The Code AU (2014) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 Welcome to the family.
They said they'd deport my parents unless I help them.
If you just give the files back then it'll all be over.
- (Car speeds off) - (Whimpers) I want to see my file and I want to see my parents' file too.
I want to know what they did.
Remind me how we got out of Iran.
We applied when the Kazmis did, didn't we? Then suddenly they're taken.
- MAN: Who's he? - Mason Cole.
He's our international partner on this.
- (Speaks foreign language) - He says it's incomplete.
- Things didn't go quite to plan.
- You go get the second half of those files.
The photos are the fucking key to the code! Is this what Jesse took from Physanto? Every country on the planet has been trying to crack laser enrichment for 50 years.
- My mum's birthday, you know.
- Can't say I did.
- MAN: Aggravated assault.
- MAN 2: With a deadly weapon.
He says it was a beer jug.
Fortunately for you, Ian Bradley asked to make a representation for Jesse.
You leave the Lindara story alone for now and Jesse can go home.
I can't believe you were blackmailing me.
You'll have the story, Ned.
The real story.
It'll need to be done carefully.
And only through a single voice.
He's not really built for prison, is he? The choice is absolutely yours.
(Door closes) Theme music TV REPORTER: prompting this statement later the same day from Minister Poulson.
It's an incredibly difficult time.
I would also like to express my distress at what can only be called hyena journalism from some sections of the media (Sighs) That is very off putting.
Someone should probably go and say something.
Hm? TV: my wife has battled postnatal depression for a decade, and media scrutiny over the past few days have almost certainly played a role in it.
- Leave it.
- No, it's OK.
I'd like to I would like to clean it up.
I know you would, I would like you to leave it.
(Sighs) Ned.
Ned! Why are you doing this? Avoiding me.
I'm not.
I'm right here.
As always.
I swear to you, Ned, one minute we were walking along and everything was very cordial and then the next minute he smashes the jug into his face.
- I did not do that.
- That would be the bourbon, Jesse.
The jug of bourbon.
It makes it hard to know exactly what happened.
I did NOT do that! It's done, Jesse.
- Please, don't walk away.
- It's done! It's done! It's done! Hi, Ned, it's Alex again.
She's called 14 times.
Is that a sign that it's done? ALEX: Are you there? I'm heading into Broken Hill.
It's really important that you get (Message tone) - It is done.
- (Doorbell rings) If it's Mr Barstow, tell him to put some clothes on.
(Phone rings) Fuck.
(Phone continues ringing) (Pants) - G'day.
- Can I help you? Yeah, we have a mutual acquaintance, Nico Gaelle.
But I'm having trouble finding him.
Mr Malik, is everything OK? Tell them to go away.
Everything's fine, Umar.
Thank you.
So you probably know there was some difficulties but they can be sorted.
Now I can get what you want.
- I'm sorry, I don't know - No, please.
Hey! I don't care if it goes through him or direct through you or you both decide to pass.
I'm just telling you there'll be an option to take it today.
You don't want it, I'll take it somewhere else.
I'd like to think Nico would benefit from this, given it was his baby.
But I'm not gonna wait around any more.
These were taken 47 minutes ago outside the Pakistani Embassy.
IAN BRADLEY: Who's in the back of the car? Mid-level employees.
An executive assistant and his wife.
The Maliks.
IAN: Oh, what did they say happened? They classified it as a personal matter.
(Scoffs) So selling stolen nuclear technology on the black market is a personal matter now.
Is there, ah, any more clarity on who the end purchasers are? We've had the European team looking at the information as it's come in, but so far these guys are playing it close to their chests.
- But you clearly don't think it's going to Pakistan? - We're sure.
They're just the middleman and they're operating off their own bat.
The Pakistani Government doesn't know what the Maliks are up to.
Shouldn't we bring them into the tent? I don't want to scare the horses.
We'll have to say sorry after the fact.
We'll have to? I think the grovelling is going to be all Australia's, isn't it? What's your bet? Iran.
