The Control Room (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

OVER PHONE: Oh, my God he's dead.
I've killed him.
Gabo, is that you?
At the moment, there's no body.
No killer. Who could it be?
Yeah. Could be anyone.
Is this why you're here?
To ask about Samantha Tolmie?
If you ever come through
that door again I will kill ye.
Gabo? Is that you?
She is the victim, I swear.
Do you remember what you said?
Move the van for me, then.
There's a dead body. It's gone!
I moved it.
So no-one will find it, okay?
I won't say anything,
but only if you do something for me.
I'm in a mess, Mavs.
But you can get me out of it.
I know you can.
I just need you to drop
something off for me.
That's all.
It's a parcel.
- What's in it?
- Doesn't matter.
Why can't you do it?
It would help me if you did.
I give it to you.
You give it to someone else.
That's all.
- This is weird.
- This is weird?
You just killed somebody, Mavs.
I here, come here.
I have moved a van with a body in it
to protect an innocent
She's not, though, is she?
Look. It's not a big deal.
I just need my own wee Amazon man
for one afternoon. That's all.
I'm not I'm not doing
anything criminal.
Are you not, no?
I obviously can't say nothing, though.
You wouldn't expect me to, not if
you weren't prepared to help me.
You will ruin her life.
Nope. You will.
Erm, wh-where you going?
Toryglen. Speak to that detective.
- Give me tonight first.
- For what?
Just to, to speak to her, huh? Explain.
And how would I explain that?
"Sorry I didn't come yesterday when
I found out the fella I worked with
"had hidden a body, only he had
some quality time planned
"with the murderer, so I'll be at
the police station at two o'clock".
- Please?
- Unless you change your mind.
One hour.
Lunch is up, it's after one.
Oh, bloody hell.
Shit, man, don't do that.
Think she likes me.
Aye. She hides it well.
Erm, what was that,
with the Feds coming round
here last night?
Oh, er
it's just a work, thing, y'know?
Why are you back so soon?
Do the police know?
Are you sure?
- Sorry.
- That's okay.
It was just when you didn't
say anything, when I rang
I mean, I know I shouldn't have,
but, like, I just
I just needed to hear your voice.
There's something else, Sam.
The body, his body in the van?
Yeah, 'cos, erm
my uncle doesn't use the garage much,
but, erm, we can't leave
the van there forever,
and we can't leave.
What is that, what is it? I was just
Oh. Y-Yeah, no, that's okay.
Erm are you
Are you hungry?
VOICEMAIL: This is Anthony Harrison,
please leave a message,
I'll call you back
This is Anthony Harrison,
please leave a message,
- I'll call you back
- Shit!
Oh God.
All right?
Er sorry.
I need to see Anna Breck?
What's the name?
It's Gabriel Maver.
Gabriel Maver for DI Breck.
Won't be long.
You here for me, Mavs?
I thought you were already here.
I was just paying for the parking.
Mr Maver.
"Gabo" to some.
I know who it is.
The caller.
There's a girl who lives downstairs.
What's her name?
- Olivia.
- Is she in a relationship?
Er I have seen a guy,
but not this week.
Hasn't she got blue hair?
Only since yesterday.
Right, won't take long.
WHISPERS: You've got your Amazon man.
No sign of that detective.
That you're in this.
I wish you weren't.
We'll get out of it.
Both of us.
What are you thinking about?
You know, that we still know
bugger all about the last
20-odd years of each other.
Has there being anyone?
Have you lived with anyone, like, or?
Well, like, I mean, there's been people,
people that I've liked, but
A weird high number of them
have preferred to keep it secret.
So, it's hard to not start
taking that personal.
You're just a
guilty pleasure kind of guy.
In a way. There hasn't been
I mean, there's been no-one who, erm
This is our little secret, Gabo.
Do you want to know what it says?
- I know what it says.
Ambulance emergency.
Is the patient breathing?
Ambulance emergency.
Is everything okay there?
Okay, I'm going to hang up,
and then I'm going to call
Did you just make that sound?
ls everything okay there?
Is it safe to talk?
- Are you hurt?
Do you know the person responsible?
Do you share a house with this person?
Right. But you're hiding from them?
Okay. You're doing real, real well.
Can you just tell me, is the person
that you're hiding from,
- is it your partner?
- Who the fuck are you calling?!
- Oh, hello? Hello?
Take a break.
You all right, Gabe?
