The Club (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[pigeons cooing]
[Mümtaz kisses]
Aren't you worried
they won't come back one day?
[clicks tongue]
So they're willing captives then.
Just like me.
You're my captive, are you?
What else? My cage is this rooftop.
[sighs] What's there to complain about?
- Isn't this enough?
- No, it's not.
My father, I'll talk to him.
[inhales] What will you tell him?
- You're in love with a Muslim?
- Mümtaz, it's you.
Come on, he loves you, and he
would trust you with absolutely anything.
You're everything to him, Matilda.
He won't give us his blessing.
He'll have to say yes.
Only death could keep me away from you.
[children shouting]
[shouting continues]
[sniffles, exhales]
Good morning.
I prepared breakfast.
Shall we eat together?
I'm not staying.
Don't get your hopes up.
I just couldn't have gone
to the orphanage that late. [sighs]
Raşel, you can't go back to the orphanage.
I have your release form. Look.
We're going to live together.
You think you can stop me
with a piece of paper?
I don't even want to live with you!
- Why did you come then?
- [sighs]
[Matilda] Where were you last night?
- Raşel, answer me. Where were you?
- Why do you even care?
What's that supposed to mean? What's that?
A moth hole [chuckles]
- Is this the life you want for yourself?
- [huffs]
Answer me, Raşel! Who's İsmet?
Who's my father?
He died before you were born.
[man] Be careful, girls, be careful.
- Gotta be very careful when running.
- [girls shouting]
[Raşel] I want to come back
to the orphanage.
You sent me away with some strange woman.
You're trying to get rid of me.
[Davit] That woman is your mother.
[Raşel] You're only telling me this now?
Why did you bring me up
on those stories then?
Why? You told me you found me
in the rain, and I had no mother.
You told me that!
I asked you, and you told me that!
- It was for the best.
- No, you will take me back, Davit!
Take me back!
Take me back! Take me back! [whimpers]
It's better for you
to live with your mother.
All those years.
Everything you said to me was a lie.
I had to.
I gave my word to your mother.
You're right. I lied to you.
Forgive me, Raşel.
Think sorry
will solve this then? [sniffles]
I mean, she had no intention
of coming to see me. [scoffs]
She was going to Israel.
Talk to your mother about it.
It's for your own good. You'll see.
Your mother left this for you.
You're going through a difficult time.
Whether you use it or not is up to you.
So she's trying to buy me then?
Raşel, hold your tongue.
You shouldn't talk about her like that.
Why do you think
she's working at that club? Hmm, Raşel?
She's working there to cover your debt.
It's so rude. We worked so hard.
- Ah, monsieur.
- Yes?
Everyone's worried.
Are we going to perform tonight?
You will if Selim comes back.
- [chef] Sir!
- [Çelebi] Hmm?
The fisherman didn't
send enough lobsters for tonight.
[Çelebi] That's not my job, Memnun.
You need to sort that out.
We're preparing for service, sir.
Keep working like
there's going to be a premiere tonight.
- Yes, what is it?
- I went to his place. No one was there.
[sighs] Anywhere he could be,
parents or a relative perhaps?
No, he wouldn't go there.
He doesn't speak to them.
Just give me his address, all right?
I'll station someone outside.
I'm just asking you
to give me one more week, sir.
But listen to me.
My reputation is on the line.
- Please, you have my word.
- [knock on door]
Excuse me.
Very well then. Do what you have to do.
Uh, we can't find him.
I'll put someone
on watch outside his place.
What's our attendance tonight?
Well, we're fully booked,
as I already said.
[sighs] Contact everyone
and kindly tell them
that tonight's premiere has had
to be postponed.
Well, I don't mean
to overstep my position,
but maybe if we call Sevim,
we'd save tonight.
Otherwise, our reputation will be
ruined, sir. It'll go down the drain.
Right you are.
[telephone ringing]
I want to talk to you.
- [ringing stops]
- [Çelebi grunts]
Çelebi wants to see you.
- Hmm?
- Could you take over here?
Take the handle.
Stretch the cloth all the way.
The iron will do the rest.
[Raşel] Take the money.
[Çelebi] That's quite
an attitude you've got.
