The Club (2021) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

- [clattering]
- [Salomon whispering] Listen to me, son.
[clattering continues]
[İshak whispering] I'm counting, Father.
[Salomon] İshak, try to be quieter.
[İshak] Yes, Father.
We've never kept this much money
in the house.
Is it for the wealth tax, brother?
No, it's not. We paid our taxes.
The war has left
three and a half million Jews homeless.
We're trying to raise money
to save them from the Nazi troops.
We're doing everything we can.
And there's one thing
I need to ask of you.
Would you please not speak
of this to anyone?
Don't worry, Matilda.
We're safe here.
I'm not a child, brother.
I know what's going on.
I want to help as well.
Take these earrings. Please.
But those are Mother's earrings.
And Mother would have understood.
At least that way they'll be helping
rather than dangling on my ears.
[Turkish music playing]
[woman singing in Turkish]
[İshak] Oh.
[Matilda sighs]
- Oh!
- [chuckles]
- You made lalangas.
- [laughing]
[İshak chuckles]
- Oh, how I missed these.
- [laughing]
- [İshak] Mmm!
- [laughing]
Don't cry. Don't do that.
- [sniffles]
- If Dad saw you like this, he'd say,
"İshak, don't make your sister cry."
[both] "Any teardrops
that fall from her eyes will get deducted
- from your allowance."
- [laughing]
And I'd immediately stop.
Well, you did adore me.
- Go on then, have a slice.
- Mm.
[Matilda chuckles]
Do you like them?
Do they taste good?
[İshak] Not a moment has passed
where I didn't think of you.
The thought of leaving you all alone
in the middle of that catastrophe
has haunted me every day.
[gasps, inhales]
Well, come on, tell me.
- Uh, did you get married?
- [sniffles]
- [İshak] Do you have a family or kids?
- [sighs]
The doctor said to go on walks,
except as soon as I do,
it starts to hurt here.
It would.
That hurt will never leave you.
You see this?
It stays wherever I put it.
Look, if I put it here, it stays here.
I put it there, and it stays there.
Then I put it there, and it stays there.
If I put it here
And if you don't find
the right place to put it,
it goes everywhere,
and it becomes a mess.
What is it?
Where should it go? You'll never know.
[Raşel grunts]
There's too much smoke in here.
[İsmet] Is the baby's heart beating fast?
I suppose
the little one's eager to come out.
If only he knew what was waiting. [sighs]
I've had this thing inside of me,
an aching.
A never-ending, never-ceasing,
a pain that continues growing,
and you're gonna have that too.
İsmet, really, if you're that scared
Don't tell me you're not.
Of course I am.
I'm not running from it.
Besides, I'm not able to.
It's growing inside me.
[İsmet sighs]
Your mother has to give consent.
For us to get married.
We need you mother's permission.
You're not an adult.
Raşel. You named her after Mum.
- [İshak] Hmm.
- [sighs]
There are some things
I need to tell you, sister.
[scoffs] Unfortunately, İshak Aseo
is legally still a fugitive
in this country.
That's why I need
to go back to the States without delay.
Come with me.
Oh, brother.
I have something to tell you as well.
[İshak] Mm-hmm.
[Çelebi] I'm sorry to interrupt.
Selim's awake.
[Matilda sighs]
Who's that?
He looks familiar.
The tea guy Aziz.
[grunts, exhales]
What happened?
You fainted on stage.
The girls tried to hide you
with their dancing.
The curtain immediately came down.
You were halfway through a song.
I don't think it's that bad.
Let's just say I tripped over something.
- Then nobody will realise.
- [Çelebi] They already have.
That's why all the reporters
are outside waiting for you.
And not to mention the ones at your house.
- They asked a few of the audience
- That's enough!
Just leave me be.
Are you the doomsayer?
Have the car brought round.
You can't go out like this, Selim.
Orhan will want to see you.
Think that man cares what happens to me,
do you?
[Orhan panting]
Orhan, sir, I was going to work
and heard noises
so came to check everything.
