The Club (2021) s02e08 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 8

They've all gathered in front of us.
Freedom is what we want!
Freedom is what we want!
- Freedom is what we want!
- Disperse now!
- This is your last warning. Move away now!
- Freedom is what we want!
- You must all disperse now!
- Freedom is what we want!
- Freedom is what we want!
- We will use force.
Freedom is what we want!
- You weren't planning to tell me?
- Sorry.
How far exactly
are you caught up in this thing?
I heard you both.
I didn't know
just how far
she was really willing to take it.
Maybe you could say
that I'm her accomplice.
We both felt ostracised from their table.
And lonely. I thought
we were holding on to each other,
but Keriman had a different plan.
I didn't see it coming.
Mmm! This beyti is delicious.
- Delicious.
- You're welcome. Enjoy.
Right, my friends.
To celebrate,
I would like to toast this reunion
and wish good health to you all.
Good health!
- We really missed this.
- We really did.
- We're lucky you're here with us.
- We're the lucky ones.
- We're lucky you're all here with us.
- We're lucky too, ma'am.
And it's so good to be here.
Hacı, may I request a day off tomorrow?
- No problem. Take the day off.
- Thanks.
What's it for?
Sir, we have a student council meeting
in the morning.
- Have a good evening. Enjoy the meal.
- Thank you.
Who is
the most hard-working here?
- Cemil's a good worker.
- Is he now? Hmm.
She's fine,
but crying all the time
- Have you tried one of those? So good.
- My wife's the expert on that
Now, my boy, you've placed these
in our care, and of course, it's fine.
Yes, but we weren't aware at all.
You know that they just turn up
and raid venues, don't you?
The prices
are really high out there.
We still can't put the prices up
in the club.
about wearing costumes inside out,
so that I can save some.
Really, Hacı? Champagne and caviar
is being sold to rich clients.
They wouldn't care
if it was five lira or 15.
That's right, Keriman.
Instead of just entertaining rich people,
we should open our doors to everyone.
- I'm serious, you know.
- Can we do that?
We'll open the club to the public
and our stage to young talent.
Matinées, that's what we'll do.
Am I right, Matilda?
I don't know.
Of course. We will.
- Why not?
- Great.
The general public on Wednesdays,
but Sundays, women only.
I can make lemonade
and sandwiches for them all.
- That's great.
- Yes.
We can take out the tables
and line up the chairs.
You mean like a concert?
That'd be great!
There you are!
What a great idea, Çelebi.
Anyway, I should be going.
Enjoy your evening.
- To general admission!
- To general admission!
- It's a good move, sir. Cheers.
- Yes.
- You think we can do it?
- Yes, definitely!
That night, the evil queen
was set on tearing out the heart
of the hunter as well.
But the hunter wasn't afraid of the queen,
just like he wasn't afraid
to upset my mother
or break my heart.
He was afraid of establishing roots.
He was afraid of loving someone.
And most of all, he was afraid that
the old scars he'd been carrying
with pride would heal.
And yet, over time,
some scars can grow on you.
But the hunter was none the wiser.
There used to be this orange cat
that lived in my neighbourhood.
It would climb up three stories
of the building.
Sneak in through the window.
And steal
the fish while it was cooking.
And it just did that for fun.
You'd have thought it was starving,
but the whole neighbourhood fed it.
You reach for anything you want,
and you grab it without question.
You make a mess.
You destroy things.
Did you murder Selim?
Or is this just another one of your games?
Selim found me on the street.
For ages, I had to wash
all his putrid socks and clothes.
It made my hands sore.
I wanted to sing, and he told me I could.
I thought
that he would've helped me.
He didn't.
He stopped me singing.
Turned off my lights.
His every look said
I was still that rat that he saved.
I owed that man my life.
He pulled me out
of that shithole.
I promise I never meant to kill him!
But he was asking me to cut off my arm
to show my appreciation!
That's why I cut the rope.
You going to
hand me in to the police?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey! Stop!
Are you insane, woman?
- Why the hell did you do that?
- I got scared, İsmet.
I thought
you were taking me to the station.
I will turn myself in on my own terms,
but I can't go to prison now.
Those wounds will keep you shut in
for a little while.
Get back in my car,
I'll drop you off at the hotel.
Take me to Raşel.
I don't have anyone
but Raşel to keep me safe in this world.
All right, let's get going.
What's going on?
We had an accident.
It was my fault.
I'm sure you have a lot to talk over.
Raşel, İsmet knows.
Forgive me, I never meant to speak
to you like that. I didn't.
