The Cook of Castamar (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

The Essential Ingredient

[groans and chuckles]
- [chuckles]
- [Diego] No.
This day is far too lovely
to waste even a second.
[both chuckle]
- Let's go outside.
- But why there is such a hurry?
I do not need to go to the court
nor meet with the King, huh?
[whispers] Come.
[Alba laughs]
You are so beautiful.
[joyful laughter]
[gentle orchestral music playing]
[Alba] Good boy.
Had I made a wager,
you would've lost Castamar.
My father would bring me here
when I was a boy.
We did not speak, we just looked.
But I felt how important it was for him.
[Alba] Soon you will do the same.
What are you saying?
You will soon be a father.
- But you should not be riding a horse.
- I'm fine.
No, until the child is born
there will be no more galloping.
- We go to the house.
- To the house.
- [Diego] Careful, Alba!
- No! Boy!
- Hold on tight! Hold on to the reins!
- Steady!
- Alba!
- Steady!
- [Diego] Alba!
- [neighing]
Alba! Alba! Alba!
Alba, my love. Alba. Alba!
[horrified] Alba!
[screams] Alba!
[theme music playing]
[knocking on door]
[door opens]
My lord.
A messenger of His Majesty has arrived.
[King] Diego, it is time
you abandon your mourning
and answer your King's summons.
I need you to resume
your duties at the court
and assume a new position:
Secretary of the Council.
Do not disappoint me.
I await your answer, my lord.
[Diego] Tell His Majesty
there is no response.
- But, my lord
- No response!
[tense music playing]
This is my response!
Out! The both of you! Get out!
Yes, child.
Do your prayers in the morning.
- [Fray] Good morning.
- Good morning, Father.
Good morning, Sister.
[Fray] Clara.
Fray Juan!
I could have helped.
You should have told me.
Your father would be heart broken
if he were to see you.
But he is no longer with us.
- I promised him I would watch you.
- You do not have to do so.
Listen, child.
I leave Madrid in a few weeks but
I have found you a position.
- No, I cannot. You know I cannot.
- Listen.
- Listen
- I cannot do it.
[breaths heavily]
[heart beating fast]
[pants, gasps]
[Fray] Clara.
Take this.
It's laudanum.
It will ease the anguish when outside.
Calm now.
I shall pray for you.
[driver] Let's go.
The Countess of Arcos
has begun the season of concerts.
[Gabriel chuckles]
The same Countess of Arcos
whose conversation you so deeply abhor?
Do not be impertinent.
I will not have to be with her.
The Marquis of Soto
has offered to accompany me.
I did not know you two were so close.
[footsteps approaching]
Good morning.
- Diego, my dear.
- [Diego] Brother.
I am so happy that you have joined us.
Serve his Lordship.
My son, you could not make me happier.
What of the King's offer? Is it true?
- Secretary of the Council.
- [Diego] They say many things.
A little bit more aloja? It is fresh.
Is something wrong?
He will not accept.
But you cannot do that, Diego.
I did not say I was not accepting.
- I need time. Just a little more!
- Time won't change anything, Diego.
Diego, listen to me.
You know that I love you
like a brother, do you not?
That I would never say anything
that could harm you, ever.
Then please do not.
Diego, Alba is not coming back.
[carriage approaching]
[heart beating fast, gasping]
- Can I help you?
- Mr. Elquiza, the majordomo? If I may.
Mrs. Úrsula,
she is asking for Mr. Elquiza.
You look pallid. Are you unwell?
Just a little nauseous from the trip.
My credentials
and a note for the majordomo.
Do not cut the onion like that!
It's far too thick!
- Mrs. Ursula.
- Continue.
Give her some bread and some wine now.
I am grateful, madam,
but I mean no inconvenience.
As you wish.
[pants and breathes heavily]
[breathes heavily]
Are you an angel?
[puzzled] Huh?
You're an angel!
Will you just unhand her, you imbecile!
She did nothing wrong!
If you prefer to be covered in dribble.
[footsteps approaching]
Mrs. Úrsula.
I think you have forgotten to knock.
It is not a visit of courtesy.
You hired a kitchen apprentice
without consulting me.
She has good references,
and the position needed to be filled.
That is not your decision.
