The Code AU (2014) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

1 Kiki: You don't know the first thing about them.
It's a risk, but Jesse is worth the risk.
We're so close.
It's my work.
I need to get it back, and I can't do it alone.
He opens it, what sort of trouble is he getting himself into? 'Cause the strength of that encryption suggests that whoever you stole it from is pretty invested in keeping it unopened.
I think "stole" is the wrong word.
Jan Roth used to work for Offensive Cyber Ops.
They're one of the hardest-core intelligence units working for the American government.
- How's Alyse? - She's good.
She's applied for this design degree.
I think this is going to really turn things around for her.
Hello, Hani.
Will: We grant asylum to the leader of one of Indonesia's designated terrorist groups, they're going to pop an artery.
- One man's terrorist - Is another man's freedom fighter.
This is the man accused of killing Eric Bell and Christo Borst in West Papua, shot with a single bullet to the forehead.
Will: The Minister's not making statements to the press.
Meg: She's been sold a lie! Roth: Gary decided to use my website to open up a fun park for paedophiles.
(GRUNTS) Fuck! Ned: This is an extradition order for both of us.
I thought we had a deal.
- I know.
- This is fucking Lara, isn't it? - Hani: Mamajin, what's going on? - Baba's visa has been cancelled.
I'm going to try to fix things.
I'm going to get the files they want and trade them for your dad.
(GENERAL HUBBUB) (GUNSHOT) (THEME MUSIC) You okay? - Can we not do that? - Do what? - The "Jesse, are you okay?" - "Yes, I am.
" "- Are you sure? - Yes, I'm sure.
" Ad nauseum thing that we do.
Do you want to, er, go through what we're going to say to Roth one more time? No, I don't want to go over it.
I'm so tired I don't even know what language you're speaking.
We just stick close to the truth.
The extradition warrants were served and we needed to get out of there.
Could've sworn I said, "No, I don't want to go over it.
" Maybe I just said it in my head.
No, no, no.
You said it out loud.
I just ignored you.
Didn't she say that they were no longer What? "Attached" was the word she used.
That looks kind of attached to me.
Sometimes, when you break up with someone, you know, not everything dies.
Sometimes you still want to hug that person for 10 minutes, eh? Hasn't been 10 minutes.
See? Hugging over.
So you're sure he won't mention this little unscheduled detour in his flight log? What unscheduled detour? Pretty big favour, given what would happen if he got busted.
He gets rewarded well enough.
Now we just have to hope that Budi turns up before anyone else does.
I gave some people my word, and because that's not worth a pinch of shit to you lot, they've gone and got themselves into a much worse situation.
Oh, really, Nolan, I'm flattered you think I wield so much power.
Which is quite a different answer from, "I didn't have Nasim Parande's visa cancelled.
" I know you don't like it, but there is a line in the sand.
Jesse Banks was your responsibility as long as he was contributing to the Callum case.
In relation to everything else, he's my responsibility.
- Oh.
- Your job here is done, Nolan.
I know it hasn't always been smooth sailing but I really hope we can cross swords sometime in the future.
I think you're meant to say "cross paths".
- Oh! (CHUCKLES) Slip of the tongue.
- I don't believe in 'em.
Oh, Constable Freud, is it? Detective, if you want to get all formal.
(DOOR CLATTERS, KEY RATTLES IN LOCK) Nasim: I spoke to the Legal Aid solicitor this morning.
He's put in the application to challenge the cancellation of my visa, but - What? - He didn't sound very confident.
He also sounded 14.
(CHUCKLES) We need someone who specialises in immigration law, Baba.
Mamajin and I spoke to a couple of barristers this morning.
- One of them is very good.
- We cannot afford it.
There's nearly 20.
000 left in my uni fund.
- No, this is your future.
- Baba, I don't care! No, Hani, I don't want it to be like this.
But we don't have an alternative.
(CLEARS THROAT) I, um I spoke to Navid yesterday and, um, he has a friend at the Persian Times, an editor, and they're interested in our story, so No, this is not how it is going to be.
