The Control Room (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Ambulance emergency.
Is the patient breathing?
She's breathing, all right.
- Is she awake?
- Of course she's awake.
- Can you tell me what's happened?
- All right, Mavs.
The exhaust dropped off the car.
We've broken down on the hard shoulder.
Okay. Well, is there an emergency?
We just need an ambulance, it's just
WOMAN CRIES OUT: She's having a baby.
Er How many weeks or
months pregnant is she?
And when did the contractions start?
Okay, well, can't you?
So you're still on the playground?
Don't let him do that.
Hello, Kilmarnock,
got an emergency on Burnside Road.
Carts broken down on the way to hospital
and the passenger is in advanced labour.
Have her waters broken yet?
Have you got the phone on
loudspeaker? Great.
So you can both here me, can you?
MAN: Where's the ambulance?
It'll be there as quick as
possible. Have you got a blanket?
- Yes, somewhere, aye.
- Okay, can
Can you get it, please,
and then can you put it under her?
I'm not bothered about the car.
I want to make sure she's okay.
No, it's not for the car,
it's for the baby. [WOMAN SHRIEKS]
Oh. Okay, just tell her to go with it.
She real needs to push.
Aye. I can see the head!
Yeah, just pant, just pant
and go with the next contraction.
Hello? Hello, can you hear me?
I need to know what's going on, please.
Hello? Hello?
Are you there?
MAN: Oh, God, look at him!
Are you there?
Oh, pal, thank you. Thank you, pal!
No, that's okay. That's okay. How's Mum?
- She's all right. She's all right.
- What did she say?
- She said, "This shitty car".
I can hear the ambulance crew. I'll
leave you with them, all right?
But I'll be holding a good thought
for you. All three of you.
What's your name, pal? Er
Er, it's Gabe, Gabriel. Ha.
Aye, he likes it.
Hello, Gabriel,
welcome to the world.
I'm your dad.
First naming?
- Hey, did you move in, then?
- Yeah.
- Well, what's it like?
- It's perfect.
- Right, Mr., break.
- I'm all right, Leigh.
One more.
I think you may have
caught somebody's eye.
Shut up, Anthony.
It's about time we had
a new office romance.
What do you think, Ross? We could
start a match-making service.
Some poor bastard will end up with you.
Right, will the not-readies make
themselves ready, please?
Hello, Ambulance Service, what's
the address of the emergency?
Hello, Glasgow, this is 07700900793
calling from an out-of-range
service provider.
Okay, thank you.
Ambulance emergency,
is the patient breathing?
WOMAN: Yeah, he's bleeding everywhere.
Oh, sorry, is he is he breathing?
Yeah, yeah.
Okay. And is he awake?
Um, his eyes are open, but
Would you say that he's awake?
- Yeah, but oh, my God!
- That's okay. Take a deep breath
and tell me exact what's happened.
His head.
Just describe to me
- He's hit his head and
- What has he hit his head on?
I don't Oh, I don't know.
All right. What is the
address of the emergency?
- No!
- I'm going to need the exact location.
Hello, are you there?
Oh, my God!
No, he's
He's dead.
I've killed him.
Anthony. Anthony!
If you give us your exact location,
we might still be able to do something.
Listen. Listen to me.
Forget Forget everything else.
We need to know exact where you are.
To arrest me?
To to see if there's
anything that can be done.
He's dead.
What's your name?
I'm not going to tell you that.
You can make this right, you know.
I didn't want to do this.
It was just It was just in my hand.
I was so scared.
I'm holding a good thought
for you, okay? I swear.
Oh, my God.
Gabo, is that you?
Do I know you?
Where is it you're from?
Er, Baffron.
Might she be from there?
I mean I'm real sorry,
but no idea.
Well, she knows you.
What do yous call him?
Er, Gabe.
- Mavs. No. No.
- Not Gabo?
Does anyone here call you that?
No. We can trace the call to
the Lochran Height development.
Around the same time,
other calls were made
residents saying they heard shouting,
But, at the moment, there's no body,
no killer.