Your money's worth nothing here.
This is a private matter
between your mother and I.
I just asked him how much I owe.
He won't take my money and said it's
between you and him, a private matter.
What private matter could
you possibly have with this man here?
Leave this instant.
I'm not leaving.
No, I'm not leaving. Answer the question!
Looks like causing destruction
is all she knows.
- Wonder where she gets that from.
- [Matilda] Get out!
Is this man my dad?
I'd take care of my child
if I had one, little miss.
I bet you'll sleep with him.
That's how you'll settle things, right?
- Raşel, that's enough. Get out!
- No!
Did you hear what I said?
What's happening here?
Huh? What kind of a scam
are you running 'round here?
[exhales] She's got a mouth on her.
Well, like mother,
like daughter, as they say.
She, the thief. And you, the killer.
- Why would he say that you're a killer?
- Raşel, listen.
It's time for you to go to Israel.
Get back to work, go on.
Ma'am. Ma'am!
[hesitates] Ma'am, your hand.
[Turkish music playing]
[Raşel sobbing]
You've got a key in your pocket
to a door that you can open.
You can sleep there whenever you want to.
The orphanage will still be here,
and you can always come back.
She's a murderer. I told you.
Do you want me to live with a killer?
Have you given her a chance to explain?
She doesn't seem to be a bad person.
Maybe she had no choice.
Everybody has lied to me.
What do I do, Mordiko?
You must keep following your heart,
like you always do.
[man shouting]
- [children chattering, laughing]
- [Raşel sighs]
[in Ladino] I have no wings,
but I want to fly.
[Çelebi in English] Well, Sevim
- [continues indistinct]
- Orhan.
Didn't you let my mother know?
I thought you would do that yourself, sir.
Orhan, have I got the date wrong?
Tonight is the premiere
of the new act, isn't it?
Something has happened.
I'll tell you about it in a moment.
Congratulations, my son.
Never have you been defeated
with such great style as this.
What will it be next then?
What other business will you ruin?
The engineer had a technical issue.
We'll have our premiere next week.
There's always something,
some sort of excuse.
Why do you need to be in the spotlight,
all these goals, the glamour,
is it really necessary, Orhan?
Do you realise you're putting everything
at risk I've worked so hard to build?
You should go. It's late.
The driver will drop you.
I'm not angry at you because you
left me and ran away that day. [chuckles]
If they'd caught me with you,
I'd be in prison right now.
And I don't have a community.
I'm on my own.
There's no one to look after me.
They threw me out of the orphanage.
This lady,
she just turned up out of the blue.
She said she's my mother.
I'm supposed to live with her.
I think it's time you grew up.
Stop acting like a spoiled child.
You have a mother now.
You should go and hug her.
You're no longer welcome here.
Oh, and you still have my skirt.
Could you please give it back?
The one you were wearing
when you gave İsmet the letter.
I thought you didn't want it.
I didn't say you could have it.
I said that I'd lend it to you.
I'm sorry.
Fell in love.
- What is it, ma'am? If you need anything
- I need to make a telephone call.
- Where can I find a telephone?
- Çelebi has one up there.
[knocking on door]
[Çelebi] Huh.
Can I use your telephone?
Of course. Please.
29-310. I'd like to speak to Davit Pinto.
- [sighs]
- [clears throat]
- She ran away, didn't she?
- [sighs]
She really is a handful.
So, you haven't told her everything.
After all those years, you just
turn up out of the nowhere, don't you?
- When she's at her most volatile
- [Matilda] Do you have children?
[Çelebi] Your daughter is a lot like you.
Difficult to control.
[sighs] Just like Selim is.
You went and opened his cage,
and he flew away.
You are aware that all our jobs
are on the line, thanks to you.
He wouldn't have been of use
if he'd stayed anyway.
So, you're not even denying
the mess you've made.
If you're trying to get yourself sacked,
don't bother.
I don't have any other motives.
I just want to pay my debt and leave.
So, I should just add it to your tab then?
Well, at this rate, you won't live
to see yourself out of debt.
[telephone rings]
[exhales] Hmm.
[in Ladino] Raşel hasn't come home.
I'm worried sick.
Is she there?
