The Code (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Molly Marine

1 Previously on The Code Uh, peanut butter.
Oh, those cookies I like.
The ones with the fudge on one side.
That's not fudge, that's a petri dish full of preservatives.
- (KNOCKS) - Fighting a war over here, Mom.
- I'll clean up my diet when I get home.
- Got to go, kid.
Be safe.
Sorry, I try to catch up with Adam before he goes on patrol.
- RUBEN: Who are those men? - TREY: CACO officers.
They bring the news you never want to hear.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Stay close.
Hold your fire! Train fair, Baxter.
He got you.
Okay, platoon, looks like Baxter has a punctured lung and a wound in his right quadricep.
What are you gonna do about it? Since a young kid, view the world as my own I'm coming to the top until the world is my throne Slept on the kid and I bet that they regret it Check the roster, homie Got it locked here and they dread it, they don't get it On the road to be labeled the greatest Waste time trying to sleep on that legion (WHISTLE BLOWS) Damn, Lieutenant, someone's been doing their dead lifts.
How else am I supposed to scoop your fat ass off the deck? Not bad, Marines.
Pack it up and we'll hotwash back at the house.
History, legacy, that's established directions.
Lieutenant Sloan.
We did good, Sergeant.
Maybe lose the frown for a minute.
Ma'am it leaked.
"Woman Makes Captain.
" I don't see where it's a story.
This is different.
This is infantry.
This is combat.
The commandant of the Marine Corps himself told us to keep your promotion under wraps till the company deploys.
Now, you think he just weighs in every single time some first lieutenant makes O-3? I never met the man, but with all due respect, if you ask a couple hundred people to keep a secret, one of them's gonna let you down.
Well, he didn't ask.
He ordered.
And he did it for your safety.
There's plenty of people who don't think that combat should be a co-ed sport.
Inside the Corps.
You love me, though.
I've seen OCS puke up worse than the likes of you, Lieutenant.
Wet-down at Conlee's tonight.
I'm gonna stand the boys the first round.
Nah, you have one for me.
(LOUD CHATTER INSIDE) Lieutenant Sloan.
Sure you got to go? We owe you a round and all.
Wouldn't they just love to hit me with fraternizing charges - right before I get promoted.
- "They"? Good night, Sergeant Baxter.
Make sure everyone drinks water before they hit the rack.
Damn it.
Good morning, Captain Abraham.
You have opening arguments in the Kirk Corker court-martial later this morning.
Do me a favor, say "Kirk Corker court-martial" six times in a row.
Release that oxygen, Mr.
It wasn't an actual request.
Are you sure, sir? It's not much of a tongue twister.
There's not even a sibilant sound Give me an hour on this.
I have a staff meeting to be late for.
Actually, Colonel Turnbull needs extra time this morning.
The colonel delayed a meeting? It looks like she may be getting an update on the status of her son.
His patrol went missing, what, a week ago? Nine days.
ABE: At least Adam's not KIA.
They make you sit down before they tell you someone's dead.
Ahmadi, tell everyone I'll be ready in five minutes.
As you were.
Yesterday, a reporter named Christine Vickerman broke the news that Lieutenant Emma Sloan is about to become the first woman to hold the rank of captain in a Marine infantry unit.
Last night, Lieutenant Sloan was attacked while on leave.
- Major Ferry.
- Yes, ma'am? No one is following me.
That is not typically an issue with this team.
TREY: No, ma'am.
We saw you with the CACO officer.
I guess we were expecting an update.
Expecting? Hoping for.
Adam and three other Marines never reported back from their last patrol.
Our best intel is that an Afghani factory worker may have seen him in a location, possibly near Ghazni, where he might have been forced at gunpoint to get into the back of a truck.
That is what I know today.
That is what I knew yesterday.
That is what I've known for the past nine days.
When I have some information to share, I will share it.
Until then, you are all ordered to stop with the fussing and the concerned looks.
I am at my post.
- Understood? - ALL: Yes, ma'am.
Multiple attackers left Lieutenant Sloan unconscious in a parking lot near Camp Lejeune.
