The Cook of Castamar (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

The Decision

I'm going to fly!
Laying on the floor was Rosalía, Clara.
She is dead.
I suffer an affectation that prevents me
from being in open spaces.
That is why I fainted,
and that is why she is now dead.
I'm not the person you think I am.
The only thing you have to do
is get Diego into your bed.
- [Amelia] He will never lay eyes on me.
- All is possible. It's your salvation.
Would you care for another?
[indistinct chattering]
Apologies for my late arrival.
I hope I did not miss too much.
Your Excellency,
I was beginning to get a little impatient.
These are the documents to undertake
the sewage system works in Madrid.
It's important for the king.
But I know nothing
about public works.
All you have to do is present the project,
without anyone knowing I'm behind it.
- I shall take care of the king's approval.
- And what if we are caught?
In such a case, my young friend,
I'd have to kill you.
[Enrique laughs]
Come! We have money to make.
[low voice] Choose wisely.
It is not easy being a martyr.
[echoes of laughs]
[laughs and giggles]
[giggles and moans]
My lord, the correspondence
and the printers' order have arrived.
Would you like to look over it now?
[Elquiza] My lord, are you well?
Melquíades, what did I do last night?
With your permission, my lord,
you drank too much.
But more than other times?
You enjoyed a bottle of resolí
with Miss Castro.
And when you finished it,
you requested a second one
be brought up,
and you finished that one, too.
[inhales] Now I understand why
I have such a head.
Would you like to take a look, my lord?
No, no, leave it on the table.
We need to go at once.
[Elisa] The truth is,
the lords have been very kind.
They will pay
a year of masses for Rosalía.
[Beatriz] What an effort.
They have enough to pay
for a year of masses for 50.
[Úrsula] We must go to church.
[Elisa] It is done.
[Úrsula and Carmen sigh]
Should I stay with you?
I need to make the puff pastries
for Lady Mercedes
and there are still pumpkins to break.
You sure?
I'm fine. Go.
- Diego.
- Mm.
Thank you so much.
Rosalía was part of the family.
I know you were fond of her, brother.
I shall go to the funeral,
we shall go there together.
No. No.
What is it?
Is this about Rosalía?
[breaths uncomfortable]
Well, Gabriel, Gabriel.
[sighs] Last night
After I
I do not even know how it occurred.
Miss Castro and I
spent the night together.
When I woke up,
there she was, in my bed chamber.
You see
I was so upset
because of the death of Rosalía
and how it all unfolded.
I drank too much and well I
I just wanted to stop thinking.
And have a little fun.
No, no, Gabriel, I already feel ashamed.
Miss Castro is our guest
and is under your protection.
is not right.
You will ask her to marry you?
What is it? Why do you laugh?
You have doubts?
Diego, by not marrying her, you act
despicably. More than you could ever know.
Gabriel, I told you this so that
you would understand, not for you to
You have dishonored her, Diego.
Now accept the consequences.
Why would you take this so personally?
You are Diego of Castamar, no?
Duke and Grandee of Spain.
The highest representative
of your lineage.
And Miss Castro is not just anybody.
You do not need to say it, Gabriel!
And I do not need your lecture.
Then doubt not what you know is your duty.
[inhales heavily]
[echo] Rosalía!
- Rosalía!
- Clara, I'm going to fly!
I'm going to fly! Clara!
I'm going to fly! I'm going to fly!
I'm going to fly!
I would like this to reach
Lady Sol Montijos.
[Enrique] I can take that.
I will leave for Madrid momentarily.
Don't look like that, Miss Castro,
I shall miss you also.
"My dear Sol,
I have followed your council
and all has gone well."
Last night.
Has he asked for your hand yet?
- No.
- He will. He is honorable.
A change of plan.
I shall stay in Castamar.
I could not miss the celebration
of the good news.
"My dear Sol, I have followed your advice
and all has gone well.
As you recommended,
I placed the substance
in his glass and we woke up together."
Will your husband mind
that I take this without permission?
Take it off.
It does not suit me?
The one time Esteban is traveling,
I would like not to be reminded of him.
And yes, you look ridiculous.
I will remove it if you allow me in.
I only allow men who are
able to do two things at once to come in.
[laughs softly] I'm your man then.
[both gasp]
[groans, sighs]
And, do you have good news or bad?
[groaning] Matters most private.
[groans, sighs]
Will you not tell me what you did
with that maid of Castamar
[Francisco] Do you really want to know?
I paid her for her underskirt.
That was all the contact required.
Do not lie to me.
[moans, sighs]
Just tell me, it will not shock me.
