The Cook of Castamar (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Where No Light Shines

The duke, it seems, is indeed in love.
The cook of Castamar is the fortunate one.
[Clara] And I wish that things
could be easier for us.
And who is to say they cannot be.
We both know that they cannot be.
I want to know everything about her.
The Council of Castile
has discovered your father lives.
[Guard] Hands in the air.
Miss Castro and I
spent the night together.
After I
I do not even know how it occurred.
You have dishonored her, Diego.
Now accept the consequences.
You agree we should be wed?
[indistinct chattering]
Why are you here?
I loathe parties at the Court.
Everybody speaking ill of everybody.
Nobles, they just get too bored.
Then surely they could not have met you.
And what are you doing here?
Who are you escaping?
- No, I saw you leave and
- And you followed me.
I also do not enjoy these fiestas.
Well, you should.
You are one of the most
coveted men at Court.
Most ladies must surely be
wondering where you are by now.
Only one lady has my interest.
So someone owns that heart of yours
and you didn't tell me?
Do you not trust your best friend anymore?
I will tell you
if you tell me who stole your heart.
Will you not tell your best friend?
He is a unique man.
He is
reliable, brave,
confident in himself.
He is also handsome and strong,
with an intense gaze.
But most importantly he understands me.
It is Lord Diego of Castamar.
Shall we go?
[breaths nervously]
[laughs softly]
[door opens]
I requested your presence here because
we wanted to announce to you that
Miss Castro and I will be married.
Diego, my son.
I am so happy to hear this.
- Congratulations, brother.
- Thank you.
To you both.
Welcome to the family.
Finally, Castamar will have an heir.
- Mother
- Right, dear?
It will.
[joyful conversations and excited giggles]
[Elisa] Di you hear? Did you? Did?
[Clara] What is happening?
- What is all the fuss about?
- [Elisa] You did not hear?
- The lord will be wed.
- [Carmen] With Miss Castro.
A wedding in Castamar.
From what I can see,
you have already heard the news.
Elisa, come with me.
The rest of you back to work.
Much better. Ah, yes.
I always rather liked this room.
But not for the duchess.
After the wedding,
you will settle in to the family wing,
closer to Diego.
We need to ensure you give me
a grandchild soon.
Have you a wedding date in mind?
- It has all happened so rapidly
- I will take care of it.
Have no fear.
Thank you, Duchess.
You must call me Mercedes.
For the moment, just in private.
[both chuckle]
This has belonged
to every lady of Castamar
for 200 years.
It is the candle flower.
The flower of the oak.
Each and every spring, it covers the trees
of our hacienda with a golden color.
It belongs to you now.
- To me?
- [Mercedes] A-ha.
Passed from Diego's great-grandmother,
to his grandmother
to me, and now to you.
[knock on the door]
Yes, you may enter.
[Mercedes chuckles]
You know Elisa.
From henceforth,
she will be your lady's maid.
Representing a duchy is a lot of work,
you will be invited all manner of things.
And having just one servant is not enough.
Elisa does not please you?
No Yes Elisa's perfect.
Welcome, Duchess.
Thank you.
I was looking for you. Are you going out?
Just to the fields.
I am checking to see if the improvements
that were made are working.
But wait.
What possess you then?
I announce my wedding
and your face was funeral.
Is this not what you wanted?
It is good that
you made up your mind, Diego. It is
I worry about Enrique of Arcona.
Something goes on, Diego. I am sure.
Each time the marquis appears,
Miss Castro becomes frightened.
Gabriel, you do not like him,
and with good reason.
But there is no reason to be suspicious.
- Amelia was at the stairs
- Enough, Gabriel.
Amelia will be my wife
and I shall protect her.
Yes of course.
Whip it well and add a pinch of salt.
The mail.
Carmen, this one is for you.
[both chuckle]
Germán, this one is yours.
It's from my sister.
She has had a daughter,
and they will name her Carmen.
Sweet creature. God bless them.
Announcing the arrival of the new
lady's maid of the future Duchess.
Now, of course, I belong with
the people upstairs, and did you know,
you look so small from up there, eh?
