The Club (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

[photographer] We're ready, sir.
Sir, a little to the right,
if you don't mind.
May this photograph be a reminder
of good times.
[photographer] And hold.
[Salomon] Aziz, you should be here too,
my boy.
Every time you look at this photo,
feel my hand touching yours.
- [photographer] All right, here we go.
- [camera shutter clicks]
[lock clattering]
Where have you been all this time?
This isn't the orphanage, young lady.
You can't just come and go as you please,
you know?
It's none of your business.
[Matilda] It definitely is my business.
Especially when it's about that man İsmet.
[Raşel gasps]
Have you told him you're not a Muslim?
Did he say that was even better?
Just leave me alone.
- You will listen to me.
- [gasping]
- [exhales]
- What happened?
Raşel, did you run away
just so you could get beaten up?
Is this what he tells you love is?
And so you're happy with this love
that you found, are you?
- [whimpers]
- Huh?
[sobs, sniffles]
[Matilda sighs]
- Hey, now look at me. Look at me.
- [sobbing]
Never ever let anybody do that to you.
Do you hear me? Ever.
A slap is never just a slap.
You know that.
It causes shame for the attacker,
not the victim, not you.
You just have to learn to value yourself,
and that's enough.
Maybe it's because no one's ever
made me feel like I'm worth anything.
[huffs] He's gone.
It's finished. [sobs]
The bottle is finished.
Yet, you haven't spoken.
Won't you tell me, İsmet,
what's happening?
Why do women lie, Diana?
You'd better ask her.
- [man laughing]
- [chattering]
I didn't know which one
was your favourite, so I got them all.
Potato, cheese and these are aubergine.
Spinach is my favourite.
Oh, really? So close.
[chuckles] But you also like potatoes.
Do you mind if I?
I saw Rabbi Behar on my way here.
Yosi the tailor needs someone to help him.
I was at the morning service
when we bumped into each other.
I mean, if you'd like.
Thank you.
I mean, for this and the börekitas.
The address is here somewhere.
Oh, here it is. [chuckles]
- Welcome.
- [Matilda] Thank you.
[clears throat]
- Matilda, is it really you?
- Yes, sir.
I didn't recognize you. Forgive me.
Seeing you here after all these years.
We're fine, uh, really we are.
Life, you know, it goes on.
But after your father,
didn't want to work for anyone else.
- But tell me, how are you?
- [sniffles]
Some very bad things happened.
I wanted to visit you,
but what would I say to you?
You, the Aseo girl,
I thought you wouldn't want to see me.
Well, that's that's all right.
Refik, I'm here
to ask you about someone else.
He's called Çelebi.
Do you remember him?
Could it be that he worked
for my father's company?
I don't know him. Forgive me.
Would you like something to drink?
Thank you. Some other time maybe.
I've taken up too much
of your time already.
Not at all. You're always welcome here.
Wait, uh, there was a man called Haymi.
The staff manager.
He lives opposite the Büyükada synagogue.
He might know.
[Yosi] And this is your late
revered grandfather Salomon.
He was a great man, God rest his soul.
Now see if you recognize this pretty lady.
That's your mother.
See, here's another.
This was taken at Süreyya beach.
I'll tell you what.
Come back tomorrow
and you can start working here.
And bring your mother as well.
And then we can catch up on things.
Yes, whatever you say.
It's good that you got a job.
What's wrong?
Are you still upset?
Like bloody father like son.
[chuckles] Mordo, did you just swear?
They deserve it.
I told you already, I'm all right.
It's over.
- He slapped you across the face, Raşel.
- Mordo, stop it! I told you.
It's all right. We're finished.
My father's waiting. I'll be late.
I've got you something.
A gift for your new job.
Good luck.
[slow-tempo music playing]
- I said goodbye ♪
- [exhales]
- To you ♪
- Hmm?
