The Cook of Castamar (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

The Night of the King

- Careful, Alba! Alba!
- [neigh]
[horrified] Alba!
I've been worried sick about him
for more than a year he's locked himself
away from the court.
Your Majesty,
I cannot betray the memory of Alba.
The period of mourning
is over in Castamar. I want a fiesta.
The announcement of the fiesta
is good news.
Will he bring a companion?
It would send a sign
that he has overcome his grieve.
And she's not engaged.
She is simply perfect.
I want you to be the Duchess of Castamar.
- I do not know you.
- [Elquiza] Clara Belmonte, my lord.
- She's new in the house.
- [Mercedes] Good, so there's our new cook.
Miss Clara is the new cook of Castamar.
We'll make an unforgettable fiesta.
[Mercedes] No one shall miss the fiesta
with the attendance of Their Majesties.
Their Majesties
have now entered the hacienda.
I want to get out.
The King wants to get out.
Unhand me!
Your Majesty!
[Royal Guard] The King is missing!
I cannot do it.
[scared] I cannot. I cannot.
- But how is this possible?
- [man] The King is missing.
He could not just go missing.
- And the Queen?
- The carriage is coming.
We must alert our Guard. Quickly.
What's happened?
We must lead everybody inside the house.
Please, everybody to the house.
For your safety.
Please, keep calm.
Come on in, now.
What is going on? Is it serious?
I hope not, Mother,
but it is safer inside.
Please, come inside.
Come in, Mother, please.
Diego, what can I do?
Nobody leaves.
- Do not let anybody leave.
- Yes, I understand.
My lord.
My lord, the royal carriage.
Let us go.
Your Majesty.
You will be safe here.
My only concern is the King.
- You have to find him.
- What has happened?
[sigs] Well
He wanted to be alone.
He wanted to pray before he arrived.
But did you hear anything?
Any carriage? Horses?
- No.
- Nothing.
Well, I should do everything in my power.
Elquiza will escort you
to a place that's more secure.
[Elquiza] Your Majesty.
The King, has disappeared.
It is terrible.
It's not your fault, my dear.
Who could've imagined it
when they were invited.
[Francisco] It makes no sense. Who'd
want to attack on a time like this?
The last years the King made enemies
everywhere in Europe.
Anyone could be guilty.
His Majesty does nothing
not in the interest of the crown.
Yes, of course.
But not everyone thinks the same way.
Your attention gentlemen.
[Alfredo] What do we know?
His Majesty, during a stop
of the royal carriage,
has disappeared.
If kidnapped, it is likely the work of
a few men and they'd not have gone far,
so we will be joining the royal guard
for a raid.
Alfredo, Francisco,
- Marquis.
- [Mercedes] But,
if all of you are to go,
- who will protect the house?
- I will do it.
[everyone murmuring]
Would it not be better
to find someone who knows about
of arms, strategy?
- Lord Marquis, I would
- Brother,
you know these lands
as well as anyone here.
That is correct.
I will go with you.
To the horses.
[breaths in]
The pieces for the roast
should come inside.
I've removed the pigeons from the stove.
Is all well? You are not a good color.
A bit nervous, like everyone.
[indistinct chattering]
Lady Mercedes
has ordered us to make a hot dinner.
And what of the fiesta
Do you think the people are in the mood
to dance with the King missing?
Girls, with me. We need tablecloths.
Come. Hurry.
Cut the cured meats
and serve them
around the candied mushrooms.
We will serve the pigeons too and
Mr. Elquiza.
- Any news?
- No news. But I'll keep you all informed.
[men] Your Majesty!
- Sir, what are you doing here?
- Ah!
[gasps] Who are you?
Your Majesty.
[shouting and barking in the distance]
take my torch now.
The meatloaf?
The orange sauce
was meant for the pigeons.
[Úrsula] Can we bring out the dishes?
The cured meats. The vegetable soup.
- And the pigeons with crab.
