The Code AU (2014) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

Jesse: It's a program called Kaspion, a web crawler.
You can let yourself in to any flawed system.
You can spy, you can steal, control or destroy.
- And I put it in Roth's hands.
- Will: It gets worse.
Just after the breach into OCO, Roth's wife was shot at a demonstration.
Roth: Jesus Christ, she needs help! Please! Marian: Why didn't they just let him in? Neil: You have a meeting to finalise the Helmston Mine lease before tomorrow's signing.
This incident will get a full investigation, but it's not a roadblock.
Get that lease signed.
Roth: If you want in, cool.
If not, you and your brother can just wander off.
But you cannot take this away from me.
Jesse: I destroy the program, what kind of guarantee do I get that we're going to be okay? I don't want you to destroy the program.
I want you to bring it to me.
Budi: There are more patrols on the road.
Jesse: We have to get out now.
I'll get the stuff.
I'll meet you there.
Take a deep breath and start again.
I want Hani's father released now.
Not just a promise of help.
I want to see him walking out of there.
I don't think you took that breath.
I'm assuming the fact that you're delivering such strident demands can only mean that you have the Kaspion program? I've got it.
But I'm not delivering until Nasim is released.
Things have moved on since we spoke.
Right now, the only thing I might be in a position to do is stop someone putting a bullet in your head.
Don't misunderstand me.
I very much want to work this out with you, Jesse.
I have put a lot of effort into trying to work this out with you.
But Nasim, that horse has bolted.
(FOREBODING MUSIC) And what's left? What's left is your life.
Roth: Jesse.
Jesse! I'm here.
I thought we'd lost you.
Hey? Did you get it? No.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) Um, I'm sorry, I I was a bit overwhelmed.
I didn't realise you were here.
- Jesse.
- No, no.
When I was growing up, my best friend was this Aboriginal kid.
He used to show me the burial trees behind where we lived.
I'm not a believer, but somehow it seems right.
Something living marks that they were here.
What was his name? Your son? Roth: Carlo.
It happened fast.
Fever and this, uh horrible sound.
Couldn't breathe, so we drive him to the clinic.
I mean, the place is haemorrhaging money.
No doctors, no medicine.
One of those half-used packets that sits in every bathroom across Australia that's all we need.
Do you want a hug? No.
But I appreciate the offer.
Sweetie, I've got to, uh I have to go away for work for a couple of days.
- I want to come with you.
- Nah.
Nah, it'll be boring.
I want a pinkie promise you're coming back.
I, Jan Roth, do solemnly pinkie promise that not even demons will keep me from coming to back to Tahila Gangi-Roth when my work is done.
(WISTFUL MUSIC) - (VACUUM CLEANER HUMS) - (SHOE SQUEAKS) (PHONE RINGS) Marina: Hello? Ned: Marina, we need to start getting this out.
What happened on the mine road, to Remsey, Lara's involvement, the whole thing.
Yeah, um There's (CLEARS THROAT) there's a lot going on with the forum coming up.
- Uh, everyone's watching me - No, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
This is going out.
This is what we're publishing.
You can help or not, that's your call, but you should know I'm gonna name you.
Yeah, you can deny it, but I'm not gonna skirt around it.
I've let you make me your moral hostage, Ned Banks.
I stepped towards you when I could've stepped away.
(CHUCKLES) Someday I'm gonna feel good about that.
I'm sorry.
(RATTLING) We can get out, but we have to go now.
All right.
I'm gonna try and get a message to Ben.
See if he can hold some space to get something out today, then we just have to start pumping it out.
Jess, we have to go.
Roth: Clark Kent to the rescue, is it? If we can prove that Marcus was innocent, then there's no crime for Remsey to take the blame for.
Right, so you just whip up some expose and they all come running out with their hands in the air? - Right? - Yep.
That's what I got.
Don't trip over your cape.
I'm not going.
Ned: Course you are.
No, I was not asking your permission, Ned, I'm telling you.
Jesus, Jesse, we can't stand around here for three hours workshopping it, we have to go.
You have to go.
It's time to cut the cord, Ned.
I'm cutting the cord.
I know you think you're looking out for me, protecting me.
But I'm suffocating and I need some air that doesn't have your ideas in it.
