The Club (2021) s02e07 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 7

[birds chirping]
[Matilda] Raşel.
- You have to listen to me.
- Leave me alone.
Please listen to me.
I saw Kürşat before.
That's the man who ruined my family.
He's Fikret's father.
He and his son are now doing their best
to bring down our family at Club Istanbul.
I wasn't able to do anything.
I was chilled to the bone.
When I shot Mümtaz [gasps]
I thought it would soothe my pain.
It got worse.
And now I know
that you were the one I damaged.
I left you without a father.
And leaving you without a father
was me being selfish.
I'm so sorry.
[Turkish music playing]
[adult Rânâ] People tend
to hold on to their scars.
The scars of the past
that feel like they will never heal.
To stand tall,
to carry on breathing, to survive.
Holding on to your scars
is the easiest way.
People can't know everything.
- They can only learn by living.
- [exhales]
[adult Rânâ] Although they tell you
to keep your hand away from the fire,
if you want to exist, you have to burn.
I'll pick up Rânâ from Tasula's.
[keys jangling]
[door closes]
[Çelebi] Matilda.
[Matilda sobbing]
[continues sobbing]
Mummy, we're here.
Are you all right?
He's kept the partnership a secret
from his father then, eh?
What do we do?
We'll put these over there.
Nothing. We won't do anything, Matilda.
We'll sit back and watch
father and son destroy each other,
and we'll go about our business.
Just what we need.
[laughs] Come here. Come on.
Later on, Ali Şeker will bring
in some completely new staff,
and this place will be swarming
with a load of people
who are complete strangers to us.
- ["Give Me the Blues" playing]
- Oh, time to tie your shoes ♪
Or you'll feel like a goose ♪
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! ♪
A smile that you always like to ♪
Cemil taught me to dance.
Blues, you gimme the blues ♪
Raşel needs some time.
She's only just found out everything.
She might be down, but she's not out.
Don't worry. She's your kid.
We're down too,
but did we get knocked out?
Blues, you gimme the blues, blues ♪
It's the blues, blues ♪
Do you think they'll come back?
I don't know about that [exhales]
But the doors of this club
will always be open for them.
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! ♪
A smile that you always like to choose ♪
It's the blues, blues ♪
You gimme the blues, blues ♪
When you're walking
Turn me upside-down ♪
When you're talking about me
Inside out ♪
Overlook that you always stand to lose ♪
It's the blues, blues ♪
You gimme the blues, blues ♪
It's the blues, blues ♪
It's the blues ♪
- What the hell are you up to?
- [Fikret gasps]
Why was that woman here?
[panting] What?
I'm not talking
about that trollop you sleep with.
Matilda. Why was she here?
Why did she say to call my son off them?
[grunts, gasps]
If you decide to go sneaking around,
make a good job of it, you idiot!
They were saving up
for the absence declaration.
They would be our rivals.
- So to cripple them [gasps]
- When did I ask you for your help?
Do not disobey me.
I'll drown you in this very pool, I swear.
This is your last chance.
Dad, are we going to
have to eat up all of those?
We will if we have to.
Mummy isn't talking to us.
Isn't there something you can do?
Sit down with me, come on.
Sometimes the best thing to do
[exhales]is absolutely nothing.
When you don't herd the sheep,
then what happens?
They'll find themselves
on the edge of a cliff.
But do humans do the same? No.
It's our hearts that show us the way.
We listen to them.
[inhales] And right now,
your mum is listening to her heart.
She is.
Now, Ali Şeker,
these men wouldn't know the first thing
about serving, formalities or purchasing.
People would kill for work.
But no one wants to work at the club.
What can I do?
- These men are from a building site.
- Hmm.
[Ali Şeker exhales]
You'd think in the country,
it's just fields.
People are building shanties all over.
Just like moles.
I have a few nice plots available.
If you like, I can make you a good deal.
I'm sure you'll make you a fortune.
Ali Şeker, stop it, will you?
I'm not interested. Go on now, out.
Çelebi gives the orders now. [exhales]
All right then, good luck, everyone.
- [man] Thank you, sir. Thank you.
- Thank you, sir.
Right [sighs]
I don't suppose you have suits to wear.
No, sir.
Does anyone have experience serving,
by any chance?
No, sir.
Fine, wait for me in the hall.
I'll be there soon, thanks.
