The Code AU (2014) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

1 (GUNFIRE) They got the guy responsible for the attack.
- Remsey: It's Marcus.
- Meg: He was Remsey's 2IC.
Ned: The media are reporting he was killed in the attack based on information coming out of your office, but he wasn't even there at the time.
That wound comes from point-blank range, not from 50 metres away.
Meg: As their leader, Remsey will carry the can for the murders.
He goes to jail, he's not coming out.
Marina: There can be no doubt that the Minister knew the Gangi family were in direct flight from persecution.
We are going to protest about it in the morning.
Roth: We're not going to fuck around trying to decrypt the file anymore.
We're going back to steal the keys, Jess.
Come on, we've gotta go.
- Hani: What's Kaspion? - Anton: It's a crawler program.
They release it across a network and it red-flags every machine that's got a back door.
Lara: There was a point where being silent was protecting him.
But now, it's about saving him from himself.
(PROTESTERS SHOUT) We've got a convoy of trucks heading up to the mine.
- There's a protest blocking the road.
- Trouble.
(GUNSHOT, COMMOTION) Roth: Kiki! (GUNSHOT) Roth: Help! Help! Just breathe, breathe, breathe.
I need some help! Breathe.
Trust me, just breathe.
Ned: I'm in the town of Bitang Lembah, where unidentified militia fired on demonstrators this morning.
Locals had gathered here to protest the treatment of Remsey Gangi, who was deported from Australia and arrested in relation to crimes he did not commit.
It's hard to say what happened first.
Rocks were thrown, warning shots were fired, then live shots were fired.
- People are just fleeing.
- (EXPLOSION) - Girl: Mummy! - Tahila.
Come here.
Come, come.
Where are you going? Theo, can you take her home? I'll call you as soon as I can.
(SPEAKS IN LOCAL LANGUAGE) Kiki's been shot.
Look, Kiki, you've got to get up.
It's going to hurt, but it's going to be alright.
- Come on.
- (KIKI GROANS) It's alright, sweetie.
Put put your hand.
Come on.
(PANTING) It's okay.
It's okay.
We'll get in the back.
Come on, let's go! It's alright, sweetheart.
Just breathe, okay? If we can get her to the mine, there are medics there.
Then they can chopper her out to Jayapura or even Darwin.
It's alright.
It's okay.
Just breathe.
You're staying here, right? We'll take her.
If they see you, they'll arrest you.
(BREATHES HEAVILY) Just hang in there, alright? I'll come get you.
I'll come get you.
Got her? (ALARM BEEPS) This is Meg Flynn.
Can you open up? I-I've got someone with me who's been shot.
We need to get to the clinic.
Hello! Is this working? Is anybody there? [MAN OVER PA] Your pass has been canceled, Miss Flynn.
There's been a misunderstanding.
I'll sort it out later.
We just need to get in now.
This is an emergency.
You're not cleared to come onto the site anymore.
We don't care about the fucking clearance, mate.
You need to open these gates now! (KIKI MOANS) Meg, I need to put her down.
She can't breathe.
Help me.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
What the fuck are you doing?! You need to get us in there, now.
Move, move, move, move! Move! Oh, for the love of God! It's my wife! She's hurt! She needs help! Carter! Hey, Carter! You gotta open up! - Darcy, it's me - (SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) Jesus Christ! She needs help! Please! Please! Kiki Kiki.
(THEME MUSIC) I wish there was something I could say which might make you feel better.
It's okay.
Papa said you're not very good at lying.
(BEEPING) Where's Mama? (DIALOGUE MUTED) Jesse: This is so bad.
So, so bad, Ned.
I I went in with him this morning, while you were at the protest.
Into the, Er, OCO system.
You what? You weren't there and I needed to make a decision without you.
What did you do in there, Jesse? We took the decryption keys, and when he went to get Tahila, I used the keys to - (KNOCK AT DOOR) - Meg: Can you get the door? to open Roth's file, to see what it is.
(DOOR OPENS) It's a program called Kaspion a web crawler that searches for and identifies the locations of Zero Days right around the world.
- Zero Days? - System weaknesses.
Once you find them, you've got Zero Days to fix them.
Will: All programs and hardware have unintentional flaws and security holes in them.
There's also deliberate back doors built into systems to gain unauthorised access.
Built by who? The big intelligence agencies have been doing it for years.
No-one likes to admit it, but they also encourage patriotic companies to do the same.
Computer equipment is ordered for export, then en route, it's intercepted and back doors are installed.
