The Cook of Castamar (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Fly Away

That is not the expression the Countess
of Arcos will have when she learns
Carlo Broschi is holding his first recital
in Castamar, and not her palace.
[Elisa] It came to take a soul, I am sure.
The day my grandmother died,
a crow like that
spent the whole day at the window.
Be gone! [sobbing] Get out!
Enrique, I love you. Truly.
Your only duty is to marry Lord Diego.
[Sol] I'm sure that he will.
I would place a wager
that the duke of Castamar
wishes to have a descendant.
[Clara] Then you blend it
with the egg and the sugar.
Like this.
[singing opera]
[indistinct murmuring]
[speaks in Italian]
Carlo, you must go with him.
I don't want to die, no!
Take it. Sniff a bit.
- I don't want to die.
- Don't worry. It won't harm.
[speaking in Italian] "Welcome back."
"Today is"
What are you doing here?
You will arrive late
to pick up the singer.
- I will leave right away, Mr. Elquiza.
- Go, go
[Elquiza] Lord Diego?
- Yes?
- Miss Belmonte.
Good morning, my lord.
[Diego] Good morning.
[nervous breathing]
I have not stopped thinking
about last night.
[inhales] And if you were to feel
uncomfortable due to my behavior,
I do apologize.
We only made some sugar dough, my lord.
Good. I want you to know
that I would never, ever,
use my position
to take advantage of someone.
I see.
If you will permit me, my lord,
I shall go to the kitchen.
Of course.
Wait a moment. There is
something else I need to tell you.
I noted some of the things you said.
The kitchen of Castamar is now yours.
Make changes as you see fit.
It will benefit us all.
Thank you.
[indistinct chattering]
[indistinct chattering and laughing]
[Roberto] Mr. Broschi, bentornato.
- Excuse me, you're not
- It is I who is Carlo Broschi.
But you are just a boy.
They call me "Il ragazzo."
Roberto, per servirvi.
Your luggage? Bagaglio?
The carriage nos aspetta.
Do not worry, I am versed
in English from childhood.
Fortuitous for me,
as that was all the Italian I know.
No, no, if it pleases you.
I would be grateful of the company.
Come now, there are many things
I would like to ask you.
All this is new for me.
[inhales, moans]
Is my lady getting bigger?
It must be all the meals of Clara.
Yes, they are very tasty.
Ah, but when I say big,
I only say because you were so skinny
when you got here.
Just skin and bones, really.
Well, this is as tight as it goes.
- Pull harder.
- More?
- No, but it just
- Will you just pull them!
- I can pull a little more
- Let me do it.
- Here, this is the tightest.
- I will do it!
[breathes in and sighs]
If the Castamars are so influential,
the same must be true of their guests.
[Roberto] But of course.
Lady Mercedes, the lady of the house,
is certain this will be the finest
musical evening of the season.
- You must be a really good singer.
- It is true.
And this concert is my big opportunity.
Wait! Wait. [bangs the carriage]
Wait, wait, wait! We must alight!
I could not pass by a place such as this.
We must bathe.
I am sorry, but we must continue.
- They await us in Castamar.
- Oh, Roberto. It's a beautiful day.
A quick bath and off we go.
[Carlo] What keeps you!? Come!
Okay, but just for a moment.
Come now, Roberto.
[harpsichord playing in the distance]
[soft moan]
Recently, I have not practiced much,
but I did not think it was bad enough
that it might scare someone.
No. No. You are not bad.
On the contrary, it is just
You were expecting to find my brother.
Believe me, Miss Castro,
If my brother was playing, I know
you would definitely be scared.
Yes, music is the one talent
he does not possess.
I love Bach.
A long time since I heard that suite.
I would play it with my governess.
That was long ago.
[clears her throat]
Play with me.
Yes, play with me. You will enjoy it.
[slight chuckle]
[harpsichord playing]
Stay still. Stay still, Rosalía.
- No, bad bath!
- Stop it.
Bad is getting filthy in the henhouse.
I will do this.
Carry on with the stuffing.
All right.
Let me rinse you off, huh?
Here we go.
How is the Lord?
He seems to be very interested
in matters of the kitchen.
It is done.
Go, dry yourself.
I saw you here the other night.
I don't care what you do,
but my silence has a price.
I do not know what you saw,
but I will not pay you.
Fine, if you say so,
I will tell all to the housekeeper.
Let's see what she makes of it.
Tell me what?
What Miss Clara was doing in the kitchen.
She was bathing Rosalía.
Very well.
The definitive list of invitations.
Lords make you feel as if they like you.
