The Club (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

- [man speaking indistinctly]
- [feedback whines]
Connection should be ready now.
Microphone's ready, boss.
Uh, excuse me. I have a request, if I may.
Is it absolutely necessary
to be at this height?
Uh, this is going to be the master mic
for the whole performance,
so we'd appreciate it
if you stood here and didn't move.
[sighs] How about I carry it
in both my hands
and dance like this?
You should definitely perform,
uh, but we'd be grateful
if you could keep your mic stable.
It's a sensitive device. It might
cause interference while we're on air.
And it's government property.
Are we ready?
[Selim] Mm-hmm.
[dancers chattering]
[Selim] Let's do a run-through, everybody.
- [laughing]
- [chattering continues]
[medium-tempo music playing]
[man] You know the cases
you were talking about. Have they arrived?
From now on, you only do as I say.
If Matilda tells you to do something,
come to me.
[Abbas] It doesn't matter to me.
If you say you're in charge,
you're in charge.
If you want to keep getting your cut,
then it should matter.
What's all the commotion?
We're going back to the old system.
Matilda, listen.
You've started a life with your daughter.
Leave the past in the past.
Stay way from my daughter, Aziz.
- [men and women chattering]
- [equipment clattering]
Just don't push me any more, Matilda.
I think you understood.
[telephone ringing]
- Club Istanbul. [exhales]
- [indistinct chattering]
What's that?
All right.
75-813, please.
- Wait by that phone, quickly.
- What's wrong? What is it?
Wait by the phone.
They're going to connect us to Orhan.
Effective immediately, no one is allowed
in the club, and no one comes in or out.
No journalists, no phone calls.
If anyone asks you anything,
you send them directly to me. Got it? Go!
- [Hasan] Are we expecting trouble, sir?
- Just do as I say. Go on.
Why do you keep your mother
at home, Orhan? She's not doing well.
Do you think the sedative
you administered will be enough?
I don't think so.
If we put her in a hospital,
do you think there's a cure?
[sighs] Uh, modern medicine
suggests electroshock therapy.
The outcome's uncertain.
And the side effects are severe.
They can be fatal.
Still, this isn't the way.
[telephone ringing]
I'll be waiting.
[indistinct chattering]
- When did his father pass away?
- Earlier today. [clears throat]
- Where's Selim?
- He's in his dressing room.
[Orhan] I want this
to stay between the three of us.
I'll tell him tonight
at an appropriate time.
Yes, sir.
Disconnect the telephones if you have to.
It's already done.
Good one. Matilda.
I'll make sure
Selim doesn't leave the room.
Unless something happens backstage,
the dressing room will be safe.
Rest assured.
Very good. All right then.
I have the utmost confidence
in you, Çelebi.
I'm completely hamstrung.
Middle of the stage, they've put
a microphone, and I can't move.
I mean,
how can I sing if I can't dance, Matilda?
Selim, I'm sorry,
but why did you agree to this?
- [exhales]
- [gulps]
What about your rehearsal?
- [lighter clicks]
- Don't, İsmet.
The smell.
[inhales, exhales]
Your mum smokes. She won't notice.
[Raşel sighs]
[İsmet exhales]
Expecting someone?
It's just so easy for me.
Aysel, we don't have to
see each other again.
I didn't say that.
[İsmet exhales]
Know which bit of you I like the most?
This mole of yours.
You should leave, İsmet.
[chef] I want all the lamb parts cleared
before this evening.
[hesitates] Excuse me, sir.
Sir, you're not allowed in there.
- I'm a journalist. I only need a second.
- No, no, no!
What's happening? What are you doing?
Who let him in? Get out!
Get out I said!
- [grunting]
- Sir, come on! Don't make a scene.
- [Hasan] How did he get in?
- [Çelebi] Get him out!
[man] Come on, quickly!
- [Hasan] Get him out!
- [man 2] Out, please!
- Wait here.
- [man 2] Now!
What do you think you're doing?
Do you think you're some sort of gangster?
What on earth happened?
We should go back to your room, Selim.
Listen, you're representing me,
and you are Selim Songür.
The papers won't say
that Çelebi beat someone up.
They'll say that Selim Songür
had a journalist manhandled!
If you're not capable of doing it,
go and work somewhere else then.
[Matilda] Come on.
What are you looking at?
[Tasula whispers]
Why would we look at you?
- [sighs]
- [clears throat]
[knock on door]
Hello, there.
I've got some chestnuts for you.
Raşel, I wanna talk
about the dinner the other night.
I understand how you felt. Anyone would.
- [Raşel sighs]
- And bless them, my family talk too much.