- [Úrsula] Elisa, please.
Now, now, now.
- Roberto.
- I need to go to the stables.
- The duke has just arrived.
- Wait. The duke wants to confirm the menu.
He must agree. It is urgent.
Have you seen anything?
Nothing. Nothing on the hill
nor around the lake.
It is as if the ground has swallowed him.
- And you?
- Nothing.
Sir, Sir.
I have a message for you.
It's from the kitchens,
changes to the menu.
But have they not understood
that there shall be no fiesta?
Miss Belmonte insisted it was urgent.
[Clara] He is over there.
It is the King, but not the King you know.
[Diego] Your Majesty, are you unwell?
When I found his Bible out in the woods,
I supposed it was not a kidnapping.
But this?
I'm sorry.
No one must know about this, you hear?
Ensure this does not leave the cellar.
You are trembling, Your Majesty.
This will make you feel better.
My angel.
My guardian angel.
You must protect me.
No one wants to hurt you, Your Majesty.
[crying] My angel.
Why you look after me?
You and I both see
all those poor souls I killed
to get to the throne.
The crown does not belong to me.
The crown does not belong to me. [cries]
Shh, shh, shh
I have here the whole truth.
You must look after it.
I will protect you
so no one takes it from you.
No, they will. They will.
It will only be safe with you. Take it.
No one must know you have it.
You hear? No one.
It is my only secret.
Keep it safe. Keep it safe.
[whipping] Keep it safe.
[Queen] My love.
Who are you?
Your Majesty.
Your Majesty, it is I, your Queen.
No. You are not the Queen.
The Queen would never have ceased it.
Not the Queen
The Queen would never have betrayed me.
The Queen loves me. You are a traitor.
My King, I want only what is best for you
and the crown.
The crown?
I cursed the crown!
Your Majesty,
it is better if we go outside.
[crying] My angel.
She is the cook. It is she who found him.
[continues crying]
I think perhaps we should not have come.
I thought he would be calmer,
that he would have
confidence in himself. But
It's not your fault, Your Majesty.
Yes, but I am to blame
if something should happen.
In the court I am still seen
as an intruder.
Melancholy is no illness for a king.
For the good of the crown,
we must ensure it is kept hidden.
The cook will not utter a word,
be assured.
- How can you know?
- I know.
Your Majesty needs you.
He was fine when he offered you
the post of Secretary of the Council.
He trusts only you now.
Also you, Your Majesty.
He adores you.
You saved his life
at the battle of Almenara.
So I
I would never match up to that.
Invent some excuse
to ensure the guests remain calm.
[indistinct chattering]
Gentlemen, I have received
word from the Alcázar.
His Majesty apologizes
for having had to return urgently
to attend a matter of some importance.
He was unable even to inform the Queen.
You are saying that he is unharmed?
It was a misunderstanding.
The health of our King is perfect.
- Long live the King!
- [all] Long live the King!
Gentlemen, many thanks
for your patience and understanding.
I think it is now time for rest.
I'm so sorry, my dear.
It would have been an evening most
Oh, I'm certain
no one will forget the pigeons
Lord Ignacio,
do you have a way to get back to the city?
- No.
- No?
Baron, do you have a room
in your carriage for Lord Ignacio?
I am sorry, I arrived on horseback.
Miss Castro.
[both laugh]
Do not let the opportunity pass.
Like all men,
he would love hearing how well you did.
[Esteban] Shall we be off, my dear?
Talking of leaving
Would you permit me to thank you
for all you've done
to protect us?
[Diego] No, please, no need to thank me.
We have to protect the King and
I was accompanied by the finest men.
Do not be so modest.
Hmm Well,
it has been a very long night.
- We should all try to rest.
- [Amelia] Of course.
I'm exhausted. All these waiting for
nothing has put me in a foul mood.
Better this way, surely?
The opposite would have been terrible.
How little you enjoy emotions really.
[Sol] Coachman!
