The Club (2021) s02e03 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 3

- [chattering]
- [horn honks]
[Turkish music playing]
[Raşel] İsmet!
İsmet! [panting]
[lock clicking]
And how come Peachy İsmet's back in town?
Does Matilda know he's here?
The way he just appeared
at the club, I thought maybe,
you know, he wanted to see her.
Thanks for getting Rânâ to sleep.
She really was so excited.
"My dad's come. My dad's come!"
She kept saying.
She asked where he'd been.
I didn't know what to reply to that.
Have you heard
they might shut down the club?
I don't care about your club.
İsmet, he's here, Tasula, İsmet.
Can't you pretend to be happy for me?
You didn't even hold my hand
or say be careful.
Lahmacun! While it's hot!
Get your lahmacun while it's hot!
[Turkish music playing]
- [Ali Şeker] What the hell was that?
- [woman] What's going on?
- Stop, you thug!
- [woman shouts]
- [record scratches]
- [Ali Şeker exhales]
I was told that you were
going to adopt my daughter.
You crossed the line when you did that.
Who the hell do you think you are?
How dare you do that!
He says he's my son.
But he hasn't seen me in five years,
and look how he behaves.
Are you trying to piss me off even more?
You think you have the right to do that?
Is that what you think?
Don't blame me.
It's Çelebi who's at fault.
He's the one who asked me to do it,
and I obliged him.
[İsmet] You
[woman shouts]
Don't ever poke your nose in again.
- Bastard.
- [woman] Hold me, Ali Şeker.
[Ali Şeker] Shut up and wait for me
in there. Not a sound.
[woman] The man's a hooligan!
[İsmet] What are you doing here?
- So?
- [Şükriye] What else could I do?
You haven't been around, have you?
Tell me who else I have apart from him.
- To hell with that man! I'm
- Don't you say that!
Maybe he orders me around.
He's still the father of my child.
- Who takes care of me.
- He takes care of you?
He keeps you in here like some stowaway.
And why didn't you say something then?
Why didn't I know?
You haven't seen your own daughter
for so many years.
So you don't need
to add your mother to your burdens.
I wish I'd known.
[camera shutter clicking]
Anyway, forget about me.
- How is everything at the editorial desk?
- [chuckles]
Have a guess.
Alain Delon is getting married.
That will be our front page news.
Investigative journalism.
[man in Turkish] I should be the one to
Tell you about everything that happened ♪
I'm also a heartache just like you are ♪
[in English] Selim?
[man in Turkish]
I've lived, I've yearned ♪
And I am my own fairy tale ♪
[man 2 in English] Is that your song, sir?
- Well, as they say
- [man] You heard this song before?
- Have mercy on one who has mercy.
- [men chattering]
There you are.
- Don't say that. Come on.
- [Selim] It's true.
[exhales] Taşlıtarla's pure rose
was living on the streets like a rat,
and we took pity on her, invited her in,
let her take the stage, and what happened?
She's bitten the very hand that feeds her.
And I can't stop talking in proverbs.
We don't know it was her.
We have no proof.
- [Selim] Of course.
- Don't be so hasty to blame Keriman.
Madame, you're hopeless.
I'm absolutely clear about that now.
Very clear.
Actually, I have the perfect proverb
for that.
But my good manners prevent me
from saying it to you right now.
[inhales] We really have been
nursing a viper inside our home.
- That makes three.
- [both laugh]
[man in Turkish]
Aren't we born forbidden? ♪
[Selim in English] Çelebi?
[man in Turkish] And you
Challenging the world ♪
[Çelebi sighs]
[in English] I'm afraid
they'll be keeping you in overnight.
- [sighs]
- [Matilda] Isn't there anything we can do?
There's nothing we can do
at this time of night.
We have to leave now,
they've been telling us.
One after the other.
[gasps] They took photos of me,
one after the other, Çelebi.
I will deal with this. I promise you.
- Don't worry.
- [Selim sniffles, whimpers]
We'll soon get you out of here.
Uh, come on.
[gasps] Mati.
