The Club (2021) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

Extra, extra!
Parliament was in session
for motion on military drills.
Congressmen asking the government
to step down!
Extra, extra!
Hacı, is there something wrong?
Sir, we've all spoken about it,
and we just want
to chip in as much as we can.
I wish I could give more.
We all want to do our part.
- This is from me.
- And this is from me.
I hope this'll do.
- This is from us.
- Thank you.
It's not much, but
I've given as much as I can.
Can you believe that?
Everyone's trying to help us.
For our club's future.
Now then.
What's going on?
Çelebi's set up some charity now?
Here you are.
If you'll allow me, you have my share.
A small token.
Advance payment for my new album.
50,000 LİRAS
In addition, starting from this evening
I'm giving up
all my wages from now on.
I will not take anything
until that tax bill is paid.
We'll sort it out later.
- Here.
- Selim.
Listen, I have to go on stage now,
so I can't be seen crying.
Selim, you're the best!
- We're lucky to have you, Selim.
- Aww.
You'd think I'm about to die.
She's never hugged me like this.
Don't say things like that.
Oh, Selim, heaven forbid!
Oh, my.
She's telling me off again.
- Oh, you too?
- Oh, gosh!
I'm proud of you all.
You're just wonderful.
Thank you, everyone.
How can we ever repay these people
for what they've done?
- Oh, Selim, you're humbling us.
- Nothing to repay if you're family.
My friends.
Starting from this day on, you have
my word. The club belongs to us all.
Depending on how much you've
contributed, now we are all partners!
Hacı, open up
a few bottles of champagne!
I'll carry the burden for you!
"You promised me that you
would never abandon me."
"But now you're dead."
"I hate you, and I hate this life."
"Because hate is easier than grief."
"Forever your son, Fikret."
We're going.
I don't want you
in the mansion any more.
You can stay here now.
Why do you want to shut me away in here?
It would really upset me
if you think you can betray my trust,
but if you take me for a fool,
that would upset me even more.
Beware in my book,
nothing goes unpunished. Believe me.
Are we clear?
Would you like to choose your punishment?
Maybe this will prove that
I would never abandon you.
Mummy, look.
I'm catching the rain on my tongue.
Come here.
You'll end up catching a cold! Hey!
Rânâ, I said come here!
What's that hairstyle?
- It suits me, you think? Mm-hmm.
- It's different.
Well, come on in then, girls.
You're both soaking wet there.
Mm-hmm. Go on. Mm-mm.
So, aren't you going to tell me about it?
- This hotel suite? Your new hair?
- Can you believe this is my home now?
Well, aren't you happy for me?
Will you not have a drink?
Some of us
aren't burden-free like you.
To all of our burdens then.
- One, two, three.
- Three.
Listen to this song for me.
I've been working on it.
I can't come up with lyrics.
what are you singing there?
That's amazing!
Oh, that's great!
Wait, I'm gonna write this down.
Selim Songür.
You can cancel my show,
but that won't stop me from being a star.
With the songs I write,
I'll show you what I'm all about.
Lucky for you,
you have a flirtatious friend, huh?
İsmet is no longer the only
attractive man we have to talk about now.
So, this generous lover,
does he have a name?
Hmm. Hmm.
Fikret Kayalı.
Fikret Kayalı?
Pera has been half taken over by him.
Your mum won't hear about this, promise?
Hello, Granny,
look what we have here. Picture.
Let's find a nice place for this.
You're an artist!
Hey, doll. Hmm?
My mum said I could sleep
in Çelebi's room tonight. Can I, Grandma?
And that's because?
Have you eaten anything?
Only an apple at the hotel. I'm starving!
What hotel is that?
We went to meet the Evil Queen
at her hotel.
She's drawn us a present.
Look, this is the club. And that's home.
That's what she said.
Mr. Lambo. Mr. Lambo.
Yes, Madam Keti.
- Did you see the milkman?
- No. Not yet.
- A pound of onion.
- Right away, Madam Keti.
Get your fresh onions!
Look. Move over.
- Spinach! Spinach. Get your fresh spinach!
- Rânâ!