It's forever ♪
The truth is
I don't really want to leave ♪
But it's over ♪
- I didn't try ♪
- [exhales, sighs]
I lose the chance ♪
- To kiss you ♪
- [exhales]
One more time ♪
[boy] Extra! Extra!
Read all about
the star headliner Selim Songür!
Extra! Extra! Read all about
the star headliner Selim Songür!
Orhan, I'd like to congratulate you
on a job well done.
- The place looks fantastic.
- Thank you.
If only there were more gentlemen
like yourself getting into this business,
[inhales] we could get rid
of the non-Muslims
once and for all
from the entertainment industry.
- Hmm.
- You know about the events in Cyprus?
The Greeks vandalized British buildings.
I heard.
[exhales] I think we can agree
that our Greek citizens have
more common sense than that.
Well, we'll see.
By the way
due to your impressive venue
and becoming the pride of our industry,
the board and I are excited to tell you
that we have decided to nominate you
for Turkish Entrepreneur of the Year.
That's a great honour. [gasps]
Although, could I perhaps
just suggest something?
It would be better
if all your members of staff were Turks.
"Everybody at this extraordinary venue,
from the chef to the dancer,
but especially the mastermind Orhan Şahin
and his star Selim Songür,
have launched the Turkish entertainment
business into the stratosphere!"
- [laughing]
- Meryem, you look the best of everyone.
Look, there she is
next to the double bass.
"Orhan Şahin and his star Selim Songür
have launched the Turkish entertainment
business into the stratosphere."
- Oh, anything about me in there?
- I'm getting recognition.
[chuckles] Nothing about you, lad.
It's all about Selim. Look at him posing.
[laughs] Of course.
Of course, Mr. Chairman, sir.
[chuckles] Most certainly.
So that'll be the 28th then.
How many will you be? [chuckles]
Excellent. So on the 28th,
Orhan's private booth is yours.
How does that sound to you?
Absolutely, see you then.
- [laughing]
- [chattering]
"The dancers helped to create the fun
and incredibly enticing atmosphere."
- [loud banging]
- [gasps]
I want everyone in here in one minute.
[telephone ringing]
Who broke into my office
and went through my drawer?
Each time I have to ask that,
I will sack one of you.
I want an answer.
Who broke into my office?
Pack your stuff and leave.
Sir, please don't do this.
I've got three children.
I swear I know nothing.
- Who broke into my office?
- [Matilda] I did.
So, along with manslaughter,
you've decided to add burglary
to your record. Is that it?
What have I stolen?
You break into my room like a snoop
and have the nerve
to ask me what you've stolen.
Somehow, I feel like
it's not about Fatma's ID.
You're angry about something else,
aren't you, Çelebi?
What's the issue here?
It's obvious what the issue is.
The girl's only 16.
I just wanted
to release her from your tyranny.
So, you saved her.
Fatma is free now.
You did her a favour. Get out.
Just get out!
[muffled music playing]
- [music ends]
- [audience applauding]
Oh, it was amazing!
I won't do it so tightly next time.
[in French] Go! Go, go!
[Selim panting]
[in English] What are you doing?
Are you getting it pressed?
Costume! Get the costume there.
Come on, come on, we don't have time!
[grunts] Unbutton the sleeve first
next time.
I can mend it.
No time. Give me another shirt.
Come on, come on, come on.
Give it to me.
My trousers.
[grunts] Button it.
Matilda [chuckles]
Matilda ♪
Please don't hang
everything together next time.
Matilda ♪
Matilda, Matilda ♪
If it's too much for you, be honest.
Tonight, right here,
you can leave anxieties
and personal troubles at the door.
For two hours. [laughs]
- [dancer] All right, I'm ready. I'm ready!
- Ready?
- Come on!
- [audience cheering]
[lock clicking]
When did you get back?
A while ago.
I see you fixed the door handle.
Just had to stick a nail through it.
Do you have any photographs of my dad?
I'm sorry. No.
Did he kiss you?
Could we change the subject?