[Mevhibe moans]
- [Orhan panting]
- [Mevhibe] Niko.
[in Greek] Who's that?
- Is someone here?
- [Orhan gasps]
Is it your father?
Your father
Niko, is it your father?
[in English] Who is she? Was that Greek?
[gasps] She was my nanny.
Is she unwell?
- [Mevhibe moaning]
- Her son Niko, after his death.
She was left all alone.
There are moments of lucidity.
But she's mostly deranged.
She'll be here for a while.
Old age is difficult.
You're doing a very good deed, sir.
Please, don't worry.
I'll look after the lady.
That's not necessary. Give me the key.
Matilda gave me this as a spare.
[sighs] A maid will come here every day
to give her food and medication.
I'll give the key to them.
[Mevhibe moaning]
[panting] Listen, this is our secret.
Don't tell anybody.
Çelebi or anyone. Understand?
[Mevhibe in Greek] I don't want to
[in English] Um, sir.
Something bad happened
at the club last night.
Selim collapsed on stage.
Everyone's been asking for you.
[Mevhibe moans]
[in Greek] Was that your father?
He was supposed to get milk
for the muhallebi.
Your favourite.
Father wrote us a letter,
saying "I'm waiting for you in Crete.
Bring your mother too."
Let's go, honey.
Let's not keep him waiting.
I told him to wait for us
and that we'd take the next ferry.
- [exhales]
- [in English] We'll go.
We will leave,
or I'll turn into a murderer.
- [man] There he is!
- [crowd clamouring]
We have a few questions, sir.
What has happened to Selim?
- [clamouring]
- [man 2] Now get back!
Step away, please.
Calm down, gentlemen.
He will not be making any comments today.
Congratulations, Selim.
You got what you wanted.
[sighs] You've ruined yourself.
[scoffs] Don't exaggerate.
What did you say?
Don't exaggerate.
Excuse me. Exaggerate?
Please don't raise your voice to me.
[Orhan] Aren't you embarrassed
in front of the people in this room?
Last night the venue was full.
- And you passed out on stage.
- [sighs]
So you have the stomach
to handle a scandal,
but I raise my voice
and that's too much?
It's all right.
They'll come in their droves.
Don't pretend
to not know your patrons here.
Very well.
- Çelebi.
- [Çelebi] Hmm.
Go and let the reporters in.
Selim is going to
explain himself to them. [huffs]
Orhan, sir, I-I think
Of course.
Ah. Come in, come in.
[Kürşat] No need to panic.
Selim, hello.
I do hope you're well.
I suppose you had a gastric spasm
on stage last night, correct?
All the reporters
wish you a quick recovery.
I'd like to recommend a physician to you.
If you take my advice,
this won't happen again.
Very kind of you, Kürşat, sir. Thank you.
[Kürşat] It's nothing. Don't mention it.
There's no need to thank me.
I hope you know
that I won't let any harm come to you
or to the club, but especially
to a distinguished businessman
of our beloved country.
And so I'll say good morning.
Good morning. This way, sir.
Matilda, I want to see my tailor.
I'm going to have a brand-new tuxedo made.
Just what on earth are you trying to do?
Do you realise what's happening?
That man got rid of reporters who'd
been waiting outside since last night.
Do you not realise that
that comes at a price?
They will make you pay.
This scandal will be covered up
and who knows what compromises
you'll have to make?
It's enough.
You need to come to your senses.
- I already have. Now go.
- Really?
You'll have a drink the moment I've gone.
You'll keep your job, don't worry.
Selim goes. Suzan arrives.
The wheel will keep spinning.
It's true. The wheel will keep spinning.
Those who applaud Selim today
will embrace Suzan tomorrow.
Where will you be,
and what will you be doing
when Suzan gets a standing ovation?
Worry about yourself and not us.
- [Turkish music playing]
- [woman singing]
- [clicks]
- [music stops]
Hmm. That's a deep scratch.
[Çelebi] Mm-hmm.
