The Club (2021) s02e09 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 9

[men and women chattering]
- All right, can all of you squeeze in?
- [Hacı exhales]
- [clears throat]
- All right, get ready now.
Oh, wait a minute. İsmet, join us.
- [photographer] Look at the camera.
- [Matilda] Come on.
[adult Rânâ]
Separation catches you off guard.
Timely, untimely,
disrupting in various forms,
it finds its way to you.
Your loved one passes away.
Your neighbour moves out.
The buildings that hold
your memories get demolished.
Scars heal.
Languages you memorised
sad songs in are forgotten.
The blooming flower in the pot withers.
Your dog runs away.
[photographer] All right, ready?
Smile, please.
[camera shutter thumps, clicks]
[adult Rânâ] Who knows
how long I just sat there without moving?
I was waiting for that curtain, which
had swallowed my mother, to open again.
[curtain slides opens]
I was trying to find a new name
for the ones who had departed
and left us with voids
that couldn't be filled in our hearts.
All I could find was "Crybaby."
The world kept turning
without even noticing me.
And the taste of tears
stayed the same whatever age I was.
- [theme music playing]
- [curtain slides closed]
[women chattering]
[woman] Oh, she looks terrible.
Mum, your leg's bleeding.
- [woman] Oh, my
- Are you dying, Mummy?
[announcer] This is Radio Istanbul.
Martial Law Command has declared that
the 19th of May celebrations planned
for tomorrow have been cancelled.
- [radio clicks off]
- [Çelebi clears throat]
You don't need
to come into the club today.
They're just taking down the stage.
It's all heavy lifting today, all right?
Are you all right? I'm worried about you.
Not yet. But I'll be all right.
We'll be all right, Matilda.
We're parting ways with the club,
but [inhales]
I think that we should see it
as life giving us good things
to come in the future.
[exhales, kisses]
[Hacı] Sir.
Shall we go to the club together
after we've dropped this off?
No, it's fine.
It's close by anyway. I can walk.
- How are you doing?
- I'm fine, Çelebi.
All right.
[man shouting] Fresh fruit.
Come and get your fresh fruit!
Two for one today.
Go grab it [continues indistinct]
[Cemil] He looks about ten years older.
It's not easy.
It's the end of an era for us.
[children chattering, shouting]
[in Greek] How are you, Monsieur Çelebi?
You all right?
I'm all right, madam. I'm all right.
[in English] Don't be fooled
because the curtains aren't open.
They're in there.
[in Greek] She left early with the girl.
She looked sullen on their way back.
[in English] There's not
much reason to smile.
You've heard what's going on.
Yeah, I think
you're very right about that.
They say that the army are taking over,
but I can't believe that's true.
[man] Three cards, five lira.
Do you wanna buy three cards, sir?
I have cigarettes.
- Thanks, thanks.
- No problem, sir.
- Three cards, five lira.
- [knock on door]
Where shall we put this, ma'am?
Through there. In the living room.
[Cemil exhales]
Thank you.
[Turkish music playing]
[cane banging]
[cane banging]
[zipper ratchets]
Get dressed.
I've been here for days.
They must be worried about me.
Nobody's asked for you or even
wondered why you've not been around.
- Please don't keep fooling yourself.
- [zipper ratchets]
[Keriman panting]
I've told you everything
I know about Fikret already.
I want to leave.
Don't worry.
I won't be killing you.
But leaving here
is not the best option for you.
But if you wish,
rather than being
a prisoner in this house,
perhaps you could live here as my guest.
If you stay with me
you could have power and status.
However, if you don't stay,
you'll be charged
with the murder of Selim Songür.
It's up to you.
I'll do whatever you ask of me.
Tevfik, here!
Tomorrow, Miss Keriman
will have a shopping day.
I would like you to escort her there.
From now on,
she's my special guest of honour.
You're not going to need this any longer.
[door closes]
[Matilda] It was Selim's favourite.
He'd want you to have it.
Çelebi's found somewhere
we can fit ten tables in.
Are you leaving us?
- No, it's here in Kalyoncukulluk.
- Hmm.
And we'll do what we can
to take as many of us under our wing
that will fit in there.
[sighs] We'll carry on the business.
The rest
[in Ladino] We'll see in afterlife.
[both chuckle]
[in English] If you could always
have that table ready.
You'll always find new orphans
to gather around you.
[in Ladino] But who'll always get
into trouble?
