The Cook of Castamar (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Credo Ut Intelligam

His Majesty, during a parade
of the royal carriage, has disappeared.
- Sir, what are you doing here?
- Who are you?
- For us.
- Kill him.
For the good of the crown,
we must ensure it is kept hidden.
I have here the whole truth.
She's still here.
Do not loose sight of her.
You will find anything
that will make her leave Castamar.
I cursed the crown!
You are adorable, Miss Castro.
The duke is a man most fortunate.
The duke does not see me as you do.
[Enrique] He will. Get closer to him.
And you shall soon have arms
in which to shelter.
- [gasping] The door! The door!
- [bangs on the door]
Please, open up!
What's happened?
[mumbling] Please, Brother Juan.
Friar Juan!
Friar Juan!
Friar Juan!
Friar Juan!
May Lord protect his soul.
He's still breathing.
Call the doctor, quickly.
There is not much time.
The storm bells.
[sighs] May the Lord protect us.
- Shall I use the curling irons, Miss?
- No.
There is no need, Elisa.
You may leave.
that hair that she has[scoffs]
it does need the iron.
And I know that for a fact.
Oh, good Lord.
What happened?
[Elisa] There's a crow in the pantry.
My lord?
Ensure that the carriage is readied.
- I should depart for the castle.
- Yes, my lord.
And quickly please.
There is a storm approaching.
It came to take a soul, I'm sure.
The day my grandmother died,
a crow like that
spent the whole day at the window.
Knock, knock, knock. Poor woman.
God rest her soul in heaven.
Birds do not really take
the souls of people.
It is simply the storm.
We must pray
and repent from our sins. If we do not,
something bad will happen, trust me.
The masters are awaiting their breakfast.
[Clara] Beatriz,
tell them to get the trays.
I just need to stretch the sugar dough
and cut it.
Carmen, would you give me
a blunt, round-nosed knife.
It cannot be.
The sugar dough did not blend,
what happened?
Sweet Lord!
The housekeeper will kill us,
and the masters will kill us also.
Now we know who the crow is coming for,
do we not?
Saffron syrup cakes, your favorites.
Yes, but when I eat something to excess,
something I like, I
become bored and begin hating it.
It happens to you also?
- Not with food, no.
- Ah.
Perhaps my stay in Castamar
has lengthened unnecessarily.
Are you not happy here?
I have no reason to complaint but
I have been here for two months.
And you'll stay here as long as necessary.
You understand me.
In that case,
these cakes have just become my favorites.
I see you awoke with an appetite.
The cook was truly inspired today.
- Will you take the air with Diego later?
- A-ha.
There is a storm brewing,
but it will not last.
Sorry if I spoil your plans,
but my brother is meeting the King.
He seems to spend longer
each day in court,
and says less each day to his mother.
The day will be very boring
without that walk [sighs]
Perhaps we could invite over
one of your friends?
If you are thinking of the Countess
of Arcos, I would forget it.
Physical exercise has not exactly
been her bedfellow for some time.
- And the Marquis of Soto?
- [Mercedes] Impossible.
He is occupied
with a matter of great importance.
Carlo Broschi.
He is in Alcaláde Henares,
and Lord Enrique promised me
that his very first concert
would be held here, in Castamar.
- Oh la la! Oh la la!
- [Mercedes] It is assured.
When Lord Enrique sets his mind
on something, he is rarely disappointed.
He is a great man.
- [thunder]
- [sighs]
No take it away, I do not want it.
Take it.
Your Majesty, you should try to eat.
[breaths in through his nose]
Whoever wants to poison me,
will need to first outsmart me.
I read the reports you have written.
Any suggestion will be
much welcome, your Majesty.
Hmm, I know. I have an order.
Yes, your grace.
You need more power within the Council.
Your reports they describe
quite elegantly and precisely the
needs of this kingdom.
You will present
these proposals to the council.
And, henceforth,
you shall have the right to vote.
Are you sure, Your Majesty?
- One month I have been secretary
- I know, but I trust you.
never built
the greatest kingdoms, correct?
Your Majesty, you have a visitor.
[King] Hmm
How are you today, Your Majesty?
[panting] Go away.
It is necessary we take your temperature
as you are aware, in addition
Guards! Who let him in here?
The Queen agreed to me that I should
come to see you daily, do you not recall?