Yes. [chuckles]
[clears throat, sighs]
[Kürşat] All right, Çelebi.
I won't take up much of your time.
I have an offer for you.
All right, I am eager to hear it, sir.
is a sensitive man.
He's not mentally fit enough
to handle nightlife work.
He's always saying
that you're his right-hand man.
And so I'm asking you to be mine.
You'll be the face of
our confidential partnership with Orhan.
And you will be my representative
in this place.
In short,
if you decide to cooperate with me,
I will make sure
that you are well rewarded.
I'll be rewarded, will I? [inhales]
Uh [clears throat]
In in exchange for what? [chuckles]
Your annual salary. In advance.
What did that vulture want with you?
Why's he still skulking around?
He has the keys to Hell, and he's
looking for a demon to give them to.
And that is me, of course.
That man is dangerous.
Well, they do say like attracts like.
Don't worry about it.
I didn't want
to get my timing wrong this time.
I wanted to officially release you
from the obligations
that keep you here at the club.
My brother wants me to go with him.
And will you go?
I don't know.
I'm not sure he'll want me to go with him
after I tell him everything.
Blood is thicker than water.
He's your big brother.
He'll embrace you
even after you tell him everything.
[inhales] I didn't receive
that letter from you.
Would I have listened
even if I had got it?
I'll never know if I would have stopped
and thought about it.
Your love blinded you.
[Matilda] Mümtaz wasn't the only one
who destroyed my family.
I mean, he had an accomplice.
It was me.
I told Mümtaz where the money was.
It was I who brought ruin upon our family.
[Matilda] Brother.
That wasn't the whole story.
I took out a gun and shot Mümtaz.
I was jailed. I made Raşel an orphan.
That's what you should have said
to your brother.
That you turned up
and said "I am your mother"
and ruined my life by doing that.
You said that you didn't have anyone.
No family to speak of, you said.
- When will you stop lying?
- Didn't know he was alive.
Thought he was dead. He escaped Askale.
And after all those years,
he felt like paying you a visit?
Recklessness is obviously a family trait.
He says we should go to the States.
You should go. [sighs]
Staying would be a mistake, Matilda.
He wants you to come too.
I need your signature.
That's why I'm here.
Be at the office tomorrow at noon.
And don't try to cause any trouble.
It won't work.
I came into your life with a signature.
It's how I'll leave too.
[whistle blowing]
- [man] Morning, my friend.
- Good morning, Koen.
- Have a good day.
- Thank you and you.
[mother] Thank you for everything,
my dear. You look beautiful.
[Raşel chuckles] Şükriye, this is lovely.
You've done such a wonderful job.
[Şükriye] Oh, don't you look fantastic,
my pretty girl? Look!
Oh, Şükriye, my feet are so swollen.
They're just awful.
You need to keep still, keep still.
Let me just pin this for you
and then I'll be finished.
- Be careful of your grandchild.
- [both chuckle]
The rascal hasn't stopped moving
since last night.
- Don't call my grandchild a rascal!
- [laughs]
He's gonna be a lion. You'll see, a lion!
Why are you making that face?
I saw it in my dream.
It's gonna be a boy.
And I'm going to name him Ali Kemal.
It's a family tradition, my dear.
The first boy gets named
after his grandfather.
Let me pick those up for you.
Now then,
careful when you take it off
so you don't get pricked by the needles.
I thought I'd keep it as a souvenir.
You haven't put your tie on.
No, no, no, no!
Don't get excited, no pocket squares.
I'm not walking the streets
looking like a Todori waiter.
[chuckles] No pocket squares.
Where are you going?
I'll bring Pakize around.
[Şükriye] Don't go out, son.
Tell Fevzi to bring it.
He could turn a maiden
into a widow. [sighs]
Shoot first, ask questions later.
Don't worry. I'll go and get her myself.
Your girl?
Are you going to take Pakize
and run away from getting married?
He said kismet.
You heard. Kismet, he said.
You need to bite your tongue, girl.