If we fight, it will only make your situation more dangerous.
- They will target you.
- I don't care! I care! I'm telling you, Alilah, it will make more trouble.
The second the second we are silenced because we are scared of making more trouble, in that moment, they've won.
You will not do this.
We wait.
We follow procedure and we pray that this will work out.
- No.
I'm talking to them.
- No! As your husband, I forbid it.
This is not the talk of a man that I married.
Talk to her, yeah? Talk to her.
(SOBS) "Marina Baxter, laughing in the face of the UN Refugee Convention.
" Please, can you just take a proper look at the site? We're talking "Obama and Putin are lizards from outer space carrying out their crazy lizard war here on Earth.
" I mean, it's it's hilarious.
I think the thing to focus on is that the photos were sent to all of the majors and no-one bit not one.
We sent Remsey Gangi and his family back under the Memorandum of Understanding and that picture proves, and I quote "there can be no doubt that the Minister knew the Gangi family were in direct flight from persecution.
" No, those pictures don't prove that at all.
Those pictures prove that there were questions to be asked about the case and you asked them.
You did exactly what was required of you and, thankfully, any questions that come up now can be legitimately handballed to Immigration.
And that makes it okay, does it? Thank goodness those thorny questions don't belong to us anymore.
It makes your position tenable, Minister.
I'll be in in 20 minutes.
We'll talk about it then.
- Excuse me? - Can I help you? Hi.
I'm, er I I want to talk to someone about my daughter.
- She's applying for the design degree.
- Mm-hm.
And she was unable to get to the interview yesterday.
Her name's Alyse Baxter.
She didn't turn up to her interview.
Yeah, as I said, she was unable to attend so I'm just looking to make another time.
(SCOFFS) Well, there are no provisions for second interviews.
- It's clear in the course outline.
- Yeah, I read that.
I just, um I just don't think it applies in this instance.
Clause 7 of the application outline is very clear.
We don't reschedule interviews.
(CAMERA HUMS) (CAMERA CLICKS) Maybe I'm taking it too far, but Roth worked for this high-level cyber unit in the US.
Just thinking about the files he took you're pitching "disgruntled employee leaves with a cardboard box full of things he's not entitled to take home".
Ned: That would account for the keenness to get them back.
Unless there's a different agenda running.
What if he gets the sack and goes off the radar? What do you mean, they stage his exit and he pops up here, like some kind of sleeper agent? Nuts? Indonesia is incredibly important to the US in terms of regional security, maybe even more important than Australia in the long run.
That would make the whole thing with Kiki and Tahila a lie.
I know I have a somewhat limited catalogue of experience by which to assess these things, but he loves her.
Loves 'em both.
Yeah, it's him.
Is he reliable, your guy? He's the best fixer I've ever worked with and the risk for him is extraordinary.
More or less than yours if you get busted? Much more.
I'm a foreign spy.
He's one of their own.
You remember Jesse.
This is Ned.
- Ned, Budi.
- Hi, Budi.
There's a roadblock 2km up.
That's why I'm late.
Oh, great.
Is there another way out? So do we just wait for them to go, or? They could stay there all week.
A patrol on foot could come through here any time.
It's better to meet it head on.
I told them you were taking pictures for the mine and you hired me to pick you up.
And what did you say about us? Nothing.
You won't be in the car.
- What's happening? - Shh! - Why are we stopping? - I need you to be quiet, Jesse.
- Selamat sore.
- Paper! (SPEAKS INDONESIAN) Budi: He asks what's the purpose for you being out here is.
I am taking photos of the mine, photos for the new exploration fields.
(SPEAKS INDONESIAN) (SPEAKS INDONESIAN) He wants to see your camera.
(SPEAKS INDONESIAN) He's calling the mine.
I need you to be quiet, Jess.
I need to know what's going on because I need to know how long I'm going to be breathing this air for.
It's burning my nose, Ned.
It's burning my nose.