How are we going to
do this with them, Matilda?
Rock and roll, Aziz.
[both laughing]
[Keriman] A few miserable wretches
shouldn't be able
to shut down the whole club.
[pan sizzling]
Actually, I hope
that Tasula doesn't come back,
and you come and work with me.
Wouldn't that be incredible?
We'd be outrageous together, like a dream.
Look, Raşel, that's enough!
It looks like a Salvation Army kitchen.
Look at the place!
You've really lost your head this time.
You don't even listen to me.
Can I tell you my secret?
I might have fallen in love with a man.
He's spoken for.
And he has a child.
[lighter clicks]
[strikes match]
[exhales] That's probably
a good thing though.
If he weren't spoken for,
I'd have competition. [exhales]
But when a man's spoken for,
he's the same
as a tiger imprisoned in a cage.
And once he sees the tigress outside,
the man realises he's in a cage.
Anyway, I should be going.
It's getting late.
It's a little tight.
Couldn't help but notice.
[knock on door]
Good evening. [chuckles]
Forgive me, but I couldn't find
any flowers as beautiful as you.
Can I help you?
Thyme. Yeah, mmm, and something else.
Marjoram. It's wild, I assume.
My mother taught me that.
It's fresh bay leaf.
Right! Fresh bay leaf, obviously.
[Matilda] Why are you here?
My mum used to keep these
in the pan with a cheesecloth. [chuckles]
And then,
she took them out before serving.
[chuckles] Like that.
- [squelching]
- I just wanna help out.
And don't you think it's me who should
be asking you that question, Matilda?
Why did you come to my house?
[scoffs] I didn't expect
to find you here all on your own.
You're always at Çelebi's side, like glue.
He's gone to the club.
Hmm. [exhales]
In that case,
I shouldn't be here any longer then.
[inhales] But just a word before I go,
of advice.
You'd be wise not to leave Çelebi's side
for your own sake, Matilda.
If you go visiting strange neighbourhoods,
turning up at doors
you're not familiar with,
then it could bring harm to you.
Because on your way back,
you might find you're lost.
You have a beautiful daughter
and an adorable granddaughter.
I'm sure they'd be worried
about you or you about them.
We are colleagues,
so I just wanted to give you some advice.
A bit more advice.
That goes great with fish.
The bay leaf.
Try it.
Though [sighs]
I expect you're
already perfectly aware of that.
[door opens, closes]
[adult Rânâ] Has life always been
about regrets, mistakes and fears?
Would an apology be enough
to heal all the scars?
My mother should have been ashamed
of saying that she was lost
of hiding her fears from everyone
and following the shiny pebbles,
so that she could find a way
to give her daughter
a life without scars and wounds.
Nobody should have to inherit scars.
[boy] Extra! Extra! Civil servants
All right, no one except the waiting staff
or the cooks are allowed into the kitchen.
All empty trays put down here,
and then pick up the loaded ones
and take them to the dining hall.
Follow me, please.
All right. [exhales]
Çelebi, these were all I was able
to get from Ruhat's.
[Çelebi] Ah.
Yes, they're nice.
Can you try these on, please?
- Here.
- Right then, follow me.
[Matilda] Your friend is picking up fast.
You have to check the buttons
on every shirt and jacket each day.
You'll need to fix
any loose threads as well.
- [Keriman] Matilda.
- [Matilda] Understood?
I thought you'd both gone.
Obviously, I'm happy that, uh
We decided to both stay on.
Our doors are open to everyone.
In the end, they will all come back.
And no hard feelings for those who don't.
Well, maybe you can send someone over then
to take my laundry to the dry cleaner's.
[sewing machine whirring]
[Matilda] Try not to make a mess here,
always keep the place tidy.
Put all the needles
and thread back in place.
- This is where you'll be working.
- [woman] Yes, ma'am.
[boy] Extra! Extra!
The latest news from parliament!
Read all about it!
We've got the best prices in Istanbul!
[Matilda] So I'll show you how we do this
from the start to finish.
Make sure the iron isn't too hot.
The fabric is very delicate.
You want to dampen the fabric slightly.
Not too much though.
We'll start with this one.
Now make sure you do that.
[continues indistinct]
Now smooth your hand just like that
- Raşel! Here.
- [Matilda] You see how I've done that?
So now we can begin to iron.
Darling, I'm so glad you're here.
