The Club (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

[man] When the Entente Powers
seized Istanbul,
the French General d'Espèrey,
the conqueror of Macedonia,
was among them.
- [boy inhales]
- [man] D'Espèrey asked for a white horse.
A snow white horse,
just like the one Mehmed the Conqueror
rode when he entered Istanbul.
And on that horse, he pranced
through the Grand Avenue of Pera
and arrived at the French Consulate.
Never had the avenue
borne witness to such joy
and such happiness, such a crowd.
But who was that crowd
applauding the French general?
It was people
who we called our countrymen.
People we had lived with for centuries,
the non-Muslims.
What do you think about that?
[chiming and cuckooing]
In 1940, when the Germans invaded France,
a German commander
had d'Espèrey thrown out.
In his sadness,
poor old d'Espèrey had a stroke.
And everyone was too afraid to help him.
So he died all alone on the roadside.
[inhales] So what can we learn
from this story?
Time. Time is unforgiving.
Some of our non-Muslim citizens
are grumbling about the Wealth Tax.
And they believe it shouldn't exist.
But what would you say
about that, Salomon?
[hesitates] I must admit
that it has put us
in a difficult situation.
- But we have always supported the state.
- Supported the state?
You know,
when they were applauding that general
none of them were supporting the state.
Not the Greeks, Armenians
or you.
That is not what happened.
I'm afraid the contents
of this safe will be confiscated soon.
There will be a huge sum inside,
proved to be unlawfully untaxed.
And then they are going to arrest you
for trying to evade the Wealth Tax,
Salomon Aseo.
And I'm afraid,
that you will be made an example of
to anyone who tries to cheat the Turks.
You will be dispatched to a labour camp.
And then the only applause you'll hear
is going to be that of a Turkish crowd.
- [sighs]
- [door closes]
[crowd chanting] Cyprus is Turkish,
and Turkish it will stay!
Cyprus is Turkish,
and Turkish it will stay!
Cyprus is Turkish,
and Turkish it will stay!
Cyprus is Turkish,
and Turkish it will stay!
Curse on you, EOKA!
Curse on you, EOKA!
Curse on you, EOKA! Curse on you, EOKA!
Curse on you, EOKA
Why are they marching, sir?
Do you remember
that building I showed you?
They're marching so that it'll be mine.
Boys, follow your brother Bahtiyar.
Don't get lost.
If you do, you might
as well go back to your villages.
Come on now. Let's go!
Cyprus is Turkish,
and Turkish it will stay!
[chanting continuing]
[horn honks]
Stop it! You'll provoke them!
They already are, can't you see?
This will get out of control.
If you say so, it surely will.
You don't need us to make a mess.
But I do need you.
Soon I'll be reassigned.
I don't know where.
How nice.
Why don't you come with me?
[inhales] I may not be
the best travel companion.
Let's try to be together first.
If it works, why don't you move in?
[İsmet sighs]
I mean, if we can make it work.
No one can understand each other
like we do.
Can they?
[car horn honks]
- Bonjour!
- [laughing]
- [Raşel] Oh!
- Oh, slow down or I'll squash the baby.
- [laughs]
- How was Paris? Was it beautiful?
[gasps] Paris, mon amour!
- The first moment, I'm gonna take you.
- All right.
- Sir, here are your bags.
- Oh, um thank you.
[gasps] Oh, Raşel, you'll love it.
I've bought
so many pretty things! [laughs]
- Hello!
- [gasps] Oh, and there you are.
- I missed you, Matilda.
- [laughs]
- Wait, my hands. I was making dolmas.
- [Selim sighs]
You're here early.
Oh, I just can't wait. I'm so excited.
Here you are.
Yellow again?
Listen, when they appear,
we can ask
if they'd prefer a different colour.
Have you become friends already then?
Certainly. I think
I'll adopt the little mite. [laughs]
[clears throat] What have I got for you?
[clears throat]
Here it is.
This is gorgeous. [gasps]
- Oh, here.
- [Raşel clears throat]
Thanks, but I can't wear this.
Let's see.
I'll let it out at the back
and then it'll fit you.
And we can curl your hair up at the ends.
Well, you'd better get
your curling irons out.
You, darling,
will be coming to the club tomorrow.
And why is she going?
Well, tomorrow Orhan will be
announced as Entrepreneur of the Year.
I don't know what of the year that
makes me, but I want Raşel to be there,
because I have
an amazing surprise for her.
- Oh, let me see this surprise then.
- You'll have to wait.
Your mother and I have to go
to the club now for the preparations.
- Where are they?
- There, look!
[crowd chattering, laughing]
[woman] Excuse me! Let me through!
- [clamouring]
- It's so beautiful.