She's still in surgery.
Do we have a motive? What? Lieutenant Li, you have been with the Judge Advocate's office for how long? Nine months, ma'am.
Would you please use your vast experience and educate Captain Abraham on how the world works? The motive is she's a woman.
The motive is she's about to become a captain and lead an infantry company.
The Corps has come a long way with that stuff.
Yeah, we used to be eight percent of the Marines.
Now we're nine.
Save your breath, Harper.
The bartender saw a car speeding from the scene, and gave the license plate to the local PD.
That led them to one Lance Corporal Jackson Devore.
Major Ferry, Lieutenant Li - Yes, ma'am.
- Yes, ma'am.
The police think that Jackson Devore is one of the attackers.
Fly down there.
If they are right, bring him back here, along with the other assailants, and we will treat them to a fair and speedy conviction.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Yes, ma'am.
Hey, Alex, uh, everything all right? Mind if we talk outside? ALEX: They gave me an extra two weeks to move off base.
So far, the hospital's been great about time off.
Did you get, uh, you know, the money? Jason's death benefit came in last week.
Thanks for your help with that.
(SIGHS) With everything.
When you marry a Marine, sometimes you think about losing him.
It can be part of the deal.
No one tells you about the big list of chores.
I can do more.
A lawyer called me.
His name is Dennis Swillce.
I don't think you would like him very much.
And I know Jason wouldn't have, but I do think he's good at what he does.
Dennis Swillce sues people, and he does it a lot.
He wins more than he loses.
He thinks I can win a wrongful death suit.
Against who? Ian Morehead only killed Jason because the battalion surgeon - ignored at least six concussions.
- Which we proved in court.
He intentionally misdiagnosed his patients for years, and no one noticed him doing it? No one even asked questions? This was an institutional failure.
This guy wants to sue the Corps? I wanted you to hear it from me before you get a subpoena.
Why would I get a subpoena? If it goes to trial, my lawyer's going to ask you to testify.
You won the case against Commander Hewitt.
He thinks a jury might want to hear what you have to say.
(SIGHS) I-I'm not here to ask you to do it.
Say yes, say no.
Tell me you never want to see me again.
The man responsible for Jason's death is in jail for life because of you.
I'll never be anything but grateful.
I just wanted you to know what's coming.
HARPER: Lance Corporal Jackson Devore has three NJPs for alcohol-related incidents.
His pay has been docked twice for fighting with platoon-mates.
This morning, Onslow County sheriffs found him passed out in his vehicle with bruises on his face and distinctive stains caked onto his knuckles.
This guy is a drunk, violent, and we literally caught him with blood on his hands.
Please tell me we're not making any kind of deal, sir.
We're not making a deal.
Why do you think we took the first hop down? We take a crack at him before his defense counsel gets here, maybe he gives up the other attacker before we put anything on the table.
That is an excellent plan.
My compliments.
Unfortunately, I conferred with my client an hour ago.
Captain Dobbins.
Lance Corporal Devore was fortunate to land such an outstanding advocate.
(SIGHS) The government respectfully requests an audience with your client.
Take all the time you need.
That's not the answer we expected.
MAYA: Fair warning, though.
I don't think you're gonna like what he has to say.
I can't remember a single thing about last night.
TREY: It's all just gone? Just bits and pieces.
We started doing chugs at maybe 1930.
After that? There's a reason they say "blackout," you know? That's unfortunate, Lance Corporal.
The only bargaining chip you've got is the name of your fellow attacker.
I know how bad this looks.
Do you have any issues taking orders from a woman? At first, yeah, I kind of did.
It's not what you picture when you sign up, you know? But I got used to it.
Lieutenant Sloan's okay.
- She knows what she's doing mostly.
- (PHONE VIBRATING) According to your base commander, she's out of surgery.
Doctors say she'll wake up soon, and when she does, we'll get the story straight from her.
Anything you want to say before that happens? Lance Corporal Devore told you what he remembers.
Stay close, Captain Dobbins.
We'll be back to apprehend your client.
TREY: I'm Major Ferry.
This is my colleague, Lieutenant Li.