I am the majordomo of Castamar.
I need not justify anything to you.
I thought it was clear
that you had lost that right.
But we could always speak to the Lord.
That will not be necessary.
The girl stays.
She will be on trial
over the next few days.
[Úrsula] You.
And you, Beatriz. Come here.
Six royal coins and three meals a day.
That will be your wage.
Help her tidy herself up.
- Take care of her.
- Yes, madam.
I don't like you.
And I am not babysitting you.
So I would wake up.
[door closing]
[birds chirping]
- Elisa.
- Yes?
Take care of the wine glasses
and the crockery.
- Yes, madam.
- Hurry.
The rooms must be aired. All of them one.
[Escrivá] Help with the chickens.
When you're done, go to the upper halls
and change the candles.
[indistinct chattering]
[Elisa] And who said you had
to do this on your own?
It must be done by two people.
Here, let me help you.
- I'm Elisa.
- Clara.
[gentle music playing]
And through this door
you can access the servants' stairway.
At the end of the passages
is the chamber of the duchess' mother.
And this is where
the Lord sleeps right now.
This way is the games room.
This is a small chamber.
And here is the one the Lord
used to shared with Lady Alba.
May she rest in peace.
[knocking on door]
Ángela Foch, the Queen's lady-in-waiting.
Do not trouble with protocol, my dear.
- I visit as a friend.
- Ah.
I will come straight to the point.
The Queen wants to know
if she has reason to worry.
And why ever should she worry?
People are talking at court.
They say he stills mourning for his wife,
and he will not accept
the position he was offered by the King.
No. There is no truth in that.
I will let her know.
Lord Diego, one more thing.
His Majesty the King does not think
it is healthy for a man to be alone.
Do not worry about that.
I will take care of it.
So first we must polish the wine glasses
and the silver.
[Elisa] Clara, did you hear me?
Yes, we must polish
the wine glasses and the silver.
He is very handsome.
Does the Lord have slaves?
No. No, no, no.
That is Lord Gabriel, his brother.
Well, of course not his brother, brother.
No, clearly.
The Lord took him in when he was a child,
and the lady took care of him
as one of her own.
The richness of life.
Right. The richness of life.
[noble music playing]
[carriage approaching]
[Diego] Your Majesty.
[King] I knew you would not disappoint
your King, Diego.
No, Your Majesty. I come not
to accept the position you offered.
I come to ask
for more time from my friend.
[inhales and exhales]
I want you back, Diego.
But, Your Majesty
Your Majesty.
Your Majesty, I cannot.
- I cannot betray the memory of Alba.
- [sighs]
And I do not ask you to.
Look, I also lost the woman I loved,
and there is not one single day
I do not feel guilty about it.
But we have our duties, do we not?
- Your Majesty is stronger than I.
- No, I am not.
So far I have been nothing but patient.
But these are hard times, Diego.
And I have enemies.
Your Majesty,
nothing would please me more
The period of mourning is
over in Castamar.
I want a fiesta. What do you say?
Everyone should know
that the duke is back in court.
But your Majesty, it is too soon for me.
I do not ask as a friend.
God's chosen one commands you.
[Escrivá] And what about those eggs?
[indistinct chattering]
The eggs are in the chicken run.
They have to be picked up each morning.
[breathing deeply]
You must take a basket, you silly girl.
What do you plan?
Carrying them one by one?
Are we friends?
We are, yes.
And so, could you help me?
[chuckles] Hello. [giggles] Pretty girl.
Hello. Hello. [giggles]
Hello. [chuckles]
No one shall miss the fiesta
with the attendance of Their Majesties.
- The Marquis of Soto has arrived, my lady.
- Show him in, please.
My beloved friend,
you look splendid, as you always do.
You are a better liar than anyone I know.
[both laugh]
Lord Enrique.
You do not mind that I steal your mother.
I do promise
to bring her back to you, safe and sound.
[Mercedes] Are you ready? I have
some exciting news to share with you.
[Mercedes] Can I be honest with you?
I have been worried sick about him.
For more than a year,
he's locked himself away from the court.
The announcement
of the fiesta is good news.
It is not in my nature to pry, but
will he bring a companion?
A new marriage could certainly help.
It would send a sign
that he has overcame his grief.