[whispering] I'm going to take you
to places that you can't believe.
And did you like it?
Let me remind you that it was you
who pushed me to her.
[moans] You liked it.
She mentioned Diego
had a dalliance with the cook.
You nobles really ought to be careful.
It is not true
that you can do two things at once.
Concentrate on what is important.
[screams with pleasure]
Rosalía is at peace now.
And the puff pastries?
What's wrong?
Mrs. Úrsula has given us
permission to take one.
Where are the puff pastries
with pumpkin jam?
We would like to try some of them.
I did not make them.
I will put the pieces
of pumpkin in the pot,
can you make the puff pastry dough?
It is the most complicated part.
[Rosalía echoing] Look, come see my wings.
Carmen, you will need to make
the puff pastry dough also.
But I do not know how.
I will give you instructions
and you will be fine, it is not difficult.
You can take the plates away.
I beg your pardon,
did the puff pastries not please you?
They pleased no one,
not if they had taste.
I do apologize, Lady Mercedes.
I shall inform Miss Clara.
She did not make them.
I must agree. It could not have been
the work of our cook.
I will look into the matter.
It is not necessary, Mr. Elquiza.
We know perfectly well that our staff
is not at its best at the moment.
I shall see to it.
If you will excuse me.
It has not ben the best time for him.
He cared for that girl very much.
If you would excuse me.
Your son has a very good heart,
like his mother.
No one will take seriously what happened.
We try always to give our sons
the very best we can, but
All sons are ungrateful
by their very nature.
Yours have been very fortunate.
Well you would have to ask them.
Undoubtedly. It need not even be said.
Would you care to walk with me?
I will take the liberty to stay
one more day in Castamar,
so long as you agree.
Well it seems I am the fortunate one.
Good afternoon.
Would you excuse us? I would like to talk
in private with Miss Belmonte.
Have the pumpkin jam pastries
been to your liking, my lord?
Not really,
that is why I need to talk with her.
Carmen, I would like you to bring me
three onions, if you would.
The puff pastries
are my responsibility, my lord.
This is not about them.
I am sorry
you were unable to attend the
the funeral of Rosalía.
- And you know why.
- Yes.
If you had told me
what happens to you in open spaces
What would have changed?
You should know that you can
confide in me. Whatever happens.
I knew not how to react.
Perhaps I should have embraced you.
And I wish that things
could be easier for us.
And who is to say they cannot be.
We both know that they cannot be.
I have work to do.
With your permission.
[crying softly] My lord.
It will not re-occur.
The puff pastries.
[sighs in relief]
- Miss Castro.
- [Amelia] Mm.
I know we should talk,
but I could not find the moment.
How are you?
[stammering] Now then
I wanted to apologise sincerely
to you for my behaviour last night.
[Amelia] Hmm.
I think
I have to suppose we both drank to excess.
Roberto, would you leave us, please?
[Diego] Clearly, it is not an
excuse, the alcohol, but
Perhaps we talk later?
Oh, my dear!
I will take the air with Lord Enrique.
Will you join us?
- I
- No, I insist.
It will serve you well.
Let us find the parasol.
My lord, your carriage
to take you to the palace is ready.
And here's a copy of the statements
for before the voting,
in case you wish to read them on the way.
[sighs heavily]
I do not know. Nothing makes sense today.
- It has been a difficult night, my lord.
- Yes.
I shall not need the carriage.
Have them prepare my horse.
And inform my mother I will be away.
Yes, my lord.
Diego! It is been a long time.
[Diego] Yes.
Longer than I would have chosen.
[breaths nervously]
Miss Castro.
- Is something wrong?
- [Amelia] No.
No. No, no, no.
I just came here because
I wanted to offer my sympathy.
I shall pray for the soul of
- of Rosalía.
- Rosalía. Her name was Rosalía.
Excuse me.
- Miss Amelia, may I help you?
- The bag was small.
It had a silver fastener
and you found it in the library.
Do you have it?
- I do not have it.
- What are you saying?
Where is it?
I left it in the office of Mrs. Úrsula,
- as I always do when I find something
- We must go.
Miss Amelia, this way.
It seems she is not here.
Do not worry,
as soon as I see Mrs. Úrsula I will
- The Mistress is going to kill me.
- Where did you put it?
I left it on the table, it's
It was right here.
[sighs horrified]
This cannot be happening.
Don't worry.
I'm sure Mrs. Úrsula took it
and handed it in to Lady Mercedes.
[gasps] Oh no.
From one of the lords, perhaps.
I've never seen it before.
What could it be?
I had Lady Mercedes believe
it was my snuff.