- You will have your own assistants.
- Yeah!
Don't look at me.
I would not be the maid of the maid.
I was not looking at you.
- You really deserve it.
- Oh, thank you.
[Clara] Heat up some oil.
The quails need to be browned.
Ah, thank you.
[Elisa] What? What is it?
[Roberto] I was thinking,
now that we are both higher servants,
we could go one step further.
And what
- do you mean?
- Have a career at Castamar.
And And be married.
- [Elisa laughs]
- As soon as we save some money, of course.
- Yes.
- And then we'll have children
you will focus on the family and I on
being the majordomo of Castamar, hey?
[heavy breathing]
[sobs and pants]
I cannot do this. I cannot do this.
They are sentences of death, Melquíades.
The King decrees them and I, as Secretary
of the Council, have to sign them.
My God, when I accepted this post
I did not know it would be so tough.
My lord, laws are already written.
They do not depend on you.
Yes, but their lives do depend on me.
It is your duty.
You must not blame yourself.
They are murderers, sodomites, traitors.
They wrote their own sentences themselves.
they have a first and last name.
Antonio Baca, Cristóbal Uedo,
Armando Belmonte.
Real people. Executing them
will not change what they did.
Neither will a pardon, my lord.
Ultimately, we will be judged
by our Lord. All of us.
Judged by God [clicks tongue]
Judge by God.
Take them. Take them to the palace.
[knock on the door]
Your Excellency, the mail.
Thank you.
[Guard] Enjoy it! It could be your last.
The King has already signed
your sentences.
Be thankful, old man! If you're lucky,
you'll starve to death first.
But what are you doing here?
We wanted to see the miracle
with our own eyes.
Our duke is betrothed!
Diego, I'm so glad.
It is so good to see you.
Well I was just going hunting.
Will you accompany me?
Like the good old days,
just us and the dogs.
- Absolutely.
- A wonderful idea.
Ah! Here comes the culprit!
You succeeded in stealing
the heart of our friend.
[Amelia laughs]
Would you not like to follow his example,
your Lordship?
[Francisco] Of course I would,
Lady Mercedes.
With someone like this, who would resist?
[Alfredo] This deserves some wine.
Sweet or dry, Lady Duchess?
Why have you given her the brooch, Mother?
You could've asked me first, no?
Would your answer be no?
- [Franciso] Lady Mercedes
- [Mercedes] Thank you.
Is there something that upset you?
No, no, no, no, Miss Castro.
It is just that my mind is so full
of problems from the Council.
Let us toast.
To the future Duchess.
And now, if you'll excuse us,
my friends and I have arranged
to do a little hunting.
I have a meeting.
With the Marchioness of Villamar.
She wants to advise me
on fabrics and dresses.
Well, then, since everyone
has things to do,
I will look for something also.
- My lords
- Lady Mercedes.
We shall not be long, Amelia.
We will see. Alfredo takes his time.
Lady Amelia.
- Lady Alba.
- Where have you been, Lord Marquis?
- If I don't come to see you
- I've been busy.
To busy to come to my wedding?
Affaires of the Court.
I've brought something for you.
- I'm sorry, this was a mistake.
- No, no, no. It is perfect.
- I miss you.
- And I you.
We shall not see each other again.
I do not understand.
Do not understand?
Oh, là là là là là là
I mentioned she would be a good client.
[speaks in French] Indeed. Yes, indeed.
Do you miss me so much that you need
two to make up for my presence?
[whispering] Wait. What is it?
[speaks in French] Wait for me over there.
What has occurred?
Is it to do with Esteban?
- Do not play games, Francisco.
- I am not playing games.
Are you?
- Congratulations, Lord Diego.
- Thank you, Marchioness.
Lady Castro, she awaits you.
Once the costumier begins his work,
you will not recognise her, I warn you.
I shall take my chances. [chuckles]
- Shall we go?
- [Alfredo] Yes.
- [Amelia] I like it.
- This one?
You want to dress as a duchess
or for the Inquisition?
I think that this is
what the señorita searches for. Ah
[Sol gasps in awe]
I have this beauty cut already.
I could have it finished even today.