Yes, indeed it would.
And secure the future of Castamar.
But with whom?
I suppose we could look
for a person who is appropriate.
Knowing my son as I do,
he would never accept something like that.
"Do not let your left hand know
what your right hand is doing."
There is no need for him to know.
My dear,
what would we do without you?
[Gabriel] Diego.
Brother, I need to keep my mind occupied.
- Feel you may be out of practice?
- Yes.
Then try to beat me.
[lively music playing]
[indistinct chattering]
My dear Mercedes.
My, it is a joy to see you.
And how well accompanied you are.
All my friends will be very jealous.
But please, go ahead.
[Mercedes angrily]
I cannot bear that woman.
Miss Amelia.
Lady Mercedes! How are you?
It is so good to see you.
When did you arrive?
I'm so sorry to hear
about your father's passing.
I heard you were about to be engaged.
No. [chuckles] No, no, no.
May I present the Marquis of Soto.
- Miss Castro.
- Enchanted.
All of Cadiz speak of you.
I will sit now. If you will excuse me.
[indistinct chattering]
[musicians tuning instruments]
[Escrivá] You must be thirsty.
Thank you, madam.
Tomorrow at dawn.
Tomorrow at dawn? Come here.
Let me go.
[chamber music playing]
- She is simply adorable.
- She is simply perfect.
And she is not engaged.
Excuse me, Miss Amelia.
[gentle, lively music playing]
Lady Mercedes,
I am so thankful for your invitation.
I should be the one to thank you.
I have great plans
for the coming days, my dear.
[squealing in the distance]
[Escrivá] And the wine
you always take with you.
- [moans sexually]
- [man] For justice!
Look at everything that bastard owns.
- But nothing compared to this. God.
- [Escrivágasps]
God. You're my duchess, you're my queen,
- you're my goddess, you're
- [Úrsula] Mrs. Escrivá!
Oh! [breaths heavily]
Have you no shame?
Slut! I want you
out of this house immediately.
[whining] Mrs. Úrsula, I'm begging you.
Please, what will become of me?
Get yourself out! Before I report this
and have you arrested.
Thief! Get out!
[carriage approaching]
[Mercedes] Welcome to Castamar.
- [Diego] Mother.
- My son.
- I trust trip went well.
- Wonderful.
[Gabriel] Mother.
Have no one told you the Black son?
[gasps] No, I did not.
I thought the court gossip
would find its way to Cadiz.
Just as that of Cadiz comes here.
[Diego] Lord Enrique.
[Mercedes] My dear, come to me.
My sons cannot wait to meet you.
It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss Castro.
Miss Castro.
He likes to walk.
Son, you have to show
Miss Castro around the hacienda.
There are the most wonderful views
Lord Diego asked
the preparations for the fiesta.
- And what did you say?
- Nothing.
But someone must tell him the truth.
The reasonable thing to do without
a cook is to cancel the celebration.
No, we must not do that.
Then you should not have dismissed her.
This is a decent house.
The whole court has been invited.
It must not go awry.
Since it means so much for the Lord
We will carry on.
Dinner will be
served promptly at the usual time.
And, Roberto,
ensure it is served with crockery
from the Company of the Indies.
Yes, madam.
You are in charge of the kitchen.
Yes, why not?
You've been
first assistant for a while.
It should not be hard
to better Mrs. Escrivá.
Very well. Everyone, get to work.
[Carmen] Give me a moment.
[indistinct chattering]
- Shall I bring the menu?
- Yes.
You cannot read?
I cannot cook.
I will end up on the street
like Mrs. Escrivá.
I can cook.
We will do it together.
Just trust me.
Tell them to wash the vegetables
and take out the capon breasts.
Wash the vegetables,
and take out the capon breasts.
[Elisa] Miss Amelia,
Lady Mercedes gave me this for you.
Is there anything else?
[Amelia] No, you may leave.
[door opens and closes]
Why are you here? If someone should see,
I would be compromised.
No one will see us.
What do you want?
I wanted to tell you
that you can rest assured.
That your secret is safe with me.
I do not know not what you mean.
You're too young
to have been through so much.
Your father's ruin
and his untimely and sudden death
and that scoundrel that
deceived you and took your virtue.
Please you must leave.