- I can't breathe and I'm boiling - Shh! Jesse! Jesse! I need you to listen, okay? You need to think of something that'll take you somewhere good, okay? (WHISPERS) It's okay.
- (THUD!) - (GASPS) (SPEAKS INDONESIAN) He's recommending the wisdom of you registering your trips with the local authorities in the future.
Terima kasih.
Terima kasih banyak.
Slow down.
It's me.
Sorry, that was a moronic thing to say, unless, of course, you've gone blind since I saw you last.
I'm assuming you haven't.
This is my brother, Ned.
- Did you find the boy? - We did.
That's good.
Thanks for the tip-off.
It was the least I could do.
Why are you back? The police served our extradition warrants.
We decided to run.
Jesse said you'd offered him 20K in Bitcoin for - 25 was where we landed.
- 25.
For a decryption job.
We need money.
We need new passports.
We thought we could help each other out.
You hungry? So how did you get out? Meg's friend, Peter, he No, I meant the Canberra Stasi.
How did you slip their leash? I, um I don't really know.
I imagine they had pretty tight reins on you.
I'm just curious to know.
Unless they wanted you to come.
Maybe they were hoping to hitch a ride.
I-I don't have an answer.
I just came here As soon as we knew that Meg could get us on the plane, we switched mobiles and laptops and didn't make a peep till we were in the air.
- No-one hitched a ride with us.
- If you'd be so kind, Ned, would you mind letting Jesse answer the question? As unhospitable as it may seem, I just need to determine whether I'm being sold a lot of bullshit here.
And the fact that you can't look me in the eye, it's making me uneasy.
The truth is, I'm finding it hard to look at you without seeing what happened last time I saw you.
How rude of me.
I haven't offered you any food, Ned.
Please help yourself.
Jesse? - You alright? - I prefer we stay together.
Not necessary.
Even so.
I'll I'd concentrate better if he came.
If you're just going to stand there, would you be so kind as to get us some beer? I promise not to do anything while you're away.
What, like kill someone? Right.
I promise not to kill anyone while you're out of the room.
Beer's on the verandah, in the fridge.
(SIGHS) That was not how I intended to broach the subject, but, um I definitely was going to bring it up, but I wish that I could take it all back, Jesse.
I wish I was angry.
I wanted to scare him, and, um I wanted to hurt him, but I didn't intend for what happened.
I know that doesn't make any difference, I know that I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I dragged you into the middle of it.
(DOOR CLATTERS) Where's Jesse's beer? (CLEARS THROAT) He doesn't need a beer.
Fuck me.
Is he always this condescending? Not usually to my face, but we're under a bit of stress at the moment.
Chin down.
John Brown.
Why don't you go the whole way and make it "Beige"? It's not too late.
Mr Beige works.
- Who are you? - Claude LeMarr.
- You didn't make us brothers? - No.
Can't choose your family, right? That's what they say.
But there is a window here.
From this point on, you get to choose.
Would you grow the same family tree without the soil of obligation? Lifted the picture off her Facebook page.
I'm not sure what your plans are, whether she's going to join you or not, but I thought I would make her one up too, just in case.
Endine LeMarr.
Yes, I married you in a simple garden ceremony.
It's your three-year anniversary and, um, Mr Beige here was your best man.
You should marry her, Jesse, if you get the chance.
You don't mind if I talk out loud? I'm just, you know, sharing my thoughts.
I think Hani's great, but I probably wouldn't be so condescending as to tell someone who to marry.
Alilah: That's right.
I have completely forgotten that day.
Anton: Maybe you were trying to forget.
(LAUGHS) Hani? Hani, come here.
Look who popped in for a visit, huh? Hani? Hani! Hani, stop.
What the fuck? You come into my house and talk to my mother, after what your boss is doing to us? Guilty.
(SCOFFS) I don't want your jacket.
I don't know if you noticed.
We didn't cook this whole thing.
We're just responding to what your mate dived into.
He's not my mate.
He's my boyfriend.