[agitated] He wishes to poison me.
He tries with the clothes
he tries with the food. Tell him to go.
Away with him, away, away!
Away with him, away with him.
Your Majesty,
be calm.
Be calm.
The Queen needs to know
you are not seeing the physician.
The Queen?
The Queen does not need
to know everything.
[Elquiza] Your Majesty.
[door opening]
Here you are, Your Majesty.
I've transcribed all the reports
the Duke has written in the past months,
the bills he proposed,
and some of his notes.
And the document I asked for?
Your Majesty, you can be sure
that I have searched
in every single corner of Castamar.
That document is not there.
And did you ask the cook then?
I don't know why I should.
She was with my husband
the night of the fiesta.
It was she who found him.
I will search her belongings.
Castamar is not so big
that the document can stay hidden.
Your Majesty
I promise that I will do everything
that is in my hands.
Should that document fall into
the wrong hands, it will spell the end.
Especially for you.
[Rosalía] "A."
[Clara] That's it.
Another letter.
Which would you like to learn next?
All of them.
But you know how many there are?
[Clara] Another day
I'll teach you to count. Come, off to bed.
No, I want more letters now.
Rosalía, it's
I want to learn more letters now.
- Rosalía.
- I want letters!
Come on. It's late, come on.
- Come.
- [whipping]
What if it takes me?
- Who?
- [whipping] The big crow.
He will take my soul while I sleep.
No, That will not happen, I promise.
Come with me.
See? It's not there.
It is not there.
You see?
Now to bed.
[Clara] We shall ask Elisa tomorrow,
She will surely say it was a joke
designed to scare us.
[soft knock]
Can I sleep with you?
But you have your own room.
I will go with you.
Come on.
[sobbing] No, I do not want to.
- Rosalía.
- I do not want to.
I will go with you.
I am here, you are safe.
Believe me. Hey?
[door closing]
[wind howling]
[sobbing and panting]
Is the rain making that noise?
There is no noise.
They talked of it,
but finally, there was no storm.
[wood banging]
[sniffs] Is the big crow?
There is no big crow.
- [sobbing] Yes, there is a crow.
- No
It's only the wind. Now, go to sleep.
[pants, sniffs]
[door opens]
[trembling, sobbing]
Be gone!
Get out!
[cawing continues]
[door opens]
[man] Fire! Quick! Everyone out!
Quick, come on, everyone out!
[continues coughing]
You well? Come on!
- Fire!
- [both coughing]
Fire! Everybody leave their rooms!
And hurry!
- Fire!
- To the courtyard, everyone!
[man] Fire!
Lord Diego.
- What's the?
- Lord Diego, we have to leave immediately.
- What's happening?
- Please, hurry up.
[man] Fire!
We need more buckets, quickly!
Give me a bucket!
Come on!
Is all well?
Yes, yes, go on.
Over here, fire!
[shouts and yells]
More water! Water!
We will be safer outside. Quick!
I'm not coming out.
- Not while fire threatens our house.
- [Gabriel] Mother, it's a precaution.
Calm yourself, please.
You're scaring Miss Castro.
No, please,
don't worry about me, but
Calm down. Calm down.
The house is safe.
There is nothing to worry about.
It seems the fire started in one
of the servants rooms, but it is out.
What a horrible time.
I will have Mrs. Berenguer
bring up some broth.
I'll just check downstairs,
and whilst there, shall request the broth.
- I'll go with you.
- Brother,
best that you accompany
our mother to her chamber, huh?
[sobbing] I took a candle
I brought it to my room,
but I didn't knock it over.
- I didn't do anything, it was the raven.
- Don't trouble yourself with that.
- It's over. Calm down.
- [footsteps approaching]
[Rosalía] Lord Diego.
[crying] You are safe!
And I see you are too.
[softly sobbing]
Miss Belmonte.
Her name is Clara.
[Diego] I see that Clara is safe,
as are all of you.
It pleases me greatly.
Rosalía, come.
Lord Diego.
- Can I do anything for you?
- Yes.
Miss Amelia and my mother
would like some broth.
- I'll shall have it brought right away.
- Very good.
Good night to you.
I shall take care of that. Carmen can
help me that way it would be quicker.
No. She's not there.
I thought she was with you.
- I've not seen her all evening.
- [Roberto] Nor have I.