[in French] Thank you.
[in Ladino] If you hear anything
[Çelebi in English] Come in, my dear.
[kisses, sniffles]
[exhales] Hello, there.
[Raşel panting]
[continues panting]
Is that really necessary?
Will that sheet stop you from seeing me?
At least I won't have to wake up to
the face of a killer every single morning.
[exhales, grunts]
Is it not true?
I mean, how could someone be that evil?
- [grunts]
- Come with me.
- [Raşel] Let go!
- Come on. Move.
[Raşel gasps]
Why have you brought me here?
[Matilda] I was born in this building.
See that window on the second floor?
That was my bedroom.
[inhales] The only bad memory I have
from this place is losing my mother.
Then that year when I was your age
when the wealth tax came into effect
even though my father had paid his share
they told us
there were some complaints about him.
And then they arrested
my brother and my father.
They were sent
to Aşkale without an inquiry.
- That night was the last time I saw them.
- [Raşel] Why?
Because they were forced
to work to death there.
[sobs] They got what they wanted.
Both died there.
[sighs, sniffles]
That man,
he took all of my family away from me.
Overnight, I was left with no one.
Completely alone. [sniffles]
[pigeons cooing]
Remember when you asked me
how could someone be that evil?
That was what I asked myself that day.
I'm no murderer.
I I only killed the man who betrayed us.
Who was he?
The man my father trusted most.
I wanted to leave this country
and never look back.
Because this street, this building,
causes me nothing but torment.
But just a reminder of how lonely I am
and that I have no family.
[sighs] But now I have you, don't I?
I'm not going to pretend you don't exist.
And you can't pretend that I don't exist.
They say you can't choose your family.
But the truth is you can.
From now on, will I be
a ghost that you try to fight with
or a friend
who you're willing to give a chance to
because she's had a hard time of it?
It's easier to dream about something
than do it.
On the contrary, dreaming is much harder.
Those of us who dream
confront the possibility of failure.
[scoffs] If I wanted things
to be ordinary,
I wouldn't have looked
at you when you came to me at the club.
I wish that you hadn't.
Then one of us would have things in order.
[inhales] If I wanted order,
I'd have won a government tender
for road construction, subcontracted it
and then travelled to London and Paris.
All it takes to become a millionaire
is three people with an engineering degree
and a mining permit.
You should have done that.
You should have sung the same songs.
Worn a black suit, got married,
maybe had some children.
The whole thing.
I don't want a singer
whose dreams have been castrated
and whose desires have been locked away.
I saw the fire in you. I believed in you.
I took a gamble.
I'll only disappoint you.
Then do that with your blood,
sweat and tears on that stage.
If we are to be defeated,
let's really make a show of it.
But we must always carry on dreaming.
[men and women chattering]
Ah, whoever gets a taste of Peachy,
immediately moves into Pakize.
- [grunts]
- [man] İsmet, what are you doing?
Damn, I've been telling
that joke for months. Why the anger now?
Sir, I'm begging you,
please don't take me there. Please!
[man] It's not like you're going to
the end of the world. It's only Aksaray.
- Move!
- [woman] I want to stay here.
- Please don't take me there!
- [man] Move!
That's Fatma.
- [Fatma] Please don't!
- She's 16.
They're sending her to a dive.
[exhales] Against her will?
[scoffs] They're doing a kind thing.
It's easy to tell someone
to take care of themselves.
Raşel is very lucky,
but she doesn't know it.
Even after years of absence,
she's got a mother to be there for her.
[Raşel exhales]
Am I invited?
[sighs] I don't like nosy girls.
You'll get used to it. I've got time.
What if I don't want to anymore?
Does your hand hurt?
[scoffs] Aysel.
We won't have a lovely big house
and children running around in the garden.
You know that, don't you?
Get someone more suitable.
You can't keep up with my lifestyle.
I'll hurt you a lot.
You don't know what I want,
don't know what I can do.
You don't know when to stop.
You're just going
at a hundred miles an hour.
[inhales] And someone
has to pull the handbrake.
I want to live.
Without thinking.
Why not?
[thunder crashing]
[Spanish music playing]
[engine turns over]
[man] Simit! Simit! Simit! Simit! Simit
There's something I want you
to promise me right this minute.