We are very sorry to bother you right after you woke up, Lieutenant.
Your doctors told us you'll be laid up for a while.
Yeah, three fractured ribs, a shattered shoulder blade, and a wrecked knee will do that for you.
I'm gonna miss my deployment.
I'm sorry.
You earned the right to lead that company.
We will punish the Marines who did this to you.
We already have one suspect in custody.
If you'll just describe the others Did you say Marines? Lance Corporal Jackson Devore is waiting for us to transport him back to Quantico.
Jackson didn't do this.
The sheriffs picked him up with blood all over his hands.
That's from helping me.
Lance Corporal Devore and one of the corpsmen, they came out of the bar in the middle of it all.
They jumped in.
I'd probably be dead if it weren't for Lance Corporal Devore.
The guys who came after me, they're not in my platoon.
I never saw either of them before last night.
The sheriffs are holding an innocent man.
I couldn't really describe either of them.
Not in a way you can use.
It was dark.
It happened fast.
I'm sorry.
You're the victim of a vicious attack, Lieutenant Sloan.
You have nothing to apologize for.
How about you call me Emma? I could use a break from ranks right now.
I'm Harper.
Harper Li? Like the book? Did your parents do that on purpose? HARPER: We're Li, "L-I.
" They say it never occurred to them.
Oh, she likes you.
Usually, Harper gets annoyed when people ask about that.
Well, it gets old.
I mean, it's not even that good.
(CHUCKLES) It's not.
Agree to disagree.
But also agree that you just forfeited any hope of promotion under my command.
Do you have any idea why Lance Corporal Devore fled the scene? He was helping you.
One more alcohol-related offense and Devore goes to the brig.
Whipple's underage.
I didn't even know he was at Conlee's, but same deal for him.
Anything you can tell us about the attack? Even small details can help.
I mean, I'm an officer in the Marines.
I'm trained in close quarters.
If you attack me, I'm gonna fight back.
But it's a blur.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
We'll be back in touch if I have more questions.
HARPER: Who are you calling? The emergency room of this hospital.
If they don't give me the answer I want, I'm gonna call every ER within 90 miles until someone does.
What parts of the body are we trained to target in a close quarters scrap? Eyes, neck, groin.
My guess is someone wound up in the ER with an injury to their eyes, their neck, or their groin, and a big old lie about how it happened.
TREY: That guy, Edwin Munns, he checked into an ER near Camp Lejeune saying he got hurt in a "household accident.
" Very specific.
It got less convincing from there.
Local cops found traces of Lieutenant Sloan's blood in his car.
He gave up the other attacker right after.
What exactly is their issue with women in the infantry? I'd call it more of an issue with women in general.
They both washed out of the Corps, spent the next few months mainlining toxic hoo-ha off the Internet.
They learned Lieutenant Sloan was at Conlee's from an Instagram post by a grunt Edwin Munns went to boot camp with, and here we are.
Sir? That's my best stab at listing everyone who knew that Emma was getting promoted.
Someone here leaked her name to Christine Vickerman, in violation of an order - from the commandant himself.
- TREY: You want to chase the leak? Of course.
No leak, no attack.
Whoever did this has to answer for what happened to Emma.
Did you have a different plan? You two work this out.
I'm having lunch with a lawyer who's suing the Marines.
He thinks he can file a wrongful death suit on behalf of Jason Hunt's widow.
Except he can't.
Jason Hunt died on active duty.
The Feres Doctrine blocks any civil claim.
Exactly why I have questions.
I've chased leaks.
It's weeks on a hamster wheel.
When they opened combat to women, the first 35 who enrolled in the Infantry Officer Course failed out.
A lot of people thought a woman would never pass.
Emma did.
You can't understand what that meant to the rest of us.
I know it's hard to run down a leak.
We have to do it anyway.
(SIGHS) You can cross off 95% of these names.
The article said Lieutenant Sloan was headed for the Horn of Africa.
Now, hot-zone deployments are kept secret until the last minute.
Not even Emma Sloan would've known where she was headed.
We're looking for someone up the chain of command.
Captain Abraham.
