The Club (2021) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

[footsteps approach]
[Matilda] Rânâ?
Rânâ, where are you?
I'll come out if you say apple!
This place is depressing.
- That's her.
- Ugh! What a mess here, Vecdi.
You need to tidy this place up.
Don't worry about that, Fisun.
I've already noted it down.
But do they all get dressed
in the same place?
Yes, I presume that they must do.
- [Rânâ] Gramamika!
- Agh! Don't rush!
And whose child are you then?
My grandchild.
Enchantée, Madame Matilda.
I've heard lots about you.
And I have plenty of Jewish friends,
and we all love each other dearly.
I'm sure you and I
will also have a great relationship.
Oh! So sweet. She's such a darling.
And she runs about here
every day without supervision?
Vecdi will come back here
to brief you all on the various rules
that I have backstage and whatnot.
I have to meet my tailor, so I'll be off.
Oh, and please take that
stupid thing down off the door.
- [Vecdi scoffs]
- This isn't some kind of cemetery.
It's Club Istanbul.
Madame Matilda. [chuckles]
Fikret Kayalı. Nice to meet you.
As I was saying to Çelebi,
I'd love to invite you
to my mansion in Emirgan.
What do you think about Fisun?
Do you like her then?
I had to go out of my way
to convince her to headline here, but, uh,
I'd do anything for Club Istanbul.
Why would that be?
As you know,
Fikret is a very loyal customer.
So he said he would do absolutely
anything to save this amazing venue.
Would you like something
to drink? Whiskey?
Yeah, yeah.
- [Çelebi] Would you like ice with it?
- [Fikret] All right.
[ice clattering]
Here you are. Enjoy your drink.
I'm sorry.
I thought I needed more ice when I didn't.
Don't worry, Çelebi.
I talked to Fisun. I own her rights.
We really appreciate everything
that you're going to do for us.
But our club already has a headline act.
That's funny, Matilda.
Who would listen to Keriman apart from me?
Everyone in the club would
when she's the headliner.
Of course, I don't mean
to interfere too much.
After all, I'm a very loyal customer.
Very loyal.
I know a way that you could help us.
you're a well-known businessman.
And maybe you might be able
to organise a charity event
to benefit children in need.
And so that night,
Keriman can be introduced to high society.
[Fikret] I'd be glad to.
And after all, ensuring the survival
of the club is all that counts.
Matilda, we talked this through.
If people find out that he's our partner,
it's very risky.
Why do you think I can't tell the staff
anything about this partnership?
It's already bad enough
with just you knowing.
- And what was that about Keriman?
- Keriman's one of us.
We will have to find
some way to tell them.
They need to hear it from us.
Or else they'll just leave us.
[Turkish music playing]
[Rânâ] You know when me and Dad went
to the seaside the other day?
We ate poor man's fish.
After that, my dad asked me
to teach him Ladino.
İsmet asked that?
[inhales] And why would
he want to learn Ladino?
Because he wants to be able to hear us.
[sighs] Ahh, don't go
teaching him too much then.
It's too late. He knows "kayades" already.
Can we play a game?
I'm not in the mood.
[adult Rânâ] My mother was very sad.
My mother was always sad
because my father had left us.
She was sad
because he loved that
Aysel woman very much.
And I knew that I had to find
a way to make my mother happy.
I was only five years old,
but I already knew everything.
What I didn't know was that I was about
to receive my first lesson in life
from my father that evening.
[Raşel] It's been hours,
and I can't get her fever down.
She's really hot.
We should take her to the hospital.
Come on.
Let's get up.
Aysel, give us a moment, please.
Just a few minutes, all right?
What's this all about then?
Come on, tell me.
I bought it from the shop.
I didn't ask where you got it from.
So you knew that you'd get
a fever if you ate that? Hmm?
Did someone tell you that?
Keriman did.
She said she ate chalk so she could
miss school when she was a little girl.
Ah, is that so?
Yes, Mum is so sad
because you're never home,
so I wanted to play a fun little game.
[İsmet] Well, I never.
What a little devil you are.
You were playing a game then.
My, oh, my.
Thought it was a good idea to play a game,
so Mummy wouldn't feel sad any more,
but she's sadder, isn't she?
Because she thinks that you're ill.
I'm sad too.
I bet that you're feeling sad too?
Hmm? So we're all sad now.
You know that for me [sighs]
I always thought that people
played games to cheer others up.
I don't think anyone plays games to feel
sad or to make other people feel sad.
Well, that's what I've always thought.
So that means that [exhales]
this wasn't a game.
What is it?
But I'm not a liar. I'm sorry, Daddy.
[sighs] Yes, but this can't
go unpunished now, can it?
No, it can't.
- What are you laughing at?
- [laughing]
You're gonna smell like pickles, huh?
It's gonna be on your nose, your mouth.
Everywhere, anyone
who smells you will say
[blows raspberries]
Why does that girl smell?
- You're gonna stink like pickles!
- [laughing]
[İsmet] She's asleep.
Maybe you could stay here.
- When she wakes up, she can see you.
- Stop that.
You can't use her
to feed your own torment.
Look, I said I'd be a father to my girl,
and I'm keeping my word.
Don't try and push it any more.
[knock on door]
[in Ladino] Open your closed doors ♪
There's no light on your balcony ♪
Love will elevate you ♪
We're going, my rose ♪
We're leaving this place ♪
[in English] I really do love you.
For better or for worse,
I will always love you.
And I will take my last breath
standing right next to you.