But only the girls upstairs interest them.
We've all been through it,
and you are no different.
I never said that I was.
Finish the eggplants.
[Carlo] Thank you. I am much refreshed.
[Roberto] I wish I could say the same.
That water was freezing.
Come now, it's just a moment.
Our clothes?
Thank you for arriving in time
to greet the singer.
It's my pleasure, Lady Mercedes.
They should be here soon.
I always wanted to discover
and support a singer.
If he is as good as they say,
tomorrow they will speak of nothing else.
[gasps] You know?
The council has agreed to vote on Diego's
proposal about the price of wheat.
Is this not wonderful news?
Yes, but the opposition of the Marquis
of Almendrales will make it difficult.
- We will see.
- My lady,
Sir Broschi's carriage
has stopped at the service entrance.
I do not know the reason,
but if you excuse me.
Why are you like this?
Holy Mother of God in Heaven.
- Our clothes were stolen at the river.
- In the? Why were you there?
Elisa, will you go and bring some clothes?
[Rosalía] They bathe me
in the kitchen, too.
Rosalía, do not bother the man.
No, no, she does not bother me.
On the contrary.
Carlo Broschi. Enchanted.
[Elquiza] But why in the?
May I present to you Mr. Carlo Broschi.
Lady Mercedes
was expecting you at the main entrance.
Why are you not dressed?
I'm sorry, sir. It was all down to me.
This is all I could find.
Sir Broschi, if you could come with me.
This way.
[Clara whispering] Seat yourself.
Lady Mercedes ordered
some garments for you.
She hopes they are to your liking.
Here they are.
My lady, Sir Carlo Broschi.
They had a little setback at the river.
Yes, I see that.
Allow me to introduce you
to the Marquis of Soto.
It was him
who made your appearance possible.
Thank you.
Never have I had something so
- delicato.
- Yes, I see that.
I hope you will meet
our expectations and fully grasp
the opportunity I am offering you.
I shall, my lady.
Mr. Elquiza, make sure
he has everything he might need.
Uh, you surely would like to rest and
tidy yourself up for the dinner.
[knock on the door]
[Roberto] I am here to help you dress.
They are about to go into the
What ever is it?
[hoarse voice] I cannot go on like this.
I knew it. That water was far too cold!
Perhaps if I rest it will pass.
I shall tell the duchess
you would rather retire early today.
- Clara.
- [sleepy] Sleep now.
I just want to tell you one more thing.
You've been saying that all night.
You smell just like my mother.
Then I am very fortunate.
[knock on the door]
I need your help.
It is Carlo.
What has happened?
He cannot speak,
he has a very sore throat.
- Then we must tell Mr. Evaristo.
- No, not the doctor.
Lady Mercedes must not know.
If she discovers he cannot sing
because of the river,
it will mean the end to his career.
Alright, come on.
But I do not know what I can do.
[Rosalía] I'm going too!
Ah ah
I see nothing.
Your throat is fine.
No inflammation, no fever.
[hoarse voice]
So why did I lose my voice?
Try not to speak.
I shall prepare something.
Will you stay with Rosalía meanwhile?
No, I want here with Carlo.
Carlo needs to rest now.
Come, let's go.
My lord, if you do not require me
for anything else, may I leave?
Yes, thank you.
Ah, Melquiades.
Would you ask for some sugar dough
to be brought up?
[grunts in annoyance]
I think there is none left, my lord,
but they can bring you anything else.
No, no, no. No need.
It has myrtle and orange blossom water.
Will it help?
[inhales with difficulty]
All my life,
they made me believe that
I was working to get what I want
and nothing could go wrong.
It is true.
You travelled across Europe,
you will give
your first important concert.
[inhales with difficulty]
Without a voice.
[Clara] Just by looking,
all can see you are special.
Finish the punch,
and have faith.
You will be fine.
Thank you.
The guests will be arriving
into the garden.
We will need to have something
there to offer them.
The waiters are standing ready.
The drinks are in cold-storage
so they will be cold.
Very good, get back to work, everyone.
[indistinct chattering]
Hey! Have you seen him? How is he?
He was asleep when I went in this morning.
I thought it best to let him sleep.
Roberto. Roberto, come.
Are you trying to write "Carlo"?
Yes? I will help.
Now "R."
How was "R"?
- Good! And now?
- [chuckles]
- "L"?
- Yes!
Lady Castro,
May I present the Viscounts of Nogales.
- Enchanted.
- They are looking forward to meeting you.
And now, if you will excuse me,
I need to greet some other guests.
