The Club (2021) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

My father told me
that people died
to make room
for the new ones coming into the world.
While he pointed to a lady with a baby
in her arms as she passed by,
which meant so that a baby
I'd never met could cry their lungs out,
Selim had to die,
and for me, that was unfair.
"It's unfair, you're right,"
said my father.
I could choose to live my life
being angry at a baby I've never met.
If only the world was big enough
to fit us all in.
But the people who didn't fit
into the world
could easily fit into our hearts.
Because to be forgotten is to die.
But it turns out,
what matters is not believing the tales
of imaginary heroes.
It is creating stories
from real and enduring heroes.
And telling those stories
valiantly, tirelessly.
That day, I learnt I should dedicate
every room in my heart for my loved ones.
Just like how I learnt
to greet newcomers with a smile,
rather than crying
after the ones who left.
Blessed are You,
Lord our God, King of the universe,
who brings forth bread from the Earth.
When am I going to
be starting school, Mummy?
Not just yet. Now eat up.
You're really good
at reading now. Çikitikam.
Light of my home.
I need
to learn how to write, Grandma.
Because if I forget my memories,
then Selim will die.
My daddy told me that.
Stop playing with your food,
will you, please? You can leave the table.
Don't get mad
at her on Shabbat night. The girl is hurt.
Selim is dead.
That's humans.
They're born.
They live.
They die.
Raşel's dead too.
You can sleep in there,
and I'll sleep in this room.
A new day brings hope.
Why did my grandma leave?
She's gone to live with Çelebi,
hasn't she?
Go and get ready
and brush your teeth. Go on.
I didn't ask you to leave.
Despite everything that happened,
I didn't leave
with the father of my child that night.
I chose you.
But you left.
You packed your bags and left.
I want my child to grow up with her dad
and my heart to beat with excitement.
İsmet's back,
and I want us to be together.
- Is that a crime?
- Calm down.
Then stop standing at that window
like some ghost, making our lives hell.
Can you do that for me?
I'll get it, Mum.
Hi, baby. Where's your mummy?
Every single night, I dream of Selim.
You sweet thing, come here.
You're gorgeous.
"You look like some wet rat."
Then he asked me,
"Don't you have anywhere to go?"
I told him I didn't.
The dead, they are gone though.
That club is the livelihood
of all of those people.
I said to him that he was right,
and we have to move on.
Said to who?
Don't say a word.
Fikret's partner at the club now.
What's our situation? I don't know.
When or how can we reopen the club?
I don't know.
All of your rights still stand.
My condolences to you all.
Selim, was the best thing that happened
to this country.
Shameless bastard.
What is he doing here?
Let's go to my office.
Why is he even here?
No, don't let him take the club.
Didn't I tell you
Fikret would seize this place?
Fikret is in. Hasan is out.
Selim's dead.
- Please don't get upset.
- Selim's dead!
Who's that? Everyone lost
their temper when he arrived.
Fikret Kayalı. Contractor.
He got rich after September the 8th.
In Pera, he's been buying
up dirt cheap property.
Welcome the new Ali Şeker.
Ali Şeker's a saint compared to Fikret.
Down there, you said you weren't
sure when you'd open this place up.
I'll make it easier for you. Right now.
I sent word
on your behalf for Fisun Tangül.
She's agreed to be the headline act.
And tomorrow, she'll be here.
What's the problem?
Life goes on, Çelebi.
One goes. Another one comes in,
and that's the natural order of things.
You were just talking about rights
and things. Please enlighten me.
The staff gave their savings
to pay the tax bill.
Don't get sentimental.
If it's really necessary, I'll write
a cheque, and you can return their money.
You can go to Kapalı Carsı after that
and give my regards to Master Yervant.
Maybe he can give you little certificates
of appreciation for them,
that you can hand out.
I'm a partner in this club
with you, Çelebi.
Do you understand me?
You sort it out, or I'll do it my way.
I'll sack everyone
and get a new team in within a day.
So this is all the takings
since Selim died?
What, you take me for a fool?
What's funny? Answer me, will you?
You think you can ignore me?
Why don't you and me go
for a walk on the street now?
Father and son.
Then you can brag to everyone about how
you brought your no-good son to his knees.
No chance. I'm not going anywhere
with you, my boy.
Oh, yes, you will. You will.
Let me tell you what we're doing.
We'll leave this office, and then
we'll go to the notary, the both of us.
You're gonna sell the flat to me.
I'll pay. Don't worry about that.
Don't look at me like that. Here.
Have this. I'm paying in advance.
But on one condition.
You'll never set foot in there again.
You won't set foot
in my mother's neighbourhood.
She'll take you in if she sees you around.
So listen to me.
You don't go anywhere near her.
Or I will cut you up into pieces
and hang you up
by the Tünel entrance that day.
With a sign around your neck that says,
"Spit on this plundering pimp."
Are you trying to seize my property,
you scoundrel?
This is just the start, Ali Şeker.
You should know that I'll be taking back
every single thing you've ever taken.
Remember that building you seized?
I'm gonna take that back as well.
- Get up!
- If you touch me, you'll regret it!
I can pull some strings. I'm telling you,
you'll regret this!
- Get off me! I can get you thrown out!
- What is going on here?
Tell that
to someone who'll listen. Move it!
- Hey, he's a scoundrel!
