The Code (2019) s01e02 Episode Script


1 Previously on The Code Jason was stabbed by one of his own men.
I came to ask you to handle the case, Abe.
It's 0913, Captain Abraham.
We are hard at work enforcing the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
I'm aware of both the time and our mandate, Mr.
I'd like to request that we bring the accused to Quantico for court-martial.
I have already detailed Major Ferry to handle the case.
I want to handle the prosecution.
Are you willing to accept co-counsel? All rise.
The accused, PFC Ian Morehead is charged with Article 118, murder, and Article 128, assault.
Does the defense have a plea? Not guilty, Your Honor.
I did not treat PFC Morehead on the night he murdered Major Hunt.
I think you did.
I think you used him to kill Jason, because Jason knew about all of the Marines who came to your battalion aid station for help, but left it as your victims.
My client wishes to revise his plea and enter a new plea of guilty on all charges.
I'm just sorry we didn't get to go head-to-head.
All good things in time.
- Victor inbound.
Victor inbound.
- It won't stop bleeding.
- I can't get it to stop.
- Come on, this way.
Where's Cooper?! Adler needs help.
Where's my corpsman?! Cooper's dead, sir.
He bled out on the way back.
XStat on Adler's leg and call in for a dust-off now.
Somebody tell me what the hell happened out there! Convoy took too long to get across town.
- It was a turkey shoot.
- I'm aware there was an ambush, Master Sergeant, my ears are still ringing from the RPG.
See that on the roof, sir? RPG! It was chaos, sir.
We had 360 exposure.
We train for chaos.
How did the enemy fighters get inside our perimeter? Our perimeter was compromised, sir.
How? Everyone was at their post.
I'm taking fire on my six! Grsezak, are you moving to contact? Grsezak?! I tried to raise Grsezak on my comms.
- He never responded.
- What are you talking about? - You know exactly what I mean! - Yeah, I tried him, too.
Grsezak, I got bad guys coming in from the south.
Where are you?! That's two guys say they never heard from you.
I was in the kill zone.
I was in that fight.
No, you weren't.
I saw you, man.
You went into that building, the one with the blue door.
You bailed, man.
That was your first live action, and you were UA the whole scrap.
Sergeant Grsezak, that's Cooper, McClenahan, Okobe.
Five kids between them.
Before I write letters to their families, I want you to tell me: did you engage in that firefight or not? Good morning, Captain Abraham.
It's 0812, and the wheels of justice are spinning smoothly.
" It's "scales of justice," Mr.
Respectfully, sir, I think it can be whatever the metaphor calls for.
And why are you giving me the time? I'm actually early today.
Major Ferry asked me to remind you that you're on his committee to renegotiate the Spanish Status of Forces Agreement.
The committee for what now? I sent several e-mails.
I'm sure they were impeccably rendered.
As you probably know, the conduct of Marines stationed abroad is governed by a Status of Forces Agreement that our lawyers negotiate with the host country.
We have a blanket agreement with every country in NATO.
Why is Spain looking to renegotiate? They want an amendment that applies only to Marines stationed there.
Two weeks ago, Corporal Patrick Lawlor got into a car accident while he was on duty.
A Spanish citizen named Joaquin Zapatero was killed in the crash.
Apparently, he was a star midfield prospect for Atlético Madrid.
But, as you said, an accident.
Corporal Lawlor was drunk, sir.
There have been protests.
Their government's asking us to amend our Status of Forces Agreement so Corporal Lawlor can be tried in a Spanish court.
Of course we can't do that.
Hence the negotiation, sir.
Of course, the Spanish are well aware that all our operations in Africa are staged out of bases in their territory.
And the committee to conduct said negotiation meets when? 0800, sir.
You are not, in fact, early.
You are, in fact, late.
I know what the opposite of early is, thank you.
You really should warn me about these things ahead of time.
We have a blanket agreement with every country in NATO.
We can't negotiate a revision with Spain.
Ipso facto.
Pay up, everybody.
