The Club (2021) s02e01 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 1

[birds chirping]
[Turkish music playing]
[pebbles clatter]
And why do we leave the stones?
It's so that he won't be lonely.
Those trees there
are the same brown as her eyes.
- And her hair?
- Just as white as the clouds above us.
[in Greek] Monsieur Lambo,
a pound of onion, please.
[in English] And she has a walking stick.
Who might she be?
Is she a tall woman?
- No, she's tiny.
- Shh! [chuckles]
You've got me.
I'm a little bit stumped by this. Hmm.
And we like her, or we don't?
No, because she gave us
stale sweeties in the holiday.
- Madame Keti.
- Ah, yes.
Mamika, your smile is so beautiful.
I wish you were never sad.
[theme music playing]
[singing in Turkish]
- [officer blowing whistle]
- [boy] Extra, extra, extra!
[Raşel chuckles]
[clerk] We have even
more beautiful ones upstairs.
Oh, I'd love to see them.
[clerk] What about this one?
Do you like it?
- 5,200.
- Maçka Palace 40.
If you would send the invoice along
with the bags to my husband's office.
[clerk 2] Of course, madam.
No problem at all.
[clerk] There we are.
Of course, I'll get it now.
- Um, do you have this in blue?
- [clerk 2] Certainly.
- [Raşel] I'll take that too.
- [clerk 2] Of course.
[woman] Oh, this one's very pretty.
[clerk] I have something
that would go with it.
We've bought some nice things.
[clerk] Of course.
I need the toilet.
How many times have I told you
to go before we leave home?
- Have a good day.
- [clerk 2] Good day, madam.
[clerk] I like this one.
Yes, I think it looks wonderful on you.
[chattering continues]
[boy] Extra, extra!
Read all about the decree of parliament.
Read all about the decree
of the president!
Read all about it!
[horn honks]
[Rânâ] Have you ever known a child
who grew up without fairy tales?
I know someone who did.
My mother.
Living with my mother was like
entering the dark
and scary mouth of a lion
and then emerging
into a colourful
and glamorous theme park.
- [panting]
- [boy] Extra, extra!
[Rânâ] Her rage was fierce,
as was her joy.
She used to make up games.
Some of them made me laugh.
But some frightened me.
- [woman] Alms for the poor?
- [man] Move it! Come on, move!
- [woman] Alms for the poor?
- [man] Come on!
[woman] Allah be with you.
May Allah watch over you.
[man 2] Okay, I'll be waiting.
[jazz playing faintly]
Well, look who's here!
Hello, my dear.
[man] Look, Rânâ's here!
[dancer laughs] Come here, Rânâ. Rânâ!
[dancer 2] Rânâ!
Come here, come on!
- Quick, quick, come here!
- [laughing]
[Rânâ] I was five years old,
and the club was the most beautiful
and fun place in the world for me.
[laughs] If you could see it,
you'd also know that
nothing bad could happen to you in there.
- Hello, darling.
- Hello, little one.
- Boo!
- [shouts]
She's running off!
You'll have to chase her! Quickly!
Oh, no, the girl, she's getting away!
- Get her! [shouting]
- [laughing]
- [Çelebi] Whoa! There you are!
- [shouting]
[Rânâ] Back then,
the safest place in the world
was under the wings of my grandma.
We learnt how
to love the clouds above our heads,
our scars from the past
and the fire in our hearts.
My grandma taught us.
Move, move, move!
Here are the clean plates.
No, but she's only a young child.
Don't give her stew!
Bring out some meatballs with rice.
Oh, it's fine.
I don't mind. I have to grow up.
But there's no rush. You will.
My grandma said that I could go
and find him if he doesn't come to us.
If I eat my food and grow up fast,
maybe I can find my dad.
[chefs chattering]
[Matilda] Yes, I got everything.
Oh, he'll be so happy to hear this.
Nedim! I have great news.
They've called from the hospital.
It's a girl.
- Ah! Nedim, I'm so happy for you!
- I'm so pleased for you.
- [chattering]
- [laughing]
Congratulations. There's no need for that!
And may Allah watch over her.
- And may she have a healthy childhood.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- [Matilda laughs]
- Huh? How's that? [laughing]
- Oh, thank you.