Since you allowed me to arrive with you,
may I also return?
- But of course Count, please alight.
- Thank you Sir.
I thought you would stay for the night.
Maybe do not subject
if I rest my eyes a little?
It is very late for me, so
When it comes to sleeping,
any excuse, correct?
[Francisco] Coachman.
Do not make much noise,
as will wake the sleeping Marquis.
We have been talking about
all the waiting around tonight and
Correct, my love?
Well, may be
we can still save the evening.
What would you say?
[sniffs deeply]
[shakes, trembles agitated]
[Diego] He seems cold.
He would not stop trembling.
[Clara] He is not cold.
[whispering] I'm here.
It has returned.
I cannot swallow. It's real.
I am not crazy.
Not crazy.
[sobbing] No. It suffocates me.
I know what you feel, Your Majesty.
It is like your throat is being squeezed,
and you cannot breath.
But you are not suffocating.
It's fear of fear.
- No!
- [Clara] Shh.
I cannot escape.
They want to kill me.
They want to kill me.
- I will not let that happen. Look at me.
- [King screams]
I will not let that happen.
I'm your angel.
I'm your angel.
Trust me.
Stay calm.
Trust me.
- He should drink water.
- Yes.
It'll do you good.
Chocolate and lemon balm.
Promise me
it will not suffocate me.
Trust me.
Your Majesty.
It will do you good.
[sighs in relief]
It passes.
It passes.
[breaths more calmly]
[door opens]
[door closes]
I thought you would visit me.
[gun on the table]
[sighs deeply]
I could not be alone.
You should have warned me.
You are adorable, Miss Castro.
The duke is a man most fortunate.
The duke does not see me as you do.
He will. Get closer to him.
And you shall soon have arms
in which to shelter.
Your arms?
Or those of Lord Diego?
The two of us.
[both laugh]
[whispering] My angel.
Protect my secret.
[birds chirping]
[birds chirping]
[door opens]
My lord.
You called me.
[Diego] Yes.
I would like you put the room in order.
Will you use it again?
No, but it cannot stay so.
Let some air in, clear the dust,
gather her things and then lock it up.
My lord,
one thing, with your permission.
Concerning Miss Belmonte.
I wonder, have you decided
weather she will continue with us.
Put the room in order.
That is all I need you to do.
You cut them into dices and you marinade
them in saffron, cinnamon,
lemon and wine.
It is important so it does
not have a rough taste.
The legs we need to roll them in flour
before frying them with fat and butter.
Then we boil them with truffles,
mushrooms and picadillo.
Only you know how to make a wild boar
into a delicacy.
What are you doing still working?
It is Sunday.
Have you seen the courtyard?
It is beautiful.
Lord Diego is letting us use decorations
from the fiesta.
Want to see it?
[laughing] Come on, come on.
Clara, come. I'll show you.
- [Elisa] Come on let us go.
- I cannot.
I have a lot of work for the wild boar.
[Elisa] Clara, please.
Come! They would give us
food left from yesterday.
- Oh, come on.
- Clara.
No, you all go, really.
- Go.
- Such a bore.
[sighs] Sorry.
Come on. [laughs]
Come on, Carmen.
[laughter, giggles]
[clock ticking]
The chocolate it is hot.
[footsteps approaching]
[Gabriel] Mother,
did you rest?
With such unease?
To think last night's gathering will go
down in history in which the Castamars
lost their Monarch.
- Almost like a ring.
- [giggles]
- Do not jest, Marquis.
- [Enrique] You do not need to worry.
If last night will be remembered
for anything,
it'll be for the hair
of the Countess of Arcos.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, son.
- Brother.
You should not have let
the Queen leave so early.
I should have liked to say goodbye.
Strange timing,
except for the urgency.
She whished to join
His Majesty as quick as possible,
I see nothing strange in that.
Juan, have my horse prepared,
if you would.
You You will go out?
And the memorial mass for Alba?
