The Club (2021) s02e10 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 10

My father
taught me how to write.
And now you won't forget me.
I won't forget. Come and visit me always.
I won't come.
I'll look after my mother.
Don't worry.
I won't. Don't worry.
Move! Get out of the way!
Come on, faster, faster.
Move, come on!
Mummy, I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry. I
Ah, it's all right.
Move out of the way!
- Come on, move!
- Yes, darling.
Here. Talk to me.
My ring
What, darling?
The ring.
I have them right here.
I've got the rings.
Here, look, I have them.
They're here.
Wear it.
I will. Let's wear them.
Let's put them on now.
We should put them on.
We should put them on.
Should we put them on now?
Here you are, darling.
Look. Look. I've put it on.
Look, I'm wearing it. I'm wearing it.
I love you.
You save your strength!
You save your strength.
Save your strength.
Look, we're nearly at the hospital,
darling. Don't give up now.
Don't give up.
We're almost at the hospital.
- We're here! We're here now!
- Hold on, Matilda!
Come on, darling.
We're here, darling. Hold on.
- We're here. Stretcher! Nurse!
- Be quiet. Be quiet.
- Be quiet. Be quiet.
- Stretcher!
She's been shot!
Nurse, she's over here!
Hurry up, hurry up, please!
Don't cry.
May the Merciful One,
in His infinite compassion,
guide the soul
of the most modest, honourable
and distinguished woman of valour,
Matilda, daughter of Raşel,
into the Garden of Eden.
She already performed
the keriah. It's not time yet.
Ah, leave the girl alone.
You're being too much.
She can do whatever she wants.
Shut up at the funeral at least,
for God's sake.
Here you are.
No, thanks.
My dad said, "You're not a cow,
and humans shouldn't drink milk."
Such a wise dad you have.
All people drink milk,
but do they look like cows?
That's just beautiful.
- It's Granny.
- I know.
'Cause she has that tiara
with her favourite flowers.
White roses.
They said that Selim
will greet my grandma,
so she'll have company up there.
Dad told me not to worry.
And we'll all join her up there
when it's our time.
Why didn't they let me go?
It's the martial law, koukla mou.
They've banned big gatherings.
We can go
to visit her together later though.
Crying is banned as well.
That's what Madame Keti said.
If I cry, it would make Grandma sad.
There are so many rules for children.
I have to grow up fast.
Those rules aren't only for children.
There's no rush to grow up, Rânâ.
For us, it's the same.
We might be able to change that.
My dad will know how.
I'm deeply sorry
for your loss. My condolences.
My condolences.
My condolences.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
My condolences.
My condolences.
- My condolences.
- I'm so sorry. Condolences.
Now I know why your mother
was so sad when you converted to Islam.
It's painful to have to lie
in separate graves forever.
Sir, we should leave now.
My father used to say,
"There are the stories
that we tell ourselves,
and there is the truth."
"No one in this country is interested
in hearing or knowing the truth."
He was right.
Everyone has their own stories
they want to believe in life.
Even if they're about death.
They say some dead become stars,
and others, sparkles in the sea.
Or a blue-beaked bird,
perching on the windowsill on a snowy day.
Or a puppy running
around you on the street.
Sometimes from up in the sky,
sometimes closer to Earth,
they watch over their loved ones.
And sometimes,
the dead become a joyful song.
Or a funny moment.
Because even in the hardest of times,
Allah bestows upon you a way to breathe,
so that the pain fades,
and you can keep on living.
Even in the darkest hour,
a ray of hope always shines,
if you know how to see it.
Someone's mother,
a confidante for another
or someone's godmother
they haven't met yet
or someone's companion
and lover held so dear.
But above all,
it was my grandmother who died.
We didn't have
her protective wings any more
that we hid under like fledglings.
Welcome, sir.
Your father thinks
that you're in Afyon at the moment.
He asked us to send you
to the sugar refinery.
"He's not to set foot
in Istanbul as long as I live," he said.
"Can you be sure he won't escape?"
You can be sure.
Are we doing this?
If the operation is a success,
it will happen tonight.