Thanks for driving down.
Dennis Swillce.
You're military? What? No.
I got confused when you addressed me by rank.
How should I address you? Abe's fine, but I'm not sure I'm gonna be here long enough for you to use my name again.
Jason Hunt was in a combat zone when he died.
- I'm aware.
- He was an officer in a combat zone.
That meant, legally, he was always on duty, 24 hours a day.
Of course.
You're wearing that suit and there's a dish named after you on the menu, so I assume you're good at what you do.
But in the military, Dennis, we have something called the Feres Doctrine.
I'm familiar with Feres.
The Feres Doctrine says that you can't file a civil suit for something that happened on active duty.
Sounds to me like you might be trying to talk Alex Hunt into a lawsuit she can't possibly win.
That is what I'm doing.
Due respect, Dennis, Alex has a few things on her plate right now.
Feres Feres is the law of the land.
Any suit we bring will certainly fail in the first venue where it's contested.
And the venue after that, and so on.
In time, we will reach a venue that has the power to examine whether Feres should in fact be the law of the land.
You mean the Supreme Court.
You're not going after damages for Alex, you're going after Feres.
I'm doing both.
The Feres Doctrine is the law, until it isn't.
And then everyone and their uncle would sue the military.
We'd drown in lawsuits.
And you want me to testify? Why would I help you do that? Because what happened to Jason Hunt was wrong.
And the only thing I'm asking you to do is to tell the truth about it.
HARPER: I've made a working list for people who knew that Sloan's company was deploying to Africa, and another for people who knew that Sloan was getting promoted.
Both of which we spent all day compiling, but they're still just our best guesses as to - who knew what.
- We just have to review all the names that appear on both lists.
I see ten Marines there, colonel and up.
You want to just ask each one if they leaked the story? Obviously not.
I don't know what we do next.
To Kill a Mockingbird carried a message of empathy to generations of readers.
Trying to think.
Are you getting hungry? - (KNOCKING) - Sorry to interrupt.
I took the liberty of sending the admins out for dinner.
TREY: Thanks, Rami.
Looks like we'll be here for a while.
What if we looked at their social media? Maybe there's an obvious misogynist? Mm.
Something you'd like to say? Oh, it's a good idea, Major.
Very good.
I do wonder Get to the point or I convene a firing squad.
Reporters typically cultivate long-term relationships with their sources.
Christine Vickerman has written about the Marines at least a dozen times in her career.
I realize that she'll never name her source, but if you look at the articles she's written, then figure out which one of those names would have been best positioned to offer her background information on those topics Then you'll have the name of the leaker.
Enjoy your food.
Good morning, Colonel Turnbull.
Can I request a moment of your time? All my scheduling goes through Glen, Major Ferry.
Is that ever confusing, having an adjutant with the same first name as you? I spell my name with two Ns.
Glen spells his with one.
Hard to see where that could lead to foul-ups.
Glen says you're unavailable this morning.
So you went around him.
Per usual.
You asked us to treat you normally.
This is me, treating you normally.
Five minutes, Major.
HARPER: Ma'am, we have an update in the search for the Marine who leaked Lieutenant Sloan's name.
There is a search for the Marine who leaked Lieutenant Sloan's name? Christine Vickerman has written 14 major pieces about the Corps in the past 20 years.
She cites an anonymous source in each and every one, and when you look at the subjects of those articles, and when they were written, there was a single Marine who was positioned to offer insight into each topic.
When Christine Vickerman wrote about Operation Secure Tomorrow in 2004, this Marine was deployed to Haiti.
In 2008, Vickerman wrote an exposé about hazing in the barracks at Parris Island.
And your mystery Marine was stationed there at the time? We found the leaker, ma'am.
Brigadier General Ann Marie Daley.
of the Embassy Security Group.
I know Ann Marie Daley.
(SCOFFS) She's hardly old Corps.
She's the current head of the Committee for Women's Advancement in the Armed Services.
She pushed for gender integration in boot camp.
By any measure, General Daley is one of the leading advocates for women in the military.
She's the reason Emma Sloan was attacked.