They await me in the Alcázar,
but I shall be back in time.
I have decided to accept the post
of Secretary of the Council.
You have no idea of the joy this brings.
Secretary of the Council.
- Congratulations, brother.
- Thank you.
The King needs men like you.
And the Queen too, of course.
Perhaps we should organise a fiesta?
A proper announcement.
[all laugh]
[Mercedes] Fine, fine.
But I shall at least
write to our friends with the good news.
Did you miss me?
[screams, grunts]
No, no, no.
You already scaped once.
- And you will not again.
- No!
Unhand her, you swine.
Do it or I'll slit your throat.
Please, excuse me.
There was
a little draft in the corridor.
I wonder what happened.
I'm just letting air into the bedrooms.
This was her chamber?
- Yes.
- Ah.
A great woman.
It is difficult
to erase such a memory.
[breaths in]
Some people can never be forgotten.
until someone takes their place.
Places can change their owner
but memories not.
[curtains shutting]
[Diego] Your Majesty.
Excuse me, Your Majesty, I was not told
you were indisposed
No, no, no, do not move, almost done.
Come closer,
I do not bite, Diego. My shirt.
Does it smell of her?
It smells of her.
If it smells not of her
I do not wear it. Smell it.
- Yes, Your Majesty.
- It does.
It smells of her. No doubt, is there?
This one.
How was the fiesta in Castamar?
Your Majesty, the fiesta in Castamar
did not take place.
Do you not recall?
How can I remember something
that did not happen, Diego?
[continues laughing]
[Queen] He is convinced they want to
poison him through his clothes.
And will not wear anything
I have not worn.
A man so
valiant in the battle
And so fragile in the palace.
Thank you for accepting the post.
No, Your Majesty, it is an honor.
What has happened?
How long has he been like this?
[Queen] It is hard to say.
At times he is normal
and unexpectedly he
Yes, I know of his swings in mood,
but this is
His Majesty remembers nothing
from yesterday.
And do you
What did you discuss?
Was it anything Queen should know?
[stammering] No, he said nothing,
Your Majesty.
To no one?
To no one.
You are formally part
of the government of the crown.
You cannot concealed anything
that will endanger him.
I will not do that, Your Majesty.
And as a member of the council, I trust
nothing should be conceal from me.
You have seen the King naked.
I do not know what secrets are left
to be discovered.
[laughter and giggles]
[Elisa] Coming?
[Elisa imitating] Marquis, please tell me
that the pigeon is to your liking.
Oh, delicious.
Ah! Then it is all for me!
Come, give me that.
- Give it!
- What are you doing?
[girls shouting]
- Not from the plates of each other, no.
- Eh!
Give it back to her! Give it back now.
[all] Oh!
Do not overeat.
You would not want the gripes.
Will you not invite me to the fiesta?
I do not like theater.
Neither do I.
- I prefer real things
- Get off.
Did you bring the thing?
You cannot ask nicely for things?
I shall when you do.
[laughter, indistinct chattering]
- Is that for the pantry or the kitchen?
- Why is it important?
Miss Belmonte, do you have a moment?
Lord Diego wishes to see you.
My Lord Duke, Miss Belmonte.
- [Diego] Miss Belmonte.
- My lord.
I think you already know this book.
It is the finest essay on botanicals
that ever was written.
If I recall, you had an interest in it.
I was only looking through it
out of curiosity.
You know,
the hacienda has many of the plants
mentioned by Tournefort.
And some have culinary properties.
A shame if no one made the most of them,
do you agree?
It is for you.
Keep it, if you would.
I do not know what I could do with them.
Use them.
Thank you, my lord.
[Diego] I should be thanking you.
Especially, after everything you did
last night to help the Monarch.
I would have done the same
for anybody else.
I was not seeing the King,
just a man who needed help.
The King is the King.
He is never another.
Without jewels,
without clothes, without wigs
there are neither kings nor servants.
All of us are the same.
You really believe that?