[Turkish music playing]
[İsmet] I didn't know
what she looked like, how she smiles.
I thought I wouldn't recognise her.
But, you know, I did right away.
I recognised her eyes.
There she was in front of me, like
the most beautiful remorse in the world.
I don't know if I stood there stunned
for a minute, maybe an hour.
I feel like I'm still there.
I can't shake off that image of her.
Why did you run away then?
Because if I hadn't, I would
have stayed there forever, Burhan.
Do you wish that you'd
never seen her, do you think?
I was just going to register her
and leave, um
I had no intention of seeing her.
[Burhan] My friend,
can we get two coffees, no sugar?
Coffee from where, Burhan?
We only get 200 grams in rations.
I can get you two nice cups
of tea instead of that.
No, thanks.
She's been hoping that her father
would return to her all this time.
If I go away now
I'll be leaving behind a girl
whose father has abandoned her once again.
I have to go now.
[door opening]
You're not asleep?
[Raşel] I couldn't sleep.
[Matilda sighs]
Çelebi says it will be hard.
It's as though he was caught in the act.
- Whoever's done this
- İsmet's come back.
What great news.
And why's he here?
We couldn't talk in all that commotion.
Tasula took Rânâ home,
and we met on the street later.
We kissed.
Is he here for the birth certificate?
You put that in your letter?
No. Although it seems
that the letters finally did the trick.
Maybe this is about the new law,
which says any child born out of wedlock
can only be registered with the father.
I'm sure he saw that
and decided to register his daughter.
- [Rânâ in Ladino] Grandma.
- Hey, honey.
[in English] You're up, my sweet baby.
What are you doing awake? Come here.
Oh! [laughs, kisses]
Come on. Here.
Come and lay down with me.
Oh, sleepy head.
Shh! Good girl.
[crowd chanting] Freedom is what we want!
Freedom is what we want
Freedom is what we want
[man] You should be in class, not here!
[man 2] Just let the kids protest
and stand up for their rights.
[all] Freedom is what we want!
[man] A hundred senators got into a fight.
How do we know who attacked first?
It could have been the CHP
or the Democrats. And it was a fight.
They'll try to drive us into a corner
unless we watch our reporting.
[man 2] Why would they?
Let's print our paper.
We need to purchase paper.
Purchase paper now.
The editors say
it's gonna take a while, sir.
- You shouldn't wait.
- I need to stop this from being published.
Printing press will start rolling
at five p.m.
But if you have friends who know
Berkant and can pull some strings
That's how things work.
[knock on door]
[Rânâ] A little more. Some more of this.
I want to talk to Aysel.
[Matilda in Ladino] Hey, honey.
[in English] Come on, my sweet.
We'll go for a little walk.
Gimme your foot. Let's put this on.
Right then.
Come on then, time to go for a walk now.
Let's take this.
Who is Aysel?
Your mother will tell you.
[adult Rânâ] There he was.
Finally, my dad was back.
Now, I wouldn't have to grow up so fast.
Life gives a father to everyone,
except for my mother.
We would leave stones
on other fathers' graves,
so that they wouldn't feel so lonely.
When the day succumbed to night,
the man that the big-bosomed women
waited for at the window was my father.
The man who beat up
the greengrocer's helper was my father.
My father had a wonderful smile.
Every now and then,
I used to close my eyes just
to remember how he smiled,
over and over again.
I was so afraid
that he would leave once more.
[Raşel sighs]
Some Turkish coffee?
I suppose you've been missing it.
As soon as I took my daughter
in my arms, I realised I'd made a mistake.
She had everyone around her,
except her father.
I saw my childhood.
The life that I'd known.
They say a mother's sins are
for her daughter's dowry,
and I alone decorated her dowry.
That day on that horrible, hellish street,
you were covered in blood.
I was just so lost.
And I remember thinking,
"He doesn't want to get married any more."
- "He will leave me again."
- That's in the past
It's water under the bridge.
That's not what I came here to talk about.
What did you come here to talk about then?
The girl, uh [clears throat]
I would like to register my daughter.
And after
So then
Rânâ gets registered,
and you disappear again?
