The Club (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[Aziz] "I'm worried about your future.
Please, don't put your trust in Mümtaz.
Aziz Somuncuoğlu."
[Orhan sighs]
[Çelebi] This is going to be
difficult, sir. Sacking people is easy.
Finding Turks to work
at a nightclub is the real problem.
And it'll only get more difficult
unless we work something out.
You can't find anyone
in all of Istanbul? Try Ankara.
And Izmir too.
Sir, I've looking for months.
No stone has been left unturned.
But it's just impossible
to find good people.
I found someone
to replace Agop as lighting technician,
but he's not Muslim.
Yervan, he's a good waiter,
very hardworking and diligent.
And Stelyo, he's Istanbul's best
We've run out of time, Çelebi.
Whoever we need the least,
we'll get rid of first.
Of course, sir, of course.
Uh, sir,
I have a question for you, if I may.
Why just the non-Muslims?
[inhales] Turkey is changing, Çelebi.
And the non-Muslims
are just going to have to accept it.
[lighter clicks]
[inhales, exhales]
["Hava Nagila" playing]
I just wish them hope for their future.
Whatever it is that they both decide
our duty is to support them.
[music continues]
[woman] Congratulations, Matilda.
[in Ladino] Mordo is a great boy.
- Your daughter is very lucky.
- Merci.
I'm happy you got out too.
[music continues]
[lock clicks]
- [chattering]
- [laughing]
[in English] Just a moment. There you are.
- Me too, please. Thank you.
- [chattering]
[man] Selim, sir.
Selim, could I have your autograph?
- [Selim chuckles] Of course.
- [woman] Thank you.
[man] Selim.
- Yeah, excuse me. Thank you.
- [chattering, laughing continues]
He said he might drop by.
[woman 2] Could you do us the honour
of a group photo?
- [man 2] Let's have our photo taken.
- Yes, of course.
[scoffs] Just look at them.
He's not Elvis Presley.
- [chuckles]
- [photographer] Hold still.
- [camera shutter clicks]
- [photographer] Good.
You'll have to excuse me.
I would like a photo with the bride-to-be.
- Thank you!
- Thank you.
Congratulations, my dear.
I'm here to show them
that my Matilda isn't alone.
[photographer] This way!
[Selim chuckles]
- [photographer] Good!
- [laughs]
[inhales] So is that the father-in-law?
- [Matilda] Mm-hmm.
- Hmm.
And why is the master so grumpy?
My father would be grinning
from ear to ear.
I won't marry just to spite him.
Just so he can't grin. [laughs]
Selim, would you mind
singing a song for us?
Yeah, Selim, please sing something.
Hmm. Very well.
- Do you know "Thinking About You?"
- Yes.
Allow me to dedicate this
to the young couple over here.
[in Turkish] ♪ It was
A cold winter night ♪
As I was thinking in my room ♪
When tears of pain ♪
Filled my eyes suddenly ♪
I've missed for years ♪
Your love and every part of you ♪
It was impossible to forget ♪
You, my love ♪
If only you knew how happy I was ♪
When I was with you ♪
I felt on top of the world ♪
Whenever I hugged you ♪
The second I saw her ♪
It was as if time stopped ♪
And now I have butterflies
Whirring in my stomach ♪
I was shot through the heart ♪
Bang, bang, bang, bang
Bang, bang, bang ♪
Let's meet somewhere quiet ♪
And purr, purr, purr, purr ♪
She's a free mortal
Living one-thousand and one nights ♪
No wings to help her fly ♪
What do you suppose she does? ♪
She wore her crown every morning ♪
Never forgot about it ♪
- Ahh!
- She was always glowing ♪
- Always looking splendid ♪
- [gasping]
- [exhales]
- She would reach for the clouds ♪
- She would touch the stars ♪
- [sighs]
The stars ♪
The stars ♪
[in English] Here's the holiday pay
for the staff.
I'll fire Yani tonight,
and you know the new boy Haci,
well, I've assigned him
to start as Agop's apprentice.
Once he learns the ropes,
I'll fire Agop as well.
- There wasn't a single empty table.
- [exhales]
When you were on stage,
not a soul moved.
No one even went to the toilet.
[scoffs] Selim Songür!
You will wet yourself!
When you smile, you're so gorgeous.