- [gasping]
- [chattering]
please bring your costumes to Matilda.
They'll need to be altered.
- [dancer] Ooh, yes!
- [giggling]
Ladies, come on. Please don't worry.
I'll make you all look gorgeous. [laughs]
- [dancer] Now I'm so excited.
- [all] Matilda! Matilda! Matilda!
All right, all right!
Calm down, girls, please, will you?
I promise I'll take care of everyone.
Now I need to go before I wet myself.
[dancers laughing]
What are you doing here?
You know that backstage is out of bounds.
He can't wear that outfit.
Why's that?
It's too showy. It'll cause a stir.
Not your decision to make.
- Stay away from my backstage.
- Backstage isn't the issue.
It's about the headliner.
Go and talk some sense into him.
It'll just get uglier
if this gets to Orhan.
The man is already very tense,
with the voting and award ceremony
and everything.
I won't talk to him.
- Listen to me for a change.
- Let go.
[praying indistinctly]
[door opens]
- [sobs]
- [Orhan] Mother, I have to go.
Preparations are underway for tomorrow.
Do you remember about the award ceremony?
You were there when they nominated me,
and you said, "I'm proud of you, Orhan."
Mother, here. Listen
Drink this. Come on, Mother.
[in Greek] I won't. It makes me sleepy.
[in English] I know, but I'm afraid
I can't leave you with anyone. Please.
[in Greek] No, your father
will come and take us home.
[in English] We are at home.
Please drink this.
I'm not stupid.
This place is not our home!
This Mother Mary is not mine.
That's why my prayers
haven't been answered.
- Mother, drink this.
- [in Greek] No!
- [in English] Mother!
- [sobs]
- Just drink.
- [gags]
Will you?
- [Orhan grunts]
- [sobbing]
I'm sorry.
- You should rest now.
- [sobbing continues]
- [driver] His place is unbelievable.
- [driver 2 chuckles]
[driver] How could he make so much money?
I mean, how long has he been there?
[driver 2] He's Selim Songür.
He's got a record out,
and it's already sold out.
[driver] You can't even imagine it.
He came back from Paris
with these gifts, suitcases.
They couldn't fit everything in the car
so they had to hire me.
I mean, I'm not jealous.
I hope it keeps going well for him,
but what's his
What do you mean?
I mean to say, does he like girls?
Because there was a woman and a young girl
there when I was at his place.
[driver 2] Well, she's probably his maid.
Now, look, the girl's really pregnant.
And they definitely
did not look like maids to me.
- [man] Here are your teas. Here you are.
- [driver 2] Ah!
- [man 2] Excuse me. Are you free?
- [driver] Thank you.
[man] Enjoy.
Why, good morning, Mr. Orhan! [chuckles]
You look really good.
Paris treated you well.
Merci. [chuckles]
[inhales] Um, a little present from Paris.
[Orhan] That's very kind.
On one condition.
Tonight's first act has
to be my new song, promise.
- Sure. Take a seat.
- Thank you.
[exhales, sighs] Well, big day tomorrow.
[inhales] Yes.
Tomorrow, a lot of things
are going to change.
In a good way, of course.
From now on,
we can do anything that we want to do.
All right, let me tell you this then.
I've been to every bar and club in Paris.
And I assure you,
Olympia doesn't have anything on us.
I'm better than anyone there.
We can do it.
We just have to
be a little more courageous.
And we will, but there's a time for that.
Just get through the award night first.
Just get through it?
Pardonnez-moi? We will slay them.
[inhales] I have a special request
for you concerning this.
Tomorrow should be
a bit more conservative.
it doesn't have to be a full show.
Just a few songs
until the award is presented.
Don't get to the songs
where the girls dance coquettishly.
And could you wear a normal outfit
just for tomorrow?
- [traditional Turkish music playing]
- [woman vocalizing]
Do enjoy it.
[woman singing in Turkish]
[Matilda] Let me just finish this.
Matilda, we're leaving.
- And the show?
- [Selim] We'll think about it tomorrow.
Insolent! Disrespectful!
How dare you
say something like that to me!
- Open this, would you?
- What's wrong?
Normal, huh? Normal he said!
- What's normal?
- Orhan, he
I'm to wear a normal outfit.
That's what he said.
Çelebi must have got to him.
Çelebi him? Who's Çelebi?
We've done everything in spite of him.
[gasps] Orhan!
How could he say that to me?
Normal? You know who's normal?
My father was normal.
Mother, normal.
Look at you. Just be a normal child.
Look at this.
I was 14 when I drew these.
It seems like yesterday.
My father had beaten up my mother
and then me.
He didn't like how she ironed his shirt.
