The Code AU (2014) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 (Truck horn blasts) RANDALL: Does the Prime Minister know about this? Need to give the reptiles in the gallery - something to chew on instead.
- Randall, this is Graeme.
Are you trying to make me feel better about knifing him or yourself? Some things are not worth knowing.
COOVER: We know exactly what he's been up to but the little prick keeps erasing his fingerprints so we haven't been able to get enough to manage a conviction, until now.
You leave the Lindara story alone, then Jesse can go home.
I can't believe you're blackmailing me.
- Who's he? - Mason Cole.
He's our international partner on this.
Please, don't hurt me! I can do what you want! - Can I help you? - Yeah, we have a mutual acquaintance.
Nico Gaelle.
- NICO: I'm an associate of Andy's.
- Where is he? Let's just say he got tripped up by his unruly emotions.
You made me graymail.
That was your call.
You can't just JESSE: I stole it and they want it, and Hani's in trouble.
We are giving it to them! Just tell them, Ned! Where's Hani? Silver ute.
Hey? You two need to get the hell outta here.
No, we're not going anywhere.
You've got six, maybe seven minutes tops.
We have to go on the record about this.
We're not going anywhere.
And explain what? What, your brother stole classified nuclear technology and you just passed it on to the black market? Just take your brother and run.
Get the hell outta here! Theme music Can't even begin to imagine how your report on this is gonna start.
I got some ideas.
- So what about Hani? - Not the priority.
You know, Joyce, since you seem so hell bent on behaving like a one-man police state, knock yourself out.
- JESSE: What are you doing? - NED: I need some cash.
No, they'll trace it in, like, 25 seconds.
25 seconds? Well, at least we'll be able to get the fuck outta here.
But I just said we need to find Hani and I don't see how we could find Hani Jesse, you're not getting it, are you? Right now, if the police pick us up, they're gonna lock us up and throw away the key so there are a bunch of things that I'd 'like' to do.
I would like to find the files and put them back where we found them so the charges against us aren't quite so insane.
I would also like to find Hani so that I don't have to think about letting her die for the rest of my life.
But right now I don't have a clue how to do either of those things.
I just wanna get some money out so we can get outta here if we have to.
OK? Well, we need a full media blackout while we work out what to do.
Christ knows how we're gonna land this without losing our heads.
We're in the suite in 15 to discuss strategy.
Get Sophie to do the briefing.
Some genius has a question about the nuclear black market or laser enrichment, they're issues with national security implication and comment will be made if and when a proper risk assessment will be made as soon as we can, etcetera, etcetera.
Once that's done, send her to the bone yard.
Put her where she can't do any more damage.
I'm happy to pass the news on to Walsh if you're not up to it.
(Phone rings) Jim? Yeah, I'll be there in three minutes.
RANDALL: Bradley told me about the accident in the desert.
The real problem wasn't a dead kid.
It was the cargo and clean-up.
Slow news week, throw Poulson to the wolves.
Keep that press gallery busy.
So, you helped cover up a murder and then, 'cause you have an ethical wobble in the middle of the night, you use me to try to claw back some sort of moral high ground? I came looking for you after the meeting.
I sat at your desk trying to figure out whether or not I had the balls to spill it myself.
I tossed a coin, Soph, put Lindara out to fate.
Leave a clue.
Nothing obvious.
See if fate would act.
I don't think they give medals for pointing out there's a grenade on the ground, Randall.
I think you actually have to throw yourself on it.
- So what do you wanna do? - Oh, Christ! You make it sound simple.
It's not really a 'six of one' choice.
I knock on the PM's door, I stick the knife into one of his ministers and his Chief of Staff, that'll buy me friends for life on both sides of the house.
Or I say nothing and I sink down into the swill with the rest of you.
There's a directive to make the next 48 hours watertight and your friendship with Ned Banks puts you out of the picture.
I want you to focus on this press release instead.
Poulson's first day back tomorrow.
Significant after all that's happened.
Is this meant to be funny? Is this some ironic little witticism 'after everything that's happened'? Will be worth your while, Sophie.
Talk to Poulson.
How is this helping us to find Hani? If you could just tell me how this There was a sticker on the van.
Some kind of parking sticker with a symbol on it.
Yep, that's it.
That's it there.
Hey, er, excuse me, mate? Can I borrow your phone? I've just got a 30-second call to make.
- Sure.
- Thanks.
I wanna make a call as well.
Hang on.
- Who are you gonna call? - Hani's place.
- Maybe her parents heard something.
- That's a really bad idea.
Who made you the grand arbiter of everything? Can we not do this now, please? Hello, yeah.