I had "ipso facto" as the first Latin Major Ferry would drop this week.
You can't collect if you are late, Speaking of which, who had 0813 for Captain Abraham's arrival? Captain Dobbins won.
Are you supposed to dial "nine" first with the new phones? You had me 15 minutes late? Glad to see the major invited our colleagues from Defense to join us on the committee.
Oh, we journeyed all the way up a single flight of stairs.
Why should the prosecuting attorneys get to have all the "fun"? Don't do that Put fun in quotes like that.
I said "fun" out loud.
You can't attribute punctuation to the spoken word.
- So you deny "fun" was in quotes? - Iceland.
You said we never negotiate revisions with member states from NATO.
- What about Iceland? - Iceland doesn't have a military.
A state of affair agreed to by both parties in the revision to their Status of Forces Agreement.
Seriously, I tried "nine.
" Then I tried "nine, then one.
" - Who are you trying to call? - Rawson Kiefer.
He's at the Pentagon.
He's sitting in on negotiations.
My point is: tomorrow you're going to say "ipso facto" to the Spanish delegation.
They're gonna say "Iceland.
" And then? Iceland has lovely volcanoes.
It also has the same population as Pittsburgh.
That's not a precedent.
Colonel Turnbull, I didn't realize - you were coming to this meeting.
- I'm not.
I'm here to break it up.
As you were.
There has been an incident near one of our CSLs in Kismayo.
It's been referred as an Article 99 charge.
Article 99? The military hasn't tried anyone for cowardice in 15 years.
The legal term is "misbehavior in the face of the enemy.
" Captain Dobbins, senior defense counsel has assigned you to represent Sergeant Jared Grsezak.
He is confined to barracks pending our investigation.
Fly over there ASAP.
- Yes, ma'am.
- On it, ma'am.
Major Ferry and I will handle the prosecution.
Did I say something wrong? You just violated the chain of command twice in one sentence.
I'll rephrase.
If the colonel sees fit to grant my request, we'll handle the prosecution.
Assuming that the major, as my department head and nominal superior officer, is comfortable with that Belay the "nominal" and I'll consider letting you go.
Rawson Kiefer's office.
- Uh, hi.
- Yes, ma'am? We'll call you back.
I can't go to Africa.
What? Come on, this thing with Spain is gonna work itself out.
It's not that.
Nona's ovulating.
What are you doing here? Go home and make a baby.
In the next few days, you know the deal.
Every month counts.
No, of course.
Take that hill, Marine.
I've got this.
Actually, I'm assigning co-counsel.
You're not sending me to Africa with the boot, are you? You're sending me to Africa with the boot.
That's right, Harper Li.
Uh, yeah, I did read To Kill a Mockingbird.
Thank you for pointing that out.
Um, can you let Suzanne know that we need to reschedule the tasting? I can't make it to New York this weekend.
Thank you.
- Shut up.
- Can I get a "sir" with that, maybe? You have no idea how hard it is to cram all this wedding stuff into one weekend.
Even the church acts like they're doing me a favor.
Last I checked, St.
Patrick's on Fifth Avenue was a cathedral.
Unless you and Brad are getting married at a different St.
Patrick's? His name's Bard.
I went to the same OCS you did.
I maintain my PT scores, and I keep myself ready for a combat billet.
And I know that's not the same thing as actually serving overseas, but we can't all be third-generation Marines.
Y'all need to get on the same page if you're gonna try this dog together.
Dog? Grsezak straight-up told his C.
that he left his post during the firefight.
Sergeant Grsezak went into that building because there was an Al-Shabaab militant with an RPG on the roof.
You really plan to hang an Article 99 charge on the fact that we train Marines to be decisive in combat? I plan to hang the charge on the fact that three Marines are dead because of Sergeant Grsezak's cowardice.
We plan to hang the charge.
Yes, of course, Lieutenant, we.
That's an easy word to throw around, until you remind the panel that it comes with a life sentence attached.
Think you can get that to fly in 2019? Maybe we should punish Grsezak by keelhauling.