The equipment is then repackaged, given a new factory seal and sent on to the customer who's none the wiser.
The agencies can then access those systems any time they want.
Call it their windows on the rest of the world.
Agencies spying is not exactly a new thing.
Yeah, you're not getting it.
I-It's not only about spying.
With that list you you can let yourself into any flawed system.
Sure, you can spy, you can steal, b-but you can also control.
Or destroy.
And I put it in Roth's hands.
He he releases it, it will roam the net and identify all the places where those back doors have been inserted.
You get how valuable that list is? How dangerous it could be in the wrong hands? It gets worse.
Just after the breach into OCO, Roth's wife was shot at a demonstration.
She was protesting the treatment of Remsey since his return to Papua.
We have to anticipate that he now has the capacity to control or paralyse major national systems.
We've booked in briefings with all the emergency services, critical infrastructure, switching to high-alert protocols, but the truth is, if he wants in, he can get in.
He targets the majors, post-Katrina analysis says that things would start to look very ugly day five.
Do we have any Intel on what he might target or where? The attack would be digital, done remotely, so in terms of a location, roll the dice.
I'm ready.
This footage was taken about an hour ago.
Obviously we've shared it with teams on the ground.
How'd you go? We've calculated how far Roth could have travelled since that was taken.
Search teams will start with a 70km radius from the mine and move inwards.
- It'll be laborious.
- Boots on the ground.
But provided he didn't chopper out of there, the net will close on him eventually.
Why didn't they just let him in? They could have flown his wife to a hospital, and yet There's an endless stream of people turning up at the gates asking for help.
- No way they could've known - This is not just people, Neil.
This is the wife of someone with already a really sharp Axe to grind and they just let her bleed to death in his arms? Where's the briefing on this? The protest.
The massacre.
Massacre? (SCOFFS) Managed to conduct your own investigation this morning, did you? Counted injuries on each side.
You have a meeting to finalise the Helmston mine lease before tomorrow's signing.
Now, I spoke to the PM on the way in here.
This incident will get a full investigation, but it's not a roadblock.
Get that lease signed and seek an assurance from the Indonesian government that Remsey is being treated according to the law.
And drop the inflammatory language.
Funny, if we'd just accepted Remsey's application for asylum in the first place, maybe none of this would have happened.
Am I the only one that's getting the irony on this? Pop into my office after you've met with the delegation.
There's still a few wrinkles we should iron out.
- Go on, say it.
- I don't think I need to.
It sounds like you already know what I'm going to say.
Get me started, I'll finish off.
Driving headlong into a brick wall With scant regard for the consequences.
Politics is a long game, etc.
, etc.
This is not the plan I have for you.
Or yourself, I imagine.
Look I understand if you want to unhitch your wagon.
And why would I do that? 'Cause you're offering me the best possible advice and I don't appear to be taking it.
I'm sure that's the second line of my job description.
- (MOBILE TRILLS) - Hi, Leonie.
Yeah, thanks for calling me back.
What did she say? - Detective.
- Minister.
- Did you? - No.
Just We're setting up a control room here, so I'm waiting.
Trying to get my head around how things got to this.
Not everything's stacking up to me yet.
If you ever wanted to talk Thank you.
Come on, let's go.
Hani: Some days it's just like being next to the brightest star in the universe, and other days it's like living on the edge of a black hole.
Maybe what you say is true, Baba.
Maybe if we end up together, I will just drown trying to keep him afloat.
Nasim: I was wrong.
For all the right reasons, but I was wrong.
Your mother and I there are very strong currents pulling us in different directions.
But when the core is strong, who am I to try to talk you into a different choice? He did not go back to try and save me, Hani.
He was doing it for you.
To take this splinter from your heart.
And that someone would love my daughter that much (SIGHS) - (SOBS) - Don't give up on him, Hani.
(BIRDS CALL) It's probably safe to say my position as chief photographer for the mine is over.
What happens if you get picked up? I'll be in breach of my visa.
But just how deep the shit is will depend on what they catch me with, which is why I have to get these pictures out of here.
Then I've got to get to the hotel, get the rest of my gear.
- What? - My external hard drive's there.
All the pictures of Marcus' body are on it.
Oh, shit! I thought I picked it up before I left.
Well, I have to go get it.
- (DOOR OPENS) - Jesse: He's, Er He wants some whisky.
I don't know if this is even possible, but we need to find a way to destroy the Kaspion files or put them back or something.
Even if I could get the files, I can't get into the OCO without Jan, anyway.