- [Çelebi] Go on then. Go and see them.
- [Memnun] You have a baby girl!
- And she's brought you good fortune.
- [Nedim] Yes.
- [chattering]
- [laughing]
- Congratulations!
- She's finally arrived. That's so great.
[Matilda] Come on, leave the boy alone.
- He should be on his way.
- [laughing]
- [man] Hip-hip, hooray!
- [all cheering]
What on earth was all that noise for?
Has Lefter scored a goal or what?
- [sighs] Kitchen help's had a baby girl.
- Ahh! [chuckles]
Allah bless her and her family. [chuckles]
And will you tell me
what the long face is for?
My mum said to her
if her dad won't come to her,
then she can find him herself
when she's older.
- Ah.
- Who says that to a child? Damn it!
[chuckles] Don't worry, my Raşel.
But she's right.
He's avoiding you, but maybe
he won't avoid his daughter, hmm?
Hmm. Now, come sit here.
[both chuckle]
- He must have been peachy.
- [chuckles]
[Tasula] I've soaked the soles very well.
Your shoes won't slip any more.
[Keriman exhales]
- [knock on door]
- [Keriman] Yes!
- [man] Miss Keriman, flowers.
- [Tasula] Close the door.
[door closes]
Why don't you put this in your hair?
[scoffs] And would you also want me
to go to bed with him, Tasula?
Is that what you want? That snob.
He pesters me nonstop.
I'll tell Çelebi about him,
and then we'll see.
[Çelebi] I don't believe it.
A tax penalty? What is this about?
What grounds is
this penalty being applied, huh?
It says what it's for on the notice.
You've read it.
I know. I can read. A 50-lira invoice
that was processed incorrectly.
But that is just absurd now!
[man] Don't take that tone with me.
I'm just doing my job.
Delivering this notice to you by hand.
You just need to settle the fine,
and then it can be reviewed.
That's the process.
It's due within ten days.
Non-payment will mean
your property's seized,
and then we can file for eviction.
Have a good day.
When I headline here, the first thing
I'll do is chuck Tasula out.
She gives me heart palpitations
every time I see her face.
Nice dream.
For you to become headliner,
Selim will have to be dragged out
of here in a body bag.
Look, Mamika's in here.
[Keriman] Matilda.
How do I look? Pretty, huh?
- Like a real plain Jane.
- Hmm? [laughing]
Hurry up. Come on.
The band's waiting. Get a move on.
- [kissing]
- You two should leave.
[in Ladino] My pretty girls.
[in English] Just typical, that Raşel has
to leave when all the fun begins.
[workers chattering]
[woman] Hurry up! Come on!
[ringing and tapping continue]
Well, Faruk, sir.
- Would you like one of these?
- No, I don't smoke.
- What's that?
- I don't smoke.
It's not good for your health. I'm aware.
- [lighter clicks]
- There's no justification for it. [sighs]
Anyway, you were saying?
The sum you're demanding is far too much.
And I'm very sorry, but I can't give you
the money without your father's consent.
Tell me if it's bothering you, please.
The smoke, that is.
I'd tell you if it was.
I don't have a problem with it.
I didn't mean to cause offence, Faruk.
My only concern is for you.
[inhales, exhales]
You've hurt me greatly though.
It saddens me
you don't take my word, Faruk.
Fikret, now listen.
It's just not the way
your father and I do business.
I wouldn't be able to explain this to him.
So, I need to consult with him first.
- Will be trouble if your father finds out.
- Abbas.
[gun cocks]
[jazz playing faintly]
- [man] Long time no see.
- [chattering]
- [man] How are you?
- [waiter] Ma'am, follow me, please.
- Good evening, sir.
- How are you?
[Hacı] Follow me.
[man] What's he doing here?
Good evening, sir.
How may I be of service, sir?
[Fikret clears throat]
- Çelebi.
- Of course, sir.
Isn't that the young chap who bought
Dikran's mansion for absolute peanuts?
Fikret Kayalı. He's the most
popular contractor these days.
It's Pera he's after now apparently.