- I shall look for her.
- Rosalía, stay here.
She could not leave her room
and she fainted due to too much smoke.
- It seems her lungs are badly affected.
- Poor woman.
Tell Doctor Evaristo that
he must visit her as necessary.
And if her room is badly damaged,
feel free to move her to other quarters.
Thank you, my lord.
But it seems much of the damage
is in the room of Rosalia
and I can deal with that.
Pray, why did you not take care
to prevent the fire?
You are responsible for the service
and all that takes place below.
Excuse me, my lady.
The fire was started by Rosalia
in her room in the middle of
There are no excuses.
You will take the necessary action
to prevent a repetition.
[Úrsula] Apparently since leniency
does not seem to work with you,
from now on
somethings are going to change.
From now on,
you shall have no holidays.
[murmurs and whispers]
I shall be checking your rooms
whenever I see fit.
I will seize any candles or other items
that could pose a risk to the palace.
And those that do not agree,
can walk out of the door.
And you must keep
a closer eye on Rosalía.
[Beatriz] That's not fair.
Go and tell Carmen if it is fair or not.
If she survives
and can come back to the kitchen.
Back to work.
Our Father who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name
[sniffs and sighs]
I am sure the Lord
will notice you in this dress.
Our Lord, that is what I meant.
And surely He will give you everything you
prayed for, and forgive your sins.
If you have any I mean to say.
I wonder what you asked Him for.
If you want anything.
- Surely you have it all.
- [chuckles]
You can never pray too much.
You are right because when something
unexpected happens like the fire,
like the other day,
none of us are safe. There.
[Mercedes] My dear.
I heard tell you requested a carriage.
Hmm, yes.
I had planned to visit a friend.
- Do I have time to freshen up?
- [Amelia] No.
I do not think it would be opportune
to present myself with a person
of your name without giving due notice.
There is nothing more inconvenient
than unannounced visitors.
But we will travel together.
It is an excuse to visit Lord Enrique.
I am desperate to learn
if he managed to hire the young Italian.
Allow me a moment and we shall leave.
[Amelia] Of course.
[Diego] Take a sit.
He no longer dresses
and he is refusing to eat.
[Gabriel] It seems the rumours are true
regarding the health of His Majesty.
[Diego] What rumours are these?
[Gabriel] They say
he is afraid of everything, Diego.
That he sleeps during the day
and stays awake at night.
That he walks outside barefoot
Are there rumours about
what happened the night of the fiesta?
My lord
Your agenda is in order
and the daily post answered.
- If you don't need me for anything else
- [Diego] It's all good.
Thank you, Melquiades, you may leave us.
[Gabriel] Why so preoccupied
about what happened that night?
[sighs] This is a declaration of his
desire to abdicate, you understand?
To abandon his royal obligations
and so no one could prevent it.
The King brought it with him that night
and he has left it here.
Should you not give it back?
His Majesty is not of sound mind.
And the Queen?
Take a look at the signature.
"The King
And I."
But why would the Queen?
I do not know.
[Diego] Remember the words of our father:
- "What happens at Castamar"
- [Garbiel] Yes, "concerns only Castamar."
You can You can rest assure.
- Here, here, just here. This is it.
- [coachman] Slow. Whoa
Oh! I did not realise your friend is part
of the Osuna family. Ah!
I've never met them personally,
but I have heard
only good things about them.
Why do you not invite them
to spend some time in Castamar?
I shall.
[both laugh]
Would you mind
awfully waiting until I enter?
I would feel safer. [chuckles]
But of course, my dear. You must have fun!
[clears throat]
This will seem like a strange request,
but I would need you please
to shake your head.
Please, just shake your head.
What happened?
My friend
[stammering] she,
she is not in the palace.
I do not know
Perhaps she forgot our meeting.
Oh dear
Lady Mercedes,
would you mind if I join you
on your walk with Lord Enrique?
But of course, feel free.
I'll miss you very much.
We miss when someone is not there.
But I am not going anywhere.
Shall we make letters?
- What is this?
- Have you packed your things?
Tomorrow they'll take her
to the hospice of San Fernando.
The masters approved my decision.
This way we will avoid future tragedies.
The hospice is no place
for one who is not evil
nor understands others can be. You cannot
do that to her, it will mean her end.
Do you not remember
what I said this morning?