Is it because you so seldomly smile, hmm?
I have something for you.
- For me?
- Yes, for you.
- I didn't get you anything.
- That doesn't matter. I just felt like it.
Well, when you don't have any family,
you forget all about these traditions.
It's been years since I saw them.
'Cause I'm not an engineer.
[inhales] "Besides,
if you were actually a real artist,
you'd be on the radio." His words.
Oh, well, that's life.
- Did you make this?
- I did. [chuckles]
You have made me so happy.
[sighs] Oh, dear,
I'm getting attached to you.
- How do I look?
- Fantastic.
Happy Bairam, Mr. Orhan.
Happy Bairam.
- [Haci] Mr. Yani.
- [Yani] Yes.
Çelebi wants to see everyone.
Orhan, are you opening up a new venue?
You wanted to offer me
something earlier, didn't you?
I'm offering you the chance
to open the greatest venue there is.
You can fit the whole country inside it.
- You might have had too much to drink.
- Hmm?
The radio station wants
to do a live broadcast with us.
What about the show?
Ah, well,
once the listeners hear your voice
If I was only a voice, Orhan, sir,
then I wouldn't be Selim Songür.
[inhales] Uh, I'd be happy
to discuss television.
[telephone ringing]
- [clicks]
- [man] Hello.
[Selim] Hello, Dad. How are you?
- I wanted to wish you a happy
- [clicks]
[dial tone humming]
[knock on door]
Why do you always take away the flowers?
Çelebi's orders. Orchids are resilient.
I take them all to the shop to resell.
[Çelebi] Here.
Orhan has all of our respect,
uh, but we were expecting a bonus.
It's in there with your weekly wages.
I must have been working
somewhere else then.
The club's sold out every night.
It's full.
And what are you suggesting, huh?
Happy Bairam.
- [scoffs]
- [door opens, closes]
- Ah, Yani.
- Happy Bairam, Çelebi, sir.
Same to you.
Yani, you're getting more than the others.
- Why is that?
- Your severance is in there.
[Agop] And?
"You are my life. What's there to lose?"
- And then?
- [Haci] Well, that's it.
- He sings that line twice.
- [Agop] Three times.
To control the lights, you need to master
the song, Haci, like the musician does.
I'll retire soon, boy.
You need
to learn these things and quickly.
He'll soon learn, Agop.
Give him some time.
[door closes]
[sighs] I've worked here for many years.
I've even served Atatürk himself.
I don't know. Where on earth
am I going to find a job at my age?
What is it, Yani?
I've been sacked.
They found someone younger to replace me.
They'll hire a youngster
so that he can take a bigger cut.
[in Greek] My dear Tasula.
[man in English] My brother's got work
at a club on the other side of town.
I'll ask him.
[in Greek] How dare he fire you!
What an ass.
It's okay.
It's okay, honey.
Thank you.
[woman in English]
I'm sure you'll find a job.
[Yani] Thank you.
Thank you. Thanks.
I'm sorry about this too,
but don't be sad.
He'll find work.
Would you like my handkerchief?
[clicks tongue]
Remember, you're to stay behind
and clean my office.
Bahtiyar, have someone help you with it,
all right?
If somehow the money he's been skinning
off the top doesn't seem enough for him,
he could blame you for it.
What are you looking at?
Move! We're closing.
You can have your farewell party later.
All those songs, you'll have to
learn them all quickly, Haci.
[thunder crashing]
Let's get a taxi.
What for? We're not made of sugar.
We're not going to melt. [laughing]
This is amazing! Come on, try it.
Raşel, you're gonna catch a cold.
Don't be stubborn. Let's get a taxi!
[Raşel laughing]
[taps on glass]
- [hits glass] İsmet!
- [muffled dance music playing]
Come on!
Come here!
[spits, gags]
[spits, inhales]
It started to rain
as we were leaving the cinema.
You must be freezing.
- I'll make you some mint tea with lemon.
- I can do it.
How was the film?
It was sad.
The child accidentally finds out
his mum isn't dead.
Just another romantic film
with a sad ending.
Something wrong?
Because you look a bit upset.
No. Do I look it?
I don't know.
You seem to be lost in thought.
When someone's in love,
they have a sparkle in their eye.
I'd say that you look a little bit sad.
Oh, not at all. I'm happy with Mordo.