It's been a while since the military did that, too.
- Do you even know what keelhauling is? - No.
But my point stands.
Captain Dobbins.
Captain Abraham.
Captain Tevez.
Sergeant Grsezak's C.
- How was the hop from Mog? - Not bad.
This is my co-counsel, Lieutenant Li.
Did you get your typhoid vaccine before you landed in-country? Cholera? We had a full battery of shots.
They're giving the CCHF booster standard now? What happened out here, Captain? Wish I could tell you more.
We were accompanying a convoy of humanitarian aid when we got ambushed.
Grsezak was seeing his first action.
He fell off radio contact.
- My team thinks he bailed.
- Do you agree with them? No idea.
I was occupied.
I just want this handled ASAP.
Morale goes south quick when guys think there's a weak link.
Grsezak's confined in there.
Your liver feel okay, Lieutenant? No signs of sudden failure? My liver? No.
Why? Just checking.
Enjoy your stay.
There is no vaccine for Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever.
Congratulations, Lieutenant, you just got hazed.
30% less gawking, maybe.
It won't be so obvious you're on your first hop overseas.
You're the officers from Quantico? Sergeant Grsezak, I'm Captain Maya Dobbins.
I'm your attorney.
This is Captain Abraham and Lieutenant Li.
They're with the prosecution.
You and I can talk in private.
What for? I'm just gonna say the same thing to them later.
Well, it doesn't sound like you've got much to hide.
Why don't you tell us what happened? It's like I said.
That-that building the one with the blue door.
There was a militant with an RPG on the roof, and I went in to engage.
How did you get inside? The door was open.
Same thing with the door to the roof.
I exchanged fire with the militants once I got up there.
I did not abandon my squad.
I am no coward.
"Militants," plural? I-I think there were two.
There were clotheslines all over the roof.
Burkas drying in the sun.
Anything else you can remember? There was, like, uh a prayer shrine up there.
Little statues and stuff.
A couple got hit when I lit up the Dirties.
I don't know how you can confirm any of that, though.
Kismayo is a hot zone.
It's not like you can go knocking on doors.
Thank you, Sergeant Grsezak.
You can confer with your attorney.
Would you excuse me? That's it? We're going into Kismayo - to check out your client's story.
- We are? Were you listening back there? Kismayo is hostile.
The last time the Marines stopped by, they welcomed us with an ambush.
If this court-martial goes forward, Lieutenant Li and I are gonna stand in front of a panel and call Sergeant Grsezak a coward.
I can't think of a more serious accusation.
We have to find out what happened.
We owe it to those dead Marines.
Hell, we owe it to your client.
If you're gonna drag us back in there, we're doing things different this time.
That humanitarian convoy moved way too slow.
Word got out by the time we were in the Farjano district.
That meant Al-Shabaab could set up the ambush.
Excuse me, ma'am.
We need to rely on speed to get in and out of the city.
My team will establish the perimeter while you guys and your translator do your thing.
I'm pulling everyone the second I get nervous.
You guys do not want to be left behind in the Farjano district.
Ma'am, you going in that building, right? This is Grimace.
He's handy in a tight space.
You're my eyes on the roof.
But if it comes down to it, you spot for O'Toole.
On it, sir.
This is the building Sergeant Grsezak described.
We should head in.
Lieutenant? Translate for me.
Excuse me, sir.
We're sorry to make a scene.
We're hoping to get into this building.
What do you see, Lieutenant Li? It's more what I don't see.
Sergeant Grsezak said the rooftop was strung with clotheslines.
She's right, Abe.
There are no easily removable lengths of twine anywhere up here.
I don't see any bullet holes in the concrete.
I see plenty of damage.
Seriously, Captain? Those nicks look like they came from stray rounds? I see damage.
It wouldn't be appropriate for me to speculate what caused it.
And, of course, there's no prayer shrine anywhere up here.
The defense stipulates that there are no portable objects of any kind in evidence.
Ask our friend if there was a shrine up here recently.