If you do not like the rules
feel free to walk out the door.
The place where you get the tobacco,
does it sell other things?
- With money, anything is possible.
- Laudanum.
- Laudanum? Why would you need that?
- Yes or no? It is urgent.
It costs half a real, but it is futile.
Mrs. Úrsula was clear with the new rules.
I cannot risk it.
Half a real for the laudanum
and another if you go now.
And make haste!
How many dead
did you count, Lady Mercedes?
Do not be a brut.
The kitchen porter is convalescing,
but we hope she will recover quickly.
And some property damage, nothing more.
I hope everything is fixed soon.
That is not the expression the Countess
of Arcos will have when she learns
Carlo Broschi is holding his first
recital in Castamar, and not her palace.
You are incorrigible!
Is he not, my dear?
And what a gorgeous garden.
[Mercedes] Would it be acceptable
to have a bouquet prepared?
[Enrique] Lady Mercedes,
my garden is yours.
- And one for you, dear.
- Uh-huh.
I need to tell you something.
Has Lord Diego fallen under your spell?
- No.
- No?
No, no. This does not concern Lord Diego.
This only affects the two of us.
Go on.
Well, then
[gasps] It's not easy.
Miss Castro,
between us there can be no secrets.
Lord Enrique
You and I
I am with a child.
Since I discovered this, I have been
searching for a chance to meet you,
in order to tell you.
[sighs nervously]
Soon it will show so
We should get married, should we not?
I will not be marrying you.
Have you understood nothing?
But But I love you, Lord Enrique.
Enrique, I love you.
And now I carry your child.
You do not love me?
Your only duty is
to marry Lord Diego and nothing more.
[Mercedes] My dear
What has happened?
My fault entirely, Lady Mercedes.
What have you done?
I was recounting to Miss Castro
a terrible story I heard only yesterday.
A young girl,
good family,
with everything to lead a happy life,
found herself with child.
Oh Who? And whose?
That is irrelevant.
And when people learned
that she was with child, well
her family they disowned her.
She gave birth in a convent.
Blessed the nuns,
who at least offered her shelter!
Well, what a terrible story
to tell to a young lady!
And, what of the young girl? Where is she?
In heaven. Or rather she is in hell.
Since she took her own life.
We should collect the flowers. Let's go.
[Mercedes] Well, what a remarkable bush!
[conversation fading]
[guitar and indistinct chattering]
What do you want?
[Leftie] I need laudanum.
[coins banging on the table]
There take your money.
You can stay and eat some food
How can you even call that food?
I think you spend too much time
with horses and mules.
I did not recall you being so fussy.
Since you've left Castamar
I've outgrown you.
And so do I.
[laughter in the distant]
So, you still dream of going to America?
Tell me!
And you still want
your own stud farm, huh?
We used to have fun together,
did we not? Hey?
Maybe you did.
Come on, woman
Come to me and I will refresh your memory.
[moaning and panting]
have you finished your food yet?
I'm not hungry.
Then you cannot want to taste
the sugar dough I prepare
Well, if I were you,
I would want to try some.
But you would have to eat
some stew first
Rosalía, I will help you,
but you must eat first to be strong, huh?
[breaths in and out deeply]
It cannot be.
Why would the sugar not blend?
Could you please check on Rosalía?
Did you get it?
Half a real.
I paid already.
Half a real
and your secret will go no further.
[breathes heavily]
May it bring you pleasure.
Roberto, if you're ready.
I told Mrs. Úrsula I would accompany you
to run the errands of Carmen.
I'll call the carriage.
[deep sigh]
[Roberto] Whoa! Whoa!
We have arrived.
I will find someone.
[knocking on the door]
[door opening]
[Clara] Wait here for me.
I seek Friar Juan.
[breathing heavily]
[bells chiming]
[continues breathing heavily]
Why are you here?
Did something happened?
No. [breaths deep]
- [Friar] How did you make it here?
- Laudanum.
You cannot use it as you please.
It can be dangerous.
- I know, but I had to talk with you.
- I cannot talk now.
Go to Castamar
and I shall visit presently.
It will take but a moment.
It concerns Rosalía,
a protegée of the Duke.
They take her to a hospice. She is
an innocent,
a child in the body of a woman.
She will not survive.
If you could place her in the kitchen
or perhaps as a maid
You really ought to be going.