[indistinct chattering]
You must excuse me,
Lady Mercedes is alone.
Lady Mercedes.
[laughs] Always so attentive.
There was no need for you to accompany me.
My lady, your guest has arrived.
The Marquis of Almendrales.
My dear Rodrigo,
you cannot imagine
how glad I am to see you.
And you are just as lovely
as when last we met.
Hm Too much time has passed
since then for it to be true.
Have you met my daughter, Eugenia?
My dear, Miss Castro,
would you be so kind as to keep
the daughter of the marquis company?
Her father and I have a tremendous amount
of catching up to do.
- Accompany me?
- Of course.
[clears his throat, coughs]
Rosalía, you scared me.
- [Rosalía] I'm sorry.
- I was scared.
I was scared.
[giggles] I have a present for you.
You cannot imagine
how much I appreciate it.
- You're not sick anymore?
- No.
Bu But I could really use that gift.
May I have it?
It has some flour stains,
but I made it for you.
Farina. Farinelli.
I like it.
It sounds important.
It's the big day.
Would you like to see me make up?
First, the white base.
And then, the vibrant colors.
It is almost done.
Do you like it?
Is the tall man the Duke of Castamar?
Hmm, come on.
[clears her throat]
- Lord Diego?
- Yes.
I've heard much about you.
Uhm Miss Almendrales,
Lord Diego of Castamar.
- [Amelia] I was showing her the palace.
- Good. And what do you think?
I have many great ideas for your gardens.
[both chuckle]
- I shall continue with the visit?
- Mmm-hmm.
Would you permit me
to enter the hall with you?
I would like that.
Ah, please excuse me,
there is something
I need to discuss with my son.
Excuse me.
I have taken the liberty
to invite an old friend.
The Marquis of Almendrales.
The Marquis of Almendrales?
Mother, you know,
he is my biggest opponent at the Council.
Maybe he is not.
It seems you two
have more in common than you imagine.
He will vote for your proposal.
Are you serious?
- But how did you do this?
- [Mercedes chuckles]
Mother, how can I begin
to thank you for this.
I know how important
that ballot is for you
there is nothing to thank me for.
But the marquis
does want something in return.
He has come here with his only daughter.
- A lovely young lady.
- Ah, yes, yes. I've just met her.
Who is single.
I cannot believe
you would suggest such a thing.
For Goodness sake.
No one is asking you to marry her.
- Just get to know her, that's all.
- [sighs deeply]
[Mercedes scoffs]
It cannot possibly be that bad.
[Carlo] I am ready.
Let us go.
[indistinct chattering]
My dear Mercedes.
Dear Countess.
As always, it is so nice to see you.
Is it not amusing we have been competing
to secure the Ragazzo?
- Have we now?
- We have.
[indistinct chattering]
[Alfredo] This hall
is full of young single ladies,
so forget about
the Marchioness of Villamar, eh?
Allow me a moment. I shall return.
So you heard nothing I said, huh?
Why do you do this to me?
Socialising with juveniles, as you do?
I've been counting
the hours to see you again.
I would do anything for you,
and you know it.
- Do you mean that?
- Yes, I mean that.
- Do you desire her?
- You are so vulgar.
I want her underskirt.
Her underskirt?
Is it that hard to comprehend:
her underskirt.
Go take it.
[indistinct chattering continues]
[Diego] Lord Rodrigo.
Your mother and I are old friends,
and there is nothing
you value more at my age.
Are you acquainted with our conversation?
Yes, yes, and I appreciate your support,
but I cannot accept it.
I understand your qualms,
but it is not a one-time offer
for this occasion.
This plan is more ambitious.
Uniting our families,
with support most unconditional.
Imagine all we could accomplish.
Discuss it with Eugenia, if it pleases.
It was her idea.
- Miss Almendrales.
- Lord duke.
The concert is about to start.
Care to accompany me?
[playing chamber music]
Hey, hey, listen.
I am not sure he is very good.
[music stops]
The music has stopped.
[indistinct murmur]
She is correct. I am not great.
I am exceptional.
Carlo Farina. Farinelli.
[music starts again]
- [Carlo singing in the distance]
- He is singing.
The count Orlando falls in love with
the daughter of the King of Cathay.
Orlando attempts to charm her
but Angelica falls in love with Medoro,
a poor soldier.
When Orlando goes to places where
Medoro and Angelica loved each other,
he goes mad, he destroys, he kills.
He remains errant and lost.
But one day he regains
his reason thanks to Astolfo
who goes to the moon
and finds Orlando's reason
enclosed inside a bottle.