He says maybe? It's been proven time and time again that memories of combat are less than 100% reliable.
Yeah, but it doesn't make your recall zero percent accurate.
That's what I'm getting from this rooftop.
If Sergeant Grsezak wasn't here, he had to be somewhere else.
Maybe we should take some time to figure out where.
Time happens to be at a premium just now.
We need to get these Marines out of here ASAP.
Lead the way, Lieutenant.
Good morning, Major Ferry.
It's 0811, and the Spanish delegation should be en route shortly.
What time did you get here this morning, Rami? I arrive when needed, sir.
Before you negotiate, I wanted to discuss the Rawson Kiefer situation.
Never heard of them.
Them? I don't listen to much new music.
The Rawson Kiefer situation isn't a band.
Rawson Kiefer is a civilian at the Pentagon.
He's supposed to represent their interests today.
And Mr.
Kiefer's situation? Tardiness.
Possibly even absence.
I couldn't get his office to confirm an arrival time.
I couldn't even get them to confirm that he's coming.
And this affects me how? Is it wise to begin the session without him? The Pentagon rep is a fly on the wall at these things.
Let's assume Rawson Kiefer knows that and that his situation is he's decided to spend the morning elsewhere.
Copy that, sir.
Respectfully, ma'am, Iceland is the size of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Their amendment is not a meaningful precedent here.
Is it then your position that no amendment is possible? Ms.
Huerta, we acknowledge the gravity of Corporal Lawlor's alleged crimes.
He's going to face a general court-martial and very likely be punished severely.
We cannot offer you an amendment to the Status of Forces Agreement, but we remain confident that we can emerge from these talks with a mutual understanding.
I'm all for mutual understandings.
In this particular case, unfortunate though it may be, I'm sure that we can agree it's just one of those things.
Stuff happens.
The soldier's in custody, we've got it from here.
I'm guessing you're Rawson Kiefer.
Since the incident is best described as "one of those things," the United States has no plans to offer Spain anything by way of an expression of regret.
And we sure as hell are not opening up the SOFA.
The tools in place are adequate for the job at hand.
"you get what you get, so you don't get upset"? Worked with my kids.
You realize of course that the U.
bases in Spain are the hub for all your operations in Africa? And I'm confident that they will remain so.
After all, Spain is a country that defends her own interests so vigorously that the entire place shuts down for three hours while you all take a nap.
We appreciate your time.
- We're leaving.
- That's fine.
But the deal on the table is not changing.
Thank you for your assist.
You got to be firm with these people.
By the way, Corporal Lawlor's a Marine.
You called him a soldier.
That's wrong.
He's a Marine.
Is there a difference? Thank you for speaking to us.
We were wondering if you saw this man anywhere in your building.
Same deal the last five apartments.
Sir? I got a local glassing us.
He keeps fiddling with his phone.
Women and kids are bugging out, too.
We got something brewing.
Saddle up.
We've been parked here too long.
We got to move.
Lieutenant Li.
Harper! Abe.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Have you seen this man in your building recently? Abe, we got to roll.
Write on the back and slide it under the door.
Tell her that this man may be responsible for three people dying.
Leave contact information.
Stop! What's she saying? Uh, she says the other day, t-the day the shooting started, her son was playing in the basement.
The boy hid, and-and during the fighting, a man dressed in your uniform came down there.
He took his helmet off and sat with his head in his hands.
The boy thinks maybe the soldier was crying.
He didn't leave until the fighting was over.
That's the man her son saw? Yes.
Grsezak abandoned his post.
We've got a witness.
Of course the witness is a game changer.
- Who says he isn't? - Your words tell me one thing.
Your willingness to negotiate says something entirely different.
You're confusing negotiation with surrender.
Military panels are reluctant to convict on charges of cowardice.
- We're talking in circles.
- I've noticed you guys do that.
I'm turning this discussion over to my co-counsel.
You guys have two minutes to close a deal.
- What happens in two minutes? - If you must know, Captain, I've had to visit the head for, like, a half hour.