My dear lady,
I really do not mean to offend.
On the contrary.
The documents you hold attest to the fact
that I have paid your debt.
I want you to become
the Duchess of Castamar.
Excuse me.
- [sighs]
- [door closes]
LILY - TAB 195.
- A - B
[door opens]
He asked you to end your mourning, Diego.
He ordered me to arrange a gran fiesta
and that is what we'll have.
[Diego] Gabriel,
would you just leave it be, please?
[footsteps approaching]
- What are you doing here so late?
- Forgive my insolence.
I remembered I had to keep the fire on.
- I do not know you.
- I am the new kitchen apprentice, my lord.
Well you may leave.
If I may, my lord.
[door closes]
[man] Milady.
Marquis, I cannot thank you enough
for taking this detour to pick me up.
Castamar would not be the same
without you.
My carriage suffered
an untimely malfunction yesterday.
Your magnificent imported carriage?
Are you suggesting I should
only set my eyes on national products?
Absolutely not.
Our carriage happens to be from France,
and it has never failed us.
I should bear that in mind,
should I decide to change.
[Sol] You should not.
Too often the tastes of the marquis
are too exquisite.
My dear, the Count of Armiño can more
than afford the same riches as I. Huh?
I would not make a wager.
Furthermore, I shall follow you closely.
You shall serve as my inspiration.
Then I heard you have
some stimulating days,
thanks to my husband.
[Esteban chuckles]
I am sure of it.
[gentle music playing]
[Diego] Lady marchioness.
A pleasure.
My dear, let me make the introductions.
Lady Sol and Lord Esteban,
Marquises of Villamar.
May I present Miss Castro.
Please relax for now. We have time.
Refreshments will be served at 7:00.
[indistinct chattering]
Lord Francisco Marlango.
[both chuckle]
Will my chamber be close
to that of Sol Montijos'?
[both laugh]
- Still a rogue I see.
- Why would I change?
- Yes.
- It is good to see you.
[Diego laughs]
[indistinct chattering]
- [Enrique] Ignacio?
- Marquis.
Welcome to Castamar.
My Lord Diego, Ignacio Montes, a friend.
- It is an honour to meet you.
- Likewise.
Allow me to handle
your introduction to everyone, agreed?
Yes, thank you.
[man] He did not even notice.
May I beg your pardon? Have you met
my good friend Ignacio Montes?
No, I have not had the honour.
Lord Alfredo Carrión,
Baron of Aguasdulces.
My pleasure.
And Lord Francisco Marlango.
Count of Armiño. But we have met before.
- We've played cards more than once.
- Have we?
- Unimaginable you do not remember.
- Well, no, I do not recall, no.
Now, if you'll excuse me, there are people
I need to greet. Gentlemen.
- Excuse me.
- I hope you do not owe him any money.
- No.
- Your first time in Castamar?
And hopefully not my last.
- Do you know the Hurtado de Mendoza?
- I never had the pleasure.
I already arranged a game with them.
Follow me.
I shall.
[rich orchestral music playing]
It smells so good.
I think the housekeeper is unhappy
that Miss Polite gives the orders.
Nor are you. Keep peeling the pistachios.
[baroque music playing]
[Enrique] My dear.
It is time.
Off you go.
Off you go.
[laughs and indistinct chattering]
- Sugar.
- Sugar.
Would you like
to do something very special?
I need you to go to the garden, and fetch
the most important ingredient of all.
[laughs shyly]
Thank you. You may leave now.
Are you not getting dressed
for dinner? Mother will be upset.
Am I to be joining you?
But what is wrong, Gabriel?
It's a private dinner
just for the very closest.
I do not wish to discomfort Miss Castro.
Do not wish to discomfort
or are you angry?
Where did you learn to do this?
- [Rosalía] Most important thing.
- [Clara] Thank you.
We mix it with a yolk
And we are ready.
[Clara] Time stands still
to let you savour every dish.
"Savour" has two meanings.
When you savour things,
you can taste them or you can enjoy them.
[Clara] To cook.
To share.
To give.
To decipher recipes and to transform them.
Until you find what is important.
The essential ingredient.
[woman] We are running out of wine.
[Clara] Unique for each dish,
and for each and everyone of us.
That something that makes us special.