[in English] Obviously, Raşelika.
[Matilda inhales]
Oh, daughter of mine.
When I look at you,
I don't see my mistakes from yesterday.
I see my girl.
[inhales] And whatever you do,
whatever you have to withstand,
you will always be my daughter.
I love you so much, Aysel.
And no more crying.
- You'll come for dinner tonight, I hope?
- Yes, I will, Mother.
I'll see you there.
When the Conqueror Mehmed
took Istanbul and conquered it,
the victory he won was admired
and talked about for generations.
Not only did he conquer a city,
he also opened the gates to civilisation.
And yet, coming through those gates,
you had treachery,
disobedience and insurrection.
The Bosporus, the waters
that divide this ancient city in two,
have served as the last resting place
for how many traitors
and marauders, do you think?
Shameful child.
I gave you the breath that you take.
The blood flowing
through your veins is mine.
This table, this order is mine.
You are mine as well.
[inhales] I decide
how powerful, in love
or even how free you'll be.
And you may only be
as treacherous as I allow.
I'm no traitor, believe me. [gasps]
Is that so?
What are you then?
Some kind of hero?
So Club Istanbul was
where you were intending to hole up
and then proclaim your independence, hmm?
That was your greatest dream.
You're brave enough to try
and rebel against your father,
but you're not brave enough to kill him?
And yourself?
[Fikret gasps]
You should know that
[inhales]I will crush that club of yours
the same way I did with your dreams.
And in its place, I will put up
the most majestic building in Pera.
And every time you see it,
you will be reminded of what
a miserable coward you are.
And you'll keep on living
like a scurrying little insect.
[Turkish music playing]
[grunts softly]
[lighter clicking]
[İsmet] Put it in the back of the lorry.
[door closes]
Is it done now?
All done. They're loading
the last bits into the lorry.
[door closes]
Here you are.
I wrote a letter
of recommendation for you to Bahri.
[chuckles] I put, "You can sip your coffee
without having to worry in the back
of the car when İsmet's driving,
because he will
never let it spill anywhere."
- [both laugh]
- I appreciate that, sir.
[loud banging]
[door closes]
And what about the girl?
- Rânâ, you mean?
- [chuckles]
- The car, I mean.
- Ah.
I'll work something out. I don't know.
My dad said
that we're not allowed to touch it.
[Raşel] "I named her Rânâ."
"When I whispered her name
into her ear, she smiled."
"She takes after you in her smile."
"I can't breastfeed her."
"The doctor says it's the pangs of love."
"I've forgotten how you smell, İsmet."
"I don't want
to forget your voice or your hands."
- [children chattering]
- [boy] Here you are. I'm free!
Throw it to me! [grunts]
The park's for playing in, isn't it?
Your shoes will get ruined playing here.
They've started building there now, İsmet.
I'm sorry. We'll play somewhere else.
So the girl won't get harmed.
Enough of that, you little scamp.
Off you go.
[woman] Bravo, my boy.
Bang, bang, bang, bang!
It makes my head hurt.
I've been shouting at them for ages,
but they just don't listen.
- Their heads are as thick as marble.
- [speaks Greek]
Be more civilised,
then they'll listen to you.
You're not around lately, my Peachy boy.
I'm a retired veteran these days, Todori.
So Maria's papoutsaki
will be left uneaten?
You're trying to break my heart. I'll come
to the tavern with Rânâ one night.
- We'll have a drink.
- All right.
Look, the notebook
you wanted me to get you.
Fethi made it especially for you.
I hear you're not speaking to me.
Is that right, İrma?
You're my friend, aren't you though?
She's talking to you.
- Answer her, İrma.
- [sighs]
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
As you weren't looking at me,
I presumed you were talking to İrma.
Of course I'm your friend.
Maybe your best friend.
And do friends keep secrets
from each other?
Once in a while they can.
[inhales] I mean,
I don't tell Burhan everything.
He can't keep a secret.
And are friends allowed
to ask anything they want to?
You know how when that silly little
baby came into the world to replace Selim?
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
My sibling died this morning, you know.
Someone took it away in a bucket.
And Mum was very sad.
When she walked down the street,
her leg started bleeding.
So who do you think came
into this world to replace my sibling?
[clears throat]
No one came in, I don't think.
If they're not born,
then they're looked upon as dead.
I wish only the evil ones died,
and the good ones would take their place.