Danni tell you about the
house-warming? Ross is coming.
I dunno, I'm minding about
boycotting it,
on account of you actually
having a house,
whilst some of us work two jobs
to live in a bloody attic.
Yeah, well, we're lucky.
It's all thanks to Danni's mum.
What would you do for me, Gabo?
Would you eat worms?
Would you spend a night out here,
on your own, in the dark?
Would you start a fire?
Hello there.
You've got something for us?
Er y-yes.
Er, listen, I'm not sure that
Thank you.
- So, I can go?
- Of course.
What's this?
Just pass it on to
whoever you're working for.
No, no, that wasn't part of the deal.
I'm afraid you've clearly got me
mixed up with someone else
I am arresting you both
on suspicion of
I'm a lawyer, I know my rights.
Suspect last seen on the first
floor, heading up there now.
- How much is there?
- How much what?
How much, Anthony?
That's nothing to do with you.
The police were there.
They stopped the people
that I gave it to.
Did they see you?
- I don't think so.
- Okay.
I agreed to hand something over,
not start picking things up.
It's payment, that's all.
For what?
Forget it, it's done.
I'm bringing it round, now,
what's your address?
You don't come anywhere near here.
You calm down, you do
what you normally do,
- and you wait for me.
- I don't want this in my room!
I don't want anything to do with it!
- It's just one night.
- No.
Bring it into work tomorrow.
If I shine for you, will you come?
Are you scared of the dark, Gabo?
No, are you?
Only when I'm on my own.
Er, a girl let me in.
Blue hair, lives in the basement?
I'm sorry, bud. It was just
Oh, yeah. Champions League, I know.
A surprise, seeing you there.
Can we?
Ah, it's a bit of a mess.
I don't care.
Well, I do.
I'm worried about you, Gabe.
You don't need to be.
I rung the Control Room.
- What?
- Well, you weren't answering.
You can't ring there.
I said I was worried.
Oh, God, I'm not 12!
I ended up speaking to your boss.
She told me.
About the call.
And you come home for the first time
in I don't know how long,
to ask about Sam Tolmie?
That's a coincidence, is it?
She's killed someone.
No, she
Is she in there?
What're you doing? Dad? Dad!
This is a mess?!
Oh, come on.
Why say it, then? Why try and?
Don't you know?
'Cos I don't want you here.
'Cos I don't want you anywhere near me.
I've no idea who made that call.
But, yeah, it made me think of Sam.
Lots of things do.
And, yeah, I would like to see her.
I want to see her a hell of
a lot more than I do you.
I'm sorry.
Anything to do with this is
You can't blame me, Gabe.
What about what she went through?
That whole family was
totally screwed up.
What about this whole family?
What sort of a mother takes
their kid to their grandparents
for a night, and doesn't
pick them up five years?
All right, that wasn't her fault,
was it?
You were the worst possible combination.
- She was the one that got me through
- Look what happened!
Well, where were you?!
Well, I'm here now.
Too late now.
You know, I
I sometimes used to think,
when your mum was ill
it wouldn't be any worse without her.
But that was shite.
Because the difference between
being there and and not
don't let that be it, Gabe.
I'll call you.
Where'd you get all this money?
Someone at work found out.
I'm doing something for him,
to keep him quiet.
And when that's done
I'm going to put new plates on the
van, in case the police got the reg,
and I'm going to drive back outta there,
and I'm going to get rid of
the body. Somehow.
Then you can go home again.
I don't want to.
Not until Haz has gone.
- Sorry.
Sorry, I thought it looked like
you were having a nightmare.
Can you put your arm round me?
YOUNG SAM: What was she like?
Your mum.
The best.
What about your mum?
I don't remember.
She'll be back for me soon, though.
It's okay.
It's not, though, is it?
Bex, two minutes?
Anthony's coming, too.
To the house-warming.
Oh, ah!
Well, that's sold it for me.
Feel free to bring someone with you.
Can you think of anyone, Gabe?
Any old flames?
- Right, just
- Hey.
Ant, could you, erm, give us a minute?
- Mm-hm.
- Yeah.
How are you?
Who do you think you are?
- What?
- Speaking to my da.
- Oh, Gabe
- You've no right.
I've a duty of care.
Why does everyone keep
treating me like I'm a kid?
Serious, how old do I have to be?
Like 40, or something?
Your dad rang because he was concerned.
I've a professional responsibility to
I've not been entirely
straight with you.