I'm going crazy. Mwah!
It's like a madhouse here.
Nobody knows what they're doing.
Will you just look at them all?
Everybody walked out,
but she's still waiting
for her precious family to come back.
- Oh, no, no, no
- Just forget it, your time has passed.
She cannot just admit it's over
and stay at home.
- She has to be the heroine.
- [Matilda] Let's start again, shall we?
Remember to check how hot the iron is.
Did you get that? Good. Thank you.
For years, I've visited
that grave at every opportunity.
Whenever I thought
about that man lying in there,
I remembered how he ruined our family,
but not my father.
So I couldn't grieve his absence.
But it was like
the shame left me scarred forever.
I still had a father of my own though.
Come what may,
it meant I still had my own father.
Told him about all my problems.
İsmet, Rânâ and you.
Every time I was there,
I waited for a sign.
"Forgive your mother.
She killed me, but she loves you."
"Believe that. She was just
a young girl who was in love."
I wanted to hear those words so much.
But I never did.
How could he say that? [shudders]
Until yesterday,
I thought that the dead couldn't talk,
but when you came to apologise
and you explained why you had killed him,
I realised that the dead can talk,
just not through their own voices.
I've been given a mother.
And you've given me my father too.
Took me a while
to accept these flatbreads.
[chuckles] A bit of flour
and a bit of oil as well.
Where's Rânâ?
Tasula's minding her.
You look happy. I'm glad to see it.
You don't have to wear it.
I bought it
so that people would stop talking.
[Keriman] Raşel.
Are you leaving?
Keriman, ma'am.
Is this all of them?
- [Keriman] Uh-huh.
- All right, then.
Will you come back again?
You know when you said that
I was welcome at that table of theirs?
I'm going to set my own table, Raşel.
And I want you to be there.
[boy] Extra, extra!
The communist rabbit that was captured
at Sultanahmet Park last week
has been released back
into the wild in the Belgrad Forest.
Extra, extra!
[Turkish music playing]
[Selim in Turkish]
Old friends, new friends ♪
Go ahead and shoot me ♪
Getting shot won't kill me ♪
But not being with you will ♪
With all the scars on my hands ♪
I'm here to build it all back ♪
I have forgiven ♪
That scoundrel, that miserable actor ♪
I can't turn back time ♪
But I promise you ♪
This time ♪
- [in English] Good evening.
- Good evening.
[Cemil] İsmet!
Keriman sent this for you.
She says it's a gift.
Since when were you the postman?
[Cemil grunts softly]
[Tasula] What a good idea
to boil them in this.
It's a great surprise for your mum.
Now then, tell me
what colour would that blue egg be
if we added some yellow to it?
- Tasula.
- Hmm?
So tomorrow,
will you stop talking to my dad?
- Why not?
- Because he's a Muslim.
- I wish that you would talk to us as well.
- I mustn't.
Because the first Sunday of Easter,
we can't talk to any Jews.
That's stupid!
As it was a Jew who reported Christ,
then that means for a day,
we have to stop talking to Jews.
It's just tradition.
If one Jew reported Christ,
why stop talking to all of the Jews?
[door lock clicking]
Mummy's here.
They were so delicious,
I couldn't stop eating them.
[exhales] You had some, didn't you?
Don't tell me you didn't.
I did, Matilda.
Remember that you gave me one? Huh?
- Oh, yes, I remember.
- Here.
[Matilda exhales] Oh.
[Çelebi chuckles]
I think that people will come back.
I still have hope.
They'll be back, every one of them.
I wouldn't have believed you
if a few days ago,
you told me that Raşel
and I would have a heart-to-heart.
I would have said that you were crazy.
But now look at us. [exhales]
They'll all return, won't they?
[chuckles] Calm down, you.
I can't calm down. How can I be calm?
I'll show you.
[Matilda chuckles]
Will you marry me?
This will be our last ever Easter
in our homeland.
Hacı and I have our tickets.
We're moving
to Athens straight afterwards.
You're really doing it then.
You think there's no hope?
So maybe Selim died for nothing at all?
Don't you think
it would be for nothing if you left?
Selim's on my mind every day, you know.
What else can I say, huh?
If you heard what the people
at the club were all saying.
Everyone was furious,
and Çelebi didn't support us either.
So Fikret Kayalı can go
and find some good staff, if he can.