Then I'd never be sad.
Oh, wait a minute.
I got you a present.
I'd almost forgotten about it.
- Oh, but it's empty though.
- No, wait a minute.
So what I've given you
is the key to your own heart.
You can lock it up
and throw the key into the sea.
So no one can ever get in and hurt you.
Or you can open up your heart
and throw the key into the sea.
And as you're not afraid
of getting hurt, you can live freely.
If we only had good people in the world,
life would be very boring.
Trust me.
You didn't read any of these.
You had an abortion.
Giving or taking life,
you don't ask me what I want.
You just can't change, can you?
I've changed.
Quite a lot, I'll have you know.
I stopped all the fighting, for instance.
Fighting to make you be a dad,
to make you see,
to make you love me
and for us to become a family.
Think it through and make up your mind.
You can go, or you can stay.
Whatever you decide, I'll respect you.
So we're finally living
in the same world now.
I killed Raşel, and I did it for you.
But I'm not going to sacrifice Aysel.
I suggest to keep Aysel alive,
you must face your issues.
Because all this guilt you have
will end up killing her as well.
Would you like to hear a story?
I wanted to tell you the story
of the foolish bunny rabbit
who hit her baby and felt so sad after.
To punish her, the king of the jungle
made potato stew out of her.
Not stew, Mummy.
Her baby will miss her too much.
She will be so sad
that she will cry forever.
Rânâ, you know I'm sorry.
What did you do then? [chuckles]
[Turkish music playing]
Next to the police station,
right down the same street, in fact.
The place is small,
but for now it should do.
I'm sure it will.
I won't be working
until dawn any more now.
As soon as my work is done
[hiccups]I'll come
running home to see you.
Do you think in the next 50 years,
I could be in with a chance
of putting a smile on your face, maybe?
It feels like
it's burning right inside here.
This year has just been doomed.
[Çelebi] Hmm.
I still have hope for it.
I think great things are going to happen.
[music continues playing]
[door opens, closes]
[man faintly] Lahmacun here!
Lahmacun here! Lahmacun!
I've got lahmacun!
Get your lahmacun!
Lahmacun here. Fresh lahmacun.
[knock on door]
Come and get your lahmacun!
- [exhales] Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Is İsmet at home, please?
- No.
Hmm. Because he said
that he wanted me to come around.
Well, sorry for disturbing you.
Cemil, I wanted to ask you something.
Of course.
I would be happy to help, if I can.
You're familiar with it.
Um, what would happen
if I wanted to report someone?
Well, ma'am,
when I took all the stickers
from the club, I destroyed them.
Çelebi is aware of everything.
But I don't understand
why he's told you about it.
Stickers? What are
you talking about, Cemil?
I what is it that you want
to report, exactly?
Would knowing that help?
It helps. These are important matters.
The law isn't a joke.
Is there a crime scene?
Are you an eyewitness?
Do you have any proof of a crime?
Well, she told me herself.
That doesn't count as proof.
And justice doesn't rely
on what someone said to you.
That's not how it works.
You could report her,
but when she calls the police,
she could deny it.
Say it's false and walk free.
And do you know the penalty
for malicious prosecution?
Up to four years in prison.
- All right.
- Have a good day.
[radio announcer]
After his visit to London,
our esteemed Prime Minister,
Adnan Menderes,
landed in our homeland
[Keriman sighs]
Could you turn the radio off?
My head's throbbing.
[announcer] airport and then
he was taken to his suite
[radio clicks off]
Please don't wait for me after
you've dropped me off at the Hilton.
I need to have a dress fitted
in Nişantaşı.
Can you pick me up at four, please?
You know what the address is already.
I'll wait. That's Mr Kürşat's orders.
How's it all going, Memnun?
Have you done the şekerpare?
You think I'd forget?
I sent my assistant
to Yeniköy this morning.
He bought those hermit crabs you like.
Thank you.
[Memnun sighs]
No, thanks.
It makes me nauseous right now.
- Everything stinks.
- [lighter clicks]
[sighs] When my neighbour
upstairs cooks chicken,
I keep retching at home, but
[in Greek]I'm always hungry.
[in English] Are you pregnant?
About three months.
I haven't told anyone.
Hacı doesn't know yet, in case I lose it.
- He would be devastated.
- It will be fine.
Don't worry at all. [inhales]
I'm just so happy for you.
[Tasula chuckles]
I wish my mother was alive
to see all of this happening.
