The Club (2021) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

[Koen] Everything all right, Naci?
What's wrong?
Extra! Extra! The house
of our founding father has been bombed.
Extra! Extra!
The house
of our founding father has been bombed.
Gather round, brothers.
Gather round.
Have you seen this report?
- Atatürk's house has been attacked!
- [murmuring]
- In Thessaloniki!
- [man] We have to retaliate!
They saying they own Thessaloniki!
- His house has been completely destroyed.
- [man] We have to fight
[Ali] They claim that Cyprus is theirs!
- They even say Istanbul is theirs!
- [man] Cyprus is Turkish!
Istanbul is ours!
When they're together,
"Constantine" they call it.
Who are they? Huh? Who?
They're our neighbours, shopkeepers.
Go, brothers. Go down to Grand Avenue!
All the most extravagant shops
and buildings are owned by them.
We buy their goods.
We buy our shoes from them.
We buy our suits from them.
And where does the money
that comes out of our pockets go?
That's right, for this.
To bomb the house of our founding father!
For the bullets used
to shoot our brethren in Cyprus!
Now go. Go down to Grand Avenue.
We've been nurturing a serpent, brothers.
A serpent!
- [grunts]
- [gasps]
What's going on?
Who threw that? Who did it?
Who was it?
Those bastards bombed
the house of our founding father.
Don't do this, please. You're confused.
These things aren't related.
This is Istanbul, not Selanik.
The rumours are untrue.
- We all live here in peace.
- [men chanting]
[shopkeeper] Don't go along with this.
You mustn't believe it.
My shop has nothing to do with it!
This is my livelihood.
I've done nothing wrong! For God's sake!
- Shut up, you filthy Greek!
- [gasps]
- Be careful, young lad. Just watch it.
- [man] Stop!
I'm old enough to be your father
- [screams]
- [shouting]
- [screams]
- [men chanting]
[chanting] Cyprus is Turkish,
and Turkish it will stay!
Cyprus is Turkish,
and Turkish it will stay!
Cyprus is Turkish,
and Turkish it will stay!
[chanting and shouting continue]
[chanting and shouting continue]
[man] Cyprus is Turkish!
It must stay Turkish!
Cyprus is ours!
[Raşel] Can I come in?
My dear, I'm closing.
I'd go home if I were you.
- No, no, no!
- Things are gonna turn nasty.
You have to leave right now!
[chanting continues]
[horn honks]
Come on, clear the way!
What's going on? What's happening?
The Greeks. They bombed
Atatürk's house in Thessaloniki.
[chanting continues]
[man] Kill the infidels!
Kill the infidels!
Show them no mercy, none at all!
[chanting] Cyprus is Turkish!
Cyprus is Turkish! Cyprus is Turkish
Stop, stop, stop, stop!
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey!
Let him go! Let him go!
- Shame on you! Leave the man alone.
- [man] Whose side are you on?
Not on your fucking side!
- [men shouting]
- [man] That's his car there!
- That's his car over there!
- [İsmet] Don't touch her!
[chanting continues] Cyprus is Turkish!
Cyprus is Turkish! Cyprus is Turkish
[lock clicks]
[Kürşat in Greek] Ah, easy, ma'am.
Cut it out.
- Come on now.
- [Mevhibe] No.
[Kürşat] Aww.
It's almost done. Don't upset Niko.
[in English] Oh, doctor ♪
Oh, my dear doctor ♪
Find a remedy for me ♪
[both in Greek] Please come
And cure my wounds ♪
The wounds all over me ♪
[in English] Bahtiyar, please let me go.
- [gasps] Bahtiyar!
- Don't shout!
- Bahtiyar, please. [panting]
- I'm doing this for you.
Let me go, please.
You're gonna thank me for this.
You don't know it yet.
- [gasps] Bahtiyar!
- Stop it!
[Tasula gasps] Bahtiyar!
Don't leave me here!
- [lock clicking]
- B-B-Bahtiyar!
Bahtiyar, unlock this door! Bahtiyar!