I will not always be around
to fix your blunders.
A future Castamar must be more attentive.
I hope that nothing and no one
disturbs your rest tonight, Miss Castro.
[footsteps approaching]
They are for Rosalía? So beautiful.
She would have loved them so much.
She would have loved them so much.
I remember how she used to put
her little nose in the petals
to see how they smelled.
Would you like to come?
We can put them there together.
[hesitant] Mm.
No. You see
I get a little anxious.
It is silly, is it not?
I would prefer you went alone, I cannot.
Mrs. Berenguer,
it hasn't even been a day
since we buried Rosalía
and you've already gotten
rid of all her things
and turned her bedroom into a closet.
Mr. Elquiza, good morning.
In this house there are
many people who loved her.
And we need time to get used to
the idea of her passing.
And leaving her room as it is
will make her come back?
Life goes on, Mr. Elquiza.
And the sooner we get that into our heads,
the less we shall suffer.
What could you possibly
know about suffering?
- Mrs. Úrsula
- [gasps]
What is wrong?
Do you not have any feelings?
I will not allow you to say these things.
That room will go back to being
Rosalía's room.
That is an order.
For a long time you have not been in
a position to give me orders, Mr. Elquiza.
Treat me once more in that manner
and I shall bring this before the lord.
Ah. And tell me, what will you say to him?
What you do behind his back.
That you send information,
you watch him, you are a traitor.
You really should tell him
something he does not yet know.
He has been informed
of all that for days.
Have you thought about
what would happen to you
and didn't tell him
when you had the chance?
Mrs. Úrsula
From now on etch into your mind
the rules of this house.
The main majordomo has authority
over all the members of the service staff.
Stable boys, servants,
maids and housekeepers.
[door opens and closes]
I do not have very much faith
their lordships enjoyed the soup.
I am sure they did. Although
you did better with desserts.
I would spare yourselves the bother.
It is not for consumption.
You see?
You might be telling me what I have to do,
but my hands are not as skilled as yours.
Why do you not go back to cooking,
like before?
This way you will learn quicker.
Go and empty them.
I am sad to say the dessert is not up to
the standards of the house of Castamar.
It seems that Diego
has taken no action on the matter.
Clear it all away.
By chance, will the duke
join us for breakfast?
No. He's not at Castamar.
He's been very busy of late.
[Enrique] May I be bold and ask where he
Perhaps he stayed at the palace.
[moans, sighs]
Are you hungry?
I have just picked them.
You look like you haven't seen it before.
I was asking myself
about what you would say
if you knew the stories
we made about how you lost it.
During the Thirty Years War. In a duel.
Or wrestling a lion in Africa.
Oh! I had forgotten about that one.
How did it happen?
Why have you come?
Well, to fight with my fencing master.
I'm very old now.
If that's why you came, you can leave.
I have come in search of an answer.
Often what you need
is to find the right question.
[breathing softly]
I love watching you sleep.
[Sol] You should sleep [laughs]
That's not what it looked like earlier.
And waking next to you also.
[neighs in the distance]
- What?
- [Esteban] The horses need feeding.
- Go to it right now.
- It's my husband.
Your husband? Why is he here?
I cannot say. He was to be away all week.
- [Esteban] In her bedroom at this time?
- You must go.
- How do I go?
- I do not You must hide.
- In the garderobe, hurry.
- And if I don't hide?
There is no time to play games, Francisco.
- [Esteban] Open I shall pass.
- Hurry.
[Esteban] I do not need to be announced
in my own damned house.
[door opens]
Esteban, my love,
Is something wrong? You are back so soon.
When one misses
the comforts of his own bed,
it is time to admit to oneself he is old.
And the best course is to stay at home.
You must have an appetite,
I shall accompany you and we can eat.
No. No. No.
I do not seek food.
Accompany me nonetheless.
We will have something sweet.
Are you not happy to see me?
Yes, of course.
It was not true
that it was the bed I missed.
I was anxious to see you.
[both laugh]
But first tell me what happened.
Miss Castro, allow me to accompany you.
[whimpers, moans]
Am I missing something?
Why is Diego not in Castamar
and why has he not proposed?
I do not know, what do you want me to do?
- But you are lying, my dear Miss Castro.
- [gasps for air]
If you do not marry Lord Diego,
you have much to lose. Much.
[breaths heavily]
And you are running out of time.
Miss Castro.
Is all well?
She was a little light-headed,
nothing serious, correct?
I was searching for you as
I may need your help, but
- if you are unwell, it can wait.
- No. It is nothing.
I'm fine, really.
Now I've got an appetite.
