The Confession (2011) s01e05 Episode Script

Chapter 5

I've killed many men.
It's who I am.
It's what I do.
In fact, I'm supposed to kill someone tonight.
It is not for you to decide who lives or dies.
Oh Father That's why you're so valuable.
You like this, don't you? What? The power.
I told you, Father.
This is not You told me what you want to me to believe I don't care what you believe.
Of course you do! What else would you be here? The threats, the control, make a sense to your stories They're not stories.
Oh, I have no doubt, that you've done all the things you said about.
But, well, I don't know if you enjoyed.
I tell you what I see when I look behind that gun and that tough exterior.
I see a little boy, found his daddy's gun and brought it to class one day.
Someone who realized, that making people afraid was a form of attention.
That gun makes you feel powerfull, doesn't it? Force this people to see you.
Tell me, Were you the only child? Were you ignored and neglected? Did you grow up always wanting to belong, but never quite fitting in anywhere? Are you masturbing through the first time you pull that triger? How in that moment, you stroke back at all the unkind deeds who were perpetuated against you? But is no longer enough, isn't it? You need to share it! You need someone to see your power.
You don't want me to try to stop you doing what you're going to do tonight.
You can't stop.
You won't stop.
Because you think if you do, then you'll be nothing again.
You think you know me.
Am I wrong? We all want powerfull.
Am I wrong? Even you! I doubt.
Now you're telling me what you want me to believe.
I'm telling you the truth.
You're not the only one who see things, Father.
I see things too.
Like the emptyness in your eyes when you speaked of God.
What happen to your faith? Or did you ever even have it? This is the life you plan.
A secondary priest in a third rate parish.
Oh, I'm sure the people of your congregation see you as a man of strenghts.
But I see the weakness of a man, trying to justify a life devoted to a cause he no longer believes in.
But I know why you stay.
The colar.
That colar gives you power.
Whitout it, You're just another man without a voice.
A lonely man who thinks it breath mints and cologne will mask the scent of cheap scotch and cigarettes.
So why you don't tell me, Father.
In your own words.
Why you stay? What's sins did you comitted to drove you to the puppet and forced you to nail before house you no longer believe it? Yes, I do have doubts, And pride is the sin that I possess.
And you're right! Everyone needs to be seen and heard.
But I tried go about it true love.
Where is all you can offer is hatred.
It's not hatred.
You murder innoncent people! None of the people I killed where innoncent, Father.
Murder is murder Sometimes, murder is justice.
Tell me, have you ever known a charitable thing in your life? Tell me when your compassion ever outweighed your need to harm? Compassion wasn't really part of my childhood, Father.
So it's not your fault.
Is that what you're trying to say? No, I'm saying there's certain things out of our control.
Sometimes we do things we thought we never could.
Timmy If you are not in bed Survine your desk now.
Now! What do you want? I think you already know.
No, I don't Daddy? Timmy I want you to go to your room.
Timmy, go to your room.
Go to your room Timmy, now! What you're gonna do? That's depends on you.