What do you mean, "if" you can get the files? Where are they? They're on a drive, locked in there.
And he's got the key.
If you can get in there, is is that something you can do, delete the files? And then what? You don't think he'd notice? I don't know about you, but I'm feeling kind of attached to being alive and the chances he would kill me for that are If he uses it, it's on our heads, yeah? You are getting that? In fact, you're the one who helped him steal the keys, so it's on your head.
So maybe you can put a little bit of effort into finding a solution.
As Lo-Fi as it sounds, the only solution I can see is that he drinks himself into a coma, then I can try and sabotage the files.
Meaning what? I'm not sure yet, but if I can find a way for the program to appear functional, the the bullets have effectively been removed.
Even if I can, it'll only buy us so much time till he works out what's happened.
Well, I'm going to go and get my gear.
- Maybe I should come with you.
- I'll be alright.
It's okay, you don't have to look after me.
I'll be engaged only in the dangerous business of bartending.
- I'm not sure chirpy is really - Appropriate? Excellent! Situation normal.
Off you go.
Still no result? Does that surprise you? - No.
- Why not? Because he's smarter than everyone in this building put together.
I would try again, assuming you'd like the opportunity to talk him back from the ledge.
Are you capable of speaking directly? - Is she like this all the time? - I have the right to remain silent.
You want direct? This is direct.
Your boyfriend has aligned himself with a man who is making enemies of some of the most powerful people in the world.
If Roth uses the program, he's looking at life in prison and, depending on where they catch him, that comes with a death penalty on top.
Jesse helped him get it.
The charges apply to him as well.
And, frankly, given the level of cooperation so far, I can't think of a single person who could actually be arsed to try and stop it.
So, like I said, take it or leave it, but enough with the whining.
- Meg: Motherfuckers! - Ned: That's three.
Pretty sure there were five.
Right, that's the fourth guy.
I think there's one still inside.
(ENGINE STARTS) Meg, Meg, no, listen.
There's still a guy inside.
- There were four.
- No, there were five! (MAN SPEAKS IN LOCAL LANGUAGE) (SHOUTING) You alright? I'm fine, I'm fine.
Goddamn bastards.
Without the photos of Marcus, there's no way to prove that Remsey was set up.
It'll be his word against theirs.
And this is just another murder, and no-one held to account.
Tahila: Papa wants two sugars in his tea but nothing in his whisky.
He gets very upset when we don't put it in the same place every time.
He says we need to be able to find them in a hurry.
What about you, young lady? Are you thirsty? - Hungry? - I don't know.
Sometimes I get so busy thinking, it's like I forget my body even exists.
Is there something you think you could eat? I could eat a banana.
It's an excellent choice.
Full of all sorts of things they say are good for you.
(BEEPING) Meg: Ned? (GUNSHOT) Hey whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Ned? - Hey, shh.
(GASPS FITFULLY) Just a bit of a delayed shock reaction.
Oh, you've got the shakes.
- Do you know why you get the shakes? - I'm sure I'm about to find out.
I'm fine.
Everyone can stop staring at me now.
Yeah, 'course you are.
You just run on adrenaline for a while and then the smallest thing can flood you.
A spot of hyperventilation and your carbon dioxide levels tanked.
A bit of history with it.
I'm usually the hyperventilating brother, not him.
Well, I guess today's your day off.
I've got a bunch of stuff to download.
I'll be working right here the next four or five hours.
I'll keep an eye on him.
Thank you.
(THUMPING) Conventional wisdom says that sleep can be a good thing at times like this.
Yeah, well I shut my eyes for a few minutes then I wake up and have to relive the whole thing again.
That accounts for me.
Why don't you take your own advice, Jesse? Well, I was trying to rest.
There was this quite disturbing sound that was bothering me.
A kind of smacking.
You are a shitful liar.
- Really? - Yes.
But it's perfect.
It means you're going to have a hard life because sometimes telling the truth doesn't serve anyone.
What did you do, Jesse? I used the decryption keys.
I opened the files.
Of course you did.
Why the fuck wouldn't you? I'm worried, Jan.
I'm worried about what you're going to do with it.
Really? It's not yours to worry about, is it? Well, since I helped you steal it, it kind of does feel like it's mine to worry about.
I want to know.
They don't listen to words, but they're very good at hurting people, so I think I'm just going to start speaking their language.
I I know what that means in a very general way, but I-I can't get a hold of it, I need Do you need specifics? Well, I haven't decided what systems I'm going to target yet, but what I do know is nobody pays attention unless a lot of people are screaming.