I need you to think.
Think back. Who was it, Gabriel?
Cheers for the lift, Leigh.
You don't have to be
on your own tonight.
Kids are with their dad.
- Honestly, Leigh, it's just
- No.
No. Yeah, no, it's fine.
No, I would, it's just
that my head is total Yeah.
Of course, no. It's just that, um,
last week it was, er, fun.
- Oh, yeah, yeah, no, no, it was.
- It was?
- Yeah. Always is.
- Yeah!
I'll see you, then.
See you.
Take these.
I'll be back later for games sesh.
MUTTERS: Seven, eight
I'm going nowhere.
All right, Dad.
The football's on.
Oh, sorry, um
No, no, no, I mean,
do you want to watch?
Yes! Go on, son.
Have you spoken to Uncle Charlie?
Is he all right?
Ha! He hasn't been arrested for a while.
Dad, um
Do you think we could
turn that off for a bit?
Champions League!
All right, my darling.
I'm still here.
[KNOCK AT DOOR] Why have you come?
Oh, fucking hell.
Just, um
thought it'd be nice.
See how you are.
Are you all right?
Well, good.
I'm glad you're here. Must be
to leave the football.
It's half-time.
You, um
You don't know whatever happened to
Sam Tolmie, do you?
- You know
- What are you talking about her for?
I just wondered if
Why would you possibly even wonder?!
Well, where did she go after?
Is this why you're here?
To ask about Samantha Tolmie?!
- No.
- What is wrong with you, boy?
- Get to fuck.
- Gabriel!
How long is it been, huh?
And you can't even switch the TV off?
Forget it.
WOMAN CALLS: Samantha!
MAN CALLS: Samantha!
Where are you?!
WOMAN: Samantha!
We'll leave you here.
That's what's going to happen.
Samantha! It's your last chance.
My home ♪
I pray for ♪
Um, is Eilidh about?
I'm a friend from school.
Disnae do Tuesdays.
Is she in, though?
On from lunch tomorrow.
Aye, but I mean is is she upstairs?
She won't come down.
You can't go up there!
Excuse me!
Fucking hell.
Robbo? ls, er?
How have you been?
What are you doing here?
I was just passing by and, um,
I saw Eilidh's name
was above the door, um
I've been looking for a number
for Sam Tolmie.
- I just wondered if Eilidh still has
- Are you taking the piss?
No, no, no, no. I didn't
even know you guys
Why are you looking for her?
I didn't know, all right?
I swear. Okay, okay, look,
I don't want any
trouble. That was a long
You think it's okay now?
- Robbo!
- You think it's gone away?
Leave him alone!
If you ever
come through that door again,
I will fucking kill you.
Come with me.
What are you doing?
Who's this?
He's the new boy. He just moved.
And you can just walk around here?
You think it's open to anyone?
Leave him, Robbo.
Stay away from the trees.
WOMAN: Gabriel? Yeah?
It's DI Anna Breck.
- All right?
- I'm at Lochran Heights.
We've cordoned it off
and searched one of the buildings.
Ah, okay. You find anything?
Witnesses. Plenty of them.
Heard a man arguing with a woman.
A distressed female, about 5ft 6, 7,
blonde hair, around the same age as you,
running from the scene later.
- Does that help?
All right, Gabe?
Hello? Are you there?
Um Yeah, could be anyone.
Come on, then.
Let's see this list of old flames.
Ignore him, Gabe. Anthony's list of
the significant women in his life
would only have his mum on it.
I never forget an ex.
I bet they're all trying
to forget you, though.
Are you okay?
OPERATOR: Hello, Glasgow,
this is 07700900791
calling from an out-of-range
service provider.
Okay, thank you.
Ambulance emergency,
is the patient breathing?
BOY: I don't know,
I cannae see from here.
Are you with them?
Aye, but I'm still on
the roof. He's down there.
Okay. Has somebody fallen from,
off a roof?
- Through it.
- And is there anyone else there?
Nah, it's shut. It's closed down.