[inhales] After you left,
one of my aunts turned to the other one
and said, "That girl is scared."
We can postpone the wedding.
We don't have to please our families.
Mordo, have you ever noticed
that I have a mole here?
I think it's new. I'm not sure though.
I've never noticed you had a mole there,
to be honest.
[woman] Sir, madame
- Welcome. Welcome, madame.
- Thank you very much.
Halis, welcome, sir.
Welcome, madame. I hope all's well.
- [Halis] Thank you.
- I will inform Orhan you are here.
- One second. Ah, sir. It's Halis.
- Go downstairs.
Right away.
- We're honoured to have you here. Please.
- [Halis] Thank you.
Remember you asked me
why I said yes to being on the radio?
I'd imagine my father
listening to the broadcast.
Do you know
where I'd like to be right now? [sighs]
In my father's house
in the chair in the corner.
The dinner table will be set soon,
everything perfectly laid.
And then my father will say
"Turn on the radio."
And that first second when
he hears me on his wireless
there's nothing
I wouldn't give to be there.
Twenty minutes.
What's the rush?
I'm not going to run away again.
Don't worry, so you'll keep your job.
Don't panic. [scoffs]
[Çelebi] I would always find a job.
But until that happens,
I'm here to stay, so get used to it.
If you don't like it,
Orhan's office is upstairs.
Listen here. Don't mistake me
for that journalist you beat up.
I promise you'd regret it, and you'd be
grovelling for forgiveness at my feet.
Do you hear me?
There's only one time
that's going to happen,
and when it does,
we'll see whose head is on the floor.
Excuse me, what was that?
Selim, calm down.
- You dare say that to me!
- Selim, calm down. Çelebi, leave!
[Selim] Get out! Get out!
You're going to pay for threatening
your star and beating up a journalist.
You impudent degenerate! Now go!
- Who does he think he is?
- Calm down. He's gone.
Sir, this just came in.
- Give it to me.
- What do we do?
[Çelebi sighs]
- I need you to do something.
- All right, sir.
[Halis] An extraordinary venue.
I'm sure your mother is very proud
of this venue and your nomination, Orhan.
As any mother would be.
You're far too modest.
When you give a speech for the award,
which I'm sure you're going to win,
will you be asking people
to make donations to the Turks in Cyprus?
There are rumours I've heard about EOKA
receiving secret funds from the Greeks.
We should ask them
to help the Turks and see what happens.
Don't worry. I can assure you
if those rumours are indeed true,
we'll have a few words
of our own to say about it.
[inhales] Excuse me.
Have a wonderful evening. Thank you.
[patrons laughing, chattering]
[inhales] Let's go over your makeup again.
[knock on door]
You had one job. One job!
I was with Selim during rehearsal,
just in case.
Whoever put it there
must have done it when the room was empty.
Then you should have locked it.
How could you be so irresponsible?
Where's Çelebi?
Yes, sir.
Well done, Çelebi. You also
have a part in our professional suicide.
Excuse me, I don't follow.
Selim knows about his father.
How is that possible, Matilda?
There's a shell of a man in there.
The show starts in five minutes,
and I have to smile
and act like nothing's happened!
And it's all thanks to you, isn't it?
I know that you're not here.
You're in that chair in the corner.
[Matilda] It's not easy. You're right.
But if you don't get on that stage
then you know
you'll always be sitting in that chair.
- [man] Selim won't go on stage.
- Yeah, he's not coming out.
[man] I can't believe he'd do it again.
- Look at the clock. He's not coming.
- [man] Are we still gonna get paid?
- What are you still doing here?
- [woman] Selim isn't coming. He's not.
- That's not true.
- [woman] Are you sure?
Yes, I am sure, and you have less
than a minute to get on stage.
- Move it!
- [man] Come on.
- The radio host is about to go on air.
- [man] You heard him. Let's go back.
- Move it!
- [woman] I'll believe it when I see it.
What are you still doing here?
[announcer] We're going live
in three, two, one! And we're live!
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
It's an honour to have you with us.
And we're sure you're going to enjoy
this new radio concert.
I will now introduce you
to the greatest show
that this country has ever seen
and its star Selim Songür!
[audience cheering, applauding]
[drumsticks clacking]
[medium-tempo music playing]
[in Turkish] A life in pursuit
Of my passion ♪
Starting all over again every morning ♪
I'm never giving up ♪
To watch it all happen ♪
Or to live life to the fullest
Without a single care ♪
What's the right thing to do? ♪
With endless possibilities
In a suitcase ♪
I was born to the sun ♪
I spread my wings wide ♪
I flew high ♪
Keep my dreams, beautiful storm ♪
Whisper my name ♪
In the Buselik makam ♪
[Matilda exhales]
[Selim huffs]
[in English] Stay with me tonight.