So, they think it's alright for us not to have a hospital, so maybe I shut theirs down.
I take their light, I take their power.
Because sometimes what you need is a little chaos on the street so you can refocus on the things that really matter.
But the wrong people get hurt that way.
Well, that will be a cost that the powers that be will have to decide to pay.
Not me.
I'm going to lay it out straight.
Release Remsey, put the referendum back on the table, start talking about sharing the profits that come out of here and nobody's going to suffer too long.
It's not your problem.
Nothing to do with you.
Unless you want to step up.
Maybe we can get Hani out, or her family.
Sleep on it.
If you want in cool.
If not, well, you've done your job.
I'll pay you the Bitcoin, I'll get you a couple of passports and you and your brother can just wander off.
But you cannot take this away from me.
Tahila: Papa? Yes, sweetheart.
I'm good, darling.
I'm just, um G-Go on in.
Papa's going to have a wash, and then he'll put you to bed.
Thank you.
I'm just downstairs if you need anything.
It's alright.
It's alright.
It's it's just me.
Sorry, I was I was dreaming.
It's going to happen a bit.
You've just got to accept it's the psyche's way of processing stuff.
They go away eventually.
No, it wasn't about that.
It was about my mum.
I was at the funeral and I was crying and for some reason, without my permission, my father was there holding me, and I I didn't want him I couldn't move my arms.
I was paralysed.
I thought maybe I should bite him.
Maybe that'd make him let go, but I couldn't even manage that.
I was just trapped there.
Trapped there, being comforted by the man who dumped you for something better.
It's not a dream about your mum, Ned.
I'm very tired inside.
It's been a big day.
Jesse: Lies.
Terrible liar.
No, really, I love that on you.
(SNAPS FINGERS) No, really.
I love that on you.
No, really.
Then interest rates just killed it.
And then interest rates just killed it.
(LAUGHS) That was delicious.
Couldn't possibly fit in another bite.
That was delicious.
I'm thinking about bi-fold doors.
So then we can get the whole indoor-outdoor thing happening.
Tried to get the key but he was up and down all night.
Didn't really get a chance.
It's ready.
Off it goes.
(MOBILE BUZZES) Jesse: Morning.
Do, um, either of you have any painkillers? - I've got a cracking hangover.
- Meg: Yeah, I've got some.
- Thought you didn't drink.
- Turned over a new leaf.
Did Roth sleep? Were you able to get the key? He was up and down all night.
Didn't really get a chance.
Security forces crack down on a peaceful march.
Things get out of hand, shots were fired, and then away it goes.
- Just another day in Papua.
- But is it? Remsey is the leader of a non-violent group.
Why is he so dangerous to them? So dangerous that they frame him for a crime he didn't commit, and then when people come out to protest his innocence about that crime, they're gunned down in the street.
Someone went to a lot of trouble to frame Marcus and, by default, Remsey.
Why did they do that? He's been causing grief left, right and centre.
This was a perfect opportunity to sideline him.
Feels like more than that.
I've got a copy of the pictures, of the soldiers finding Marcus' body! Marina's minder pushed them out of her hand and gave them to me.
Remember? - Where are they? - They're at my place.
I could get someone to go round and scan the pictures and email them to us.
How many people do you know like you enough to do that kind of favour that aren't in your phone or your contact list? Yep, he's right.
Everyone you're in touch with will be on a surveillance list.
You call them, we're toast.
Well, there is someone who's not on my email or my phone list who owes me big time.
You're still a boxer man, eh? God, I hate those things.
Ned: (OVER PHONE) Yeah, I remember.
Can we have the underpants conversation another time? Sure, sure, they were just en route.
Um Desk.
Oh, right.
(CHUCKLES) You passed with flying credits, I see.
Are you looking for the pictures or are you just snooping now? Your mother would have had something to say about that.
She hated mediocrity.
Yeah, well, unfortunately, by the time I finished university, she was delivering her little pep talks from the nursing home and I was busy babysitting her other son.
- Ah, God.
- Dad, what is it? Did you find them? - Dad, what is it? - I just I just found a bottle of Vintage.
Oh, Dad, there is a guy capable of crippling half of Asia.
Can you stop poking around in my stuff and look for the pictures? Yeah, alright, alright.
Just You know, it's just very nice, you know.
Thousands of options, you choose to wear this one.
Yeah, well Mum gave it to me last Christmas when she thought I was you.
So don't go cooking it into something it's not, alright? Yeah, well, I would buy that, Neddie, if the bottle were full.