[sighs] But she always said
that when she was young,
she and her
mother would fight all the time.
And the fights were so heated,
they even slapped each other.
She told me that
whenever she thought about her mother,
only the good times
would come back to her.
Maybe one day when we look back on
this, we'll only remember the good times?
The gift and the curse of life,
they're the same thing, Tasula.
To forget.
She still hasn't picked up her things?
[exhales] There hasn't been
any news from her
since her luggage arrived from the hotel.
I wonder what happened to her.
The oil, water, maintenance,
that's your responsibility now.
You can decide on your wage,
depending on what you make in a day.
But how will you know
how much I make, sir?
Won't be able to,
but I'll tell you something now.
You can only fool me the once
in this life,
so just be aware.
Burhan, well, he [exhales]
used to drive around the neighbourhood
in a white Cadillac,
like a bride every evening.
The latest model.
Everyone would look out of their windows.
- And so did I.
- [chuckles]
Burhan used to be
the American consul's driver.
All because of some fool,
I dropped out of school when I was young.
And I was working on a building site.
My hands were covered in scars
and blisters. My clothes were filthy.
I bowed my head when I walked
through the streets, so they wouldn't see.
But you know, every night I was
driving that Cadillac in my dreams.
Every night.
I woke up one morning and left the house,
and saw Orhan across the street
waiting for me to come out of my home.
He had the keys,
and he held them out to me.
- What, the Cadillac ones?
- No, they weren't for the Cadillac.
[inhales] He kept that beast forever.
It was almost ready for the scrapyard.
Anyway, he gave me the keys.
He said, "İsmet, I'm gonna
give you some free advice."
"Be sure to live your life
doing what you love."
"But if one day,
you don't like what you do,
you have to try
and find a way to like it."
And from that day on,
I've always tried to do what I like.
But now it's finally time for me
to like what I do, Cemil.
- Parking here isn't allowed.
- No problem.
There you are then.
- See you around.
- Thanks.
[engine turns over]
[keys jangling]
[lock clicks]
No, I've changed my mind.
I'm not letting you in.
They'll sack me if they find out.
I said I'll get something
and leave immediately.
No one has to know about this.
[bellboy sighs]
[Keriman chuckles]
Consider this kiss as an advance payment
for the bravery that you've shown.
You can have the rest this evening.
[keys jangling]
[lock clicks]
And so where are my things?
Well, when your lease expired,
they sent everything to the club,
as I understand.
- Hmm. I see then.
- [exhales]
I was never here. You never saw me
at all. Are we clear about that?
[bellboy] Mm-hmm.
- [chuckles] You're very sweet.
- Mm.
Will you take me
to the staff entrance now?
No problem. Come on.
Look, Mum,
they're covering Keriman's poster.
Will Memnun still visit us
after the club is closed, Mummy?
Are you saying my cooking's that bad?
Not that bad.
- Just this much.
- [both laughing]
- Mustafa's not here?
- No, we took over the business.
Now how can I help you?
Five thousand
and that's a special deal just for you.
Think I can be swindled?
You can easily sell that for 30,000.
And with a little more,
I could buy myself a flat in Erenköy.
Twenty for me?
I wish you luck selling it. That's it.
No problem.
I'll go to the police station there.
And I've a good mind to report you
for fencing stolen jewellery.
[sighs] I'll give you ten,
and you can call the army if you want.
- [children chattering, shouting]
- [boy] Thirteen, 14, 15, 16!
Seventeen, 18, 19, 20!
Ready or not, here I come!
Where have you been for so long?
I was busy. I couldn't come.
How can that be possible?
The club closed down.
I said I was busy.
Will you just leave it? Here.
When will you collect?
Meet me in front
of the club in an hour, all right?
All right.
I wanted the engravings to be classy.
Just like Matilda.
This is wonderful.
I appreciate it so much.
And I hope you'll be next, Raşel, dear.
Do you like that one?
[chuckles] How much are they?
Cemil's a really decent kid, you know.
I'm sure he won't let you down.
If somebody had predicted that
at the end of the story,
good old Peachy would become
an executive chauffeur,
working in shifts, I would
have said they were completely mad.
If I'm gonna be with Rânâ,
well, I have to accept
that I need to lay down some roots
and give up on some things.
[Çelebi] Oh, great, thank you very much.
Sorry to be a bother.
No, you weren't. It was on my way.