[exhales] Please.
Come on, Çelebi,
not even a fly can get past you
From my first day at your club Parisienne,
have I ever done anything
to betray you, Orhan, sir?
Yes, you're right.
You've been loyal to me
through all my failures.
But somehow I feel like if I close
this place down, I'll be alone, Çelebi.
Why is that?
I think the one
who's failed here is Matilda.
Perhaps you prefer it that way
and tomorrow morning, I will
Enough! I don't want you to leave.
I need you here.
Don't you realize
that you nearly ruined us all?
That's the last thing
I would ever want to happen.
- Matilda's the one who
- Matilda what, Çelebi?
What's your problem with that woman?
You argued with Matilda
and ended up sacking Agop too soon
and then you started fighting with Selim.
You're walking on thin ice,
and you've not been yourself for a while.
What is it, Çelebi?
Are you in love with her?
This way will be better for everyone.
From now on, stay away from backstage.
You will deal with the venue,
and Matilda will run backstage.
[Matilda] Making me sign blank checks,
all those threats and insults,
everything you've done to me,
it was all just to avenge Mümtaz, huh?
Shame on you.
Mümtaz was evil. A coward.
But you, you're sick.
Aziz Somuncuoğlu.
[knock on door]
[inhales] I need to tell you something
about your mother.
What's happened?
[clears throat]
Selim's father has passed away.
She's staying with him.
She won't be coming home tonight.
Good night to you.
Get out. Get out.
Fly! [panting]
- Get out! God damn you! Damn you!
- [wings flapping]
God damn you!
- [woman] Would you like some tea?
- No.
- Get me some towels for me.
- [woman 2] Of course, ma'am.
You're doing the right thing, Raşel.
İsmet's not father material.
If you'd kept the baby,
do you think he'd be its father?
In fact, how do we know
that he wouldn't bring you here?
[door opens]
[woman 3 groans]
What's the point
of rewriting the same old story, Raşel?
[shattering continues]
- [loud click]
- [mother screaming]
[clicking, screaming continue]
[Orhan gasps]
[Mordiko] Where were we?
Alkazar Cinema, there's East of Eden.
We've seen that.
The Barefoot Contessa at the Aynalı.
The Lale has Gary Cooper.
Melek's showing I Want To Live.
Then there's The Night.
Raşel, you're acting strange.
You wanted to see a film,
but now we're just sitting here.
- Let's take a walk, at least.
- No, I'm all right.
I'll tell you what, Keti and Moshe
are getting married next week.
They've hired a really nice venue.
and if you want, we could go,
and if you like it,
my father could arrange something.
I mean, we don't have to. We could
just get married in the synagogue.
- Whatever you want.
- Mordo, I'm having a baby.
Are you gonna marry him?
Well, he doesn't know.
I'm going to talk to him tomorrow,
and I'll tell him I don't want to see him,
that I'm bringing up the baby on my own.
I'm ready to dedicate my life
to the woman I love.
Let's take a ship and go to Israel.
Don't make the baby go through
the same thing you did.
Raşel, I'm sorry I'm late.
It all happened so quickly.
Where were you?
I sent word with Haci. Didn't he tell you?
I was with Selim. His father passed away.
Where were you
on the one night I really needed you?
Stop talking like that.
You're scaring me, Raşel.
Are you not feeling well?
Mum, I'm pregnant.
All I ask is one thing.
Don't make the same mistake as me.
What you call a mistake
is how I came to exist.
I won't become you.
[woman] Good morning, Matilda.
[man] Well, it's gonna be one
of those busy nights
Well, you've won.
I didn't win. You have lost.
Take your pay cheque and never return.
Look what I found.
[inhales] You know
what my biggest dream is?
To get on a boat like this one
and travel around the world for 90 years,
going wherever it goes.
I'd keep going right until my last breath.
And when I die,
they'd throw me into the sea,
no gravestone or anything. Just water.
Goodbye, İsmet.
All right, keep the change.
[Raşel] You should take that boat.
[İsmet] What are you talking about, Aysel?
[Raşel] "Tell you what,
why don't you marry Mordo?
He's a nice man, gentle and honest."
[İsmet] I arrived at your door.
Do you remember that?
[Raşel] You hurt me, İsmet,
but you also opened my eyes.
So now, farewell to you.
I'm going to Israel with Mordo.
[horn blaring]
[theme music playing]
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