The Code AU (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 We still don't know what really happened Carl.
We know exactly what happened! Our little girl is dead! You right? Or you need me to pat you to sleep too? Wouldn't be horrible.
Jesse? It's OK, it's me.
It's just you and me.
- Could you open it? - It's not standard encryption, which only makes it a more interesting nut to crack.
The first time I heard the word Lindara was when you called me on the way to the airport.
How about Physanto? What's wrong with him? Why can't he get any air? The girl who picks up Jesse after he's been screwed sideways for hacking Physanto is the daughter of a bioengineer who works there.
You spied on her? - I want you to go.
- Do the check.
- I want you to go.
- You watch her face.
Trina Daniels.
The last thing she printed was a breach report.
It has Jesse Banks' IP address on it.
Now if she gave that to King, could he find him? What you took, bring it to me.
- Let him go.
- (Screams) Help me, please.
If you just give the files back then all of it will be over.
(Train whistle) Theme music JESSE: Hi.
Leave a message if you want.
- (Beep) - Jesse, I need you to check in.
Hey, Jess.
You know I've got no idea where you are.
I went back the van wasn't there.
You need to just call me as soon as you can.
Jesse, I'm not fucking around! Call me.
Leave a message if you want.
(Horn honks) Um yeah - So how early is an 'early bird'? - Before 7:00.
And after that you're not an early bird? After that, the first hour's no longer free.
No longer free is the opposite of free.
Just means you have to pay for the first hour.
Yes, but I haven't been here for an hour.
(Horn honks) Um if you this is a car park and you're charging me to park my car when I didn't park my car.
If you have a 'driving around for one minute' charge, I'll pay for that.
What are you doing? Hey! Don't What are you doing? (Knocking) He ran over him? This is insane.
He wasn't behaving in a very friendly way towards us.
Leave a message if you want.
(Beep) Fuck! Has Jesse managed to unlock the code yet? No.
What's on the file? - What, you think they'd tell me? - I don't know, Hani.
I don't know what cosy relationship you've got with the cybercrime people or whoever is pulling your strings.
But what I do know is Jesse isn't he isn't put together like other people.
Whatever it is that you're up to, he's not qualified for it, OK? Yeah.
I kinda got that.
You realise that if I had any vested interest in getting myself out of this shit now, I'd be in Intelligence Central telling them exactly what happened.
But I'm not I'm here telling you exactly what happened.
Yeah, I'm getting that.
I just don't know why.
I want you to find him before they do.
(Phone pings) He'll probably never speak to me again, but maybe you could tell him that I wasn't lying.
My family are here on very delicate visas.
I didn't sell him down the river for nothing.
(Mobile rings) Ned Banks.
- Thanks for not calling the cops.
- Ah, it's alright.
I have, um I've got a cousin who's a little bit you know bent out of shape.
(Exhales) (Sighs) You definitely didn't see him get back up? I definitely did not see that.
But I was also definitely not looking.
I made a mess of things this time, right? We'll sort it out.
Not sure how yet, but We can't just leave him there, can we? 'Cause you would have my full support if that's what you decided to do.
Just forget we even own the house.
Jesse, we CAN'T just leave him there.
(Starts engine) (Tyres squeal) MAN: Yeah.
No, well, I didn't think so.
You know they're going to use this as a strategy to step away from the non-proliferation negotiating table? Hang on a second.
The journos scored ten years labour camp each.
Can you make sure there's a reassuring background for this? Sure.
- Morning.
- One of those for me? Unfortunately, they're all for his nibs.
Did he go home last night? No evidence of it.
Bradley's office have requested a meeting with the two of you.
At 5:30.
I've got the afternoon round-up at 5:30.
I know.
They know.
They didn't seem too worried about that.
About this North Korea thing? It's not the impression I got.
(Sighs) I'll take them in.
I he asked not to be disturbed.
By anyone.