I came here to register the little one.
If it's all right,
I would like to see her today.
And tomorrow.
[line clicking]
[Fikret exhales]
I'll have the newspaper change the print.
Remove the seal.
I'll have Selim released from custody.
And what do I get in return for that?
Why would I risk my reputation, Çelebi?
Maybe if you help me sort all this out,
I would accept your offer
to be my partner.
[Fikret] Ah
[chuckles] I caught it.
[line clicks]
Abbas, pick these up.
Plenty of fish today.
It's my lucky day. [chuckles]
I really am a fan of fishing.
However, they love me chasing after them.
They don't make it easy
to catch them at all.
They want me to deserve it.
That waiting just makes
the feast more tasty,
but we didn't have to wait for long today,
did we, Çelebi?
That's your luck, I suppose.
[exhales] Don't you
have any trusted friends?
Someone with influence and connections?
Just tell me
if you're gonna accept my offer.
[clicks button]
It's for one.
[Çelebi continues panting]
Sunset's quite something from up here.
You should come one day,
so we can watch it together.
So we could stay up all night
if you wanted, but that's up to you.
[panting] So tell me then, huh?
If you're going to accept my offer or not.
One condition.
You're the only one
who will know about it.
[Çelebi exhales]
I just wanna get this done
and send it urgently.
- [clerk] Extra charge if it's urgent.
- Don't understand why I have to pay more.
[clerk] It's always been like that.
- Well, this is outrageous.
- [clerk] Next, please.
Good morning.
My name is Mr. İsmet Denizer,
and I'm a lorry driver.
We have Romania, Italy or Germany.
Italy is transporting cows. I'd rather
tell you now, because some men get
No, no, that's not why I
I don't want
to do international jobs any more,
so I thought
you might have something local.
Of course. [laughs]
And I'd like to have some coffee
with sugar too.
- I was only asking nicely, madam.
- [clerk] You think we have open positions?
Can you imagine
how many people are asking for jobs?
Tell me then. That's all you have to say?
[scoffs] Damn you.
Here. Here you are.
A position's open.
Has the club been shut down?
That's very strange.
- Why would they do that?
- [trolley bell chiming]
Good luck to you, sir.
[man] Thank you.
- Could you take care of that for me?
- [Ali Şeker] It's fine. Don't worry.
- I'll have a sign made.
- Yeah, thank you. Thank you, sir.
What a scumbag you really are.
Ah! How are you today? Come on, people.
Hurry up, come on.
That's it. That's it.
[Fikret] You enjoying that?
[Keriman] Hello, there.
I asked you to plant it
in Çelebi's office.
So what happened?
- Selim took all the blame.
- And why?
Well, I thought
it was the best thing to do.
Matilda and Çelebi wouldn't have
the same impact on the club's survival.
- With Selim out of
- Meaning?
You think I've been disobedient, hmm?
[Fikret] Yes, you have.
You didn't listen.
[Keriman gasps]
The club is all mine, Keriman.
If you're hoping
to become the headliner there
[Keriman gasps]
you'll be disappointed.
[Keriman gasps]
[Raşel] Rânâ!
- What will happen if I don't have any ID?
- [sighs] You can't go to school.
- [Rânâ] What else?
- You can't get a job.
[Rânâ] What else?
[Raşel] Uh
[sighs] You can't travel
to other countries.
- What else?
- [chuckles] Now, let me think.
Uh, you can't get married.
Does that mean you're married?
There is something
really amazing you don't need one for.
- What's that?
- Going to bed.
- Come on.
- Aw, come on, Mum, just one more question.
Does my daddy speak Ladino, do you know?
- Why do you ask that?
- No reason.
Let's go to sleep.
[both sigh]
I need to get myself out
of these awful, smelly clothes.
[Matilda] Of course.
[Selim] I'm stuck with these.
- [scoffs]
- Selim!
[Selim] Rânâ!
Oh! [laughs]
Oh! [sighs]
- Happy to see you.
- Thank you, Raşelika.
[Rânâ] Quick, quick!
The girl's running off!