You never feel the need
to be someone else?
[Diego] Yes.
Many times I need to be the man who stroll
with his wife through the countryside.
But that is not longer me.
Come in.
Remember the courtesy.
She is still here.
Who? The cook?
Do not loose sight of her.
What do you hope to find?
She is perfect.
She smells of roses
after carving up an animal.
[Úrsula] I gave orders
for you to watch her.
Try harder.
You will find anything
that will make her leave Castamar.
Unless you are the one that says goodbye.
Oh, the flame of love is burning me ♪
What sweet violence ♪
How tenderly it gives ♪
Oh, the flame of love is burning me ♪
What sweet violence ♪
Will you do me the honor
of dancing with me, Miss?
One, two.
One and turn.
[laughing, giggling]
Anyone else care to dance?
[Roberto] Me.
[man] Oh, it burns ♪
Oh, the flame of love is burning me ♪
[both laughing]
Oh, the flame of love is burning me ♪
- What sweet violence ♪
- [Carmen] She is angry.
- How tenderly it gives ♪
- Elisa! Elisa!
- Elisa, you already had a partner.
- Leave me alone.
[man continues singing]
What sweet violence ♪
How tenderly it gives ♪
How tenderly it gives ♪
How tenderly it gives ♪
[Diego] Do I disturb?
Not at all.
I was simply lost in my thoughts.
Then I should leave you to them.
I would prefer to be accompanied.
And you?
[Diego] You see?
Thanks to these little hairs,
when you rub the leaves so
you set free the oils.
Notice the aroma.
Strong, is it not?
Yes, peppery.
And bitter.
I like it.
I imagine it is not for all noses.
The nose can be trained just like taste.
Hmm Yes, but not all palates are
are ready for new flavors.
Do we still speak of palates or people?
[both laugh]
About both, I am sure.
[birds chirping]
Do you miss her?
Your wife.
I am learning to not miss her.
Least, not all the time.
A little further there is a field
of lavender planted. You will love it.
Sorry. [clears her throat]
[coachman] Go! Hey! Hey!
You always save yourself
for the last moment.
I thought it was luck.
Maybe there is more to it.
- Give it back.
- It seems important.
- Give it back.
- Tell me, what is this worth to you?
The Duke and Miss Amelia
have returned from the woods
and brought these herbs.
Use them.
Like he did with Lady Alba?
Maybe we will se a new duchess.
There will only ever be one duchess..
No matter who it is who replaces her.
Come, do not waste time.
We are the last ones to go to church.
Come on.
Yes, my lady.
As soon as the cook answers my question.
Yes, that is fine.
We will make preserves with ripe apples.
Come on, we will be late.
It is for the birthday of Lady Alba.
We must all be there.
[Úrsula] Clara.
[heart beating fast]
Miss Belmonte should stay
to watch over the stew. Isn't that so?
[Úrsula] What?
I'm sure the Lady, may she rest
in peace, would understand.
[boiling pots]
[nervously] Thank you.
[Elquiza] I know what the matter is.
Fear of fear.
I served in the army. There was a soldier
who went through the same.
He can't go out into open spaces.
[pants] My legs, they tremble.
I try to catch my breath
and feel I could die.
Find a solution.
You won't be able
to keep it hidden for much longer.
Marquises, delightful to see you
in the House of the Lord.
Likewise, I am sure.
Although we were not aware
that it is a first holy communion.
May I present my friend, Leonor Yuca.
Just arrived from Valencia.
Shall we, my love?
She her feeling important because
she hangs on the arm of a count.
Oh please, he could be her father.
The opposite would be worse.
A young man like Lord [laughs]
hanging off the arm of a mature woman
Some things simply go against nature.
[Roberto] I didn't mean to offend.
I didn't.
If there is something I can do
so you may forgive me.
Do not speak to me.
I shan't speak to you. But will you
allow me to stay by your side?
I really do not care, we are in church.