I could be wrong.
There's a handful of rogue African states queuing up for it too.
Let's not forget North Korea.
Turns up on security tapes and embassies he's not really thinking straight.
He even coughs in your direction, we need to know.
(Phone rings) Should we get that? It might be important.
You expecting any important phone calls? Any life-changing revelations? No, not really.
No? Business as usual, then.
I know it's not an accurate indication of blood alcohol level, but you smell like you shouldn't be driving.
I'll get my job back, Ned.
I'll do something right.
And no worries, I can I'll I can walk.
Mate I know how many chances you've given me but I really want my job back.
That's not actually true, I don't want it back, but if I work to get it back, speaking in cliches, it might help prove to Ned that I can be part of the solution and not always, as is his belief, part of the problem.
HANI: Hey.
Jesse? Can you look at me, please? Hey.
Is that, um - Don't worry, I deserved it.
- You OK? Yeah.
I've missed you.
Ned was right.
About what? He said you lie and I When I was in primary school, Toby Jenkins used to take my lunch money once a week, he told me some crazy story and because I did not have the natural ability to determine whether he was telling the truth or not, I would give it to him.
Ned and my mum helped me to work out what to look for, signs of the lie.
Blinking, short sentences, movement of the eyes.
A way to check.
Not perfect.
But it worked most of the time.
Except for people who um lie all the time.
I'm not lying now, I missed you.
- You used me, you just wanted the files.
- Jesse, I I figured it out, by the way, without you.
Figured what out? The encryption cipher, I didn't need you, as it turns out.
You cracked it? I did, it was beautiful, I Jesse.
Jesse, I'm sorry I didn't want to hurt you, I tried to protect you, I did.
Jesse? - MAN: Jesse.
- Hey.
What's goin' on? Come in.
Well, why doesn't he? Mm-hm.
Well, get someone to brief him on the way up.
OK, bye.
This is what I received on the wire overnight.
It's the latest on the journos in North Korea.
Now this is why we've got a problem.
We've got journos sniffing for a nice, juicy story on the sex trade.
You know how it goes, they meet a man in a bar who'll promise to take them to meet some of the girls.
You're kidding.
As their guide accidentally takes them across the border - into North Korea.
- Oh, dear.
The guide works for the North Korean Government.
One pre-packaged crisis ready to go.
And they've got their reason to walk away from the negotiating table on Pacific Rim security.
- Yeah, exactly.
- (Phone rings) Hang on a sec.
Pam? No, we're going to have to move that meeting to next week.
Have I got five minutes till kick off? OK.
Pam Let me explain Sophie, it's not how it looks.
- From my day planner.
- Sophie You put it in the Poulson file to get Ned to Lindara and you didn't even have the balls to do it yourself.
Look, Sophie, it's an incredibly complex Really? From where I'm sitting it looks like incredibly simple.
Chicken-shit, cowardly, utterly spineless but very, very simple.
Take a minute, take a breath, we'll talk it though, OK? 'Cause there are unprecedented circumstances here.
I know you're going to spin me a great story, Randall, but I'd like to keep a clear head, make sure I make a decision without all that pesky emotional baggage clogging up the process.
Minister, some are questioning whether it's all a smokescreen proposed merely to stall the process.
What's not up for question is that this kind of saber-rattling brinksmanship is starting to wear very thin indeed.
- Next question.
- ALL: Minister! Minister! Minister! Let's have somebody new for today.
Ned Banks.
From Password.
Minister, our new role on the Security Council means that the US may ask us to oversee any sanctions against North Korea.
Would you care to comment on how this would be received? Good question, Ned.
Very good question indeed.
The last thing we want is to be forced into a position where we need to intervene in another country's local politics.
Now, having said that, having said that, we will not stand by and allow the rules of engagement to be dictated by a regime with a proven record for flouting international law.
We take our Security Council obligations very seriously.
Very seriously.
And we'll be doing all in our power to work with the other members to ensure a right and proper outcome.
- Minister, can you please confirm - Thanks very much.