- Quick, quick! You have to chase her!
- [Selim] Oh, it cannot be!
- Quick, quick! The girl's running off!
- Wha I'm going to get that girl! Oh!
[exhales] Wait!
- Come here, you. I'm coming to get you!
- [laughs, shouts]
[Selim laughs] Got you! Got you! Oh!
- Come here, you!
- Selim's place is swarming with reporters.
So I said
he could spend the night with us.
- Will he have a trial?
- [Selim laughing]
Çelebi told me he's dealt with it.
- How?
- [Selim] I'll get you now!
- [panting] Oh!
- [Rânâ squeals, giggles]
[Selim] Come on, here.
Throw your head back!
- [Rânâ giggling]
- [growling]
[both laughing]
[Selim laughing] Oh!
[sighs] Oh, at last.
- Yes. Lie down.
- [exhales]
[groans] A nice warm bed.
I feel so relieved.
- You'll sleep well tonight. [chuckles]
- [sighs]
- Hey, listen to me.
- Huh?
I do hope your friend won't get jealous
if they know I'm here.
- Rânâ?
- Ah, Rânâ.
She'd be jealous? Çelebi will though.
- Hmm?
- Oh, Selim.
Tell me the truth, please.
Tell me the truth, will you?
- Stop it! Don't say that!
- [laughing]
[gasps] What's that? Huh?
You reading improper books to each other?
- Stop it now. Stop it now!
- [laughing]
That's enough now.
Shh! Shush your mouth. Time to sleep.
- [Selim laughing]
- Oh, and by the way.
Please tell me why you've decided
not to sing "Masal" any more?
Oh, well, the label
have said that it's inappropriate.
I can't say that
"others are banned from birth."
It's not a good time to get into trouble.
That's what they said.
[inhales] Matilda.
[gasps] Listen, Keriman.
We need to stop her.
Please, just believe me.
I swear this is about all of us,
not just myself.
Our family, the club will get hurt.
I don't know what to think about it.
All I know for the minute is we've
only seen her singing and nothing else.
Singing what?
I'm writing all my own songs.
I'm trying to make a name for myself.
I shed blood, sweat and tears.
And what does she do?
Writes lyrics to other people's songs.
That's all.
You can't call her a singer.
She's a translator!
- [Selim] Am I wrong?
- [laughing continues]
[İsmet sighs]
So what did that bastard agree
to do it for? What is it he wants?
The club's bar and cloakroom.
Come in.
And why did you agree to do it?
You thought I wouldn't come if you called?
Hmm. Would you now?
[İsmet exhales]
- [sighs]
- You wouldn't have.
Turns out it was the right thing to do,
and here you are.
If only I knew what was wrong
and what was right. [sighs]
- Here.
- [sighs]
[sighs] Welcome back.
I don't know anything about being a dad.
[Çelebi scoffs]
I'm afraid I could hurt the child
even more by trying to do right by her.
İsmet, uh, you didn't have to
come back here, you know.
And here you are.
You'll learn how not to hurt her.
The people I once called my employees,
I've learnt to call them family now.
Matilda taught me that.
And you can learn to be a father.
- Peachy, that's a wonderful excuse.
- Thank you, sir.
So you're here to stay then, right?
[officer sighs] All yours, sir.
- [Hacı] Thank you, sir. Much appreciated.
- [officer] I'll be seeing you.
All right, gentlemen, come on in.
We're lucky to be here.
I hope this doesn't happen again.
- Go in.
- [Memnun] Amen to that.
- [laughs] Yes, all right.
- This is great.
All right, yes. Come on, Hacı.
Well done, Çelebi.
You got the club reopened in one day.
[Çelebi] Hmm.
[Hacı] Of course, my boss knows how
to handle anything, doesn't he?
- Let's get back to work.
- [Memnun] That's Çelebi for you.
I'm sure you have
some powerful friends, huh?
Seriously, how did you make it happen?
We did it, and that's all that matters.
We all own a share of Club Istanbul.
Not many people become partners
in their workplace.
They say Fikret Kayalı wants
to buy this place.