I backed into one of your students' cars this morning and I wanted to leave a note but I didn't have anything with me so I got the registration, it's, um, YGS-73R.
Near the main quad.
Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
Jess? Let's go.
- That's alright, man.
He's an overseas student.
He lives on campus.
Where are the files? Jesse, look in the back of the car.
Where are the files?! The USB stick, where is it? Where's the guy with the files?! (Gasps) Please! - I beg you.
- Who are the calls from? Is that the guy that's taken her, the caller? Ned? (Groans) No! No! Ahh! (Gasps) What's his name? Nico.
Nico Gaelle.
- Where is he? - I dunno.
- That's the caller.
- What's next? I dunno! I swear to you! He only contacted me.
(Coughs and splutters) What's he gonna do with the files? What's next?! You need to send an ambulance to 477 Parson Road, Fishwick.
That's where the number is being billed to so there's a chance that's where Hani will be.
And you need to speak to Lyndon Joyce.
Tell him that Nico Gaelle will be delivering the files to the Pakistani Embassy in the morning.
He will secure the USB inside a diplomatic satchel and it will be flown out of the country.
Something about that is not right.
You got a name on the contact or any idea where the files are going? No.
That's all I could get.
- The embassy thing, it doesn't - Shh! Shh! I'm gonna chuck this phone but I'll get in touch later.
What? It's technology.
The thing with the satchels doesn't make any sense.
It's on a USB stick.
They could just email it.
Satchels don't make sense.
I don't know.
I haven't a background in trading nuclear secrets.
Maybe there is a reason.
Or just put in a briefcase and take it on a plane.
- That'd make more sense.
- I don't know.
- Not my job to improve their plan.
- But it doesn't make any sense.
- Just leave it.
- I'm trying to understand and Fuck, Jesse! Not everything in the world will make sense to you.
Alright? Can we just go and, er, get Hani, please? (Groans) (Whimpers) - (Moans) - It's OK.
It's OK.
It's OK.
I'm police.
I'm police.
- (Whimpers) - It's OK.
It's OK.
- Have you found Hani? - Not yet.
- (Phone rings) - (Groans) This is Lyndon Joyce.
Where? They'll take her to, um, the Emergency, right? - Even if she's - Yeah.
Yeah, they will.
So, come on.
The place will be crawling with cops.
- I don't care.
- Jessie, there's nothing more we can do.
I don't care.
Don't care.
I just wanna see her.
So are you gonna drive me or am I gonna walk? - Jess - No! No! No! I'm tired, Ned.
I'm tired of the whole fucking thing! You know what I'm most tired of? You! - Here we go.
- No! - Oh, fuck.
- You think I don't see it.
But I do, I see it all, all the eye rolling and the sighing and I'm done with it, Ned.
I just can't stomach it a minute longer.
Oh, poor fuckin' you, Jesse.
You think anyone ever asked me if I wanted to be chained up, like a pair of fuckin' dysfunctional Siamese twins? Don't! You are sacked.
So feel free to toddle the fuck off and get on with your own life.
You wanna explain that to me? I might be being completely paranoid but while the computers are on that means the mics and cameras can be activated which means that they can see and hear anything we say.
You don't think they'd just put a plain old watch on the building? Maybe I got in without being noticed.
- What? - You, um - You're a bit of a mess, Ned.
- Oh.
Jesse and I had a bit of a misunderstanding.
What's your best-case scenario? Hope to Christ that the cops intercept the files at the embassy in the morning so that the size of the hole I have to dig us out of isn't quite so enormous.
- And if they don't? - Fuck, Perry.
If they don't, then I'm the guy who handed over the big red button to Christ knows which brand of lunatic who wants to start the next nuclear war.
I knew it was a mistake, I knew it was gonna go to shit but I talked myself into it.
What's the alternative? Just let Hani die? I didn't do it save her.
I did it for Jesse, just like every other fucking decision I make.
He's he's so There's not a pocket of life that's not eaten up by his stuff.
I know it's not his fault.
But he just sucks the air out of everything.
I'm fucking suffocating.
Sometimes I just fucking hate it.
I hate him for making me do it.
Not supposed to say that.
I'm supposed to be bigger than that.
I just don't think I'm that big anymore.
I already got dinner.
Your friend Robin insisted.
(Phone beeps) - Hey there, Robin.
- Hey there, you! - I'm sorry.
- No, I'm sorry.
I sacked Ned.
- Well done, you! - I guess.
But if the police find us, um there are a number of very crap options available.
He got away with the files, didn't he? The guy, Nico? He did.