Anyway, it's not their fault.
Matilda is really like a mother to us all.
She must have felt embarrassed,
because she left without saying a word.
I should be going. [chuckles]
[knock on door]
Oh, would you mind signing here, please?
Thanks very much.
Oh, thank you very much, madam.
Uh, enjoy your food.
[knock on door]
Won't you open it?
Aysel told me
that you are her best friend.
[chuckles] She says
you're her husband as well.
So are you then?
It's already the middle of the night.
Why don't you stay a bit longer?
And next time you'll ask me
to watch the sun come up with you.
[door opens, closes]
[door opening]
I think I might have left the window open.
Could you close it
before you go to bed, please? I'm so cold.
- [children clamouring]
- [boy] Can't catch me. You're it. Got you!
Rânâ? Rânâ.
Where did you get this from?
Where is it from?
Rânâ, I won't be angry.
Just tell me where from.
[exhales] It was backstage.
Grandma told me to stay away from there.
It was there.
[pedestrians chattering]
You need to cut them, do something.
Let's have a look here.
Cut those. Change that. Let me see.
The cases are behind that door.
Go and fetch them please.
- Don't forget to clean here.
- [woman] Yes, Madame Matilda.
I understand what today means
for you as a Muslim.
And that's why I'm here
to ask something of you.
But first of all, tell me this.
You think my mum's just a Jew
you shouldn't be talking with?
To save electricity,
you unplugged the freezer.
That is unbelievable!
All of this will go to waste now!
You don't unplug the freezer!
And that is rule number one! Do you hear?
You don't leave the water running
like a fountain, rule number two!
[Hacı] Çelebi is like a father to us,
rule number three.
Fathers don't hold a grudge
against their sons, number four.
Am I right, Çelebi?
Thank goodness. Come here. [sighs]
Let me through, will you?
Before all of this fish thaws.
And later on,
I'll be grilling some for you too.
- [Çelebi] Welcome back.
- Thank you, sir.
- [Agop] Happy to be back.
- Agop, ah. Really?
You have saved the day. Ah!
- You're welcome.
- Hacı. Nice to meet you.
- What have you done? Oh, no!
- [laughing]
Çelebi, sir, tell me where you've
put the water buckets, will you?
I've been looking for them for an hour.
- Everyone but me had a surprise prepared.
- [laughing]
- [Çelebi] Come here, you!
- [laughing]
- Welcome back. Welcome back.
- Look at all of this meat.
[Matilda] Remember
to pay attention to details.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
Thank you. [exhales]
Is there still a place
for us all at your table?
- [whispers] They used to work for her.
- [Matilda sighs]
[woman chuckles]
I knew you'd all come back. [laughs]
- [chattering]
- [laughing]
It was Raşel who made us see sense.
If it wasn't for her,
we wouldn't have come back.
[Matilda] I knew you'd come back.
And welcome back to everyone.
[all] Thank you.
- Gramamika!
- [Matilda gasps]
- [woman laughs] Oh, Rânâ!
- Çikitikam!
You're here as well? [laughing]
- [Hacı] Matilda.
- Hacı. Welcome back to the family.
- You're sneaking away too?
- From what?
From the happy family reunion.
I'm not running away from anything.
Why are you not there?
I'd say all that family stuff
makes you feel suffocated.
You don't want to get attached.
You want to get away from it all.
Wondering why you're here.
Anytime you're feeling that way,
my room's over there.
And the sun doesn't interest me at all.
The night's enough.
Raşelika? [sighs]
[kisses] I'm glad you're here.
Thank goodness I'm free of that Tasula.
[Raşel] I'm not here to stay, Keriman.
You're not?
You wore this
on the evening that Selim died,
if I recall.
Look, I found the missing button
and sewed it on.
If that's all right with you?
- You dropped it backstage.
- [chuckles]
You're back to being yourself, Raşel.
You don't need to make these insinuations.
I murdered Selim.
But remember, we pulled
that gun on Selim, the both of us.
Which means that if I'm going down,
I'll take you as well.
- [Raşel exhales]
- I don't mind doing time.
But your mother, İsmet, Çelebi [shudders]
Even your very own daughter, all of them
will shun you for the rest of their lives.
You'll never be able to see them again.
You are just
as much a killer as I am, Raşel.
Now go on then. Tell them.
[theme music playing]
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