- Get your hands off him!
Somebody help me! Somebody help me now.
I'll double your wages
of anyone who helps me!
I swear to all of you,
this man's a scoundrel!
For the love of Muhammad, help me!
For the love of Allah
and Muhammad, help me!
Somebody help me!
Help me, someone, please!
- He's a scoundrel!
- Shut it!
- Take him down! I'll double your wages!
- Leave him alone!
Get him off me!
You're not dressed very appropriately.
Where are we going? You didn't tell me.
The police station.
I won't be headlining
at the club
so I'll be opening act
at the police station?
It's a shame
this beauty will go to waste.
When you murdered Selim,
it was a big mistake, Keriman.
You will turn yourself in to the police.
But I said I didn't do it.
It was just an accident.
Why don't you just believe me?
Tell me if you killed Selim.
Tell me whether it was you.
Tell me if you killed Selim.
Tell me now whether it was you, Keriman.
Stop here, Abbas.
- I'm free. I'm free. Give it!
- Hey, pass it!
- Come on! Goal!
- Goal!
Did you see that?
Get out.
Get out.
She said she was hungry, so I made
her something. Then she went to sleep.
All right, thank you.
Çelebi has sent to word to us.
We're going to open.
I won't lie to you.
I'm both happy and surprised.
After what happened, I thought
the club would shut down for good
and that we'd have
to fend for ourselves, but
Maybe it wasn't their decision to make.
Who made the decision then?
Fikret Kayalı is
a partner now, apparently.
Oh, no, that can't be true.
It's a rumour, I'm sure.
Gossip from the competition.
Çelebi and Matilda would
never let that man in.
I hope so.
You said that being a family
means being there
for them through the good and bad.
Don't defend her to me, please, Çelebi.
I wasn't talking about Raşel.
I did something stupid.
Remember how you asked
about how I got Selim out of prison
and had the seal removed?
And I told you that I asked
a powerful friend of mine to intervene.
Fikret Kayalı.
I talked to him.
He asked to be a partner at the club.
And would only help me if I agreed to it.
So I agreed.
What does that mean?
It means exactly
what I just told you.
I made a deal with the devil.
- Don't want to hear about it.
- So you're leaving?
I suppose you never really came
to live in this place anyway, Matilda.
If you go,
I'll never be able to convince anyone.
I'll deal with Fikret Kayalı myself.
I promise you.
I'll find a way to take care of him.
We have to hold on to the club
until this absence issue is settled.
If we give up now, everything
we've done will have been in vain.
I talked to everyone
and told them that we'd carry on.
It's become all withered without the sun.
We need to eat a hearty meal
before we leave.
We've got a lot
of work to do at the club.
What do you mean
you're not having breakfast?
Is that how those infidels live?
And you're smoking
before you eat something.
Go on, eat something. It won't kill you.
Oh, my goodness me.
As if the only problem
in this country is the late spring.
Look at all these headlines.
You'd think it was Alice in Wonderland.
Stop that, will you?
Honestly, you're making me dizzy.
I don't want you to do any more housework.
Come and sit down here.
Are you going to bring my daughter Aysel
to do the housework? Hmm?
I paid Zarife three months in advance.
She'll help you every day.
And she'll do your shopping for you.
Now you're back,
I don't even care if I die.
Are you going to bring my granddaughter
to see me?
I want to see her with my own eyes.
I always felt it in my bones
that she would be a little girl.
Melek I hoped to name her.
She'll answer to Melek as well.
Don't you worry.
Luckily, she already knows that names
and titles don't mean anything.
Well, of course.
She takes after her dad.
They say that women have children who are
just like the man they're in love with.
Excuse me, please.
I heard
she gave birth out of wedlock.
Who's that girl?
She converted to Islam.
Mazel tov!
So you
converted to Islam? Bravo.
You also unregistered
at the Chief Rabbinate.
Poor Matilda.
She's so unlucky.
She fought tooth and nail, and for what?
They won't even bury you
in the same cemetery.
- My condolences.
- Matilda.
- Welcome back.
- Tasula.
We'll all get through this.
Aww. Oh, poor baby.
We'll be all right.
Oh, sweetheart.
Do you know where we've been?
- Where?
- We went to Rita's wedding.
- Who's Rita?
- Rita, the one with the freckles.
My mum's sister from the orphanage.
Come on,
let's go and have a look what's in there.
Come on then.
İsmet, what are you doing?
İsmet, no!
İsmet, will you stop? You're scaring me!
What are you doing?
İsmet, are you trying to kill us?
Will you stop, please?
İsmet, stop this car now. It's too fast!
İsmet, stop the car, please!
Stop the car!
You see now?
That crazy young girl is no more.
It's not about changing your name
or your appearance.
Aysel, you and me,
we've both changed. Admit it.
We have a responsibility.
And that is to bring up the child
we brought into this world together.
For Rânâ, I'm trying
I'm trying to be Rânâ's friend,
so don't push me away.
It's time to stop
doing things that'll make me run away.
It all stops now.
Fikret Kayalı.
Is he a partner at this club now?
- Who said that?
- Raşel.
I told her it must be a rumour.
But the way
she said "I hope so" got me thinking.
Çelebi would
never do that, would he?
The entire staff would leave.
So would I.
Where has Rânâ gone?
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