[Turkish music playing]
[Selim in Turkish]
Old friends, new friends ♪
I went down the wrong path ♪
The outcome is apparent ♪
As I lived through life
I've become faded ♪
Old friends, new friends ♪
Go ahead and shoot me ♪
Getting shot won't kill me ♪
But not being with you will ♪
With all the scars on my hands ♪
I'm here to build it all back ♪
I won't ever hurt you
I won't ever get tired ♪
I'm back ♪
I have forgiven ♪
That scoundrel, that miserable actor ♪
I can't turn back time ♪
But I promise you ♪
This time ♪
I will walk over the mountains ♪
I will cross the desert ♪
Here I am, not dead yet ♪
Step by step
I freed myself from my demons ♪
I'm ready now ♪
The dawn is upon us ♪
[adult Rânâ in English]
Although she was trying to hide it,
my mother was sad that day.
My father had only agreed to be
in one photo of that happy family
that my mother
had always dreamed of for years.
- [camera shutter clicks]
- My mother kept that photograph
like it was the Holy Grail.
That photograph,
in which the three of us were together
for the first and the last time,
was a reminder to my mother
that we could never be a family.
[Selim in Turkish]
Here I am, not dead yet ♪
[in English] I'm really sorry, Mamika.
I'll never play any more games
that could make you sad.
I promised my dad.
She has hair that's perfect and shiny.
She has freckles.
And green is her favourite colour.
And we love her, or we don't?
Oh, we love her lots.
And we're sad
because we can't see her every day.
I don't know.
Gramamika might come back
if we say we're sorry.
- [Turkish music playing]
- [vocalizing]
- Hello. How are you?
- How are you, dear?
- [woman shouts and laughs] Rânâ!
- Here.
Ta-da! My new room.
How's this?
An idea from your mother.
She found it in a magazine,
gave it to the tailor
and told him this was the one.
[inhales] I would never be on stage
tonight if it weren't for Matilda.
She had faith. She defended me.
She told me I'd make it
and not to be afraid.
I have a big surprise for her tonight
to say thank you to her.
Yes, but she doesn't like surprises.
Well, she'll like this one.
Don't you worry.
I see you feel welcome
at that table too now then.
Good for you.
Thank you.
[İsmet] I still have those.
Leave them, follow me.
İsmet's a little busy.
Hacı's going to drive you back home.
What changed?
Why did you suddenly decide
to open your doors to İsmet?
It's the only course of action.
He's doing his best to be a good father.
For his daughter.
And I won't break the heart
of my grandchild
who's in love with her father.
I could never do that.
And you wouldn't be able
to do that either.
Have you seen the way she looks at him?
[Çelebi] I need to speak all of you.
Get the boys from the kitchen
as well, please.
But you also saw the way
that I was looking at him.
So why do that?
Get the kitchen staff here too, please.
Call Keriman, if she's available, please.
People, gather round, please. Thank you.
- [high-pitched whining]
- Right.
[distorted] Well, then, in this club
our grief is deep.
- [high-pitched whining]
- But tonight
opening those curtains
would just make would just make
To our great table
would just make Selim's contribution
to our great table
all in vain.
We have given blood,
sweat and tears to this club.
- Because no matter the circumstances
- [Rânâ] What's wrong, Mamika?
- [Çelebi] But we are not going anywhere!
- [Rânâ] Mummy! Mummy!
[Çelebi] And as you know,
we are one big family here.
[employees cheering and applauding]
Fikret Kayalı is now a partner
at this club,
so are you gonna tell them all that then?
[man] What? Fikret Kayalı?
What do you mean partner?
Çelebi, the customers
will be arriving soon,
but the tables haven't been set yet.
I'm not working here. [huffs]
What have I said to upset him then?
- I'm leaving too, Çelebi.
- [Hasan] You didn't say anything, İspir.
You know Fikret Kayalı?
That nasty piece of work who took
the shop from your father-in-law?
Remember him?
Apparently, that man's
become our boss now.
Is that true, Matilda?
- So Çelebi's been keeping that from us?
- [man] He burnt down my house.
- I can't work here.
- [woman] We should leave too, Hatice.
[man 2] I've sacrificed my life
for this club.
He burnt down my house.
I can't work here any more.
[employees murmuring]
You should never have done that, Çelebi.
[woman 2] Who would lie to their family?
This is goodbye then.
[man 3] I thought this was home.
I'll take care of the service.
- Thank you, my friend.
- [İsmet] Hmm.
- [Hacı] Tasula. Tasula.
- [Tasula] I'll take the kitchen.
- Let's go.
- [Hacı] All right.
- Just go.
- Right, my friends.
Let's get tonight over with.
We'll talk about this later.
Come on, let's get back to work.
Here you are, sir.
Over here, please!
Welcome, madam.
You're on in the kitchen.
Table three, they want
two grilled meatballs, two salads.
Table 26, shrimps and fish soup, chef.
I'll take it.
[Keriman in Turkish]
I should be the one to tell you ♪
About everything that happened ♪
I'm also a heartache ♪
Just like you are ♪
I've lived ♪
I've yearned ♪
And I am ♪
My own fairy tale ♪
[in English] Welcome to the club
of the people with their own fairy tales!
[in Turkish] I could not and cannot
Fit in anywhere in this world ♪
I'm here, but my heart is
In the land of giants ♪
Since it's a fairy tale
My eyes are shut ♪
The ugly truth is behind the curtain ♪
Some of us are made of rainbow dust ♪
And some of us are born forbidden ♪
And some of us were ♪
Convicted of challenging the world ♪
Hey! All they actually want ♪
Is to kill death itself ♪
They cannot believe ♪
Alas, nor realise others can see them ♪
- [lock clicking]
- [keys jangling]
Hey! All they actually want ♪
Is to kill death itself ♪
They cannot believe ♪
Alas, nor realise others can see them ♪
Hey! All they actually want ♪
Is to kill death itself ♪
They cannot believe ♪
Alas, nor realise others can see them ♪
[music continues]
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