The Control Room (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

I don't want anything to do with it!
I am so done with secrets.
I just want us to be honest
with each other, me and you.
The van's gone.
My uncle, he's taken it.
What if he looks in the back?
The van, Charlie?
The police towed it away.
It's in the pound.
Robbo! No! No!
Dad! Dad, where are you?
You've killed him!
Oh, no, Gabe, you havnae! Not again!
Where's the money, Mavs?
The locker was empty.
It can't have been.
I gave them your address.
They're coming for you,
and they won't stop until they get
what's theirs.
You're a dead man.
WHISPERS: You are going to do
exact as I say.
Who is it?
The police.
You tell them I was here earlier,
I seemed fine,
but I'm not here now.
I'll get the door, bruv,
but you can do the rest.
There's two of them.
If they come in this room, I will
make sure that they go in yours.
I'm not doing anything for you
unless you tell me what's going on.
- Hello?
Mr Maver?
WHISPERS: Sam's van's been impounded.
And we need to get it back
before they realise what's in it.
What is?
But it's not ours.
You do documents? Fake IDs?
RINGTONE: Lied to me
Lied to me a hundred times ♪
Who were you out w- ♪
You ever heard of knocking?
We did.
Is Gabriel Maver in there?
Why were you?
Oh, he lets me use his PlayStation.
Right, do you know where he is?
Er He was here earlier.
Have you noticed anything strange
about his behaviour lately?
No more than usual, no.
Can you ask him to give me a call,
please? He's got my number.
This better not come back
to bite me, Gabe.
Oh, sorry.
DI Breck?
Oh, no. No, no. Nah, not today.
It's My van's been impounded?
There was a mix-up with my uncle.
I was just getting the plates fixed.
- You got your 3708?
- Yeah.
Wait here.
Don't go without this.
Go, go!
Oh, my God!
Oh, we were born within an hour ♪
Of each other ♪
Our mothers said ♪
We could be sister and brother ♪
Your name is Deborah Deborah ♪
It never suited ya ♪
And they said that when we grew up ♪
We'd get married and never split up ♪
Oh, we never did it ♪
Although I often thought of it ♪
Oh, Deborah, do you recall? ♪
Your house was very small ♪
With woodchip on the wall ♪
When I came round to call ♪
You didn't notice me at all ♪
And I said ♪
Let's all meet up in the year 2000 ♪
Won't it be strange ♪
When we're all full grown? ♪
Be there, two o'clock ♪
By the fountain down the road ♪
I never knew that ♪
You'd get married ♪
Stop. Sam, stop. I better get this.
- Hey.
- ON MOBILE: Gabe?
You all right?
Where have you been?
Nowhere. I just
The police have been looking
for you, calling you. We all have.
Well, I just I just
I didn't want to speak to anyone,
I just wanted to be on my own.
I know what's going on, Gabe.
I know about the woman that called.
Know what?
I know everything.
Just come here now.
I want to speak to you
before I speak to anyone else.
Someone must have spoken to her.
Oh, no!
My dad.
I know Leigh.
She is not Anthony.
If I speak to her,
if I talk to her, if
If I explain to her
I think she might understand.
we've both been walking round
this city for years, haven't we?
I wonder how close we've come
to seeing each other.
I just
I just want to rewind everything.
Go back.
To when?
Before this.
Well, I don't.
That's good. Okay.
What I need you to do,
make sure she stays with you
until the paramedics arrive.
It shouldn't be long
It's going to be okay.
You're not due for an hour, Mavs.
I'm not here to work, Anthony.
Bloody hell, Gabe!
SIGHS: I know.
- It's been so difficult.
- Oh! Oh, come here.
The important thing is
you don't need to worry any more.
The police have searched every inch
of that development,
checked all the footage they can.
They found nothing.
So they asked us to go back, look at
the calls made around that time.
Here's one seven minutes earlier.
RECORDING: Operator.
What service do you require?
Ambulance, ambulance.
Just a moment, please.
That her?
Hello, Glasgow.
This is 07700900793 calling from
an out-of-range of service provider.
Okay, thank you.
Ambulance Emergency,
is the patient breathing?
Hello? Is the patient breathing?
Are you there?
She rang from three different numbers,
hanging up every time until she got
to speak to you.
Gabe, the police think someone's
playing with you, and so do I.
Was anyone really killed? Really?
It wasn't a coincidence, was it,
that she only wanted to speak to you?
Gabe Gabe! Gabe, wait!
No, no!
MAN: Hello?
Oh! Hey, my friend lives in
this block. Her name's Sam?
- Aw, I'm sorry, I don't want to.
- No, no, no, no!
- Sam?
Sam, wait
Sam, would you wait?
Sam, Sam
I had to help him!
I was dropping him at work
a few weeks ago,
and there you were.
I told him what went on between us,
when we were kids.
There's no body?
There never was?
We made it up so you'd think
you'd done something illegal,
something bad, so he could get you
to do stuff for him.