I've been seeing my husband.
We were going to get back together
because it'd be a lot cheaper.
But he's a twat,
and his mum's even worse,
so that's not going to happen now,
anyway, but
I am so so sorry, Gabe.
I am so done with secrets.
I just want us to be honest
with each other.
Me and you.
We could do this properly
if you want?
there's something that
- After that. All right?
- Hey.
Say happy birthday for me, okay?
I'll be as quick as I can.
All right, son.
Thank you.
What job you doing?
Er, just general stuff.
- All right?
- Where's Uncle Charlie?
- What? No.
- Is he in?
- Has he been to the garage?
- What?
Fuck sake. My van's gone!
Your van?
You know about it?
- Oh, that was yours?
- Aye.
- Where is it?
- Hey, Da didn't know it was yours.
No, no, no, I know, I know.
But I still had the keys
from when I moved,
and I didn't think
he ever used it, so
No, he doesn't.
Yeah, so how did?
You know Al?
- Like, Big Al?
- No.
Right, he lives on the ground floor.
Said he saw someone coming out.
Oh. Aye, aye, aye, that was me.
Da didn't know that.
He was properly fuming!
Right, so what's he done with it?
You know the McGees?
- No. No.
- The kid? They call him Dizzy?
Yeah, Da thought it was him.
There was no plates
on it or anything, so
So, what did he do?
Said he was going to hottie it.
- What?
- Like, take it himself.
He's stolen my van?
He thought it was already stolen.
WHISPERS: Fuck sake.
Oi, wait!
- Taking it where?
- Your dats.
They'll be off to the Braes.
- I'll give him a ring, tell him
- No, no, no, no!
Er, I'll deal with it.
Have you got a motor yet?
- A car?
- Yeah.
I only just got my own room.
Hey, you want to hang out
for a bit, Gabe?
We're just chilling.
What are you doing?
I'm looking for Tah's car keys.
- The van's gone.
- The police?
My uncle.
- What?
- He's taken it.
- He's stolen it?
- No
Well, yeah he does have
a bit of form, but
What if he looks in the back?
I need to find him before he does.
- What is all of this?
- I don't know.
I'm going to Beffran.
- I'm coming with you.
- Sam, no.
What do you think your mate's
going to do when he gets back?
Hey! Wait, where are you
going with my car?!
Some say love is a burning thing ♪
That it makes a fiery ring ♪
Oh, but I know
love as a fading thing ♪
Just as fickle as a
feather in a stream ♪
See, honey, I saw love ♪
You see it came to me ♪
It puts its face up to my face
so I could see ♪
Yeah, then I saw love disfigure me ♪
Into something
I am not recognizing ♪
What are you doing?
This is where you've been?
Playing mummies and daddies.
You're pathetic, Sam.
No wonder your mum didn't want you.
Shit, the van's not there.
It's not there.
You can't go in there.
Won't be long.
Where is it?
The van, Charlie?
- Y-you need to go.
- The one in your garage. It's mine.
What? Why didn't you say?
Do you know who runs this place now?
Well, where is it? It's not outside.
- Why would I bring it here?
- Well, where is it, then?
The police towed it away.
It's in the pound.
Have you got any idea why
I'm here at all?
No, Charlie.
Your mum's anniversary.
Robbo! No! No!
- I told him, I warned him!
Dad, are you okay?
Get out of here, son.
- Gabriel!
- Stop! No!
- Gabriel! You're a murderer!
- Robbo, come back!
Get out of the car. I told ye, get out!
OVER PHONE: Emergency, which service?
YOUNG GABE: There's a fire.
At the Christmas Tree Farm.
I don't know how it started.
I think someone might be in there.
Okay, calm down, you're not on your own.
I need you to tell me exactly
where you are.
Dad, where are you?
Someone's broken in.
Oh God.
Who's done this?
Where's the fucking money, Mavs?
What? I've told you.
- My locker was empty.
- What is it?
You have no idea who you've fucked over.
- You've no idea who these people are.
- It can't have been.
- I put it in your locker.
- It's a hundred fucking grand, Mavs.
You can try and fuck me over,
but you don't fuck with them.
I gave them your address.
They're coming for you.
And they won't stop until
they get what's theirs.
- You're a dead man.
What the fuck is going on?
WHISPERS: You are going to do
exactly as I say.
Oh, no, Gabe.
You have me.
Not again!
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