Indian cloth?
How did you get this?
[grunts in doubt]
The Secretary of the Indies
prohibits importation
because it ruins the national product.
It is beautiful,
but if it is forbidden
Importing it is forbidden, not wearing it.
Take her measurements.
[speaks French] Very well.
What is it, dear? You prefer the other?
Because this cloth makes you
a Duchess simply by wearing it.
No. Mm not sure
I do not know.
One moment.
[speaks in French] Excuse me.
Could you bring us the dress
we've almost finished, please?
Perfect. He says
he has one almost finished
and with just a few small touches
it will be perfect.
[speaks in French] Here we are.
Would you
[panting and sobbing]
How can I have dress made
if everything is too tight?
It will show very soon.
The famous brooch.
- Already yours.
- Yes.
And each time Diego sees it,
he is reminded he does not love me.
A shadow of Alba.
- You have earnt it.
- [gasps]
Do you not see?
You have something Alba
can never give to him.
Simply make an announcement
at a good opportunity,
and you shall have Castamar at your feet.
It is important that he loves you?
Come. Jean Pierre he awaits us both.
Where the hell did
all the hares go today, huh?
They run when they hear
the sound of wedding bells.
[all laugh]
[Alfredo] Just like you, my friend.
God's teeth!
- You lost it, Diego.
- It was there.
Alfredo, quick!
- Now, go.
- Go, go, go.
[Diego] I missed.
So why did you let the dogs loose?
- I don't know.
- Did you not see that I missed the shot?
All right, calm down, Diego. I'm sorry.
- Are you all right?
- Yes, I'm fine. I'm good.
I know, but you look anxious. And before,
at the house. You seemed to be
To be what?
Diego, we all saw the look on your face
when Amelia showed up
with the brooch of Alba.
And what about it? Huh?
I am to be wed, and that is it!
I am to be wed!
- That is what everybody wants, right?
- And do you?
The only thing I want
is to hunt a bloody hare.
- Diego, listen to me, please. Diego!
- Stop.
[Francisco] This is not due to
the wedding, to Alba or Amelia.
It's Clara Belmonte, the cook.
What got into you now?
What are you saying?
Do you think everyone is like you or what?
It is not for amusement or entertainment.
I don't understand.
It is for love.
It cannot be.
He must forget about her.
He will forget her. She is the cook.
He has no other choice.
Diego! Diego!
Daniel, my friend.
[both laugh]
Sit, please.
I shall pour wine.
Tell me.
Have you managed to find anything?
What is wrong?
Lord Enrique
has bought a hacienda recently in Cadiz.
And he did not only pay the value
but also the entire debt
that had been mounting.
That estate belonged to Amelia de Castro.
Her father lost everything gambling,
and left her ruined.
The marquis saved her
from losing her home.
There must be a motive.
For now, she must be in his hands.
And now she will be Duchess of Castamar.
Yes, you are right.
There must be another reason.
No, she cannot fear him so just for this.
People talk.
Lord Enrique works in shadows.
Be careful with him.
[Alfredo] Diego!
[Francisco] Where did he go? It is
getting dark, we should head back now.
- [Alfredo] I don't know. Diego!
- [gunshot]
There. Diego!
Diego, stop, that's enough. Leave it.
We should go back to the house.
I am not leaving until I bag a hare.
- Can I ask you a question?
- Yes.
Do you think that someday
I could become a housekeeper?
Why not? Of course.
What if I want children?
Well, you see
If I have children, if I am married
I shall stay at home
taking care of my family.
But Roberto, one day,
will be able to be majordomo.
- because that is how it is, no?
- Is that what you wish?
Decide for yourself.
If not, you will never know
how far you can go.
And when you take a husband,
have children, will you stop being a cook?
- Marriage is hardly mandatory.
- So you shall forever be a spinster?
Would you say the same of a man?
Well, men get married, too.
Look at the lord.
But he could choose not to.
[Clara in the distance] They have
the right to an education, to travel,
to make their own decisions.
Just what I always wanted.
To feel free.
My lord.
Excuse the interruption.
I have this for you.
Best wishes for the wedding, my lord.