General Daley spent years advocating to make women eligible for IOC.
She would've known Emma Sloan was about to get a combat billet.
It was a vindication of everything she worked for.
General Daley wanted Lieutenant Sloan's story out there.
The leak was supposed to celebrate the accomplishment.
Why are you telling me this? We want to question General Daley.
See if we can get access to her phone records.
It's compelling, but it's not evidence.
If word gets out that we think that Ann Marie Daley has been leaking secrets for over a decade, that is the end of her career.
Thank you, Colonel.
GLENN: Lieutenant Li.
This is a tolerable work environment, - wouldn't you say? - Ma'am? Your commanding officer is a woman who sees to it that your work is valued, - that you're treated with respect.
- Yes, ma'am.
So you don't have to worry about a negative performance report because your direct supervisor hit on you, even though you rejected him as politely as you could.
Nobody asks you to make copies even though you're a lawyer, and nobody puts their hand on your ass while you are doing it.
You have all of that because of Ann Marie Daley, and women like her.
If you're going for her be right.
HARPER: Major Ferry? Is it okay if I fly down to North Carolina today? I have an idea.
But it won't work without Lieutenant Sloan.
Something I can help with? I would hate to take you away from your caseload and I did make a connection with Emma.
- Maybe a one-on-one conversation - Lieutenant.
If you don't want me to come, just go on and say so.
I don't want you to come.
EMMA: You think General Daley leaked my name? That doesn't make any sense.
We think she wanted your promotion out there.
She wanted to draw attention to what you did.
General Daley chairs the Committee for Women's Advancement in the Armed Services.
She must've charted your progress through IOC.
Of course.
We talked on the phone at least once a week.
She made a mistake, Emma.
General Daley wanted the world to celebrate your promotion.
We can prove it was her.
ABE: It's called a test case.
Swillce wants to overturn a law that makes it impossible for active duty personnel to file civil suits against the military.
That's the only reason he's taking this on.
Is that realistic? Swillce isn't a dumb guy.
He picked your case for a reason.
Attractive widow struggling to make it - as a single mom - Who's struggling? We're fine.
Trust me, when he describes you to the jury, you'll be struggling.
I'll be a combat-decorated Marine stoically mourning the loss of my best friend.
Jason was a guy.
He didn't have a best friend.
In Swillce's world, he did.
(SIGHS) Does that mean you're gonna testify? The only way this succeeds is if it makes it to the Supreme Court.
Danny will be in college and you'll still be testifying about what happened to her father a decade ago.
Danny, turn off the TV, brush your teeth.
I love that I have to decide this right now.
You really need to get this room packed tonight? When else am I gonna do it? I have to be out of here in 20 days.
- (TV PLAYING INDISTINCTLY) - Danny, turn off the TV.
Go put her to bed.
I'll take over in here for a while.
Thank you.
Abe? You never answered my question.
About what you're gonna do.
HARPER: General Daley's the leak.
- We got her.
- TREY: I don't follow.
That article says they were making Lieutenant Sloan - sweat her promotion.
- Well, Emma's fine.
We just made General Daley think the promotion was in danger.
You wanted proof that General Daley is leaking to Christine Vickerman.
Yesterday, Emma called the general and told her that she had heard her company commander was putting the promotion on hold, pending an investigation.
An investigation into what? Apparently there was a Marine at Conlee's the night that Emma was attacked that was underage.
They hid him in the bathroom while she was there, but he was still in the building.
General Daley obviously didn't like what Emma told her.
She wanted to put pressure on the Corps; that article showed up this morning.
In other words, you manufactured fake news? I manufactured evidence.
General Daley did this, Colonel.
She's the leak.
(EXHALES) Replacing our current bulletproof acrylic - with the Navy's spinel - Brigadier General Ann Marie Daley.
We're apprehending you for failing to obey an order, criminal negligence and disclosing classified information.
We need you to come with us, ma'am.
This is a recording of the first field test of Lieutenant Adam Turnbull's new deployment-grade footwear.
As you can see, they blend stylishly with the uniform.
Fit and finish appear top-notch.