Now, where do you want me to send these photos? Hold on a sec.
Can I see the pictures from the protest? Can you zoom in on that? Bloody hell, he's mine security.
He's a witness to Marcus being dumped after the attack.
We find him, we prove Marcus's innocence, there's no crime for Remsey to take the blame for.
- Where are you? - I need a favour.
Er, I don't know if I'll be able to fly that path.
I need to know which security guards were on last Friday patrolling the mine road where the surfers were killed.
Oh, yeah, why is that? Take a look at the picture I'm about to send you.
There's a guy on the right-hand side behind some bushes.
I'll see if I can find you an alternative flight.
I'm just going to put you on hold.
Ned: So Ian Asselte, Brian Matthews, Mark Brown.
All on duty last Friday, now all on leave.
But they never patrol in threes.
It's always in a unit of four.
- So where's the fourth guy? - Well, I did some digging around, and at 5:30 the day of the attack, an urgent flight plan was logged.
Franz was the pilot on.
He requested clearance for a medivac from the mine to Darwin Hospital.
Now, you have to include the reason for the medivac the medical condition, illness, accident and you take a medic with you.
There's no explanation and no name of the doctor who flew with him.
(MOBILE RINGS) - Hello? - It's Ned Banks.
A Helmston security guard gets secretly medivaced out of West Papua just after two Australians are shot dead on the mine road.
I need to know who makes the decision to withhold that information.
Nolan: Shit, Marina.
That's a big question to ask.
What are you going to do with the answer? Just, Er, asking for information at this point.
To be honest, I'm not even sure I'm going to be around to make the accusation.
Did you hear about my daughter's scholarship to the university? A favour from the Vice Chancellor to someone.
- Not you? - No, not me.
Either way, I'm screwed.
Take away the one thing that's made her happy over the last ten years, and I'm personally screwed.
I let her keep it, and I leave a grenade in my career path, and I don't even know who's holding the pin.
If you had to, could you hazard a guess? Yeah, there are a few people out there sharpening their knives.
Do you know the guard's name? Burrows.
Daryl Burrows.
I'll see what I can find.
Thank you.
Not for immediate release.
Just to keep in the stores.
Flexing of the ministerial muscle to get her daughter a scholarship, apparently.
But don't let me write it for you.
How long have you worked with her? Seven years.
Meal ticket one day, knife in the back the next.
She's the gift that keeps on giving.
Anton: You really love him, don't you? Uh-huh.
In a, like, "never could imagine being with anyone else" kind of way? Uh-huh.
And never even thinking about what could have been.
Just me, then.
We did this, Anton.
We went around this block, like, ten times.
We did.
And nine times I managed to claw my way back from the edge of the cliff.
I know it's a bit of a cliché, but I can't think of a different way to say it.
The new version of me is better.
Stop it.
I don't get how you can work here in this greyness.
I mean, at least if you were a black hat, you stood for something, and I could respect that.
I know.
What do you stand for, Hani? I don't know.
I thought I did, but Hey.
There's a payphone in the cafe downstairs.
It'll be ringing.
Nice to hear from you, Jesse.
(KEYPAD TONES) (PHONE RINGS) - Hello? - I destroy the program, what kind of guarantee do I get that we're going to be okay, that Hani's dad stays? I don't want you to destroy the program.
I want you to bring it to me.
This will be an arrangement just between us.
I have it for 24 hours.
So you can do a bit of reverse engineering? Then I get the right to negotiate its safe return to the Americans.
For a fee.
And the chance to promote the service of your company to all those vulnerable sites on the list.
Vertex is not a charity, Jesse.
And in the grand scheme of things, I'll be doing what the police and others have failed to achieve.
I'm not going to apologise for charging a fee.
And I will make a condition of the software's return that the right pressures be exerted on the Australian authorities to make sure you get what you want.
How do I know that you'll follow through? You have no track record of integrity here.
Traded that in a while back.
Let's make the benchmark different.
I'm assuming you're capturing the CCTV and I've just incriminated myself fairly heavily.
That looks like some investment in the deal from my perspective.
So let's trade up from integrity to mutual benefit.
(DOOR OPENS) I can't find Papa.
(DOOR CLOSES, PHONE BEEPS) (BIRD SQUAWKS) (Tahila SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) I'll go first and you'll go second.
The topic is colours.
Papa! Papa! I was worried.
Oh, it's okay, poppet.
- I was just hot.
- I'll get you a towel.
Thanks for thanks for last night.
I don't know where your head's at, but we're going to head up to the hills today.