Two minutes is all I got.
Seems like this comes down to brig time.
I personally don't care what Grsezak pleads guilty to, he needs to account for those dead Marines.
How much accounting did you have in mind? Search your soul.
Find a bottom line.
Search it for me.
Article 90, disobeying a lawful command.
Ten to 12 years.
Make it seven to ten and we're cooking with gas.
- Abe? - Works for me.
They pretend to be busier than they actually are, you know.
Wedding vendors.
Once I realized that, mine got a lot easier to deal with.
I didn't know you were married.
Who says I am? Ma'am, are they cashiering me? Any version of a deal comes with a dishonorable discharge.
Sergeant Grsezak, I need to confirm that you understand the length of the sentence the government's proposing.
So that's it? Camp Living Room for the rest of my life? Your career as an active duty Marine is over.
We're talking about what comes next.
I think the deal's as good as we're going to get.
I'm sorry, ma'am, but no.
I didn't do anything wrong.
It's not for me to say what happened that day.
I can tell you the government is lining up evidence that, in my analysis, a panel will find compelling.
Respectfully, I don't care.
I'm not just a Marine, ma'am.
I'm a MARSOC Raider.
People spend their entire lives trying to get to where I am, and most of 'em fail anyway.
I'm not just flushing that.
No way.
I'm innocent.
If you're convicted of an Article 99 charge, you could spend the rest of your life in custody.
I will take that risk.
I want you to get me acquitted.
I want to get back to my unit.
Good morning, Major Ferry.
Praise be.
For a second there, I actually thought I was gonna have to ask someone where you were.
Do you need something, sir? I just might.
There was an envoy with the Spanish yesterday.
- Youngest guy there.
- Ruben Corredor.
I took the liberty of familiarizing myself - with our guests.
- Will you see if I can get a private word with him before we start our session? I would do that, in theory, but there's a small problem.
The Spanish aren't coming.
They canceled this morning's session.
They claim there's nothing to talk about.
Uh, peanut butter the crunchy kind.
The stuff they have over here is disgusting.
Uh, razors.
Oh, those cookies I like the ones with the fudge on one side.
That's not fudge.
That's a petri dish full of preservatives.
Fighting a war over here, Mom.
I'll clean up my diet when I get home.
We both know you'll do no such thing.
Got to go, kid.
Be safe.
I try to catch up with Adam before he goes on patrol.
Spain bailed.
Rawson Kiefer is definitely ID-10-T, but my guess is whoever just appointed him wants it that way.
As he said, it's a brand-new day.
We have got to work around these people.
What's your plan, Major? Shut down our bases in Spain.
Maybe dissolve NATO while we're at it.
This needs to get fixed.
What-what is the phrase I'm looking for? - "Improvise.
Adapt" - Overcome.
All rise! Have you argued in front of Judge Lamb before? I'm not entirely sure why I'm arguing in front of him now.
A general court-martial's a lot different than banging out summaries or negotiating NJP.
It's your first one.
I want to see if you can bring the noise.
Also, it's just an arraignment.
Don't get distracted when he starts in with the hand.
I see we have a change of pace lined up this morning.
This is Docket Number 1047-877-932-99.
The United States v.
Sergeant Jared Grsezak.
The accused is charged with Article 92 Failure to Obey an Order or Regulation, and Article 99 Misbehavior In the Face of the Enemy.
Article 99.
How say you, young man? Not guilty, Your Honor.
Consider yourself arraigned.
We have a motion for dismissal.
We've read it, Your Honor.
Immaculately rendered, as always, but ultimately composed of specious arguments that border on a bad faith waste of the court's time.
We appreciate the government's concern for Judge Lamb's time, but it's hardly specious to point out that when a MARSOC Raider is kitted out in body armor, a helmet and goggles, one Marine looks pretty much like another.
Given that the case against my client rests entirely on one eyewitness, it's impossible to say that the boy in question was looking at Sergeant Grsezak and not another MARSOC Raider.
