The Club (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

- [knock on door]
- [door opens]
[drink pours]
[door opens]
Here's what's left of the boiled milk.
[Raşel] I told you not to bother.
It's nice.
It is.
Is that your first photo?
I was 12 when I had mine.
We had a ceremony at the orphanage,
and they took a group photograph.
I don't care about it.
It's nothing to me. [exhales]
Think about it.
Someone kills the very reason you exist.
And then abandons you.
- [exhales]
- Because you're a bad seed.
- [sighs]
- At least you have your mother, İsmet.
You must have seen that grocery
on the corner.
Above that shop
lives a young man with his mother.
No one knows where his father is.
Comes and goes as he pleases.
Sometimes doesn't come at all.
Anyway, one day a fire breaks out below.
She runs downstairs. She was so scared.
Suddenly, the door
on the floor below bursts open.
The father naked.
It becomes apparent that
that bastard had been coming
and going to the woman downstairs.
He had serious burns from the fire,
and what did his wife do?
She tended to him for months.
Ointments, baths
tea, soup, everything.
And the young man?
He has no idea what happened.
No idea at all.
And, Aysel,
that is what family is all about.
[knocking on door]
- Would you like me to send her away?
- You won't be able to.
[knocking continues]
You all right?
I wish you'd listened to me
before running away.
And what could you say to me?
It was you. You murdered him.
You've been hiding it all this time.
What else could you say?
What was I supposed to say?
What was there to tell? [scoffs]
Do you want me to say I shot your father?
Was I supposed to tell you what happened,
that he destroyed my family
and left me with nothing,
so I pulled the trigger and killed him?
At 17, you were left alone,
so you shot someone?
Me, I lived 17 years without anyone,
and when I fell in love with İsmet,
you tried to stop me.
I did it because I didn't want you
to go through the same.
I didn't want you to be left alone
fighting for a love
that would abandon you.
I honestly thought
that it was the best thing.
And I also tried my best at motherhood
while I was feeling my way in the dark.
I'm still responsible for my failures.
Did he know about me?
You lied to him as well, didn't you?
He didn't know.
You really are utterly selfish.
All these years,
you were never there for me.
But then you just turn up
saying you're my mother.
You gave me hope.
We tried to see if we could save this,
and yet,
you're still hiding things, aren't you?
- And still pretending you're the martyr?
- Raşel.
- Just leave, I don't want to hear anymore.
- [Matilda] Come on, Raşel.
You know that İsmet will
never be there for you. I've told you.
Yes, he will.
- Never.
- He will!
- No, he won't!
- He will! [huffs]
We'll be married.
- Wait! Hold on!
- [Tasula panting]
- Tasula!
- Stop following me around!
Who are you to tell me not to go on stage?
- I don't want you to.
- [huffs]
Look at me.
Look, I was drunk, and I was unhappy.
That's why it happened.
That's it. It meant nothing.
It meant nothing?
You're the one who came to me,
and you weren't drunk at all.
- [huffs]
- Look at me, Tasula.
- You can't just walk away from me.
- Let go!
- You just can't walk
- I said let go!
What's going on here?
I see, so you're a bully
now you work for Ali Şeker.
Get out of here.
She's not some helpless girl.
What's going on?
Nothing's going on.
Go away.
Go on.
This is what you
and Ali Şeker have brought here.
You're not allowed backstage,
but your schemes remain.
Watch what you say.
And you should watch your step.
This area is my responsibility.
Sometimes you forget that.
Çelebi, sir, Orhan has requested
your presence. He has a guest.
[exhales] All in all Orhan,
what I'm saying is,
now's the time to invest.
[inhales] Our people could gain more
from distinguished Turkish entrepreneurs
like yourself.
Of course, I'd like
to expand my business in the district.
There are many buildings
that the Grand Avenue of Pera can offer.
I would say there are many non-Muslims
who'd like to dispose of their properties.
You just need to choose the building.
[inhales] A good opportunity
should always be seized,
but why are they vacating?
The Greeks in particular
are not happy anymore here.
[sighs] I wasn't aware of that.
Well, neither are they.
[knock on door]
[Orhan] Ah, Çelebi.
- I'd like you to meet Kürşat.
- It's an honour to meet you, sir.
[Orhan] Çelebi's more than
my right hand man.
He'd be better than me running the place.
I'm humbled.
So then, while you're away
dealing with new ventures,
this place will be taken good care of.
Shall we make it official then?
[sighs] May Turkey prosper from this.
I don't consume alcohol
while on duty, sir.
Just consider yourself as the boss here
from now on
and not an employee.