- Don't move, we're going
- I'm not waiting! I'm getting down.
- No. No. No. No. Stay where you are.
- I'm supposed to be at school.
- That's okay, they'll understand.
- They never understand.
- No! Well, I understand.
- How do you?
- How old are you?
- 12.
Well, I was 12 once, okay?
It's her! It's her.
- What?
- Hey, Gabe, it's that woman.
She's rung back. The one from
yesterday. She's asking for you.
CALLER: Jake, are you okay?
Leigh, listen in. Leigh!
I'm going to put you through to my
colleague now, all right? What?
- Yeah, she'll look after you.
- Well, what about you?
I'll hold a good thought for you.
Oh, God, Gabo.
Is that you?
Do you?
Don't you remember?
But I still might be able to
help you, if you'll let me.
I don't know what to do.
I didn't know who else to call.
He's left me with no-one.
There are police there.
Yeah. I'm staring at 'em.
So you can go up to any one of them.
It's okay.
He ruined my life.
Two years of hell.
- Gabo?
- Oh, I can't do this.
- Gabo?
- Agh!
I can't breathe. I feel sick.
Sorry. You need to get cover.
- I'm going to be sick.
- Don't go!
- Don't. Please don't leave me.
- I need to go home.
Home sweet home.
- Mavs.
- Gabe?
- I'll get Martin in early.
- Gabe!
MAN: Can I have a supervisor, please?
- Leigh!
- Gabe, wait.
Since your mum passed,
you've been sick a lot, Gabriel.
How do you feel before you're sick?
The hours before?
Have you managed to speak
to your dad about it?
Is there anyone else you can go to?
What are they?
The flames.
So you're a weirdo, too, then?
I wasn't sure you'd know what I meant.
Not going to forget, am I?
- Home sweet home.
- It's been a long time.
When did you know it was me?
Only two people ever called me that.
I knew it wasn't my mum.
Have you told the police?
I wouldn't be here if I had.
Did they trace my call?
Um, er, just to the the postcode.
They know that you live
at Lochran Heights.
No, I don't. I don't.
- The van's just parked there.
- They they do have
a description of you.
Someone saw you leaving.
Have you told anybody?
Um, I mean, I went to see my dad.
Then I went to the Braes.
Do you know that Eilidh
You told them?!
On that I was looking for you.
That was it.
What did they say?
I mean, I don't think anyone
round here would ever think it was
a good idea for me to get in touch
with you again, Sam, do you?
And I'm getting our stuff out
the back of our van
and he grabs me, and I can't breathe.
I just wanted to
I just wanted to get him off.
Then I had this this barbell
and I, like
And I hit him on the head.
He goes down, but
he isn't moving any more.
I wanted to leave him
but I got his phone
and I rang.
And it was you, Gabo.
It was you!
Where is he now?
You left him?
Well, I couldn't do anything else.
I can't drive, so I just closed up
the back of the van on him
and I ran.
Okay. Listen Listen to me.
Do not wait for the police
to come to you, okay?
You call this number, now,
and you tell her everything.
I can't go to prison, Gabo.
I mean, it's happened.
You can't pretend like it hasn't.
It's crazy being here, eh?
I think about it, don't you?
Where'd you get that?
Made it. Years ago.
They're my hands.
Who's are those?
My mum's.
Go on.
Put it up.
Do you remember what you said?
Do you?
Haz never said anything like that.
But, then, he wasn't a kid, so
I didn't say it because I was a kid,
I said it because I meant it.
I did.
I do.
Move the van for me, then.
Move a dead body?
No, Sam. Sam, Sam, no.
Look if Haz disappears
for, like, a week or two,
no-one's going to notice any different.
- Sam. Sam, Sam
- It'll just buy me some time
to figure out what I'm going to do.
Please, Gabo. Please?
If you're not going to call her, I am.
I have to.
You've got till morning.
And, um and I'll take you
anywhere you want to go before that.
It's all right.
I'll make my own way from here.
I shouldn't have asked.
I'm sorry, that was shit.