["Fever" playing]
[In Turkish] Is it love or lust ♪
That's flowing out of your hand? ♪
As nature took its course ♪
One by one
Your kisses have driven me mad ♪
Shall we burn? ♪
Soaking wet ♪
Light the match, light it again ♪
It's hot ♪
I'm a helpless prisoner ♪
Please, can't we just start over? ♪
I've been feeling naughty ♪
Shall I try to hide it? ♪
Until we die a waterfall ♪
Shall we keep the sword in its sheath? ♪
Shall we burn already? ♪
[in English] The man's here every night
spending a fortune, Çelebi.
It's easy to spend money
when you don't have to work for it.
[Hacı] You're invited
to his mansion tomorrow.
[in Turkish] We're like a river
Flowing rapidly ♪
Please, let's keep the monotony ♪
Shall we burn? ♪
Soaking wet ♪
Light the match, light it again ♪
It's hot ♪
[in English] I sing that every night,
and it's not approved for release
as a single? What do you mean?
Selim, I have no idea.
"Masal" is just too explicit.
[Selim sighs]
Either you choose another song to sing
or they'll pull out completely
from the record contract.
[dancers laugh, chatter]
We might be forced
to remove it from the live show as well.
It really could come to that.
[Selim sighs]
Last night, the police raided Club X,
and they stopped the show.
They even dragged the singer
off the stage.
- [song ends]
- [audience cheering, applauding]
[cheering continues]
[chanting] We want more!
We want more! We want more!
We want more! We want more!
We want more! We want more! We want more!
We want more! We want more!
[cheering, applauding continue]
[cheering, applauding continue]
[officer] See what happened?
- [rings]
- [man 2] No, sir.
I told you everything I know.
I came to clean the office
[Çelebi] Faruk, good evening.
I'm sorry to bother you, but
Who is this?
What's your connection to Faruk?
I'm Aziz Somuncuoğlu. I'm I'm a friend.
Who am I speaking with?
This is Captain Sinan from the CID.
I'm sorry to have to tell you this, sir.
Faruk has been found dead, I'm afraid.
600,000 LIRAS
- [host] Now I give you, Selim Songür!
- [audience applauding]
[Raşel] Then the wicked queen
says to the hunter,
"Bring me her heart
when you've ripped it out of her,
I command."
But the hunter
didn't obey her command, Mummy.
He couldn't bring himself
to kill the princess.
That's because he was a good man.
But how could he kill
the gazelle then, Mummy?
He can't be such a good person
if he did that, can he?
It's time to sleep.
[Rânâ] Will you wear this?
It looks so pretty on you.
But you can't tell Grandma.
Because she told me
I shouldn't take other people's things.
She'd get really angry.
Rânâ, get to sleep.
Come on now, let's sleep. Turn around.
Youth is truly an extraordinary thing.
But you need to appreciate it.
And I never appreciated my youth.
The day I wrote this was the day
that I turned 18.
Raşel Aseo, May 27, 1956.
Once again, you're not here, İsmet.
Once again, damn you!
[crowd laughing, chattering]
[laughing, chattering continue]
You said she could do more than just sing
and warm up the audience,
and this is the result. [exhales]
It's the most
disgusting thing I've ever seen.
Only reason they cheer is
to see more skin.
Sleaze like that is banned
from here onwards. [clears throat]
The glass show is cancelled.
- [strikes match]
- [Tasula] Are you serious?
Everyone loved it.
Don't do this. She doesn't deserve it.
[man] What are we going to do
with the glass?
Selim, is there something wrong?
- No, it's all fine. [exhales]
- [man] I don't understand.
Has something happened with your man?
He's been acting weird since this morning.
Had a fight?
Trollop. Will you look at her?
She's an idiot.
She even had a costume made.
- She's only being paid peanuts.
- [exhales]
Oh, will you stop being so innocent?
Look at the woman.
Her wages wouldn't be enough
to pay for that hair.
For heaven's sake.
- Sir.
- [Çelebi] Hmm?
[Hacı] Have a seat.
[Hacı] Is there something wrong, sir?
[exhales] There's been
[exhales]a bit of trouble,
if you must know.
My plan was to sort it out
without troubling you, but [sighs]
[sighs]that wasn't possible, I'm afraid.
- A 200,000-lira fine?
- Hey, let me have a look.
- [Tasula] Let me see it.