So, there's a pretty good chance that I might not get to see your face ever again.
But I would very much like that.
The last time I saw it, things were not so amicable between us.
- I'm not looking my best right now.
- I don't care, Hani.
Please? You definitely do look better without the bruising but you are still the most beautiful person on the face of the Earth.
I'm scared, Jesse! Yeah.
Me too.
What are you gonna do now? (Knock at door) - (Cries) - Maman! It's alright, Maman joon.
It's alright.
(Speaks native dialect) (Speaks native dialect) No more, huh? Did Nico say anything else? Even if you don't think it matters.
Just the phone calls.
There were no details.
It was pretty vague.
Yes, no, yes, no.
When he was on the phone, it was like he was being civil but he was faking it.
Like, he was saying all the right things but what you really felt like doing was stabbing him in the face.
Like the way I sometimes speak to you.
And then, at the end, he got a bit defensive saying not to forget that he was a grey man.
A what? A grey man? Grey male? M-A-I-L.
- Graymail.
- What does that mean? It's someone who can expose an intelligence operation.
He's an asset.
I dunno how you do things back home but last time I looked, we don't actually sanction murder here.
It was not a directive, Lyndon.
Andy King's dead because you paid some shitbag to to to keep him on the hook.
His arm wasn't twisted.
He made his own bed.
And you kept him on! You kept him on! While everything was crashing and burning you kept him on and you sent me out to prop him back up! I should've shot him in the face, myself.
It would've been kinder.
He fucked up.
He made that choice, not us.
And, you know, the single redeeming contribution he had left to make is that he will play a part in bringing a trail of other black market players down with him.
From where I'm sitting, he had a pretty generous run.
(Door opens) Un-fucking-believable.
WOMAN ON RADIO: All units, please confirm your positions.
MAN: Unit three confirming position on corner of Wilson and Connolly.
Copy that.
WOMAN: Unit two in position behind the embassy building.
MAN: Unit four travelling.
New position at the intersection of AF3 and Coronation.
Six have confirmed the suspect is in transit.
Suspect is in transit.
WOMAN: Suspect vehicle travelling west on Mine Road.
Here he is.
MAN: Unit four.
We see him.
Give him time to get the files in the satchel and then we need to find out which satchel the USB's in and its destination.
Need to identify who the buyer is.
Gaelle's to be arrested and taken in for processing.
And no footage of Gaelle.
Clear? His identity's being withheld.
Nothing is to be broadcast until we've signed off on it.
Move! MAN: Secure the perimeter.
No-one comes in or out.
Police! Federal police! Get down on your knees! - Put your hands on your head.
- On your knees.
COLE: Get Gaelle.
- Federal police officers! - Get down! Get down! - What is the meaning of this? - This is a federal operation.
You're obliged, under the PS 2008 Intervention in International Mail to hand over any and all diplomatic satchels.
This is your copy of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade authority to seize.
(Speaks native dialect) This is an outrage.
You cannot do this.
We have complete immunity.
- You've forfeited those rights, Mr Malik.
- North Korea.
Three in total.
Jesus! Jesus Christ.
Get that Jesus.
Oh, shit.
Where's Gaelle? Who the fuck are you? I don't understand.
What's going on? He's played 'em.
REPORTER: Sketchy details are starting to emerge but what is clear is that this network of nuclear black marketeers is both highly sophisticated and extremely well-funded.
We can't yet identify the key international players but what we do know is this.
Teams of police are now being briefed right across the Mid East and the Asia-Pacific regions.
I think I will join the fray.
What are you doing? Um I dunno.
I think I should try and find Jesse, I suppose.
What? What are you gonna do? You gonna trawl around calling his name from the rooftops.
They could already have him, or he could be hitchhiking to Bolivia 'cause he's finally had enough of you.
I mean, you bang on and on about never being free of him.
Well, whether you like it or not, that's what you got.
So you can spend the next five hours, maybe the next five days, if you're lucky, hunting for Jesse before they find you.
Or you can have a crack at proving what you know.
Saving your own arse.
These extraordinary measures would not have been taken unless absolutely necessary.
The Prime Minister's en route and he's spoken with the Pakistani President, who's extremely anxious to see the technology returned back in safe hands.
What also requires delicate handling is the apparent revelation that the buyers were North Korea.
Now, I want to very clearly say, very clearly say, that we're not yet in a position to confirm this yet but it certainly sits in the context of a clear pursuit of an accelerated nuclear arsenal, regardless of international condemnation.
Cause for a pre-emptive strike, Mr Bradley, is that the sort of alignment you're talking about? - Ah, Mr Benson.