Listen, you shouldn't tempt fate.
You mustn't!
[İshak] It wasn't your fault.
[Matilda gasps]
Nothing would have changed
even if Mümtaz hadn't betrayed us.
Our elders already had it
in their minds to hurt us.
- [exhales]
- [sniffles]
[İshak sighs]
- [gasps]
- Is Raşel getting married today?
Well, aren't you going?
You think I should bear witness
to her ruining her life?
I couldn't be a mother or a good daughter.
Let's go, Matilda.
Let's go. Don't be stubborn.
Look, for better or worse,
she's starting a family.
She's gone her own way.
And what have we got left?
bitter memories.
[Kürşat] All right? Understand?
I mean, do I need to explain again?
No, sir. Don't worry, please.
We've been preparing for weeks.
- Ali Şeker never makes a mistake.
- Hmm.
Every [sighs]
[man] Orhan Şahin and his family
appeared out of the blue in 1922.
There's nothing before or after that.
Records show that they came from İzmir.
But we couldn't verify that.
There's nothing in the register.
Allah will watch over you, my dear girl.
Come, come here.
Oh, how beautiful you are.
Şükriye, what's this?
Don't go anywhere. Why would you?
You know this is your home.
Don't worry, darling. I'll just move
into my old place right over there.
You know the grocer on the corner.
My place is just above it.
We only have two small rooms here,
and after the baby's born,
it'll be even smaller for us.
Raşel, just say the word
and I'll be right here.
I wouldn't leave you alone with a baby.
You're still a child yourself.
You can't do it on your own.
Şükriye, the rooms above the grocer's,
is that where you used to live?
İsmet and I lived there until he was 17.
Oh, that good-for-nothing actress.
If she hadn't pestered my Ali,
then we'd all be fine.
She was living downstairs.
She managed to sneak her way
into my Ali's arms.
I didn't see it myself,
but İsmet caught them
in the act in broad daylight.
I was down at the farmer's market,
and when I got back,
the whole neighbourhood was in uproar.
My İsmet had grabbed a knife
and chased Ali out into the street.
My one and only son
almost killed his own father.
They never saw eye to eye again.
What on earth's happening here?
Where's Pakize?
- Have you decorated her?
- She's there. I couldn't get to her.
Ali Şeker wants to decorate her himself.
What on earth do you think you're doing?
Don't get angry, Peachy.
Ali said there's gonna be trouble.
We should put up signs
to show it's not infidel property.
Yeah? It is infidel.
It belongs to an infidel,
so stay out of it!
What's the matter?
Are you gonna beat me up?
I'm making sure you get your daily bread.
I'd rather die than get any help from you!
- Now fuck off!
- You fuck off!
What is it? Why don't you act like a man?
You wanna be a man?
- [groans]
- İsmet, İsmet, İsmet! Stop!
- [shouts]
- Enough, stop!
[knock on door]
Salamu alaikum.
Matilda sent you this.
[Şükriye gasps]Diamonds!
They're so beautiful.
Of course they are.
Of course they are. Damn her!
Don't curse anyone. It comes back to us.
İsmet will be here any minute.
You should get dressed. I can help you.
Don't worry, I'm fine.
To our partnership.
Orhan, remind me how old were you
when you moved from İzmir to Istanbul.
- Oh, um, ten.
- Hmm. You were very young.
You won't be familiar
with all the nightclubs then.
But no matter. We'll go and see all
the relevant venues soon. How about that?
- Certainly, that would be great.
- Hmm.
Opening exclusive venues to entertain
our rich countrymen isn't enough.
We must also must appeal to
and entertain the common people as well.
Well, I should have my lawyer draft
a written contract for our partnership.
A contract won't be necessary.
I'll remain in the background, a shadow.
Our partnership will be a secret.
I know you're good at keeping secrets.
Because of the industry.
You bear witness to all kinds of people,
and I daresay even incidents
I certainly do.
I'm sorry, sir. I didn't see you!