[gasps] Ever been
beaten up before breakfast?
I had a fever. Couldn't go to school.
And I said to her, "Don't worry, Mother.
I'll invent a shirt that
doesn't need ironing.
Promise you I will."
Normal just wasn't me.
You're beautiful.
And you were beautiful then.
What was this place before you came?
If it weren't for you, would Orhan
be named Entrepreneur of the Year?
Would those fat cats even look at him?
Without you, it's just tables and chairs.
Never forget that.
Selim, listen.
Do you need to wear that costume?
Then you're going to wear it.
I'm not allowed.
What if they don't see it?
Costume fitting? Rehearsals?
What are they doing in there?
No idea. Just sitting and brooding.
All right, let them sit then.
Let them sit.
[knock on door]
[grunts] He's gone.
Come on, girls, get in there.
We almost fell asleep out there.
He just wouldn't leave, would he?
- That wait was suffocating.
- Oh, darling.
But I have something
to cheer you up. Just you wait. [chuckles]
Tonight is not a rehearsal.
Full performance.
- The real thing. [laughs]
- [man] Sure.
[Selim exhales]
And lights!
Even more.
[knock on door]
- [grunts]
- [knocking continues]
Sit down.
Tell me everything, Aysel.
I'm visiting my mother.
I go back next week.
If İsmet turns up outside your house,
and he comes inside and sits down,
he already knows what's happening.
Now stop lying and tell me everything.
I couldn't go with Mordo.
Did you know about the baby
when you spoke to me?
You didn't tell me.
- And if I'd known about it, I would have
- And what would've changed if you did?
Does it give you pleasure
to try and hurt me?
Is that why you do it?
You're so cruel and arrogant.
Who is this person?
- But you should have
- Then why have you come to my door, İsmet?
Why do you always have to come knocking?
I'm not arrogant. You're selfish.
I haven't made this baby all by myself,
have I?
Allah will strike you down.
- İsmet. [groaning]
- [door opens and closes]
[inhales, exhales]
It's going to be wonderful!
- I'm going to burn the place down!
- Shh!
- Hey! She's probably asleep.
- [laughs] Excuse me.
[Raşel sniffles]
Are you all right? Are you feeling unwell?
Have you been crying?
What's wrong?
I'm just short of breath. [sniffles]
And I had contractions. [exhales]
You'll feel better with a new day.
And we can go to the doctor just in case.
Where's your dress?
I'll get it ready for tomorrow.
- When you wake up, we'll do your hair.
- Don't bother, it won't be necessary.
[in Ladino] These days will pass.
Don't worry.
I'm here.
[door opens, closes]
[coughs, gags]
[in English] Good day to you, sir.
Are you well?
- Yes, thank you. What is it?
- I hate to bother you.
But I applied for a job,
and I need a letter of recommendation.
- I just need five minutes of your time.
- I just don't have the time now.
- Come back later, would you?
- I need a signed letter.
Your mother could do it.
It won't take long.
Melahat! I can't. I'm sorry.
[gasps] Raşel!
- Oh, I've missed you so much!
- Me too! I've missed you as well.
Look at you. Pregnancy really suits you.
I'm going to see Selim.
Ah, last week you said you couldn't
leave the house. What's changed?
Selim insisted.
And getting back?
We're going straight home afterwards,
so İsmet won't see us, don't worry.
Besides, what could he say if he did?
- [woman] Tasula, come back here.
- Coming.
- It's all right.
- Wait here.
Don't leave after the show.
I've missed you so much.
- [both chuckle]
- Go on, go on.
For you.
Don't buy me things
and stop chasing me around.
- Brother.
- Hello, there, brother.
- Just the man I was looking for.
- Have you found men?
- Yeah, yeah, business is good.
- Yeah.
- Here, take this. Take it, go on.
- No, I'm fine.
- I'm all right.
- Don't refuse money.
Buy some clothes.
Don't walk around like that.
I'll get them with my own money.
Yeah? What you make here
is only enough for food.
Look, you don't have a future here.
Listen to your brother.
Let's work together.
We can make a lot of money.
I'm doing all right, thanks be to God.
Well, good luck to you then, Haci.
Is that all, sir?
I'll bring in four more men next week.
Look, this place is top class now.
So don't just bring in
the first people you find.
- We are offering you qualified people.
- Hmm.
Good day, sir.
[Bahtiyar] Yes, sir.
Leave the girl alone.
Which girl do you mean?
You're here to do business.
That's all. So leave the girl alone.
Sir, I love her.
I wait for her every night.
Yesterday, she went
for a walk with the musicians.
I was sure I was gonna kill someone.
But after a short while,
they came back here.
- To the club?
- Yeah.