Thanks for the boots, Mom.
- (KNOCKING) - Let's see how they stand up to a stroll.
MAYA: You wanted to see me, Colonel? Major Talley tried to put you on Ann Marie Daley's defense, you begged off.
It's I-I can't fit it into my caseload at the moment, ma'am.
It's not something I'm dying to take on.
There's a reason the commandant issued an order to keep Emma Sloan's identity secret.
We do not cherry-pick assignments here, Captain Dobbins.
General Daley has served her country for over 25 years, she's entitled to the best defense we can mount.
Mount it.
- Yes, ma'am.
- The general is bringing in somebody from the private sector.
You will be paired with outside counsel.
Have you worked with Hermes Papademotropoulos before? Retired Colonel Foghorn Leghorn? Yes, I'm familiar with his work.
He does lay on the folksy with a trough.
However, he commanded the Judge Advocate Corps.
Play nice.
I'm not calling him Princess.
I wish We all wish There's nothing that we can do for you? (EXHALES SOFTLY) You can remind me how these work.
I'm not a particularly religious person, ma'am.
Will you say a prayer for us anyway? Yes.
(DOOR OPENS) The last article is obviously a problem.
If we take this to court-martial, it's going to tie you to Christine Vickerman in the eyes of the panel.
Do you have everything you need, General? I-I can send Molly for an egg salad sandwich, - if you like.
- I'm fine.
As I was saying before Herm made his appetizing offer, I-I think Yeah, you can call me Princess, Captain Dobbins.
I mean, it was good enough for my drill instructor.
Drill instructor, yes, I know.
If we go to court-martial Why wouldn't we go to court-martial? I mean, do you know another way of getting the general the absolution she deserves? Absolution may be an ambitious target under the circumstances.
That article doesn't do us any favors, but from where I sit, it's hardly the Matterhorn.
Look, the only way the government can get that story into evidence is by calling Lieutenant Sloan as a witness.
I mean, they need her to describe how she called up and told the general the tall tale.
It's only a credible story if Lieutenant Sloan is a credible witness.
Emma Sloan is an outstanding Marine.
She leads from the front.
There's one perfect person I'm aware of.
And they nailed him to a cross.
You gonna be here long? Colonel.
Uh (CHUCKLES) I hope not; just catching up on some stuff.
Catch up in the morning.
I could use a glass of wine.
When the top plaintiff's attorney in D.
starts calling Quantico, people notice.
Obviously sniffing around the Jason Hunt court-martial.
I've had some calls.
People want to know if he's gotten in touch with you.
Calls, multiple? From the base commander on down.
(SCOFFS) Of course he's gotten in touch with you.
I would.
He wants to take my deposition.
Put me on the stand if it comes to it.
(CLICKS TONGUE) (INHALES SHARPLY) You earned those medals that you brought back from Helmand.
I saw the after-action report.
It was a legit bad day.
It was.
You have a story to sell, Abe.
You're third generation Corps, impressive run on the Judge Advocate.
If you want this thing, you're not even close to hitting a ceiling.
I appreciate the confidence, ma'am.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) You'll have an easier time than I did.
(EXHALES) That's just the way it is, even now.
One thing I learned coming up is: never give them an excuse not to promote you.
They will take it.
You might not see it from the sunny side of the street right now, but they will.
You don't think I should testify.
I think you should know what's gonna happen if you do.
I appreciate the warning, ma'am, but - Jason Hunt was my friend.
- I know.
And you risked your ass in court for him and you came out on top.
If you go ahead with this there is no win.
You are tainted the moment you give a deposition.
Princess just submitted five new documents into evidence.
Two fitness reports, Emma's application - to IOC school.
- It's just white noise.
- He's trying to throw you off your game.
- (SIGHS) BAILIFF: All rise.
You're arguing to the panel and to Judge Soldier.
That is your world.
HARPER: His name is Soldier and he became a Marine.
Yeah, don't bring that up.
Colonel Soldier has an underdeveloped sense of irony.
- (GAVEL BANGS) - Good morning, one and all.