What did I do?
She didn't say?
About what?
Ah, f!
What was in that package?
Every accident, every emergency,
every call you take has a value.
Yeah. I know.
No, I mean, like, there are people
out there
who will pay for that information,
like that dodgy lawyer you met
at the museum.
What? They can use the names
and addresses,
what happened, who saw what.
You have no idea how much
it's all worth.
And it's scary fucking guys behind it.
Why are you involved?
It didn't go how it was meant to go.
- Gabo.
- Get to fuck.
Did you really lose that money?
I did not "lose" the money,
I put it in the locker!
Well, it's gone, hasn't it?
And if we don't hand it over,
people are going to get hurt!
Oh, don't make out like it's just me.
You're the one shagging your boss
on the sly.
- Didn't mention that, eh?
- What the fuck?
Oh, come on! You wanted it to be true!
You wanted to to sweep in
and save me.
Be the man, eh? The hero?
I don't need saving, Gabo.
- I've never needed saving.
- You do!
- Yeah?
- Yes.
Well, it sounds like you and
your boyfriend need saving now.
You are in this just as much as us.
You saw your room.
If you don't get that money
from somewhere,
- they are coming back for you!
Hey. You okay for tonight, mate?
If you're not going to
bring a partner, bring a
- Where's Anthony?
- On his break.
- Where?
- A stabbing party?
- Breathing?
- Calling.
What's your name, please?
- Gabriel. M-A-V-E-R?
- What's the matter?
Is there an emergency?
ON PHONE: There's going to be a stabbing
if he doesn't hand over what's mine.
I know he's listening.
You're a dead man, Gabriel.
Wherever you go, I'll find you.
What's going on?
- Oy! Hey! Gabe!
- I loved Sam!
- I fucking loved her!
- Get him off me! Get him off me!
Gabe, Gabe! Hey! Hey, quit it. Quit it!
Stop it now! Get off him! Pack it in!
Let him go! Hey, Gabe, come here!
Hey! Come on, then!
Hey, hey! What's going on?
Everyone, stay at your desk
on your calls.
Danielle Dewan?
I'm arresting you on suspicion
of participating in the activities
of an organised criminal group,
contrary to the Serious Crime Act 2o15.
- What?
- You're not obliged to say anything,
but anything you do say will be
noted and may be used in evidence.
What's going on?
So did Leigh speak to you, then,
about your mystery caller?
It would really help if you started
answering your phone.
- Because it's all about you!
- Do you know what Danni's done?
There are things been going on here
for a long time.
What things?
Danni was selling our information.
I called the police when I found out
she was accessing everyone's call logs.
You brought the police in?
Why didn't you tell me?
"Let's be honest with each other",
that's what you said.
I said? Well, what the fuck
about you, you little shit?!
You were with someone. And what?
Oh, she's gone off with Anthony?
Would it have been so hard to?
No. Okay, look, it's
not like that, okay?
No, sure. Sure, it's not!
Not in your head, it's not, Gabe!
- Oh, I am dead.
- Oh, you'll get over her.
- No!
- You know, I actually thought
I actually thought you We were
But honestly, Gabe?
I have come to the realisation that
you are not relationship material.
- Well, I could have told you that.
- SCOFFS: The whole "man-boy" thing?
It's not attractive to me.
I don't want to be your mother.
I think I need to leave.
You can't leave now.
We're short-staffed as it is.
Start your shift and do something
you are actually good at.
What the fuck?
You put your bag in Anthony's,
so I put it back in yours.
Do you see?
You need to wake up.
And I am not sorting your shit out
any more.
He's through there.
I'm taking you to the police, son.
Dad, you need to leave.
No. No, no, no! No, they need
to know about Samantha,
about everything!
Were you part of it from the beginning?
The stuff that's been going on
in your control room?
Did her boyfriend get you involved?
How do you know about that?
Eilidh and Robbo.
They came round this morning.
Robbo wanted to apologise.
How do they know?
They've known for months.
Samantha told them.
You can threaten me,
you can pin me to the wall
or you can fetch your little bat,
but I am not leaving here
until I know everything that you do.
Let him in.
When was the last time you saw Sam?
A month ago.
And? What do you know?
Sam said Haz had been approached
by some guy.
- Haz?
- Anthony Harrison, aye.
Sam's boyfriend.
He came up to him, literally on
the street outside where he works.
- The control room?
- Aye.
He just starts making conversation
with him,
about what it was like in there,
about money.
Haz was always living out
with his means.
He'd got himself in debt,
so he got involved in this scam.
Haz ended up having to do
whatever he was told.
He was getting desperate
and Sam said he was getting worse.
It wasn't a good relationship.
That's why when I saw her last night
with you,
I was so glad that she'd got away
from him,
that you were there for her
- like before.
- Thank you.
Did you even start that fire?
It was her who did it, wasn't it?
They're going to think it was me.