Go through the back door
before he returns.
He knew I was hiding.
- It disgusted me.
- Leave, I beg you.
Why do you put up with this?
Let me confront him.
We are married,
there is no point in rescuing me.
Earlier I was serious.
I cannot keep running.
- I should be with you.
- You know how it is.
If it were every day,
you wouldn't enjoy it.
It is not like that with you.
Leave now.
I am trying to start your portrait, but
I think I may need the original.
If you would not mind.
You do not like it?
Yes, but of course.
They're beautiful.
I did not know that you painted.
You are full of surprises.
There is much about
me you do not know yet.
And you about me.
So why do you not tell me?
It is better I do not.
For the portrait.
[laughs softly]
Your mouth may not speak,
but your face will.
Are you sure all is well?
[Friar] Clara.
Mr. Elquiza, showed me in.
I do not know why you are here,
but I am busy.
I understand that you're angry,
but I need you to listen to me.
It is important, truly.
Be brief, then.
The Council of Castile
has discovered your father lives.
They are searching.
And if they find him
Tomorrow we take him from the country,
but he needs a place to hide
just for a few hours
- [Clara] Here?
- Go away, gossip.
I cannot do that.
Your father is not a killer, Clara.
He must tell you what happened,
there will be no other opportunity.
You have been lying to me all this time,
why should I believe you now?
No one knows him like you do.
Pardon me. I do not wish to disturb,
but I have the butter prepared for you.
Thank you.
Go away, I beg of you.
- We will come when all are sleeping.
- No.
You are all he has.
He will be hanged if they find him!
- How can I make you?
- Just after midnight,
at the courtyard door.
Tomorrow I shall attend the birthday
of the Countess of Ayala.
Will I see you there?
They say your beloved count
will attend the card games.
I did not summon you
so I could hear the latest gossip.
I did not know there was something
that would interest you more.
There is.
My figure.
Please, my dear.
You are beautiful, as always.
Why, thank you.
But the passing of time does not forgive.
It is said the black color
sharpens and slenderizes.
I look forward to my mourning attire.
Impatience is not a good counselor.
Not afraid are we?
Worry not. I shall ask one
who talks less and acts more.
And I remind you that you failed
to complete your part.
Can you not wait?
Not one minute.
You are falling madly in love
with the Count of Armiño.
I know not what love is.
You could ask her about Diego.
He has yet to ask for the hand of Amelia.
One more reason to motivate you
to complete your part then.
The duke, it seems, is indeed in love.
The cook of Castamar is the fortunate one.
My source is reliable.
[Sol] Enrique.
Bid farewell to your beloved Esteban.
She is not been long in Castamar.
I want to know everything about her.
Is there anything we can use.
I will deal with it personally, my lord.
[Clara] Come in. Do not be seen.
Thank you.
It will be but a few hours.
I shall signal with my lantern
upon my return.
I shall take you to my room,
we will not be safe here.
[Clara] Sit yourself here.
[father] Thank you.
I could not compromise you.
Your uncle insisted.
I could not bear to leave
without saying goodbye to you.
But you did not mind
having me believe you were dead.
I know I caused you much pain,
but had no choice.
You know what people are saying about me.
That you are a traitor.
That you killed one of your own.
[sighs] And that you deserved
to be executed.
I did not kill Colonel Quintanilla.
I was put before a firing squad
and they threw me into a mass grave,
but I was not dead.
[sighs and sniffs]
A French soldier helped me.
I was able to reach
the convent of Friar Juan.
They could not save my sight,
but they saved my life.
Why did you not tell me the truth?
And put you in peril?
I would never forgive myself
if you were hurt because of me.
In Lyon, I know a married couple.
I will stay at their house in the country,
no one will look for me there.
And what will you do there?
I will be fine. Until the day comes
when you can join me again and
You forgive me for the pain I've caused.
[Clara cries softly]
You do not need to wait
for that to happen, Father.
I always have it with me.
We shall very soon
be together again, Father,
That I promise you.
Daniel, Juana.
I only just learned you were here.
Look, the first grapes of the new strains.
You must try them.
It has been the best harvest
since we began.
We would have not made it,
if it were not for your help.
Something to eat, to drink?
[Daniel] No, no. We're fine.
We're fine.
Please, prepare pastries
and cold meats for them to take.
Gabriel, really, we are fine.
No, Daniel, insist not.
It is for my godson, you cannot say no.
Juana, please, go with her.
Daniel, come.
I need to ask you a favor,
an important favor one.
Whatever you need.
The Marquis of Soto.
Lord Enrique of Arcona
He hides something.