[sobbing and panting]
[sobs and cries]
[gasps and breaths scared]
Bravo. Bravo!
[all] Bravo! Bravo!
Be careful or it will fall apart.
Oh, my God.
You have no idea how beautiful it was.
I mean, I wish you could have seen it.
It was really, really nice without doubt.
But, do you know
what the nicest thing was?
The nicest thing was to see the lord so
somehow different. He looked so happy.
No wonder, of course:
he was arm in arm
with the prettiest woman in the concert,
the daughter of a marquis.
I feel sad about Miss Amelia, though,
because I think deep inside
she wants to marry the lord.
Elisa, you're such a gossiping.
Well, it is just talk,
to have a conversation.
The same old story since
there have been lords and maids.
It is always the same ones who suffer.
Do you not have chairs
to tidy in the hall?
- [laughing] Look, come see my wings.
- Rosalía, please, be careful!
You must know when to stop.
How long for the fritters?
They are almost ready.
[indistinct chattering]
My lords
You overwhelm him. Let him breath.
I just saved you from the most boring
people this evening.
Francisco, dear,
Sir Broschi is in need
of a stimulating host.
- Do not let me down.
- I most certainly will not, Lady Mercedes.
I propose a game
so you may meet the other attendees.
If you would permit me your helmet?
It is a game most simple.
The aim is to point out
any characteristic feature of a person
and the guess who they are.
Who am I?
- Il castrato.
- Esatto.
[speaks in Italian] Good.
Who would like to try?
Ah, do not be shy, not so timid, eh?
[indistinct chattering]
Lady Mercedes,
have you seen
the new companion of your son?
She is the daughter
of the Marquis of Almendrales.
Yes, I know perfectly well
who she is, but
What of Miss Castro?
Well she should hurry herself.
And between you and me,
Eugenia is a much better suitor.
I do not understand how
you can be that innocent.
I do not like your tone.
No, you do not like the truth.
And, because of the affection and respect
I feel for you, I have to tell you.
Do you really think the daughter
of the marquis of Almendrales
will permit two duchesses in Castamar?
Or a Black brother?
The Marquis de Almendrales has earned
much because of the slave trading.
If that woman enters Castamar,
believe me,
nothing will be the same again.
[Gabriel] Please feel free to tell me
anything you need, understood?
I I do not want you to think
Since the death of my father I
I have felt so lonely.
It's not been easy to find
anyone to confide in.
You can feel safe here.
[Amelia sobs]
- [sniffs]
- Miss Castro
look, is any of this to do
with the Marquis of Soto?
- I know not where to start.
- Just start.
Just start. You can do it.
[nervously] I
Since the death of my father
I discovered many things
I did not know.
Things about women,
about debts from gambling.
- Lord Gabriel, I am so naïve
- [Enrique] Miss Castro.
I've been looking everywhere for you.
Everyone's asking after you.
You are hurting me, let go.
What are you doing? What are you doing?
Listen, the only thing you have to do,
is to get Diego into your bed.
Go back to the hall.
[threatening tone] Go back to the hall.
[indistinct chattering]
Carlo, there is your helmet.
Save any misfortune occurring.
Anyone else care to try?
- No, thank you.
- I should.
But I also want the cape, if you will.
Ah I like it.
I like it. Surprise me.
If you would.
Would it please you to play
another game outside this room?
If you do not keep your promises,
I shall have to ask the baron.
The marchioness has a mind to play.
Prepare yourself to lose.
- Don't worry, I shall not leave you alone.
- Here.
[indistinct chattering]
Your Eminence.
- Are you lost? May I assist you?
- No, not at all.
Do not expose me. It is part of a game.
Of course.
- Excuse me.
- [Beatriz] Why are you here?
I was looking for you.
I saw you upstairs,
perhaps we could reach an agreement.
- How could I
- No thank you.
I know your games too well.
Same as the lord with the cook.
Take me for a fool?
Whatever you may need, ask
one of the ladies upstairs.
In fact, only you
can give me what I am looking for.
And what would that be?
The underskirt.
- [cholters]
- Your underskirt.
It is difficult to explain.
I think it would not be that difficult.
So you should tell me
how much are you willing to pay?
[Francisco] Hm.
I've come for the trays of sweet desserts.
Just a moment I just need to lay
the macaroons and the lemon buns.
The sweet fritters
need to cool down a little.
Clara, I did not mean to be
gossipy earlier.
I know. Do not worry.
It is just the lord looked so content
And after having such a rough time.
- I just wanted to share it with you.
- Yes.
The fritters are ready.
Shall I warm them up?