Lara wants to, er She wants you to reach out to him with us, obviously, on your shoulder.
She thinks she'd be in a position to put in a good word for your dad.
Much as I'm sure you'd like to drive a star picket through my chest, maybe you also get that Jesse is getting himself into very deep water.
If Roth gets him to do what he wants, there's nothing we can do to help him.
Meg: Yeah, yeah.
I'm still here.
Remsey's in the cells in town.
Budi thinks that he can get someone there in to see him.
- You can't go.
- Well, you can't go.
Ned: So Roth pays the bribe but he's not allowed in? Yep.
Well, then there's the fact that he wouldn't be Remsey's first visitor of choice anyway.
Roth's all too Black Panther to Remsey's Martin Luther King.
They're agreed on the outcome but not whether to get there via the ballot or the bullet.
We're good.
Go to the back door.
Wait five minutes.
Someone will let you in.
- Oh, God.
- Remsey! I'm okay.
It's okay.
This is Ned.
He's been helping me try to get the story out.
- And Gracie and the kids? - They're home.
Kiki's with them.
- They're fine.
- (SIGHS) You have to tell Theo to step up.
Now's the time.
This is a letter.
I want him to put it on the site so everyone knows what has happened here.
And then he must step up and talk sense, so that things don't get out of hand.
If he doesn't do it, people will start listening to Jan.
Did he say what he was planning? He's asked my brother to decrypt some files.
We don't know what's on them but, whatever it is, it's made the police and the government in Australia very worried.
He talks big.
He talks about sending a message to the world, something that will make them sit up and take an interest in what is happening here.
What does that mean? Did he say how? Most of the time, I'm trying not to hear his talk.
It's not the way.
We provoke them, then, when they say we are terrorists, they are right.
Can I? You cannot show Grace or Kiki.
Or Jan.
Jesse: Do you think you could sit down? What? Am I bothering you? Better still, perhaps you could pace about outside.
This encryption's insane.
I'm never going to crack it.
Ever been stoned, Jesse? As in stoned with marijuana? As in stoned with marijuana.
I can't say I have.
Hmm (SINGS) If I had a donkey and he wouldn't go You think I'd beat him? No, no, no - Sing along if you know the words.
- Nope.
Give it some hay Give it some corn Best little donkey ever was born! Oh! Gee up, Neddy! (CHUCKLES) - (CHUCKLES) - Can't believe you don't know it! Sadly missing from my musical catalogue.
(LAUGHS) Oh! The floor was way closer than I was expecting.
Oh, fuck! (CHUCKLES) Here.
- Wow.
How did you know? - (LAUGHS) My tongue has somehow been stuck to the roof of my mouth and I was thinking about how much money I would pay to someone that would help reverse that.
- Suddenly, beer appears.
- Magic! - It's like you were inside my brain.
- (CHUCKLES) Hmm! Hey, listen, are you with me? - Am I with you? - Yes.
Are you with me? I can see you're talking to me but the audio seems to be coming from the lightbulb.
(LAUGHS) Let me ask you something.
Why did you come back, huh? Why did you really come back? (BEEPING) Someone's coming.
Right? That's what's happening? Yeah.
That's what's happening.
- He's in good spirits, but - You take any pictures? Well, there wasn't really much opportunity.
Really? So, you don't have an SD card hidden away in your sock or your shoe or wherever the fuck you keep it? Seriously? You're going to stand there and lie to my face? - He doesn't want everyone freaking out.
- Oh.
Well, while he's busy not wanting people to freak out, he's getting used as a punching bag from now to Christ knows when, and I'm here.
I don't think he's the best judge of anything.
- He doesn't want Kiki to see.
- The man's a rocket scientist.
(SIGHS) (SIGHS) Jan? How bad? He's in good spirits.
(SIGHS) He wants to make sure That I don't step in and stir anything up because God forbid that we draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough.
We are going to protest about it in the morning, in town.
Come, Tahila.
Can you get me a secure line to Canberra? Why? The only reason Remsey's there is because we sent him back.