The thing that we need
to find out who we are
and what we will become.
[door opens]
[breathing heavily]
[distant clatter]
[tense music playing]
- My lord.
- Your Excellency, if you would
Who took care of the dinner last night?
I regret to say that I had
no choice but to dismiss Mrs. Escrivá.
- [Mercedes] Diego, here you are.
- [Úrsula] I did all I could,
but I've not found anyone
to take charge of the kitchen.
I am deeply sorry that dinner
was not as you expected, my lady.
Mrs. Berenguer, it was so much more.
The best dinner served
in Castamar for years.
I do not see the need to keep looking
for something we already have.
What is your opinion?
Will you tell me
who took charge of the cooking?
[Elquiza] Clara Belmonte, my lord.
She is new in the house.
You probably did not have
the chance to meet her yet.
[Mercedes] Good, so there is our new cook.
[Úrsula] Miss Clara
is the new cook of Castamar.
I hope you can live up to this position,
and that you are worthy
of the opportunity given.
Thank you so much.
I will do everything in my power.
I hope so.
And now your trial will start.
We shall work as we did yesterday.
We will make an unforgettable fiesta.
Carmen, with me.
the preparation table
with the scullions.
As you wish.
My lords, considering
this is your main occupation,
you do not have much ability.
Your husband is not joining us?
Hmm He lost interest in this long ago.
Is that possible?
You will have to ask him.
Miss Castro, one cannot hunt
without firing a single shot, you know.
- [gunshot]
- [sighs]
I admire your taste, but you will not
succeed in your intentions with Amelia.
What intentions could I have?
I know your hatred for the duke,
and how badly you want him
to marry someone you can manipulate.
But we could have been the perfect couple.
- Gentlemen.
- You are well?
I wanted to learn how to shoot.
- To shoot? Yes, of course.
- Yes.
- You have never shot?
- Mm-mm.
In a matter of days,
your innocent Amelia will become a woman.
You look through here to the target, see?
Here to fire.
- Just fire.
- No.
- Yes, yes.
- No!
Sprinkle some salt, pepper and parsley.
It is good. You can carve it.
[Clara] Take everything out.
All day in the countryside.
They must be hungry.
First, serve the cured meat
and the ortolans in grapevine leaf.
Then, the meatloaf
and lamb shoulders in olive oil.
[man] It is a surprise to see you here.
- [Beatriz] I need to see Leftie.
- What for?
Is he here or not?
Follow me.
[both moaning]
- My whore. Jacinta!
- [laughs]
[gasping, groaning]
Leftie. Someone here for you.
They can wait!
[Beatriz] I don't like to wait.
You know that.
[breathing hard]
[groaning, gasping]
Get lost.
- [Leftie] You have it?
- First, give me what's mine.
[Elquiza] My lord.
An extraordinary painting.
As was she also, my lord.
[man] My man has that what you requested.
It opens every door in the palace.
[sexual moaning]
I did not know you were jealous.
Neither I that you had such poor taste.
Stay a while.
You will enjoy it.
[Francisco chuckles]
My dear countess.
A wonderful evening. Is it not?
[woman] It is.
All is well?
Everything is perfect.
[laughter and indistinct chattering]
I win.
Their Majesties seldom leave their palace.
But they could not resist Castamar.
Tie to your door
so I know which is your chamber.
Francisco, if I may
I think you dropped something.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry,
but it needs to be burning for it to work.
[door opens]
I have taken the liberty
of collecting you.
I hope it is not inconvenient.
No. It is not. I truly appreciate it.
Look at you.
Your skin is simply
- Hmm.
- magnificent.
- So smooth and so luminous.
- [both giggle]
So young.
You remind me of me.
Leave us, please.
I should have adored
to have a friend with all my experience.
You look so radiant.
But a little too reserved, yes?
- [giggles]
- More rouge.
And the most important thing of all:
[both laugh]
We are raised
to make their mothers adore us,
but we must really captivate their sons.
The duke is undoubtedly
the best catch of the court.
But if you want to conquer him,
you must ensure that no gentleman in
the hall is able to tear their eyes away.
Try it for yourself.
[indistinct chattering]
Who of you shall let me play?
Allow me.
This is my lucky night.