The prosecution intends to demonstrate that the Marine in question could only have been Sergeant Jared Grsezak.
And how do you intend to do that? Your Honor, in the witness's initial statement, the boy mentioned that the Marine who hid was wearing a set of red dog tags on his boots.
Colored dog tags, as you probably know, are used to indicate a medical condition that could require a special treatment in the event a Marine is injured.
They're essentially our equivalent of a civilian medical bracelet.
I wear a set myself when I'm on training exercises.
Type 2 diabetes.
Sergeant Grsezak is allergic to penicillin.
He's also the only member of his squad who wears a set of red dog tags.
Your Honor, the lighting conditions Save it for the court-martial, Captain Dobbins.
The motion is denied.
Is your client all right, Counselor? You all right? Sergeant Grsezak? I need to get out of here now.
Um, Your Honor, the defense requests a short recess.
What's going on? Talk to me.
I'm-I'm fine.
Just-just give me a second.
Is there something we need to talk about, Jared? I'm fine.
I just I just been I don't, I don't know just under the weather.
I'm good.
For real.
We can go back in.
- Hey.
- Go get the corpsman.
Jared? Ma'am, I'd rather rest tonight if it's all good with you.
You had a panic attack.
What? No, I told you, I'm sick.
I don't mean in court.
You had one there, too, but I'm talking about that day in Kismayo.
That's why you were down in that basement.
You weren't at your post because you were in the middle of a serious panic attack.
I'm not sure if you noticed, but until now, I didn't have much of a defense to mount.
This is a whole new game.
You have a medical condition that should have precluded you from being in combat.
I'm filing for a continuance.
We need a psychiatrist right away.
So I get off by pretending to be a Section 8? First of all, there hasn't been a Section 8 discharge for decades.
The Marines don't automatically discharge for personality disorders anymore.
- You could be reassigned - There is nothing wrong with me.
You have panic attacks, Jared.
You know what I'm talking about.
I'm fine.
Do you know what a "P.
" is? It's an acronym.
"Person Other than Grunt.
" That's right.
And unless you fight, unless you're a real Marine, you'd never know how much we look down on you.
I'm sorry, ma'am, but that's the truth.
I fight.
I kill the enemy.
There's no way I'm spending the rest of my life stocking shelves at Pendleton.
You're sitting with a psychiatrist.
I'm legally obligated to make that happen.
And it's your best defense.
He won't find anything wrong with me.
I'm not sick.
Not like that.
You guys get your own driver? - I should get into the diplomacy game.
- Major Ferry.
We don't have an appointment today, do we? I thought we could talk anyway - and I heard you were on base.
- Talk? About what, exactly? I'm not sure.
Do diplomatic plates really work the way they do in the movies? You guys haven't left for Spain yet; there must be something to discuss.
I'm of the mind that any conversation beats a staring contest and you seem to have your boss's ear.
Let's grab some food.
Are those potential panel members? No.
I e-mailed you your voir dire prep last night.
I'm, um, working on a guest list for my wedding.
These are "maybes.
" I have to get rid of half of them.
Can't you just tell Brad to whack some people from his side? He already did and it's Bard.
His parents misspell the name on his birth certificate and I'm just supposed to indulge them? We're not doing voir dire today.
The defense requested time to have Grsezak examined by Major Foxley.
Foxley? That's the psychiatrist they use for expert testimony? Mm-hmm.
So, yesterday You dropped the bomb about the red dog tags and suddenly, Grsezak collapses.
Sounds like panic city.
You think they're gonna use that in his defense? Well, wouldn't you? If Sergeant Grsezak knows he has a panic disorder, they would have used that from the get-go.
Maybe Kismayo's the first time it happened.
Maybe he doesn't want Maya to use it.
Raider training is brutal.
If Grsezak is prone to panic, chances are he showed some sign of it at MRTC.
Find out who was in his class and line up interviews.
A lot of them will be overseas.
We'll get where we can.
And video chat with the rest.
What are you doing? Helping.
Well? It's good.