It's painful to talk about.
How was your day?
Did you go to the job interview?
I did. I got it.
- Glad to hear it. Good luck.
- Thank you.
Is this about the girl
who came looking for you last night,
wet as a drowned rat under the rain?
That adorable liar?
Are you in love with her?
If you are, then what are you doing here?
If not, then what was she doing there?
[inhales] I don't have an answer to this.
Why are you like this, İsmet?
I mean, the Turkish men.
When something disturbs you,
you immediately run away.
What does love, woman,
relationship mean to you?
They come after our oafs at our table.
Never mind. It's from a poem.
Look, I don't know what you went through
and what you think.
But I don't think
you're an ordinary Turkish guy.
What I'm saying is try to stay as you are.
'Cause you're a good man.
[woman in French]
Haven't you ever seen ♪
The grey skies of Paris? ♪
The white clouds prevent ♪
[Orhan clears throat]
Haven't you ever ♪
Haven't you ever ♪
[Orhan in English] You've sung this song
more times than you've said my name.
- How could you forget it, Mother?
- [chuckles] Still here, are you?
So you're not working?
I've been very busy with the club lately.
I wanted us to have breakfast together
to make up for it.
Oh, yes, the club.
Is it all glamorous now?
You did see it yourself.
You all right?
Yes, I saw it.
You don't seem yourself at the moment.
Is my boy trying
to imply that I've gone senile?
[scoffs] We'll have breakfast now, please.
[woman] Right away, ma'am.
Thank you.
To be honest,
you're the one who seems out of sorts.
What are you hiding?
They're nominating me for the Turkish
Entrepreneur of the Year Award.
So why the pouting face then?
I'm afraid it comes at a cost.
[inhales] But not as great
as the one you made me pay.
[İsmet] Mother.
What's that?
Son, why are you home so early?
Aren't you working?
What have you got under there?
Nothing, my dear boy. Nothing.
[İsmet sighs]
Do they belong to him?
But I told him he could.
There's no harm in it at all.
Are you really still letting
that complete bastard
into this household without me knowing?
Huh? Are you not sick of his beatings?
Is that it?
Now you're doing his laundry? [gasps]
Am I supposed to find him
and kill him then? Is that it, Mother?
- Do you want me to become a murderer?
- You mustn't say that. He's your father.
No, that man is not my father!
That arrogant piece of filth
is not my father!
Stop it, son.
Please, I'm asking you as your mother.
In the name of Allah, just stop.
Say that to him, all right?
Not to me! Say it to him!
- I'll show him laundry!
- [sobbing]
This is the Grand Avenue.
It's nothing like your hometown.
Here, a son has no respect for
his father, nor a husband for his wife.
You come here wanting to be a pimp,
but you end up as a whore.
- [tires screech]
- [brake ratchets]
Now you listen to me
with everyone here as witnesses.
If you step foot in my house again, I will
strangle you with your own underwear.
I will. I'll kill you.
- [horn honks]
- Get lost!
Pick those up.
[knock on door]
[Çelebi] Good morning, sir.
Çelebi, is there a list
of our non-Muslim members of staff?
Uh, what for?
On my desk soon as possible. [sighs]
[İsmet] I'm off-duty, sir.
Has the car broken down?
I said I'm off-duty. I'm not working.
That cab is first in line.
I wish you cared as much for people.
And Raşel, did you mean to hit her,
or was it an accident?
That girl is not alone.
I suppose you're her guardian.
She doesn't need one.
Sounds like you think so.
Don't make a joke of it.
We all live so close.
So I'm not sure
how you're gonna manage it
but don't go near her again.
[İsmet sighs]
[engine turns over]
[Ladino music playing]
[man] Brooms! Brooms to sell!
[woman in Ladino] I was the daughter ♪
Of a wealthy family ♪
I never knew ♪
What suffering was ♪
But then ♪
I fell for you, you scoundrel ♪
You made me ♪
A servant ♪
But then ♪
I fell for you, you scoundrel ♪
You made me ♪
A servant ♪
I was the daughter ♪
[in English] This music is beautiful.