No, we'll be providing another update later this afternoon or as and when things develop.
Thank you.
Well done.
We've got a meeting at one o'clock, I'll get my assistant to ring through the details.
Mama? (Speaks Persian) ('60s pop plays from other room) Maman? (Music stops) Don't you like the music? You planning to scream? No.
You know what I want.
Think I can guess.
Agh! (He grunts in pain) (She shrieks) (Pained breathing) So, one minute you're inciting me to smash every clause in my legally-binding government contract and then you're too busy to answer your phone? Not too busy.
Then what? Bradley put in a good word for Jesse.
- Why would he do that? - Why would he do that? Gee, Soph, I've spent the last 48 hours trying to work that out.
And how it fits into the whole carrot-stick equation.
I haven't got a fucking clue.
They could send him to jail in a heartbeat.
Instead they're offering me the chance to be the voice of the real story.
Provided I be a good boy and leave the whole Lindara accident out of the equation.
I beg your pardon? It's how they're treating you.
Treating you like the bunny.
I don't see I have much choice, Soph.
You look awful.
Oh, thank you.
Awful in, 'Still the most beautiful woman in the world who's on the cusp of having sex with me multiple times kind of way'.
Really? I think you're making it worse.
- I have improved since last time.
- Definitely making it worse.
I just don't know how to quit when I'm behind.
Maybe that's genetic.
I'm serious, you look like someone ran over your dog deliberately then sent you photos of it.
That's actually how I feel.
You can pick up the stuff you left at my place, they're in a box with my secretary.
- Thank you.
- Oh, and, um, you forgot this.
- Didn't say who it was? - Nah.
OK, thanks, love.
- Hello? - Hey, it's me.
Hey! What's going on, where you been? A lot of stuff's been going on, I dunno what's going to happen.
Listen, Alex, I haven't got long but there's stuff you need to know.
- The truck was carrying UF6.
- What? It's partially enriched uranium.
It's the gas that Clarence heard, it's what scarred their lungs.
Listen, Alex, you gotta get them to treat him for that at the hospital, and go to the accident site and tape it off or something because it might not be safe, there's no way of knowing how big the spill was or even if it was properly cleaned up.
- Ned, just slow down a minute.
- I can't, Alex.
I have to go.
I just I have to let the story drop for a while.
What? Why? - I things are complicated.
- Complicated? As in 'I'll get back on board as soon as I can' or complicated, 'have a nice life'? I'm sorry.
You know you don't have to say sorry to me, Ned.
But Clarence and Sheyna and Eadie, you tripped in here and you gave them hopes that you actually gave a shit.
But wait, something much more interesting has grabbed your attention.
Don't sweat it, Ned.
They're actually pretty used to it.
Hey, Kitty.
Who's that? We need to look after ourselves at the moment.
What do you mean? Every time you come, it just stirs things up again.
He wants to move on.
Kitty, we know what was on the truck, we know what hurt his lungs.
We're gettin' help.
The company is sending us specialists, they're paying for everything.
Physanto? He's getting compensation too.
Are they admitting responsibility? No.
It's better than nothin'.
Well, it better be a lot of money.
Hani? (Distant gasping) Hani, what? Hani! Hey, stop! Stop! What are you doing? Please let her up! I'm calling the police.
Throw your phone in the pool.
In the water.
Do you know why I am here? - No, I don't - I want the files.
What are you talking about, what files? Please, let's not do this.
Please, stop! Stop! Stop! I'm gonna assume you're not an idiot, Mr Parande.
I'm gonna assume that you left some kind of security door open to let your daughter and her mate hack in in the first place.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Please let her up.
Let her up.
What I want, Mr Parande, is for you to tell me that it can be done, that you can help her get in and make me another copy of the files.
I don't have the clearance, I never had the clearance, - I don't know what you're talking about.
- Please, please, let her up! Please, please, let her up! Please! Please! (Sobs and gasps) Since the breach, I'm telling you, I swear I tell you the truth only the board of directors have the access keys.