I want them to see what happens when they tick the right boxes.
Really? Are you that naive? You don't think that she sends pictures every week that should be on the front page? Did you see pictures of Marcus being published or any from the week before that or the week before that or the 300 that are proof that people are being hacked to pieces and shot in the street? They only show up on social media for a reason.
Are you drunk? I did have one beer but I think "stoned" is the correct descriptor for my current state.
Ooh, um Um, um, um - Oh, I've got decision fatigue.
- You'll have tangerine.
Really? Will I? Come on.
Out with it.
It's killing me.
(LAUGHS) Come on! What? Well, you know how much I hate your "everything happens for a reason" crap? - Yeah.
I'm aware of that.
- Well, I think I'm almost converted.
Oh, my God, Alyse.
This is doing my head in.
What happened? I got a call from the uni this afternoon.
They've given me a scholarship.
What do you mean they've given you a scholarship? Well, they must've had another look at the application 'cause I didn't show up, and decided they had to have me.
But you you only applied for a place in the course.
You didn't apply for a scholarship.
- Did Did they say why? - Nope.
I don't understand.
They must've given you a reason.
I'm not going to argue, Mum.
If they want to pay for my degree, they can pay for my degree.
I thought you'd be happy for me.
I am, sweetheart.
I'm thrilled.
Just I'm surprised, that's all.
(MESSAGE ALERT) Give me a minute? (PHONE VIBRATES) Is he alright? He's exactly as he looks in the photographs.
I can only assume, given that you've got access to these photographs, that you must be there.
Well, I don't think that's the question of the hour and I think you know that.
Right now, talking to you, you know what I should do? Hang up right now, ring this in and tell them you contacted me and that there's every chance that you're in West Papua in close proximity to where Remsey's being held.
And yet the fact that you haven't done that makes me think you were the right one to call.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) Celebratory spliff, was it? Managed to copy the files? Please don't.
I'm not feeling very good.
What was your answer about family? If you had a choice? It's a stupid question.
Regardless, I want to know your answer.
There is no answer, because the point of family and the kind of beauty of it is that you manage to love this person that you didn't choose and that's kind of what makes it more important.
It takes more.
It's harder work.
Loving your friends, it's a doddle.
You pick 'em because they're easy to love.
I don't really have any friends.
Is that weird? It's weird, isn't it? He wrote her letters, Dad when she was in the nursing home.
After she got her diagnosis and she knew that her mind was going, she asked him to write down memories so that she'd have stuff to talk about with us.
When I ate the spider's eggs, when you fell out the back of the blue car onto the road I hated that car.
When we went to the symphony for the first time.
It's a nice thing for him to do.
Hard for you to let him be good, isn't it? (SOBBING) (SOBBING CONTINUES) (SIGHS) Hm.
If you can copy the file today, then I can call Marina and see if she'll broker a deal for us and Hani's Dad.
And then what? Given that, I don't know, he spends a terrific amount of time in the bathroom and I actually can copy the file.
I don't want to freak you out but I don't have the answers for everything.
I'll going to file that under "I for irony".
Meg: Okay.
Show on the road, I think.
Is it hard not to go? No.
That's not hard.
What's hard is watching my wife bury half her family year after year and them not fighting back.
I've made up my mind, Jesse.
The time for playing small is over.
I'm not sure I'm following you.
We're not going to fuck around trying to decrypt the file anymore.
We're going back to steal the keys, Jess.
One thing to try and decrypt something you might've found on the side of the road but to break into somewhere like this? Mm.
Very different.
I know the kinds of things they do in there.
It's not like breaking into the 7-11.
- Consequences for me are - For me too, Jesse.
If we get busted in there and they get a fix on this location, it's game over.
But it's a risk I have to take, so sorry.
Sorry for what? I made you do it.
I attacked you and I forced you at gunpoint.
You don't have a gun.
I can get it out, if you want.
No, thank you.
Ow! Jesse? I need this, Jesse.