I'm sorry.
It's (CHUCKLES) it's not you, it's me.
Meg: Ned, do you want me to see if maybe there's someone else you can come with tomorrow? Jesse: No, he's going today like he planned.
There you go, me making arbitrary decisions for you for once.
Look after yourself.
You too.
There's something I need to tell you.
I was going to try and trade the program for Hani's dad, but I've actually failed spectacularly to do that and in the process I have just confirmed everything they already thought about me in the first place, don't fit in the box.
Will never fit in the box.
Fuck the box.
The box is for morons.
You know Lara called off the surveillance? That's how I got back here.
She wants to keep the Kaspion program for herself.
Roth: What do you want? - I don't know.
- Yes, you do.
Some things have been done that must be put right.
Ned might rattle his newspaper, turn a few heads, but you you have to put things right in your own way.
But first you have to decide what kind of dog you are.
What kind are you? I'm the dogs of war.
: Evacuate, evacuate, evacuate.
Exit the building and proceed immediately to your designated emergency assembly area.
Will: This morning, during the handover with night shift, an evacuation was triggered.
Once everyone was out and the gates were locked, system by system the operation was shut down.
Then this arrived 20 minutes ago.
Morning, all.
By now you'll be aware that the wheels of production at Helmston have ground to a halt.
Mechanical protest against the horror perpetrated in its name.
29 people arrested at Friday's protest need to be released.
Remsey Gangi needs to be released.
Nasim Parande returned.
The mine stays shut until the terms of operation are renegotiated to reflect a somewhat fairer share of the spoils.
And, of course, the extradition for Jesse and Ned Banks.
So that's part one.
Just something to get us started.
Well, I guess it's safe to say we now know the Kaspion program works, sniffed out an A-list target on its first outing.
Alert levels need to be raised both in Indonesia and here as well.
Critical infrastructure protocols put into place.
"Do not travel" alerts need to go out today.
But if we get this wrong we'll have full-blown panic on our hands, so keep the language tight.
This won't get a public release, we just proceed with this morning's signing regardless.
You've gotta be kidding.
The company has an obligation to report any adverse events likely to impact on its value to the ASX.
And they will.
But the lease signing goes ahead.
You pull the plug on it now, you're telling the world that terrorism works.
Business as usual until the situation resolves itself.
Is anyone confused about what that looks like? (TENSE MUSIC) (TYPES) I want to stop in at home before the meeting.
We don't have time.
It wasn't a request.
Alyse: I thought you left two hours ago.
I did.
I did.
And I have to go again now, sweetheart.
Listen, I don't know for sure, but it's possible that I'm going to go to the economic forum today and decide not to sign a lease worth a truckload of money to some very powerful people and I don't know what's going to happen when I decide to do that.
But what I do know is, that scholarship it was offered to you for the wrong reasons, as a way to get to me.
(CAR HORN TOOTS) Go on, then.
I'm sorry.
(PLAINTIVE MUSIC) (AEROPLANE ENGINE RUMBLES) Didn't I tell you? The best that money can buy.
You did.
That's what you said.
Now I need you to add us to the list of delegates attending the forum today.
You all right? Um I want to talk to Ned.
Jesse, I need you to climb out of the sandpit.
I just wanna make sure we're sticking to what we talked about, right? - No, um surprises.
- Right.
No sudden changes of plan, 'cause I'm - No one gets hurt.
- Right.
Just like we talked.
But I need you to commit now, or walk away.
Good morning, Jacinta.
You're very keen.
We're not actually open to the public yet.
The delegates are still having their breakfast meeting.
That's all right, we're special guests.
I'm Jan Roth and this is Jesse Banks.
Okay, um Hmm, I don't seem to see you here.
Just a sec.
Oh, sorry, I see you've just been added this morning.
Come through.
I'm afraid you've just missed breakfast.
- Oh, that's all right.
- (CHUCKLES) - Titanium hip.
- (DEVICE WHIZZES AND BEEPS) I need you to do something for me.
I want you to call Mr Muscles over there and tell him that we have a situation on our hands.
(OMINOUS MUSIC) Because we do.
(SOFT CHATTER) Morning, all.
Change of plan.