I'm so sorry, but I can give you money I don't want your money.
OK, I guess she's useless, then.
- I don't know him.
- It's not what it looks like, Baba.
He's going to kill us.
Not if he gets what he wants.
But I don't have it! - I got into trouble last year.
- What trouble? Computers.
More computers? The police gave me a choice.
They said they wouldn't charge me if I helped them out sometimes.
- I'm sorry.
- You're sorry? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for the things I have done.
I did this to give you a chance to live differently and what have you done with that chance, you've thrown it away.
Thrown it in my face just so you can show off how clever you are to your friends.
I didn't ask you to sell them down the river.
I know what you did, Baba.
I read your file.
I know you informed on Mina's family and I know that they didn't survive.
You don't understand, Hani.
No, probably not.
But I know what would happen if we get sent back to Iran and that's what they hang over my head every time I say that I've had enough.
What are you talking about? - - Speak English.
Please, you don't have to do this.
I won't scream, I promise.
(Muffled scream) (Sobs) No, please don't hurt them.
No, please don't hurt them! Please! (Sobs) I'll get you what you want! You can get the files? Jesse.
Jesse still has it.
He decrypted it.
(Sobs and yells) Is that his number? - - Let's see if he cares.
(Grunts) (Truck horn) (Glass smashing) (Children laughing) MISSY: Mum! Mum! Missy! Get out of the water, love! All you kids, get out of the water now! - What are you doing? - Missy, get out! All of you, get out! Get out of the bloody water! Please, the water's no good.
You've got to get them out.
- Mum! - I want you kids out now.
GET OUT OF THE WATER! It scars the lungs.
It's a restricted substance.
It's not even supposed to be in the country.
Alex, it sounds You think I could make this up? You think I'd want to? No.
This gas, when it comes into contact with moisture, it reliquifies.
The accident happened near the waterhole.
I know that it sounds insane that it could happen here but it did, something happened, and everybody's working so bloody hard to look the other way.
You're saying that someone put Carl up to picking a fight with a journo's brother? And that's part of the whole story.
Yeah, I know that sounds nuts but take it from me, Jesse is a mouse.
Carl could blow him over.
Alright, I'll have a talk to him, OK? Thank you.
- Alex.
- Is she alright? She's fine.
Vitals are fine.
We checked her skin, her lungs, breathing What do you think is wrong with her? (Sighs) Nothing, I hope.
BOTH: Thank you.
- Hey, angel.
- Could I come to yours tonight? Miss I live here too, you know, Mum.
Do you ever think about that? Come on.
Hey, babe.
Um, yeah.
Can you give me a call back as you soon as you get this? It's important.
Just call me back.
- (Phone rings) - Hey.
Why didn't you pick up, sweetheart? No, no, everything's fine.
Listen, sweetheart, and this is probably nothing but if Andy King comes over to the house, I don't want you to let him in, OK? No, no, no.
Look, it's just.
it's complicated, OK? He's in the middle of something at the moment and he's not thinking straight.
Um, he probably won't come there but you never know.
Why hasn't he called? (Muffled whimpering) (Breathes heavily) - Talk soon.
- King's back on the grid.
He's getting sloppy.
Hey, can you give me a ten-minute headstart before you call this in? Wants to talk.
(Breathes heavily and painfully) (Phone buzzes) You stuck in traffic or something? You wish, mate.
You gotta know they saw you at the embassy, Andy.
You know that, don't you? - I was in a rush.
- What are you doing, Andy? What are you gonna sell this thing with the potential to fuckin' to end the world to any nutter with a bucket of cash? (Laughs) If that's how you wanna see it, mate.
Last time I looked, you would have died to stop something like that.
I mean, Christ! Andy, what would Sharon think? (Crying) No, don't, don't you dare.
OK, mate? They didn't even give a shit about her while she was alive.
Don't you fuckin' dare use her name here.
- (Breathes heavily) - Mistakes get made.
(Sighs heavily).
Ahh Yeah, mistakes get made.