But when you started pushing me.
I know what I did was
completely unforgivable, but
- I don't wanna go to prison.
- Why did you come to me?
I wanted to have you near me
and to keep an eye on you.
You're unpredictable, Raşel.
Can you remember that time
when you and Matilda had an argument?
You slammed the door
and just walked out.
When you went down the stairs,
you slipped, and you fell down.
You came to me then.
All right. So you're settling the score.
You always have to
have something in return.
Like real sisters,
that's how we were.
We are always.
Aren't we?
Raşel, I'm so sorry.
You have to forgive me.
Get some rest now.
And in the morning, you leave.
I'll get you a few things.
Giving these powers
to the investigations committee
means censorship.
We'll only know
what government wants us to know.
- We have to protest.
- And we will.
We have to respond immediately.
It's unacceptable.
All right, I'm coming through.
It's hot. It's hot!
- Be careful. Don't touch it.
- Oh, thank you for this, Memnun.
- Enjoy breakfast.
- Thank you. Looks really delicious.
- Tastes good.
- I'll have some as well.
- Thank you.
- Enjoy it.
Hacı, how many chairs can we fit
in here if we line them up all up,
next to each other in rows?
- I'd say 150, 100.
- Uh-huh.
We need to print the tickets out.
You should talk to Fethi about that.
You can leave after you've had breakfast.
- All right, sir.
- This tea tastes great!
How are you?
We're going to be having matinées, Peachy.
We're opening the venue to the youngsters.
Good luck to you.
You'll also
be needing a headliner.
Keriman's had an accident.
She won't be at work. She's with us.
Doesn't smell great,
but it'll ease the pain.
- Rânâ, come here.
- I don't want to eat.
All right, you can eat
when you feel hungry.
It's because of me
that she won't come out of her room.
Is Keriman here with you?
There you are.
Pack your things. We're going.
I'm sorry about what happened.
İsmet wasn't injured. Glad about that.
We had just left the club.
İsmet was gonna drop me off at the hotel.
We didn't see it coming.
The man in front stopped so suddenly.
Hello, little one.
It's Rânâ?
Come here.
What have you drawn?
Something her father taught her.
She's given a mark to you.
- Oh, come on, haven't we made up yet?
- That's not the reason.
Then what's this about?
I saw you kissing my dad.
Here are
the national newspapers, sir.
"Due to the fact that
Orhan Şahin, the owner of Club Istanbul,
has been missing for five years."
- Thank you for that.
- It's not enough.
Out there, it's an almighty mess,
and you're in here choosing
to pursue your indulgences.
Look, we lost the loan shark Faruk.
We lost the journalist Berkant.
Who decided to get rid of them, huh?
Are we gonna be next?
Aren't you a tiny bit worried about this?
No, don't worry.
I always play things very safe, you know.
There's nobody that can touch us.
We shall see.
If the flood comes in my direction,
my feet won't even get wet, Kürşat.
Remember that.
Children are innocent.
The lies, worries and deceit,
they learn all that from us.
We're the ones who corrupt them.
So don't ask me how I could
believe something a child told me.
Children are the ones I believe the most.
It's a lie.
I'm telling you, nothing happen
- I stop. Keriman.
- I've had enough! Get off me.
- Stop, Keriman. Hey, stop.
- What the hell do you want from me?
- Leave me!
- Stop. Keriman, stop.
I'm sorry.
Sing your song for me.
Sing it.
How did it go?
Why did you say that?
Do you actually hate Keriman that much?
I'm not lying, Mum. I saw them.
You must've got it wrong.
Is that why you took the ring off?
Rânâ saw you kissing Keriman.
You said we were only capable
of being parents.
How right you are.
I'm sorry
I didn't have time to get you anything.
Why would you say that?
Are you a guest in my house?
Come on in then.
I should have come to visit you first,
to thank you.
You gave me back my family.
Now that family's even bigger than it was.
And you're in it as well.
Really, it was no problem.
They already wanted to return to the club.
And you can't make anyone stay
where they don't want to be.
We're doing matinées at Club Istanbul.
Mm-hmm. That's great.
On Wednesday and Sunday afternoon.
Bring Rânâ along. We'll have fun together.
Of course.
Would you like coffee?
I won't be calling Çelebi my dad.
I'm just telling you.
Amazing. So pleased for you.
And it was a long time coming.
When will it happen?
May the 30th.
We'll see.
I know you didn't ask for it,
but I brought you some lemonade.
And I made it pink just for you.
