The Confession (2011) s01e04 Episode Script

Chapter 4

I've seen things.
Done things Horrible things.
Help me to understand.
You'll have to watch me do what i'm going to do tonight.
I'll be not part of that.
Will see.
What on earth makes you think that I would watch you kill someone? I can make you watch.
What you would subject me to that? Have you ever seen anyone die, Father? Yes, of course! I've been administred last rights several times and send to the family members to give them confort.
Have you ever thought that some of those people deserve to die more than others? No! You've never thought someone deserve to die? No! Lie to me again Father and I'll walk out of this confessional and I'll kill everyone on your church and it would be nothing that you could say to stop me this time! What is the point in forcing me to agree with you view? I'm forcing you to be honest! I want you to the deep down in your heart, Father.
And be honest with yourself.
Have you ever thought someone deserve to die? Father, I'm asking you one last time Have you ever thought someone deserve to die? Say it! Yes.
God forgive me.
That happen to people with a full deserve to God.
Then you have met people you wish they'll die because you saw their bad part.
This ain't right? Yes.
That's not Evil, Father.
That's being human.
What is your point? My point is there is darkness in all of us.
But a thought is not a deed.
I am not the cause of that acts.
I could also say that a thought is a wish.
And a wish is a prayer.
You called the pond guard to take an afterlife.
No! No? Are you sayin' a guard doesn't hear all our thoughts, our wishes or our prayers? - Oh yes, he does.
So what's the difference between me pulling the triger to take a life and you asking God to do it for you? A thought is not always a prayor.
And a prayor is not always answered.
But I really don't understand the purpose of this conversation.
- The purpose of this conversation is you and I are both agree that certain people deserve to die.
I have never say that.
You just thought it.
What is that important to you? Because I want you to understand me.
And in order to do that, we need to start from a point of mutual agreement.
What makes you imagine that I could ever understand someone like you? Yes I am a man and as such I have made certain judgements in my life.
And I have acts thoughts under against God's teaching But I have never, intentionally, caused armed to a man.
What is just simply not true.
How would you know? You'd have to be the saint.
And you will see.
Do you honestly expect me to believe, that in course of your entire life, you have never hurt another human being? We're not here to talk about me.
We're here to talk about whatever I want to talk about.
Tell me, why this person you're gonna kill tonight must die? Because he deserves to die.
You'll be payed for it? I'm getting a kind of reward.
But you could choose not to do it.
Yes, I suppose so.
So Why? If you known this man, Father, like I do the pain, the suffering he caused You think I give you my blessing?! No.
I'm sure you think I should let him be judged by God in the Afterlife.
Of course.
What if there is not Afterlife? What if everything that you believe in is wrong? Then this man guess where we're everything without ever been punished.
It is not for you to decide who lives or dies.
Oh Father That's why you're so valuable.