- But
- Leave please.
Listen, you really cannot be here.
- Daughter?
- Father?
Is Is that really you?
But [stammering]
But how is it possible?
Clara, I
I know it is hard to understand.
I was
I was able to survive,
but needed to hide from them.
From me?
No. No, no
- Clara, listen to me child.
- [Clara] No. No. No. No.
No, you are not my father.
My father is dead.
- No.
- [angrily] And so are you.
- [father] Clara.
- [Friar] Clara!
Please, we need to go.
[sobbing and panting]
We're almost there.
The house is next to a river.
We could bathe every day.
We could stay for the whole season,
what do you think?
What is it?
I was going to tell you
once we'd arrived, but
It is the Secretariat of War.
I cannot stay very long
in the countryside.
But Father, your job is
to save lives, not end them.
And I shall save as many as I can.
- You are not a saint working miracles.
- I just want to help.
And upset your own daughter.
You cannot possibly go to war.
I will be back, Clara.
That I promise you.
[knock on the door]
[softly sobbing]
I do not think I can help you.
Is God mad at you also?
I think he is.
I can stay with you if you want.
[Amelia] "Dear Sol,
You may regard this a strange letter,
but I address myself to you
as I do not have a choice.
I need a true friend to hear me..
And I know you will.
Those joyful days and nights
spent with the Marquis of Soto
have turned into a nightmare
and bore an unexpected fruit.
I carry the child
of Lord Enrique de Arcona.
Hence, my dear friend,
I write to ask for your advice, since
I do not know how to face this adversity.
It seems he will be
in your arms sooner than expected.
Do not forget that we have a deal.
Disposing of Esteban
is not the same as receiving a letter.
Ah, seems the Marquis
is finding something difficult?
You will be a perfect widow as long as
your poor dear Amelia marries Lord Diego.
Seems it is you
who has forgotten our deal? Perhaps.
Perhaps. But I am keeping the letter
until my memory returns.
Could you help me tie it?
Of course.
I will help you.
Excuse me.
I look for Rosalia.
They have taken her to the hospice.
I would have liked to say goodbye.
But she will make visits
on special occasions. You will see her.
No, that will not happen.
She will not last long in a hospice.
Nobody like her does.
Before she died, I promised her mother
we would take care of Rosalía.
If we cannot keep our word, what is left?
Clara, this morning
the boy brought this for you.
Oh my! Who gave that to you?
No one.
Well, this "No one"
must love you very much.
It is a lovely little gift.
May I see?
"Credo ut intelligam."
"Intelligo ut credam?"
"I believe to understand",
not the other way around.
It is a quote from Saint Anselm.
It means that science and religion
are that far apart,
they are complementary.
What a smart man he was.
[speaking in Spanish]
"Creo para comprender,
non "Ah, oh well,
one day I will learn it.
You know Rosalía will be fine.
[Elquiza] I stole it.
I stole it to give it to the Queen.
She was very interested in recovering it.
The Queen asked you?
I work for her Majesty, my lord.
You are employed by her?
[Diego] Since when?
Since when though?
you are my chief butler.
We were friends since childhood.
We grew up together.
I've been spying on you and informing
the Queen of all your movements.
I am awfully sorry, my lord.
For how long?
This document is the first
and last thing that I stole from you.
I will tell the Queen
that I could not find it.
For how long, Melquíades?
How long have you been spying on me?
Since a few months before
the accident of Lady Alba.
Here is all I filtered to the Queen.
Your meetings, your contacts
I made a copy of each file.
But you can be sure that I never disclosed
any information that could compromise you.
I will leave Castamar as soon as possible.
The time it takes to pack my belongings.
Take these with you also.
I'm sorry I didn't live up
to your expectations, my lord.
I know that it does not excuse
my behaviour, but
sometimes a man
has no option.
Pluck the partridges,
I need them for dinner tonight.
And make sure you wash your hands first.
[Rosalía] Clara!
- [laughing]
- [Clara] Rosalía!
[continues laughing]
I can come back as my room is now ready.
- Yes.
- I can.
- [Rosalía giggles]
- Thank you.
No. No need to thank me.
Thank Lord Diego.
Will you take responsibility
for the child?
Yes. I will take care of her.
[floor cracking]
A quarter pound of sugar
The whites of eggs
And lemon juice.