Our mother would sing songs like this
to put us to bed.
- This is an old Sephardic song.
- Hmm?
Sephardim. Jews who migrated
to this land centuries ago. Like me.
- You mean like us.
- [both laugh]
[woman in Ladino] But then ♪
I fell for you, you scoundrel ♪
You made me a servant ♪
[in English] They're not from the club.
I bought them myself. Do you like them?
- [Matilda] I do.
- [chuckling]
[man] They're really expensive here.
In my hometown,
you pick them off trees and eat.
[Matilda] They're good.
Thank you. See you later.
Ma'am, Çelebi wants to see you.
- Fatma, what are you doing here?
- She came back because she missed you.
- Leave, my dear.
- [Çelebi] Sit down. Sit down.
No one leaves without my permission.
Sit down!
- [Matilda] Fatma, leave!
- I said sit down!
[Matilda] Fatma, I said leave.
You really have no shame, do you?
I mean, you're doing all of this
because of a grudge you hold against me?
You really think a lot of yourself,
don't you?
Go on, say it.
Tell me it's not about me.
Tell me you'd have
brought that girl back here anyway.
What do you want from her?
What do you want me to do?
Why are you harassing me?
Tell me now.
Who are you?
Why are you here? I'm busy.
What were you hoping for?
And why did you use that boy?
Mordo came to see you?
Can you just
tell me the truth for once?
I didn't know.
Aysel [sighs]
don't send any more children to me.
And grow up.
Actually, my advice is that
you should marry that boy.
He seems like a good lad,
and it's quite obvious that he loves you.
[door opens and closes]
- [chattering]
- [festive music playing]
[crowd singing in Ladino]
[singing continues]
- [chattering]
- [laughing]
- [man in English] Matilda!
- Mr. Haymi.
[chuckles] Good heavens!
Nobody told me you got out.
Ah, ah, please. Please.
- I don't want to be a bother.
- Not at all. Go on, take a seat.
Look here. Look, have a seat, please.
Now, um, these are my daughters
and my sons-in-law.
These are my grandchildren.
This is Madame Matilda.
Pass the wine over here!
[singing continues]
[in Ladino] Let's go home.
[in English] Haymi, I'm actually here
to ask you about someone.
Does "Çelebi" ring any bells with you?
Maybe he used to work for my father.
Çelebi? Çelebi? I have it.
There was a server boy. Çelebi they
called him, though I never knew why.
He was a fellow townsman
of that accursed man Mümtaz.
Aziz Somuncuoğlu.
[Salomon] Aziz, you should be here too,
my boy.
They worked together to destroy my family.
[Haymi] I don't think so.
You know, Aziz disappeared from our lives
because of a theft that happened.
He was sent to prison for trying
to break into your dad's safe.
It was covered up immediately,
and then Aziz left without a trace.
To Purim, eh?
You must know what Purim is, Matilda.
'Tis the holiday of contradictions,
the revealing of that which was hidden.
On this night, we drink until we are
no longer able to separate good from evil
so that we aren't prejudiced
against anyone.
Just like Rumi said,
do not settle for the visible.
This is the same.
[Çelebi] I don't wanna see you
in Istanbul ever again,
let alone in this line of business,
all right?
Those earrings.
[camera shutters clicking]
Honourable members of the press,
I am pleased
to announce that this year's nominees
for Turkish Entrepreneur of the Year,
this prestigious award
are as follows.
[woman] What's your name?
[knock on door]
What's your name?
What's your name?
[presenter] Orhan Şahin!
I'm really proud of you,
Niko, my pedimu.
[camera shutters clicking]
[Çelebi] Put these earrings on.
[pigeons cooing]
[wings flapping]
There you are.
Aziz Somuncuoğlu.
[theme music playing]
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