[organ playing]
I am so pleased you are here.
Mama, I'll give some instructions
to Melquíades and then I should join you.
Melquíades, everyone
in the church for service?
[whispering] Apart from Miss Belmonte,
- who is absent with my permission.
- [Diego] Why?
She had to finish cooking the wild boar.
Did I do wrong, Sir?
No, no. It's fine, fine.
[organ continues playing]
Marquises. Esteban.
[indistinct murmurs]
[Enrique] It's not the only thing
that escapes you today.
There is something distracting you
from our plan.
I see many people,
but the person you had promised.
Perhaps if you had not entertained Amelia
with night time visits to her chamber.
I did not know enjoying youth
was reserved only for the likes of you.
Lady Amelia.
I always get what I want.
Do not underestimate me,
it is very inelegant.
[bells dinging]
[priest speaks in Latin]
- Baron.
- No need for formalities, thank you.
Baron, if you please.
Have I not made myself sufficiently clear?
We cannot see each other,
and much less if we are in public.
Yes, but right now we are alone.
[Alfredo] Let's go.
[breathing heavily]
[both laugh]
Have you got payment for me?
Give that back now.
Selling tobacco can take you to prison.
Shall we speak with Mrs. Úrsula?
Or will you buy your liberty?
[knocks on the door]
[door opens]
- Sir, you have a visitor.
- I'm not available.
The Marchioness of Villamar.
Have you come to hear my compliments?
They are not necessary.
In that case you must be here
to celebrate our success.
A pity
your beloved count is not here.
There will soon be a wedding in Castamar.
For us.
You do not believe we are done?
Diego's position weighs heavily.
He seated Amelia with him at mass.
There is no turning back now.
I completed my part in the contract.
Now it is time for you to complete
yours also.
And that is fair, Lady Marchioness.
What does your excellency desire?
Kill him.
Kill my husband.
I care not to see him again.
[Clara] It is a skill most difficult,
finding the perfect condiment
to make the most a stew
without it losing its original flavor.
We can't never truly escape
from the essence of a stew.
Just as we can never escape
from ourselves.
It is folly to hide a flavour we dislike.
On the palate,
even though like a distant echo,
it will always remind us it is there.
It is a skill most difficult,
accepting that what is on our plate
is exactly what we will bring
to our mouth.
[carriage approaching]
Your Majesty.
[door opens]
Miss Belmonte.
You were right.
A king can never stop being a king.
Despite being a man who is suffering.
I promised to keep his secret,
but he is King,
and that is more than being a man.
Now the secret is ours.
We can never stop being
what we are, can we?
[sighs] No. We cannot.
It is vital that you find that document.
You have always been
my eyes at Castamar.
And I need you to be there now even more.
[King] I, Felipe de Anjou,
was never elected.
And if I do not remedy this, I will die.
In order to achieve
the redemption of my soul,
I delegate to my beloved,
my loyal wife, the writing
of this document.
It came to take a soul. I am sure.
- How are you today, Your Majesty?
- She wishes to poison me.
The Queen needs to know
you are not seeing a physician.
[King] The Queen
does not need to know everything.
Should that document fall
into the wrong hands, it'll be the end.
Specially for you.
This is a declaration
of his desire to abdicate.
Do not forget that we have a deal.
Disposing of Esteban
is not the same as receiving a letter.
Be gone!
- Get out.
- Fire!
To the courtyard, everyone!
We need more buckets, quickly.
Enrique, I love you, truly.
Your only duty is to marry Lord Diego.
I stole it to give it to the Queen.
She was very interested in recovering.
Do not make it easy for his enemies.
The answer is no.
I do not wish to be a regent.
[Clara] The place where you get the
tobacco, does it sell other things?
- With money, anything is possible.
- Laudanum.
[Sol] I'm sure that he will. That the Duke
of Castamar wishes to have a descendant.
It is your salvation.
[Carmen] Now we know
who the crow is coming for. Do we not?
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