That kind of sums it all up.
Don't you think? So, wondering it's a crazy idea, I know, but is there any way out from there? A way out? What do you think this is? For old time's sake.
Andy, you killed two people.
(Crying) Andy? Andy, are you alright? What is it? Andy, I'm close.
I'm five minutes away.
What is it? Your girl cut me.
OK, you sit tight, mate.
You sit tight.
- We'll get you to hospital.
- Hey.
We'll sort this thing out, huh? Sit tight.
- G'day.
- Andy! Andy! Andy, Andy, you stay with me.
Andy, you stay with me.
Andy, you there? Andy? (Ominous piano music) Dean, I need another favour.
I want you to track a number for me.
(Phone rings) - (Phone rings again) - Oh, for fuck's sake.
Yeah, I was in the middle of something.
Well, no, I'm here now.
No, no, look I've got it covered.
I'm on to it.
Look, I had to make a decision on the spot.
I couldn't very well farm it out to a committee.
You made me graymail! That was your call.
You can't just Yeah, look, I'll call you when there's news.
(Wheezing) (Whimpering) (Screams) Better than slowly, take my word for it.
- Who are you? - I'm an associate of Andy's.
Where is he? Where is Andy? Let's just say, he got tripped up by his unruly emotions.
It's always the way, don't you think? The greater the emotional investment, the more likely things are to run off the rails.
Heart over head, it's a recipe for disaster.
Are you certain your friend has the files? What are you doing? I think we should call him again, make it a bit more urgent.
- Please, please, I'm trying to help you! - I know you are.
But sometimes you can try a bit harder.
(Whimpers) Danny! (Phone beeps) (Muffled screaming) (Wailing) (Phone rings) - Jess.
- ON PHONE: You say she lies.
You don't trust her, right? She lies.
She lies.
I don't believe her.
Wh hang on, who lies? Who don't you believe? Hani.
She says they have her.
They sent a video.
- I can't see her, though, Ned.
- Hang on.
Slow down.
I can't see her face, so I can't do the check! - I don't know if she's lying! - Jesse, where are you? - Jess, just get home, OK? I'm gonna come now.
- Oh, God! Just go home, alright? Yeah.
Ah, hi, this is Ned Banks from Password.
Can you let the deputy know that something's come up and I'm not gonna be able to make it.
Apologies for that.
- Jess.
- Do you think it's true? OK, what's going on? (Hani screams) They took Hani.
- Oh, my God.
- Like they took me.
- Is this real? - Like they took me.
- Like they took me, Ned! - Calm down, Jesse.
Jesse, calm down, look at me.
This is not the same people.
It isn't.
The people who took you, they don't send videos.
Then who took her? No.
Oh! God! Oh, God.
Oh, God! (Gasps) She texted me earlier but I didn't believe her.
They want the files, Ned.
But you don't have the files.
The police have your copy.
Don't they? Hello, Mum.
Oh! Hello, poppet.
You look terrible.
I am terrible, Mum, something very terrible is happening.
That's no good.
Need to talk to Dad about that.
Don't think I can manage terrible today.
Did you get the birthday card that I sent? - I sent you a birthday card.
- I think I'm gonna start having more fish.
Mum? The birthday card? I sent you a card.
It had flowers on the front.
Roses and camellias, in fact.
Do you like this? It's beautiful, Mum.
- Language, Jess.
- Erm, Mum, there was a little USB inside the card, a little plastic brick.
I need it, I need you to, um, remember.
I knew I shouldn't have fucking sent it here! Fuck! (Gasps) Come on.
You look tired, darling.
You should tell them to go easy on you, you've got a family to support.
(Thunder rumbles) (Rain patters) (Woman moans) (Speaks Persian) Maman? (Breathing loudly) Shhh.
Maman! (Cries) Shhh.
You have to stop crying, Hani (Cries) and get yourself together.
I just want someone to come and get me.
I want Baba to come! I want Jesse to come! - No, no, no.