As long as Çelebi's here, we're safe.
Don't worry.
Let's get back to work.
[Matilda] Are you ready?
- [dancers] Matilda!
- [gasps] My girls!
- [laughing]
- [dancer] I've missed you so much.
[dancer 2] I'm so glad everybody's back.
- What are we wearing tonight?
- Not the pink costume.
- Pink is not my colour.
- Oh, come on!
Matilda decides.
- Hello, there.
- We've got a reservation at five.
Çelebi, sir?
- Ah, welcome, Cemil.
- Thank you.
Come on.
- Hacı.
- [Hacı] Yes, sir.
This young man is the shining star
of the neighbourhood, right?
I'm humbled, thank you.
- Cemil is a law student at university.
- Hello.
He'll earn his allowance with us.
All right, then. Good luck.
- Welcome. I'll show you around.
- [Cemil] Thanks.
[chuckles] I'm afraid that we
only have work available in the kitchen.
[Cemil] No problem.
[Memnun] Thank you.
[workers chattering]
[man] Where do you want me to put these?
[man 2] I'll check with Çelebi.
- Ah! Oh, you're here. Mustafa!
- [Matilda] Girls, rehearsal time.
- Move, move! [laughs]
- Come on, let's go! Move, move!
- Matilda.
- Yes.
Who's he?
Put that behind the bar!
- Ah, how are you doing?
- I'm well, thanks.
- How are you?
- [Çelebi] Good.
- Are you hungry?
- [İsmet] No, I'm fine.
That is Rânâ's father.
Come on in and take a look.
İsmet. [chuckles]
What are you up to?
What's he doing in the club now?
He doesn't want to be in the Pera family.
He wants to be a part of your family.
This is not Pera, all right?
Raşel and Rânâ are not your playthings.
Whom should I give the shopping list to
for the bar?
To you or to Çelebi?
I don't know what you're up to,
but I certainly hope that you do.
[scoffs] Çelebi it is then, I presume.
[Selim] Matilda ♪
Matilda [shouts]
Matilda ♪
She take me money and Venezuela ♪
- Oh! [laughs]
- [crowd shouting, cheering]
[band playing jazz tune]
[Selim] Oh-ho-ho-ho!
- [man] Blow them out!
- [blows]
- Oh! My friend. Oh!
- [Hacı] Good to have you back, sir!
- The reservations?
- Only a few tables.
The rumours that are going around
about drugs are making people wonder
if we're the selling.
I don't know who's spreading them.
- Ignore them.
- They're saying Club Istanbul is closing.
Oh, just forget about them talking.
Listen to me
VIP treatment for every single one
of our guests
who honours us
with their presence tonight.
Oh, and then it's finally time
for the real war to begin!
- [cheering]
- Are you with me?
Now then, Çelebi pulled some favours
to get me out of that awful prison.
And not only me. He's pulled all of us,
every one of us, up from rock bottom.
- It's time to take this venue to the sky!
- [cheering]
Just like when together
we managed to pay that tax bill,
we'll raise this venue out of the ashes
and keep our home out of the clutches
of Fikret or vultures like him.
But for now, first of all,
we need to create
an astonishing extravaganza
that will take people's breath away,
and you'll never guess what I did.
I stayed up
and worked all through the night.
- And this is what I prepared! [laughing]
- [cheering]
Isn't that just like me? [laughs]
All right, now, listen closely, everyone
[continues chattering indistinctly]
Can you imagine
how the audience are going to react
when all the birds come flying out?
- [woman] See you.
- That's great!
[man] Well, come on, everybody
Selim, I didn't get chance
to say upstairs.
I really am glad you're out.
I really am so very happy
to see you back with us all again.
Oh, I swear I'll make you
the happiest person in the whole world.
You will get to watch me every night
on that stage forevermore.
[lock clicks]
Mamika, can I go outside to play tomorrow?
Rânâ, you're making a mess.
All right, all right, but can I play?
You can't tomorrow.
Why not?
Because tomorrow,
your dad's taking you out.
İsmet had to be employed
at the club, did he?