How unsurprising.
- Securing the Asia-Pacific, we'd be very popular with the allies for serving up a reason for them to flex their muscles in the neighbourhood.
Officer, could you please encourage Mr Benson to take his seat or his medication, or his leave? What information can you share with us about the murder of Shayna Smith in Lindara? Because it was the cover-up of that murder, was it not, that allowed for the apparent nuclear theft to occur? So what I wanna do now is hand over to Detective Inspector Coover to answer any operational questions.
Thank you, Malcolm.
Thank you.
- Sure you wanna do this? - No.
I'm not sure at all.
Well, this is it.
- Jesse? Sorry.
- It's OK.
A little anxious.
Yeah, I can see that.
I think it's gonna be less easy for me to do this the longer we wait.
- What are you doing here? - I'd like to talk to Eadie? - What the fuck are you doing here? - I just wanna, um, talk.
What's he doin' here?! Just hear him out, Carl.
Then he'll go.
I don't care what he wants to fucking say! Not today! MISSY: Let him speak, Carl.
So the cops put you up to it? They said their hands were tied, that no-one would blame me if I took you out the back and kicked the shit outta ya.
If I let you get a few in then, bonus, they'd charge you with assault too.
But you didn't really step up, did ya? I don't think it agrees with me.
'Fuckin' tragedy,' they said, 'What happened to your daughter.
' And they started talking about you two rockin' up from the city, stirring up trouble looking for some kind of scoop for the newspaper.
Fuckin' journalists.
Kids wagging school, causing trouble.
The cops said that's what you'd write about it and I couldn't let that happen.
She wasn't that! She was a good girl.
She was so goddamn sweet.
(Cries quietly) (Door opens) NIKO: I wanna speak to Mason Cole.
We had a deal.
Call him! I need to speak to Mason Cole.
(Grunts) (Grunts and groans) I reckon Ned's probably pretty worried about you.
Ned is, I would wager, neck deep in an orgy of relief.
(Phone rings) - Hello? - Hey.
You OK? Depends whether you mean physically or metaphorically or psycho-spiritually.
(Laughs) You're calling from Alex's phone.
I am.
I'm, er, in Lindara.
What? - How? - I hitchhiked.
You hitchhiked to Lindara with strangers? Well, I think it would an oxymoron hitchhiking with people who are not strangers.
But I think the more significant thing is that I spoke to Carl and he's gonna drop the charges so, there, you can't use me as an excuse anymore.
I'm here being a part of the solution, Ned, not just trying to be a part of it but, um, being a part of it.
Drinking with me? There'll be all sorts of talk by the morning.
I think they're a bit busy gorging on North Korean barbecue for the minute.
So first day back.
I know it'd be easier for everyone if I just skulked off into a corner but I earned every cent of my ministerial retirement.
Graeme, it was us that leaked the pictures.
In fact, it was me.
I did it.
I'm so sorry about Marcia.
I don't wanna denigrate what you do, Sophie, but in this instance I'm assuming you were just a glorified mail woman.
You're not gonna tell me who, are you? And yet you invited me for a drink.
Randall Keats' suggestion.
That's interesting.
Do you know anything about a company called Physanto? I worked with Bradley in Resources when the project first got funded.
Bradley was part of the funding process? Approved 36 million in development but he wasn't stupid enough to identify it as funding for nuclear technology.
The Youngmar lease was his baby too.
But there's nothing to mine there.
The explorations searches came back with nothing.
You think Bradley doesn't know that? He wasn't proposing we take anything out of the ground.
He was proposing we put something in it.
We've cooked up some technology which makes the most dangerous waste in the world so someone needs to store it for the next 10 billion years.
And we get to earn twice.
- Cradle to grave.
- Kaching.
- I don't think you'll find much left of interest in there.
- Jesus Christ, Randall! Fuck! Assuming you're looking for anything that covers the Physanto deal.
I did save this for you.
Perhaps you could give it to Ned Banks as a present.
The Youngmar Station lease.
I have the rest in here.
So, if I may be so bold, since there is a grenade with my name on it, maybe just maybe you could take a breath and, um, just remember that you can do more good on the inside, however pleasurable it might be to ride out in blaze of righteous glory.
So I turned in my resignation.
Oh, 13 minutes ago.
Would you like to have a drink with me, for old time's sake? I think I'm gonna pass.
It's bound to be a big day tomorrow.
Best be sharp.
(Phone rings) Hi.
Oh, Randall, actually there is something you could do for me before you go.
OK, well, text me when you're leaving.
We can talk through the figures in the car on the way.