Take Kik.
Maybe you'll stay around for that.
For the funeral.
Then decide.
Of course.
No doubt they'll be hunting us after yesterday.
You should probably pack the equipment.
I don't think we'll be coming back here.
(SCOFFS) You alright? Wrapped up in so many fucking layers of bullshit.
Security is subcontracted out to an entity called HelmSec.
That's their third name change in three years.
In the hope that they wear you out before you find them.
- (SIGHS) - What? HelmSec is a subsidiary of Vertex International.
It's a long way up the ladder, but Daryl Burrows' boss is Lara Dixon.
Daryl Burrows.
- Ouch, that looks nasty.
- Can I help you? You don't know me.
Nolan Daniels.
If my thinking's straight, you probably don't know the man who's going to take the fall for your itchy trigger finger last Friday either.
- I've got nothing to say to you.
- No? I've got heaps, so you just stop me when I veer off the rails, eh? You and the boys, out patrolling the road.
Everyone's a bit twitchy 'cause there's been a bit of trouble.
See a car that's stopped.
Burrows: How goes it, gents? As you get close, one of the occupants reaches for the glove box.
- Flash of metal.
- (GUNFIRE) (GRUNTS AND BREATHES HEAVILY) Shoot first, ask questions later? I get it, mate.
I'm out on the ground too.
Those clowns back in the office, they don't have a fucking clue.
But you're a grub, Daryl.
Can't get into the cops.
Army won't have you.
But hang on, there's always the private sector where the standards aren't so high.
My contract prohibits me from speaking about operational matters.
Let me just tell you how this is going to play out.
One morning they will take Remsey Gangi from his cell, march him into a field, take his shirt off, mark a target on his heart and shoot him dead for something you did.
I'm going to make it my personal mission to make sure that that doesn't happen without your name shackled to it.
Now we just have to wait and see if he goes squealing to Mummy.
You said everything would be taken care of.
I was told it was sweet.
Look, I'm not really quite sure what you're talking about, Mr Burrows.
I'm in a meeting right now, but the legal team will be in touch shortly.
Um, hello.
- Buzby.
- Yes, that's me.
I want to be upfront with you, Buzby.
I need to ask if you're prepared to do something for me, something which involves going into some debatable areas of legislation.
At some point in the next 48 hours, I might need someone to run a military erase on our system.
If it were to look like an attack from Roth, all the better.
The eradication of documents, with the full knowledge they're about to be subpoenaed.
There isn't anyone else, I think, who understands that the cutting of certain corners is the only way to save us from the worst of what's coming.
Meg: Yeah, we're heading back soon.
I just heard that they might be moving Rems.
Yeah, I'll let you know.
Lara Dixon is CEO of the Asia-Pacific arm of Vertex.
There's one of her in half a dozen countries around the world.
Is the profit and loss there? Because I've been trying to find out if they've also been paying local security forces.
There was a bit of lunch-room talk about paying extra fees to local militia to help keep the mine road operational, but I could never prove it.
Where am I going to find that? Under P for Protection Money? Mine security gets into a bad situation with Roth that results in two Australians shot dead.
Too big a screw-up to explain away, so a quick call to their local contacts, who are happy to clean it up, for a fee.
So the guy that puts a bullet in Marcus Kombian's head gets pocket money from an Australian company.
(ENGINE REVS) There are more patrols on the road.
- We have to get out now.
- Jesse you have to call Meg and Ned.
- Tell 'em to meet us there, okay? - I haven't finished packing stuff.
(SPEAKS IN LOCAL LANGUAGE) - No! - Tahila! - Tahila! - I'll get the stuff.
- I'll meet you there.
Go! - Tahila! You go.
We'll meet you on the road near the bridge.
(BEEPING) (CRIES OUT) Argh! (MOBILE RINGS) Hello? - Who's this? - Jesse, it's Anton.
(CRIES OUT) Some things have been done that must be put right.
Marina, we need to start getting this out.
I've let you make me your moral hostage, Ned Banks.
Roth: Ned might rattle his newspapers but you, you have to put things right in your own way.
It's time to cut the cord, Ned.
But first you have to decide what kind of dog you are.
- What kind are you? - I'm the dogs of war.
- (ALARM BLARES) - Announcer: Full system shutdown! Evacuate immediately! I can help you but not like this.
Jesse: If you fail, that woman will die and it will be on your conscience, not mine! This is madness, Jesse.
I don't care.
Then you're as bad as they are.
- No more! - (SCREAMS)