Bahtiyar! Open this door, Bahtiyar!
Hasan. Raşel. Have you seen her?
No, I haven't.
Uh, Matilda, what's happening?
Don't know. What about the other door?
I've closed that door,
and I'll lock this one too.
It's hell outside,
and Orhan and Çelebi aren't here yet.
[Matilda panting]
- Matilda, are you all right?
- People are so angry.
They're attacking shops
and assaulting shopkeepers.
I just heard on the radio
that they've bombed Atatürk's house.
- [inhales] Raşel. I have to find her.
- [Selim] No, you can't leave.
- İsmet's with her. She'll be all right.
- No, no, she's not.
I just came from over there.
I think they had an argument,
and Raşel stormed out.
- I'm coming.
- You must stay and take care of everyone.
We're in for a rough night.
I'm going to find Raşel,
and I'll come back.
[Selim] Be careful!
[Kürşat in Greek]
The wounds all over me ♪
[in English] So, Orhan
[in Greek] Where were we?
[in English] Our partnership.
Our partnership.
[chuckles] Yes.
However a force majeure has occurred.
We can't ignore it, can we?
[Kürşat] Hmm?
What do you want?
[sighs] So this is where you lived
before you went into hiding.
[inhales] I'm sure you've prayed
a million times in front of this altar.
What did you ask from God?
I said, "What do you want?"
Just say, would you?
I want what is yours to be mine.
[inhales] But now
that is of little importance.
You already belong to me, Niko.
You can't prove it.
The proof is lying there.
[Orhan exhales]
[grunts] No.
[both grunt]
Drop it.
[Orhan panting]
[Kürşat] Hmm.
[Orhan] Don't do it.
All right.
Just let us go.
You can have all of it. You hear me?
[shudders] Please, God. Please.
You have no right. [exhales]
- Come on.
- [Kürşat] Huh.
Well, your only right in this country
is as my slave, Niko. [chuckles]
- [loud bang]
- [Kürşat grunts]
[woman singing in Hebrew]
[Mevhibe gasps]
- [shouting]
- [man] Stop, stop! They're our neighbours!
[man continues indistinctly]
They're our neighbours!
[lock clicking]
How long are you going to keep me here?
Bahtiyar, let me go, please.
For God's sake, what have I done to you?
Your god doesn't mean anything out there.
But there's something
I need to settle with you.
- Bahtiyar.
- Look at me.
Try to see me.
The way you did that night at the club.
You really saw me.
You were so beautiful.
[scoffs] You made
a poor country boy very happy.
And you really saw me, huh?
You were handsome as well.
Then why did you avoid me like the plague?
- Please, let me go.
- [inhales] Don't lie to me!
- [whimpers] I'm not lying. I swear.
- You will see me.
I'm not lying.
- You will see me, woman.
- Bahtiyar.
- You will all see me.
- Bahtiyar, don't.
- [gasps] Stop!
- Willingly or by force.
Stop! Let me go!
- Stop.
- Get off!
[whimpers] Let go!
[panting] Get off! Get off!
I said let go!
- [shouts]
- [grunts]
- Let me go! [panting]
- [Bahtiyar] Come back!
Move! Get off! Out of my way!
[man] Don't let her get away!
- Tasula! Hold it!
- [Tasula] Get off!
Let me go!
Move! Move!
Get off! Get off!
That's my girlfriend! Let her go!
[Tasula in Greek] Help me, Dimitri!
They'll kill me, Dimitri.
- [in English] He's Greek as well?
- I'm Turkish.
- [man] Another infidel!
- [grunting]
[in Greek] Dimitri, they'll kill me!
[in English] I'm not Dimitri! I'm Turkish!
- [shouting]
- I'm Turkish! Let go of me! No!
[crowd continues shouting]
[Bahtiyar] Get off me! I'm Turkish!
- [glass shattering]
- [muffled shouting]
[in Greek] Mother, it's over. It's over.
[Mevhibe] He meant us harm.
- He was a bad man.