When he's Ali Şeker's man as well?
What do you see
in him that I'm blind to, huh, Çelebi?
İsmet is going to be working for us.
He's going to act like
he's Ali Şeker's man,
but that's not how it's going to work.
You should know, Matilda,
I made a deal with Ali Şeker
so that İsmet can be with us.
Sorry. I don't follow.
Ali Şeker will not be able
to exploit us from now on.
İsmet'll make a sacrifice so he doesn't.
And tell me why you'd want that?
You know he'll disrupt everything.
He'll disrupt things? Did you know that
your daughter and granddaughter
are stealing from people?
And the poor child begged me not
to tell her Grandma.
[trolley bell ringing]
[Turkish music playing]
[adult Rânâ] Even though
our life was a shambles,
we chose to shut our eyes and ears
to the truth,
so that we could keep on believing
in the fairy tale.
Everyone had already chosen
the hero of their tale.
And I was waiting for the hero
of that tale that had never been told,
without closing my eyes
or giving in to sleep.
[in Ladino] Hey, honey.
I'm going out with my father tomorrow.
[fisherman in English] Fresh mackerel
here! Come and get 'em! Grilled mackerel!
- [man speaks Turkish]
- [fisherman] Thank you.
[boy] Come and get your mackerel
You should have seen her face [laughing]
The poor man's fish.
The poor man's fish?
Grandma says it's fish for poor men,
so we never eat that fish.
[fisherman] Real mackerel here!
Real ones, not chub mackerel!
[İsmet] Right. We'll have two, please.
[fisherman] Right away, sir.
That's for you.
You try it and decide for yourself.
- Would you like some onions with it?
- Yes, please, and some greens
- [exhales] Thank you, sir.
- Here you are. Enjoy it.
Come on, that table's free.
[fisherman] I've got mackerel!
Grilled mackerel. They're fresh.
Oh, welcome, İsmet.
- [İsmet] Thank you, Ali.
- [exhales] For you.
One cup of blood-red tea,
and one cup of lukewarm tea for
Your daughter?
I'll introduce you.
Rânâ. With accents on the A's.
[Ali] Is that right?
Enjoy then, Miss Rânâ.
I'll call you "İsmet" then.
You can call me "tomato."
You see, names don't matter
unless the heart feels them.
I don't like that,
and I don't like that man either.
You're telling me you don't like mackerel.
That's not a problem.
However, you don't know Ali.
He's not some food. He's a human.
So you can't not like him
without knowing anything about him.
Every person is born
with five points in advance.
They deserve to be loved.
The question is whether they would
leave without losing any points or not.
Will you leave me?
I promise you
that I won't ever be going anywhere
until you are all grown up.
You can see me whenever you want to.
In fact, you just have to think,
"İsmet, come," and I'll be right there.
But won't you come
and live with us all together?
[knock on door]
Welcome home. [chuckles]
Could we talk for a minute?
Yes, all right.
I'll just be a moment.
Did you have fun today?
Ranika, I'm gonna go out with your father.
Be a good girl, all right?
You'll behave for your grandma, won't you?
Come on then, baby.
[door opens, closes]
You're not gonna leave me
out here again, I hope.
There'd be no point.
You'd just show up again.
Does she have a name?
I've started working at the club now.
As Ali Şeker's errand boy.
Was that what you meant when
you said about water under the bridge?
Taking your father's place
instead of avoiding him.
You've picked a great place to begin.
I do not belong to him.
I'm not taking his place.
I just decided to be Rânâ's father
from now on,
whether you like it or not, Aysel.
And I would like you to support that.
I can see you have plans for everyone.
What about Raşel?
Raşel, what happened
for me that night in Pera.
She died.
- [Turkish music playing]
- I was the daughter ♪
Of a wealthy family ♪
I never knew ♪
What suffering was ♪
But then ♪
[radio announcer in English] Citizens
who enlisted in the Homeland Front today.