I need you to keep eyes on him.
I see. I will do so.
May I ask her name?
[footsteps approaching]
[Hernaldo] My lord.
I have discovered much.
Tell him what you told me.
May I take a look?
Only when it's finished.
Perhaps in two or three years.
[both laugh]
It is the first time
I hear you laugh like this.
You should do it much more often.
It does not always come that easily.
Yes, if you free yourself
from that which oppresses
and does not allow you
to be your true self.
Mm It is what your face tells me.
- [sighs]
- But you can tell me yourself.
Amelia, I listen well
and always keep secrets.
[clears her throat]
- Amelia
- How is it done?
Freeing oneself.
It is enough that the conscience
is at peace.
[guard] Royal guards! Halt.
Where are you heading?
To Guadalajara, my lord.
They are waiting for this merchandise.
[guard] Get down.
Hands in the air. Armando Belmonte.
You're under arrest for the assassination
of Colonel Quintanilla.
Do not hurt me I beg.
A duel before I go?
I told you, I am very old.
Well, there has to be
a first time I beat you.
[both breathing heavy]
Have you found an answer
to that which tortures you so?
[Gabriel echoing]
When will you ask her to marry you?
Diego, if you don't ask her to marry you,
you will indeed be despicable.
Why are you hesitating?
Don't hesitate about doing your duty.
You've dishonored her, Diego.
Now face the consequences.
Did you really think you would win?
Will you really leave me guessing?
How did you lose it?
When you ask the right question.
[Diego] I will not take much of your time.
I ask you here to give you this.
- These are my recipes.
- [Diego] Yes.
But, how
Mr. Elquiza helped me collect them
and I took them to a printer.
Your first book of recipes.
I hope you do not mind.
It seemed to be a good idea.
I appreciate it much.
There are pages left blank
so that you may append new recipes.
You should not have gone
to all this trouble,
I do not know if I shall use it much.
And how can you say that?
I can't no longer cook.
I do try, but something paralyses me,
something so powerful.
Since the death of Rosalía
I have been unable to cook
I do not think I will cook again.
You are the first person
I have told this to.
I had not even admitted it to myself.
It is my punishment
for what happened to Rosalía.
[laughs sweetly]
[exhales softly]
You are not responsible
for the death of Rosalía.
Do not ever think that you are.
Thank you.
It's beautiful.
[Clara] It is called a guilty conscience.
It paralyses you
and stops you from moving on.
[Rosalía] Look, come see my wings.
Rosalía, please, be careful!
[Clara] It torments you.
Rosalía, where are you going?
Come. I'm not angry. Rosalía.
You may not want to see it,
but it is there, inside of you.
But how do you free yourself from guilt?
Recognising it
and accepting it forms part of ourselves.
And knowing that trying to hide it
will come to nothing.
It will still be there
and it will leave a mark.
Making one become,
at once, your own executioner,
and also the victim.
And if guilt wins, it will decide for you,
taking decisions
that will condemn those around you.
And they will condemn you for eternity.
And so,
how do you free yourself from guilt?
By taking it out of its hiding place.
Banishing it. Bidding it farewell.
And carrying on.
[breathes deeply]
I was looking for you.
I wanted to talk about
what happened in your chamber.
That is precisely why I wanted
to speak with you, Miss Castro.
Please, if you would,
allow me to me start.
[Diego inhales]
Let me be clear that I regret
what took place that night.
And that I
I am solely responsible.
Thus, I would ask you to marry me.
[gasps speechless]
You agree we should be wed?
But but of course.
Yes. Yes, yes, yes.
- Very well.
- Yes.
Enough from me,
what was it you wished to tell me?
[woman] You are one of the most
coveted men at the court.
[Enrique] Only one lady
has my interest.
Finally Castamar will have an heir,
right, dear?
I'm worried about Lord Enrique of Arcona.
Every time the marquis appears,
Miss Castro gets frightened.
This has belonged
to every women in Castamar.
It belongs to you now.
To me? [laughs]
Why have you given her the brooch, mother?
You could've asked me first, no?
Would your answer be no?
Diego, we all saw the look on your face
when Amelia showed up with Alba's brooch.
I'm to be wed and that's it!
I am to be wed!
- That's what everyone wants, right?
- And do you?
They are sentences of dead, Melquíades.
The King decrees them and I Secretary
of the Council have to sign them.
Armando Belmonte. Real people.
Executing them won't change what they did.
The marquis wants to harm Castamar.
I swear to God
that I will kill Diego of Castamar.
You have something
Alba can't never give to him.
And you shall have Castamar at your feet.
It is important that he loves you.
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