The Club (2021) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

- Sir, I'm leaving now.
- Good night.
Whenever I recall that night
I remember that raven as black as a crow
that was arrested
because it had a piece of paper
that said "Moscow" attached to its leg.
If my grandma had seen that,
she would have said,
"Don't look at it. It's bad luck."
My dad would have laughed.
The raven was quite funny.
But that night,
I didn't feel like laughing at all.
Let me out of here!
Hey, I'm talking to you!
Just let me out of this place!
Gimme that
It was just standing
motionless in that tiny cage.
- I haven't done anything wrong!
- And didn't even move a wing.
Maybe the poor creature was sad
that it wouldn't be able to fly again.
Like my mother.
Stop it now, girl! Enough!
If she saw that despite
the large wings that it had,
it wasn't able to fly,
would my mother give up on flying too?
Would she give up
on trying a thousand different ways
to ask to be loved?
Time is both the criminal
and the righteous.
Sometimes weeping,
sometimes joyful,
but flowing endlessly.
And it was on a night just like this
that the involuntary journey began
of the ones conspicuously seeking love
and the ones slowly making
their way into our hearts.
Time for bed now, sweetie, all right?
Are you going to stay here as well?
Do you want a bedtime story?
What about my pyjamas?
Ah, your pyjamas. Uh, let's see.
And you can't sleep
like that just the once?
I can't. I was wearing these all day.
Yes, you can.
Look, I was wearing these all day.
I'll lie down. Nothing happens.
There. Look.
Now then, once upon a time,
a very long time ago, in a town that was
so far away from here,
lived a shoemaker,
and Cinderella was her name.
She was a shoemaker?
Why shouldn't she be?
She lost her shoe at the ball,
and she's been waiting
for the prince to visit her with the shoe.
Yes, she has. I mean, she was, but then
Cinderella came to her senses. She said,
"Why would I stay at home and wait
instead of making my own shoes?"
"Because that way,
I would be more comfortable."
Mum's not a bad person.
And she will come back.
I would like your approval.
Allah would strike me down
if I had a problem with you, sir.
Well, but with Fikret
All right, Hacı, it's fine. I understand.
It's fine, Hacı.
I need you to gather them all, anyway.
So that I can tell them the whole truth.
And if they still want to leave
we'll pay back their shares,
and we'll say goodbye.
The truth is
Selim dying up there
is when it all began to go wrong.
I always think
that there's a piece of us
missing since he's been gone.
He's in my prayers.
And now everyone's left us.
What was all that effort for?
But we're not gonna
give in and give up, are we?
It wasn't your wish
to hide that partnership?
If it's Fikret they have a problem with,
why don't they take it up with him?
They should have asked who he was
so scared of to want to hide it.
Of his competitors or of his father,
whom everyone's heard of,
but no one's ever seen him.
Plus, Fikret's not the one
who's in charge of everything.
Because his father's
the one with the power.
Whatever he's up to,
he's been hiding
from him like a naughty little child.
Sit down.
How much did you pay for this?
You paid 15,000
for a pile of rubble, huh?
Well done.
And this one?
And then, the one next to it?
Don't remember.
You're telling me
you don't remember?
You don't remember how much
of my money you spent for nothing?
With Faruk Cider dead
a large portion of my money
has gone missing.
But I'm going to find out
who stole my money.
And I will crush their heads
just like I did with these models.
And unless you want me
to smash your head in along with theirs,
you won't waste a single coin
on that place.
Now get out.
And when did this all start?
When you were away.
Your problem's with me?
You, Rânâ, Matilda,
Çelebi, Tasula, Keriman, Hacı, Selim.
İnönü, Menderes.
Do you want me to go on?
And what did they do to you?
They never even came.
I'm scared of inflicting
any more scars on you, Aysel.
They'll end up hurting Rânâ too.
She's all that matters to you?
Do you know when it was
that I realised what I had done?
She stole Keriman's lipstick for me.
She said that it suited me.
Did I stop?
Carried on.
I'm a bad mother.
You're not even a bad father.
I wish you'd never come here.
With or without me, nothing changes.
You're right.
- I'll do anything you want.
- I don't want anything from you.
I want something from you.
I want you to stop seeing Keriman.
Keriman is my only friend,
and you know that.
I'd be left with no one at all.
You have me. You can talk to me.
I'll try, Aysel.
I will.
Why don't you go and play with them?
Grandma always says
that I'm not a street child.
Hmm. Shall I tell you something?
Matilda doesn't know everything.
Playing on the street is
the best thing ever. Hmm?
Go on then.
So you're a street child now I see.
Are you all right?
Is everything sorted out then?
We'll talk later.
Thanks for keeping an eye on her.
- Thanks, Tasula.