You get heart palpitations, you can drive yourself to hospital this time.
Right now, words fail me, Glynnis.
What a relief.
I trust one day, someone will truly celebrate your gifts.
Hmm Get me Ken Johnson on the phone, please.
(Ding, ding) (Beep) Baba is all he has got a migraine, so he's lying down.
Hmm - You hungry? - No.
What happened to study camp? Oh, people weren't taking it seriously and I could get a lift back, so I thought I'd just bale.
Mama? What is it? (Sighs) Baba is all upset because one of his colleagues at work died.
Was killed, actually.
Who? You don't know her.
Her name was Trina.
She worked in the IT.
Baba didn't know her either, but he's very upset about this whole thing.
I want to know what they do there.
At Baba's work.
What does your father say? They spin the What going to Australia to spin fairy floss out of straw? He's been saying that since I was ten.
I'm not ten anymore.
I want to know.
He signed a confidentiality contract.
I'm not asking him.
- I'm asking you.
- Good.
Because I don't know.
And you think that that's OK? That some company's allowed to make you have secrets in your marriage? Honey, if I ask him, he will tell me.
But I choose not to.
'Cause I love him and because I know it's it's less stressful for him this way.
Life is complicated.
(Knocking) Put Hello? We have a warrant to search the premises for documentation related to potential breaches of the Immigration Act.
What?! I I don't understand.
I thought we went through this last Alelah.
What is it? They say they're from the Department of Immigration and Why are you here? Why are you here? - We've received some information.
- From who? We're not at liberty to say.
Oh, this is a fucking joke! Hani! Please.
Come in.
(Discordant soundtrack music) What do you need to see? - The documentation - Shh - Passports, licences - (Whispers) Come.
(Cuts engine) What are you doing? Well, we don't know what we're gonna find down there.
Don't think it's a smart idea to drive to the door, toot the horn and see what happens.
Come on.
(Footsteps recede) (Softly) Oi! (Ominous music) Fuck! Must have come in here to clean up.
The question becomes one of odds, I guess.
Can you lose that amount of blood and still drive two hours to the nearest doctor? Or do you pass out on the freeway and drive into a ditch? I don't have an answer for that.
That's disappointing on a number of levels.
'Cause I can't say with any conviction that I care about his wellbeing.
It would be nice to know I haven't killed anyone.
- (Car engine) - Shh.
Shh We gotta go.
Got to get out of here.
Come on.
Get out! Get out! Out the back.
Jesse! Come this way.
(Softly) Get down.
Down, down, down, down! There's no reason for me to look at that spot.
Alright, alright! I'm looking at it! You hacked into a system and stole some files that do not belong to you.
Come on.
The key.
Where's the key? Jesse, tell me you have the key.
I left it in the ignition.
And now it's not there.
- Tell me you have the fucking key! - I don't have the key.
- Where is it? - It's on the sink in the house.
Oh, fuck! You never leave the keys in the ignition at home.
(Thunder) (Exhales) (Engine starts) (Motor idles) Pencil.
Wonders never cease.
(Pants) (Gasps) (Mobile vibrates) (Sighs) (Mobile clatters) - (Mobile continues to vibrate) - (Sighs) (Breathes heavily) HANI: I don't know if you get it, but Jesse knows I'm shackled to you dickheads! Well, I'm gonna excuse myself from that one, - since I'm new to the crew.
- Really.
There's nothing more for me to do.
You can shake the visa tree as much as you want.
Jesse's done talking to me.
Listen, I didn't know about the raid.
- Coover didn't tell me.
- (Sarcastic) Oh! Now I like you so much better! He pulls that card every time I don't get up and dance to his stupid tune.
And if it was just me, then that's fine.
But my parents They don't sleep for weeks afterwards.
It just eats them.
You really like the guy, don't you? Jesse.
Even if I did, he doesn't really strike me as a second-chance kind of person.
Oh, come on, Hani.