- Yes, he was, Mother.
[Mevhibe] Hmm.
[Orhan sniffles]
- What if they know, Niko?
- No, Mother.
I'd give myself up.
Yes, Mother.
A mother sacrifices herself for her child.
Yes, Mother.
[sniffles] Yes, Mother.
Yes, Mother. [sobbing]
[Mevhibe gasping]
[Mevhibe shouts, gasps]
[muffled shout]
- Yes, Mother.
- [grunting]
- [panting]
- [gasps]
[sobbing] Mother.
[continues sobbing]
[Turkish music playing]
[in English] Brother.
Brother, what have
they done to you? [gasps]
Somebody help! Somebody help!
[continues sobbing]
[Matilda] Raşel!
[woman in Turkish]
I was the daughter ♪
[Matilda shouts]
Of a wealthy family ♪
[Raşel in English] Mother!
[in Turkish] I never knew ♪
[in English] I'm here!
[in Turkish] What suffering was ♪
But then ♪
I fell for you, you scoundrel ♪
You made me ♪
A servant ♪
[İsmet in English] Aysel!
[in Turkish] I was the daughter ♪
Of a wealthy family ♪
I never knew ♪
What suffering was ♪
But then ♪
I fell for you, you scoundrel ♪
You made me ♪
A servant ♪
You made me ♪
A servant ♪
[glass shatters]
[woman screaming]
- [screams]
- [in English] Raşel!
- Come on, just hold on.
- I can't!
You can, my darling. You can!
- [shouts]
- Raşel, we're nearly there.
Hold on! It's all right.
- We're nearly there. Good.
- [groans]
- Hold on. Come on, here we are.
- [panting]
[Matilda] Hasan, open the door!
Hasan, come on, just open this door!
- [Raşel screams]
- Are they going to open the door?
- Hasan, open the door!
- [groaning]
Come on, Raşel, just hold on.
You're going to be all right.
They're going to open the door.
- [man] Open the door!
- [Matilda] Hasan!
Hasan, open the door!
[woman] Open the door! Open up!
Let us in!
- [pounding on door]
- [Matilda, muffled] Hasan, Hasan!
- [crowd shouting]
- [Matilda] Hasan, open the door!
[announcer] rioting in the streets has
caused panic among some of our citizens.
The events taking place in the Beyoğlu,
Fatih and Princess Islands
- [pounding, muffled shouting continue]
- Hasan, what's happening?
- [man] Open the door!
- [woman] Please!
They're outside?
- They're saying "open the door."
- Don't. Don't do it.
They're killing people out there.
I thought
I heard someone shouting "Hasan."
- Someone?
- I don't know.
[Matilda] Hasan, open the door!
Hasan, unlock the door. It's Matilda!
- Help me. Open the door.
- No! Selim, sir, you can't.
- We have to open it.
- We mustn't.
- [Selim] It's Matilda!
- [Hasan] There are other people out there.
- [Selim] It's Matilda!
- [Hasan] There are others too!
They'll ransack the place.
- Hasan pull yourself together!
- They'll kill us!
- [woman gasps]
- [man] Selim.
- [panting]
- [Selim grunting]
[pounding and muffled shouting continue]
Stay away.
Hasan, what on earth are you?
[Matilda, muffled] Come on, Hasan.
Open this door now! Open the door!
[continues shouting and pounding]
[Çelebi] Open the door, Hasan.
We mustn't. [panting]
Hasan, unlock the door.
Çelebi, Matilda's out there.
[Çelebi] Move! Come on!
- Drop it!
- [woman screams]
Hasan, open the damn door! Hasan!
- [man] Please help us!
- [Raşel panting]
[Matilda] Please, Hasan! Open the door!
[panting] Oh, no!
[man] Please help us!
Hasan, listen to me!
Hasan, open this door right now!
[mouths] Matilda!
Steady. To the back. Over there.
- [panting]
- Come over here and sit down.
- I think the baby's coming. [sobs]
- Oh!
Don't worry, hold on. Here.
[Selim] Over here. Get some water!