I just suddenly
- I'll clean it up right away.
- It's all right. It's all right.
- It's all right. It's all right.
- [boy gasping]
- It was an accident.
- [gasps]
[Çelebi] Don't worry.
It's fine.
Don't worry.
It was an accident.
Clean this up. Hmm?
- [woman] Matilda, what do you think?
- [women chattering]
- Can I have one made for me?
- Of course.
- [laughing]
- [chattering]
Now listen please, don't be angry with me.
Honestly, I'm scared.
Forgive me. I shouldn't have done it.
[exhales] I think you were right.
I wouldn't have come
to my senses otherwise. [chuckles]
Anyway, let's not dwell on it.
You won't believe what I've done.
I convinced my little orchestra
to come back. [chuckles]
Where is everyone?
Not here. I sent them all home.
What do you mean?
I've written a new song.
We need to rehearse.
I'm leaving too.
I just wanted to say goodbye.
It appears you've all gone insane
and you're trying
to drive me to insanity too.
- What do you mean you're leaving?
- With my brother, I'm leaving too.
[laughs] Enough.
Stop this.
I know I deserve it. So sorry.
I felt embarrassed, but that's enough.
Come out now.
Whenever you went on that stage,
to me, you looked like a brave man
who was fulfilling all his dreams.
I was wrong.
Turns out you've never been on that stage.
You've been hiding behind
all the lights, the glitter
and the glamour that this world offers.
Selim the boy has never taken
so much as a step onto that stage.
All this solitude is your own fault.
Don't blame others anymore.
[Şükriye yells] What happened, son?
What is it, İsmet?
Were you in an accident?
İsmet. Why does this always happen to us?
What happened?
- What happened to you, son?
- [İsmet] It's nothing.
What happened? Were you in an accident?
It was just a quarrel with some scoundrel.
Don't make such a fuss.
İsmet, what's happening?
A fight today? What are you doing?
Why's today so special?
You're right.
There's nothing special about it.
We're not getting married soon.
If you didn't want to get married,
you should have just said.
- Then we could have avoided
- Stop whining, Aysel.
If I didn't want to get married, I'd say.
I'm not like you. I say what I mean.
[playing slow-tempo tune]
[in Turkish] Old friends ♪
New friends ♪
I went down the wrong path ♪
The outcome is apparent ♪
As I lived through life
I've become faded ♪
Old friends ♪
New friends ♪
Go ahead and shoot me ♪
Getting shot won't kill me ♪
But not being with you will ♪
With all the scars on my hands ♪
I'm here to build it all back ♪
I won't ever hurt you ♪
I won't ever get tired ♪
I'm back ♪
I have forgiven ♪
That scoundrel ♪
That miserable fool ♪
I can't turn back time ♪
But I promise you ♪
This time ♪
I will walk over the mountains ♪
I will cross the desert ♪
Here I am, not dead yet ♪
Step by step ♪
I freed myself from my demons ♪
I'm ready now ♪
The dawn is upon us ♪
I have forgiven ♪
That scoundrel ♪
That miserable fool ♪
I can't turn back time ♪
But I promise you ♪
This time ♪
I will walk over the mountains ♪
I will cross the desert ♪
Here I am, not dead yet ♪
Step by step ♪
I freed myself from my demons ♪
I'm ready now ♪
The dawn is upon us ♪
It's not over yet ♪
I haven't put it off ♪
This fire is eternal ♪
Let the stars applaud ♪
The love, the tenacity ♪
I've forgiven ♪
That scoundrel ♪
That miserable fool ♪
I can't turn back time ♪
But I promise you ♪
This time ♪
I will walk over the mountains ♪
I will cross the desert ♪
Here I am ♪
Not dead yet ♪
[horn honks]
[boy in English] Extra, extra!
The house of our founding father
has been bombed!
Extra, extra!
The house of our founding father
has been bombed!
[man] See? All these shops
belong to infidels. Told you.
[Raşel screams]
[Turkish music playing]
[woman singing in Turkish]
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