You're a very persuasive young lady and the prettiest girl who's gonna ever look twice at him.
Is it for, like, some weapon or something? Doesn't matter what it's for.
It doesn't belong to him.
And there's too much money invested to let it go.
Come on.
Is it really that hard? I mean, given that it's actually in his best interests? Then I can go see Coover, tell him you're back on track and he can put the Immigration dogs back in the kennel.
I'd want something in return.
As a show of faith.
Oh, yeah? I want to see my file.
And I want to see my parents' file too.
Coover trots the visa thing out every time he wants something.
Threats about what would happen to my family if we got sent back.
I want to know what they did.
Or whether he's just stringing me along.
(Tyres squeal) (Coughs) - Here you go.
- (Gasps) (Mobile dings) Fuck! It's Hani.
(Reads) 'Frank James is a knob.
More at PMB.
' What does that mean? Well, Frank was Jesse James's plonker brother.
So in this instance, I've been cast as Jesse - and you as the idiot brother.
- Yes.
I get that incredibly sophisticated piece of comedy genius.
What does 'More at PMB' mean? I can only assume that she left messages in my private mailbox.
You know they can triangulate our location in, like, 25 seconds? Buy a pre-paid.
- This one's going on a trip.
- What? Let's go inside.
I'm very Just very, very hungry.
(Coughs) It's no good.
They're taking him to Broken Hill for some more tests.
There's something radically wrong with his lungs.
He keeps talking about some gas coming out of the truck.
But he's in and out of consciousness so I can't What you talking about gas? The manifest said the truck was carrying high-grade engine oil.
I don't know.
I don't know, Ned! I mean, nobody's saying it out loud, but it's not looking good.
Hey, uh I gotta go, OK? I can't think straight.
'Dear Mum ' 'May the year ahead be full of things you can actually remember.
' It's not like you to be so truthful.
Yeah, well, I'm tired.
What are you doing? I can find no logical explanation for this pain in my chest, so I'm providing a genuine reason for the discomfort.
Makes no sense.
I think about her and it triggers this crippling, painful feeling and yet ten seconds later I'm thinking about her again.
It's like putting your hand in a fire when you know very well it'll burn.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna go to the bathroom and then we'll go.
OK? (Phone chimes) C'mon, Jesse.
Let's go.
- Where are we going? - Broken Hill.
- (Knock at door) - Yeah.
Mr Bradley? Ms Walsh is here for you.
Thank you.
- Yeah, sit down.
- Sophie.
So, the newish Director of Communications.
It's, what six months in June? No regrets? None.
Would you like a cup of tea? Ben will happily get one brewing for you.
No, I'm fine, thanks.
If Ben could rustle up something more interesting than tea, that's another thing altogether.
- But otherwise, perhaps we could - No, of course not.
We're all busy.
Look, Sophie, we've had an alert.
This is not really my area, so let me refer to my notes.
OK ' is informing you of a significant breach of the applied access controlled list.
Attempted download of Physanto contracting and details of intellectual property licences.
At 7:25pm, the system logged the attempt.
Access was denied and the loss prevention system was activated.
' That's your computer, Sophie.
That's your username and your password.
Snooping around in places that you're not cleared to access.
I was shocked, shocked, I have to say.
But when I straw-polled a few people in the hall to see if there was any truth to the rumour that you might be digging around on behalf of a certain young journalist, not a single person, a single person was prepared to tell me that was crazy thinking.
Unless there's someone missing off the list that you can think of, Randall? Let me give you a bit of advice for free, Sophie.
You're young.
You're young, you think you know it all.
But I can tell you, you have not got a clue.
Once all the smart-arsed sneering from the bottom-feeders in the press gallery loses its gloss, you'll realise that the only reason anything gets done in this bloated, lazy, self-satisfied country of ours is because there's people here in this building who are prepared to do what it takes.
The jury's out on you.