Doesn't matter what happens
when it is or where you are,
you can be, like, proper old and wrink
and living in Australia
I'll always sort it.
QUIETLY: Sam. Sam!
- Sh, sh!
Where's the keys to the van?
At home.
I'll go with you and I'll wait
outside while you get them,
and then I'll take you back
to mine and I'll come back after.
After what?
I've moved it.
Okay, come on. Come on.
- I'm parked through there.
- Aye, on you go.
I need to get my van.
What's your name please, sir?
Er, it's Dan O'Neill.
Oh, God, and thank your
fella for the muffins!
Yeah, highlight of the day.
This way.
Looking for a body.
That's what a wee girl
on the third floor said.
Heard the police talking.
They're going door-to-door.
- WOMAN: Someone call an ambulance!
Sir, sir, this way,
please. Are you okay?
- SLURRED: I'm so sorry.
- Are you all right? Are you okay?
Come on, this way. Yeah, come on.
Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah. No, I'm fine.
Sir, this way, please.
Come this way, sir.
Okay, sir
Just calm down. Sir!
Sir, could you just step out?
White van. Registration Sierra
Oh, I am fucked.
Oh, my God.
What happened?
A bloke slammed into me.
I think he was pissed.
That's not your fault.
The, um, the detective was there.
The one who's number that
I gave you. Anna Breck.
Did she see you?
I drove off.
Through the police thing.
I managed to get the van into
Uncle Charlie's garage, but
I think they might have got the reg.
- Okay.
- Hmm.
It doesn't matter.
Well, they'll go looking for your man.
Haz's name won't be on it.
He changed his van as much as his
phone. It was part of the job.
Oh! What if she did know it was me?
She'd be back by now.
Pair of them were here earlier.
Your housemates told them you were out.
I think she's rung your phone, too.
No. I I can't go in tomorrow.
You've got to.
Your phone has been ringing all night.
Leigh Cubbin. Anthony someone.
Your dad.
You've got to show
them everything's all right.
Look at the state of this.
I can calm that down.
If you don't go in tomorrow, they're
going to know something's up.
They already know.
Then change their mind.
- All right.
- Morning, Gabe.
Bloody hell, mate.
Well, where have you been?
You're not at home,
not answering your phone.
We've all been worrying about you.
And I'm not a worrying type.
What's going on, Mavs?
Can I have a word, please?
Listen, Gabe
I'm sorry I missed
your calls last night.
No, Gabe, it's not me that
wants the word, it's
Gabriel. Will you take a wee seat?
Would you mind talking me
through the last few hours?
What? What do you mean?
Well, your friend rings
back and you, what,
run off? Disappear?
Oh, um
Yeah, no, I was, er
This is freaking me out and
yeah, had to go home.
We spoke to your housemates
Tahir and Olivia.
Neither had seen you.
Excuse me, he needs support,
not interrogation.
Look, I know this can't be easy.
That's not home.
It's just where I live.
My dad's I went back
there, like you said.
To Baffron.
Have you got a name for us, Gabriel?
I wish I had.
If that's everything?
SAM: Gabo, do they know anything?
Appreciate you guys coming in.
Yeah, no worries.
SAM: Gabo, is that you?
QUIETLY: Anthony, Anthony.
Wait. Leigh.
QUIETLY: One minute, one minute.
Give me one minute.
Catch you in a second.
It can wait till later.
Why didn't you say?
I just I just, er
I wanted to speak to her first.
After what she's done?
No. It's It's not
It isn't like it seems.
Is he alive?
Look, he
He He He
He wasn't, er
He wasn't a good guy.
You don't know, you can't But
She is the victim.
I swear.
There's a dead fucking body.
It's gone!
I I've moved it.
So no-one'll find it, okay?
Please, Anthony.
This is not just anyone.
I won't say anything.
Ha-ha. Oh.
On one condition.
I'll do that for you
I will.
but only if you do something for me.
Look, I'm in a mess Mavs.
but you can get me out of it.
I know you can.
He's dead.
I've killed him.
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