As I was saying to you
you're just here to do business.
Be careful.
- [Selim] What is it?
- Your costume's gone.
They must be ironing it.
I've just asked. They're not.
I expect it
to be returned to my room at once.
[Orhan] I thought we agreed yesterday.
I never imagined that you would do this
without telling me.
You didn't wait for a response, remember?
I'm asking you respectfully.
Do not wear this outfit tonight.
I shall.
[inhales] Selim, this is important for me.
You think you're the only one?
Every night I go on stage, it's important.
Are you wearing this
for yourself or for them?
- Just tell me what you're trying to prove.
- Enough.
- Keep going, sir, and you will lose.
- [huffs]
[inhales] Tonight.
Tonight you will wear a normal costume,
and we'll both win. Understood?
[sighs] I think it would be best
to look for another singer
for tonight's show, don't you?
I'm not going on.
I'm gonna kill him. That'll solve it.
Wait a minute, sir, calm down.
Don't tell me to calm down!
This affects you too.
What do you think'll happen
once I get the award?
You think I'll be stuck here?
A great many doors will open.
Huge opportunity,
managing four or five venues at once!
- I hope so. I hope so.
- You hope so?
Who do you think will manage this place?
Every single one of our dreams
is now slipping through our fingers!
And you say calm down.
[Çelebi knocks]
[Mother in Greek] Get me out of here!
Go get me my son!
Get me out of here!
Go get me my son.
[lock turns]
Go get me my son!
Get me out of here!
Go get me my son.
Go get me my son!
Go get me my son!
[in English] Mevhibe Madame.
[in Greek] Go get me my son.
Go get him!
- [in English] I don't know
- [in Greek] Get him!
- [in English] I don't understand.
- [in Greek] Go get me
[man in English] Orhan.
- [exhales]
- You look very tense.
Just award night nerves.
Everything is going as planned.
We've been very pleased
by your cooperation.
But don't worry. I'm a man of my word.
I don't doubt it.
[emcee] Ladies and gentlemen,
good evening and welcome.
I give you Selim Songür!
[fast-tempo music playing]
- Why didn't he wear it?
- I don't know.
And no dancers behind him, look.
[in Turkish] I could not and cannot ♪
Fit in anywhere in this world ♪
I'm here ♪
But my heart is in the land of giants ♪
Since it's a fairy tale ♪
My eyes are shut ♪
The ugly truth is behind the curtain ♪
Waiting for me to open them ♪
Some of us ♪
And some of us were ♪
Convicted of challenging the world ♪
Hey! All they actually ♪
[emcee] And now
it's time to announce
which candidate will receive
the Turkish Entrepreneur of the Year Award
from the Turkish
Entrepreneurs Association.
Orhan Şahin!
[man] You've become
a member of our family.
[Mevhibe in Greek]
She was going to ruin our family, Niko.
She was going to ruin our family.
[in English] Why don't you
have something to eat, son?
I'm not hungry.
What's the matter, son?
You've been so sad lately,
you hardly say anything.
Mum, I'm fine.
[sighs] İsmet, you're the light
of my life, so please don't get angry.
Asiye's daughter has finished school now.
Is it so bad to tell you that?
You could start your own family.
Have a suitcase ready for me.
Where are you going?
Just do it.
What happened tonight?
Go away.
No, I won't.
Just say something. Get it off your chest.
Get out.
I will not!
Not before you tell me everything.
[exhales] It was for you.
To keep you out of harm's way.
I did it for you
to keep your past from resurfacing.
So there you have it. Now are you happy?
I did it for family!
Once again!
I thought
I'd stopped giving up things for people.
When my father died, I thought I'd
given up on those obligations, you know?
It appears I have a new family
in you and Raşel.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I admire your courage.
I mean it.
However, there's something [sighs]
I wonder about.
Once you start
wearing this outfit on stage,
people are going to ask
they're going to ask some questions
that they've never asked before.
Are you ready for that?
[Selim inhales]
What do you mean?
Well [sighs]
you are the most famous singer
in this country.
And you are young and single
but you share your house
with a woman who's older
and her pregnant daughter.
What if the reporters, uh, look at you
and they start to wonder, "Who is
She's a Jew
who killed her daughter's father.
And the dead man was Muslim.
And Raşel
and the baby's father.
Muslim as well.
What will the journalists say?
What'll we say?
What will you say?
No option.
Raşel's father, you murdered him.
Did I have any other choice?
[lock clicks]
[Orhan grunts]
[muffled jazz music playing]
[jazz music continues playing]
[jazz music blaring]
Where's Raşel?
Coo-coo. [scoffs]
Gone where?
My mother murdered my father.
[theme music playing]
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