But maybe we see this as an opportunity to have a good, hard think about whether you're here to play footsies with a bunch of press hacks or you're actually here to contribute something.
RANDALL: Sophie, stop, alright? I'll have a heart attack and you'll have to deal with it.
OOO, mouth-to-mouth.
Probably throw up and piss my pants.
I won't care how undignified things get I'll be dead.
Look, I'm sorry! He's a cock.
But in this instance, he happens to be on the money, does he not? 'Cause he kind of nailed it in there.
You were snuffling around, looking for some tasty morsel to feed your friend.
You cannot be seriously playing that card.
I know.
Marriage should disqualify me from such petty jealousies.
But there you go.
I don't know if it works anymore, Randall.
All this care in the carpark, nothing in the house.
Come on, Soph, these are not new rules.
No, they're not.
I just don't think I can stomach them anymore.
(Mutters indistinctly) - You're alright.
- No (Muffled) No, don't want you to do that.
- Wake up, Jess.
Wake up.
- (Gasps) It was just a dream.
- Where are you going? - I'm gonna go in.
You can come, you can stay here.
Um So, I don't really want to go in.
And yet I'm not too keen to sit here in the middle of what could be a dangerous carpark situation.
Nothing's ever simple, is it? Given that you know what's happened to me in hospitals, I'm gonna assume that comment was fuelled by the taxing drive you've just had and the lack of sleep.
- Hey, there.
- You took your time to come visit.
- Things got a bit hectic at work.
- That's a total lie.
What? It's true, you are an inveterate liar.
People should know that.
This is my brother.
Jesse, this is Clarence.
You know that he's telling people that he saved your life? I think he's telling women to, you know, influence their opinion of him.
Well, maybe he lies a lot but that one's true.
See, that's the thing they keep talking about diminished lung function.
And he's sure that it was gas coming out of the truck? - Why? - Something doesn't make sense.
The manifest said the truck was carrying high-grade engine oil, which wouldn't account for lung damage.
What about Sheyna's lungs? If Clarence's lungs were damaged by what came out of the truck, it stands to reason that Sheyna's would be too.
Sheyna's body was brought here.
The regional coroner flew in the next day.
That means the originating copy of the autopsy would've been made here.
I could remote in if I could get someone's credentials.
Yeah? Just give me a minute.
Locked my keys in the car AND the phone, so I can't even ring someone to come get me.
I'm just on hold.
'Out of sight, out of mind' it's that Gemini forgetfulness, isn't it? No? Don't agree? (Scoffs) Don't know.
Don't know any Geminis.
So you're not a Gemini, then? Aries? Cancer? If they don't answer soon, you might have to use the hall phone.
I actually need that.
(Buzz!) (Laughs) No way, really? That's crazy! Jesse! Come here.
Course you do, Su-Anne.
I would've got there eventually.
By the time you narrowed the field down to 'Ilovetoboogie67', we'd all have autopsy reports in there.
- Are you in? - I'm in.
And no-one can see you snooping around? They'll see Su-Anne taking the odd electronic medical record from the filing cabinet, opening it, and replacing it.
What are the chances of two Sheyna Smiths autopsied on the same day? What? She's coming back.
See ya, love.
Thank you.
Thanks for the phone.
Heart, brain, kidneys, lungs, blah, blah, blah normal.
This one, logged three hours before the second one 'Injuries to the parenchyma show significant discolouration and scarring.
There is evidence of structural damage and toxicity consistent with pneumonitis.
' Why not destroy the first one? The thing with electronic medical records is that they're almost as tightly controlled as bank records.
It's almost impossible to hide the history trace, which means you can't just change the results without people being able to see that they were changed.
Someone well up the system admin tree approved an update of the results.
They couldn't delete the first one altogether, but 99% of the time, the only one people will see is the most recent one.
The one which says her lungs look normal.
- Are you gonna be alright? - Mm.