We're all very happy for you.
I shall intrude no more.
I was awaiting you for dinner.
[man] This is the one.
He'll be sent to the gallows tomorrow.
Hey, you, wake up!
[Enrique] I heard you made bad choices
in the war
That you will pay a heavy price
for siding with the archduke.
Leave me alone.
I also heard
you are a man of principles
That you would go far to defend them.
To the gallows, if you had to.
For this, may be able to save your life.
- What do you want?
- Your loyalty,
I can get you out.
I know you have a daughter.
- How is she?
- She needs her father,
Hernaldo de la Marca.
I will do anything you ask me to.
Get me out of here.
Do you know Diego de Castamar?
[indistinct chattering]
[Leftie laughs]
What's wrong, Leftie?
Do you not want to look?
Get off me, bitch.
I think he might be a poof now.
They say you are the best horse trainer
in the county.
Who is asking?
Does it matter?
They also say you want to have
your own herd of horses.
You know, to become a lord.
What would I have to do?
Get a job in Castamar,
training the duke's horse.
I want double.
Do you not know how to knock?
What did you call me for?
I missed you so much.
You made me leave Castamar for nothing?
It will be worth your while.
I do not come here whenever you ask me.
You will like it I am sure.
This is what you earned
at the stables of Castamar.
Only one job more, and I shall have enough
for my own herd of horses.
I want you to be with me.
And who says I do not have my own dreams?
What? To go to America?
How many of those
do you need to make it happen?
[Úrsula] Have you thought
about your first fiesta?
A fiesta?
There used to be one before every season
and smaller ones each month.
Let Castamar ring in Court.
[Úrsula] That is where is felt
the hand of a Duchess.
[Amelia] Mm
- Is all to your liking, my lady?
- Yes. Yes, yes.
Not much appetite though.
But I will have one.
[indecisive] Mmmm.
One of these.
[chortling] Mh.
It is exquisite, as always.
Will you tell the cook for me.
I will, though it is not advisable
to flatter those in service.
Without their respect,
it's impossible to govern a house.
Think about
how you would like your first fiesta.
Make yourself seen.
[Úrsula] If you need nothing else?
[savouring] Hm.
Thank you.
- Good morning, dear.
- Good morning.
[Diego] You slept well?
Better than ever. Diego,
may I propose that
we invite your friends for dinner tonight.
Something intimate, simple.
Just the inner circle.
We will have time to announce
our engagement officially.
[all laugh]
[Diego] I think it an excellent idea.
Will you join us?
Ah, thank you,
but I have already eaten in my room.
- If you will excuse me.
- Of course.
[Diego] Well then
I shall ask
for the hare I hunted to be served.
What if we invite the Marquis of Soto?
- Lord Enrique?
- Yes.
Why not?
he is a good friend to the family,
- especially to Mother.
- Thank you for thinking about me, son.
I will write him right now.
[Clara] Have you put the blood aside?
I shall need the entrails too.
Carmen, go ahead
and baste with some goose fat.
The lady is giving a dinner party
for the friends of the duke.
Any instructions from Lady Mercedes?
The lady is Lady Amelia.
We are preparing a new recipe for hare.
It requires some time.
but it will be ready for dinner.
[Roberto] Do you not want children?
[Elisa] That is not what I am saying
it is not about that.
I am saying that maybe
I want to keep working.
When I'm majordomo you won't have to.
Yes, but it is not about what we need
or not. It is about what I want.
I want to be free, to be independent.
I want to make my own decisions.
I do not want to be home
looking after children.
What are you saying?
- You don't want to get married!
- No I do not know.
Do not know.
So tell me when you figure it out,
but do not jest with me!
I just need a moment.
[letter being opened]
[knock on the door]
Such a disaster.
I talked to him because
I wanted to tell him
what you and I discussed
the other day.
I cannot have told it right,
because he understood nothing.
The only thing I want is to be like you.
Doing what pleases me,
not giving up on anything.
- Depending on no one.
- And being alone.
Being independent.
Independence means to be free to choose.
No one decides for you.
Do you want to be wed to Roberto?