Roth: Everybody sit.
Please, relax.
I want you to take your cell phones out and place them on the desk, and I want you to keep your hands where I can see them.
Jacinta Now, I want you to go to the door, welcome them.
Once they're inside, run.
Run like the wind.
When you get out there, tell them what's happening in here.
R-O-T-H, Roth.
Make sure they spell it right.
(ANXIOUSLY) Welcome.
(FOREBODING MUSIC) (DOOR OPENS) Yeah, I told her I was gonna write the stories with her or without her.
I can feel it, though, she's gonna leak it.
And when she does, I'm gonna send the documents raw to you and I'll write the stories around them.
He's saying two pages for copy, but, what, half a page for pics? Well, it depends if my pictures are decorating your story or your words are supporting my pictures.
Uh, yeah, a whole page for pics, then.
Yeah, they're not bad.
Okay, 'bye.
They're incredible.
I'm just strategically underselling them.
Um, you need to get online, I told him that you'd be uploading them straight away.
Did he say what he's gonna do? (SIGHS) He, uh I dunno, Han, maybe this is what he needs, some time on his own with neither of us trying to steer his ship.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) (OMINOUS MUSIC) - (TYRES SCREECH) - (INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER) How are we going on those profiles? I need to know who he's got in there.
Lara: Lines three and four can go to the exterior cameras and the, um the foyers.
(TENSE MUSIC) (DRAMATIC MUSIC) (GLASS SHATTERS) Roth over TV: Lara Dixon, I know you can hear me.
(INDISTINCT RADIO COMMUNICATION) Just just hear what he's got to say and, uh, tell him we're gonna work with him to resolve the situation.
Mr Roth.
Regarding the shutdown of the mine, I just wanted to keep you in the loop.
That is just our opening volley.
Thought about running the whole thing from there, but then then it struck me who would ever know about it? You'd pretend to meet the demands, we come out, bang, gone.
Death grip on the press, nobody would ever hear about it.
The mining company would write off the cost as operational, and it would be like it never happened.
But here? Here, not so easy to keep it quiet, is it? Lara: Mr Roth, we're very concerned about the people that you have with you.
(PHONE BUZZES) We need to know that they're safe and then we can talk about what it is that you want.
Roth: What I want is for you to meet a demand.
Release Remsey.
- - 15 minutes or the shit seriously hits the fan around here.
(PHONE BUZZES) Now, while we're waiting, why don't you tell everybody here what happened when your men pulled us over on the mine road? I'm happy to, Mr Roth.
Some new information came to my attention which implicated one of our security employees, Daryl Burrows, in the shooting of the Australian surfers.
I informed the Minister of Defence immediately about what had happened.
We have extremely strict protocols to ensure that our staff are trained for the pressures that they face, but no system's perfect.
Sometimes the odd rotten apple slips through.
This is bullshit! You you can't wash your hands of this.
You knew exactly what happened and so did Neil.
Lara: With respect, Minister You both made a decision to sweep it under the carpet.
- Whatever you think's going on - No, no, no.
But it just wouldn't stay there, would it? Lara, I've copied the security meeting files.
And whatever happens, they're going on the public record.
(AUDIO MUTES) (INDISTINCT RADIO COMMUNICATION) I know what happened to your wife.
I know what happened and I understand.
My daughter was She was in a car.
She she was parked behind a van that exploded.
She's got scars all down her back and all over her soul that will never go away.
And the changes that he wanted, that man who blew up the van, they didn't happen, nothing changed.
Please, I'm I'm not going to sign the lease.
I'm not.
They'll sack me.
But I won't do it.
I won't go quietly.
I can help you.
I can help you, but not like this.
You do what you've gotta do, sweetie.
I'm gonna do what I need to do.
(WHEEZES) She needs a puffer.
She has very bad asthma.
(WOMAN WHIMPERS) Marina: You're all right.
All right, just breathe slowly.
Come on, breathe slowly.
- (HEAVES) - Hold my hand.
Jesse: Have you got a puffer? No, no puffer.
Jan, she can't breathe.
We have to let her go.
Then maybe she needs to feel what it's like to need medicine and not be able to get it.