We'll just drive out to Sheyna's mum's, have a talk and then we'll drive straight back.
(Car horn beeps) (Closes door) (Car engine starts) EADIE SMITH: What the hell is pneumonitis? NED: It's an inflammation of the lungs caused by a bunch of stuff, like smoking.
She didn't smoke! Chemotherapy? She never had more than a cold her whole life.
Or inhaling chemicals like sodium hydroxide, chlorine, mercury.
You think it was something to do with the accident? We're thinking whatever was on that truck burned her lungs.
And Clarence's too.
Someone's going to a lot of trouble to make sure people don't ask too many questions.
An autopsy report that says she died of injuries from the crash is much easier to explain away.
Clarence loved her, Eadie.
He didn't kill her.
- Can you get the original report? - Not officially.
I can't request it but you can.
Otherwise, the truth gets buried with Sheyna.
(Computer chimes) Did you just smell my hair? (Sniffs) Funny thing, perspective, isn't it? 'Cause we're all just made up of the same things.
You, me all just a collection of zeros and ones.
It just depends on which way you look at it.
Ugh! Selfies are for posers.
What are the creation dates? What are you doing, young lady? At the same time, every afternoon.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph, this is the key.
This is the.
the photos are the fucking key to the code! (Screams) MAN: (Thumps wall) Shut your bloody face, will ya?! Whoa.
- WOMAN: $2.
80, thanks, Ted.
- MAN: Thanks, love.
You ready for another one, Ted? What can I get you, sweetie? I would like a jug of bourbon.
You're probably gonna want to mix that with something.
I am? Does bourbon go with lemonade? Oh, my God.
Yep, it is me.
No, no, nothing's wrong.
I just Well, I did something great today.
And I think you would've been proud of me.
No, I know you're always proud of me.
But this time I would've actually done something to deserve it.
Well, I Oh.
No, Mum, you go and I'll talk to you another time.
Don't be.
OK, bye.
- How's the bourbon? - Oh, it's tremendous.
- Do you have children? - Yeah, four.
Oh, goodness! That must be nice for you.
Provided, of course, that you like them.
I'm not usually this chatty.
First time in the Hill? Nah, I promise you, mate.
I promise you, mate.
This is the stuff the tourists never see.
Too busy buying postcards and looking for the dunny.
Where exactly are we going? Oh, I don't wanna spoil the surprise, mate.
- Eh? No! - Hang on.
Hang on, hang on, hang on.
There's something I have to do.
My mum's birthday, you know.
Can't say I did.
Very, very kind of you, Carl.
Your name is Carl, isn't it? My name's Carl.
Come on.
Almost there, sunshine.
Just over here, eh? You're gonna love this, mate.
(Chuckles) Give us a drink.
Give us a drink! (Breathes heavily) Come on, you prick.
Come on.
Hit me! She won't do anything until she talks to Carl.
I'll go back round later.
(Sighs) You can crash here if you need to.
No, I should probably get back.
Which is what I've spent the last ten years doing.
Making sure I get back on time.
I would really like to not have to get back.
In case you were wondering.
That's you're very impressive.
No, I'm not.
(Phone rings) (Fast-paced music) My brother has just been brought in.
Jesse, Jesse Banks.
You got any information on him? He needs a support person in there with him.
Is Jesse Banks back there? Fuckin' bastards.
Thank you.
I haven't done anything yet.
Are you sure if the other guy pushed him, Jesse wouldn't retaliate? I've got over 20 years experience with his meltdowns and they're not pretty, but they don't look like that.
Thank you.
Where was I at 7:15 yesterday? I was in Lindara, the laptop was in Broken Hill.
This is what was on the truck.
'The truck was carrying UF6 uranium hexafluoride.
It is partially enriched uranium in gaseous form It can lead to pneumonitis or WMDs.
Please see attached.
' What is that? This is a screenshot of my computer.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
That's the file.