MAY 26, 1960
That means tonight, Kürşat Kayalı's reign
is finally going to be over.
Your father used to follow orders.
But with this unfounded passion he has
for the Taksim project,
he ended up betraying all of us.
Your father had no right to order
the executions of Berkant and Faruk.
We should have got rid of him
the day you told us about it.
Better that we waited.
Or else he would have just
framed me for their murders,
weaselled his way out easily.
What about that favour I asked of you?
- The woman.
- Keriman.
The intentional shooting
of a non-Muslim person
is not something that
can be covered up very easily.
You know, we'd like to keep
our good relations with the Jews.
I can plead for the death penalty
not to be applied.
That is all I can do for you.
Kürşat's downfall should serve
as an example for you too, Fikret.
I won't betray your trust.
I can assure you of that.
She said
it was her mother's birthday tomorrow.
I said she wouldn't want to celebrate,
but you know how kids are.
So I baked one not to disappoint her.
I should leave now.
I told her to leave the door open,
but she didn't listen to me.
She said her dad locks his door too.
And closed it.
Thank you, Tasula.
We've been
a burden for days now.
I don't know what to say.
I am grateful.
Not at all. You're not a burden.
She looks better today.
She's been sitting there for a week.
No bath, no food, no water.
She hasn't said a word.
That's grief for you.
As not everyone could go
to the funeral because of martial law,
we decided to get together
at the club tonight
to say our last goodbyes.
You'll be there, won't you?
- I've got no one to say goodbye to.
- Raşel.
Shh! It's all right. It's all right.
Let's just leave her be.
She'll say goodbye
when she's feeling better.
She has nobody left but you now, İsmet.
I'm begging you not
to give up on Raşel yet.
Last night I had a dream about you.
You were standing all alone
right at the end of the world.
I ran towards you.
This time you didn't run away.
We watched the crimson horizon,
hand in hand.
You told me to grow up.
But I didn't want to.
I don't want to forget you ever.
Do you remember when you told me
that I hadn't read them?
I read one.
The first one you wrote.
I'm sorry.
I'm the one who's to blame.
I wanted you to forget me.
So you wouldn't become like me.
So you could have a family
and not go chasing after someone
who would only end up destroying you.
And changing you because
of their own wounds and resentment.
Being the hero of your story
was beyond me.
Relentlessly ripping out the heart
of an innocent gazelle
in order to save the princess' life.
I really am that bloody hunter.
Where are you?
I'll be there soon.
You think
my grandma might come back?
Has she gone far, far away?
İrma, what are we going to do?
I was talking to İrma.
That's fine, if you don't expect İrma
to talk back to you.
Keep an eye on your mother.
I have to pop out on an errand,
but I'll be back soon, all right?
All right, then.
He's been like this for days.
He leaves his flat
and goes straight down there.
I asked Cemil to watch him.
He's a grown man.
He can go wherever he likes.
His business.
It's not that.
He's been picking up stones, pebbles.
Rânâ said something.
That she didn't want her grandma
to be alone,
so they should pick up pebbles.
I think he's about to lose his mind,
and I don't know what we should do.
I told him that it was Allah's will,
and he shooed me away.
Well, of course. I'd react just like him.
You can't pat him on the back like a baby.
He doesn't need to be consoled,
He needs to open up to someone.
I said, "Save your strength."
She said she loved me.
But instead of saying,
"With all my heart, Matilda, I love you."
I said, "Save your strength."
What a bloody idiot.
Its like one of my limbs
has been cut off, it hurts so much.
For 17 years.
I had always loved her.
Even when I couldn't touch
or see her, I loved her.
It's just that knowing
your love is alive
out there somewhere. It's
It's really special.
Now every breath I take is unbearable.
I don't know what to do
or how to carry on now.
We still need someone
who will watch out for us
and take every single one
of us under their wing.
We've been orphaned once.
Do you want to put us through that again?
She always liked you.
Well, I mean, I thought you should know.
She knew that
you were nothing like Mümtaz.
She loved the fact
that you took care of Raşel.
I've got no one left to call me Aziz.
It's just Çelebi then.
All on my own now.
Mmm, it's so good.
You must eat, or the food will get sad.