I promised my kids I'd try one.
Yeah? How many you got? You? Working on number one.
Um look.
What happened is bad, it's terrible.
We get it.
We are gonna court-martial Corporal Lawlor.
But we are not gonna hand him over to you guys.
I mean, you get that, right? So what is your bottom line? It seems every conversation is about how far we come toward your position I'm sorry, it's my wife.
Look, I'm not Rawson Kiefer.
We are allies, we don't need to field strip this thing Damn.
Sorry, I got to Hey, I'm kind of slammed.
Oh, no, I know.
Okay, I'll be, I'll be there soon.
Okay, bye.
Everything all right? If we're doing this, we need to do it now.
I got maybe five minutes.
What? You start a negotiation, have someone call while it's happening, suddenly there's a deadline.
Look, I said Nona and I were working on number one, right? The truth is, we've been working on number one.
It's been like a year and the situation is getting hairy.
And I definitely need to be there when I'm, you know, necessary.
This happens to be one of those moments.
So if we're gonna make a deal, let's go on and do it.
I need to have sex with my wife.
You people never apologize.
Seriously? You hold the power hand, and you want everyone to acknowledge it.
How can we maintain a partnership with you? Okay, you can stop now.
I get it.
So, if I get Rawson Kiefer to sign off on an apology from America to Spain, this all goes away? I suspect so.
Good luck.
A man like that sees an apology as a sign of weakness.
Oh, he'll apologize.
He just won't realize that that's what he's doing.
She needs me inside of 90 minutes.
I don't know how I'm gonna make it with all the traffic on the Beltway.
My driver has diplomatic plates.
You could use your carpool lane, perhaps run a red light.
Grsezak was quiet.
I'd say he was wound kind of tight.
But he wasn't prone to panic.
Not that I saw.
He never complained about dizziness, shortness of breath? Nothing like that.
As long as I kept him fed and oiled, JG was a straight ground pounder.
What do you mean you kept him fed and oiled? Isn't that the Marine Corps' job? I'm not talking regular food.
JG was one of my customers.
Steady one, too.
He was on fentanyl? No, he had special requests.
The first one was alprazolam.
That's a benzo.
Prescribed for anxiety.
Yeah, or just to feel good.
You implied there was another drug.
He was the only one that wanted that stuff, but he made me get a lot of it.
Used to call it "LOL," because of how the name ends.
I just got off the phone with my friend who's in med school.
Propranolol is a beta blocker.
They prescribe it specifically for panic disorders.
So Grsezak didn't have an undiagnosed condition.
He knew he had a panic disorder, but they wouldn't let him in the Raiders if he disclosed it.
He was self-medicating.
Those three Marines are dead because Sergeant Grsezak didn't want to admit he has an issue.
We're not in Kansas anymore, Lieutenant Li.
See, that's funny, 'cause we actually are in Kansas.
You're a member here? Perks of life on base.
I finished second at 300 yards last year.
And now you're going for first? Is there anything you're not competitive about? I'm terrible at paying alimony in a timely fashion.
So, you just happened to be strolling by the Shooting Club? Your admin told me you'd be here.
Your client bought anti-panic medication and self-medicated by the fistful.
Got him through Raider training.
Didn't work in combat.
This is according to? The guy who sold him the pills.
Currently in residence at Fort Leavenworth.
Should be a lively cross-examination.
I figure maybe you go talk to your client, get him to change his plea to guilty.
It's either that, or I go in front of a judge and compel a sample of Sergeant Grsezak's hair.
Propranolol, the stuff he took, it stays in there a while.
What is that look? I'm trying to figure out why you're sitting here.
Why not just compel a sample, go for the max? Maybe I trust Judge Lamb to bring the thunder.
Maybe I appreciate the tip.
When you filed for that continuance, you knew we'd figure out that Sergeant Grsezak had been having panic attacks.
My client told the psychiatrist that he's never experienced panic-related symptoms of any kind.
But you wanted the truth in evidence anyway.
So you figured out a way to get it to us.