Well, well, well, if you say so.
All right.
[in Turkish]
Bring it, bring it over to Beyoğlu ♪
Bring it, honey ♪
Bring it over to Istanbul, bring it ♪
Bring it, love, bring it ♪
Bring it already ♪
Bring it over to Beyoğlu ♪
Bring it, baby ♪
Bring it over to Istanbul ♪
Bring it, love, bring it ♪
- [crowd murmuring]
- [in English] Um, I do apologise
I'll be right back, gentlemen.
[clears throat]
Good morning.
[Matilda] What is this?
He told us to come here.
He said there was a job.
Haci, tip these gentlemen
and show them the way out.
All right, ma'am.
- [grunts]
- [door opens]
[laughs] So, mmm,
we're going to perform together tonight.
A celebration from the heart of Anatolia
for my Turkish Entrepreneur of the Year!
Oh, but he deserved it.
And we didn't even get to celebrate it.
- A little early isn't it?
- [grunts]
You're still angry with me.
[sighs] I really don't know how she heard.
I mean, you and I were talking.
I understand you're angry with me
- It's all right. I'll talk to Raşel.
- You don't have to.
No, the great Selim Songür
will go to her
and then she won't be able to refuse.
And you don't get to say it's fine.
The things I've put up with for you.
She should at least look her mother
in the eye.
Am I wrong?
- [slams down glass]
- [grunts]
[inhales, exhales]
Where are they then?
- They're gone, Selim, sir.
- [Selim] Gone where?
I assumed you weren't serious
about using them, Selim.
Oh, you're the one making decisions
for my show now, are you?
I wouldn't have done it
if I thought you were serious.
And now you're saying I'm frivolous.
No, never.
You know that beloved boss of yours,
well thanks to this charlatan here,
he was chosen for that award.
What's wrong?
Don't you deem Orhan worthy, eh?
Selim, would you please calm down?
- We have a concept.
- It is my concept!
[Matilda sighs]
Rehearsal is over. Get out!
And what's happened here?
I'm asking you.
Seeing as you're in charge of backstage.
As of now, the backstage isn't yours.
In fact, from here on in,
I have absolute
and undisputed control over the club.
That's not gonna happen.
I won't take orders from you.
Tell that to Orhan.
Matilda, is Selim here?
[Orhan] Matilda.
You all right?
Selim's not here yet, sir.
He's still at the tailor's, I think.
It's all right.
We'll meet some other time.
- A pleasure to meet you.
- Please.
[retches, pants]
You should eat more, my dear.
You're eating for two.
Since we're all here together.
Mum, would you stop please?
Why would I do that, son?
What is she going to do about it?
Do you think it was easy for me
bringing you up?
He never listened to me.
Well, he doesn't now either. [chuckles]
[chuckles] What would he get up to?
[mother] Well, he was
a very smart and honest boy.
He had a fire in him.
İsmet had a crush on a girl called Nimet.
- She lived with family across the hall.
- Mother.
- [chuckles]
- [mother] She was ten years older.
He sneaked into their house one day,
to see the girl,
but he came face to face with the father,
wet himself.
I had to wash all of their rugs. Had to.
- That was delicious.
- [mother] Thank you.
Yes, it was lovely.
Don't worry, leave it. It's all right.
Sorry about my mother.
She can be tactless.
No, it was nice.
What did you talk about with your mother?
- Nothing.
- Nothing?
[grunts] Did you have a good day, hmm?
- Oh, look, there's something on your lip.
- Aysel.
Oh, come on, İsmet.
It's always the same thing.
She left after three minutes
slamming the door, so I'm curious.
She maybe said something to upset you.
Why shouldn't I ask about that?
Those days are over.
It turns out I knew how
to get rid of her, so just stop asking.
All right, I won't ask again.
I suppose you could also get rid of me.
And why would I do that?
Could it be the world is ending?
- [Selim] Who told you to improvise?
- [man] Selim, we're a jazz band.
Fuck jazz! They're not here to see you!
- It's what we always do.
- Well, don't. Not anymore.
Take your money and play and go home!
Improvising? It's finished.
Living out your dreams is over!
Let's go.
- What is this?
- [musician] Find yourself a new band.
[musicians muttering]
- Get out, go on!
- [musician] Enough is enough.
Now you've got principles. [sniffles]
[sniffles, sighs]
Is this a joke?
What's that? Why is it here?
[sighs] I suppose
they've had it dry cleaned for you.
They didn't know any better.
What are they trying to do?
Are they trying to make me go insane?
Do they want that?
They dare criticise my show.