What if I go? I'll get them to bring the Ventolin to the front and just leave it there, yeah? If you go and don't come back, this is on your conscience.
Fucking go.
It's me.
Man: Eyes on.
Hani: Jesse, what are you doing? Listen, Hani, in fact I'm sure there's a whole bunch of people listening.
There's a woman here having an asthma attack.
We need some Ventolin.
I want you to bring it to the front door.
Only you.
Leave it on the ground and I'll come and get it.
But only you.
If you fail to let her do this, that woman will die and it will be on your conscience, not mine! Daniels: I've got snipers in place.
Make no mistake, if something goes wrong, we will shoot Jesse.
Jesse! Hani's bringing the Ventolin in now.
- You good? - Yep.
You know they won't meet the demands, they won't negotiate like this, they never do.
It's just gonna end bad.
I know, but I made a plan.
And even if all that happens is we get your dad back It's nuts.
I'm gonna step forward and hug him and then I'm gonna walk back.
Hani, step back! - (WEEPS) - Daniels: Hold! Hold! Grab me.
Drag me inside.
There's something that I need you to do for me.
Okay? Okay.
- What happened? - Natives got restless.
- Jesse: Um I've got it.
- Marina: You'll have to do it.
Do it.
Go on, shake the inhaler.
Come on.
Put it in her mouth, when she breathes out, push the button.
Susan, you have to sit up a bit.
Sit up.
The inhaler's here.
Okay? Sit up.
- When he puffs, breathe in.
Shh, shh.
- Good.
And again.
- Shh - Again.
- Shh (INHALES DEEPLY) - That's it.
- (EXHALES) Marina: That's it.
No one gets hurt, that's what you said.
Yeah, well, things change.
Marina: Breathe easy.
This is not right.
Not right? There are lots of things that are not right, Jesse.
People getting shot in the street in broad daylight and nothing happens.
They get punched, kicked in the head, rounded up, tied up like a bunch of animals for expressing an opinion.
"Tied up.
" Tied up like this? Yes.
Exactly like this.
Jan That's 15 minutes.
Time's up.
(TENSE MUSIC) There are so many cops out there.
"Maybe it's nuts.
" She's right.
- Sieges don't work.
- Tell that to the Romans.
They conquered the fucking world.
The only reason sieges don't work is because people don't have follow-through.
They make threats and have no follow-through.
But I'm not that person.
(TYPES) Hani's gonna get Ned to check if what Marina said was true.
And if it is, I think we should stop this.
- What's that? - Triple-0 switchboard.
You're gonna block emergency calls? - I don't care.
- Then you're as bad as they are.
I don't care.
I don't care, Jesse, all right? I've been listening to the same non-violent bullshit protest songs, all right? I've listened to them for four years while the bodies pile up.
No more! No fuckin' more.
- (KNOCK AT DOOR) - Ned: Alyse.
Alyse: You're not the police.
They said someone from the police was coming to get me.
Alyse, please, I'm telling the truth.
We don't have a lot of time.
I have to save my brother too.
I just need the files that your mum copied onto her computer to do that.
All right.
- (TYPES) - How's this gonna help my mum? Well, a lot of people are gonna have their true colours shown today and your mum's gonna be one of them.
(COMPUTER BEEPS AND WARBLES) Screen shots? Where do I send them? Attention, Nolan Daniels, Federal Police.
(TYPES) What are you doing? (TYPES) I can't prove what she did to my dad, but she doesn't get to operate in the dark anymore.
I'm going to publish the source code of her spyware, her client list, who she spies on and how much she gets paid to do it.
So lock the door on the way out.
He's hacking the emergency call systems.
We need to bring this to a close.
Patch those calls through.
I want them to hear this too.
Woman over phone: Can you hear me? My baby's not breathing! Please! (OVERLAPPING, INDISTINC EMERGENCY CALLS PLAY) (PHONE BUZZES) (WHISPERS) Okay.
(GRUNTS) Woman over phone: I think he's dead.
He's not moving.
Hello, is anybody there? Please help me.
Woman 2: I don't know exactly how many he swallowed.
Man: Somebody send an ambulance down here right away.
Woman: He's blue.
My baby's not breathing.