- [Çelebi] That's not the worst of it.
In September, Orhan's absence
will be officially declared.
[inhales] And that means that
the foundation can sell this place.
So as a precautionary measure,
I saved some money.
I gave all of that money,
all I'd saved to
[inhales]Faruk to invest.
To that loan shark?
And now he's disappeared.
You can't blame yourself
for what's happened.
I feel so stupid.
I gave all the money I had
to a loan shark. I lost everything.
We've been through a lot worse, you know.
Don't worry.
We'll get through this as well.
I think you should stop blaming yourself.
[in Turkish] Myrtle trees ♪
In her yard ♪
The stream will never flow, my woman ♪
Backward ♪
The stream will never flow ♪
- [in English] What's all this noise?
- [gasps] Come on.
- [gasps]
- [laughing]
[woman in Greek] You've woken up
the entire neighborhood.
Stop bickering like chickens!
- [Matilda gasps]
- [woman in English] You drunks!
Be quiet, damn you!
- [in Turkish] I hope ♪
- [laughing]
[woman in English] We don't want
your kind.
[Çelebi] Mmm!
[exhales] Stop that, Aziz, now.
We're in the middle of the street.
We're in the middle
of our lives as well, Matilda.
[footsteps approach]
[Todori] Good morning, Çelebi.
Good morning, Todori.
- [chuckles]
- Go on. Go on.
Go on, leave now.
- [lock clicking]
- [door opening]
Uh, Mum, is there something wrong?
We've been hit with a huge tax bill.
[sighs] This won't be enough to cover it.
Çelebi and you have been saving money
to buy the club
after the declaration of absence.
But he gave the money to a man
to earn interest.
Something went wrong.
Everyone makes mistakes.
"Everyone makes mistakes."
That man gave all the money to
a loan shark, but you call it a mistake.
You're giving everything we have
to pay off the club's debt,
but you're not even asking my opinion?
[Matilda sighs]
And it's true.
So love really does make you blind.
I was in love too, remember?
- I made a mistake too, remember?
- Raşel, this isn't a good time.
So you decide when
it's a good time for something, do you?
[in Ladino] Hey, doll.
Why are you out of bed again?
[in English] It's warmer in here.
- [clerk] Okay, that's all done.
- [chattering]
[clerk] Have a good day.
[scoffs] Another letter?
It's important. Make sure he gets it.
[panting, grunting]
[panting, grunting continue]
- [Fikret grunts]
- [Keriman grunts, gasps]
[both gasp]
[lighter clicking]
[Fikret exhales]
[Keriman] Faruk dying is so unfortunate,
isn't it?
The club won't be able to keep going
if they're not able to pay their taxes.
It'll soon be the end for Çelebi.
[gasps] My plans for the club
are completely different.
[exhales] I'll make it
the most glamorous club in Pera.
It shall be
the most magnificent venue. [exhales]
[knock on door]
[man] Sir, there's someone here
to see you.
It was 1947,
and I was a busboy in Taşlık Bahçesi.
Each day, he would sit at the same table.
And one time,
I served him coffee just like this.
To whom?
To Dikran.
[sighs] The owner of this place before.
It's time to move on, Çelebi.
[exhales, inhales]
The past should be left in the past
as far as I'm concerned.
As you're aware, there's a great
zoning initiative in the country.
Karaköy, Unkapanı,
they've seen the benefits.
Vatan Street's revived Istanbul.
I'm sure you'd agree with me.
Soon enough, Taksim, Tarlabaşı,
even Talimhane will be acquired.
Orhan Şahin will be
declared missing officially.
The club's building
will be put up for sale.
You're in need of a partner
who has money and some good connections.
I'd be delighted
if you'd consider reviewing my offer.
Or else it'll be hard
to save the club from expropriation.
Please don't worry about us.
We can take care of ourselves.
Your audacity's commendable.
- I understand that.
- I don't think you are capable.
Because certain things are just natural.
Some things can't be acquired or seized.
Maybe on the 8th of September,
suddenly you became a very wealthy man.
But that doesn't mean
you understand me and who I am.
You and I, we are not in the same league.
[taps table]
Your father sent for you, sir.
[cane tapping]
[theme music playing]
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