They shove my costume in my face.
They start improvising.
If I'd done whatever I wanted,
the neon lights
would've been taken down overnight!
They wouldn't have stood by me.
Traitors, all of them!
Let them leave.
Selim, would you calm down for a moment?
- You're very special to everyone, Selim.
- [scoffs]
If you really want it,
there's still time to chase your dream.
If I really want it?
So I'm to blame, am I?
I didn't want it,
so I've used my fear as an excuse?
Bravo, Matilda.
Well, Raşel was right about you.
[inhales] You didn't think
about her feelings either.
Because deep down you were jealous of her.
You know she achieved
what you failed to do
and fell in love
and defended that love.
Raşel was right about you.
You didn't think
about her feelings either.
Because she achieved
what you failed to do
and fell in love
and defended that love.
As you're getting married.
Oh. Yeah.
Yeah, I thought she had it with her, so
Didn't have to bring this.
I could have come pick it up.
Doctor's appointment tomorrow.
You make sure she doesn't miss it.
And you should move quickly.
The child's almost here.
Kürşat, sir.
[splutters] I didn't know you
uh, isn't Orhan in his office?
- I'll send someone for him, just a moment.
- [Kürşat] That won't be necessary.
It's you I've come to see.
Please, come in.
I understand you've been working
for Orhan a long time.
Indeed. Indeed. I have.
- We've opened a few venues in that time.
- Hmm.
Uh, but for various reasons,
they had to close down.
- Hmm.
- But you know the rest. [chuckles]
- That's business.
- It is.
- Results are what matters.
- Of course.
After all,
Orhan's the entrepreneur of the year.
- You're one of the people who helped him.
- [chuckles] That's very kind.
[Kürşat] We have much bigger plans
for Orhan in the not too distant future.
Although it seems
he has been distracted lately.
And therefore, it looks as though
you and I will be working together more.
[Çelebi chuckles]
Sir, can I get you something to drink?
We have whiskey,
although it's quite early.
But I-I can arrange it
if you would like to try
Turkish coffee.
Right away, sir.
- Some sugar?
- No, thank you.
Of course.
Hey, get me two coffees
and no sugar for our guest.
I have a guest.
Come by my office after he leaves
and we'll talk about the new arrangement.
Did you tell your mother
we're getting married?
I told her in the heat of the moment.
[İsmet sighs]
"İsmet will never be there for you,"
she said. What could I do?
- It just slipped out.
- Just slipped out.
It slipped out.
Aysel, why are you doing this?
If I hadn't found you
after all these months,
would you have turned up with a baby
saying it slipped out? I don't understand.
[inhales] Look, I'm sorry.
- All I'm trying to say is
- Just leave, İsmet.
- Aysel.
- Go.
Where is that man?
Where's Matilda?
Am I supposed to run after him just before
the beginning of his own performance?
Where is that man?
We're running out of time.
I don't know. It's your job, isn't it?
Seeing as you're in charge
of both backstage and the club now,
it's now your job to manage the headliner.
[exhales] Good evening.
- Selim, please, no more drinks.
- Get off.
You're not well.
You can't go on stage like this.
He will. He has to.
[chuckles] He's right. I have to.
Whatever it takes,
the show must go on, eh? [laughs]
Wait, that's a good line. [chuckles]
It would make
a really great song. [laughs]
- You can barely stand up.
- [exhales]
You absolutely cannot sing.
- You just try and stop me.
- You cannot sing, Selim.
[Çelebi] He can, and he will.
If he can stand up,
he will get on that stage.
[laughs] Well said, Çelebi!
- [Çelebi clears throat]
- [Selim laughs]
What are you planning to do?
You want to embarrass Selim?
You'll ruin the club.
What are you planning to do?
You expect me to cancel the show
on my first day in charge, do you?
You really don't care about anything
but yourself.
Let this place burn to the ground
as long as you're all right.
- [sighs]
- Do you always build your life on ruins?
What ruins, what plan?
What are you saying, Matilda?
I'm just trying to do my job, like you.
Now go and tell Orhan the same story.
- [knock on door]
- Come in.
Orhan, sir, there's something
I need to discuss with you.
It's about Çelebi and yesterday's guest.
Go on.
This is what boys are like.
I'm sure he's just with friends.
Did he say anything to you?
You'll see that I'm right.
Once you get married,
my boy will always find his way home.
You'll see.
İsmet may be many things,
but he's not his father.
Once he sees his child,
he'll never leave again.
My poor boy, what can he do?
It's not like he was set a good example.
He's never known fatherly love.
[Diana] Here you go, handsome.