- Hmm.
Look, this is you,
and this is our home.
You think that I'm handsome?
I wish that
these children's corners were bigger,
so that I could draw
lots more pictures in them.
Children's corners?
Yes, Mummy says that
all these white spaces are
for the children
to draw pictures inside the newspapers.
Is that right?
It is.
Are you staying to have dinner with us?
Come on in.
I'm here to talk to Raşel.
Darling! Oh!
Oh, my little one.
Talk to me instead.
Go with your mother to the kitchen.
All right, then.
So maybe you can tell me the reasons
behind Raşel's actions yesterday.
What is her problem with those people?
You lied to all of the workers.
How long could you carry on doing that?
It still would have happened.
They were gonna find out.
So you're telling me that
that's what this is all about?
So that was Raşel's problem?
Your daughter's problems are never-ending.
It's one bit of trouble
after another, isn't it?
But maybe we should try
and see things from her side.
And from there,
it looks like I'm responsible for them.
I didn't say that.
I know that I'm not solely responsible
for all of her problems, Matilda.
There can't be
very much going on at the paper
if you're out here for some Bosporus air.
The news of the reception
will be published tomorrow.
Famous contractor Fikret Kayalı
raises funds for the education
of 1,000 students.
But I'm not sure
if your father will believe us.
You're right.
A thousand's too much. We'll say 500.
Yes, keep joking about it.
You're young.
But your father's just asked me
the reason for the sudden interest,
and I had to deflect.
Keriman you mean.
I don't think my father would mind
that interest of mine, Berkant.
And that's everything?
How much do you need?
I've been looking out for you
since you were born.
At first, I thought that
this was just some fling,
but what I've been
hearing lately is surprising.
So a little bird told me
you're now a partner at the club.
Lies. Don't believe 'em.
I do hope that's true.
You know your father's opinion
of Club Istanbul as well.
It's all hearsay.
I don't want my father
to be bothered with such gossip.
But your father's tense.
I suggest you appease him.
After all, the death of that loan shark
Faruk Cider was a great loss for us all.
I helped to soothe
your father's misgivings.
Let's be frank.
Do it again and I won't be able to help.
I have business in Beyoğlu.
I can give you a lift.
It's the Dolce Vita film premiere
this evening. Maybe you can come.
The plates, utensils, chairs, tables.
I've made a list of them all.
Good job, lad, well done.
All those fruits and vegetables,
we should gather them up.
- Hmm.
- And donate them to Social Services.
Or something like that,
so that maybe our successors
can purchase some new things.
We're all leaving.
I don't think our successors will want
to turn this club into a mortuary. Hmm?
They'll manage
to keep it running.
You said you wanted to buy a few things.
Fabric or curtains, did you get those?
I got them, thank you.
Now look, I don't want
to see that gilded fabric
in any protest marches or the like.
Banners with
"democratic university" on them.
- Hmm?
- You don't need to worry, Çelebi.
Go on then, get back to work.
- Welcome.
- I'm not visiting, Çelebi.
Right, let's go and talk in my office.
Take a seat.
What's the meaning of this?
Just one secret I asked you to keep.
It almost made
the front page of the papers.
It was wrong anyway
to hide something like that.
I told everyone,
and the club is empty now.
Everyone left.
Without its people,
this place is just four walls.
It's bad for all of us.
- It was wrong anyway to hide it.
- Hmm.
I told everyone, and so they left.
The club is empty.
Without its people, this place is just
four walls, and that's bad for all of us.
I will tear up this letter
of resignation right now, Çelebi.
You need to come up
with a better excuse than that.
Everyone can leave.
You can't, because you gave me your word.
I'm sorry.
Who are you hiding this partnership from?
Put things in order here right away.
Then we can discuss this.
Here you are.
I'm certain all these people must be deaf.
Could I please have some ice cream?
- Not yet.
- Not today.
The red one.
Here you are.
Who's the man sitting
at your table?
- İsmet.
- That's her dad.
That man's her father?
Look, Dad, I got the red one.
Good evening.
I wrote some new lyrics about the club.
Would you like to hear them?
The original song is a sad one.
But look what I've done.
It will bring the house down.
This is
not some game, Keriman.
What are you doing this for?
You think I became
a partner of the club
to sip my whiskey on the balcony
while you headline?
I don't know what you mean.
Matilda's daughter didn't just come up
with me being a partner at the club.
Anyone who could hurt me now knows.
I was happy
for the very first time in my life.
Given the chance,
I wouldn't just tell Raşel.
I'd tell everyone else on the tram.
I'd have shouted out
from the Tower of Galata
that the man I love
was a partner at the club.
It's not the first time
I've taken a slap.
My mother slapped me.
And my father.