Come and get your fresh spinach.
Get your spinach.
Oh, Viktor told me about your troubles.
I'm so sorry, so, so sorry.
- So it's already become news.
- Yeah.
Of course it spread.
It's not like there are many of us left.
The fine they're making you pay
is exorbitant.
It's not normal.
- Viktor says they're doing it on purpose.
- The rent will be paid.
Don't worry.
Oh, now there.
Think we're those kind of people?
I only came because I care.
And we're all finished
once I've put this one in.
I know this is not a good time, but
um, Nisim wanted me to ask
you once more about his offer.
Honestly, he's a really nice man.
Plus, he's very well off,
if you get what I mean. He's rich.
He'll take in the girl
as well.
He'll adopt her,
so she can get an identity card.
Come on. Just say yes.
You can't keep her with you forever.
He'll make a great husband for her.
- He's a good man
- I'm going to the bathroom.
You wouldn't shut up.
Can't you tell
from my face to stop talking?
You can't say things like that!
I didn't think she'd understand.
Hmm? Is that no-good woman still here?
"Identidad." What does it mean?
Who said that to you?
Auntie Sara said that.
That Nisim wants to marry you
and make my identidad official.
I'm really sorry.
Don't worry. It'll be fine.
Sorry, Matilda.
See you later.
There's no need
to worry. It was just chatter.
She asked why
she didn't have an identity book.
- I said that she's a bastard like me.
- Raşel!
Sara shouldn't have said that.
But she didn't realise Rânâ spoke Ladino.
You told her when she grows up,
she could meet her dad.
Rânâ asked me where her father had gone.
- And to spare her feelings.
- To spare her feelings.
She's my child. Do you think
it's your place to say that, do you?
Don't go wasting
your valuable time on us any more.
Rânâ has a father, and her mum's here.
Where is her father?
Your child is five, isn't she?
She'll start school soon, won't she?
So you'll get her ID then?
Every day you write letters to that man.
Has he ever written back?
Not once.
Rânâ, come on.
Rânâ, come with me.
- Just one thing quickly.
- Go ahead.
Are you here to send another letter?
There's no letter this time.
Who's next, please?
You stay here now.
That day, I realised
that even in our three-person republic,
in order to breathe,
I should start collecting fairy tales.
So I could believe in a land
where people are born happy,
children laugh carefree
and live in huge cake houses,
where giants roam,
and the wolves give birth to lambs.
What did you think would happen?
That you abandon the child
and he comes running back to you?
They telephoned İsmet, and he replied
that her granny should go and pick her up.
That poor child didn't
tell me what you'd done.
And she was acting
like her mother hadn't abandoned her.
But she's devastated, so you know.
So then
are you upset or angry with me?
Raşel, this isn't about me this time.
When have I ever seen you cry?
I've never seen you fall.
If you're happy or ill, hungry
or poor, when have you shown me?
Stop standing there
like an immovable mountain,
making me feel even more ashamed
of my mistakes.
Now that's enough!
What, you think
it's the right time to bring this up?
I won't allow you to take out your anger
against me on that poor child
that you have kept bottled up!
Now I'm telling you that as long as I'm
around here, no one will upset that child.
Not even you.
It's time to get a grip, Raşel.
We never kept
our doors closed at home.
My grandma used
to say that we kept our doors open,
so that all of our troubles and worries
would fly away,
instead of staying there.
That night when the door was closed,
I realised that we'd never be free
of our troubles.
Extra! Overtime payments
for government staff.
Hi, there.
Here, ma'am.
Wait there.
Same thing for Mrs. Behice's table.
- You fill her in.
- All right, boss.
Is that Mrs. Behice's table?
Made a reservation?
Yes, that's fine. Just checking.
I've reserved her the table next
to Home Secretary, Mustak's one.
This is our guest list,
if you'd like a look.
Oh, my goodness, ma'am, do come on in.
So very happy to see you. Welcome.
Do you think you can fix this, please?
Let me take a look.
I believe I can.
I can fix it up as good as new.
But how, when it's been torn up?
We'll say that it was an accident,
all right?