We have apple pie.
For your birthday.
I wish that I'd never had you.
You're the reason that I'm on my own.
My dad used to say,
"If anyone dares
to touch a hair on your head,
I will kill them right there
without mercy."
And he would.
I knew that.
He was always a man of his word.
So I had to make a choice.
What's wrong? Why are you crying?
If I lied,
I would lose my father.
But if I told him the truth,
my father would have killed my mother.
Then I would lose them both.
It's Mum.
She said that I shouldn't take İrma
outside in the street with me, ever.
But I ignored her.
A boy came along.
He told me my doll was pretty.
Then he asked me if he could see it.
And then he took it
and ran off over there.
Shh! Don't cry now. It'll be all right.
It's fine. It's fine.
Come on now, look at me.
Let's go and get you a new İrma, shall we?
Really, a new one.
Your mum won't know. It'll be the same.
I won't say anything.
- All right?
- Does that mean we're going to lie?
No, we're not gonna be lying.
But you can't just tell the truth
to somebody like that.
You should always wait for the right time.
Then it makes sense.
Although I think
you already know that, don't you?
It's all right. Come on.
Let's go. Come on. Come on now.
Come on.
I'm so glad you could come.
How are you?
How are you?
Wait here a minute.
- How are you?
- Excuse me, can I help you?
- We need to go inside.
- It's not allowed.
It's private property.
And besides, haven't you
seen the court order there?
It's forbidden. This is private property.
You can't go in. Now move.
- What is he talking about?
- This is our club.
This is ridiculous!
- Move on, people, hurry up!
- Yes!
Come on, Hacı!
What are you doing?
Get my car ready.
- Welcome, sir.
- Thank you, Hacı.
- Did you see the bulldozers, sir?
- Our table will be set today.
Even if they tear the place down.
- My condolences.
- Thank you.
We've set the table for you.
Raşel won't be coming.
Earlier on, I asked her when I was there,
but she said she had no one
to say goodbye to.
I'm so worried about her.
How will she survive this?
Allah will grant her patience, Tasula.
Allah will grant her patience.
Where do
you think you're going, Raşelika?
If you leave now,
your daughter will suffer
till the end of time.
But she'll
never forgive me for this.
But you managed to forgive me,
so I'm sure she'll be able to forgive you.
- Move back a little.
- Pull over there!
Yes. Stop! Stop there.
Your ID, please?
I haven't got it.
Here's the registration.
We left home in a hurry.
It's close by, anyway.
Is this girl your child?
My daughter.
No one's allowed
to be out without ID.
I'll let it pass just this once.
Make sure you're home before 11 p.m.,
because the curfew's still in place.
- Thank you.
- Move along.
Stop there. Stop, stop, stop!
That's it.
My dear daughter,
may Allah break my hands for hitting you.
Even if you forgive me,
I will never forgive myself.
Your loving mother. Aysel.
Who has ever escaped their
nightmares by running away from them?
My dad had given up running away.
But he fell right into the middle
of the nightmares
that would haunt him forever.
My dad doesn't like
to talk about that day.
With that bitter smile
on his face, he used to say,
"We could at least mourn her
for a lifetime if she had died that day."
"Now we're crying
over the miserable state we are in."
Extra, extra!
All the news from today!
- How are ya?
- All right.
Extra, extra!
The show's over.
Now get off my premises.
You're trespassing on my property.
I am. And I'm staying, so call the police.
And if you won't,
then be gone, will you? Kürşat, sir.
I won't be gone.
That's because I own you, Çelebi.
I own this building.
I own the street.
I own all of you.
Get out of here now,
or I'll crush all of you and no mercy.
Bravo, Kürşat Kayalı.
Stay out of my way or I will cut you down,
even though you're my son.
I'm not here to stand in your way.
I'm here to get you out of mine.
You thought you saw through
my plans and moves.
You were wrong.
Your arrogance
stopped you from seeing
I was digging your grave.
Take this stupid boy away.
I will deal with him later.
I'm talking to you! Take him away now!
What are you waiting for? Take him away!
What are you waiting for?
Take him away.
What was all that about?
I told you
the military would take over.