I hope you will be.
[boy] Get your papers here!
Get your papers here!
Happy Bairam, Matilda, ma'am.
Happy Bairam, Hasan.
Good day to you, Abbas.
Thank you, Matilda, welcome.
Please stop taking the flowers
from Selim's dressing room.
And don't go in there
without my permission.
Do you understand me?
We're being watched. They're following me.
Mother, no one is watching
or following us.
- Mother, calm down!
- [gasps]
[in Greek] Keep the curtains closed, Niko.
Don't let them see you.
[in English] Mother, not Greek.
[in Greek] Your father told me yesterday.
He said we shouldn't go outside.
[in English] Mother, he passed away
years ago. What are you saying?
- [in Greek] Kosta, come and tell Niko
- [in English] Quiet! Shush! Shut up!
[woman] Yes, ma'am.
What is it you need?
No, it's me she wanted. Can you
round up all the staff immediately?
I'll be right there.
Get up. Come with me.
What is it, Orhan?
Mother, do you remember
what just happened?
Mm-hmm. I I'll come back.
You should rest.
She called me so I went upstairs
Thank you, Melahat.
My mother hasn't been feeling very
well recently, as I'm sure you're aware.
It's nothing of concern, just old age.
Mother wants to move to Bursa.
For the thermal baths.
And as a result,
I have rented a house there.
So we have to part ways with you
as we don't know how long
she's going to be staying there.
But don't worry. I assure you all
of your wages and severances will be paid.
I will also ask that you please refrain
from discussing any subject
concerning the health of my mother.
- Enjoy the cake.
- Thank you.
- Happy Bairam, everyone.
- [all] Happy Bairam.
[Çelebi] Are you on Matilda's payroll?
I don't understand.
I'm in charge here, not Matilda.
Go on, get out.
[Matilda] Good evening.
I hope it is good for you, Matilda.
There are missing items
from my list again.
Çelebi, how am I
supposed to work like this?
Aseo, come through here.
[Agop] Çelebi, I'm talking to you.
Without those lights,
how do you expect me to do my job, sir?
Stop whining, Agop, will you?
Get back to work, go on. My office.
What is it, Mr. Aziz?
You said you didn't want
the flowers taken away.
The room is my responsibility after all.
You really trust Selim, don't you?
You should watch your step, Matilda.
You and your friends need
to learn your place.
- Oh, really?
- Really.
If I don't, what then?
Master Agop, come here.
Yes, Çelebi, sir.
Agop, you're sacked. You can leave.
I will do the radio broadcast.
[inhales] Since there are people
who cannot come and see us,
we should go to them.
You can't catch me.
You can't catch me! You can't catch me!
Mordiko, why don't you sit next to her?
She is your fiancée.
You must learn to appreciate each other.
There should always be love in your life.
Life is bitter without love.
[in Ladino] Everything is ready.
Give him a son and he'll worship you.
I'll help in the kitchen.
What are you doing?
Stop embarrassing the girl.
- What did I even say?
- [clicks tongue]
She's right. You talk too much.
[in English] Is there
anything I can help you with?
[Ester] No, no, everything's fine.
We're just waiting
for your mum to arrive now.
Come on then, stir this, would you?
But be careful, don't burn it.
Does she go to work most nights? Your mum.
[Raşel] Mm-hmm.
Isn't it hard working at night?
It's her day off, but she went
to collect the cake she ordered.
[Ester] Oh, really?
Still, it must be hard.
I mean, with a grown-up daughter like you.
She's happy in her job.
Oh, but don't you worry, sweetheart.
Our Mordiko
isn't going to make you get a job.
- We'll talk about it.
- [Ester] It's true. He wouldn't have it.
He wants to have children
and for you to take care of them.
It's what we've always done.
Besides, a child
is God's greatest gift to mankind.
Trust me, you should try to have one soon.
Yeah, you should.
I mean,
it's difficult, but it's wonderful.
And once you're pregnant, you'll have
people swarming around you saying,
"Come on, Raşel, have another one.
Go on, have another one." Yeah. [laughs]
- What's wrong?
- Ouch.
Hang on.
I'll get you something to put on it.
- Hang on.
- It's all right.
All right, then.
Go back in there. I can do this.
[Raşel] Thank you.
[Mordiko] Is something wrong?