As they are.
You can come back for the rest.
Rosalía, where are you going?
Come, I'm not angry.
I'm going to fly!
- I'm going to fly away!
- No! Rosalía, no!
[Rosalía in the distance]
I'm going to fly!
- Rosalía!
- Clara!
Clara, I'm going to fly!
Rosalía, stay right there!
[echo] I'm going to fly!
[heart beating fast]
[Rosalía laughs]
I'm going to fly!
I'm going to fly!
Rosalía, no!
Rosalía. Rosalía!
- Rosalía. Rosalía!
- Elisa.
Elisa, help Clara. Go.
Clara. Clara. Clara, come inside.
- It was Rosalía.
- What?
Lying on the floor, it was Rosalía, Clara.
How is she dead.
No. [panting]
She is gone. [sobbing]
No. No. No. No [crying]
No more tears,
there'll be time for that, so
Service in the hall
must continue totally as normal.
Elisa, if you would.
[both sobbing]
Elisa, the glasses.
Shall we not tell the lord?
When will when the guests leave.
Meanwhile, act normally, if you would.
Elisa, take the glasses upstairs. Elisa.
[both continue sobbing]
No. [panting and sobbing]
[pants and sobs]
No No Rosalía, no
They have a reputation for singing well
and being good lovers.
At least we know the former to be true.
How is everything?
Elisa, what are you doing?
I am so sorry, my lady.
Ah! But is not so bad.
Calm yourself. It is fine.
- [Elisa sobbing]
- [Mercedes] Would you help her?
Rosalía is dead.
Rosalía is dead. [crying]
It's all fine, my dear, it's fine.
Now it's not the time.
[indistinct murmurs]
A poor young girl. She is demented.
One way or another
it will always end like this.
But Mercedes,
it will not affect the fiesta, hey?
Then, let us make a toast.
- We shall make a toast to good singers.
- [all] Cheers.
Are we really going to continue
with the fiesta?
But what kind of people are we in truth?
Is this being a noble?
Being frivolous? Scheming?
Doing whatever it takes to obtain power?
It is over. I will not continue like this.
The poor girl dress herself in wings,
from the wardrobe of the singer.
And she tried to fly.
I saw her, but Miss Clara was closer,
and it was she who came out.
I am not saying that she is culpable,
of course not, but I
I not know what happened,
she could not stop her.
[sighs] It is a devastating accident.
of which nobody is to blame.
Of course, my lord.
[Clara] I am.
We all wanted the best for Rosalía.
Saved from the hospice for this?
If she had stayed,
then she would still be alive.
[moved] No one could imagine that
I knew I could not take care of her.
Punishing yourself is pointless.
Allow me to tell the truth.
I suffer an affectation that
prevents me from being in open spaces.
That is why I fainted,
and that is why she is now dead.
I am not the person you think I am.
You knew about this?
Not now, Mrs. Berenguer. Not now.
[Clara] Orange blossom water,
myrtle and red flowers to heal the voice,
or bid the soul farewell.
[sings opera]
[continues singing opera]
[moaning and panting]
[knock on the door]
[door closing]
[Clara] We all have scars.
Old and new wounds
which day by day remind us
of the pain we cause,
or that others cause us.
The impossible need to erase them.
And no matter how many times
we promise they will never again hurt us.
Because one cannot live without marks.
[Clara] They form a map
on the skin of what we are.
Even though no one sees it.
And the only thing that can truly save us
is if we can transform them.
Fly now.
A night most difficult.
I had forgotten they were all like this.
[sighs] And you will forget again.
Would you care for another?
May we share a drink?
[both chortle]
[birds chirping]
- My lord, are you well?
- Melquiades, what did I do last night?
[Gabriel] Amelia, I listen well
and I always keep secrets.
- Mrs. Úrsula
- [gasps]
What is wrong?
The Marquis of Soto,
Lord Enrique of Arcona.
I want to know everything about her.
He hides something.
I need you to keep eyes on him.
Anything that we can use.
The bag had a silver fastener
and you found it in the library.
- Do you have it?
- I do not have it.
- What could it be?
- From one of the lords, perhaps?
It is my husband. You must hide.
- We will come when all are sleeping.
- No.
You are all he has.
He will be hanged if they find him.
Esteban, my love
- [gasps]
- You are fooling me.
Miss Castro
and I spent the night together.
If you don't marry Lord Diego,
you have much to lose. Much.
The duke it seems as indeed in love.
The cook of Castamar is the fortunate one.
And I wish that things
could be easier for us.
And who is to say they cannot be?
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