Let's hear from the government first, shall we? HARPER: In 2014, the Marine Corps implemented the Force Integration Plan, which opened combat billets to women.
You may believe that this was long overdue.
You may have questions.
There are physiological differences between men and women.
No order can legislate those out of existence.
You might even think the Corps did just fine at Derna at Iwo Jima at the Chosin Reservoir all without women in the fight.
Wherever you stand, the government isn't asking you to change your mind.
But the fact is, Lieutenant Emma Sloan qualified for a combat billet.
She didn't ask anyone to lower the IOC standards because she's a woman.
She rose to meet them and right now, this morning, there's a platoon of Marines that would follow Emma Sloan into the mouth of hell if she asked them to.
Instead, she's here in court.
Robbed by General Ann Marie Daley's reckless decision to leak her name.
General Daley disobeyed an order.
And a Marine was beaten to the brink of a coma because of it.
We have to hold her accountable.
MAYA: It is a tragedy that Lieutenant Sloan is going to miss her deployment.
As with any tragedy, it's tempting to assign blame.
The government is going to whip you into a frenzy of righteous anger about what happened to Emma Sloan, but what they're not going to do, what they can't do, is prove that General Daley leaked the article that provoked the assault.
They're going to demonstrate a connection between General Daley and the reporter Christine Vickerman based on lies they themselves fed to the general.
They're gonna drop a bunch of guesswork into your lap, and they're gonna ask you to convict a decorated officer, a general who's spent 25 years fighting on behalf of women.
Don't do it.
Don't compound the tragedy by convicting an innocent woman.
Would the government like to call its first witness? We call First Lieutenant Emma Sloan.
HARPER: After the assault, did you give anyone else reason to believe your promotion was in jeopardy? No, ma'am.
Only General Daley.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
No further questions, Your Honor.
Lieutenant Sloan, when did you first decide to apply to Officer Candidate School? Objection.
The government's case rests on the assumption that Lieutenant Sloan is a credible witness.
(CHUCKLES): And I intend to call that into question.
SOLDIER: You can answer that, Lieutenant.
Right after college.
Your Honor, I'd like to submit Exhibit J to the court.
Lieutenant, can you identify this document? It's the Rough Application I filled out for Officer Candidate School.
And that highlighted section at the bottom, what is that? We were asked to write a 100-word essay about why we wanted to be a Marine Corps officer.
The prosecution spent a good long while discussing Lieutenant Sloan's excellent record in OCS.
Well, we're just investigating how she got there.
PRINCESS: Yeah, you, you wrote in this essay about the summer of 2011, which you spent volunteering with troubled teens, accompanying them on hikes along the Appalachian Trail.
Now, Lieutenant, would you, would you read those last few sentences for us? "One afternoon, the trail was struck by an earthquake.
"Rubble obstructed the path, and I didn't know what to do.
"But a group leader, a former Marine, "used the land navigation skills he'd learned in boot camp "to guide us back to safety.
"That was the moment I decided I, too, wanted to become a Marine.
" PRINCESS: That is an incredible story.
A-And it checks out, too.
No, there was an earthquake on the Eastern seaboard during the summer of 2011.
It was on August 2nd, to be exact.
But you weren't on the Appalachian Trail that day, were you? It took five minutes with a search engine to learn that you were on a cruise ship for the first week in August in 2011, Lieutenant Sloan.
A cruise to the Bahamas.
Objection, Your Honor.
This is unduly prejudicial.
PRINCESS: Goes to credibility.
Although I'm not so sure why we needed the photo.
It's illegal to lie on your OCS application.
Your Honor, may I have a moment to confer with my witness? What the hell are you doing? You told me those documents were white noise.
I want you to keep your eye on the ball, Captain.
Lieutenant, were you, in fact, on a cruise to the Bahamas instead of where you claimed to be, helping children survive an earthquake on the Appalachian Trail? On the advice of my attorney, I invoke my Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) Not good, huh? Our case hinged on your testimony.
With the inconsistent statement in evidence, we are not confident that the panel will rule in our favor.
We were just discussing a deal with General Daley's lawyers.