- Why won't he come? That's not the way to think.
I know, I know.
I pretend to be so tough, but how long was it before I gave him up? Before I fall over myself, giving them his name? It is like that for us all.
We get to see how close is our fear when the threat is to someone we love.
You're the reason Baba informed on the Kazmis.
Such a terrible price he paid because I couldn't keep my mouth shut! He still dreams of them.
He dreams what happened to them, because of his choice to save you from their torture.
Hani, if you're going to survive this, you have to give up this idea that this boy will save you, that Baba joon will save you.
When you truly believe that no-one is coming then you will be free.
(Sombre music) (Thunder rumbles) Maman joon, please stay.
We need to think about this.
There's nothing to think about.
We give it to them.
We don't know who they are.
- They could be selling this to anyone.
- I don't care.
- Jess Jesse.
- I don't care about that.
No! No! I stole it and they want it, and Hani's in trouble because I have it.
- We are giving it to them.
- OK, Jess, OK.
But after we make sure Hani's OK, we're gonna call the police.
I don't care what you do after that, as long as Hani's OK.
(Phone rings) Another triumph of the heart over the head.
(Continues ringing) Must feel gratifying that he values your life so highly.
Hello? - We have what you want.
- All of it? All of it? Yes.
But first we want to make sure that Hani is OK.
We're gonna need to see her.
Now, this is not a negotiation.
I tell you how this is going to work and you listen.
(Phone rings) - Dean.
- Got a location on that phone.
Go ahead.
Stand by.
JESSE: Is that him? I don't know.
How would I know? It must be him.
You know what to do.
- Jesse, stop Jesse, stop! - Let's go.
Why aren't Just fucking stop! Ned.
Jesse! Alright, now, you stay in the car.
Don't do anything, wait for my call.
You got your phone? Yeah.
I'm gonna make sure that Hani's OK, then I'll call, just like we talked about.
Wait for my call.
- OK.
- Don't get out of the car, please.
Stay here.
Thank you.
You got it? Yeah, but I wanna see Hani first.
This is a trade.
You've gotta give something to get something.
Not till I make sure it's real.
Get in.
I have an associate watching everything that's happening.
'Course you do.
Get in.
(Frantic music) Stop the fucking car! Stop the car! (Screams) (Grunts) Oh! Where is she? There's more here this time.
So far it seems OK.
- Put the gun down, mate.
- Where is she? I don't know what you're talking about! (Screams) (Wails) Spot on the wall, mister! Do not look away! Do you understand?! WHERE IS SHE? Where is she? Are you talking about Hani? Has someone taken Hani? - Is that what's happening? - Yeah.
Jesse, I'm looking for her too.
- OK? - You're lying.
- I'm not lying.
- Where is she? - I don't know.
- Are you blinking? Did you blink? I'm not blinking.
OK, Jesse? Do you want me to blink? I can blink, but I don't know where she is.
- What's wrong? What's happening? - It's encrypted.
Unless I've got the key, it could be anything.
I don't have it.
When I see Hani, then I'll call my brother.
You'll call him now.
- No.
- Call him.
Just tell me where she is, please! Jesse, I want to help you find her.
OK? I can help you find her.
But we can't do that if we're fighting.
OK? So put the gun down.
Put the gun down and let's talk.
You don't want to do this.
You don't want to do this, Jesse.
(Phone rings) - Jess? - I don't know what to do.
- Just hang tight, mate.
- Have you seen Hani? - Have you seen her? - Not yet.
No! Just tell them, Ned, please.
Jesse, don't tell them anything! - I don't care about - No, just hang tight, mate.
- anything.
Just her! Please! - Don't say anything! - No, Jesse, calm.
- Please! - Jesse.
- It's the last JPEG! - Don't tell 'em, Jesse.
- The key is the last JPEG in the photos folder! Is it all there? Yes.
What about Hani? Where's Hani? Silver ute.
Silver ute.
She's in a silver ute, mate.
Yeah, yeah.
(Music mutes scream) (Tense music builds)