He cracked the fucking file.
Jeeesus Christ.
Is this what Jesse took from Physant ? What do you know about it? This is restricted data.
No wonder he's in so much trouble.
Why is it restricted? Every country on the planet has been trying to crack laser-enrichment for the last 50 years.
It's fast, small, efficient.
You can have nuclear power as quick as you can pull uranium out of the ground.
(Phone rings) Ned Banks.
That was the police.
I can see Jesse.
Um can I just leave this here? Course.
What would your boss say if he knew what you were about to do? If you're talking about Coover, strictly speaking he's not my boss.
They got me specially in from the Feds on this one.
Why? I've got some old connections they want to take advantage of.
That psycho who came after us? He's a friend of mine.
Can I have it, or do I have to beg? Have they talked to you much about it? And what life was like? Can I just read it, please? Ah-ha! We were beginning to worry.
Are you OK, honey? I feel as if my head will explode.
- Do you - Can I get you something for it? No.
I wanna feel it.
Please, let's eat.
As a family.
Remind me, Baba, tell me the story again how we got out of Iran.
You know the story, honey.
We applied at the same time as the Kazmis, didn't we? 'Cause I have this memory of Mina and I talking at school.
Laughing about how funny it would be if we ended up at school together in Australia.
Then suddenly they're taken.
I forgot the parsley.
Your brother's got himself into a bit of a predicament, Mr Banks.
Jut a little bit too clever for his own good, isn't he? In fact, if he hadn't tripped at the last hurdle, we might not be sitting here at all.
'Cause I'll be honest with you, we know exactly what he's been up to but the little prick keeps erasing his fingerprints, so we just haven't been able to get enough to manage a conviction.
Till now.
Aggravated assault.
With a deadly weapon? This says it was a beer jug.
This is open and shut, Mr Banks.
There's not a breath of question mark in it.
- (Knock at door) - Ian.
Come on in.
Fortunately for you, Ian Bradley has asked to make representation on Jesse's behalf.
So I'll leave you to it.
- I'll wait for your call.
- Thank you, mate.
Now I know you sense there's a bigger story going on here, Ned, but what you don't understand right now is just how critical things are.
And I also know your brother wasn't motivated by malice, which is why I've pitched for there to be some special considerations around his, ah charges.
What kind of special consideration? Well, aggravated assault could become common assault.
Which means that, ah,.
you're looking at community service instead of a custodial sentence.
Aggravated assault! So much easier for you.
Nothing more politically inconvenient to explain than a pub fight! He's um not really built for prison, is he? Lucky you had those two federal officers there in the unmarked vehicle to whisk him away nice and promptly.
Well, the equation would run like this.
You leave the Lindara story alone for now.
Which, um well, let's be frank, it was a it was an unfortunate fuck-up.
It wasn't some grand, masterminded piece of evil.
So, we do that and, ah and everything goes back to normal.
Jesse can go home and, ah you can resume the noble task of documenting the political cut and thrust of the day.
And Sheyna's family can go back to the normal business of burying their daughter, who was pushed off a cliff to cover up a nuclear enrichment program! No, we we did not we did not push her off a cliff, Ned.
And look, we're hunting with the full resources of the department for the person responsible for that, um that atrocity.
I can't believe you're blackmailing me.
Look, I haven't explained myself clearly enough.
You'll have the story, Ned.
You'll have the story.
The real story.
The accident was an unfortunate hiccup in something with much, much bigger stakes.
Much bigger stakes.
International stakes.
It's a story that will need reporting, that'll need to be done carefully and only through a single voice.
You see, far from blackmailing you, Ned, you're being offered you're being offered a real break.
Why should I feel discouraged Why do the shadows come Why does my heart feel lonely And long for heaven and home When Jesus is my portion A constant friend is he His eye is on the sparrow And I know he watches you and me.
No game of force.
No game of force.
Choice is absolutely yours.