I'm not sure what you mean.
I'm sworn to represent my client's interests with utmost zeal.
I'll talk to Sergeant Grsezak in the morning, see about that plea.
Much appreciated.
And if he doesn't change it, I'll expose him as a liar on the stand.
He'll do the full bit.
Happy shooting.
Major Ferry, the Spanish are coming.
The Spanish are coming.
Say that one more time and I'll hand you a lantern.
Paul Revere humor.
Never goes out of style, sir.
Is The Tonight Show aware that you're developing new material? I know the Spanish are coming, Mr.
I helped set it up.
Anything else? Actually, yes.
Someone's waiting for you.
Rawson Kiefer.
Good morning.
How's my chair? - Comfortable, right? - Major Ferry.
Are you ready for a declining civilization to pucker up and kiss you on the behind? Of course, sir, but before we start, I should tell you: I did offer one tiny bauble to the Spanish, just something to goose the process along.
We agreed to divert a tiny amount of money from Defense into a scholarship fund that would help families of the victims of drunk drivers.
Less than 40,000 a year until the whole thing becomes self-sustaining.
That's it? If they were putting themselves up for sale, they should have just said so from the get-go.
Does this scholarship have a name? The Rawson Kiefer Fund for Reparations to Bereaved Families.
I put your name in there, sir, in honor of the work you did to make this deal happen.
Can we change the word "reparations"? It sounds kind of like "apologize.
" We didn't do anything wrong.
That's just a technical term.
Um honestly, the paperwork is already in process.
What if we swapped in "restitution"? No one was wronged by us; they were wronged by the universe.
We're just stepping in.
You did well here, young man.
Best deal since the Germans purchased Manhattan for $24.
The Dutch bought Manhattan.
The Germans never really had colonies.
They did it privately You know what? I'm sure you're right.
Let's go make a deal.
All rise! Young man? You have something to say? Your Honor.
September 11, 2001 is one of the first days I can remember clearly.
My father turned to me when the second tower collapsed, and he told me that every generation has its war.
Mine started that day, and I've never wanted anything but to serve.
To fight for this country, if it needed me to.
There is something inside of me that doesn't work the way it's supposed to.
I hid it, because I thought I could cope with it on my own.
I wanted to go to war.
My war.
Men are dead because of the choices I made.
My brothers in arms.
I want to apologize here, today, to their families.
I want to change my plea to guilty, Your Honor.
This court appreciates your candor belated though it may be.
We'll reconvene next week for extenuation and mitigation, at which time my sentence will be entered into the record.
You won't get more than 15 years.
You're young.
Your life can be about more than just this.
You handled yourself pretty well, Lieutenant.
Um pleasure working with you, sir.
Why are you still here? Those two boots right there are gonna take you to the airfield.
What? Why? Because I beat them at Horse, and this is how we're settling up.
As of this minute, you're on four days R&R.
There's a hop to New York that leaves in 30 minutes.
They're saving you a spot.
Rami lined up a day of appointments with your vendors.
I talked to the flower lady myself, got you a bit of a better deal.
How did you know who to call? Bard and I might have talked.
Thank you sir.
I give you a hard time because I know you can handle it.
You're no boot.
You're a Marine.
I catch myself in the mirror sometimes.
This uniform.
It feels like I'm playing dress-up.
You graduated the same OCS I did.
Your parents founded Li and Associates.
You had it all laid out for you, but you picked a different way.
This country would be a better place if more people made the same choice you did.
We're leaving.
Thank you for everything.
I trust things went well yesterday? I'm not giving you any details, if that's what you're asking.
Of course not.
I didn't want to leave without showing you a picture of my daughters.
Oh, twins.
They're beautiful.
Do twins run in your family? They do not.
My wife and I we tried for five years to have a child.
It was very difficult for her.
For both of us.
You know what I mean.
Finally, we got help, and at the end of it, we had Penelope and Luciana.
They're beautiful.
Thank you.
- Who are those men? - CACO officers.
They bring the news you never want to hear.