[Raşel yells, gasps]
- You all right?
- The baby's coming, Selim.
- Stay calm.
- [man] It's coming!
[Raşel panting]
- [laughs]
- [Selim] Let's get her to my room.
- Come on.
- [groaning]
- Let's go. Slowly. That's it.
- [woman] Boy, oh, boy.
- [Raşel screams] I can't do it!
- Oh, careful.
- You can. You can!
- [woman] It's all right.
[Selim] Let go of that and come with me.
We'll take care of you.
[Matilda] Where have you been?
Where have you been?
Raşel's in labour.
Please don't let anything happen to her.
All right. All right.
- Do something.
- Yes, I will.
Hatice, you used to be a midwife,
didn't you?
[Raşel yells]
- All right.
- [Raşel screams]
- [man] She's in labour!
- [Matilda] Hold her arms. Quickly!
- Don't worry.
- [Hatice] Let me in. Move aside.
Don't stand in front of her.
You'll suffocate the girl. Move aside!
- [Matilda] I'm here. It'll be all right.
- [yells] Put me down!
- Hatice, where should we take her?
- Let's take her to the stage.
Girls, quickly, go and find something
to make her comfortable.
- Almost there.
- [Selim] Get clean towels!
[Hatice] Şükriye, Feriha!
Boil some water and bring fresh towels!
- Boil some water, can you?
- [Raşel shouts]
Go on quickly!
[Raşel shouts]
Everyone out! The room is ours.
[Matilda] It's all right.
Don't worry. Come on.
You'll be all right.
- Deep breaths now. Deep breaths.
- [groaning]
- [panting]
- [groaning]
- I'm with you.
- [strains]
- [whimpering]
- I'm here.
I'm with you.
[chuckles] I'm here.
What's going on?
It's Raşel. The baby's coming.
[in Greek] Lord, please have mercy
and save Raşel.
[in English] Amen.
- I hope she'll be all right.
- [Raşel screaming]
She will. And you will too.
[Tasula whimpers]
Your brother?
- My brother.
- [Raşel continues screaming]
Uh, he's at home.
He's called Bahtiyar.
You'd like him if you knew him.
- Come on.
- [Raşel screams]
[baby crying]
[woman] They never grew tired
of recounting how that table was set.
If you ask any of them,
they'd say it was their idea,
but I don't care about that.
To me, the table was set for my birthday.
Who is lucky enough
to celebrate their birthday
on the actual day they were born?
That night, that dark night,
this country lost many of its colours.
Greedy shadows
swallowed lives, dreams, hopes.
But not all of them.
They weren't mighty enough
to swallow everything.
That night,
whoever it was who lit the candles,
it was obvious that
despite the darkness and shadows,
they had lit them
so that they would burn forever.
I've sat at that table for many years.
The guests have changed over time
and the ones who light the candles too.
But the smiles on their faces
and the hope
in their eyes has never faded.
Times were about to change.
Even darker nights were coming.
They just didn't know it yet,
and they didn't care either.
Because they knew that whatever happened,
eventually they'd meet
at that table again.
- [chattering]
- [laughing]
[Selim] Time for a toast, don't you think?
[woman] There was no place
for bad feeling at that table.
That table transcended all of them,
all of us.
That table was where
my mother's fate shifted.
- [chattering]
- [laughing]
[sighs] So will you come
to the States with me?
I can't, my brother.
This table is my family.
- [chattering]
- [laughing]
The baby is bathed and ready.
- Who wants to see her?
- [clapping]
I do!
[gasps] She's so pretty!
[woman] For years,
my mother would say adamantly,
"That's impossible, darling.
How could you ever remember that?
You're making things up.
You'd just been born!"
But I swear I remember all of them.
Those people looking at me
with curious, weepy, cheerful,
worried, hopeful eyes.
Each person from my chosen family.
I remember them clearly.
Except one.
[man] Over there. Quickly!
Over there! Can you see?
[woman] My father.
[theme music playing]
[man singing in Turkish]
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