So your mum won't get angry.
But it wasn't me.
Obviously, you didn't do it, sweetie.
Who did it then, the birds? Hmm?
I'll tell you, but
It was Mother.
I took Keriman's favourite lipstick
and gave it to her.
Did you ask her?
My mother takes those women's bags,
and she doesn't ask them
if she can before.
But I never got angry at her.
She's not angry with you, is she?
She wouldn't abandon me if she wasn't.
Read all about it!
Why do they migrate to the city
from the country?
How can 20 people live
in a single-room flat?
Read all about it!
Read the first chapter
of Yaşar Kemal's new work!
Count it.
You should always count the money.
Thirty deeds. One thousand lira per deed.
I'll take a band to Taşlıtarla Square
on Sunday.
And we'll sacrifice ten sheep.
We'll hand out those deeds
like they're beautiful brides.
Don't you worry. They will all be approved
by tomorrow morning.
Have a good day, Ali Şeker.
Now wait a minute.
It's getting too crowded in here.
If your name's registered, you can leave.
Oh, well, look who it is.
I never expected to see you here.
To what do we owe this honour?
I've come to ask for help, Ali Şeker.
Hey, Peachy.
There's a call for you.
- Who is it?
- It's urgent. From Constantinople.
It's crucial that you do exactly
as I tell you to do.
You call the police
once you've put this in Çelebi's office.
Bülent, bring champagne and open a bottle.
We've paid the fine,
thank you so much!
Oh, my! Oh, my! Oh, thanks to Allah!
- Here's some chocolate.
- That's so good!
- Pass it around. Wonderful!
- That's great.
- Well done!
- Oh!
Attention, please.
Attention, please.
Please let me
say a few words.
Now that we know this club belongs
to us all,
I have a great proposition for you.
Yes, we've paid the tax bill.
But that doesn't mean we're out
of the woods just yet.
I propose we should keep saving
until the declaration of absence.
And I will give all the revenue
from my record deal.
I'm giving it all away.
And after that,
two nights' income for this establishment.
I'm giving it all to this club!
Yes, fill them up. Come on.
Great! Finally.
Gimme a cigarette.
Thanks to Allah, it's over.
Oh, she's with you.
I don't normally do this.
I'm all about me.
Right then, here's to the club.
Here's to the club!
To the club!
- To our family!
- To our family!
- To our family!
- Well done.
You're just like me.
We don't belong.
And you know that's true, Raşel.
What brings them all together
is what's shutting us out.
Do you understand?
Are you one of those people
who watches life as it passes you by?
My mother wasn't one of them.
Her life was all about
whether she would live among the flames
or fade away as they die down.
And that night, my mother chose to burn.
Can I help you?
Is there a problem? Excuse me.
- Officer, wait, can I
- You can't go in there.
What's the problem, officer?
Can I help? Excuse me!
What is this? Wait.
Will you tell me what this is all about?
I can help you.
Sir, officer, what's going on?
Is there a problem?
- There a problem, Hacı? What's going on?
- I have no idea, sir.
- Wait a minute. Wait a minute, sir.
- Hacı.
- Wait. Hold on, sir!
- Take the lady upstairs.
Hold on. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Excuse me. Excuse me, officer.
Can you explain what's going on?
I don't understand.
What on earth is going on?
That's not mine.
Arrest him.
- Seal off this place.
- I am telling you that's not mine.
- Come here.
- It's not mine.
- You're making a mistake.
- I don't understand.
I swear! Matilda, please tell
them that bag's not mine.
You're making a mistake, officer.
I swear to you.
It's not mine. I didn't do anything!
Who was inside this room?
Who put that darned thing in there?
No one saw anything?
Did you?
- Nothing.
- Nothing.
Nor me, Matilda.
You didn't see anything?
Didn't see anything.
Raşel, you? And you?
You didn't see anything either?
Has anyone seen anything?
Or are you just not telling me?
Twenty-eight, 29, 30.
You'd better be hiding.
- Because ready or not, here I come.
- Rânâ?
Have a nice evening, Hasan.
- You too, sweetie.
- Come on.
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