Yes. Yes,
but I also would like to keep working,
because I want to be a housekeeper,
not stuck in a house,
looking after children.
And why can you not do both?
Marriage should not mean
you give up on what you wish for.
How can I even begin to tell him this?
He is angry at me.
Be true to yourself.
Where have you been?
Some matters have arisen that required
your attention.
Problems with the firewood supplier.
I had to go personally.
I talked to him just yesterday
and he did not mention anything.
Are you questioning me again?
Is everything all right?
And why ever would it be not?
No reason. No reason.
Mrs. Úrsula.
Miss Castro was looking for you.
[Clara] Mince the fat and the offal of the
hare with the garlic and the shallots.
The change of menu
is a very good idea, Miss Castro.
The cook will be able to adapt
without a problem.
This way.
We must put the pieces in to roast.
Carmen, you need to strain the gravy
before mixing it up with the mince.
[Úrsula] Miss Clara.
Then, put the hare back in the pot
in the diluted mix of gravy,
mince and wine.
Yes, Mrs. Úrsula.
I believe you already know Miss Castro,
the future Duchess.
She will give you
some instructions for dinner tonight.
But the menu
has been chosen this morning.
Yes, but I have not agreed it.
We will have chicken broth, and this,
accompanied with boiled vegetables.
Hen, we will have fricassee of veal.
And I shall leave dessert to you.
That would be all.
Would you like us
to put the hare back again in the oven?
No. Bone and mince it.
[indistinct chattering]
Amelia. You look You look radiant.
Thank you, Diego.
You look truly spectacular.
It was well worth the wait.
- Health.
- Health.
- Health.
- Health.
We miss only your compliments, Marquis.
Beauty speaks for itself.
I agree.
Some things they speak for themselves
while others remain hidden
upon first glance.
As if something is obscured.
But brother, of what do you speak?
Lord Enrique of Arcona has paid all debts
of Miss Castro saving her from ruin.
Nobody does something like that
expecting nothing.
[Mercedes] Well, but but the fact
that he paid off her debts does not mean
It certainly means, Mother,
that the Marquis of Soto,
your great friend holds in his very hands,
the future of the Duchess of Castamar.
- Goodness, Gabriel..
- Gabriel,
allow the Marquis to explain himself.
- The marquis wants to harm Castamar.
- [Mercedes] Goodness, Gabriel.
All I have done is to have protected
Miss Castro from hearsay and gossip.
A ruined woman married to Lord Diego
- Lies. He's lying.
- It is true.
I lied. I lied by omission, to
to remain invisible.
But above all, I did it to help the future
daughter-in-law of my dear Lady Mercedes.
It is I.
I am the one who should have told
- It was my intention. That day
- My dear
You have nothing to be ashamed of.
- Lord Enrique, I think you
- Gabriel
May we speak in private?
If you would excuse us.
[Diego] What on earth
do you think you are doing? Huh?
Why is it so, that instead of telling me,
you prefer to have an outburst.
- All I did was
- I remind you,
you were talking to a noble.
Have you then believed
every word he has said?
the point is not that I believe him.
It is that you have no way to prove it.
What proof do you have?
Do you know what I think, Gabriel?
I think you do this for Amelia.
It pains you she is not yours,
you think I do not noticed?
But neither yours, Diego.
It is Enrique of Arcona.
- And I do not understand
- We shall talk in my office.
My lady, should we serve dinner?
- Has the Lord not arrived?
- No, my lady.
- Has he sent word of his delay?
- No, my lady.
It is odd. He always does.
I shall dine alone.
You may remove
the cutlery of his Lordship.
But not his wine. I shall also drink his.
As is usual, the finest lady in the court.
A night most splendid.
[footsteps approaching]
[knife swissing]
my brother will not be joining us.
So, I would like us
to forget what has just happened.
But first, Amelia, I want to tell you
that never would I have doubted you.
And I trust you will be more honest
with me from now on.
- Diego, I assure you
- I deeply appreciate your gesture.
You have proven to be
a great friend of this family.
We shall settle the issue about the money,
but now is not the moment.
And so then Shall we take dinner?
