it's got all of us captured,
and now we're going in circles.
[sighs] The scourge
of this planet isn't disease.
It's family.
And once you're in that trap
you don't come out till you die.
Do you know what family is for me, Aysel?
- [sizzles]
- [exhales] This.
[sighs] You wanted to go
to the end of the world?
My world doesn't have an end, Aysel.
No marriage or belonging, no commitment.
None of it.
I wanted to say it now,
so I don't disappoint you later.
So you and I are kindred spirits.
[both laugh]
- Hey!
- Come on, let's get these candles up!
[choreographer] Girls, girls,
it's time to shine.
Remember, you are artists
that have performed all over Europe.
Right? Who is Selim Songur?
[in French] Oh, my God!
[in English] Eh, some adolescent
no one's ever heard of.
Listen to me, you must dance so well,
you must dance so well that
everybody talks about you and not him.
[in French] All right?
[in English] Besides,
if he had any self-confidence,
he wouldn't be so aggressive.
Let him argue with himself
or with whoever he wants.
You just have to perform.
Let him rot in his own abyss.
[in French] That's it!
[Orhan in English] Gentlemen, let me first
say what an honour it is to have you.
As the country's most
distinguished journalists,
you'll understand the importance
of tonight's show.
The nightclubs in this city
and entertainment lounges
need an overhaul
from Turkish entrepreneurs.
And with this as our goal,
I can personally say,
I believe I've done my part.
And what I'm saying
is that in five years' time,
London, Paris will have
this kind of entertainment.
Enjoy yourselves.
[camera shutter clicks]
[knock on door]
- [man] They're ready for you. You're on.
- [performers chattering]
[emcee] Ladies and gentlemen,
our establishment is proud
to present our headline act.
Give a warm welcome to Selim Songur!
[drumsticks clacking]
[fast-paced tune playing]
[Matilda] Can't you do it?
Go! Go!
[woman] Stop it! Let go of me!
[woman 2 laughs]
[horn honks]
[thunder crashes]
[man] Look, sir. Here it is.
- Where's Selim?
- He's gone, sir. [exhales]
What do you mean he's gone?
Have the guests noticed anything?
Forget the guests.
Where's Selim? What's happened here?
[thunder crashes]
Um, well, I don't think
he was thinking straight enough
to be able to trip the fuses.
Our esteemed governor's temperamental grid
has finally done us some good.
[Orhan] Make sure you supervise
the backstage repairs.
I will, sir. All right.
[Raşel chuckles]
Degenerates! Have you no shame?
What was that?
You, sir, have you never been in love?
Are you made of sugar or something?
Do you think you'll melt?
[Raşel continues laughing]
Rain on me! Hey!
Look, they're running from you.
They love to be romantic about you, huh?
Yeah, they can't face you!
- And is she one of them?
- [laughs]
[Raşel laughing]
- Rain on me!
- [laughing]
[Raşel shouting]
This city, these streets,
do you know why we have them, Aysel?
So that some bastard like me
isn't able to take you
to the end of the world.
Come on, Aysel, we should keep going.
Come on, Aysel, run!
You're so pretty. Damn you. [sighs]
But İsmet loves me, not you. [exhales]
[pigeons cooing]
[theme music playing]
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