- Yes, we'll have tea, thank you.
- Hmm.
Come, get your fresh fish.
Don't ask me, Ali. I messed it up.
Get your fish here!
Come on, fish here.
Come and get your fish!
Fresh fish!
Straight outta the Bosporus!
You end up getting
into trouble when you keep quiet.
If we don't talk about all our troubles,
then our troubles start to get bigger
Is the reason that you kissed Keriman
because you don't love Mum?
- It isn't.
- Get your fish here!
- But why did you do it then?
- Get your fresh fish here!
I do love your mother. But then,
I don't want to end up
inside the same sack with her.
What sack do you mean?
Imagine we put two sweet
little kittens together into a sack,
then tie it up, and what happens next?
They get scared.
And as they struggle
to get out of the sack,
they even start hurting each other.
But not because they're not friends.
You see, it's their nature
that tells them that no matter what,
they just have to get out of it.
Well, I'll never marry anyone.
- You'll look great in this.
- Very nice.
Is everything all right with İsmet, Raşel?
I didn't want Rânâ
to grow up without a dad.
And now she has her father back.
There is always hope. You know that.
And we'll have hope as long as we live.
And that will keep you
going through everything.
Always remember that.
It's not as if we're not going to see each
other just 'cause you're getting married.
As your mother,
that's all I can ask you for.
Of course.
It's all right.
Extra! Extra!
All of today's news!
Extra! Extra!
Keep marching, boys!
Keep marching!
Well done.
You know what? We're really helpless.
Can you get me Selim's shirt
from the chest?
Little miss and
Cemil's still not here.
It's very unlike him.
I saw a crowd marching towards Beyazıt.
I hear the students are holding a protest.
And Keriman's not here.
I guess she's put out
that we'll have new singers on stage.
I bet you'd be happy
if I hadn't turned up, Tasula.
- It suits you.
- Oh, thank you very much, madame.
Is everyone ready?
All the staff are.
But I've been a complete bag of nerves.
Now, shall we listen to the news report?
So I hope that you enjoyed that.
Thank you for listening, all of you,
but now let's welcome
a brilliant young singer.
And he here is, Barış Manço!
Is this how it's gonna be from now on?
My story here has come to an end.
That was wonderful.
We should come every week.
- We should bring the children next time.
- Definitely.
You're all going to
get more chairs.
What do you think
happened to them?
- What happened?
- Hacı.
What happened? What's wrong?
The speech at the university,
it turned into a protest.
More of us joined in
when the police attacked.
A friend of ours was shot.
Come on, boys. We should take
a look at those wounds now.
- This way.
- Go on in there.
I'll take you both home.
We'll patch you up now. Don't worry.
- Should I get water?
- Yes, get water. Thanks.
Apart from those on official
duty and with special permissions,
a curfew has been declared between
the hours of nine p.m. and five a.m.
Any birth, death or life-threatening
emergency cases are exempt
from these measures.
Martial law command urges everyone
to comply with these restrictions
and to ensure they carry their
proof of identity with them all times.
You said somebody was shot.
It wasn't mentioned.
Well, sir, they'll never announce that.
to the BBC Turkish broadcast.
Today, in the gardens
of the University of Istanbul,
an incident broke out
between the students and the police.
As a result of this confrontation,
20-year-old faculty of forestry student
Turan Emeksiz was subsequently shot dead.
Make sure all the other tasks
I gave you are completed.
We will keep the document in a safe place,
but I suggest you move
to another residence.
There's no need.
Gentlemen, we need a new plan.
We can't just do nothing.
That will only make them more aggressive.
Forget about that.
That wound on your face is bleeding.
You should get it dressed.
Forget about the wound.
Look at it later.
What happened today can't
discourage us. We mustn't retreat, boys.
Exactly. We'll join forces
and do what we can.
They're in a complete mess,
but they still don't give up.
So just like us then.
Why would we give up?
We're not doing anything wrong.
We're just speaking up
for everyone's freedom.
- What about university?
- Our friend is dead.
We need to team up with everyone
at university and get organised.
You have a point.
Ladies, go to your homes.
Don't wander about on the street.
Get back inside.
- Move!
- Government announcement.
It has been declared that everyone
should comply with restrictions,
and any unlawful acts whatsoever
will be punished immediately
and severely with the full force
of the law.
All security forces
have been issued instructions accordingly
and will arrest
any offenders if necessary.
So tomorrow you're not working?
Are you poorly?
Shabbat shalom, Matilda.
What the hell are you doing here?
Vacate my property at once.
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