You've gotta be kidding.
Why are you here, Banks? I thought that if you knew how much I know, you might see the value in pulling a few strings to minimise the impact for us all.
Bit like you did with Jesse when he got himself in trouble out west.
Is this you attempting to blackmail me? 'Blackmail'? That's a bit harsh.
I like 'bargain'.
'Barter' is good.
Or I could write the lot in a book.
Those prison autobiographies always do well.
(Laughs) Oh, you're really very funny, Banks.
Correct if I'm wrong, but you're currently wanted by the police, are you not? You were told that when Andy King ran into those kids, he was on the cusp of stealing the nuclear technology.
You knew but you let it run because you wanted to deliver the big story about the scary North Koreans and justify God knows how much spending in order to secure the Asia-Pacific region.
Such a vivid imagination, Mr Banks.
I wonder if you'll be so obsessed with civil liberties when the neighbours have a nuclear missile pointed in our direction.
It's entrapment on a national scale.
Perhaps you're possibly better suited to fiction than journalism.
And, um, for all your drama, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.
We've retrieved the files.
Nico Gaelle was found in his warehouse.
Fatal heart attack, apparently.
I know.
I was there.
Good day, Mr Banks.
I hope you have solid representation for what lies ahead.
Hold my calls, Ben.
(Sighs) It's done.
What now? Well, now we pray that he opens it.
JESSE: How you going with the route back in? Nearly there but there's no way of doing it quietly.
Every alarm in the place is gonna trip and they'll be able to trace it back here.
- Got it? - Got it.
Oh, fuck.
Mr Bradley has just given me the keys to the kingdom.
I'm gonna switch on his camera, his only little person CCTV.
Let's get a little sound going.
(Phone rings) - Who the fuck are these kids? - Oh, well, let me get this straight.
The girl's name is Shayna Smith and the boy's name is Clarence Boyd.
They were the kids in the accident.
Yeah, well, what are you sending me their pictures for? I thought you might wanna see their faces, see who they were, 'cause it's Shayna's funeral today.
In fact, you know, if you give me a few seconds, we can cross to Lindara.
I wonder if you would like to apologise to these people, Mr Bradley.
Are you getting all this? Where the fuck are they operating from? They're using three proxy servers.
It's gonna take a minute.
Fuck it.
Don't freeze! Come on.
Can you get it? Yep.
I got a piggyback onto the server but they know.
That's OK.
I'll see if I can send them a few distractions.
Come on.
- NED: What you doing with the files? - I'm gonna send them to print.
Every printer in the parliamentary network.
Call Parliamentary Services.
They're using a server in Brazil, but it's coming from Password.
- And you've got this on loop? - Patched through the internal comms.
Guys, you ready? Shut 'em down.
You do the honours.
I don't care what you have to do, pull the connection, kill the power, drive a fucking truck through the front door, just shut 'em down! Oh, fuck.
Minister, you need to come here now.
(Printer whirrs) Who the fuck are these kids? Who the fuck are these kids? Who the fuck are these kids? Who the fuck are these kids? Who the fuck are these kids? Who the fuck are these kids? Who the fuck are these kids? Who the fuck are these kids? Who the fuck are these kids? Who the fuck are these kids? Who the fuck are these kids? Who the fuck are these kids? Who the fuck are these kids? Who the fuck are these kids? Who the fuck are these kids? I'm here confirming the sudden resignation of Ian Bradley, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade.
Now, there are sure to be plenty of questions.
(General hubbub) I will take them all but I will take them one at a time.
The Foreign Minister has handed in his resignation.
We are unaware of his whereabouts at this stage.
(Sound grabs overlap) NED: Australians should be in awe of ex-Minister Ian Bradley's cold-blooded opportunism and untold profit.
Not only was he prepared to cover up the murder of a schoolgirl in the outback to keep his personal nuclear vision he was able to spin it into an opportunity to demonise North Korea.
EADIE: They started to tear our families apart, tried to buy our silence with this piece of paper, tried to buy our land so they've got somewhere to dump the toxic waste no-one else on the planet wants.
But no amount of money can buy these things.
No amount of money can bring Shayna back.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I think I would, um, like a hug.
Um, I'm parked in a tow-away zone.
There's a very aggressive parking guy out there, so I'm sorry for punching you quite so much.
I'm sorry for everything that came before the punching.
I will try to do better.
I made a decision while I was away.
I don't think we should live together anymore.
You wanna move out? No.
I want you to move out.
I know that it's a shock.
- But it will be good for you.
- (Laughs) OK, OK.
So you want a lift somewhere? I think we'll, um, be OK.