None of the expenses
for my new show will be questioned.
No one is to question my decisions,
including that choreographer.
[inhales] And I can even call
a four a.m. rehearsal if I want.
[sighs] Just make sure you don't wake me.
[fast-paced tune playing]
And step and step. Hop! Very good!
And! Huh! Hey! Huh!
- [choreographer] Ah!
- [laughing]
[feedback whines]
- [scattered applause]
- [woman] Whoo!
I want to go right
into the heart of the audience.
- And you are?
- Çelebi has hired me for you, sir.
I'll dress you.
You'll dress me, will you?
But you don't know how to hold a jacket.
Give me that. It's not a dirty nappy.
Çelebi! [clears throat]
I don't want that idiot you hired.
Find Matilda. Send her to my room.
I want her with me backstage. Do you hear?
That all right?
Everything's fine. It's just
are you really sure that you want to have
an ex-criminal in such close proximity?
She killed someone.
She was released in the general pardon.
[inhales] We all deserve
a second chance, don't we? Send her in.
[thunder crashes]
[sighs] So you're here.
I am.
Will you leave again?
Will you lie again?
You shouldn't be ashamed
of where you live.
The exterior doesn't matter.
It's what's inside that counts.
I thought that glittering exteriors
were more your style.
[scoffs] You talk a lot.
You can stop me with your kiss.
- [İsmet] Aysel.
- [Raşel] İsmet.
Don't lie to me ever again.
Pakize doesn't love you like I do.
[exhales] Well, she never lies to me.
[both chuckle]
She's waiting for me. She must be worried.
- I'll get my purse. I'll be back soon.
- Hurry up.
[Raşel chuckles]
- Who's that man?
- None of your business.
- Is that İsmet?
- I said none of your business!
- [Matilda] Raşel, answer me.
- [gasps]
Raşel, answer me. Raşel!
Answer me! You have the nerve
to pretend you're a Muslim?
- Leave me alone!
- You will not see that man again!
What are you going to do? Lock me up?
I am telling you
not to see that man again!
- Move!
- [gasps]
- He will never love you! He's a Muslim.
- How could you possibly know?
You're young.
You think this is love, but it's not.
- He will leave you. You'll be sorry.
- Why should I believe you?
Do you love me?
Answer me.
You can't love anyone.
İsmet loves me, though.
He doesn't. It's Aysel he loves.
- [chattering]
- [jazz music playing]
[camera shutter clicks]
- [man] For Selim.
- Thank you.
[bell rings]
[shudders] Does it say who it's from?
The Mete and Revna Kalafatoğlu family
wish you good luck.
- [exhales]
- [Matilda sighs]
[inhales] Do you think
I'll be able to do it?
I have no doubt whatsoever.
It's gonna be a night to remember.
You'll see.
- [chuckles]
- I'll get another one.
Come backstage when Selim gets on stage.
[slow-tempo music playing]
[in Turkish]
She would reach for the clouds ♪
She would ♪
Touch the stars ♪
The second I saw her ♪
It was as if time stopped ♪
And now I have butterflies ♪
Whirring in my stomach ♪
I was shot through the heart ♪
Bang, bang, bang
Bang, bang, bang, bang! ♪
Let's meet somewhere quiet ♪
And purr, purr, purr, purr! ♪
She's a free mortal
Living one-thousand and one nights ♪
No wings to help her fly ♪
What do you suppose she does? ♪
She wore her crown every morning ♪
Never forgot about it ♪
She was always glowing ♪
Always looking splendid ♪
She would reach for the clouds ♪
She would touch the stars ♪
The stars ♪
The stars ♪
[Fatma panting]
[in English] Do you love me?
- Are you afraid of love?
- [chuckles]
Answer me.
Answer me.
[in Turkish]
She would reach for the clouds ♪
She would touch the stars ♪
The stars ♪
The stars ♪
- [horn honks]
- [screams]
[tires screeching]
- [cheering]
- [whistling]
[in English] Whoa!
Don't worry,
you won't be stuck with me. [scoffs]
My name's Raşel.
I'm Jewish.
[engine turns over]
[theme music playing]
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