Can I help you, my lord?
Uh No. No. Excuse me,
I didn't mean to interrupt you.
Cooking is a little mesmerising.
Sugar dough. I never get it right.
I should like to watch,
if you do not mind.
- Well, I would need an assistant.
- [Diego chuckles]
I would warn you
it would be his first day.
Very well,
what would you have me do?
You must obey the chef
and follow her instructions, step by step.
Thank you for taking back Rosalia.
Thanks you for opening my eyes.
Here is the lemon juice.
Pour it into the mortar.
Bit by bit. Not at once.
Then we blend it
with the egg and the sugar.
Like this.
Like this.
- Care to try yourself?
- Yes.
What happens now?
Stop looking at me like that.
- Shall I keep mixing?
- Yes.
And now rose water. This part is critical
so the sugar can finally blend.
- Excuse me.
- [chuckles]
Miss Belmonte, thank you for sharing
this time with me.
- Good night.
- [Clara] Good night.
[Clara] What is the mystery?
Baking is mathematical.
But even with the recipe,
the result is never quite the same.
We follow the steps,
measure the ingredients,
calculate the time exactly
But there is always something
that is out of our control.
The result can be either perfect,
or just does not work at all.
It is a mystery that we will never unfold.
Maybe it is all about letting go.
[birds chirping]
[Diego] Yes?
This was in my office, my lord.
- You should pass it to the Queen.
- No.
I won't be doing
anything of the sort, my lord.
[sighs] I hope that's the last time
that you disobey my orders.
It's not appropriate
for a chief butler.
But sometimes there is no option.
It is very generous of you, my lord.
But, what shall I say to her Majesty?
Nothing out of the ordinary.
Now how about you put on your uniform.
Your turn.
[Clara] Sometimes, it is not enough
to understand.
We have to believe too.
Although at times we put our faith
in the wrong people.
And when that occurs,
the only thing we can do
is understand in order to believe again.
And once again the mystery begins.
- Carmen!
- [laughs]
[both giggle and cheer]
I made a pledge to the Baby Jesus
that I would not eat until you got better.
Yes, I heard.
But now you must eat.
Will you promise me?
[both laugh and giggle]
Your Majesty.
His Majesty entrusted it to me
that night in Castamar.
I suppose you have read it.
[Diego] Yes, Your Majesty.
Just myself.
The contents are far too grave
to be shared with anyone.
You understand that at times
His Majesty be somewhat
Writing this document
was the only sure way to calm him.
You do not need to explain yourself,
Your Majesty.
But I need to.
I signed it because he made me.
I would never encourage abdication.
Are you not going to ask?
Come now, be not afraid.
The answer is no.
I do not wish to be regent.
I could never do that to His Majesty.
And nor to the crown.
Guard it well, Your Majesty.
Do not make it easy for your enemies.
Now if you permit,
I shall leave you to your prayers.
Pray for those who are
on the side of Their Majesties.
Never have I tasted
a sugar dough so delicate!
- Regards to the baker.
- Bakeress.
I will.
Lady Sol,
forgive the audacity
of sending you the letter.
But I have no one else.
Nothing to excuse.
It was good you came for help to a friend.
How are you feeling?
[sobbing] I am horrified
about the behavior of Lord Enrique, I
I thought he loved me.
Unlike women, men they never truly love.
They only desire.
- Just like Lord Diego.
- Lord Diego
Lord Diego only has eyes for a portrait.
He will never
[sobbing] He will never lay eyes on me.
I am sure that he will.
I would place a wager
that the duke of Castamar
wishes to have a descendant.
All is possible.
Take this.
It is your salvation.
I have not stopped thinking
about last night.
We only made some sugar dough, my lord.
It's my lady getting bigger?
[Diego] Melquiades,
would you ask for some sugar dough
to be brought up?
I do not know what you saw.
Fine, if you say so I will tell also
the housekeeper.
Tell me what?
I would do anything for you
and you know it.
Yes, I mean that.
I want her underskirt.
Why are you like this?
I've heard much about you.
- A lovely young lady.
- Yes, I've just met her.
Who is single.
[Beatriz] He was arm in arm with
the prettiest woman in the concert.
The daughter of a marquis!
What of Miss Castro?
She should hurry herself.
The only thing you have to do
is get Diego into your bed.
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