[both chuckle]
Well, I think it's your birthday soon.
We should all get together
for dinner then.
Maybe İsmet will be there.
Then I planned on taking Matilda away
for a little while.
[both chuckling]
That'd be lovely. I'd like to go
to that fish restaurant we went to.
Of course. We can go there, yeah.
I want to show my necklace to Grandma.
Where is she?
Your grandma's backstage.
- Gramamika, look.
- Çikitikam.
That's pretty.
[Rânâ] Mum and I bought it
from the jeweller's.
She has exactly the same one.
[Matilda] It's beautiful,
and it looks lovely on you.
- Why have you been away for so long?
- [exhales]
I was making love to Prince Charming.
I must have lost track of time.
- What, were you worried about me?
- I was. We have to talk.
[exhales] Get out of my way.
- I'm getting out of your life for good.
- I said we have to talk, Keriman.
[scoffs] And who
are you angry with, Raşel?
Selim's killer, or perhaps it's
the woman who stole İsmet from you?
[sighs] There, I have my answer.
I'm angry with my friend.
With my confidante, my sister as well.
Is this the end that you're looking for?
You're going to live on the run?
Tell yourself that then if you want.
But who would be there for a murderer?
Maybe for a few months,
you'll come and visit me in prison,
then you'll move on.
But I'll be there for you,
and we can get the best lawyers.
- Can't you just admit to your crime
- I can't admit to my crime.
I'm telling you. [gasps]
Keriman. Raşel.
What's going on?
Your timing is impeccable, Matilda.
Raşel has some important matters
to discuss with you.
You two can have a nice chat together.
Bye. I'll leave you to it.
Nobody's going anywhere.
No one's leaving this room until you
tell me what's been going on here.
It's all my fault.
Selim was right.
Keriman planted the drugs in his room.
- I saw her. I didn't say anything.
- [gasps]
I didn't stop her. [shuddering]
Do you have any idea what you're saying?
- Tell the rest!
- [gasps]
Why don't you finish
what you started? [gasping]
Yes, I killed Selim, Matilda.
[gasps] I got tired
of him looking down on me,
pushing me around,
and he was trying to stop me.
[gasps] Don't you remember?
You said to me that Selim would need
to be carried out of here in a body bag
for me to be the headliner.
So I did it. [chuckles]
And what'd she do?
She kept quiet.
And why is she talking now? Is it regret?
She's remorseful.
İsmet's made her jealous, so she's happy
to throw me and herself to the wolves.
Tasula! Tasula!
- [Tasula] Yes.
- [Matilda] Call the police now!
You're not going anywhere.
[lock clicks]
You will both pay
for everything that you've done.
[gasps] Get out of my way, Matilda.
I can't go to prison. I mean it!
Keriman, calm down.
- Keriman, put down the gun.
- [gasps] Did you hear her?
She said that
we'll both pay for what we did.
- She'll take you down, no remorse.
- [banging]
- [Çelebi] Matilda!
- Çelebi, wait, she has a gun.
- Stay away or I'll kill the both of them!
- [Çelebi] Open the door!
- Keriman, put down the gun.
- [banging continues]
[Çelebi] Open the door! Open this door!
- Matilda!
- [chuckles]
[banging continues]
- [Çelebi] I'll break it down!
- [gasping] You're nervous.
- [Çelebi] Open it!
- Look at your mother.
- Look how she's standing tall before me.
- [Çelebi] Open this door!
- Poor little thing.
- [Çelebi] Open the door!
Doomed to live under the shadow
of Matilda forever.
- [banging on door]
- [Çelebi] Matilda!
- Open the door! Open the door!
- But don't you worry.
I'm giving you a gift
that you'll remember for all time.
- [Çelebi] Open the door! Open it!
- [gun cocks]
[gasps] And that gift
is yourself, Raşelika.
[Çelebi] Matilda!
- I hope you cherish it. [sniffles]
- [Çelebi] Matilda!
[Raşel shouts]
- [Çelebi] Matilda! Matilda!
- [banging continues]
Open the door!
[whimpers, gasps]
- I'll come back, son. I promise.
- [sobbing]
[sobbing] No!
Mama! [sobbing]
Stay with me, Matilda! Stay with me!
Stay with me, Matilda!
[shouts] Stay with me!
Stay with me, Matilda!
Stay with me, Matilda!
Open the door! Open it! Open it!
[theme music playing]
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