Hello? - Woman: I don't know - (ANXIOUS VOICES OVERLAP) Woman: Hello, is anybody there? Somebody call an ambulance Please! Hello? - (EMERGENCY CALLS CONTINUE) - (TENSE MUSIC) Daniels: Hold, hold, hold.
Go! Go! Make them safe.
Make them safe.
Go! Hold your fire! Don't shoot! Make them safe! (INDISTINCT EMERGENCY CALLS CONTINUE) (COMPUTER BEEPS) Jesse: Jan? (GRUNTS) What have you done? It's not their fault.
We we we do it this way, we just play into their hands.
Become everything they already want to believe.
It just hurts Remsey's cause even more.
We have the proof, Jan.
Proof of everything they did.
I'm gonna walk out of here with my hands in the air.
'Cause I want to live.
And I I want you to come with me.
- Man: Move forward! Walk towards us slowly! Keep your hands in the air.
- He's unarmed.
- Officer: Keep coming! He's unarmed! He's unarmed! - He's unarmed! - Get on the ground, Jesse.
- He's unarmed! - Get on the ground.
- He's unarmed! - Get down on the ground! - He's unarmed! - Get on the ground! - He's unarmed! He's unarmed! - (OFFICERS SHOUT) - He's unarmed! He's unarmed! - Daniels: He's unarmed! (GUNFIRE) Nooo! No! - No! - Daniels: Get him up.
Come on, let's go.
Easy, now.
(SOMBRE MUSIC) (REPORTERS TALK OVER EACH OTHER) I think, Ms Jennings, to get side-tracked by the nature of the leak is to miss the point entirely.
I'm calling for unequivocal bipartisan support for an investigation into the matter and a full royal commission into the behaviour of Australian companies overseas.
(ALL TALK AT ONCE) What about the investigation tapes? But I think the key question to ask is whether you can arrest people for expressing an opinion and still call yourself a democracy.
Are you talking about here or in Indonesia? I'm talking about both.
(GRITTY MUSIC) Ned: Hey, what do you think? Good.
For a working title.
Did you decide yet? Nope.
(STARTS ENGINE) Daniels: Here we go again.
History never repeats, but it does rhyme.
Pardon? Mark Twain.
Um, let's look at this as probation with benefits.
You get a better wage than most people get in a lifetime.
Um, you get a government-issued car and access to some of the country's best technical equipment.
All this in return for You have the keys to the UndaCounta kingdom.
No one on there yet knows that the witch is dead.
- Warlock.
- Splitting hairs.
Correcting poorly constructed metaphors.
Okay, so my point is that you have the potential to assume the role of the warlock and keep the cash register ringing.
Which would allow you to capture the details of 957,000 registered account holders.
We're only interested in the ones breaking the law.
You want to live here, you want the roads and the schools and the hospitals, then you get the laws too.
And the prisons.
Which is the genuine alternative to you signing on for this.
There will be conditions.
There'll be a certain level of monitoring of your associations and your communications.
(CLEARS THROAT) And for a while, there'll be a limit on your movements.
Fitted in your car.
Two years inside the box, then the shackles come off.
All will be right with the world.
You sure this is the one you want? This is the one.
It's gonna have to be registered in your name.
Oh, your, um your mum's ashes are ready to be picked up.
I thought you might wanna do it together and, I don't know, get a beer afterwards? Sounds okay.
(WISTFUL MUSIC) (VEHICLE APPROACHES) Pull up the leg of your jeans.
I'm assigning it to another lucky bracelet wearer.
Very clever, you are.
There's gonna need to be some rules.
You can't just decide stuff without me.
Jesse: Mmm.
We do this, we both share some of the driving.
There's a project I want to work on in Spain.
As soon as we get some money, I wanna go there.
Yes to all that.
- Ned: Jess.
(FASTENER UNZIPS) So a couple of spare spare sets of clothes and a prepaid phone.
- (SIGHS) - Oh, and, uh Where did you get that? Um, well, I thought if ever there was a reason to get over myself and take up Dad's offer, now was it, so I'll, um I'll drive around the city for a while.
Stay in the box.
Make sure you stay in the box.
I will stay in the box.
And then I'll park it out the front of Hani's house.
That should give you 12 or 14 hours head start.
You can drive.