Where are we going?
To the end of the world.
And why are we going there?
Because I don't want
to have to tell a lie ever again.
And and what will I tell my grandma?
I made a promise to her that I
would always take care of my mother.
I'll take care of both of you.
I promise.
Raşel always supported me.
- She was my bridesmaid too.
- Hmm.
And Matilda
was the godmother to my child.
She said, "Niko, if it's a boy."
"Or Meryem, if it's a girl."
- My mother's name.
- Hmm.
I, uh, don't know how
to give speeches like you.
Whenever I try to do it
and the words have stuck in my throat,
I say, "Memnun, go ahead and just
say what you want in your own way."
And so, I want you all
to sign this bottle.
And next year when everyone
who signed this bottle comes together,
we'll open it and drink it.
And then?
And then?
We'll sign a new bottle.
Is that so hard to comprehend?
Maybe it won't be underneath this roof,
but wherever this table is,
we'll all be there as well.
I I don't know how to write,
and I don't have a stamp.
Just leave your fingerprint, Nedim.
Ah, yes.
- Sir, aren't you gonna say a few words?
- Yeah!
Well, you all
spoke beautifully, so, um
maybe later.
Of course, sir.
My condolences to you all.
You don't need to worry.
The club will not be shutting down.
Do you remember something
that I once said to you, Çelebi?
That order is forever.
The club will still live on.
As the favourite spot in Pera,
it'll keep shining, thriving.
But I also have a place at this table
from now on.
I really have earned it.
You're right.
The order's forever.
And do you remember
what I told you that same day?
You and I don't belong at the same table.
This country only rewards
the powerful and the rich.
You're not with me,
then you're against me, Çelebi.
I even crushed my father.
We're not leaving, everyone.
They will grow in numbers if we leave.
Yes, you can have the most
beautiful houses, women,
cars, even your reputation, if you buy it.
Money might be able to erase your past.
You can buy yourself a very nice future.
You can even be the owner of this club.
However, as long
as we're all still breathing,
you will never be welcome
at this table, Fikret Kayalı.
Keep your mourning short.
We have a lot of work to do.
Club Istanbul will be opening
to the public for the new season.
If your mother were here,
she would be very proud.
I know you will go.
But I don't want you
to leave this table or us, Aziz.
Don't go.
I can't keep this family together
without you on my own.
I can't protect them.
You'll be all right.
My baby.
I'll take that, sir.
Go on, you have to sign it.
Happy birthday, Raşel.
Happy birthday.
That night, my mother decided
to establish her own little republic,
to have and protect anything she held dear
and to be the matriarch
for the family she had chosen.
She had no idea what she was giving up.
The print could have
been a fancier pattern, maybe.
- Yes.
- But this is entirely painted.
What is it?
What is it, Cemil?
Is something the matter?
There's a coup happening.
There are tanks on the streets,
and the army are blocking off roads.
And that Menderes has been arrested
on the way to Kütahya, Çelebi, sir.
So, how are you here then
if there's a curfew?
We have clearance to put up banners, Hacı.
We put one up across the street saying,
"Long live the army."
And you boys were out there
on the street chanting for freedom.
And you think you'll get it like that?
Turn the radio on.
Oh, no.
The Turkish Armed Forces
are asking every Turkish citizen
to pay attention to
the following special announcement.
Dear citizens!
Effective from last midnight,
throughout the whole country,
the Turkish Armed Forces,
with its entire air,
land and sea divisions,
have taken over the government
following a joint operation.
The operation,
with the collaboration
of all the armed forces,
was completed successfully,
and no blood was shed.
We advise our esteemed citizens
to keep calm,
and regardless of their official status,
refrain from going outside.
Remember how my grandma
said that if we kept our doors open,
grief and misery could not
stay inside and would fly away?
That morning we realised that whether
we kept our doors wide open or shut tight,
grief would never leave us
in this country.
That morning we realised that it would
always be brother against brother,
and the never-ending cycle
of feud and fury had begun.
We also realised that morning,
that for the sake of whatever we held dear
and wanted to have and protect,
in order to keep that table safe,
we had to start writing our own story.
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