The men who took advantage
of me when I was living on the streets,
they slapped me as well.
And Selim.
But none of them hurt this much.
They only added to the pain I felt.
They're in the past now.
But just then
was the first time
I got slapped for being happy.
And by the man I'm in love with.
You made me happy once, so
It's all right.
But I'll always accept the hurt.
It's what I know best.
I'm sorry.
Be angry, but still come here, won't you?
I'm sorry.
Come to me.
How do the lyrics go?
You wrote some lyrics.
Sing them.
Good night then.
So we'll never see the sun
come up together then?
Who is the angel kid, in the club, I mean?
We all are.
- A very good morning to you, Todori.
- Good morning, sir.
You're thinking
Keriman's just turned up
at my door at the crack of dawn.
She must have gone crazy.
But with my first headliner wages, I got
a present for my loved ones, my darling.
Good morning.
I see you've finally tamed
that brute of yours.
You didn't tell me.
So, finally you have your family.
You should be happy.
It's not that. We're trying, that's all.
And why that expression?
Is there something wrong?
Never mind all the bitter stuff.
So aren't you going to open it?
The hotel pool is amazing.
And during the week, it's rather quiet.
We can sunbathe, just the two of us.
Well, I'm not sure I'll have time
for that, but thank you so much.
It's so beautiful, Keriman.
I know
I look like I'm falling to pieces.
But I was actually happy
when İsmet answered the door.
Rânâ's eyes were sparkling as well.
When he was standing there
before me, all my anger dissolved.
I never took him for a man
who would stand up for Raşel.
You should stop being angry
with İsmet. He's right.
He would have shown up eventually anyway.
And don't be angry at Raşel.
They're here.
Welcome, come in, please.
- Hello, there.
- Hello.
- Come on in, please, my friends.
- Take a seat.
- How are you guys?
- Come on in. Take a seat.
- Come on. Please.
- Have a seat.
Uh, come in, please. How's the baby doing?
- All right.
- How's the mother?
- She's well, thank you.
- Good. Bless her. Bless her.
- Please. Come on in, please.
- Excuse me.
Pass this over.
Is anyone else coming?
Is this it?
They're on their way.
There's one over there.
I'll sit here.
Thank you.
First of all,
I'd like to thank you all
for indulging me and coming here today.
I didn't ask you here
to beg for forgiveness.
Life is all about choices.
You have all made your choices,
and I understand.
You could have spoken
to me before making it.
But you didn't, and I understand that too.
Keeping the news of Fikret's partnership
under wraps was not my idea.
I can tell you that.
And the question you will ask
me is why is Fikret a partner?
Fikret was the person
who got Selim released.
- What? How?
- I can't believe it.
So if it wasn't for him,
this place would have been sealed shut.
I don't like him, but I tolerate him.
And I'm asking the same of you.
But if you say that you can't,
well, then, every one of you will be
paid according to the shares they put in.
Don't worry about that.
Do you know who Fikret is Çelebi?
Well, he's the man
who demolished her house.
And the scoundrel who undersold
the shop of this man's uncle.
How do you think we can stand for this?
I wish that you talked to us first.
And at least discussed it.
And would you have stayed
if we did?
You lied to us, Çelebi.
Matilda, both of you lied to us.
That's what it's about.
- Wait for me here, please.
- Of course, madam.
- Good day to you.
- To you as well.
I'm here because I want
to talk to Fikret's father please.
- And who are you?
- Matilda Aseo.
From Club Istanbul.
The gentleman does not accept visitors.
It's important.
Wait here one moment.
Extra! Extra!
The latest parliament decrees!
What brings you here?
Are you all right?
- Good. It's the last one?
- Yes, sir, it's the last batch.
You can just put it down there.
Thanks, İsmet.
So it seems you've decided
to be a family man.
In the end.
I'm happy to hear that.
Five years is a long time.
Raşel has been waiting for you
to come back to her for five years.
Although, come to think of it,
maybe I, um, would've done the same, hmm?
Don't you wait for anything.
You see the shared taxis over there?
I only work exclusively.
Well, it seems like you have
no intention of talking to me.
Do you recognise this man?
Salomon Aseo.
He's my father.
He died in Aşkale.
What about Mümtaz Pektaş?
I expect you remember him.
He was your collaborator.
I don't remember that name.
Hmm. Obviously.
And why on earth would you?
Those are just a few
of the people that you used
to achieve your miserable ambitions.
I shot Mümtaz because of you.
I spent 17 years in prison.
But I carried on living.
Whereas you've made
this prison all by yourself.
You hide away in here
like some cowardly rat.
And now you're scared of me.
I only want the family I created
to replace the one that you took.
You took everything from me,
but you won't be able to take them away.
Call your son off us.
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