[Amelia giggles]
I doubt I shall need that extra day.
- [screams]
- Shh.
You do not want anyone
to see us, do you?
[gasps in horror]
Would you please leave my bed?
I could teach you things
you cannot even imagine.
[gasps in horror]
- Leave.
- Shh.
- [gasps]
- You want me to leave?
Yes. Go away, please! You must.
Are you sure?
[both breath heavily]
Tell the cook I believe
this dessert to be perfect.
One moment.
[gentle music playing]
Thank you.
Tiger-nut milk
and imperial slush before the walk.
And as they arrive in the gardens,
rosolio and white and red wines.
My lord.
Pardon me.
Pardon the interruption, please.
I have some changes
to the celebrations this evening.
Uh The fireworks will be used to
announce the arrival of Their Majesties.
Dinner will be served
in the garden as we have planned.
Ah, and I want you to roast
the larger pieces in the grounds.
That is not a problem.
There is nothing His Majesty enjoys more.
And I want you, as head cook,
to handle it personally.
[heart beating]
The roasts outside?
- [Diego] Yes.
- No.
Well, just until
you have served His Majesty.
[Úrsula] It shall be done, my lord.
[breaths heavily]
[laughs] No, no. I could not possibly!
Lady marchioness.
Miss Castro.
You look different today.
Perhaps your hair.
Excuse me.
My dear friend, whatever is wrong?
[nervous] Nothing I can speak of.
You can confide in me.
[whispers] And I so desperately need to.
[breaths agitated]
It is horrible, I do not
What will you think of me?
You are an extraordinary young lady.
Nothing you can say can change that.
The marquis
I do not know how
entered my bed chamber in the night.
Into your chamber?
Inside my bed.
I tried to resist him, but
not sufficiently.
He did things to me you cannot imagine.
Is that even possible?
And there is worse.
I cannot stop thinking about it all.
Lady Sol, I think I liked it.
[Francisco] I was waiting for you.
My husband will be missing me very soon.
Then let us waste no time.
Do things to me I cannot imagine.
[baroque music playing]
[Roberto] The sentry has made the signal.
Their Majesties
have now entered the hacienda.
Your Majesty.
[shaking] Your Majesty. Your Majesty.
[screams] Your Majesty.
Your Majesty!
- Your Majesty.
- I want to get out.
- The King wants to get out.
- Yes. We are almost there.
I must pray.
I must pray. I must pray.
Yes. We shall accompany you.
This is between me and God, not you.
Unhand me!
- My love
- Leave me alone. You leave me, too.
Stay away. Stay away.
Do not look at me.
You will not make Him condemn me.
[Clara] They say lesser beings don't feel.
But then how are they able to sense that
their time among us is coming to an end?
Trying to trick their fear
by numbing it with ice does not work.
[Elquiza] Miss Belmonte,
the fire is ready and so are the pieces.
You have to go out.
[Clara] When they fall inside, they writhe
in pain, although nobody notices it.
They say the Blacks, animals,
and madmen don't feel.
But I see them on the inside.
Their hearts beating out of control.
Their intense pain.
My own.
The same pain I felt when I learned
about execution of my father.
Tell me he is not dead.
The same pain
that paralyzes me since that day,
and prevents me from going outdoors.
[heart beating fast]
Your Majesty, we really must go.
Your Majesty?
Your Majesty!
[fireworks cracking]
The King is missing!
My only concern is the King.
You have to find him.
[Francisco] Makes no sense.
Who would want to attack now?
[Enrique] The King made enemies
in all Europe. Anyone could be guilty.
[man] Your Majesty!
Melancholy is no illness for a king.
For the good of the crown,
we must ensure it is kept hidden.
- For us.
- You do not believe we are done.
- What does Your Excellency desire?
- Kill him.
The legs, we need to roll them in flour
before frying them with fat and butter.
She's still here.
Do not loose sight of her.
What do you hope to find? She's perfect.
You will find anything
that will make her leave Castamar.
[Queen] You are now part
of the crown's government.
You cannot conceal anything
that will endanger him.
You are adorable, Miss Castro.
The Duke is a man most fortunate.
- The Duke does not see me as you do.
- He will.
Get closer to him, and you shall soon
have arms in which to shelter.
[closing theme playing]
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