I tried to burn down my old school,
when my mum was first sick.
I wouldn't burn down our home.
I know.
I did.
Robbo ruined it, didn't he?
I didn't mean for his dad to die.
Are you okay?
Erm, I guess.
I know everything about Anthony.
He made you do it all, didn't he?
- How did you know that?
Is he there?
He's in the kitchen, calling someone.
Where are you?
The bedroom.
It's okay, I think.
I've spoken to Eilidh.
Oh, God!
Listen, I
- I tried to leave him
I wanted to, but I had nowhere to go.
He's calling me.
He got Danni involved, didn't he?
Before me? How?
Danni needed money
for her house deposit.
But after that, she wanted out
and that's why he needed you.
He said he could control you.
- Yep?
- Wherever you are, you turn around
You don't get to tell me
what to do any more.
- What are you doing?
I'm handling calls.
It's what I do, isn't it?
You're in a mess because of me.
- Shit!
- Someone else is here. I've got to go!
- No, I
I shouldn't even be talking to you.
Listen Listen. You're better off
without me, Gabo.
- Meet me. Tonight.
- I promise.
- I can't.
- No, no, no. Listen
Listen to me, Sam.
I've got the money, okay?
We can use it, get away.
That would never work.
They'll always be after us.
You have to get it back to them.
This is serious.
- They will do whatever they have to.
Hold on. Hold on, Sam, Okay?
- What?
- Oh, I'm coming for you, Gabriel.
I told you I'd find you, didn't I?
And when I do, I'm going to kill you.
Fucking hell! What are you doing, mate?
WHISPERS: What's happening?
It was real, wasn't it?
The last week? No. No, no,
not what I was doing, what
It's never been real.
We were an escape for each other.
That's all.
Well, let's make it real, then.
Okay, listen to me.
We could live the life
that we should have lived.
Fuck this whole fucking century!
We can go back, back and back.
Back to when?
To when it was just you and me.
YOUNG GABE: My mum used to say "I'll
hold a good thought for you"
when things where bad.
It was the last thing she said to me
before she left.
They didn't go because of us.
I mean, you do know that,
don't you, Sam?
Your mum, my mum.
SOBS: Don't Don't
Just Just don't.
It wasn't our fault.
That's easy for you to say.
Your mum loved you.
- Please?
Will you come?
isn't it time for both of us?
I don't know.
CHUCKLES: I mean, it is, isn't it?
Isn't it, Sam? Isn't it?
- Shit!
It was you, wasn't it?
Just like last time.
You'll never see that girl again.
ON TV: Wonderful to see the children
of St Christopher's,
who are going to be joining us
for the countdown to the millennium.
And the BBC Orchestra,
of course, playing
- I didn't think that you were
- Is that the money?
Oh, yeah. Yeah.
Hey, hey. We're going to be okay.
It's going to be all right.
Oh, you're coming along too, pal.
Back of the van.
He'll be all right from here.
His dad just lives across
Get in.
Why does he have to get in the back?
- What are you doing?!
- All right, okay, okay.
All right, all right, all right! Okay!
Get in!
- Stop!
- Samantha!
Gabe won't say anything. He won't.
You won't, will you?
I don't think it matters now, does it?
Somebody's got to take it, Sam.
Nobody is going to believe
that it was all him!
Danni's going to tell them
that he approached her, not me.
It's not just our control room, is it?
Not for all this.
There must be others.
Just keep going.
We're there when people are scared.
Do you understand that?
When they're hurt and they're desperate.
Keep going, Mavs!
- No! No!
We guide them through and then
we bring them out the other side!
- Run!
I'm on to him!
There's nowhere left to run, mate!
MAN ON PHONE: Emergency.
Which service, please?
Hello? Are you there?
Come out! If you're not
able to speak, you can tap.
Okay, I heard that. Is
there an emergency?
Is someone's life in danger?
Is it yours?
FAINTLY: Hello? Are you still there?
You can tap the phone. I can't hear you.
I can't tell where you are exactly,
but I can see you're near Balfron.
Is that right?
No-one's coming for you, Mavs!
They're over here.
I can smell you, Sam!
Do you remember when
I bought that for you?
Come on, Sam!
I love you!
Trust me.
You'll be okay. It's just him we want!
Come on!
Sammy, I would never hurt you.
I swear!
Come on, Sam! Speak!
Samantha! Sam!
WHISPERS: This way.
Are you going to do them both?
What's that? What's that? What's that?
Armed police! Armed officer!
Drop your weapons!
SHOUTING: Nobody move! Armed police!
Everybody, stay exactly where you
are. That's it! Stay very still!
I'm going to walk towards you now.
Nobody move.
I'm going to approach
and I want to see your hands
I called that detective.
- Madam
- It is time, Gabo
I'm going to have to
ask you to come this way
For both of us.
Get off me. Just get off me!
I told you I'd always sort it.
Yeah, whatever.
The lights are on.
Oh, Gabe.
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