Aysel came.
[glasses rattle]
She's pregnant.
What does this mean now?
Eight months.
From you?
You cannot, İsmet.
Not because you're supposed to.
You cannot accept that life.
This is not you.
She needs me.
So where was she all along then?
Did she wait for it to be too late?
[exhales] She found out
that her mother had killed her father.
She came to me running away,
so what should I
Why am I explaining?
- [upbeat music playing]
- [Selim in Turkish] I'm here ♪
But my heart is in the land of giants ♪
- [knock on door]
- Since it's a fairy tale ♪
[in English] Look at him.
Couldn't you come up
with an excuse not to let him go on stage?
What did you think would happen?
A scandal. That's what.
He might not be able to do a whole show.
And then?
Newspaper headlines.
Everyone's favourite star
hits rock bottom.
You think this place would last
without him?
We'd try our best with another headliner.
It won't work. We'll go bankrupt.
And then? Vultures swoop in
and buy the place with their pocket money.
Suppose we sold it.
I'd have to take care of myself,
and the owner would need someone else
who knows the place to run it properly.
And maybe even offer a share to.
Is that right? Is that right, Çelebi?
How long have you known this Kürşat?
[telephone ringing]
Go on.
What did you say to Orhan?
I told him exactly what I saw.
And you saw what,
apart from me doing my job?
I told him how friendly
you were getting with that Kürşat man.
What are you saying?
What's it to do with Kürşat?
I suppose it had nothing to with him
when you destroyed my family.
[panting] Selim has
just collapsed on stage.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
- Welcome. Welcome, officers.
- Thank you, I'm Sinan.
- Thank you. Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Sir.
- So
Sir, we recently received a call
about one of your servants.
Melahat Çoker.
She's been reported missing
[continues indistinctly]
[knock on door]
Come on, we're leaving.
- What's going on?
- [mother] Ma'am, what's wrong?
She could go into premature labour if she
doesn't go to the doctor's appointment.
Despite the fact that
I specifically told İsmet to take her.
He's not told you, has he?
Are you beginning to see now
that he will never look after you?
- He told me. I don't want to.
- Will you stop lying, Raşel?
He didn't come home last night, did he?
Well, did he?
- You'll stay with me until the birth.
- I will not.
- Yes, you will.
- I'm not coming!
Shall I call a midwife?
Could you leave Aysel alone?
We have a doctor's appointment
this afternoon.
She needs to rest.
Oh, is that so, good sir?
And what do you plan next?
She's already said. We're getting married.
Was this your genius plan? Huh?
Are you going to be getting on stage
instead of that corpse in there?
You're to blame for this, you do realise?
[chuckles] You were so friendly.
Like family, eh?
My family are all gone.
My family died because of you.
Everything that happened to us,
it was all your doing.
And you couldn't help yourself with Selim.
And I imagine
you thought you were avenging Mümtaz.
You waited for me after prison.
So that's your vendetta?
What are you saying, huh?
What Mümtaz? What plan? What vendetta?
What are you saying?
You had me sign a blank cheque
on my first day here.
You said only you would decide how much.
Wasn't the past enough?
Where did this grudge come from?
What are you [exhales]
How could you
How could you be so dense?
I don't know Kürşat at all.
Mümtaz and Kürşat,
they can burn in hell for all I care.
- What do you want me to say?
- Then why did you take my ID?
Why were you against me
working somewhere else to pay my debt?
Answer me.
Answer me.
I asked you a question.
Tell me what it is.
I wanted you to see.
I wanted you
to see that my [inhales]
my love for you has not ended. [sighs]
[inhales] Well
If you'd just recognized me that day
at the police station,
then it wouldn't
have come to this. [sighs]
If you hadn't made me feel
even more worthless than when I was Aziz
To see you look me
in the eye just for once
I hovered around for years,
and what did you do?
[inhales] Mümtaz was always the one
that you chose.
And what did Mümtaz do?
I warned you that very day.
Remember, I said not to do it.
Mümtaz was deceiving you.
But instead of believing me,
you gave him the letter.
- What letter?
- [scoffs]
The one I wrote
to tell you that Mümtaz was deceiving you.
But I didn't receive a letter from you.
Well, on that day, I wrote you a letter
to warn you he was deceiving you
and that you shouldn't trust him.
And Mümtaz brought the letter back to me.
He said, "Matilda has sent you this."
Of course,
it was him who who framed me for theft.
And he had me sent to prison
to stop me from warning you again.
I wish I had killed Mümtaz
instead of writing the letter.
Brother. [gasps]
Brother. Brother!
[theme music playing]
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