What kind of a deal? If she accepts it, General Daley agrees to plead no contest to the charge of disobeying an order.
Her pay will be docked and her rank will be reduced, but all other charges will be dropped.
And she stays in the Marines? That won't be up to us.
Emma you need to enlist a defense attorney.
That essay was on an official application.
It could be considered fraudulent enlistment.
You may have to face a court-martial yourself.
We never should have done this.
I should have stayed in North Carolina, drowned out the noise, same as I always do.
PRINCESS: That, ma'am, is as close to free and clear as you could possibly get.
And Lieutenant Sloan? She could be court-martialed.
Well, that's up to her C.
I mean, this morning, you were facing a dishonorable discharge.
Tonight, the prosecution's gonna type up a deal that lets you walk out of here and head right back to your post.
Go home.
Enjoy the beverage of your choice.
We won.
General Daley.
I heard you were in the Judge Advocate Corps now.
Congratulations to you.
I heard about your son.
I'm sorry.
I'll pray for him.
Thank you.
You, uh, wanted to be a grunt, didn't you? When you joined up? Sure.
Of course.
Couldn't happen back then, obviously.
Who knows if I could have passed the course? Emma Sloan doesn't have to wonder.
She finished ahead of almost a third of the men.
She's the embodiment of everything you worked for, and now she's gonna lose her command and maybe even her commission.
All because of a stupid lie.
You think I'm happy about this, Glenn? I think you hate it.
I don't know you very well.
But we keep an eye on each other, don't we? The women who manage to squeeze through the door? You may not realize it tonight, General, but what happened today? It's going to haunt you.
What am I supposed to do? It's over.
There's no deal until we bring one to the judge.
I've dealt with Lieutenant Sloan's C.
He will want to refer charges against her, but I think I might be able to put my thumb on the scale.
Thank you.
I will need something from you in return.
For the charges against her to go away, the ones against you need to stick.
Ann Marie, it's time, for Emma and people like her to lead the way.
Those injuries.
I don't think Sloan will ever get her command back.
She deserves the chance to try.
Got a draft of the deal yet? It's close.
I, uh, I just can't really finish the last paragraph.
E-mail me when you're done.
I thought about warning you, when you started calling her Emma.
This gig can burn you up if you get too close.
Now, if only there was a book I could recommend.
Maybe something about a lawyer who gets too wrapped up in his latest case.
This again? I've already ordered a copy, and it's supposed to arrive tomorrow.
All right, then.
I'm impressed by your open mind.
Let me know if another read shows you the error of your ways.
Actually, I, um I only saw the movie.
You went to Stanford, undergrad and law school.
You read novels in your downtime, and you don't do it on one of those e-things - Not the same as a real book.
- your name is Harper Li, and you never read To Kill a Mockingbird? My advice? Avoid the sequel.
We'll have a draft of the deal soon.
You may want to stop writing.
Turns out there are some deal points left on the table.
I keep thinking about the court-martial.
I put Noah Hewitt away.
It's public record.
Why can't Swillce just use that? Why does he need me on the stand? Abe, it's okay.
You don't owe us anything.
I'm testifying.
It's not for me to decide where this all goes.
The only thing I can control is whether I'm willing to tell the truth about what happened to my friend.
It's gonna cost you.
My C.
says it could end my career.
I'll go with you.
We got you a coffee.
Uh, thanks.
I-I'm due in court.
Actually, your services aren't required here today.
- How do you figure that? - General Daly has opted to retain Captain Dobbins - as solo counsel.
- Since when? Since right around the time you cracked a bourbon bottle last night.
HARPER: General Daley couldn't live with the prospect of Emma Sloan losing her career to a court-martial.
The Judge Advocate's office was happy to extend our best assurances that no such proceeding will happen.
In exchange for what? A guilty plea.
We had her off scot-free.
And now she's going to lose her career.
On the other hand, she will be able to live with herself.
HARPER: Excuse us, Counselor.
(GAVEL BANGS) SOLDIER: I understand we have a new arrangement to discuss.
TREY: We do, your honor.
Captain Abraham, if you would raise your right hand.
Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God? I do.