I burned my hand, but it's all right.
- Let's see.
- I'm fine, Mordo.
I'll get you some ointment.
[sighs] Why are you fussing?
'Cause you hurt your hand.
I'm not in pain. I'm being suffocated.
All they do is talk, talk, talk.
They're so eager
to decide everything for us.
And my mum, she hasn't even arrived yet.
I just want this to be over.
[knock on door]
Good evening. Sorry I'm late.
Raşel, what is it, darling? Talk to me.
Do you really have to ask?
You were hours late,
and I was in there all by myself.
I was barely able to make it.
Couldn't you have stayed a little longer?
And besides,
everyone there is your future family.
You're about to make a huge life decision.
Do you know that?
If you ask me,
you're rushing into it a bit fast.
I say that for your own good.
You have no idea what's good for me.
How could you?
How much do you even know me?
Selim spends more time with you.
You're right. I don't know you that well.
But you really don't need to know
someone that well to understand them.
I know how you feel. I do.
You don't. Nobody knows.
You're only marrying Mordo out of spite.
You're not happy.
I am. I am.
I am happy. I am happy. I am.
[continues sobbing]
Peachy İsmet hard at work.
Long time no see. How are things?
They're exactly how they look.
Well, they look good.
Before I used to think I was
the only girl you looked at like that.
And then I realized
we're all the same to you. [chuckles]
At least, anyway,
some of us have found some consolation
after the pain you put us through.
Raşel got hurt as well,
but now she saved herself.
She's engaged, and soon she'll be wed.
And you know,
you'll end up alone, like you are now.
It's not a handkerchief this time.
The best remedy for the blues.
Who upset you, eh? Shall I beat them up?
[chuckles] Yeah, you should smile.
Look at me.
Such sad eyes.
- [music plays, stops]
- [audience applauding]
[Selim sighs] I hope you all
had a wonderful evening.
I hope you all had a fantastic time again.
Look at you, all your happy faces.
And I'm kissing you on your rosy cheeks
from the very bottom of my heart.
I wish you all the very best
and good night to everybody.
[audience cheering, applauding]
Move, please!
Agop! You should shine that light
on my face, not my backside!
How could you mess it up like that?
What's happening?
- [Selim] Where's Agop? Send him to me!
- He's not here.
- [Selim] What?
- I let him go.
Who was making those mistakes?
- It was me.
- Well, uh
[exhales] Is this a joke, Çelebi? Hmm?
For Selim Songür, you've put a complete
novice in charge of the lighting.
How could you be so stupid?
Was this your idea?
It was. What are you gonna do about it?
Tell him to pack his things and leave.
I don't need amateurs in my production,
on stage or off it.
I'm afraid that's not how
we do things around here, Selim, sir.
You're not in charge here.
Who do you think you are?
[Orhan] Çelebi!
Come with me.
Why did you get rid of Agop
before finding a replacement?
I did what you told me to, Mr. Orhan.
I told you to sack people
who weren't important.
Wasn't it you who told me that Agop
is irreplaceable?
Were you planning
on taking over the lighting?
You gave me an order,
and then I acted on it.
If you don't trust me
Apologize to Selim immediately.
- But I
- Not a single word. Now that's final.
They're all just like stray bullets.
Come in.
Forgive me, Selim. I apologize.
Fine, but just this once.
Please, would you make sure
nothing like this happens ever again?
Matilda, would you close the door?
It's cold.
I told you not
to put too much trust in Selim.
Going to sack me as well?
You wish.
[pounding on door]
Calm down, you're going to break the door.
Who is it?
So you're getting married.
[sighs] I wanted
to congratulate you myself.
Why are you here?
[scoffs] To the pretty boy.
Mordo you mean.
[grunts] You're foolish. And a liar too.
You hit me though.
And left me because I'm Jewish.
[exhales] When the liar is also a fool,
that's worse.
It hurts.
[inhales] It had nothing
to do with your religion.
It's because you lied.
That's why I hit you.
You hurt me, Aysel.
You did.
[lock clicking]
Hello, there.
We were just having a little talk.
Thank you very much, my dear.
The tea was lovely.
Poor sweet girl.
She has absolutely no idea
it was her mother who killed her father.
I hope it's not a bad time
when she does find out.
Wouldn't you agree, Matilda?
[theme music playing]
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