- Yes, of course.
- Amelia.
Mr. Elquiza.
Mr. Elquiza sent for me.
I called.
What do you want?
I want to ask you to marry me.
I thought you said
you wanted to make your own decisions.
And that is what I am doing.
I want to keep working.
But I do not want to lose you.
- Mr. Roberto Velázquez
- What are you doing? [laughs]
You want to marry me?
My darling Elisa Acosta,
will you become my wife?
[both chortling, sobbing]
The hare pâté is cooled down.
Do you think she will be upset?
The future Duchess
did not ask for this dish.
But the Duke did.
[both laughing]
We will be wed!
[cheers and laughter]
[Carmen] They are to be wed! Elisa
[laughter, kisses]
Oh, it is so exciting Oh!
- [Roberto] Thank you.
- I'm so glad!
[Francisco] Mh.
This pâté is surely served in Heaven.
- Is it?
- The hare.
It was worth insisting, you agree?
Very good choice of menu, my dear.
It was really the cook who chose the
No, no. Do not be modest.
She just does what she is told to.
- We should congratulate her.
- Yes.
Indeed we should. It is really good.
It is a marvellous idea. This is truly
excellent. I shall fetch her.
But, Diego, son, why she
[joyful laugh]
Don’t think about the breastbone now
Don’t think about the breastbone now
I'm dying for your eyes
So henceforth you should do
everything I ask of you, correct?
Hey [chuckles] I joke.
- I want to ask Clara to dance.
- All right.
[joyful laughter]
- Me?
- [both laugh]
[yells and laughs]
If you please, Miss Belmonte.
Enchanting to see you dance.
I am not such a good dancer.
They look so happy, do they not?
It is love. They look to their future.
Sorry I could not serve the hare
as the recipe.
No. I enjoyed it equally well.
As have the other guests. Indeed,
they would like to congratulate you.
- Accompany me, if you would.
- Really?
- Now?
- Yes.
[joyful yelling and chattering]
- Congratulations, Miss.
- Thank you.
- And also to you, Lord Diego.
- [Clara] Excuse me.
Thanks to your signature,
the killer of Colonel Quintanilla
will finally be executed.
Oh, but was it not a doctor,
who had already been executed?
- Yes, Armando Belmonte.
- He survived, apparently.
Exactly, Armando Belmonte.
To you, Lord Diego.
Well, to the future bride and groom.
[Clara] Every light casts its shadow.
It was Diego who had to die.
Diego! Not Alba!
The horse had been trained to crush him,
but it seems Lord Diego
and she switched horses this morning.
The horses are identical.
[Clara] A territory of darkness
I swear to God
that I will kill Diego of Castamar.
where dwell our deepest desires.
Diego. Diego!
[Clara] Like all uncharted territory,
treasures are hidden in the shadows.
But no matter how much gold is in them,
they are still veil in the shadow.
Remaining obscured,
with dark corners and uncertainties.
[panting and grunting]
It is the light which dazzles us
that illuminates the path
on which we walk.
[panting] But it is only the shadows
that truly define us.
It is there, where no light shines,
where the soul resides.
What we want,
what we seek, what we hide,
what we really are.
- Clara! Clara!
- [Úrsula] I found her, my lord!
Tell the servants to warm up
the guests' bedroom! Right now!
I do not know what you are doing,
but it is inappropriate.
Have you fallen in love with the cook?
You must fight. Clara you cannot leave me.
[Mercedes] I have known Sol Montijos
all too well for many years.
- Maybe you don't know her well after all.
- And you do?
[panting and moaning]
[Diego] You must try to make an effort.
What on earth are you thinking?
This letter will change
the future of Castamar.
At stake is the future of Castamar.
Lord Diego is willing
to give everything up for a cook.
Enjoy the riches while you can,
soon there will only be misery.
- You gave me your word, Diego.
- I am so sorry. I really am.
You will be the Duchess of Castamar,
you can be sure of that.
Clara, you will awaken, will you not?
Why does He make me
go through this again, Melquíades?
A boy told me that her father
is a murderer who is sentenced to hang.
- No! Not her!
- Be ready.
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