Münevver Saltan,
Sabiha Şahin, Sadettin Güneci,
Abdullah Karcanlı, Nadide Çiçekçi,
Mehmet Kemal Kuran,
Nuri Ziyalar, Feride Gürbüz,
Ali Sedat Adalıgil,
Latif Akbıyık, Ayşe Suna Akdemir,
Kemal Sadi Aktan, Jülide Atay
[Rânâ] Mamika,
could you write "star" on this?
What is it?
It's for my daddy's car.
He let me name it!
Please, oh, please! Oh, please! Please!
[radio announcer] As the debate,
which was never open
to discussion, continued,
tensions were high as some feared another
fight like yesterday's could break out.
[Raşel] What do these fives mean?
Those are your points.
You know, my dad says that everyone
starts off life with five points each.
[radio announcer] He will be
discussing the people poisoned
by camel meat in recent weeks
[radio clicks off]
Remember how I asked if Dad spoke Ladino?
Is that why he can't say "Raşel,"
because he doesn't know how?
So, who could Aysel be then?
Who your father fell in love with.
[Selim] Higher!
High! Just there!
Good luck, boys.
[Selim] Right, this is good!
That's great! A little higher.
Put the cage over there.
Thank you and make sure
they are aligned properly there.
- Make sure no one stands under that.
- Ah!
Matilda. Matilda. Have a look.
Do you know
what I'm thinking for the finale?
The girls will be on the sides.
I'll be in the middle.
We'll have the birds inside that.
I'll pull on the rope
and turn around for the greeting and
- [shouting]
- What are you doing? No!
- What?
- You can't do this.
- Look how dangerous it could be.
- [Selim scoffs]
Oh, I have to do it.
I invited Cahide Sonku tonight.
I'm not dead yet,
and I'm going to show everyone.
Oh. [laughs]
[hums, laughs]
A little bit more.
- Oh! Perfect!
- [Matilda] Careful there.
[Selim exhales, laughs]
- [audience applauding]
- [Selim panting]
- I love you, my darlings.
- Love you too.
You're wonderful.
We'll be the talk of the town.
[gasps] Oh!
All right, that's enough of the long face.
Don't worry. Everything will be fine.
And I'm doing this
for the family, not for myself.
[in Ladino] Happiness will find
the one who loves their family.
[both laugh]
[in English] Look at me.
That's four. Don't forget.
- [Matilda laughs]
- Hmm? [kisses]
[host] Ladies and gentlemen,
I give you now,
the pride of Club Istanbul, Selim Songür!
- [cheering and applauding]
- [jazz music playing]
Madame Sonku, welcome to our club.
It's such an honour.
- [kisses] It really is. Matilda.
- [Cahide] Oh, thank you.
- Hello.
- Pleasure.
- Right then. Please follow me, madame.
- Please do.
[Cahide] Thank you.
It's Cahide Sonku.
- I just want this night to be over.
- [sighs]
[music continues]
[audience cheering]
[in Turkish] Even if life puts up ♪
Meaningless walls before me every day ♪
They'll fail to scare away ♪
The fairy tales I conjure up ♪
Even if the hopeless cages
Of the earth ♪
Imprison me deep inside ♪
They'll hurt, but can't stop ♪
The torrent in my heart ♪
The white flower ♪
Blooming in the night ♪
Countless wishes ♪
Wrapped in a blanket of light ♪
My feathery wings ♪
Even if they can't soar high
They'll stay with me ♪
As my voice rises ♪
Those confined in their little lives ♪
Cannot be carefree ♪
As long as you don't gaze upon the sky ♪
Those confined in their little lives ♪
Cannot let anything go ♪
As long as you don't gaze upon the sky ♪
[music stops]
[heart beating]
[music continues playing]
[loud creaking]
My feathery wings ♪
Even if they can't soar high
They'll stay with me ♪
As my voice rises ♪
Those confined in their little lives ♪
Cannot let anything go ♪
As long as you don't gaze upon the sky ♪
My feathery wings ♪
Even if ♪
[audience screaming]
- [woman screams, sobs]
- [man shouts]
[Çelebi in English] Call an ambulance!
Call an ambulance!
[Çelebi] Help me!
[thunder rumbling]
[theme music playing]
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