Trying to crack the decryption could take forever and we're running out of time.
Surely, since the initial theft, the security on the keys is going to be completely insane.
I've helped design the system so I can get us over the firewall and into someone's machine, but you're going to have to find the keys and you're going to have to do it fast.
Distance has given me such a horrible perspective.
- Of what? - Of just what a sucker I was.
And all the horseshit that goes with it.
"We're a family.
We got your back.
" 10 years of my life.
Only seven people inside the facility have access to the keys.
Damon Jade.
Ah, besides having a stupid name, Damon's a cat man.
Let's see.
What's her name? Chantelle? Charlize? Constance.
Let me see her file.
Here we go.
Dear Mr Jade, we're writing to all our clients whose pets underwent surgical procedures at the clinic in the last 12 months.
We received a veterinary medicine health alert yesterday.
Emaxadyne were tainted and a complete recall of the brand is underway.
We ask you to register pet details and the type of procedure on the attached form and return it to us so that we can lodge it with the company.
Let me just In case he does a bit of research of his own.
Oh, brilliant.
Is the Trojan ready? Yep.
Let's hope he bites.
Come on.
Come on.
How long do we have, once he clicks? You'll two minutes to get the keys before the walls start falling in.
Come on.
Come on! Yes! Ah! - Security's good.
- Yep.
- Everything good on your side? - Yeah.
- Jan, you noticing that? - Yeah, I got it covered.
They must have an anomalous pattern detection.
We gotta go.
- One more minute.
- We don't have a minute.
Come on.
Come on, Jesse.
Come on! Fuck it.
We gotta go.
Come on, Jesse! (CHUCKLES) (PHONE RINGS) I ordered for you.
Thought we don't have loads of time to waste.
Um, so what's on your mind, Lara? (LAUGHS) Well, too much, probably.
But I needed to see you in person because there's talk this morning about some pictures you got yesterday.
I haven't actually seen them but let's just say there's some pretty heavy pressure not to go down that road.
(CLEARS THROAT) Don't get me wrong, Lara.
You're one of the smartest people I know.
But I don't remember appointing you to my advisory team.
(CHUCKLES) You're right.
But I crossed over that line because I care.
Woman: There you go.
- Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.
I heard Alyse got a scholarship.
That's fantastic news.
She must be thrilled! Mm! I'm ravenous.
(HORN BEEPS) Guard: We got a convoy of trucks heading up to the mine.
There's a protest blocking the road.
We need them moved.
(HORN BLARES) (HORN TOOTS) That would've taken me, if I'd worked 24 hours a day, seven days a week, about 300 years to crack.
(MESSAGE ALERT) Don't open anything till I get back.
They got the Kaspion Keys.
What's Kaspion? It's a crawler program.
They release it across a network and it red-flags every machine that's got a backdoor.
You know which systems have vulnerabilities, you can let yourself in any time you want.
What kind of systems are we talking about? Financial institutions, power grids, weaponry, hospitals.
It's not fussy.
It's just looking for the chips which have had the flaws manufactured into them.
Manufactured in by who? Who has the biggest budget for cyber operations on the planet? (CROWD CHANTS) (SCREAMING) (GENERAL HUBBUB) Oh! (GASPS) Lara: There was a point where being silent was protecting him but now it's about saving him from himself.
(GENERAL HUBBUB) Kiki! Kiki! No.
No, no, no! - (GENERAL HUBBUB) - (GUNFIRE) (GUNSHOT) If we can get her to the mine, there are medics there.
Then they can chopper her out.
No, no, no! God! It's my wife.
She needs help! Nolan: We've calculated how far Roth could have travelled since that was taken.
The net will close on him eventually.
If Roth uses the program, he's looking at life in prison and depending on where they catch him, that comes with a death penalty on top.
Jesse helped him get it.
The charges apply to him as well.
'Cause sometimes what you need is a little chaos in the street.
The wrong people get hurt that way.
That will be a cost that the powers that be will have to decide to pay.
Please! Ahh!